The PathFinder manuscript

Wanna see the PathFinder manuscript? Here it is, courtesy of Katherine Tegen Books official Facebook page:

Angie Sage always wrapped her first pass pages of Septimus Heap with a ribbon. It looks like she is keeping her tradition with PATHFINDER, the first book in her new series, TodHunter Moon.

“It makes me happy, just like Angie and her books do.” –Katie Bignell, Associate Editor

Don’t forget to preorder TodHunter Moon, Book One: PATHFINDER (out 14/10/14)

US: Amazon, B&N, BookDepository

UK: Amazon, BookDepository

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Angie’s Blog

It’s been so great to share the USA PathFinder cover  - so many people have done such an amazing job on it – not least of course Mark Zug who is totally Magyk. It’s a great time for me with a book as all the hard work writing it is done (bar a few tiny tweaks) and now I get to see Mark’s beautiful inside illustrations coming in. There are twelve new ones and this time they cover a full page. They are so atmospheric and capture the spirit of the story perfectly. As ever!

From some comments on Twitter I realise that in the excitement I didn’t make it clear that this cover and Mark’s illustrations are for the USA title only. The set-up is that Harper Collins are my main publisher so I work with them on the Septimus/Tod books. Bloomsbury UK have bought the rights to publish the English, Australian and NZ editions and they have different ideas about marketing the TodHunter Moon series. I haven’t seen what they have decided to do yet, but for all us Brits and Aussies and Kiwis I will keep you updated as much as I can.

Okeydokey – back to work on book 2!

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TodHunter Moon #1: PathFinder – release date, synopsis & cover reveal

TodHunter Moon: Book One


by Angie Sage


ON SALE: 10/14/2014

The first book in a new arc in the Septimus Heap series!

When Alice TodHunter Moon—who insists on being called Tod—was five years old, she saw a beautiful golden dragon boat fly over her PathFinder village. She knew at once that the boat was Magykal.

That was years ago, before her mother died, her father disappeared at sea, and the Garmin took her best friend, Ferdie.

Now it’s up to Tod and Ferdie’s brother Oskar to rescue Ferdie from the Garmins’ keeper, the malevolent Lady. Their journey takes them to the Castle, where they receive help from ExtraOrdinary Wizard Septimus Heap and Ex-ExtraOrdinary Wizard Marcia Overstrand.

But the Lady’s brother, the Darke Sorcerer Oraton-Marr, has a plan that will put everyone Tod holds dear in danger. To save her people, Tod must embrace her identity as a PathFinder and navigate the Ancient Ways—mysterious Magykal paths leading to unfamiliar—and sometimes dangerous—lands.

Taking place seven years after the story arc of the original bestselling Septimus Heap series, and full of Angie Sage’s characteristic humor and heart, PathFinder celebrates the joy of discovering one’s own personal Magyk, and of choosing the path that lets that Magyk flourish and grow.

TodHunterMoon hc c

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Angie’s Blog

So excited – we don’t have to keep the beautiful cover for PathFinder secret any longer!

I love each and every cover for all the Septimus books, but I have to say that the PathFinder cover is brilliant. So many people have worked on it to get it looking just right and now it makes it debut here, tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I’m busy running the Manuscriptorium annual sled race…

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TodHunter Moon #1: PathFinder COVER REVEAL – soon!

The moment you’ve all been waiting for is almost here! The GORGEOUS cover for TodHunter Moon #1: PathFinder will be revealed in TWO DAYS!!! Are you excited? Here is a sneak peek:



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Angie’s Blog

Hi everyone,

Well it’s snowing on the blogsite now, so it must be Christmas! Hope you all have a great time over the holidays and get a chance to read lots of good things. That’s what I love about time off the best – it’s reading time.

We are nearly into 2014 which means it will soon be  time for the  re-release in the UK of ARAMINTA SPOOK books I and 2: MY HAUNTED HOUSE and THE SWORD IN THE GROTTO.

It’s so great to have Minty back out there again and this year a new Araminta Spook/Spookie book will finally appear: GARGOYLE HALL on June 6th. Yes – I got some time to write it at last. The good news is that GARGOYLE HALL will be published in the USA too, by Bloomsbury US, which is great.

TODHUNTER MOON book two is coming into existence now, I am about a quarter of the way through and beginning to get a feel for how the story is going. And really enjoying writing about a tortoise… (an Apothercary tortoise, for all who are wondering).

I’m also doing short story number 1 as a bridge between FYRE and TODHUNTER MOON for all diehard Sep fans. And if we get some snow I’m going  to make a snowman…

Have fun this holiday and here’s wishing you all a very Happy Christmas indeed!


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Vote for FYRE in the semifinal round!

FYRE has been nominated for the GoodReads Choice Awards 2013!

Now you can vote for FYRE in the semifinal round, right here!

Voting Schedule
Opening Round Nov. 4 – 9
Semifinal Round Nov. 11 – 16
Final Round Nov. 18 – 25


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Angie’s Blog

This weekend Mark Zug is busy painting the back cover of PathFinder! I love thinking of Mark making his own Magyk so many thousands of miles away. I got to choose what he was going to put on the back cover too – SO exciting.

I’ve made a good start on Book Two of TodHunter Moon. No title for it yet, but there is a tortoise in it…

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Araminta Spook #6: GARGOYLE HALL

araminta6When Araminta throws cold water over her best friend’s mum to disperse a crowd of panicked bats, it’s decided Araminta has been ‘helpful’ one too many times, and she is packed off to boarding school. On arrival, Araminta is surprised to discover that Gargoyle Hall makes her home, Spook House, seems positively cosy. Strange moans and clanks echo down the corridors and the two head girls are equally creepy. Most of the other pupils have been scared away, but Araminta senses that something – or someone – is behind the menace.

With the help of best friend Wanda and Uncle Drac’s prize bat, she is going to do something about it!

To be released: June 2014 (UK)

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The New ‘Araminta Spook’ Covers (UK Only)


You can find more details about them (release date, pricing, page count) on the Bloomsbury site.

International readers will be able to buy these new editions (including the new adventure, GARGOYLE HALL) on online retailers such as or

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