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Letters from Angie Sage (15)

Hi everyone,
We’ve got some movie news! (You heard it here first!)
Karen Rosenfelt, the producer, has said that:

They will be shooting the test at Industrial Light and Magic in the first and second week of May. It will probably take about 12 weeks to finish the test, since there is a lot of CGI. Rick Carter just joined the project as the production designer. Rick has worked on movies such as BACK TO THE FUTURE, JURASSIC PARK, WAR OF THE WORLDS and AVATAR. The studio is very enthusiastic about the project!

This is great as it brings the film closer to being give the green light (the go-ahead).
Note to all aspiring actors: this does not mean Warners will be doing any casting yet. This won’t happen until the movie is green lit.
So … let’s wait and see and wish it well,


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Letters from Angie Sage (10)

Hello everyone,

Well, last week I finally wrote the last line of DARKE! It’s gone well, I think, but now I have to go back and rewrite some bits and check it all fits together logically (otherwise I know at least one of you will notice!). If I have time, which I think I do, I will read it out aloud to myself too. It’s really interesting how things can look fine on the page and sound very clunky when you read them out aloud. So, like Sep, I am nearly out of the Darke, but not quite…

Movie news: Warner Brothers extended their option on Septimus a couple of weeks ago. They need more time to put together all the things they need to in order to get the go-ahead. So it’s still on track, but not at the definite stage yet. But I do think it is looking really promising.

Happy summer (or winter down south),


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Letters from Angie Sage (1)

Hello everyone,

I am really pleased to be part of the site, which I will link to my own website when it is up and running in September this year.

I am looking forward to doing an author blog every month and letting you know how things are going with Septimus & co. And, every now and then, I’ll be there to talk to fans and also answering questions in the ‘Ask Angie’ section.

It’s great that Warner Brothers are working on a movie for MAGYK, Book One of the Septimus Heap series. I’d like to confirm that it will be live action, not animated!

With best wishes,

Angie Sage

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