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Hello everyone,

Recently I got to see Mark Zug’s illustrations for THM book 3: StarChaser, and they are just wonderful. Of course. Every time I see new pictures from Mark I feel so lucky that he is so much part of the Septimus world.

I’ve been working on a few new things over the last few months, but Septimus is always on my mind – and I think it always will be! Once again, I’m really sorry about the long wait you’ve had for replies to AA7 – life just gets so crazy busy and I lose track of things.

I’ve now got a totally new website: and if you have a question that needs answering fast, just go to the contact page on there and I will get straight back to you.

But stay here too! I am trying to catch up with answers here much more quickly now – I do really love the forum of the sepheap blog, it’s a special place.

Back soon!

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Todhunter Moon #3: StarChaser – cover reveal!

9780062272515_b7535Almost one year ago, Alice TodHunter Moon left her PathFinder village to become Apprentice to ExtraOrdinary Wizard Septimus Heap. The Castle still fills Tod with wonder—it’s hard to believe all that Magyk comes from the great block of lapis lazuli beneath the Wizard Tower.

But in faraway lands, the brilliant blue stone is crumbling to dust. Soon the destruction will spread to the Castle and the Wizard Tower will lose its Magyk and come tumbling down. It seems that the Orm Egg that Tod rescued from the evil sorcerer Oraton-Marr was the Keystone holding the Enchantment of the lapis lazuli in place. But the Egg has hatched now, and the Keystone is no more.

Somehow, from somewhere, another Keystone must be found—but how?

Despite the intrigues of the witch Marissa and the Red Queen, both of whom have their own plans to take over the Castle, Tod sets off on a hazardous journey to find a new Keystone. She has yet to discover that Aunt Mitza has murderous plans in store.

This final installment of the TodHunter Moon trilogy celebrates how hard work, selflessness, and the courage to be who you are can create a harmony that spans the seas and stars.

On Sale Date: October 11, 2016

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Hi everyone,

I’m going to be doing my first ever writers’ workshop for grown-ups soon. It’s in Cornwall way down past Penzance near the romantic and rugged Lamorna cove. The course lasts the week, from Monday 7th March through to Saturday 12th, but I’ll be there on the Wednesday night for talking writing stuff over supper and then we’ll be doing a workshop on the Thursday morning. It would be brilliant if anyone here can make it, it’s a fab place.

Here are the details:



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A Colouring Book of Hours: Castle by Marcia Overstrand

Hardback bound, no bigger than an iPad, and with a velvety matt surface, you can take A Colouring Book of Hours: Castle with you wherever you go. It will become your own private world that you dip into and develop for an afternoon, or whenever you want a few moments’ peace.


In a series of exquisitely drawn vistas and vignettes, the book takes you through a day in the Castle, from first light and the dawn chorus, to a refreshing sleep in the second-best bed. Take a dip in the morning pool, wander through the labyrinth to the cloud pavilion and the lantern path. A hidden doorway leads to the alchemist’s alcove and, after a visit to the shell grotto, lunch will be set out for you. Next, explore the river walk and the boathouse folly, discover the star garden and the closet of silks. You will need a rest by now: the evening library beckons. Watch the moon rise, climb the night stairs and find the bed you always dreamed of.

A Colouring Book of Hours: Castle is printed on specially tough paper that allows you to use your favourite pens or crayons without the colour bleeding beyond where it is wanted, and without raising fibres from the surface. Unless you are using marker pens, it won’t show through on the other side of the paper either. If you want to be sure, the last page has a space where you can try out your pens. You can also use watercolour paints. Water colour crayons are more convenient: a dab of water applied with a fine brush really makes the colours glow and flow, and you can also blend them. Best to let the pages dry, though, before you close the book. Some people like to frame their favourite pages. The final pages of the book feature some surrounds which you can photocopy, colour in, and use for frame mounts.

Published by Septimus Press – click here to buy it!

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First, very big apologies from me for not having been around for ages. I’ve been taking time out to think. After finishing StarChaser – the last book of the TodHunter Moon trilogy – I really needed some time to get my ideas back again. And at last I think they are venturing out once more.

I’ll get back to all the fab questions in Ask Angie very soon, but first … here is a brilliant competition to have your name in StarChaser. I’ve already written the scene, all it needs is YOUR name!

You can enter here:

Good luck!


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The Araminta Spook Series

Meet Araminta Spook!

aramintaspookbannerAraminta Spook isn’t like most girls her age. She lives in a huge haunted house with her Uncle Drac and Aunt Tabitha, and her greatest ambition is to meet a ghost. Join Araminta and her ghostly friends on their spooky adventures.


Araminta Spook #1: My Haunted House

araminta1Araminta Spook is just like any girl. She likes bats, ghosts, werewolves and vampires. One of Araminta’s greatest ambitions is to see a ghost, and living in Spook House with her aunt and uncle there is a fair chance she will. Then her Aunt Tabitha drops a bombshell: they are moving. The boiler is a MENACE, plus there are a few other issues relating to dust and spiders. Tabitha is not going to take this lying down and devises an array of Cunning Plans. She is determined to stay, and perhaps there is still a chance her greatest ambition will come true too . . .


Araminta Spook #2: The Sword in the Grotto

Araminta Spook lives in a haunted house, but the ghosts are her friends. araminta2And her favourite ghost is Sir Horace and she wants to buy him something special for his birthday. But what do you buy someone with no hobbies, or body, for their 500th birthday? Araminta comes up with an idea for the Best Present Ever . . . but it lands her in very deep water. Will she have time to organise a party, or even see Horace or her family ever again?!


Araminta Spook #3: Frognapped

araminta3When something’s amiss in the Spook household, there’s usually only one suspect – Araminta. But she know she had nothing to do with the disappearance of Barry Wizzard’s frogs, and is determined to find them (and the true culprit). The Case of the Missing Frogs is opened. But it’s not going to be easy as crazy Old Morris, a dangerous shark and a demanding – if somewhat unexpected – audience are all in the way of the truth!


Araminta Spook #4: Vampire Brat

Araminta thinks there might be a werewolf hiding in the deep, secret araminta4passages of Spook House. To make matters worse, Uncle Drac’s creepy nephew, Max, has arrived and is now Wanda’s New Best Friend. Araminta finds him (and the situation) very annoying. BUT! She comes up with a Cunning Plan to reveal what she believes to be true – that there is more to Max than meets the eye – and also figure out what to do about that werewolf. But even the best laid plans don’t always work out quite as you’d hoped . . .


Araminta Spook #5: Ghostsitters

araminta5It’s Araminta’s birthday and her Aunt Tabby has won a Transylvanian holiday, which means all the adults are leaving and Araminta is going to spend her birthday alone! Until Mathilda, Araminta’s ‘grown-up’ cousin, arrives to babysit, along with two rowdy teenage ghosts. At first, Araminta and Wanda are in heaven – staying up late, playing loud music and ordering takeaways! But they soon find themselves cleaning up after everyone else. Being home alone isn’t turning out as they’d hoped. Araminta and Wanda need to come up with A Plan. Maybe then Araminta can start to have a proper birthday . . .


Araminta Spook #6: Gargoyle Hall

When Araminta throws cold water over her best friend, Wanda, to disperse araminta6a crowd of panicked bats, it’s decided Araminta has been ‘helpful’ one too many times, and she is packed off to boarding school. On arrival, Araminta is surprised to discover that Gargoyle Hall makes her home, Spook House, seems positively cosy. Strange moans and clanks echo down the corridors and the two head girls are equally creepy. Most of the other pupils have been scared away, but Araminta senses that something – or someone – is behind the menace. With the help of best friend Wanda and Uncle Drac’s prize bat, she is going to do something about it!


Araminta Spook #7: Skeleton Island

araminta7When Araminta and her best friend Wanda go on a school trip to Skeleton Island, they don’t expect to get stranded there overnight. And they certainly don’t expect the island to be haunted by ghostly skeletons of pirates! It certainly makes for a spooky sleepover. Luckily these ghoulish pirates just want someone to help them find their lost treasure, then they’ll happily set sail on their ghost ship once more. But someone else wants the treasure for themselves – can Araminta find what is lurking in the depths before it’s too late?


The first four books are also available as audiobooks, read by Katherine Kellgren:

My Haunted House & The Sword in the Grotto

Frognapped & Vampire Brat.


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TodHunter Moon Book 2: SandRider


It’s been two months since Alice TodHunter Moon—who insists on being called Tod—left her home in the seaside PathFinder village to pursue a life of Magyk in the Castle. Being Apprentice to ExtraOrdinary Wizard Septimus Heap is tricky, though—there’s loads of new Magyk to learn, and she dearly misses her friends Oskar and Ferdie. But at least she’s mastered the UnSeen Charm.

She’s lucky she has, too—that UnSeen will come in handy when she sets out with Oskar and Ferdie on a perilous journey to retrieve the Egg of the Orm from the Desert of the Singing Sands. If they don’t reach the Egg before it hatches, the new baby Orm could imprint on the evil sorcerer Oraton-Marr, giving him unlimited Magyk to do with what he wishes. . . .

Bursting with humorous and poignant moments, SandRider celebrates the satisfaction of taking charge of one’s path in life—unexpected adventures and all.

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pathfinder sandrider

Return to the world of TodHunter Moon for her next adventure! The second book in the new blockbuster series from number one bestselling author Angie Sage.

Alice TodHunter Moon – known as Tod – couldn’t be happier in her new life as Apprentice at the fabled Wizard Tower. Although she misses her best friends, Ferdie and Oskar, she has never been surrounded by so much Magyk.

And yet the threat from the evil sorcerer, Oraton-Marr, remains. In a race against time, Tod must find the last ever Orm Egg before it hatches, for whomsoever the baby Orm Imprints on at birth will gain unlimited power. But with witches thwarting her every move, she will need all her wits and skills about her. Will she reach the Orm Egg in time?

A thrilling ride of an adventure, Angie Sage’s new book combines wondrous storytelling, breathtaking action and a heroine like no other.

Pre-order TodHunter Moon #2: SandRider here (on sale: 22-10-2015)

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Here’s a great post about SYREN and SANDRIDER from Mary Claire, who writes the brilliant RealRadReads blog and is a big fan of Sep Heap. If you’re into good YA fiction and wondering what to read next, RealRadReads is the place to go.


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There’s a petition for the Sep Heap movie – started by a big Septimus fan – up and running at

Here is the link:

Overnight it gathered over 300 signatures, which is wonderful. I love how how many people love the Sep Heap world!

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