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Off to Preston in the UK today to talk to some Guides, Scouts, Cubs and Brownies (no, not Marsh Brownies – well, I hope not anyway). See you later!

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Angie’s Blog

Septimus Heap comes to BINWEEVILS!! or

and you can create a Darke Creature on swapit or go on a Darke Queste. Try it and see!

I am off to two schools in Southampton UK tomorrow. Then to Preston for Thursday and Friday. Exciting!

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Today I’m going to London to Bloomsbury to celebrate the new covers! And I will be talking about Septimus at the Hampstead School too. And tomorrow at the Hampstead Parochial CE Primary School. Which is lovely – and strange as I went to school nearby for a year when I was eight – to Barrow Hill Junior school. Any Sep fans from there, I wonder?

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So .. the copy edit has arrived on the doormat with a heavy thud. Now it is back to FYRE for the last time to check all is ok and sort out any little glitches.

And … come and see me in Taunton next Thursday! I shall be at Brendon Books in Bath Place TA1 4ER at 4.30. And if you can’t make it by then as I know it is a bit early for anyone at school a little distance away, well, just tiptoe in quietly and I will be pleased to see you whatever time you get there.

Other places I shall be … Edinburgh Books festival on Sunday 26th August at 4.30. And at Cheltenham Literary festival on 14th October. Hope to see you there at one – or even better – all!

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At the moment I really need three brains and six hands – three big Septimus things to sort out and only one author to do it. Where’s a spare author when you need one?

The copy edit is on its way, so I shall be right back into FYRE now for a few weeks. So, before I forget, for you who live in rainy old England, I shall be at Brendon Books, Bath Place, Taunton TA1 4ER on Thursday 28th June at 4.30. I’d love to see anyone from here. There’s still small dragonny things going for the password Marcia gave Tertius Fume down in the Vaults in Queste.

I will also be in Waterstone in Finchley, London on 4th July but I need to check out more details. Other places in July: Warminster, Southampton and Preston!  More details to follow. So see you sometime soon?


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Today I am exactly half way through the download short story. It is called The Darke Toad…

This weekend it’s the Jubilee and the village is covered in flags and bunting. So I shall put The Darke Toad safely in a drawer and go out and do Jubilee things.

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Thank you for all the really interesting suggestions for the 7 chapter e book!

It is definitely going to take place in that space between Magyk and Flyte, the rest I shall put into the pot and see what works. It has been brilliant to get all that feedback.

On May 1 I emailed the revised FYRE off to Katherine, my editor, and now it has gone into copy edit and will come back to me in a few weeks with lots of different coloured comments all over it. This is where it gets put into US English. So we are nearly there. And the cover looks great too. You will see it here first, when it is all done.

Now, I am actually going to take this weekend off and spend monday wandering around our village street fair. Where’s the sun gone????

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Angie’s Blog

News! I’ll soon be writing a Septimus short story ebook! This will be published to fill the looooong gap between now and FYRE and it  will be available as a download from Amazon.

So … I do have a really good idea, but I would also be really interested to hear what you would like too. It will be 7 chapters long (of course) so it will be short but sweet. Or short but scary.

Post any ideas and requests here! Or Tweet me on @AngieSageAuthor. I think this is going to be fun!

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First Blog post!

Today … I’m checking through Chapter 40, which is looking fine, not much to change on this one. Hooray! 

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Letters from Angie Sage



Just finished answering all you really interesting posts – sorry it has taken forever. When I get towards the end of a book I just have to go away and think about nothing else at all… But now Fyre is nearly done. I shall be sending my revised manuscript to Katherine for May 1st and then it will go into copy edit. This is where all the little glitches get fixed – and where my British English gets translated to US English!

Shauki is gearing up for a new ask Angie page – AA 5! as AA 4 has got really long. Letters from Angie will be changing to AngiesBlog too. And we are now linked to the FaceBook page:


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