Frequently Asked Questions

1. Whatever happened to the movie? 

Warner Brothers still has the movie rights to the Septimus Heap series, but development on the project stopped about 7 years ago. It doesn’t look as though it will be re-started anytime soon, but you never know. I do think that the books are not easy  to make into a good movie as there are so many complex interlinking plot threads and masses of characters. A huge cull and reworking would be needed to squeeze it all into a couple of hours. But I do think that Septimus Heap would make a brilliant TV series!


2. Is the TodHunter Moon trilogy the last of the Septimus Heap world?

I have been saying this for far too long but i really would like to do a few spin-off Septimus books before I finally say goodbye to the series. I began one on Marcia’s first time in the Castle, but other projects took over and it has only got halfway. But Septimus Heap is still very much in my heart and I really do want to keep going with little bits an pieces every now and then. Please check out my website: angiesagecom for any up-to-date news.


3. Which country is the series based on?

Septimus is not meant to be any particular country, but of course my influnces come from England, where I live. I began writing Septimus in Cornwall, which is the furthest south west tip of England with lots of creeks and mysterious misty places, so quite a lot of that has crept into the books. But recently I went, for the first time, to Estonia and Finland and that felt very Septimus-y too. I guess it mainly has a  Northern European vibe to it.


4. How can I get in touch with you?

Go to the contact page on my website: and I will get back to you.  But please make sure your email address will accept incoming messages – I have discovered that some school email addresses don’t.

You can Tweet to me on Twitter: @AngieSageAuthor

You can find me on Facebook too: AngieSageAuthor:

You can also write snail mail to:

HarperCollins Children’s Books
Angie Sage: Author Mail

195 Broadway
New York
NY 10007




6. What are you writing now?

I’m writing about a different world now. I have found myself in a small desert kingdom where enchanters are hunted down by terrifying flights of four winged creatures known as Dracandors. Our hero is Kai, who has grown up as a foster child and suddenly finds herself having to flee her adopted home where she is no longer safe. But the place she flees to is just as dangerous for her. We follow Kai’s journey as she tries to discover who she is, where she is from and how to create her own family of friends and people who care about her. And, of course, how to fly a Dracandor.


7. When is your next book coming out? What is it called?

My next book for HarperCollins is called Maximilian Fly and will be out next summer. I am so looking forward to getting Maximillian out there at last!


8. How many books are there in the Septimus Heap world?

There are eleven books altogether;

7 books in the Septimus Heap series:

Book 1: Magyk. Book2: Flyte. Book3: Physik. Book 4: Queste. Book 5: Syren.

Book 6: Darke. Book 7: Fyre.

3 books in the TodHunter Moon trilogy:

Book 1: PathFinder. Book 2: SandRider. Book 3: StarChaser.

And there is an ebook called The Darke Toad which is a shorter book that fits in between Magyk and Flyte. It is about Septimus’s early days as an Apprentice when Marcia takes him on a trip to the Port. Turns out it’s Halloween and all does not go according to plan.


9. How did you come up with the idea for Septimus Heap?

It kind of grew. I had the idea for a very long time and kept thinking about it but not actually getting around to writing anything. But after the millenium, I felt that it was time to see if I could really write the story that was in my head. It was quite a vague collection of ideas, but with a very strong feel to it. I knew it had to begin with a baby being found in the snow, although at the time I was not sure if this was Jenna or Septimus… But in the end they were both found in the snow – in different ways.


10. I want to be a writer. What should I do first?

Read! Read lots and lots and don’t worry too much about writing at first. Learning about words and how they work is a long process and I don’t reckon you can rush it. It is good to keep a journal or a notebook and write in it every day, but I have to confess that that is not something I am very good at! So keep reading, find out what you like to read and where your interests lie. When you do write, write about the things that interest you, things that excite you. Look around you, notice what’s going on, think lots and there is no harm in daydreaming a little either. If you get stuck, don’t worry, it happens to all writers. Check out this in The Guardian …


11. What are your favorite books?

I read so much that I lose track! But some of my re-read favourites are:

Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel, Restoration by Rose Tremain, Persuasion by Jane Austen, Brideshead Revisited by Evelyn Waugh.

When I was Septimus-age I loved sci-fi, historical adventure and legends. But that is a  long time ago and now there are so many more books available. Then I was a big fan of E. Nesbit, Elizabeth Goudge, Rosemary Sutcliff, also John Wyndhams sci-fi novels.


12. What is your stance on fanfiction?

I think it’s great that people want to write about Septimus’s world.


13. What is your biggest distraction while writing?

Sunshine! It takes me right back to school and longing to go outside. I still want to stop work and go out in the sun – preferably down to the sea.


14. What kind of music do you listen to?

Rock, blues. Rock’n’roll too.
Fave singers/bands:
Eurythmics (Annie Lennox is wonderful), Alison Moyet, Stones, Canned Heat, David Bowie, Elton John, Scissor Sisters, Stevie Ray Vaughan.
All from a while back…


15. Do you hate cabbage?

Not so much now.
But I used to so hate it when I was at school – they would boil it for hours. Which is just what Aunt Zelda does, you can’t get it soft enough for sandwiches otherwise.

16. I have a homework assignment and need to interview an author. Can you help me? I need to do a book report on Septimus Heap.

Just go to the contact page on and I will get back to you.



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