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Character of the month: SYRAH SYARA


WARNING! If you haven’t read the the whole series, do not read the comments on this post.
Illustration © Mark Zug
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Letters from Angie Sage (9)

Hi Everyone,

This is written from the depths of the Darke
It’s been a very long time since I logged onto the site (I didn’t realise quite how long). Thanks for all your patience waiting for replies. I feel like I’ve been in another universe for a while. Sheesh.
But I’m on chapter 45 now!

It’s been a brilliant summer here in Somerset, but me and the tortoises have not noticed much of it – yet… but we have plans for boats and things. Not the tortoises actually, they will stay lettuce-munching in the garden.

You can find me at the Port Eliot Festival in Cornwall, UK, on Sunday July 25th. I’ll be talking about Syren and then will be in the House of Fairy tales talking about one of my favourite books when I was a kid – Moonfleet by JM Faulkner.

Hope you are all having a great summer too – or a wonderful winter if you are way down south.


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Letters from Angie Sage (7)


I am off to Perth this afternoon—Perth in Australia! Is everything packed? Er, no, not quite …
So, the reason I’m going to Oz is I’ll be at the Perth International Arts Festival next week – here are the dates, just in case any of you can make it there, or live in Perth.
On Saturday 27th Feb 11-12 p.m. I’ll be on a panel with Mark Walden and Kirsty Murray talking about the Magic of Storytelling.
On Sunday 28th February 9.30 to 10.15 a.m. I’ll be talking about SYREN. Both of these are in the Festival Tent.
It would be just great if any of you can make it!


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Darke things…


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My favourite book is… [and Letters from Angie Sage (5)]

Hi everyone!
As you can see, Angie has replied to some of your questions!
Now it’s altmost 2010 and, so far, there are five books in the Septimus Heap series and a companion.
And here comes our first poll: „My favourite book is…”:

And here is Angie’s letter:

Hi everyone,

Here’s wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and a wonderful 2010 too!
It’s been very quiet here in Somerset recently, just the sound of tapping computer keys coming from my room (and the drone of the fan heater as it is so cold.) I really wanted to get one quarter of the way through book six by Christmas and I have just done it. That’s great because I can think about it over the holidays and when I come back to writing all the characters will have decided what they want to do. It helps that it is the MidWinter Feast in the books right now as well … but that’s enough clues!
Have a fun holiday season,


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Letters from Angie Sage (4)

Hi everyone,

I’m back home now after a really great book tour. It was good to be there but it’s wonderful to be home now.
Today it’s cold and wintry, leaves blowing everywhere and getting dark already at four o’clock – perfect writing weather!
And I am well into writing again now – book six is on the way. Chapter six today. Tomorrow to Cornwall to see the wild sea…

Happy winter (or happy summer down in Oz)!


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Letter from Angie Sage (3)

Hi everyone,

San Francisco here I come!
I’ll be at
Kepler’s books and Magazines, Menlo Park, CA 94025 at 7.00 pm on Monday October 12th.
Copperfield’s Books, Petaluma CA 95404 at 7.00 pm Tuesday October 13th.
Maybe see some of you there?
And the really great news is that
SYREN is at number 5 in the NYT Children’s series list. YAY!


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The Official Website of Angie Sage

angie_websiteAngie Sage has launched today her official website, where you can find a lot of interesting things, like biography, FAQs about Septimus Heap, about Araminta, about Angie herself and… a lot of other things.

Visit today

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Letters from Angie Sage (2)

Hi everyone!

The first week of my USA tour for SYREN. I have met so many lovely people and signed at least a ton of books – it’s been great. Have seen some fantastic bookshops (hello Bina and Christine!). I stayed in New York until Wednesday and then set off from the old flying boat terminal to go to Boston. Now I’m in Hartford CT and tomorrow to the NEIBA Fall Tradeshow to sign some more books. On Sunday catching a plane to Raleigh NC and then a busy, busy week. Phew.
Maybe next time I can do this by dragon…


Here are two pictures of some lovely posters from a great school in Brooklyn and two of signing lots of books (click on them to see a bigger version).

IMG_3277 IMG_3278

IMG_3286 IMG_3303

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Brand new Septimus Heap website!

sep_new_siteThe official website of the Septimus Heap series was relaunched today, with a fresh design, new games, new informations and a lot of new stuff! Register now and you can win wonderful prizes, including book signed by Angie Sage!

Also, do not forget that SYREN, the fifth book in the Septimus Heap series hit the stores on September 29, and Angie is promoting the book at these locations.

You can read a few chapters preview on the HarperCollins official website.

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