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TodHunter Moon #1: PathFinder – UK EDITION

The Magykal World of TodHunter Moon


by Angie Sage

Release date: 14.10.2014


9781408858158Tod has grown up a PathFinder, one of an ancient seafaring tribe. Her mother, who died when Tod was young, had a very different history. She was from a mysterious magykal desert-dwelling family. When Tod’s father disappears she is not only alone, but soon finds herself swept into the path of an evil sorcerer. Now Tod must choose which of her pasts will help her to survive: PathFinder or Magician. Magyk will allow her to fight like with like, but her PathFinder heritage gives Tod something special – the edge.

Angie Sage’s new book combines breathtaking action with fabulous plotting. The characters are instantly engaging, the tension is relentless and Angie’s superlative storytelling weaves the threads seamlessly together for an utterly satisfying read.

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Printed copies of FYRE (UK edition) + MAGYK Special Edition


Also, don’t forget that now you can order the special edition of MAGYK (paperback, 4.99$, Katherine Tegen Books) that features the short story THE DARKE TOAD and two chapters from FYRE! Click here if you’re from the US or here if you’re from the UK.


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Letters from Angie Sage (13)

Hi everyone,

I waved goodbye to DARKE forever yesterday. The little yellow courier van took the proofs back to America to HarperCollins. I have spent the last week just checking through everything, making sure it all makes sense and reads well. And it does! Mark has done some really beautiful new illustrations. There’s a lovely new – somewhat romantic – one of Simon, a new one of Marcia too, also Sep and Beetle – both a little older and a lot more confident. And for duck fanciers there is a special one of Ethel in her new waistcoat.

Now for the less fun stuff. I know lots of fans are unhappy with the UK publishing date – and that includes me too. I have talked this over a lot with my editor at Bloomsbury. Both she and I were trying to find various solutions, including maybe a limited release in June, but in the end nothing was possible and of course they must have the final say in this. I asked Bloomsbury for a statement explaining the problem that I could post here and this is it:

“There are big differences between the US and UK hardback and paperback markets. We will be publishing DARKE hardback in autumn because autumn makes a lot more sense for our UK market.

“We cannot give an advance release to limited bookshops because that would be unfair to their competitors.

“Our export paperback is always available before the UK paperback, but this time it also available before the hardback UK edition as we have to match the American publication date in areas where both editions can be sold.”

I hope this explains things, even though it doesn’t fix them.

I’m off to get started on the Prologue of Book 7 now…

Happy February!

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The official release dates for Septimus Heap #6: DARKE

Hey people!
I know that there has been some confusion concerning the publication of DARKE, but find below the official dates confirmed by HarperCollins and Bloomsbury.

USA HarperCollins: Hardback Edition, Ist June 2011
UK Bloomsbury: Export Edition (paperback edition for Australia, South Africa and other Commonwealth countries), 6th June 2011. This will not be for sale in the UK itself.
UK Hardback Edition: October 2011.

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Septimus Heap 6: DARKE – Synopsis (UK version)

In the Darkely fantastic penultimate book of this internationally bestselling series, Septimus and his friends find themselves attempting the impossible as Septimus begins his initiation into Darke Week.

Septimus is on the threshold of his fourteenth birthday, which falls on the shortest day of the year. While everyone celebrates and the Castle is lit with traditional candles, Septimus has greater concerns on his mind. He has finally reached the period in his Apprenticeship known as Darke Week. During this crucial time, he hopes to undertake the very dangerous mission of restoring Alther from Banishment, following the attempted invasion of the Castle of Syren. But while this preoccupies him, other Darke things are afoot in the Castle.

Septimus Heap Book 6
APRIL 2011 JUNE 7, 2011 – USA (Preorder now here!)
APRIL 8, 2011 – CANADA (Preorder now here!)
JUNE 6, 2011 – UK (Preorder now here!)

Published in the US by Katherine Tegen Books, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers, in the UK by Bloomsbury and in Canada by HarperCollins Canada.
© 2010 Bloomsbury, HarperCollins Publishers, Angie Sage, Mark Zug
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Bloomsbury’s interview with Angie

A few weeks ago, Bloomsbury has posted on YouTube an interview with Angie Sage, the author of Septimus Heap and Araminta Spookie series.
In this interview, Angie talks about her recently published book, THE MAGYKAL PAPERS; the difference of writing a book that it’s not a novel; the fact that a lot of material was cut from THE MAGYKAL PAPERS (that means a second MP?! :D); her favourite characters from the books; Mark Zug’s illustrations; the Septimus Heap movie; Araminta Spookie and… SYREN.

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Meet Angie Sage at two new events

If you’d like to meet Angie Sage and get an advance copy of SYREN, the fifth book in the Septimus Heap series, then you should go to the following events:

brendonbooksFriday 18th September: Angie will talking about SYREN at Brendon Books, Old Brewery Buildings, Bath Place, Taunton, Somerset TA1 4ER, UK. Time to be confirmed.

Advance copies of SYREN will be available.

Bath Festival of Children’s Literature Saturday 19th bath_festivalSeptember 12 – 12:45pm at the Guildhall. Be one of the first people in the UK to get your hands on the brand new Septimus Heap novel. SYREN is the most thrilling Septimus Heap book yet with the action taking place on a mysterious island that has a sinister pull on Septimus. Bestselling author Angie Sage will be talking about the inspirations and imagination behind her magykal world and copies of SYREN (not published until October) will be made exclusively available to those attending this event.

Source: Angie Sage

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