The TodHunter Moon Series

Okay, it’s time to talk about TodHunter Moon!

This is a trilogy: PathFinder, SandRider and StarChaser.

The story begins 7 years after Fyre ends, which makes Septimus 21 years old. It spans one year – a pivotal time for Tod, Septimus, Marcia and the whole foundation of Magyk itself.

In the company of three new characters – Alice TodHunter Moon (Tod) and her best friends, Ferdie and Oskar Sarn –  we discover the wider world of Septimus Heap and get to understand a lot more about how the world works. We also pick up with favourite characters from the Castle and see how their lives are getting along. Best of all, we get to go an a massive egg hunt…


TodHunterMoon hc c

Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers

357 thoughts on “The TodHunter Moon Series

  1. Emma

    I agree, in septimus heap the important number is 7 and there is 7 books and in the todhunter moon series it seems like the most important number is 12.











    Your number 1 fan for life,

  3. Abby

    I wish there was a character based off me in this series. I absolouly love it so far.

  4. Taps-TECK

    Come on, Really! Every book ever written needs a touch(even just a delicate one) of Romance. Its what makes the book more enjoyable, and Jenna and Beetle’s, is just that perfect touch.

  5. Nadi1412

    Hey Guys,
    I have a question and i can’t find an answer in the internet… Will Pathfinder TodHunter Moon be translated to german? Will it be published in Germany? Please Help!

  6. Awesome Narwhal

    excuse me if I’m being ignorant, but this only a trilogy?????!!!!!😧😧😧😧😧😧😧

    • HazelHappy

      I agree, why is this only a trilogy but Angie is way better then that!

  7. Awesome Narwhal

    For those of you who are talking about Marcia and Milo, or other romance y things, read Tiger’s Curse it has much more.
    Also THIS IS FANTABULISTIC!!!!!😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  8. I read it! So Good!

  9. Megan123

    I just LOVE Angie Sage’s books, but I would also like to suggest some other series to read when you are waiting for her books to come out:

    1) Percy Jackson
    2) Harry Potter
    3) Micheal Vey
    4) Warriors

    • Faith Minor

      YES!!! I love Sep and warriors and Percy Jackson and harry potter! I will defiantly look at the other one you mentioned!

  10. Harmony

    I read the first book, Magyk when i was 12 and now i am 19 years old and i just finished reading Fyre bcs it was hard for me to find the books in my place and i didn’t like orderinf online. I’ve grown attached to the characters as if they exist but honestly i just want to know what happened to Beetle and Jenna as they are my favourite pair in the series and i do wish we will get to see some hints whether these two are a pair or not (which i honestly hope they are)

  11. Zizi

    I think Jenna and Beetle will be together (just finished reading Fyre, great series BTW) because a ghost was woken up by Jenna’s daughter and it’s ironic that they both have black hair. Also when Jenna apologized for not being there for Beetle I think that was the way they expressed their emotions for each other. anyways well done on the book, I’m still pestering my mum to buy this book.😊

  12. Lapis Lazuli

    Hi Angie! My friend and I love your books so much. Both of us read the whole SH series and Pathfinder. We even pretend to be Jenna and Tod at school!:) Anyways, we were talking one day and thought it would be cool if Spit Fyre had three eggs and Tod, Ferdie, and Oskar each got one. Thanks for writing the books Angie!

  13. Celtic Blood 'n' Proud ^-^

    Hi, I’m a huge fan of your books! They’re fantastic. Is it just me or has there always been a hint of romance between Sep and Jenna? It’s really confusing for me because they’re related… but not by blood. Do they see each other as possible romantic interests or is it simply a brother-sister relationship?

  14. Kerri

    I’m so excited for book two of the todhunter moon series read pathfinder but wish there was more about beetle and jenna

  15. Shriya

    So sentimental.
    I was very pleased that there was this much of Sep, Marcia etc. in it b/c I was sort of afraid there would ony be a small mention. Somehow I was under the impression that the gang would be so old now, but really they’re only 21 (I’m 21 and I still feel like a child. Having said that, I’m a just little bit jealous that while I have to beg for a job after graduation, Sep and Jenna and Beetle at around the same age have already reached the height of their careers 🙂 And so bizarre to think of Sep as having his own apprentice. I really don’t want him to grow up too fast! Although at this rate he and Marcia might be retirees together in a few years, might be interesting lol.
    Really looking forward to the next books, especially those potential (?) novellas/short stories in the future. I don’t know as much about the publishing world as I would like, but as a fan I can tell you that we really love humorous short flashbacks like The Darke Toad (esp. ones with DD and the Port Witch Coven). I was really surprised when it came out, because I didn’t think the publishing world allowed things like that. Please keep them coming, Angie! I’m sure all of us long-time fans would like to find out more about what happened in between the original books and between Fyre and THM.
    There’s something about the charm and innocence of your style that makes it SO unique today, even in children’s lit.

  16. Zizzi

    Right. The return of zizzi!

    Ahem *taps shoulder and says innocently* will there be any little banda’s/overstrands soon! Also I love this so so so much!!!
    Lots of love and hugs
    P.s. Do you know a writer called Annie dalton? If so, she is my grannie!

  17. Awesome Narwhal

    I can’t wait for Sandrider to come out. I have a count down on my calendar Kindle and brain. My friend gets all of the constant updates.

  18. Andrea

    Hallo Angie, habe you planned on a German Edition of the THM?

  19. beane

    i cried when i finish ed fyre and i kept it for the full three weeks the library let me have it! when i found out there was going to be another book i was so happy! i read it as soon as i got home from the bookshop and then realised i had to wait another year for the next one:( ive been reading Pathfinder almost every day since i got it. i think i might be annoying my friends because im always telling them to read the books. i like the idea of magic in a world without technology.its probly better like that. if i had the chance to jump into the book and never come out i would take it. the castle sounds like such an amazing place to live. i love anjie sage!!!!!!!

  20. Can someone code a fully functioning game of counter-feet? I am dying to play.

  21. Bookworm

    I just finished reading PathFinder – It is so good! (Just like all the other Septimus Heap books :))
    I absolutely can’t wait for the rest of the series – I bet Alice TodHunter Moon will be an even more awesome Apprentice than Septimus was… I hope that Spit Fyre continues to be important, he is the best and I can’t wait for him to find a mate! Dragons Rule!

  22. Angie Sage


    • Ciera

      angie I love your series! I finished all of the books you wrote so far in about 3 days!

    • jenna heap

      They should make a movie of the series or a tv series

  23. awesome wizard

    omg done i need next book.

  24. Cerys

    I literally live for Jenna and Beetle! They are totally totally perfect, forever and ever amen. And I wanna know what happens with Nicko, Snorri, and the ‘tall handsome stranger’ Snorri met! I ship Sep with both Syrah and Rose… Rose’s crush is adorable though! BUT as long as I find out what happened to Lucy and Simon’s baby I SHALL BE HAPPY

    • Angie Sage

      In PathFinder you can find out more about Snorri and Nicko – and Simon, Lucy and their son, William.
      Not so much about Jenna and Beetle, I am still not convinced about those two. And Rose has run off with Foxy….

      • Hi Angie. I love all of your books. Just wondering though why does Todhunter Moon become Septimus’s apprentice? How expected! Can Septimus have two apprentices. If he does please name the other one Lilia Avalon a It would be better is Lilia Avalon would be the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter of a seventh daughter of a seventh daughter of a seventh daughter of a seventh daughter of a seventh daughter if she was to exist ever.and make her more feminine. I would be forever grateful!!! Please???I’m more for the feminine characters. Embrace your gender for god’s sake. Don’t try to act male just because society treats them better. Well I’m not going to discriminate! 🙂

  25. Jane

    You are the great writer. I will be your fan forever. I really cant wait for Book 2 and 3 and hope more books to come.

    • Angie Sage

      Thank you!
      I am nearly finished with writing book 3: StarChaser. And then I’m looking forward to some new things…

  26. Manual Grant

    This series is the best books I have ever read since I love Angie so much I would like her to make a in stamens with Sarah and Silas becoming grandparents besides with William! There should be some Septimus jr. ?????

    • Angie Sage

      Thank you!
      I think Septimus has a few relationships to go first. But maybe Lucy will have another child…
      I suspect I will update the Septimus story from now on when I get the time. Maybe some online stuff, maybe just some ebooks.
      I’ll let you know on this blog when there is something new.

      • Jeanne

        Oh Angie, I hope that after you get a short collection of e-books, you will consolidate them into print. I am very old, but love your books. In my old age, I cannot comfortably read electronics screens for very long. My eyes dry up. Besides it is difficult to use a good bookmark.

        I enjoy reading all of these comments.

        I think it is wonderful of you to respond as you do. Thank you for giving such enjoyment to a little old lady.

  27. Okle

    As soon as this book came out, I had it finished in hours! I really, really, REALLY like your Septimus Heap booksand have re-read them billions of times as well as having recommended them to many of my friends – and people who aren’t my friends too! But your Todhunter Moon series seemed to be written for younger people to me. It might just be me, because I started reading your Septimus Heap books a couple of years ago, or because I read it on the kindle which makes stories seem shorter… so, i’m wondering, is it just me who’s feeling this?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Okle,

      You might be right. It’s been a difficult thing to get right. I wanted to write older but had to keep it as ‘middle grade’. So once I’m done with THM I’ll be getting back to some grown-up Septimus.
      These books are shorter, they are more the normal length of a novel. I was asked to keep the length down too.
      But next time I’ll be writing just for Sep fans – and myself too.
      Watch this blog space!

  28. septimus heap

    Weet iemand waar angie sage woont?
    Geef dan antwoord

    • Angie Sage

      I live in England! And I’m guessing you live in Holland, right?

  29. Annahb17

    Why do put Septimus and Jenna together, they are family sort of.

    • Angie Sage

      They are, sort of. But they are not blood relations. It’s a tricky thing.

      • Wait Jenna and Septimus are together. I appreciate that very much. Beetle annoyed me. Can’t wait to read PathFinder. Its been two years since I finished fire.

  30. What about Marcellus and Simon

    • Angie Sage

      They’re ok – what did you want to know about them?
      I’ve not written about Marcellus in THM as I’ve had to cut down on the scope of things a little. But never fear, there will be more in the future.

  31. Oskar Sarn

    Already read it! So awesome you need to read it and Marcia and Milo get married. Sep and rose break up ( and sep is a terrible flirt). Jenna and beetle are still together and they do kiss a bit. Nicko and snorri get married too.

  32. lilly

    sorry love

    • Angie Sage

      Love to read and live to read – both are good.
      Can you get Amazon? Or find a library?
      I do hope you get to read it soon.

  33. lilly

    I’ve been nagging my mom to take me to a book store so could get it but nooo. we live out in the country so its hard to get books, the problem is I live to read!

  34. Angie yoo

    Seriously when does it come in Korea?
    I am a sep heap fan , you know…

    • Angie Sage

      I’m sorry, but I don’t think Korea has bought this series… 😦
      You could always ask the publisher of the Septimus series and see if they are going to.

  35. Dragon Master

    Spitfye is so aborable !!! oh and all of jennas pets! ❤ ❤ I just with she got to keep the cat/panther.

    oh does anyone think that dom Daniel will come bak? I mean seriously he seems to find a way back into every book.

    I wounder if todhunter moon becomes eow apprentice??!!?!

    • Angie Sage

      DD is Dragon Slime and will be so for evermore!
      Which I think is a Good Thing.
      Tod does indeed become Sep’s Apprentice.

      • Why does Todhunter Moon become Septimus’s apprentice? How expected! I guess it would be better if she is the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter of a seventh daughter of a seventh daughter of a seventh daughter of a seventh daughter of a seventh daughter. Then she would be seven times seven. Super cool! Can Septimus have two apprentices. If he does please name the other one Lilia Avalon and make her more feminine. I would be forever grateful!!! Please???

      • x that. It would be better is Lilia Avalon would be the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter of a seventh daughter of a seventh daughter of a seventh daughter of a seventh daughter of a seventh daughter if she was to exist ever. I’m more for the feminine characters. Embrace your gender for god’s sake. Don’t try to be male just because society treats them better. Well I’m not going to discriminate! 🙂

  36. Dragon Master

    Has everyone forgotten about Wolfboy (his brothers) and the dragon boat?
    What about simon and lucy?(simon being Marcellus’s apprentice
    SPITFYRE!! the incredible fantastic dragon!!
    Oh and don’t forget (whats his name? the guy who lost a thumb)
    Oh how come syra dosent remember sep!! the were supposed to be together ❤
    Alther and (alice is it?)

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Dragon Master,

      well, there are so many people in Sep Heap. And sometimes I just have to make a choice who to write about – it’s not an easy one.
      I really want to continue this series just by writing for me and the real Sep fans. Maybe in a year or two, when I’ve finished THM, we’ll go back to the old gang and check out what’s happened.

      However, you will meet Wolf Boy – Marwick – in THM book2, SandRider.
      Merrin, who lost his thumb is living quietly with him mum in the Port at the moment. I doubt if that will last forever though.

      Syra has been really damaged by her Possession. Darke Magyk does that. It’s not good…

      Alther and Alice spend a lot of time hanging out in her old flat. it’s so haunted that they have it to themselves. No one will live there now.

      Hoep that;s enough to keep you going for now. More in a year or two!

    • Merrin Merdith! How could anyone ever forget! I think that Syrah Syrah should get stuck at 19 until the Todhunter Moon series and then marry Merrin! Best…Couple…Ever!!!

  37. Francesca P. Kennedy

    Oh my all things awesome, this is gonna be great! but i must know, is there gonna be a good amount of Marcellus Pye in these books? Marcellus is my favorite out of all the characters, and i thank all inspiration for Fyre because of that. I adore everything about these books anyway, but I can’t get enough of that alchemist. I think Angie (or the Great Sage as I refer to her) should do another Magycal Papers. I would love beyond all love yo see illustrations of The great chamber of Alchemy and Physik, and maybe even the dragon house and the Chamber of Fyre! (sigh) In the meantime I can’t wait to meet Todd!

  38. Jake Sutherland

    I’m curious what everyone’s ages are because I’m 38 and I love the septimus series! Great series and not too childish for adults.

  39. Monica Heart

    I always thought Angie Sage was awesome, but now I think so even more!!!! I’m glad that she is going to write short stories focusing more on the romance between several characters. I like it because A) most of the series original fans are young adults or older and well, we are all on the edge of our seats to see these buddning romances come to light. And B) I’m glad she’s doing it seperatly because I don’t think anyone would be happy if Septimus Heap turned into those generic, Lubby-Dubby, young adult novels that seem to be plaguing book shelves. I love the series because it has an innocent sense of wonder and adventure, but without being naive or childlike; which is amazing!!!! And if there was too much Romamance in the actual series, it would most likely detract from the original reasons why we all fell in love with the book.

    That being said, I really want these characters to have as many chances of having a fairytale romance as possible because a majority of these characters have sacrificed a lot for the greater good. Especially Marcia, she really got the ball rolling and sacrificed a lot in the process. And I like the dynamic between her and Milo. Marcia is a very strong woman (who has inspired me alot to be the woman I want to be) and she is really not afraid of anything. I know this will sound really strange, but I think if Marcia had been in the Avengers movie for some weird reason, Loki would have been dealt with and neutralized in 10 minutes or less! But that’s just my own personal opinion.
    And even though Marica is strong willed and sometimes a bit…. Uptight in certain situations, you have Milo who has this uncanny ability to break through her walls, which I don’t think any other character in this series does, maybe Septimus, but Marica always has that Motherly wall around. I am also kind of curious of how Cerys and Marica got along in the past…. That would be interesting

  40. carli


  41. carli



  43. Lando

    they are great books i read the seires 3 times in a month

  44. lilly

    Jen and Beetle make a perfect couple, please make them a couple please. who cares if one of the queen and the other is a CHS. There perfect for each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. I read the whole Septimus Heap series in a week ( well less than a week) and I’m 10.

  46. OMG! I can’t believe how stupid people can be! Septimus and Jenna are adoptive siblings and it would be so wrong if they had a romantic interest in each other! on the other hand beetle and Jenna would be perfect together. Marcia and Marcellus would be cute together, but would probably break up. i think that Septimus and rose would be a nice couple, but it would make more sense for him to like someone who he could talk to and have a normal conversation with, instead of someone who he is akward around. i am sad Angie sage is only making 3 more books:(

  47. Captain W

    Whenever a series ends, whether it be harry potter, warriors, or when the unwanteds ends im gonna cry (except percy jackson- didnt really like it) and the same to sep heap and probably to todhunter moon

    • Kerri

      Same for me I love the warrior series, the septimus heap, and the todhunter moon and I will cry when its over, and I just finished fyre

      • #CatsAndBooksAndBananas

        This is AMAZING!!! You guys have my same exact taste in books!!! Does anyone else want to be an author when they grow up, because I would faint because we would be practically the SAME PERSON!!!
        I hate it when books end, because you can’t decide whether to rush through the last book so you can find out what happens, or read it super slow so it lasts forever… I HATE ENDINGS!!! (tears) I have read the Harry Potter books 5 times, and I can totally predict the endings now, but it still makes me sad. I will cry when Unwanteds ends. And as for Warriors… I really don’t think that series will ever end, lol 🙂
        Also, everyone keeps talking about Jenna’s relationship, and its kinda awkward cause my name is Jenna.
        And, last but not least, *SPOILER ALERT* I have read the first two THM books, and they hardly talk about the Jenna-Beetle relationship in them, but at the beginning of #2 it sounds like Tod and Beetle like each other. CURSE YOU TOD!! >:-( And Foxy and Rose are together, so sorry Sep.
        – 12-year-old bookworm in California (I actually don’t like bananas LOL)

  48. Landon

    AS is the best author ever i just read all the books in 1 month sep and jen is who i vote.

  49. Maxie

    You should make the septimus heap series a trilogy of movies because after reading the books you think “what if this was a movie” or “this would be a wonderful movie” so why not??!!

  50. You may think im crazy but i like Merrin. I want her to do something with him in THM

  51. Kylie

    When is the first book coming out?

  52. Anom

    Is the Egg of the Great Orm a reference to the Great Orm mentioned in the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett, or is it just a coincidence because there are only so many syllables?

  53. BLAH

    they had to end the series b/c 7 is the MAGYKAL number

    • It would make more sense if se made 14 Septimus Heap books in the original series since Septimus Heap is the seventh son of a seventh son

  54. Esperanza

    Ummm Jen and Sep are practically brother and sister…. won’t work out. Plus Jen and Beetle are just absolutely positively adorable people…not to mention Sep and Rose.. The author knows what she’s doing

  55. JennaHeap

    Ok, I’m really excited for this book! I’m not so interested in the romance, so I’m going to talk about something else. So it’s pretty obvious to me that Tod is going to be ExtraOrdinary Wizard Apprentice, and I can’t wait to have a female wizard as the main character! 😀 Yayayay! I reread the entire series the other day, and then I was all sad, so I read the “Whatever happened to…” thingy at the end. And I got to “The Little Girl in the Fishing Shack” and read it, and then I was all excited all over again. I had forgotten about it!

  56. EruditeRavenclaw

    But I know from your comments that lots of you want to know more about Jenna and Beetle, Rose and Septimus and even Jo-Jo and Marrissa (there is only one word for Jo-Jo and Marrissa: trouble). So, for all fans of romance and for older Septimus readers who have grown up with the series, I am beginning to write about them too in some short stories.


    See? See?!? The author ships them, too! And I was so worried she would ship Jenna and Septimus…

  57. Nicholas Steinhoff


  58. JennaHeap

    One of you people keep saying that Jenna and Septimus should be a couple, and I can’t believe I’m the first to say this, but I’ll say it.
    They are SIBLINGS. Imagine making out with your BROTHER. ACK. YUCK YUCK YUCK.

  59. *screaming inside* YUSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. I WANT TO be a writer two its been my ambition since I was 7 I’m 12 yrs old and will be thirteen in autum

  61. Yeah can’t wait for the romance between Jenna and beetle I have been screaming at beetle to show his feelings FINALLY

  62. Venom

    That’s awsome but its not as exciting that its not going to have romance when I was reading quest i was thinking one book Beetle and Jenna would kiss.And it darke I swore Rose and Septimus would kiss but yeah the book i bet is going to be good though

  63. Bria

    I actually totally ship Septimus and Jenna. Like, they didn’t grow up together or anythig and they dont really share blood either. It looks like Beetle thought of it too in Darke so yeah
    Maybe its weird but I dont like beetle ans jenna together

  64. Girl in England

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I can’t wait for the THM books to come out! I’m re-reading the Septimus Heap books, and ohmygod, Boy 412 (Septimus) is SOO CUTE!!!!
    Girl in England

  65. Siirikki

    I’m your biggest fan!! Can’t wait.. I want to be writer when I’m older.

    – 12 year old girl in Finland

    • sepheaplover4

      Who doesn’t want to be a writer after reading this amazing series? I know that I definitely do!
      I totally agree with you about not being able to wait! It needs to come out NOW NOW NOW!!!!!!
      -14 year old girl in Los Angeles

    • J

      I have the ability, but I’m too lazy 🙂


  67. Pickle Land

    Hey, I was just wondering when THM would be available in U.K??

  68. Laurel

    I hope Syrah ends up happy with someone since she not going to be with Sep. She had a rough life, I want her very happy.

    • kitty

      I wanted her with sep but oh well.

    • Esperanza

      she really does need a break from all the hysteria…poor Syrah

  69. hanna bell the beutiful♪

    when are you making septimus heap movie?i cant wait one moment longer!♪

    • kitty

      A MOVIE!!!!!!!!

    • JennaHeap

      I know how you feel….I think I know what I’ll do. I’ll get all excited and go to the theatre with all my Septimus Heap friends, and we’ll sit down with popcorn and be completely BUZZING with excitement, and then the movie we’ll start, and we’ll get soooooo frustrated. We’ll be yelling and screaming and throwing popcorn at the screen, and then they’ll throw us out.
      Ok, maybe not, but in the car we will scream. “They got that wrong! That’s not what magyk looks like! That’s not how he acts! How could they not put this character in the move? ow could they skip that scene? Blah blah blah!”
      I get kind worked up about these movies that are based on books. :/

  70. The question asker?

    In the description on top ther is not even a mentioning about queen Jenna what happens to her in this series?

  71. Kyra

    Does this series explain how Marcia became ex extraordinary wizard I do not understand ?

  72. kyra

    Dear angie sage do you recomend me to read the todhuntermoon series I like the septimus heap series please reply

  73. Jc

    Even though it stinks that the septimus heap series is ending about him and his apprenticeship I am really really looking forward to this series it seems awesome 😀 how many books will there be of todhunter moon? and is the name alice in any way incorporated with Alice Nettles?

    • kitty

      maybe alice is just a nice and popular name.

  74. It shouldnt be The stupid dumbhead beetle Guy with jenna, it should be Sam and Jenna, or step and Jenna

    • sepheaplover4

      No way! Beetle and Jenna have to end up together! I’m not even so romance oriented and I think that if they don’t I might scream and throw the book! They’re perfect together; awkward in a cute, quirky way- the best sort of awkward!!!!
      Besides Sep is her brother (adoptive but still) that would just be gross—-I meant EW!

    • kitty

      Beetle is NOT stupid!!!! And jenna grew up with sam as her bro so it would be sooooo gross if they were 2gether. JENNA AND BEETLE!!!!! 🙂

    • Yuck! Why would you say that? Sheesh! That is so creepy! I don’t care WHO she ends up with, but no not Sep! They’re siblings! Would you make out with your sibling? I didn’t think so. Septimus needs to get together with either Syrah or Rose. Jenna should get together with Beetle or someone new. And Sam and Jenna are not only siblings, Sam is like 6 years older than her!

  75. Sarah

    I’m your #1 FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. Penguin825

    Can’t wait!

  77. Abbey

    Hi I’ve loved semptius heap and introduced my friend to it. Do u come to any schools ?

  78. I’m 18 now. I started reading this series back in elementary, more than half a decade ago. It’s been a wonderful Journey from Magyk to Fyre, and although the Journey has yet to end, it’s been a wonderful Time, reading Septimus Heap. ExtraOrdinary Sage, thank you for the Magyk. I will continue to follow Septimus until Time is no more.

  79. I’m very excited for PathFinder and the Novella! I don’t know what I’d do without Sep and his friends. Hopefully this series will answer all my questions and the loose ends left in Fyre! 😀 Will TodHunter Moon also use the bolded words? I would think it would… 😀 I love that unique touch Angie adds, so I hope so.

  80. AnAwesomePerson

    Can’t wait! Really want to hear some news of Beetle and Jenna too… I read all of Fyre in less than two days. I think the Septimus Heap series just might be my favourite series, just under Harry Potter 😀

  81. jennasyarah1223

    would todhunter be good for 5 graders?

    • Helen

      I pretty sure it would!

    • sepheaplover4

      I don’t see why not. I started Magyk in second grade. (it took me a while to read the first four ;-P)

      • The random person

        i started in like 7th because i had no idea they existed

        if that is possible

  82. Em

    Yaaay! I´m so happy to hear there will be a book about Jen and Beetle, Sep and Rose etc. These series are getting too adictive! I´ve finished Fyre and I miss everybody so much, just like if they were my friends and family… The trouble is, August is just too far away – I can´t wait! 🙂 Sep was the first fantasy book I actually enjoyed reading – and the second series after the Rainbow magic fairies, that I read at the age of 6, which got their own shelf…

  83. Go Sep!

    When did the first book come out?

  84. robert

    fyre was awesome and i want pathfinder to come out faster i wonder if sep is married and who is jenna’s daughter so many questions to ask!!!!!!!!!!

  85. Jeremy Braud

    I can’t wait! Just finished reading Fyre! What a wonderful series! I, too, was disappointed with the close of the last series with so many details about the gang left out. I can’t wait to find out more! Septimus Heap, although written for a younger audience than me at 26 years old, is one of my favorites in this genre. I was opened up to this world of fantasy by Harry Potter, and honestly, I can’t get enough of getting lost in these fantasy worlds!!!

  86. Septimus Fan

    Omg yay I love your books angie keep writing stuff!

  87. Grace

    I really want Jenna and Beetle together. Beetle is my favorite charactor and I was so happy in Fyre when Jenna started getting jealous. Those people who think Jenna and septimus should be together are dreaming. They’re siblings!

  88. Kiana

    For all the people worried about Beetle<3Jenna, they hold hands before Jenna has the final battle, Jenna "doesn't mind at all" that Beetle gives her a gold heart and values it more than any other gift she receives, and Beetle's epilogue says that his life got "even better" after Jenna invited him over for dinner. It sure sounds like they became a couple to me.

    • kitty

      You’re right Kiana. JENNA AND BEETLE!!!!!

  89. Angrboda

    Hooray! I’m so glad we’re not finished with the Castle yet!

    And to those who seem to be under the impression that Septimus meeting himself in the House of Foryx is proof that he becomes EOW before Marcia dies, no it isn’t. Older Septimus told Younger Septimus that Marcia was fine. But he meant she was fine in Younger Septimus’ time, not his own. Obviously he remembers having worried about this back when he was Younger Septimus. Therefore, there is no proof that Marcia is still alive in Older Septimus’ time.

    • jpeckstl

      No, The THM description says that Tod gets help from marcia, hence she cannot be dead.

      • kitty

        I know! I really can’t wait 4the THM series to come out. Angie Sage is the best thing that’s happened to me in ages!!!!!!

  90. Rose

    OMG!!! I am soooooooooooo excited!!!!!! This is my favourite series EVER!!!!! When I saw that FYRE was the last book, I was so sad and I didn’t want to finish it because Septimus and Jenna and Beetle and Marcia and Marcellus and Spit Fyre and everyone else are like my best friends and I didn’t want them to be gone from my life forever and then at the end it was like ‘and her story will be continued in the Todhunter moon series’ and I was sooooo happy!!!!! I’m kind of sad though, because I’ll be in university by the time it finishes, and that seems so far away (I don’t like waiting for new books to come out because I like seeing what happens right away, but I think everyone is like that). I really want to see what happens with Jenna and Beetle because they are sooooo perfect together. At the end when it was like ‘I hope you don’t mind. That it’s a heart I mean’ and then when Jenna was like ‘oh Beetle, I don’t mind at all’ it was so perfect. I’d been waiting for that moment ever since FLYTE when Beetle first appeared in the series. I read it in class and I started crying because I was so happy and everyone was staring at me…… It was really awkward but I don’t even care. Thank you so much, Angie Sage, for creating such an amazing, awesome, perfect, beautiful series with such amazing characters. They really are my best friends and I can’t wait for Todhunter moon to come out.

    • kitty

      I love the sep series. I also started crying in fyre! thanks angie. so much.

      • Why must all the Septimus Heap character’s grow up so quickly??? There should be fourteen books in the original series since Septimus Heap is the seventh son of a seventh son??? 7+7= 14. Angie is awesome but I don’t think these books will be as great as the original series. Alice Todhunter Moon seems annoying!

  91. hotep ra ra ra rocks!:]


  92. hotep ra ra ra rocks!:]

    how come the 2 faced ring has more known abilities than the dragon ring i thought of a cool idea but it wont happen now i was thinking it could be a little like the flyte charm and that charm marcia gave him then they merged into the complete flyte charm so i was thinking that the 2 faced ring and the dragon ring could merge even though no one put a merge spell on them and i know that because when hotep ra made the 2 faced ring he gave up the dragon ring before he could do anything but a kid can dream sigh sigh sigh 😦

    • kitty

      that was a great idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. hotep ra ra ra rocks!:]

    angie sage will we see any more of hotep ra in the todhunter triology

  94. hotep ra rocks

    i think angie finished fyre perfectly just that it didnt say how septimus became eow it means extra ordinary wizard and people didnt treat marcellus with that much respect though he is really misunderstood about alchemia and stuff and i just noticed this sep and si are gonna be partners one is a eow other alchemist

  95. Jade

    Thank you for continuing the series! Septimus Heap is what really got me into reading and I can’t wait to see how the series adds on. I don’t know what will happen, but I’m sure it’s going to be an amazing experience. I don’t think it a good idea to say what I think should happen in the series, because I know how easy it is to steer a good book off its course. When the first book comes out I’ll be the one sitting outside the store in the middle of the night waiting for the book to come along. Thank you Angie Sage! I can’t wait to see how Septimus and the gang have been doing lately and who will be joining them.

  96. Felicia

    Hi, its me again, i can already tell this new series will have some Marcia in it because it is already mentioning to the “snow princess” & for those who have read the Magykal papers know that Marcia dad had an “embarrassing incident” while working with the Snow Princess which led Marcia family to move to the Castle. (sorry for the long sentence. Marcia may not approve of run on sentances :)) So even if we don’t see the budding romance of Milo and Marcia, I am very confident we will see some of her childhood. . .

    I bet she never got in trouble for a messy room

    Plus, if Marcia’s love for Milo & vice versa does grow, i will be so jealous of Jenna. Marcia would make an amazing step mom… plus she already is in someways to Septimus and Jenna

    • jpeckstl

      I don’t think Jenna needs any more moms.

      • kitty


      • The random person

        ikr she has tow and if marcia becomes her mom she will have 2 extremely irritating moms

  97. MCM

    Can’t wait for THM! It’s gonna be great to catch up with all the Sep characters, and see how Angie portrays them now that they’re older. Just wanted to know if anyone else noticed that one of the Ring WIzards from Fyre (SPOILER here if you haven’t read it yet) has the last name Saarn, and that 2 out of the 3 new characters, have the same last name? Oscar and Ferdie Sarn. (I know it’s spelled different, but I wonder if it’s still a connection…..) Anyways, can’t wait for the new book, I’m counting down the days!

    • jpeckstl

      Nice observation! I wouldn’t have caught that.

    • Tanavya

      Well i caught that but…
      Didnt pay a lot of attention… How does it matter? I dont think they are going to be an incarnation or something of the Ring Wizards!

  98. Helen

    I just finished fyre it’s Great !!!!!!!!!!😋

  99. book luvr

    i love these books there my fave series in the entire world when it ends im gonna cry so hard ;'(

  100. Penelope

    Sorry for the late reply but I just finished the last book yesterday. First I want to say that before I started reading FYRE I wanted to cry because it was the last book but when I finished it I was so super duper happy!!!! I was mad when it didn’t say more about what happened to Beetle and Jenna❤ and I hoped it would. For those of you who say Marcia and Milo should be couples you are crazy to think that!!! I would like to know what Nicko’s plans are when he found out about Snorri and the tall,young fishermen. I hope that the old characters are involved in the story a lot and not just mentioned once. I want to ask if any of you forgot that Simon and Lucy were expecting a baby too. I don’t think that Sep and Syrah are going to be a couple because it says, ” Septimus and Rose spent more and more time together,much to Marcia’s disapproval, but that is another story.” I am also not reading any other books until the TodHunter Moon series comes out.Angie if you are reading this I think it would be a great idea if Jenna had a daughter and it was CradleSnatched by someone (it doesn’t need to be a witch maybe someone who wants revenge) If you are almost done you could write it in the second book. I hope that you are reading this Angie and that you take my idea. Please reply and tell me what you think.

    • Tanavya

      Well yeah that’ll be gud butt….
      Jen will have a baby anyway… I remember reading in the first or second book about how many years later the daughter of Jenna would run into the ghost sitting in some chair with a bicycle or something, and the ghost would wake up… Cool Jen’s going to have a daughter… I just hope the father is Beetle. 😀

      • Doesn’t anyone care how the message rat Stanley is doing and Septimus’s awesome dragon Spitfyre??? Banana sausages anyone???

  101. Wow I can’t wait!!!!! I was really sad that the septimus heap series ended 😥
    I even dressed up 2 of my three baby kittens to be Macia and septimus
    I’m being Jenna this Halloween

    • jpeckstl

      Let’s hope they don’t end up sucking blood like Binky. 🙂

  102. james

    can’t wait till the book comes out, to find out who Simon’s kid is,and how he/she is important to the story.

  103. Emma from Iowa

    Tigerlinny, I feel what you feel. I did the exact same thing with Fyre. But why do we have to wait a whole entire year? Angie, please hurry up on PathFinder! I will count down the days till it comes out!

  104. Lexi

    I can not wait to see what this is all going to be about! SO EXCITINGGGGGG<3

    \( ^o^)/ Woohoo!

  105. jjujack

    Angie u da bomb I was just so mad when the last book came out I thought there were no more but now I have been making my own story plus this is my next years bday present 😉

  106. leonardo777

    So, the end comes in 2016..

  107. BookLover

    I have read a lot of books in my life… And from the begging i had a favorite…
    Well when i just finished Fyre yesterday there was a new #1…

  108. Jem Stoene

    aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! i am so your biggest fan angie i have written books to none of them are published but some are good enugh too be. you have inspired me to write a very similiar book. it will probobaly never be published but who cares it is all in the fun of writing. i luv you, you are an amazing author thankyou so much. lol i can’t wait for this new book to come out.thnx

  109. i love Angie Sage. she is my fav author
    cant wait for todhunter moon

  110. Andrew

    i want it to come out NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW
    i cant wait 😛 🙂

  111. Rama

    I just finished Fyre a few minutes ago. AWESOME!!! But I’m a bit disappointed in the ending and have a lot of questions, but hopefully they’ll be answered in Todhunter Moon. I really want all the couples to get together, but I’m scared that if Milo marries Marcia Queen Cerys will haunt them to the end of their days or try to kill them or do something horrible. Ok I’m talking too much. I CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS SERIES!! OMG OMG OMG!!!*hyperventilates and goes to the hospital* bye xx

  112. Grace

    Beetle needs to end up with Jenna! IF THEY DON’T, I WILL BREAK INTO YOUR HOUSE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT AND- You know what, you don’t want to know, but PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make them a couple or I’ll want my head to explode!

    • Penelope

      (I’m replying to Grace) I so agree, when I was reading this series I was wondering when Beetle will make his move. Call me crazy but I marked places where they show what they feel and it is A LOT!!! The first reason why I want this book is because it is awesome!!!! And I want to know what happened to ❤Beetle and Jenna❤If it doesn’t say I WILL DIE!!!!!

    • kitty

      YES! They need 2 come 2gether or ill fly 2 the other side of the world and…u know what. P.S. I live in New Zealand.

    • You guys are such disturbing fans. I know that they were kind of couples in Fyre, but please??? Jenna + Beetle??? Like even…

  113. Allison

    ive been looking forward to this book since 20 minutes ago when i finished the book. i cant wait! and for some people who “accidentily” typed todhunter as a BOY, ive come to correct thta her name is ALICE tod hunter so try reading carefully!

  114. liv jones

    I love Septimus heap books and I am counting down the day in till the next book series. but I don’t know why every one is going on about couples its the adventures that count and I cant wait to see what the new character are like my best characters at the moment are beetle and rose 🙂 This books are even better then harry potter books even though I’m a giant fan.

  115. carli coykendall

    I want to see what happens with Septimus and Rose, Beetle and Jenna. but i really wish Angie made a book 8, 9, and 10 in the original series.

  116. sepheaplover4

    aug. 2014

  117. tigerlinny

    i have just pre-ordered todhunter moon on amazon lol i cant wait x

  118. Star

    I just finished reading Fyre and was so upset until I realized there was going to be a continuation! I absolutely love your writing style! It makes me feel as if I’m right there along each character as they go about their adventures! I can’t wait until the first book comes out!

    • I totally agree!!!! She must have a really amazing mind to come up with these perfect stories

  119. sepheaplover4

    omg ive been reading sep heap book for years and love them
    when I started quest had just come out ant ive been reading the rest as they’ve come out
    soooooooooooooooo uber excited to hear that the story continues!!!!!!!!!!
    cant wait for aug 2014

  120. Shannon

    I waited so long for the last Septimus book to come out and when I finished it I wanted to cry because it was all done.
    I’m so happy to see there will be a series branching off from it.

  121. Kevin

    When is it coming out?

  122. I just finished Fyre, and loved it! Looking forward to reading the new series!

    • Captain W

      About that harry potter thing… lets agree to disagree. and yes im the same Captain Whamtastic as the other one

  123. marjan nazari

    OH MY GOOOOOOOOD! Angie your an angel! im so excited i cant wait.
    when marcia dies sep will become extraordinary wizardand and i dont really want Septimus to be extraordinary wizard because if Marcia dies i swear i would die
    shes my Idol
    and i think she shouldnt fall in love cause i love her emotionless!!!!!!!!!!

    • Lexi

      If you have read Fyre you would know that Septimuse will be an extraordinary wizard without Marcia dying. We still do not know how that works, but I’m sure Angie will explain.

    • Lol hat so funny I guess that’s true it would be really sad if Macia dies 😥

    • Lol. So happy. My face is actually straight for once. I don’t feel anything. That IS happy, right?

  124. Jade

    Awesome sauce! I LOVE the Septimus Heap series. I made my sister read it, my mom is reading it, and my brother wants to. I have every book (including Magykal papers and the Darke Toad) and it’s what got me into reading. That was about four years ago. I can’t wait for it to come out and if I have to I’ll go sit outside the book store until it comes out and rush in the door like a crazy person. You would be pressed to find someone who hasn’t talked more to someone about the books than me. Thank you Angie! I bet your new series will be just as good as Septimus Heap! You’re an awesome author! 🙂

  125. Wow!
    I really want to read that! How old would Septimus be? 21? He won’t be apprentice anymore. Alice sounds cool. Ugh… Why isn’t it out already! I really want to read something so interesting like that…

    • Allison

      i think that septimus will be extra ordinary wizard when the book takes place cause remember when he thought simon was eow and it was him? well simon was about 21 so if septimus looked like simon when smon was about that age and septimus was a eow then something happens to marcia.

      • jpeckstl

        No. Marcia Has to be fine because the description for the book says Alice gets help from Sep as EOW and Marcia as ex-EOW. Besides, What would happen then to Marcia+Milo?

      • kitty


  126. Bambi247

    Since sep and jenna arent really related, i thought they would make a cute couple. Also def. marcia + marcellus, and milo and ………….?

    • Allison

      Are u serious?!?! that would be HORRIBLE! cause jenna and beetle have always kinda stuck in everybodys mind and the whole thing would be so awkward for them since beetle likes jenna and septimus is beetles best friend and i think more likely for septimus and rose. after all they were making plans in the end of the book.

    • NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Simone Loves Septimus Heap

      No, Jenna and Beetle is much better. Jenna thinks of Sep much more as a brother.

      • sepheaplover4

        I agree with Allison on this one
        jen and sep would be sooooooooo awkward

    • Penelope


      • lara

        yeah they are sort of made for each other
        jen and sep share a brother-sister relationship

    • Jacob

      milo is already in a relationship with the queen

    • lilly

      Are you crazy Beetle and Jenna totally!!

  127. matstar

    I’m so excited, I’m speechless! I’m seriously doing a happy dance right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  128. Tiffany

    I can hardly wait! : D

  129. Silverwhisper

    Three Cheers for Angie! You are so GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  130. Sydney

    At the end of Fyre, something is mentioned about The Ancient Ways. I can’t wait to know what that’s about!

  131. Isi

    The first one will be the PERFECT 13th b-day present! Better tell my mom……

    • Cass

      And I’m going to ask for it for my 18th birthday! That sounds a bit weird, since the series is for kids, but I actually started reading Magyk when I was about 12. Unfortunately, since I had to wait so long for each book, I ended up racing to the kid’s section in the book store – when Fyre came out – at 16 years old. But who cares about age anyway, I’m still a ten-year-old at heart 🙂 And I’ll definitely still be super-excited for the third book in the TodHunter Moon series, even though by then I’ll probably be like 20 years old and in University.

      • sepheaplover4

        don’t worry ill be turning 15 when it comes out so ur not alone

      • Ash

        I know exactly how you feel! My sister keeps making fun of me for going to the kids section in the book store, but I don’t care! I absolutely LOVE Septimus Heap!!!

      • Young kids at heart for the win!

      • Viola-power

        Kids books are better than adult books anyways. Almost 17 and I could care less about “adult fiction” anyways. It just never has the same whimsy or surrealism that books written for “children”.

    • sepheaplover4

      omg ur an august baby
      me too
      but ill be turning 15 when it comes out

    • you didnt read the first one…

  132. Maddie

    Want to read through the comments so bad… But I’m afraid of spoilers! I’m in the middle of reading Fyre right now and I was soooooo excited when my dad brought it home. Yaay! I’m so glad you’re continuing on with Sep’s world, Angie! I will definitely read your new series. You’ve hooked me ever since the first page of Magyk.

    • Jade

      I know! I spent an entire weekend doing nothing else but reading that book.

      • Maddie

        Lol I read this (like a half a year later) and I’m soooo shocked that I’ve been on this page before! I had no flippin idea that there was going to be THAT MUCH SEP in the new series! I must have forgot? But I’m super excited! All over again! The Septimus Heap series is BY FAR my favorite series of all time!

      • Maddie

        Lol I hope you liked Fyre! I was so glad that Rose and Sep “got together”. Ever since Rose’s name was mentioned I started shipping them and couldn’t stop. I couldn’t see him with any of the other female protags, so Rose was like a last hope! And she reminded me of myself! Mua ha ha!

  133. Cerys Rossin (Chloe)

    I am soooooooooooooooo exited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I finished Fyre in 1 night ( i was up alllllllllllll night!!) and now this!!!!!! and if Marcia and Milo Do get together then in a strange kinda way she would sorta be Sep’s stepmum too!!!!! eeeeeeeeeek that wou be sooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤

    • Sydney

      I was up reading Fyre all night too! I was really mad because it felt like AGES until I finally got the book!

    • Silverwhisper


  134. moberly1

    Hi everyone! I just want to say how much I love this series. Half way through the book I realized that this is the end of the series. I’m glad the author is continuing the series with new characters. Call me crazy but I think Marcellus Pye & Marcia Overstrand could be a couple. The reason is, Septimus Heap could bring them together over the years while he is learning both sides of magyk & physik! I know Simon is working with Marcellus but there can be a time when Septimus needs to learn more physyk. Beetle and Jenna as a couple definitely! I think Nicko and Snorri could have been a great couple and I hope they find their way back to each other! Septimus and Syrah or Sep and Rose that a tough one. Don’t really know much about Rose! Septimus can relate to Syrah being in a time not your own! I would love to find out what happened to Wolfboy and his brothers. I would love to see Simon & Lucy in the future books also! Simon has come a long way to redeem himself from the dark side. I hope the next books be just as great as this series!

    • jpeckstl

      Well MARCia and MARCellus might work out. 🙂

    • lara

      i think marcia and marcellus would really make a good couple sep and simon could together make this happen

      if sep had to choose between rose and syrah i wish he chooses syrah

  135. Roni

    Oh my goodness I just realized, if Milo and Marcia DO get together, that would make Marcia Jenna’s stepmum!

    • Silverwhisper

      Freaky… Theyd never agree, according to the thing, you know, ‘A Queen and a Wizard shall never agree, what one calls two, the other calls three’. Imagine Milo trying to calm Marcia and Jenna down… Two of the most stubborn people in the history of the HP World!

      • lilly

        that is so creepy Marcia and Jenna would basically be family.

    • Allison

      that would also make septimus an adoptive step mom

    • Romulus Ravenclaw

      Well done.

    • Faith Minor

      Oh. Never really thought about that… that’s a bit weird… and it would mean that jenna has THREE mothers!

  136. Awesome! I can’t wait

  137. Darke Fyre

    I honestly look forward to any books placed in the SH world. The series was just so engaging, heck I finished book seven in two days. This is bound to be good. I was actually thrilled to see that Angie made a reference to the book(s) based around Nicko and Snorri in the ending of Fyre. Glad someone asked about that.

  138. Beetle Lover(Lauren)

    Angie You are such an awesome write and I’m SOOOOOO happy your sort of continuing the series but with different main people! Keep writing these awesome books about Septimus and his friends =) But I totally think Jenna and Beetle should get together

  139. I just finished Fyre and I was so sad that was the end. Until I looked at the very very end about Alice Todhunter. I can’t wait for this series to happen!

    I really Hope Jenna and Beetle got together, Beetle deserves her and she deserves Beetle! And am I the only one that really like Septimus and Syrah? Just my opinion 😀

  140. Lucy C.

    A whole YEAR? (And then some)
    Wow, I’ll be in 8 grade then… hard to believe!!

  141. surj bht

    Beetle and Jenna, Septimus and Rose, and Marcia and Milo. These couples should all get together.but what about Queen Cerys? What if she is mad

    • Silverwhisper

      Oh yeah… Also Sep won’t be EOW until Marcia dies. Sorry matstar

      • Devin R.

        wrong the extraordinary wizard can step down so marcia does not have to die

      • but Hotep-Ra said nothing has happened to Marcia at the end of bk 7

      • JosuéparaPresidente

        Hey silvwhisp, you’re wrong. If you ever did read “Fyre” then you should know that Septimus becomes EoW AND he says that Marcia is doing fine

      • O.Beetle.Beetle

        It works just like the throne

    • Jade

      The perfect couples!

    • Sep and Jenna!!!!!!!!!!!

      • JennaHeap

        I said this before, but it got buried. Jenna and Septimus are siblings…..and if they got together it would be completely creepy.

      • Sepisawesome

        No, that would just be really weird. They’re basically brother and sister!

      • The random person

        NO sep and jenna are siblings

      • Someone

        Siblings!!!! What do u not get!!!
        Besides, it is:

      • Faith Minor

        Yeah, they see each other as siblings! Also, to quote a castle saying ‘A queen and a wizard shall never agree, when one says two the other says three!’

    • Sepisawesome

      I think Queen Cerys wouldn’t mind too much to be honest. She seems like the type of person who would want people to still be happy after her death. However, I think that’s why Angie didn’t linger on it too much because of the Queen Cerys – Milo – Marcia problem

    • i know Queen Cerys is a real pain

    • Faith Minor

      Oh who cares about Cerys, she so obnoxious! Jenna and Beetle HAVE to get together! Sep is like jen’s brother, it would never work! also sarah would probably disown them both…

  142. matstar

    I could not be more excited!!! My freinds an i often think about what the next generation of sep and his freinds would be like and what they would do… and i really really really want to see sep as ExtraOrdinary wizard!

  143. I can’t wait I read fyre so quickly! I can’t wait!!!

  144. Wow!!! That’s wonderful. I read Fyre, even though it was great but I have a lot of questions.

  145. Julia M

    Our whole family loves reading and talking about all the books. We would love to see the older EOW version of Septimus Heap in the TodHunter Moon books. It would be awesome to see how powerful he becomes and how good a Queen Jenna becomes. Thanks for being such a good writer.

    • O.Beetle.Beetle

      I seriously don’t know how Angie does it. I am so attached to all the characters. There wasn’t enough information at the end of the seventh book (keeping it increasingly interesting for that long is an achievement in itself) so I am poised to grab this next trilogy as soon as it’s available.

  146. Julian

    I just finished reading the Septimus Series! Can’t wait for this one! I am very curious as to what will happen with Nicko and Snorri! And of course if the other ‘couples’ get together to like Beetle and Jenna, Sep and Rose!

    • Aurora

      same here! i just finished Fyre a few hours ago, and i can’t wait to read the new books! I was a little disappointed by the ending and left with many questions and many fallen hopes that i had for the book, but then i found out that Angie was writing a continuing trilogy that would answer many of my questions and tell me what i had been hoping for at the end of the book, what the characters lives were like later on. Especially what happened to Jenna/Beetle, Nicko/Snorri, Septimus/Rose, and Marcia/Milo

      • AngieSage- The best writer in the world!

        I cried when i finished fyre, so happy that the septimus heap series will be followed on 🙂

      • No u mean Jenna and Sep!

      • Tanavya

        Why’s every1 talking about Sep and Rose? I rly loved Sep and Syrah together…. 😦

      • totally… I cried at the part where maxie died at the end… It is just so sad… But…. still a good way and place to die

    • Helen

      Yeah it’s soooo oboise that they’re gonna end up together 😻

      • Nicholas


    • hotep ra rocks

      i dont know having a queen and a chief hermetic scribe together doesnt sound so good i mean there a good couple to me its just that the title they have doesnt seem very fair a chief hermetic scribe gets married with a queen think of it beetle king/chief hermetic scribe sorry for being a downer angie but she probibly has a reason for it who knows what she will do next she probably has alot of suprises up her sleeve

      • Rose

        NO!! How can you say that? Jenna and Beetle were made for each other!!!! And in the castle, it’s the girl (queen) that is the main ruler. Look at Cerys and Milo. Milo was always away travelling BECAUSE IT WASN”T HIS JOB TO BE KING. Beetle will still only be CHS unless something happens to Jenna which it better not. So it will work out because Beetle WON”T have both jobs. And even if he did, Jenna and Beetle would make it work because they are perfect together and nothing can ever break them up. EVER!!!

      • Em

        Oh dear! I was so frustrated when Beetle was being kinda´ mean to Jen at the start of Fyre and now you say this? They are lovely together – Beetle and his little crush on Jen was really cute in Queste and Syren. And if the two of them get in charge of the castle, it would be…magykal, I guess?
        P.S.: Yep, Hotep Ra does rock!

      • Now that makes sense!

      • Jenna and Sep!!!!!!!!!!

      • dont mean to get you mad but angie said jan and beetle are slowly spillting apart in the thm series sorry

  147. colin

    i can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  148. Geo

    I spent a long time looking forward to Fyre, (I really annoyed my friends :D). Now I can annoy them about TodHunter Moon.

    • Silverwhisper

      Ditto, I lUV Angie Sage’s bookz

    • O.Beetle.Beetle

      I think we’re on the same wave length there, my friend read the series before me but she doesn’t seem to love it as much as me. My favourite part was in one of the first books, as soon as I realised Beetle kinda liked Jenna. I just imploded at how cute it was.

      • fast reader

        hey guys i read the septimus heap series in less than one week

      • Mouse. Guy. Thing.

        You imploded? I sora curled up and then I started laughing. Shame there isn’t going to be much of Jenna+Beetle=baby in the next books.

  149. Septimusheaprocks

    Sorry my bad I love the idea
    I hope to be the first to read

  150. Septimusheaprocks

    I love the idea
    Hopefully I will be the first to read it
    When is it coming out?

  151. Felicia

    i can’t wait…will there be alot of Marcia Overstrand in this series…i kinda want her and Milo to get together…after all shes had to put up with and choices shes had to make, she needs some love in her life. And who better for that than Jenna’s handsome yet quirky dad

    • I agree with you. I was so sad about the ending in Fyre because I believed they would become a couple. But it’s so good to hear that its not over.

      • Jimmy

        I kind of felt that AS skipped over the romance sections a lot in her books- that or the charachters were just too chicken. I’d been waiting since Flyte for Jenna and Beetle to kiss- and it never happened. I hope we learn it happend, somehow, in the ToddHunter Moon books.

      • **** that thought bout Jenna and beetle kissing, should be friking Sep or Sam. PUT IT! Makes more sense jeez

      • I mean sep and Jenna or Sam and Jenna!

      • Sepisawesome

        I’m actually really glad that Angie skipped over the romance. That’s what I hate about other books, the romance is too big. When it’s only a little bit like in the series it’s much better. I don’t really think that making romance too central is good. It just distracts the story, anyone agree?

    • ONLY 3 BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ANGIE IS TO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!1

      • Romulus Ravenclaw

        Sorry Captain W, bot your comment was the nearest reply able one. Anymouse, are you saying that Jenna should get together with:
        A. Sam Heap: One of six brothers she grew up with all her life (as near as) and is at least seven years older than her. Or…
        B. Septimus Heap: Her long lost brother considered by all Heaps as one who was always there including Jenna herself.
        I’m not trying to be mean but ARE YOU CRAZY????

    • yay I am going to be waiting as I am on Fyre now but I have to wiat till next school year to read this one well I will have it by the end of the week that is it came out on


    • Hey guess what peeps I know them!!!!

      • I know them too!,”random person”

      • Nicholas

        Sorry closest reply able comment. Anymouse WTH Sep is her sort-of brother WHO SHE THINKS OF AS A BROTHER and SAM IS HER SECOND OLDEST SORT-OF BROTHER i think. WHAT KIND OF TWISTED SERIES DO YOU WANT!

    • Tanavya

      I rather like Marcia and Marcellus together… They’d make a most lovely but definitely queer couple!

      • luka

        Sorry maar Marcia en marcellus maken de hele tijd ruzie want het zijn alchemist en tovenaar en marcellus is 500 jaar ouder

    • Damien Falman

      lets see sep and rose


      Sep and jen I don’t know but jojo and Marissa broke up also Anjie it says in FYRE that Hotep Ra had the Flyte Charm but really Marcellus Pye made it.

      • EOW

        I like Sep and Rose, but that ship sank :'(. I’m hoping it is going to be repaired. Jen and Beetle are cute too though, and so are Marcia and Milo. 🙂

      • Nicholas

        FWI Marcellus made one after the rest of the charms had been lost. Hotep-ra had one before the charms were lost

    • i know right

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