Welcome to Septimus Heap

Hello! This is a place for everyone who loves the world of Septimus Heap.

It’s a new look and I hope it will be fun to find your way around. To make things much more simple, NEW ASK ANGIE is now the only place where you can post questions and comments. The Ask Angie Archive is still there for you to check out and has hundreds of interesting questions and comments to browse, but is no longer live. Apologies to anyone who sent a question before this update that hasn’t been answered – a lot of them were getting lost. But now all should be good, so please try again.

You can also contact me on my own website: angiesage.com

I’ve also added a Fan Art page where I’m going to be posting some of the amazing Septimus images that people have created and all the cool things readers have made. It’s so great to be able to share these!

So do please keep checking in. Because now I know how this works – thank you, Paul! – I’m planning on keeping it buzzing with interesting stuff.

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