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I’m back. At last. And big BIG apologies for disappearing for so long. It was a bit of a writing tunnel for some time, but now I have finished StarChaser (THM book 3) and I’m back in the world again. Hooray!

Okay, Ask Angie section, here I come.

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Happy Birthday, Angie!

Let’s wish our favorite author a Very Happy Birthday!

Thank you for writing such amazing books!


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Angie’s blog


I’m going to be in Cardiff on Saturday 28th March. I’m really looking forward to it. Maybe see you there?

12.00 – 1.30  Cardiff Story Learning Suite

A writing workshop.

4.00, Undercroft, Cardiff Castle

All about PathFinder. And in a castle – what could be better?


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We now have the Magykal Number seven Ask Angie. Which is fantastic.

I thought it could be a fresh start for anyone whose question or comment I’ve not replied to – and I know there are a few of those.

So if you’ve not heard from me please re-post to Ask Angie 7 and let the Magyk begin!

And thanks to everyone for being so patient,


Happy February,




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Angie’s Blog

I’m back – at last!

I’m sorry I’ve been away all winter, I have been hibernating in a writing cocoon, but it has worked. I’m now well on the way with THM book three. The Big Freeze is thawing now and I can face the world again… and give a big apology to all SepHeap blog fans for not answering any questions for ages.

I shall get down to reading all your great comments and questions over the next few days. Happy Spring (almost). And if you are way down in the Southern hemisphere, happy Autumn (almost).

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Angie’s blog

Congratulations to:

Laura A, Jennifer E, Geraldine C, Lisa T, and Angela S!

You have each won two signed copies of PathFinder. Check your emails as my UK publisher has been in touch!’.

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PathFinder is out into the world!

Happy Publication Day!

TodHunter Moon: PathFinder has been released!

TodHunterMoon hc c9781408858158

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So …PATHFINDER is coming out next week!

This is a chance for fans in the UK to get some signed copies. TWO signed copies in fact! One for you and one for a friend.

All you have to do is email childrensmarketing@bloomsbury.com with PathFinder in the subject header. Winners will be selected two weeks after the competition opens.

And for UK readers, don’t forget to check in here for an extra scene in the House of Foryx…

Pathfinder Packshot


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Angie’s Blog

It’s been a bit crazy here. I just finished SandRider, THM book 2 and Araminta Spook number 7: Skeleton Island and then got attacked by bit of writing burn-out, I think.

Anyway, we’re getting near PathFinder now! Check this out…

Bloomsbury Kids UK

Read the first two chapters from @AngieSageAuthor’s ‪#‎PATHFINDER‬:bit.ly/PathFinder-ext… pic.twitter.com/P5BffyUOK6

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TodHunter Moon: PathFinder – finished copy


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