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1. When is DARKE out? Can you tell me more about it?

DARKE will be out in the USA on June 1st. It looks like we will have to wait longer in the UK – until October.

DARKE begins at the Dark of the Moon (of course) on Jen and Sep’s 14th birthdays. It is time for Sep to choose when to do his Darke Week – the part of the ExtraOrdinary Apprenticeship that separates it from the Ordinary Apprenticeship. He must also choose what to do, but there is not problem with that as far as Sep is concerned. He is going to get Alther back. Because, in a highly unfortunate accident, Marcia has Banished Alther to the Darke Halls. But of course all does not go according to plan, as Merrin is still lurking in the Palace and the power of his Two-Faced Ring is growing ever stronger. And Merrin has a plan…

In DARKE we see more of Simon and Lucy, Beetle, Nicko and of course Jen and Sep. Look out too for Wolf Boy’s brothers.

2. Will there be a movie based on MAGYK? Can I be in? Do you have a cast in mind?

Warner Brothers has option to buy the books to make a movie. This means that at the moment they are working on the development of various elements – mainly the screenplay and visuals. David Frankel is the director and he is driving all this forward in a really creative way. However, the movie does not yet have what is called the green light. This will happen when everything has been put together in such a way that people in Warners can see it’s going to make a really great movie – which I am sure it will. But this has not happened yet.

Casting the movie will happen once it is green lit – not before. And, please believe me, I have nothing to do with the casting at all! It’s a real skill casting a movie. But after the movie has got the green light, I will ask about this and about whether they are doing any open auditions and I will relay the information to this website. You will see it here first!

3. What are going to write when SEPTIMUS HEAP is finished?

I’d like to do a few spin-off Septimus books before I finally say goodbye to the series. Maybe one on Marcia’s childhood and how she got to where she is now. Possibly one set 10 years after book 7 ends. We will see…

I also have an idea for something else a little bit sci-fi, set in Cornwall in the present day. And a proper grown-up novel too! So much to write…

4. Which country is the series based on?

Septimus is not meant to be any particular country, but of course my influnces come from England, where I live. I began writing Septimus in Cornwall, which is the furthest south west tip of England with lots of creeks and mysterious misty places, so quite a lot of that has crept into the books. But recently I went, for the first time, to Estonia and Finland and that felt very Septimus-y too.

5. Can I have your personal address or e-mail?

If your want to write a letter you can get in touch by writing to HarperCollins at this address:

Angie Sage
Author Mail
HarperCollins Children’s Books
10 E53rd Street
New York
NY 10022-5002

6. Do you have a title in mind for the 7th book?

Yes, but I’m not telling… yet!

7. Will Septimus have a girlfriend?

I’m not sure. It depends what happens in the last book.

8. How many books will be in the series?

It has to be seven…

9. How did you come up with the idea for Septimus Heap?

It kind of grew. I had the idea for a very long time and kept thinking about it but not actually getting around to writing anything. But after the millenium, I felt that it was time to see if I could really write the story that was in my head. It was quite a vague collection of ideas, but with a very strong feel to it. I knew it had to begin with a baby being found in the snow, although at the time I was not sure if this was Jenna or Septimus… But in the end they were both found in the snow – in different ways.

10. I live in X country and I would like to know when your books will be published.

Although I know the dates for the USA and the UK, I don’t know any other dates. They do vary a lot as it is an individual choice for each publisher.

11. Will you do a signing in my town? How do I find out about your signings? I’m a bookseller and would like for your to come to my store.

When I am writing I have to concentrate on that rather than do signings. But I will be doing a promotional tour for DARKE in the UK in October 2011, I think. Sometimes I do go to book festivals and I will always post details of these up on this website. If you are based in the UK you can always write to my publishers, Bloomsbury, to ask about signings.

12. I want to be a writer. What should I do first?

Read! Read lots and lots and don’t worry too much about writing at first. Learning about words and how they work is a long process and I don’t reckon you can rush it. It is good to keep a journal or a notebook and write in it every day, but I have to confess that that is not something I am very good at! So keep reading, find out what you like to read and where your interests lie. When you do write, write about the things that interest you, things that excite you. Look around you, notice what’s going on, think lots and there is no harm in daydreaming a little either. If you get stuck, don’t worry, it happens to all writers. Just put what you are writing away for a while and come back to it later. Try something else and see where that goes in the mean time. Writing is a journey of discovery…

13. I am a book reviewer and would like to request review copies of one of your upcoming novels. How do I get one?

That’s great – you will need to get in touch with the publisher – these vary depending on which country you are in.

14. Will you read my unpublished or self-published short stories, novels, poetry?

I’m sorry but I have to say no to that one. It’s all I can do to keep my own stories in my head!

15. What are your favorite books?

Now I like to read good literary fiction. I think Wolf Hall was the last book I read that I really enjoyed. I do read a fair amount of history at the moment – I am reading Elizabeth I’s letters right now. When I was Septimus-age I loved sci-fi and adventure. It’s a long time ago, though and there are so many more books available now. Then I was a bog fan of E. Nesbit, Elizabeth Goudge, Rosemary Sutcliff, also John Wyndham’s sci-fi novels.

16. What is your stance on fanfiction?

It’s fine – why not? But I know I’d find it really weird to read any Septimus stuff.

17. What is your biggest distraction while writing?

Sunshine! It takes me right back to school and longing to go outside. I still want to stop work and go out in the sun – preferably down to the sea.

18. What kind of music do you listen to?

Rock, blues. Rock’n’roll too.
Fave singers/bands:
Eurythmics (Annie Lennox is wonderful), Alison Moyet, Stones, Canned Heat, David Bowie, Elton John, Scissor Sisters, Stevie Ray Vaughan.
All from a while back…

19. Do you hate cabbage?

Not so much now. In fact if you want a good cabbage recipe…
But I so hate it when it’s boiled for hours.

20. I have a homework assignment and need to interview an author. Can you help me? I need to do a book report on Septimus Heap.

You can write to HarperCollins at the address above, but mail travels slowly and I don’t always get it in time for schools assignments. I am doing my best to log in to this website every Friday so you can always ask me something then – but do look at the frequently asked questions first! And there are 21 FAQs on my website at too.


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