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This weekend Mark Zug is busy painting the back cover of PathFinder! I love thinking of Mark making his own Magyk so many thousands of miles away. I got to choose what he was going to put on the back cover too – SO exciting.

I’ve made a good start on Book Two of TodHunter Moon. No title for it yet, but there is a tortoise in it…

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Happy Halloween!

Today is a good day to begin the second TodHunter Moon book, which is what I am doing. First words, at the moment are:

“It was just before dawn. A round tent covered in faded stars sat in a wasteland of sand.”

This may change of course, but it’s an atmospheric start and sets the scene for me to think about.

So, apart from putting out the pumpkin tonight, today is just an ordinary  writing day full of ghosties and strange sand storms…



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I’m back again … sorry it has been a while. There’s been a lot going on here in Septimus world and I feel as though I have been in some odd time warp. Maybe Marcellus Pye has installed a Time Glass somewhere and I haven’t noticed it. It’s been good stuff, though. I went to the Bath and the Cheltenham lit fests and met so many lovely Septimus Fans. And had lots of great ideas too! But mainly I have been doing two edits, which takes a lot of thinking about.

The first edit, which I have just finished, was for GARGOYLE HALL, the new Araminta Spook which will be coming out next year. All the Aramintas are being re-issued in the UK with some lovely new covers. Really exciting!

The other edit, halfway through now, is for PATHFINDER- the title of TodHunter Moon book one. Because it is the first book of the new trilogy, I’ve needed to spend a lot of time getting to know Tod and the PathFinder world that she comes from. And now it is all coming together and soon we’ll have a really fantastic cover for the book too. Mark Zug is doing the illustrations, which is sooooo good. The world of Septimus would not be the same without Mark’s pictures.

So BIG apologies to all those whose questions have not been answered in the Ask Angie 5. I am going back there now and will see what I can do!

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Well, it is nearly time for me to head up north to lovely Scotland to the Edinburgh Book Festival in Charlotte Square, Edinburgh. I’ll be there this Saturday 24th August at 3.30 and it would be wonderful if you were there too!

Here is a very long link:

Apologies for the still unanswered questions on AA 5. I have read all the lovely questions and comments but have had to stop answering until late next week now. Have jumped around a bit and answered the short ones, but I’ll get right back there as soon as I can.


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Summer is zooming along so fast… so, what’s been happening?

Well, I have just finished writing Araminta Spook number six – GARGOYLE HALL –  for Bloomsbury here in the UK. It’s been great fun to be back with Araminta and Wanda once more, I have forgotten how much they make me laugh!

We – that’s me and my editor at HarperCollins- have also been thinking a lot about TodHunter Moon and have come up with the title for book one. PATHFINDER. That’s written the Septimus way (of course): PathFinder

So, a busy summer away from the blog, but back now!

And very soon off to the wonderful Edinburgh International Book Festival. I will be there an Saturday 24th August at 3.30 pm – on Fyre! (Yep, it says so in the programme…) See you there?

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Well, I just sent off the first draft of TOD, which is the working title of TodHunter Moon Book one.

It’s been quite a thing, going back to see them all age 21 and meeting new characters too. Now I have to write Araminta number six and edit TOD so it is all go go go!

I hope you all have a really great summer… see you in Edinburgh on August 24th?

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It’s all gone a bit crazy – in a good way.

I am off to New York to see The Story Pirates at Books of Wonder:  18 West 18th st, New York, New York 10011.

They will be there on Tuesday 30th April at 4pm and so will I!

It would be lovely to see anyone who can make it…

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Magyk is Apple Book of the Week this week!


And if anyone is in sunny Taunton in Somerset next week I will be at the lovely Brendon Books in Bath Place, signing UK editions of FYRE. From 4 to 5.3o.

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Well – Fyre is out in the UK! I can’t quite believe we have got there at last. And Fyre is very nearly out in the USA too,  I so hope everyone likes it and finds what they are hoping for!

I’ve been quiet for a while as writing has taken over once again and TodHunter Moon has been quite a marathon – unexpectedly, really. But nearly done now, although lots of rewriting still to do. I have decided to stick to the Septimus format of 49 chapters, but they are all a little shorter.

Ok, back to work now… Happy Fyre Reading!


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Hello all,

I’ve not been here for a while as TodHunter Moon is getting to that stage (towards the end) when I have to really concentrate. However, without giving tooooo much away, I need to ask you guys a question.

Remember the young woman in the lobby of the House of Foryx who gives up her seat to Demelza Heap (as told in a flashback in Physik)?

Well, she was (and is) the Snow Princess from the Eastern Snow Plains. Now, I know I have mentioned her elsewhere in the series but I can’t find out where… if anyone can tell me where else she is I would be really grateful! Her moment of glory has arrived and I want to make it all check out with the earlier books.

Thank you!

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