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Ask Angie #1 is now an archive of all the amazing Septimus Heap questions you have asked over the years and it’s no longer taking questions. If you have a new Septimus Heap (or Araminta Spookie) question please post it on the New Ask Angie. Or you can get in touch with Angie Sage direct via the contact page on her website:

463 thoughts on “Ask Angie #1: Archive

  1. O.Beetle.Beetle is the BEST

    Just wanted to say that I LOVE your books so much!!!!! You inspire to write my own books!!! Also, as you can probably tell by my username, my favorite character by far is Beetle!!! He’s so sweet and shy with Jenna and I just love him so much like, I will marry him if Jenna wont😂. I really hope he and Jenna will get married though and Nicko and Snorri!!!!! I never really saw Septimus with Rose or Syrah but who knows ? Also, really glad I found this website where I can talk to other Heap fans!!! Nobody I know has read it because I guess it isn’t as famous as Harry Potter though I think it’s definitely just as good

    • Angie Sage

      Hello O.Beetle.Beetle!
      I do love Beetle too. He really grew on me over the series – when I first met him in FLYTE I had no idea he woud become such an integral part of everything. NIcko and Snorri are definitely getting married (I have a small book to write about that!) but I am just not sure about Beetle and Jenna… but who knows? I’ve not written about them yet – Jenna is still very young in the last THM book, so I won’t know what they decide until I get there.
      Yes, Sep is nowhere near as famous as Harry – well not yet! But I do believe his fans will keep growing and one day many mre poeple will know about the Septimus world. It’s a tortoise and hare thing.
      Wishing you lots of luck and fun too with yoru own books,

      • O.Beetle Beetle is the BEST

        Thank you so much for replying!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Also, I don’t mind who he marries as long as they’re worthy of him lol

      • Angie Sage

        She will be, I promise!

  2. Marcia Overstrand

    I love your books! SOOOOOOOOOOO much have a happy halloween

    • Angie Sage

      Thank you!!! And I hope you had a very happily spooky Halloween.

  3. Do you think you could write more about Mr. Ephaniah Grebe… I don’t know why but he is my favorite character.

    • Angie Sage

      I love Ephaniah too and I think there are lot of interesting things to find out about him. Very. very slowly I am getting back to writing more Septimus. I am at present doing a Marcia story about when she first came to the Castle and I will have a think about putting Ephaniah in there – I think it might just work! Thanks so much for getting in touch.

  4. Hi my name is Katy McCants.

  5. good series

  6. Kenna

    Hi Angie, I wanted to ask if you are ever going to make merch. If so, I will be the first one to buy it 😉

    Love ya, -Kenna-HUGE fan :)-

    • Angie Sage

      Thanks Kenna! But it is Warner Bros who have the merch rights, not me now. There are lots of great things i’d like to get out there but I’m afraid its not possible.

  7. Quations how do I leave a comment

  8. Cambodian

    How many books are you gonna make for your new series ‘Todhunter Moon’?

  9. Adina

    Hi Angie,
    I just wanted to say thank you for everything! I might seem mellow dramatic, but reading your books may have saved my life.
    When I was little I had a reading disorder and I was held back. In second grade I found your books on my brothers self. As soon as I started I found a world I had never experienced before. I’ve never looked back. I’m a total bookworm and am skipping a grade now! I was taught to always say thank you so here I am! You should know all the good your work is doing.
    Thanks a million,

  10. Annabelle

    Dear Angie Sage,
    I’m Annabelle and I’m 11 years old and I live in the Netherlands.
    I really love of Septimus Heap.
    I’m writing a book report on Magyk.
    I would like to ask some questions.
    Did you always knew you wanted to be a writer.
    How long dus it take you to write a book.
    Where do you write your books.
    Thank you.
    Greetings Annabelle

  11. angie sage
    i have just read darke. what do you mean when snorri left and nicko was free? i think they are perfect for each other. also jenna and beetle are perfect for each other.

    • Abigail

      even though i’m on the third book i’ve figured out that jenna and beetle would be perfect for eachother i was wondering about Snorri and Nicko together too. so cute!<3

  12. Jeremy

    Don’t stop writing the books and make Septimus finally end up dating Sarah I have been waiting for that to happen since Siren.

  13. Sophia

    Hi Angie!
    I just wanted to say, congratulations on the movie! I can’t wait! I also can’t wait for the next book, I’m really excited! After I finished reading the series, I told my brother to read them, and now he loves all the books too! Thanks for being such an amazing writer, you’ve succeeded in inspiring me to attempt writing a book myself! Thank you for your wonderful novels!

  14. Haridha

    I love you Angie!

  15. laura

    hi angie i am your biggest fan EVER i mean it. i have read your books 5 times in about 6 months. i write my own books i am 10. i also want to know in book two, flyte, i want to know when silas and gringe are playing counterfeet why does lucy gringe suddenly walks out of the tower when simon is gone with jenna when she was locked up by gringe after she tried to marry him i can’t figure it out?

  16. Haridha

    Thank you so much for coming on Angie! It means so much you know and I know that many other authors don’t bother even looking at their fan mail and it really makes me happy that you actually take the time to read our letters. My question is if we write to you through HarperCollins, will you actually read the letter or does someone just send you back a postcard?

    Thanks so much! And good luck with Darke!
    Love from,

  17. Keavon

    Ppl, about boy 409, 410, and 411, you can find it here:
    Magyk, chapter 50: “what Anut Zelda Saw in the Duck Pond”, page 550.
    “… one each for the triplets —
    Boys 409, 410 and 411 –and one for the newest recruit to the Young Army, twelve-hours-old Septimus Heap …”.
    I just found this yestersay, when I finished Magyk. I hope this clarifys things up for all.

  18. Ryan

    Hi again Angie

    about your answer on my elemental question

    what element did Marcia decide to specialise in and in the foreseeable future will septimus ever to an elemental course.

  19. SeptimusHeaplover

    Did Marcellus Pye ever have any children with his wife? Are there any descendants left?

  20. noah

    dear Angie
    i for got to tell you some thing im the seven child of a seventh child isn’t that cool my mom was like oh Noah i forget to tell you some thing your the 7 child of a 7 child i thought she was pulling my leg but she wasn’t it’s pretty cool tho i told some of my friends and there like what does that mean and im like never mind but i thought it was pretty cool

  21. Angie will there be a Magykal papers 2 ?????? because i have been on the internet and on a site it said there might be one

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Bekah,

      we have enough material for another one, but my publshers have no plans for one yet. We will see…

  22. Jade

    hi Angie,
    I have a couple of questions but you dont have to answere them if there secret.Will Merrin Meridith/Daniel Hunter ever come to like septimus heap or will they always be adversaries?? How many books of septimus heap are you planning to wright and when are you expecting to finish the book 6 because i just can’t wait to read it?!? Also what kind of accents do the characters have I always imagine them with american accents? I have one last question is Milo Banda going to stay with jenna in the palace now that he has found what he has been looking for for sooo long.You are soooo awsome!!!!! I love your books!! Please reply to my questions!!!
    Sincerely your #1 super Septimus Heap fan,
    Jade R-S

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Jade,

      Merrin has a long way to go before he likes Septimus. I wanted him to earlier but now I can’t see it happening.

      there will be 7 Septimus books and after that I would like to do some single stories about various characters. I am still writing book 6, but I am chapter 45 now so nearly at the end. It will be published in April 2011. There is still lots to do once I have finished writing – mark’s illustrations and all kinds of stuff.

      Well, I imagine them with British accents because that’s what I have. But I think it’s right that you imagine them with your own accent and language.

      Milo has itchy feet. He comes and goes and Jenna says she doesn’t mind, even though she does. But he always comes back.

  23. Keavon, well yeah sorry I didn’t mean to get of topic I forget things sometimes, but don’t be such a know-it-all…

    What’s/ who’s your fav. character and place?
    How did you come up with the character’s names and appearances?
    What inspired you to write the series?

    I’ve asked this before, but where is this website kept up to date and etc….

    • hi Kayla and i had asked her what inspired her and she said to go to her website(

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Kayla,

      This is my fault for not answering, Shauki keeps a great website. I have been immersed in Darke and – this is an Awful Warning – you lose all sense of time. Do not mess with the Darke!

      My fave places are the Castle and the Port. Characters – no faves. I love them all, mostly. it is like a mother with her kids – she loves them all just as much!
      The names just come to me and then I know exactly what they look like. It;s like the whole package arrives. Other stuff i have to think hard about though.
      I don’t know what inspired me to write Septimus. I feel like I had always known about the world. It was as if it existed somewhere already and One day I realised I just had to put it on paper – or rather, on computer.

  24. mariah

    Hi Angie. I really, really like your Septimus Heap books. It’s been a long time since i could find a good series of books like that.

    • Angie Sage

      hello Mariah,

      that’s lovely to hear, thank you!

  25. Guys, this is a thing for ASKING ANGIE QUESTIONS, NOT general chat! Jeez. Read the title. “Ask Angie << The world of SEPTIMUS HEAP" and not "General Chat << The world of REAL LIFE". Just go to some random forum and chat to people on the "off topic" section.

    • Thanks, Keavon. I guess that they do not understand that this is Angie’s section. I am going to delete all the off-topic comments.

      • I have a question for you not angie hope this doesn’t get deleted all i know is that it is a QUESTION:
        how did you get associated with this site are you of relation to angie or how i don’t know????
        and about the off topic chatting:
        it may say it that no chatting just for asking Angie stuff but i think something should be an exception to that.. which is i have found many new friends on here that i chat with and most of my friends either hate to read or they don’t read the books i like to read(twilight for example) so could you maybe add something to this site to meet people that like to read these books?????
        OVER AND OUT,

      • Hi Bekah,
        This blog was my idea, and when I asked Angie about it, she agreed. We are friends. 🙂 Hope this clears up everything.

        And you are right. So here is an off-topic page:


  26. lol i am like really light complected… I barely go out into the sun unless i have to or if i am going to go swimming…….
    i don’t get poison ivy never have gotten swimmers ear and are you talking about sun burn when you say sun poisoning?????
    Because if you are then if i go outside for a long time i get sun burn just i always have put sunscreen on first…

  27. Ryan

    Hi Angie

    i just had a couple of questions about details in the books-

    Is the queen only the ruler of the castle or does she also rule the surrounding country like the farmlands, port etc
    When wizards use the thunderflash do they have to be holding the lightning shaped charm or can powerful wizards perform the spell without it?
    Can Aunt Zelda do magic like Marcia and Septimus or does her magic focus on potions, herbs and things like that?
    Why don’t the wizards fight back in the first book when domdaniel takes the tower with safeshield spells, thunderflashes and stuff like that? Why is it only Endor who does something?
    When Silas says to Marcia you did elemental control on the advanced course does this mean she can control all 4 traditional elements of earth, fire, water and air to do whatever she wants them to do? If so why does she not fight with that magyk?
    Why does it take so long to perform spells like when silas aks marcia to rustle up a wind and she says there is nowhere near enough time?
    Does using magyk drain physical energy or magykal energy or nothing at all?

    Sorry if I wrote a lot of annoying questions but i was dying to ask you these. It is too bad that many other authors don’t answer questions anymore.

    Hope you have a good week

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Ryan,

      – The Queen only rules the Castle – no further. But she is respected everywhere.
      – Most experienced Wizards can do stuff without Charms. It just takes practice. And you always have to have done it once before.
      – Aunt Zelda is more potions, Moon Magyk, Witchy stuff. She draws her power from her surroundings.
      – The Wizards were totally overwhelmed by the Darke. They have learnt their lesson, however, as you will see in Darke. I think now I would have written more about that, but at the time I was more occupied with what Septimus & co were doing.
      – Elemental control is the most difficult, dangerous and exhausting. No one can do much of it, and you have to choose which element to specialise in.
      -Magyk drains both physical and magykal energy. It obeys the Magykal laws of Physics. It is a science and requires a lot of study as well as talent. I don’t think I could do it.

      Great questions! Sorry about the wait for the answers…

      • Ryan

        thanks angie for your answers, its fine about the wait 🙂

  28. Lucy

    Hi Angie!!! I’d have to say that Septimus heap is my favorite series ever. Back last fall my friend was reading Magyk and told me about it. Once she was finished I didn’t have anything to read so i decided to give it a try. I ended up loving them and not putting it down. I remember that once I finished Magyk I called my dad from school just so he could get me a copy of flyte that day[I couldn’t wait till the library got it in]. So, there’s some things i just HAVE to know:

    Me and my friend both are wondering if the movie will be pretty much the same as the book. Neither of us want it to be all different! Can you predict when it will be released?

    Are you positive that you can’t tell us anything about Darke? [besides that it starts on their 14th birthday] I don’t think I can wait for ten whole months! Anything about what happens to get the whole book started?

    • Angie Sage

      Oh gosh, Lucy, I wish I knew more about the movie. We are still waiting to see if it will go ahead for sure. We should know more in the middle of august. Anything I do know will get posted here ASAP- no delays, I promise!

      Darke … it starts off with something happening to Alther. Marcia does it by mistake…

      And that is all I am saying for now!

  29. Haridha

    Hi Angie! Are you okay? You haven’t been on for like a month now. No, I’m not complaining and I don’t mind that you haven’t replied to my posts because I know that you are a very busy person but its just me and my curiosity. I know you’re really busy with Darke.

    Love from,

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Haridha,

      thanks for being so patient!

  30. Erin

    Hi, It’s Erin again, I was just wondering if you are having any book signings in Saskatchewan. I am sorry to ask you that again, but I am just so excited to hear the answer.:) I am a big fan and made all my friends and teachers read your books.
    Your #1 fan

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Erin,

      there’s a reply if you scroll back. Big apologies for leaving it so long, I have been taken over by Darke.

      Thanks for spreading the word about Sep – I reall ywill aske about Saskatchewan for the tour.

  31. noah

    she said she deep deep in writing darke

    • Yeah but i hope Angie will be out of the Darke soon with the book finished!!!!!
      I can’t bear this long wait good thing i have found all kinds of other new books that have seemed good.
      But none of them are as good as Angie’s
      And what stinks is i am going to have to read the next book in this series i just started because our library doean’t have it!!!!
      oh i wish they did..
      And i got my school librarian to get all of Angie’s books except the Magykal papers.
      And our public library has all of the book still except the Magykal papers.. i have to order it from another library!!!!….
      So long of a wait…….
      And angie i have a question….
      In the Magykal Papers did Mark Zug draw the characters like you had them in your head?????? Because they are really good pictures but Jenna looks way different than i expected…
      And the pictures of Septimus are really good just not how i pictured him……….
      And also Angie what is funny is that 2 of my older brothers knows who mark zug is because of he designs Magic cards.. and this also happened for the spiderwick chronicles Tony diterlizzi designed them too…..
      It is just i have him autograph and not Mark’s
      It would be so cool to have your autograph……
      well that is all i have time for right now so signing off,
      Your #1 fan, Bekah 🙂

      • Angie Sage

        Hello again!

        You can write to me at HarperCollins and they will forward it to me if you;d like my autograph.

        Mark has done some great stuff!

      • Masooma Haider

        Dear Angie,
        I’m sorry you must have mentioned the answer to my question but i scrolled WAY UP and couldn’t find the answer so I hope you can answer it for me. Actually I just wanted to know what you mean by “writing to HarperCollins”. Like write a letter to (probably) an address. Then what address? I’m sorry I know you must have answered this question but i can’t seem to find the answer! Thanks for your time!

  32. Sirena

    Hello Angie. 🙂
    I, like everyone else here, absolutely adore/worship/obsess over Septimus Heap. I’m in the middle of reading the series again for the 3rd time, and well, I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of it! My favorite character happens to be Beetle, but Septimus is great too.
    Anyway! To the questions. 1. Do you think Beetle and Jenna will end up together? Like you have said in an earlier comment, Jenna would run a mile if Beetle told her his feelings. Will those feelings die for Beetle? Or another scenario: Jenna falls in love with someone else? I hope not. ):
    2. When you get your inspiration, do you immediately begin writing? Or do you make a map of what you plan to write?
    3. I’m not sure if anyone has ever asked this before, but if you had a choice, which character would you choose to meet?
    That’s about it for the questions (I think…). Care to read a few more statements? No? Aww, I’m sorry.
    Just kidding. Anyway, when I first heard one of your books would be called Syren, I was ecstatic (and burst into laughter)! You see, every since I was little I’ve been called Siren. It happens to be the first five letters of my name, and my family says I never seem to stop talking–what made it worse was that my talking happened to be very, very loud and annoying. Hence the name Siren. Since you spell some words with a ‘y’ instead of an ‘i’ I thought that the title and my nickname were pretty similar.
    One last thing. I promise. I think. Well, I drew a picture of Beetle anime/manga style. I happen to like it, I don’t think it looks too bad. I just had to say it. Forget I talked about it.
    Thanks for (maybe?) reading,

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Sirena,

      1. I really don;t know about Jenna and Beetle yet… but I love Beetle too and he will be ok.
      2. I don;t make a detailed plan, I find that I have to sit and write and get into the characters and see how they are feeling.
      3. No one had asked that before! To meet in real life… difficult choice. Probably Septimus. But then… oh, I really don’t know.

      I love the way you are called Siren!

      I reckon Beetle would be into manga…

  33. Haridha

    Dear Angie,

    I’ve been looking for a post from you since the start of May! I would be so happy if you could reply! It would just be like…getting a post from J.K Rowling or Lemony Snicket or even Roald Dahl. I mean how amazing is that?

    I was just going to ask…

    1. Do the characters in your book look the way you imagined them?
    2. Will Simon ever be forgiven?
    3. If Septimus has 7 children, will the 7th be triple powerful?
    4. Who is your favourite character from your books?

    Love from Haridha

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Haridha,

      sorry once again!I have been taken over by the Darke… Please scroll back as I’ve replied to everything starting from where I left off.

      favourite character … I don’t have one. There are lots that I really, really, love and some are wonderful to write, like Marcia and Stanley. It’s like a mother and her kids, you just love them all the same. Thsi does not apply to Jillis Djinn though.

  34. Masooma Haider

    Dear Angie,
    Before I state my suggestion i just wanted you to know that it’s only a suggestion, I’m not going to, like, die if you don’t use it in one of your remaining books. I know how that’s like, when someone just begs you to put their idea in your own book. But, anyway, I was just suggesting (sorry i must be getting annoying) that you make someone die in one of your remaining books. I think it would just add a little bit more emotion, don’t you think? I don’t mean that a main character dies. No way! Just someone who is important but not too important. Well whatever you think is best, you can do with your book. But just please finish the series with a happily ever after ending!!! And please make and epilogue in the last book! Thank U soooooo much for your time!!!

    • you are so right about there should be an epilogue…
      it just feels like there needs to be another book without one…

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Masooma,

      Well, you know I don’t always plan things, sometimes they just happen. So I couldn’t say for sure yet if anyone is going to die. But I get the point about emotion…

  35. Jess that’s so good!!!! Did you ever read the Gideon cutpurse gentleman…blah, whatever it’s called!?

    Lauryn hows the fizzfroot ?

    Angie how did you come up with the names of all the characters?

    • Angie Sage

      I don;t know how I get the names. it is like they are there, waiting. it just about the one thing I don;t have to think about…

  36. Jess O'Brien

    I LOVE the twilight series and vampire diaries and percy jackson and people are asking what my favourite book is they think i’ll say twilight but i actually say “the septimus heap series because i love it so!

    I am writing a book and i want your opinion on it so… here it is

    The autumn leaves whisked around my head as the strong, but silent winds of today sent them flying askew from there carefully raked piles. It was quiet, and I was alone on the single bench, hidden deep inside this puzzling maze of trees around it, only my sister and I knew exactly where it was, it was our sanctuary.
    The bush twitched, a beam of light shone on the bush, this was the only reason I could see it at this late hour. There was another twitch and a small strand of pure blonde hair peeked out of the bush. This was all I needed to know that it was my sister. “Hazel, come here.” I whispered. I knew she had been watching me now, “o…k” she stammered, she stepped forwards. Her scruffy blonde hair shone, her red rosy lips were making an unbearable frown on her face and icy tears rolled from her shining green eyes, and even in this depressing state she was beautiful.
    She walked towards me and sat down on the bench, “promise you’ll never leave me April?” she stuttered. “I promise” I assured her. And we walked into the forest together.
    We all know how hard it is to fulfil a promise; this is why they are rarely kept. But to this one, it was my duty to.

    Chapter 1
    Slap! His hand landed with such force on my face, I stopped the tears knowing that if I let one out there would be much more to endure. I ran out of my father’s study praying Florence, the maid, didn’t see me.
    I saw Mother passing by, she looked at me with sympathetic eyes; I knew she knew about this. And I also knew that Father did exactly the same to her, but we didn’t talk about it. The reason for this was simple; if we told anyone he’d kill us and start hitting Hazel too.
    Mother always liked Hazel most, which is why she protected her over me. She would let me suffer as long as Hazel wasn’t hurt. Angry now I glared back “If you’re so sorry then why!”I started to walk away. I was about to shout at Mother, her eyes were sad, so I opened my mouth to speak.
    I saw Father coming out of his study and shut up. If any of the servants had heard that, I wouldn’t make it to my next birthday for sure. I held my throat; I’d seen how he had done it to one of his servants that had disobeyed him, and believe me, it’s not something you’d want to happen to you.
    I started to calm down as I remembered Mother getting hit last week. She’d started up an argument with him, I didn’t know what about though. Maybe it was because Mother had kept stumbling around a lot recently. Or maybe it was because Mother was eating too much and slowly getting fatter. Or even both. I didn’t know the reason all I knew was that they were arguing and that was for sure.
    I ran out of the patio door and walked across the cobblestones barefoot. I soon came across the gardens and spotted the well in the distance. I ran hoping that the elderly gardener, Gideon, wasn’t around to tell my Father that I’d left the house without his permission; he was always was so loyal to Father. And I used to admire him for that, well, used to be when I was fathers favourite, before Eddie ran away that is.
    Father had always hated me for that. When I was only just two, before Hazel was born (and I can’t even remember life without Hazel), my brother Eddie ran away because I kept drawing girly squiggles on his wall and covering all his stuff in pink. He was only four so he didn’t understand it and left, we haven’t seen him since.
    I hadn’t noticed there were tears running down my face until one dropped onto my silk dress and left a mark. I looked up, I was in the meadow of flowers now, and I gazed at the autumn leaves gathered on the floor raked up by Gideon. The colours looked beautiful on the tree, each brown and red shining in perfect harmony, I knew this was Hazel’s favourite place in her favourite season, she’d told me that a long time ago and I still remembered. I kept walking; the stone well was coming into sight now. I sprinted the last few metres and grabbed the rope hanging from the oak tree.

    Thats all i have so far, hope you like it

    Lots of love
    1# fan Jess O’Brien

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Jess … wow, this is really dramatic!

  37. OMG, isn’t that sorta obvious how many chapters there will be? Of course there will be 49! Hello! 7 * 7 = 49! It even said so in the “extras” in Magyk. So there is your answer

    • Phoenixia

      Wait, what? What “extras” in Magyk? Why didn’t I know about this? I feel so stupid. Like those really irritating people who always skim when they read books, even when the book they’re reading is really good (Like Angie’s! It’s even better than JK Rowling’s books!).

      • Angie Sage

        They’re the fun bits at the end …

    • Angie Sage

      yep. It’s another 7 thing …

  38. Manna

    How many chapters are there in the sixth book.

  39. Hi Angie,

    I just wanted to say that I recently got back into the Septimus heap series and I am so glad that I did. You are a wonderful writer and a awesome inspiration for young writers.

    I have been waiting to comment for a while because I have been searching the net for some information, and I didn’t know if this was not supposed to be asked. I was wondering if there were already Auditions for the Septimus Heap movie. If I’m not supposed to ask that, I’m sorry.

    Otherwise, Love the series, I think that Alther Mella is my favorite character. I think it was so kind of him to chose to stay with Alice Nettles when she became a ghost. I just loved Syren and can’t wait for Darke.

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Jeremy,

      Thank you!
      regarding the auditions, have a look at the reply above. The erasin there is nothing on the net is because it hasn’t got the go-ahead yet. I’d love to say that I know more, but I don’t. I really will keep you all posted …

      Yes, Alther is a really nice guy. There’s a lot more about him in Darke.

  40. Ella xx

    hi just wondering any news on the auditions yet??

    • Angie Sage

      Before we even begin to dream about auditions the movie has to get the go-ahead. And we are still waiting for that. Warner Brothers have done lots of great development work and things are looking promising but we don’t know for sure. I am hoping we might know more in mid-august. everyone here will be the first to know.

  41. Lauryn

    What happened to Beetle’s dad? I doubt he’s seen his ghost.

  42. Lauryn

    I keep commenting, but read it anyway!
    For fellow concerned fans, I’ve thought about Beetle’s problem long and hard, and here’s the prediction I’ve come up with:
    By the time Darke comes out, some time will already have passed since the Queste.
    So Beetle will probably have another job by then (probably at the Docks, because that’s where his dad worked ) most likely because he’s got his mother and their rooms in the Ramblings to worry about.
    He’s going to have learned some stuff to help out Sep & Co., but his Manuscriptorium skills are going to come in handy too.

    Jille Djinn is SO going to need him back, because who knows what Merrin will be up to. But she’s too proud to admit it. I’m like that too sometimes, but I’m not nearly as picky.
    Jen’s going to do the math and figure out that he likes her. How she reacts I cannot say.
    He should meet his dad – from what it seems like in Syren, I doubt he’s seen his ghost.

    I know I’ve fleshed this out a bit – Beetle’s my favorite character.
    What do you guys think?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Lauryn,

      I am on Beetle’s case…

  43. Vivyahna

    Hi Angie!

    I was just wondering…
    Marcia Overstrand is, without doubt, my favourite character, and I think she’s really one of the greatest characters in literature. She’s just got so much PERSONALITY and you’ve really constructed her character extremely well – it’s one of the things that makes your books so original and enjoyable, in comparison to something like Twilight, which lacks any depth, character construction or plot (but I’m not even going to go into my hate of those books :D)

    Anyways, my question was, are you planning to write a little more about Marcia once you finish the series? I would really love to read some more about her – It’s apparent that you enjoy writing her character – one can see this through your amazing writing and her personality!

    (And I’d also like to mention that I’m absolutely TERRIFIED of her dying! I don’t want one of my favourite characters in literature to DIE!)
    *Ahem* anyways. I’m sorry for rambling on like I have the awful tendency to do. I merely wanted to state my admiration and congratulate you for being such an amazing author!



    • Angie Sage

      Hello Viv,

      Thanks for your lovely message. Rambling is good…

      You guessed right, I do LOVE writing Marcia. I would very much like to write about Marcia when she was young after the series. So I’ll see how it all goes.

  44. Hey! I’m reading the third Nicholas Flamel book now! I’m actually illustrating one of my friend’s books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If Sep dies I would most defenitly cry, and I’m not a crier!

  45. Manna

    she’s right the queen should say hello

  46. LOL
    Hey It Is Bekah!
    I have read the series of unfortunate events, the Septimus Heap series( of course), Spiderwick, THe Secrets of the Immortal NIcholas Flamel, most of the Harry Potter series( not as good as Septimus), and a lot of other books that are not series..
    I am actually writing my own book….. Just finished!!!!!
    Still needs an illustrator though.. thinking about this one kid in my class………
    I really don’t know who i look like i mean how many red heads are there in these books??????????
    LOL what accents can you do i am good at being smart( mostyly useless stuff in school)………
    i Am alse tall and skinny just with red hair LOL 🙂
    Still don’t know i might look kind of like Jenna?????
    i am kind of small for my age compered to everyone else in my class( or should i say grade???????)
    Angie has the best books involving Wizards ok the books i have read!!!!!
    oh yeah and has anyone ever read the book: THE SEER AND THE SWORD???????? that is the book i am reading right now anyd everyone seems to die……. i have no idea how many people got betrayed… ecspecially this one girl ooh she got it good..
    and one person deserved to die….. i think?????????
    well hopefully Angie doesn’t have Septimus die that would be so sad… And would the dead queen just come say hello to Jenna already?????? I have been waiting for that a long time!!!!
    well bye, that is all i have right now,

    • Cioe

      the way i imagine galen is sorta how i imagine u depending on how old u are of course but i guess if they can make jonny deep look flawless and completly flawed they can make a fourteen year old 35 (or however old galen is) best of luck cioe

  47. Erin

    Hi, I was just wondering if you will be having any book signings in Saskatchewan. If not, Do you think you can have one? I am a really big fan and I would love to actually meet you in person. Please let me know. So if you are I am able to make plans to go.
    Thank You.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Erin,
      I hope to be doing a tour for Darke but am not sure if that is for definite. Will ask them if they can put Saskatchewan on the list. Will keep this site posted about dates…

  48. Manna

    Okay since the two faced ring gives powers to its wearer does the dragon ring give power besides over the dragon boat and does the two faced ring give control over anything?

    • Angie Sage

      the 2 faced ring is just very powerful and takes the wearer over. Dragon ring gives a kind of strength too, but is mainly about the Dragon Boat.

  49. Hatakeknight

    Oh. And Angie? I think (just my opinion) That you should call the last book Alchemie since you never explained what was the “Great Alchemie Disaster” And you have talk a little about it, so I think you should explain it more deeply. 😀

    • Angie Sage

      Hi –

      It’s the key to the last book… but not the title, though.

  50. Tara Passionfruit

    Hi Angie,
    As I may have expressed previously, I think you are a brilliant writer! Just one question from me: are you going to write a little epilodge at the end of the last book like in Harry Potter where it’s like 19 Years Later? Because that was just really cheesy and it sort of ruined the book for me… Well good luck with finishing Darke and other books you write in the (hopefully) near future.
    ONE of your biggest fans,

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Tara,

      No Epilogue, although there are always the end bits as usual.

      Thanks for you good luck wishes! Only a few more chapters to go with Darke!

  51. noah

    lucy there is a eleven year old righter i think you could probably get it published

  52. Jade

    hi,my name is jade. I’m 12years old and i just finished reading quest. Your such on awsome writer!!!!My favourite book so far has been magyk but there all great.Which one do you like the most?
    Also, i’m getting my teacher to read Magyk.I think it’s amazing what you have done!! I was just curious though if you have any new charictures please consider naming them either Jade or Maddy.
    We both love your books sooooooo much it would mean a lot to us.
    By the way i love the twists you make on the books.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Jade,

      I like your names, but I can’t promise anything as the names just appear to me… Thanks for getting your teacher to read the books – keep spreading the word!

  53. Manna

    Dear mrs sage I have two questions first is merrin up to his usualmischeove and will there be an evil dragon to defeat that only spitfyre and septimus can defeat because ive heard rumors plus i think it will be a nice touch please answer

    • Angie Sage

      PS which rumours?? I am intrigued..

  54. Manna

    I have two questions first is merrin up to his usualmischeove and will there be an evil dragon to defeat please answer.

    regards Manna

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Manna,

      I reckon you’ve had a sneak preview of Darke…

  55. Thomas Azocar-Nevin

    Hi Angie, I love your books. It would be greatif you could reply to this 🙂 I was wondering if you could answer one question, I just had to know. You know Slueth? Well obviously you do, you did invent him, but you know how apparently he used to have the form of a teenis ball, basically was a tennis ball? Well… so does tennis excist in their world? Thanks, Love your books.

    -Thomas Azocar-Nevin

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Thomas,

      Yes, tennis does exist. They play something more like real tennis though. Like Henry VIII did at Hampton Court.

  56. Bekah ,I read like three million fantasy books per year too! Though I haven’t read the Spiderwick chronicles. Aren’t fantastical creatures so much fun to read about. you’re so lucky Noah, I only have a younger brother don’t get me started on him! I would love to be a 7th daughter of a 7th daughter (or ,whatever ) !

    • lol the spiderwick chronicals are really good but they are really short but really good… the last one just came out…..
      i am so glad to actually find someone who likes to read all my friends pretty much hate to read….. lol also i just love fantasy and mythical creatures….. don’t think i am weird but i think they are real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      i alsom think it would be cool to be the 7th daughter of a 7th daughter and in spiderwick it means you have the sight…. it says that about red hair… i was so excited when i found out because i am a red head!!!!!!!!!!!
      well jjust to say that Angie has awesome books she does and i maen it!!!! Keep up the good work Angie!

  57. Emma

    Dear Angie,
    I am a huge fan and I love reading your books!! I am only on Flyte but I loved every bit of Magyk!! I live in Canada and I was wondering if you are coming to us soon. I am really interested in becoming some sort of writter and I really admire you.
    Please respond to me a.s.a.p!!
    love your fan,

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Emma,

      I’m not sure when I’ll be coming to canada. I am hoping to do a USA tour for Darke next year and it would be good to get to Canada too. Will keep you posted!

  58. Haridha

    Hi Angie!

    I just realised that my posts which I wrote in May are actually coming up before the post you made in April. I thought I would write again to summarise my questions (you see I’ve asked so many, you would have a lot of trouble trying to answer them).

    1. Do the characters in your books look the way you imagined them? I would be pretty annoyed if I was writing a book and the characters looked nothing like how I wanted them to. Sometimes, I hate watching the films of books like the Boy in Striped Pyjamas. It looks nothing like how I imagined the characters and it completely ruined it for me.

    2. Will Simon Heap ever be forgiven? He really regrets what he has done and I feel sorry for him. Marcia even nodded at him once and I really hope he is forgiven. Everyone deserves a second chance, right?

    3. If Septimus has seven children, will the seventh son be triple powerful because he will be the seventh son of the seventh son of the seventh son? It makes sense in a way, doesn’t it?

    My grandfather was one of seven but I think he ruined it a bit by having only 3 children, all of which were girls. I absoloutely love Nicko and Marcia. I think they are competing for the place as my favourite character ever. At the moment, Marcia is winning but we’ll have to see when I have read Darke.

    Also, lots and lots of good luck coming your way from me for Darke! I hope its as ominous and frightening as it sounds. You are such an amazing writer that I don’t think it will be hard for you. You’ll pull it off with that same fabulous and hilarious and yet still scary story and have me absorbed until I finish the book! You don’t really need it but, again, good luck!

    Sorry I’ve wrote so much but it really feels great to know that you will actually read this and maybe even reply! Please please please please reply Angie! It will make my day! You’ve already replied to one of my posts and I was so happy!

    Loads and loads of love,

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Haridha,

      All answered earlier now, I hope. BIG apologies for being so late.

      Thanks for the good luck wishes, I do appreciate them!

  59. Noah

    I have a question, in the first book There were the triplets, boy 409, 410, and 411, and their only referred to once, are you going to bring in the other two brothers in some freak accident, or did they die in one of the nighttime exercises like the Do-or-Die, because in all the looking through i did it never seems like Wolf Boy ever knew about his brothers, no remorse, or guilt even that they had been lost, does that mean that the Hunter or some other affiliate of the Young Army got rid of the other two to be careful of any mix up, im sorry for posting so much but it just got me curious.

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Noah,

      Wolf Boy doesn’t know he is a triplet. The Young Army policy was not to acknowledge family ties at all. You’ll meet the brothers in Darke…

  60. Phoenixia

    Hi, Angie. I was wondering: What happens to Septimus’s Apprentice Urn if and when he finishes his apprenticeship? And also about that fateful day, when and if he finishes, does he just become an Ordinary Wizard until Marcia passes off the Akhu Amulet?

    • Angie Sage

      He can become an Ordinary Wizard if he wants to, but not EOW unless there is a vacancy. His Urn is retrieved from the Vaults and his Indentures are ceremonially signed off. The ceremony goes on for ages…

  61. Lucy

    I was glad that i helped you in some way.
    Do you thing that it would be gross for janna and sap to like each other? Like as in like not a family like(love)?
    Oh boy i cant wait till the sixth book comes out!!!

  62. Hannah

    Hi Angie
    I love Septimus Heap it is one of my favorite books in the world!! I have a question though… I’m sorry it’s kind of a dumb one, but is Aunt Zelda a Heap or not?
    Thanks!! :’3

    • Tara Passionfruit

      yes she is, she is Silas’ Aunt which technically makes her Sep’s Great Aunt.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Hannah,

      Yes, Aunt Zelda is a Heap. She is Benjamin Heap’s sister. Ben Heap (now a tree) was Silas Heap’s father. Theo Heap is her other brother. Theo ShapeShifted into a Storm petrel. They’re a weird family, when you stop to think about it…

  63. Yeah Lucy thank you!!!!!
    You are so right about that!!!!!!!!
    I knew someone would side with me!!!!!!!
    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!1

  64. masooma haider

    Dear Angie,
    Sorry it’s me again. I was just gonna ask my question again since the first time i asked it sort of got pushed up the page and i dont want you to miss it whenever you do come online again. My question was that everybody keeps mentioning wolf boy’s twin brothers and I wanted to know what they meant. You said something about how it was clever they figured it out and all and i know that his brothers are young army boys #410 and #411, but what is there to figure out? Thank you for taking your time to answer my other questions Angie!!! 🙂

    • Angie Sage

      Hello, Masooma,

      Well, Wolf Boy is a triplet. And honestly, I’d almost forgotten that myself. His brothers will appear in Darke.

  65. Tara Passionfruit

    Hello Angie,
    I really love your books as I might have metioned before and I am an aspiring writer myself (although I am only 14). I’m currently trying to write a story but I am stuck for inspiration. Do you have any tips to get my imagination flowing? Also, could you possibly come to my school (in Oxfordshire) for an author visit? I know it’s a bit much to ask but I absolutely love you and your books and well my friend (whom I introduced the books to)and I would love to meet you. Or maybe even just do a book signing in Oxford or Milton Keynes? Thank you for your books!

    You’re great!
    Tara xx

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Tara,

      Thank you for your lovely comments! You could write to Bloomsbury and ask about an author visit if you like.

      At the moment I am writing and so don’t do anything else at all. I even sometimes forget to feed the tortoises.

      You can find me at Port Eliot Festival in Cornwall on July 26th… Will post that up on the blog. Will also post up other events when they happen.

  66. Lucy

    Dear Mrs. Sage,

    I hope your sixth book will b out sooner that next year!!! I hope it would come out at least by Christmas. THat would be cool. The best Christmas present!!
    How many times to you reply to our questions per month? And why cant janna and sap start liking each other? I mean sap missed 10 years of his life without parents and Janna was not even adopted to the family. So it wouldn’t be gross?!! Right?
    Plz reply soon!!!

    • masooma haider

      Actually i think it would be gross. They love each other as brother and sister, you know? I would actually like it if somehow Sep and Syra got together. After all it seems he SORT OF likes her right???

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Lucy,

      I have been really bad at replying recently, and I am sorry! I do find that writing takes up all my head space, but I did not realise how long it was since I last logged on.
      Darke is not coming out until April 2011 as I am still writing it. Nearly finshed…
      No, it wouldn’t be gross…

  67. cassim

    i realy want to know whan the is going to come and whats it exatly


  68. Lucy

    Are you guys for real? I mean WHo in the world would think of Janna a retard? I know that at times we get mad at one little thing in the book and than we just call them stupid names. However books are meant to make the reader feel pain or happiness. So turn that attitude into something positive!!!!

  69. Okay here it is about Jenna being called a retard…..
    She might not have given it to Aunt Zelda yet because maybe the dragon boat was starting to get better you never know maybe Angie will put that in DARKE…….
    Besides you can’t go calling people in Angie’s books retards….. Her books are too good for that…… If she didn’t write those books we might go read Harry Potter….
    ( those books aren’t half as good) Now have i answered this whole Jenna situation??????????

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Bekah,

      Quite right. Anyway,blame the author, not Jenna! Stuff happened and Aunt Zelda decided to leave the Dragon Boat for a while…

  70. Divya

    I’m in the ninth grade and I just LOVE your books, Angie!! I just can’t wait for the sixth book….is the movie based on all the books or is it based on just Magyk??

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Divya,

      Thanks! The movie is just based on Magyk, although Warner Brothers do have the rights for all the books. We are still waiting to see what will happen…

  71. Olivia

    Why does Marcia almost die in every book and I criad every time. I love Macia shes so amazing and what will happen whan marcia isn’t extra ordinary wisard it will make me cry. Please send back.

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Olivia,

      sorry this is so late – hope you are still logging on!
      I hadn’t really realised that I put Marcia in such danger. But she is tough and even if she isn’t going to be ExtraOrdinary Wizard (and I’m not sure that is true…) she will be doing something just as important.

  72. Eek! I’m counting down the days till Darke is released- less than a year now! I was the only one who read these, but I got my sister and some guys ( yes, GUYS) in my class to read them, along with my cousin.

    • Angie Sage

      Yes, it’s a long count down! Thanks for spreading the word!

  73. Kristen

    Hi Angie,

    I’m so pleased to have the opportunity to let you know how much enjoyment my daughters and I are getting from your books. I have them all on audiobooks and loaded on my iPod, we absolutely love to listen to them together in the car. We generally only listen to audiobooks on long trips, but we are enjoying yours so much that we listen to them on the way to school and any other time we are all together in the car. Sometimes we even stay in the driveway listening until a very interesting part is over! We are just finishing Queste and can’t wait to listen to Syren.

    Thank you so much for all these hours of shared enjoyment with my daughters!


    • Angie Sage

      Thank you so much! I love the thought of you sitting in the driveway listening to the interesting bits. I do that with my favourite radio programmes.

  74. I’m in sixth grade too, summer here I come !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. Jessica R-F

    Hello Angie! I think you are an awesome writer! i just wanted to tell you that and i really love your books! i can’t wait for the next one to come out. I really hope the movie comes out good and not like how the movie Inkheart came out. I was sad cause it didn’t do it justice. So i’m really hoping when they make the movie it comes out good and will encourage poeple to go out and buy the book themselfs to read. Thats what i think. sorry i wrote so much. ^_^ have a nice day.

  76. JB

    P.S.S. (God I write to much) I feel bad for the hunter :(. I mean, I know he was an awful person and probably deserved to die, but he got his mind whipped! He wasn’t him anymore, they should have been nicer to him 😦 (They should have kept the assassin tied up or something and brainwashed them at the same time to think that they where engaged or something like that =P) Oh, and I hope Merrin and him mom finally find each other. And Sleuth is awesome, just thought I would point that out =P

    Oh and I’m confused now, is the movie gonna be animated or live-action?

    • Angie Sage

      Ok – movie- live action

      Yes, it was tough for the Hunter. But he was awful.
      And Merrin and his Mum… not sure. I have tried to be nice to Merrin but it just doesn’t work. Maybe I am being too mean…
      I like Sleuth too. it is still in a box in Marcia’s study.

  77. JB

    Angie, I would love to call myself a huge fan but I don;t think I’m allowed to seeing as I haven’t yet been able to get my hands on a copy of SYREN, but I love the first 4 😛

    Anyway, can you please re-assure me that the movie will very well stick to the book? (unlike the most recent Harry Potter movies and most mainly the Percy Jackson movie)

    Also, random question, any tips on writing an awesome fantasy book? I have a huge idea for a story but any time I go to write any book, I cant get past 2 or 3 pages without getting mad and trowing it all away, I’m just not a good story STARTER.

    Also, will DARKE or BOOK SEVEN have anymore of Hotep-Ra? I got a little upset that you threw him into QUESTE and then they just left him there :/

    • Angie Sage

      Hi JB,

      Like you I HOPE the movie will be true to the book …

      Tips on writing… well, it is tough to get beyond the first few pages. You can try just getting to know your characters. Write a short biography of them. Collect stuff / ideas/ and put it in a box, shake it up and see what happens. Draw some maps of the world you’re writing about… Write 3 or 4 different versions of the next few pages and see which one you like…

      Hotep Ra is really important. But each book has its own identity and and try and do really different stuff in each book. But we have not seen the last of Mr. Ra.

  78. A few things:
    1. What is Jenna’s real last name? It might be Pye, because Marcilus is Etheldreda’s son, right? and if it goes up the line, that might be it. I just want to check, as all of my friends and I are really curious.
    2. I found a hole in the story line, but I doubt it can be fixed. Either in Flyte or Physik, it says that Alther (By The Way, how do you pronounce that?) says he learns about the Queen’s Way when he visits the Keeper’s Cottage, and finds it when he enters the cupboard. But it is already said that he has never gone past the fishing spot! I doubt that it is very easy to fix anything like that, having to completely change the printing press’s job. I just wanted to let you know. 😛
    3. A little advise, if you even have control of this, when those ads are put on the front of the book, it would be nice to make them be stickers, and not printed on, because it sorta ruins the book. I’m very glad this was done on Syren!
    4. Is there any way I can access an online version of the maps in the beginning of the book? I want to start a Septimus Heap fan site, but need some art, and the maps would be nice!

    Thanks, Angie! You are diffidently my Favorite author, by far. I love Septimus Heap! I can’t wait for the movie, and the next books to come out! Speaking of the movie, is it true that it will be completely animated, or just like Harry Potter with filming and then animation? I sure hope it is the Harry Potter style!

    • Tara Passionfruit

      I would have thought that Jenna’s last name was Banda because of her father Milo Banda. Right?

      • Angie Sage

        Right! But she thinks of herself as a Heap. And Queens don’t use last names…

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Keavon,
      1. Jenna doesn’t have an official surname. It is tradition that the Queens don’t. But she uses her adopted name, Heap. And I suppose if she lived now, she’d be Jenna Banda, as that is her father’s surname.
      2. Argh. There are one or two things about Alther, he has turned out to be a tricksy person. But actually, that is ok. He has to travel the exact route he went in life and he never did go past the beach.
      3. I don’t have control over the marketing! But I do agree with you. I hate having ads that you can’t peel off. It has actually put me off buying books.
      4. But this is the best fan site! I don;t think the maps are available online. I guess you could always scan them…
      Movie – IF it gets the green light – will be live action, like Harry.

  79. Anna

    Dear Angie
    Love the series! Just one thing that has been bothering me (and I may have already missed the answer to this in the book), in Physik, when Sep is trying to escape, why doesn’t he try turning invisible?

  80. Dear Angie,
    I was just wondering if you would have any advice for a young author like me. I started this book in fourth grade and i will be finishing at the end of this school year( by the way i am in sixth grade right now but not for long!) everyone i know seems to like it so I might have it published into a real book! So just to let you know that since you kind of inspired me to write a book i wanted advice frome you. please reply with advice! : )

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Bekah!

      I’m honoured that I inspired you to write! But I am going to be boring and say don’t try and write too much right now, just read loads and live life. But if you are totally determined then write what really interest you. You are doing the right thing by showing what you’ve written to people – the more comments, the better. Good Luck! I’ve put some writing tips on my website too.

  81. heap fan

    I can’t wait for the 6th book!! I’m the only person I know who reads these ( sadness ): ) but my friend used to (now she’s all about Twilight.) I just wanted to ask, you kind of abandoned the Dragon Boat in unconsiousness, will she ever wake up?!

    • Angie Sage

      Yes, she will wake up! I din;t mean to leave her for so long, but sometimes these things happen…

  82. noah

    dear Angie sage people on Facebook no nothing there like how many books are there going to be and is the movie going to be animated and i just finished queste for the first time. me my self have read the series about 2 times going on to my third time.

    p.s. you should check it out its a group on Facebook called “fans of septimus heap”

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Noah,

      we’re going to make an official Facebook thing. Shauki is fixing it as I type…

  83. Haridha

    Hi Angie,

    I’m sorry I have posted almost three times in the past 3 days but it is because I have so many questions and I don’t realise until I’ve posted my message. Thank you for replying to my post from April. It really means a lot. You are so kind. Most authors just ignore their fan mail or they just get somebody else to do it for them. You are so kind so as to actually keep in touch with your fans.

    My question is, is Simon Heap ever accepted back into the Castle? I mean after all, he regrets his mistake and Marcia even nodded at him in one of the books.

    And, is Silas Heap still friends with the witches in the forest after what happened?

    Loads and loads of love,


    P.S: please please please reply to my post! It would mean so much to me! Thanks Angie!

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Haridha,

      Sorry this is so very late – hope you still get to read it.
      I really like Simon, although he has done awful things. But I;m not going to say what happens to him as that will spoil the next 2 books. But he does still have to make amends.
      No, Silas is NOT friends. The witches have got a bit unpleasant recently.

  84. noah

    finished syren last night and on page 80 somthing in magyk!

  85. noah

    way sorry i didn’t finish my sentence

  86. noah

    hi Angie!
    i am half way through syren and i started yesterday well over half

  87. Haridha

    Dear Angie,

    I live in Birmingham in the UK and its a really busy place. Your books were so amazing that it just made me feel like I was part of the Castle. It was really funny as well.

    We are doing an Art project at school and mine is based all about your books. I am making a scene with little model characters made from clay.

    My question is, are the pictures in your books like you imagined your characters?

    Love from Haridha

    • Angie Sage

      Dear Haridha,

      I am really sorry, I expect this is far too late to help with your art project.

      Yes, the pictures are spookily like I imagined the characters. Marcia in my imagination is maybe a little more serious and Septimus a bit tougher looking. But they look pretty much like that. Mark is a brilliant artist.

  88. Haridha

    Dear Angie,

    You’ve already replied to one of my posts and I was so excited that I jumped and spilled my cocoa. Still, never mind (I had to change my jumper but I never really liked it anyway).

    Marcia is my favourite character ever. My question is, if Septimus has seven children when he is older, will the boy (if it is a boy) be triple powerful?

    I love your books so much and thank you so much for replying. I will try not to spill anything if you reply to this post!

    Love from,


    • Angie Sage

      I expect you’ve got a new jumper by now as I’ve taken so long to reply! Hope it survived…

      It’s an interesting question about Septimus’s possible 7th child. It might well be the case. But I reckon the danger is that the Magyk stops at 3 and then disappears.

  89. Which Kayla are you talking About because if you were talking about me …. so cool! Your number one fan Kayla, PLEASE email me I have 3,000,000 questions,…….Got to Go to school, Bye!

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Kayla!
      Hope school was good. I haven;t logged in for ages as I have been writing tooooo much but plan to log in again in a week to answer any more questions…

  90. madiha

    hi angie

    i have a quik question do you have any idea when you are going to
    relese the new book called septimus heap dark

    • Angie Sage

      Darke is out in April 2011. I know it seems a long time away but I am still writing it…

  91. noah

    hi Angie i think this is a privilege to talk to you your the coolest author i read all your books like 30 times finishing Queste again i can’t wait for Darke and the movie i hope they don’t slater it like Eragon they left out like a ton of stuff so much i don’t think they should call it Eragon i think they should call it something else you should get fox to do it cause that’s who did avatar that is the best movie iv’e ever watched well intill MAGYK! and i hope you come to hasting in Helena ,Montana! and if not Helena tell me were it is in the USA and give me a few months head up so i can save the money.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Noah,
      Well, Warner Brothers have the movie rights – it’s tough being a writer as you do have to sign your baby away! I LOVED Avatar and would be thrilled if Septimus had the same emotional feel and excitement in it.
      I;m not sure when I’m coming to the USA but if I do come over for the publication of Darke I will give LOTS of notice!

  92. Luke Powell

    Hey Angie! I can’t believe I’m actually talking to you 🙂 I love your books, and I can’t wait for Darke! Sometimes I try and write a story, and I don’t think I have enough imagination, or maybe inspiration, to keep it up. What was your inspiration to keep on writing your books?

    • Angie Sage

      Well, I really don;t know how writing works! I should do , but like you I tried to write and nothing worked for a very long time. It first came right with Septimus. It’s a matter of lots of practice and finding what kind of writing works best for you. I get inspired (if that is the right word…) by people – so I write by putting myself in my characters’ shoes. I also kind of walk my way through the book with them, so that I make sure I describe everything they see – so that when you read it you are with them too. My inspiration to keep on writing was I love the people I wrote about – plus I have signed a contract to write 7 books!!

  93. cassim

    hi angie,i realy just wanted to ask you about wolf boy and his twin brothers i read all the books so far and never realy saw anything about this????!!!!!!!

    • Masooma Haider

      exactly me too!!!!!!!

    • Angie Sage

      It is in Magyk – I must check whereabouts it is… Wolf Boy is 409, Sep is 412, the other triplets are 410 and 411. You’ll meet them in Darke…

  94. Apoorv

    Dear Angie,
    Will the heaps in the forest ever come back to live with silas and sarah? will they ever live together again and get married?

    I feel so sad for Sarah….

    • Angie Sage

      Well, I don’t want to give toooooo much away, but I do think it would be nice for Sarah to have her boys all together at least once.

  95. Matteo Guaita

    Dear angie,
    Did you feel sad when you finish writing any of your books?????
    that’s what happens to me when I finish reading an awsome book (like yours) and then realise that I’ll never see some of the characters in that story (unless I re-read it, which I don’t usually do). It feels like I have just lost one of my best friends

    Also, I have tried writing to the e-mail written above but it won’t send the letter, does anybody know why (I tripple checked that the e-mail address was right).
    thank you for your precious time,

    • Angie Sage

      Yes, I do feel a bit kind of lost. But also SO relieved as sometimes it is like doing a massive puzzle. I know I shall feel sad when I have finished the last book though. I get the same feeling when I have read a brilliant book too.

  96. Masooma Haider

    Dear Angie,
    Sorry to bother you again! But I just wanted to know, everyone keeps mentioning wolf boy’s brothers or something. What do they mean by that, and which book is it in, because it seems i have overlooked that part. Thank you so much for taking your time to answer my question!!
    p.s. Do you know if you’ll be coming to Pennsylvania, U.S. anytime soon?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi – sorry this is SO late. Have been deep in the Darke…

      He is one of triplets, I think it is in Magyk. You see, I forget and I wrote it! I’m not coming to the States yet, but if I do I’ll post i t here first!

  97. SeptimusHeaplover

    Does Marcia have a crush on anyone in the series?

  98. Angie Sage

    Hi Kayla!

  99. Lottie

    Hi Angie. Me and my friend Nizzy LOVE your series! We made a book club just with us two in it and its all about the Septimus Heap series. We were wondering if you were thinking of making a movie out of it, that would be such a great idea. (If you are then we are up for directing!HaHa just kidding)

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Lottie,

      I love the idea of your bookclub-for-two!
      Movie… well, Warner Bros have the movie rights and are working on the script right now.

  100. Carrie

    Hey Angie!
    Just wanted to say, I love the Septimus Heap series. I guess after reading all of them, the first one is still my favourtie after all. I usually like the first book of a series the most, mainly due to the fact that it is the one that gets me hooked on a series.
    So I’ve just got some questions. I’d be so happy if you could answer them (some time, when you have the time):

    1) Although Jenna and Septimus were born on the same day, after what happens in Physik Septimus is now half a year older than she is right?

    2) At the beginning of Syren Septimus has become a senior apprentice, hasn’t he? I thought an apprentice becomes one at the beginning of his last year of apprenticeship? So does that mean until the end of his apprentice ship there’S less than one year left?

    3)I wonder if those witches in Port who kept Lucy prisoner will appear again? Or are they just going to give up finding and punishing them?

    4)After that incident with the Wendron Witches, do the Heap brothers continue living there?

    5) I’d be interested to see what happened to Wolf Boy’s two brothers.

    6) I wonder if Snorri’s going to meet her Dad. Since that’s the reason why she came to the castle. Personally I don’t really like Snorri. Totally agreeing with Jenna, that it’s just because of her that Nicko stayed behind in time and that he changed so much. I really really liked the Nicko back in Magyk and Flyte, he was one of my favourite characters, he was funny and talked so much and cared so much about other people. Quite sad that he (seems to have) changed.

    7) And the last: I guess there’s not a high probability that you will come to Germany for book signing some day? Although I really hope you’d come *sigh*

    So. I’m sorry I wrote that much. I’d be great if you could answer just one of them. Thanks so much.

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Carrie,

      1. True, he is half a year older, but of course his birthday is still the same…
      2. It’s a special honour from Marcia because he’s done the Queste. He’ll still do the rest of his Apprenticeship.
      3. People in the Port are really scared of the witches. Usually they just keep out of their way and try and ignore what goes on. You’ll see them again in Darke…
      4. Yes, the Heap brothers are still there. They feel that they are Forest people now.
      5. I haven’t forgotten them …
      6. I suppose he has changed a bit. He’s been through a lot.
      7. Yes I am coming to Germany! I shall be at the Munich Book show on Saturday 4th December. I don’t have anymore details at the moment as I have only just said I’ll do it. Will post the details in this site when I have them.

  101. Abdul

    Angie ….. let’s see what can i say I read all your books from the first time i entered my school library and saw magyk on a bookcase seal so i went over picked it up and couldn’t stop reading till i finished all 5 books and got abit sad when there was no more to read but it didn’t matter till i found out book number 6 was coming out and people talking about a movie that i got my hopes up and came he to talk on this blog just to say this. -Abdul

    P.s your fiction novels are great and enthusiastic so i give you 10 out of 10 well done!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Abdul,

      That’s great, thanks. I am writing book 6 really fast now…

  102. noah

    ya will you come to the u.s. soon i would love to meet you to!!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Noah,

      not sure when I’m next coming to the US – maybe when DARKE is published… Will keep you posted here!

  103. John

    Who is the most beautiful physically of all the women/girls in the series?

  104. angie will you be coming to the U.S. anytime soon? i would really love to meet you!

  105. noah schmaus

    hi Angie sage i am your biggest fan and i scrolled down from the top and it seems like you stop writing back and i was wondering do you think you will come to Helena , Montana? and Emma Thompson does seem like a good actor for Marcia.

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Noah,

      thanks for all your posts!!
      Sorry I’ve not been online for a while. Have been in Oz and then back to work BIG TIME on Darke.
      No auditions for the movie yet as it is still in development – sorting out the script and stuff like that. I am longing to hear more news of the movie myself, and when I do I will post it here first!
      I expect I will come to the USA when Darke is published – I can’t say for definite as that is up to my publishers nearer the time. But watch this space…

  106. Tonia

    Hello Angie I was just wondering how come there is such a big gab between book 5 & 6. Can’t wait to read Darke I am sure it will be amazing. Thanks

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Tonia,

      Well… it takes me nine months minimum to write each Septimus book and then there is the editing, which takes about 3 months, then the publishers have LOADS of stuff to do as well, not to mention Mark Zug who does the fantastic illustrations. So each book takes on average longer than the year’s gap between them (up until Queste). I had lots of leeway at the beginning because I finished Magyk almost 2 years before it was published. So there was time in hand. But not any more! So now there is an 18 month gap, which reflects the real amount of time it all takes. I’d love to write faster, but it wouldn’t read so well. And I want these books to last! Darke will be out in April 2011…

  107. Masooma Haider

    Hello Angie,
    I have some questions for you. #1: How can all ghosts go to The Whole in the Wall Tavern? Like don’t they get *returned* from there?
    #2: Marcellus Pye is so nice in the book and he doesnt really seem to harm any body so is it true he is actually *Darke*?? #3: Queen Etheldredda murders her two infant girls, so do they become a ghost too??? Please answer my questions Angie, and thank you soooooooooo much for your time.
    P.S. You know, in my school I’m the first one to read a Septimus Heap series book, but know EVERYONE is hooked to them!! (just helping to make the series more famous than Harry Potter!)

    • Parth

      Hi Angie,
      I’m a real BIG fan of yours. I started reading Septimus Heap series about10 days ago, and have already finished the first five. I’m literally smitten by the series. I love your writing skills, especially your subtle humour.
      I heard Darke is releasing in Spring 2011, but I will be obliged if you could change the date till earlier, since curiosity is practically killing me. I’m especially curious about what happens to Syrah Syara (will she wake up?). You know, I think some authors are really cruel; they end the novel in a cliffhanger, and then make us wait eternity for the next installment ;).
      I’m really addicted to your books now; I keep reading and re-reading them. Oh, that reminds me: better go back to re-reading Physik… (It’s my favourite book; I still have nightmares about Queen Etheldredda)

      – Parth

      P.s. I really hope you decide to revive the two unconcious characters: Syrah Syara and the Dragon Boat.

      • Hi Parth,
        Angie is kinda busy right now, but nobody knows when she enters on the blog and replies to comments (she uses a special Charm made for the internet, I think :D). But till this happen, I want to tell you that the release date for the sixth book cannot be changed. Angie has signed a contract that must be respected from both parties (she and her publisher). So… spring 2011! (I would also like the date to be changed, but I know that it’s impossible)

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Masooma,

      1. Because most ghosts have walked along the Castle walls above the tavern and it is in a bit of a ghost-warp. But if they haven’t done that they do get returned…
      2 . Not darke, but has a knowledge of it that Marcia disapproves of.
      3. Yes, they are the little princesses behind the wainscoting in the Palace. Jenna hears them sometimes. They are too young to really understand that they are ghosts.

      Keep up the good work with spreading the word! We do indeed want to be more famous than Mr.Potter (although I don’t think that is possible…)

      • Masooma Haider

        Thank you so much Angie for replying to my questions!! That really helped me understand your books better. You are the kindest author I have ever talked to so far. Also, don’t you worry!! In my world, I think that Septimus Heap books are much cooler and more popular than Harry Potter books, and if they arent already more popular, I just know they soon will be!!! Again, Thank you!!

  108. Haridha

    I love you so much Angie! I hope you come to Birmingham sometime. I will definitely come and just watch the author that gave me the most amazing experience ever through her writing!Please come to Birmingham sometime!

  109. Stephanie

    I am 27 and love your books. I love to read. My mother is a detention room aid for middle schoolers (the really naughty ones) anyway, since they can’t talk she brings in her books to let them read. Everytime she hands them your book Magyk she tells them to read to ___page and after that they have to finish it. These kids are kids who don’t read well and claim to hate reading. Last month I read all your books back to back. I can’t find anything about the realese date of Darke?

    p.s to the person above who said they have dreams… I dream about them all the time as well. Kinda like a new story in my head kinda fun… LOL

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Stephanie,

      I love the idea of the kids having to read Magyk!
      Darke is out in April 2011. I am still writing it but hope to deliver it to the publisher by late summer…

  110. Hi Angie,
    I am only twelve years old, but I highly enjoy writing. I just recently started considering writing a chapter book and really have no idea what I’m doing wrong and right. I have finished a page of one draft, but stopped writing because it seems the book is a bad idea. My original thought was to write about Hell inside a boys nose. Everything is built with cartilage and other supplies in the nose. I did not really sum up a plot because I just was so eager to start. Basically, I was thinking something along the lines of a psycho trying to blow up the nose. Also, it will have a bit of mystery because the child in Hell has no idea why he didn’t go to heaven. Tips and thoughts on the book would be appreciated. Criticism is alright. By the way, your books are great, but because I started them a while back I have not read past Physik. This is because, I don’t think I would remember the characters. I will eventually re-read all Septimus books. In your opinion, is writing a chapter book at twelve to young? Should I write a children’s book? Or not write a book at all? Once again criticism is better than compliments. Thanks for reading. 🙂
    -Mitch Mullen
    P.S. Do you have a facebook group or something?
    P.P.S. Sorry if I posted twice it looks like first one disappeared…

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Mitchell,
      I would say that it’s best to read all you can when you’re 12. Writing is something you can do later… have fun and read lots is my advice!

    • Angie Sage

      PS I don’t have a Facebook group at the moment, might think about doing it tho…

  111. omgzomgamazing!Angie sage your books are incredible and i hope you can make allt he way to a 9th book.good luck with your writing even tho u dont need it!= D

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Tanner,


      But only 7 books for Septimus, I’m sorry to say. Although possibly I’l write some more afterwards about individual characters …

  112. ERIKA T

    in Darke or the seventh book will you feature Jenna’s Shield Bug or Petroc Trelawney???

    • ERIKA T

      plus will you have music on the movie?

      • Erika, stop asking this. Of course the there will be music in the movie. Every movie does have music, or, if you prefer, soundtrack.

      • Erika T

        i mean like music in Disney animation movies because if they did i dont no if it will be quite right with the scenes i think it should have should have more dramatic kinds of music.
        this might have a different avatar thing for me because im using a different computer.

        ur fan,

      • ERIKA T

        ps i no this wont be animated- just saying

    • Angie Sage

      Petroc has to come back sometime …
      Not sure about the Shield bug. It had that nasty experience in the reeds and I think it might have drowned.

  113. Haridha

    Please please please Angie- please post a reply or email me! I am obsessed with Septimus Heap and I love the books so much. I even dream about it sometimes and I want to live in the Castle. It is my greatest wish ever! I would love to hear from you so please email me! It would mean so much to me. My question is : Does Syrah actually die? Me and my brother have been arguing about it for months! Please please email me- although I might have a heart attack with joy if you actually do (but please don’t let this prevent you from emailing me!)

    I love Septimus Heap so much!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Harida,

      sorry I’ve taken so long to get posting again. I’ve been in Oz doing some book stuff (and also on holiday…)
      I would love to live in the Castle too. No, Syrah doesn’t die…

  114. Haridha

    Dear Angie,

    I love Septimus Heap so much! I am looking forward to your release of Darke and I really want to read it. I have been waiting ages- even before Syren came out! My favourite character is Marcia. She is just fabulous. Who do you like writing best?

    • Angie Sage

      I do love writing Marcia, especially when she is arguing with someone (which she so often is). I love writing all the main characters, but Marcia has to be the most fun. And Stanley of course.

  115. Emily

    Angie, thanks for replying to my posts. It really means a lot. One year isn’t so bad to wait. But I’ll definitely be responding more on this page from now on, as to not miss any replies I may get. Thanks – Emily

  116. Jess O'Brien

    im on my 11 round of the series now so i cant wait for darke you know how syren came out in october i waited since march i think thats 7 months!

    Lots of love
    1# fan Jess O’Brien

  117. Jess O'Brien

    I really got freaked out i think syrah is dead is she

  118. Bookish

    Hi Angie,

    What color are the robes of the Ordinary Wizard apprentices? Are they green like the ExtraOrdinary Apprentice’s?


    • Bookish

      p.s. How often does the Wizard Tower password change?

    • Angie Sage

      Yes, they are green too. Only the belt is a little different.

  119. Jess O'Brien

    (^^^) is this a shark?

  120. Jess O'Brien


  121. Hey Angie I know I am Coming up with alot of questions letely but There is some things I really want to know like:
    Why are people asking to be in the movie whan it says that any questions asking to be in the movie will not be put on this site?
    I beetle ever goin to ask Jenna on a date? Maybe in the next book.
    And I was sad but the kid I got to read Magyk never finished it :(.
    Will Sep ever bcome Extra Ordinary Wizard?
    To let you know I am your biggest fan! You are my favorite author! Just to let you know the funniest thing happened today I was sitting at my desk at school and a girl I sat by opened Phisyk and read one word and started crying and then another girl opened it and read a paragraph and started crying and it wasn’t a sad part of the book. Please answer my questions. Bye
    P.s. Don’t forget I’m your #1 fan!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Quentin

      everyone saays they are Angie Sage’s number 1 fan

    • Quentin

      then she has quite a few number 1 fans! Many say they are.

      • ERIKA T

        how many no. 1 fans is it possible to have!?!?
        will Jim Knee be a mainish character in Darke?
        hope to see a reply
        ur fan

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Bekah,

      More about Beetle and Jenna in Darke…
      I wonder which part of Physik they were reading??

  122. Noelle

    dear angie,
    I am your number 1 fan ever!!! I love septimus heap and it’s really hard to get me to even like a book series. I’m really glad you have this page because i wanted to ask a FEW questions.

    1) Is the Syren Sweepstakes still going on? It says so on the Septimusheap websight.

    2) I heard parts of the movie like stanley were going to be animated. Is that true?

    3) Why can’t beetle and jenna just hook up alredy?!?!

    4) Who is Septimus going to end up with? Sarya (not sure if i spelled that right)?

    and finally

    5) CAN I PLEASE BE IN THE MOVIEEEE? PLEASE O PLEASE O PLEASE!!!!! It would complete my life and by meaning can i be in the movie, can you see if you can out auditions in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, USA? PLEASEEE… As i said, it would complete my life!

    • if you could suggest that they come to P.E.I then that’s be okay too!

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Noelle,

      1. Not sure about the sweepstakes, but the website is kept up to date. It’s run by HarperCollins.
      2. The movie is live action, but I am guessing some of the characters like Stanley and the Boggart will need to be animated. Not sure where you can find a Boggart who is a good actor. I’ve heard they are generally rubbish at acting.
      3 & 4 well, I don’t know yet…
      5 I really, really truly have NOTHING to do with auditions. It is all down to Warner Brothers – honestly!!

      • Noelle

        Ok… Thanks for answering.
        Can I ask you about Mark Zug?
        Where in pennsylvania does he live because I live in p.a. Too! I also know where the illustrated tk Harry potter lives.( sister is obsessed… Though, I’m obsessed with septimus heap.). Lol!

  123. Raychel Rachel

    Angie aare you ver coming to New Jersey, to do a book signing? Meeting you would be amazing!!!!

    Thank you

    • Quentin

      i turned thirteen 2 months ago, i’m writing my own fantasy story too, about 11000 words, now i have more time to write more.

  124. Raychel Rachel

    I love septimus heap, you are the best author ever, Angie. i wrote my own story, Bella bewitched, hope to publish it once i finish reworking it. i can’t wiat to see the movie, although i’ll be realy angry if they mess up the story, which they probably will. they always do. you aren’t as famous as J. K. rowling, but you’re a lot better. Haven’t read Syren yet, but i’ve been dying to. I wonder what happens to Syrah Sara…..(no spoilers please)

    Also, are the spelling of the titles, (magyk, syren, flyte) spelled like Magic, siren, flight? And what made you change the sellings?

    Good luck on the sixth and sventh books, i can’t wait!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Raychel,

      the spellings are archaic spellings – just like they used to use in the old days before they had dictionaries….

  125. Raychel Rachel

    Angie, I’m twelve, and (I hope)a budding author.i wrote a fantasy story i call Bella Bewitched, and i hope to get it published as a short story. (It’s only a few thousand words. Not a novel at all.)i love Septimus Heap (which is a million times better than Harry Potter. Make that a billion.)!!!!!!! I don’t know how many times I’ve read your books, but some where in the two-digit range. major question-Are the words like Magyk, Flyte, Syren, ect. pronounced like Magic, Flight,Syren, ect. And why did you change the spellings. And Marcia rocks. Big time. And i hope Beetle stays in! Please answer, I know a lot of authors don’t bother to. Currently,I’m trying to get a copy of Syren, but i’m broke and (compliment to you) it always taken out of the library. Good Luck on the next two books! And I do wonder what happens to Syrah Sara….

    !!!!!!Aand no spoilers, anyone!!!!!!!!!

    You are the best author ever!!!!

    • Angie Sage

      Thank you!!
      Yes, the words are pronounced just like magic, flight, siren etc…

    • Angie Sage

      Thank you!!
      Yes, the words are pronounced just like magic, flight, siren etc…

  126. Abbey

    Dear Angie,
    HI! You are my favourite author and I cant wait for the 6th book!! I just have one question,do any of the characters besides Lucy and Simon get into a relationship?? After reading Twilight(I perfer Septimus much more though) I thought it would be really cute if some of the characters started dating or got married. Some of the people I Thought would be cute are Jenna and Beetle, Milo and Marcia, and if Wolf Boy, Merrin or Septimus got a girlfriend that would be really cute too!!!(Im still a little confused on what happend to Syrah, but if shes alive then she should defenitly be with Sep!) I really hope you have a chance to respond!! Abbey

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Abbey,

      Syrah is still alive, Interesting comments … there’s one I have been thinking about for a while.

  127. shaun

    Is the Syren Treasure Sweepstakes still going on? because it says thst it was supposed to be drawn around the end of november, but on, you can still enter if you get enough points

    p.s. love your books. cant wait for darke
    p.p.s srry if i posted this twice, but it looks like it disappeared

  128. JA

    Dear Ms Sage,

    I’m glad that when you wrote Physik you did not dwell too much on the time-space continuum concepts of science but focused more on it being “magykal” (sadly no bold here). I’m just wondering what happened to the baby princesses? You also mentioned at the end of physik that Esmeralda turned out to be a queen that gets what she wanted. I’m just wondering if you thought at which point/queen did a certain change of attitude take place. Jenna’s mom seems to be really selfless as well as Jenna.
    Non-story related. I’m from the Philippines and met another excellent author. What are the chances of you coming here, I know it is a far cry? If you would not be able to, is there any possibility that I would be able to get your autograph? I would really like to meet you but if it is not possible an autograph would also be great. Actually, even just an autograph for my girlfriend would be really wonderful. I actually introduced her into reading Septimus. She loves every aspect of it the day she started reading them. The day we were able to complete the series in hard cover(hard covered books here in the Philippines can be a rare find) I can not forget the twinkle she had in her eyes. It reminded me of the time Jenna saw the Dragon Boat for the first time. I think something as simple as an autograph for you will make her really happy and me as well. I wish you could help me on this one.

  129. They’re fine, but I think she’s bad for him, that’s all.

  130. shaun

    On, it says that the Syren Treasure Sweepstakes was supposed to be drawn at the end of November 2009, but when you get enough points on, you can still submit an entry even though it is March 2010. Is the sweepstakes still going on?

    p.s. love your books

  131. Wow, Angie, if Septimus and Jenna are 14, then they skipped almost a year, it must have been sort of dull, because the past 3 books happened one after another, and they were all so exciting. I just can’t wait ’til next April now, though I may need to read even more to stop myself going mad waiting…..
    PS. Is there going to be any romance ( Nicko and Snorri excluded) in book six? In general ‘m not a big fan of it in a fantasy novel, but any author as great* as you could pull it off. After all, J.K. did, and so did Stephanie Meyer…
    * See an online thesaurus for more adjetives describing your work. Look under ‘Brilliant’.

  132. I have convinced a kid in my class to read Septimus. I warned them that they would get addicted to them. I know I did. My question is do you have any advice to a young autor like me. I am trying to get enough short stories to make them into a book. Please reply with advice.

  133. Ana

    i have one question: In my town we have only first three books on croatian, but we haven’t got else. Is there other books translated on croatian?

  134. Lalem

    I know that this might be revealed in the sixth book, but I have a question about Syrah Syara. Because she slept away from the Syren’s dwelling place, will she be in an eternal sleep? I hpe not. And, Septimus really seems to like Syrah, but she is nineteen. How will that work?? Oh and i like how you made it sort of so that they are in the future. In Syren, when wolf boy and Lucy are about to go in the red tube, He says: “You know, it reminds me of those stories about people in olden times who used to fly to the moon in things like that.” Lucy then promptly says that they are untrue. And lastly, Syrah’s diary really freaked me out. It was awesome!!♥ 🙂

  135. sandra

    hi angie, i love your book so much and i read all (1234) in only 2 week I’m the biggest fan of septimus of all my school in cambodia

  136. Dear Angie,
    Which do you find more important in writing: Descriptions of people, or descriptions of places? You do do a lot of both. . . . . . . . . . . . .

    • Well ,Jenna is a bit younger than Beetle maybe once she’s older she’ll see that beetle likes her because she is used to hanging around boys since she was a baby so maybe she can’t tell.

  137. I don’t think Syrah’s dead. I think she’s just in shok, or depressed.

  138. Jess O'Brien

    Angie You Know Syrah in Syren it says that se kept on sleeping does that mean she’s dead because she freed from the syren?

    Lots of love
    1# fan Jess O’Brien

  139. What do you think Jenna’s mother would think of Sep if she knew him?

    • I believe she is much like Jenna and would like Septimus just as much as Jenna does.

  140. Adam

    The idea of Jenna and Beetle together is complicated. It is very easy to see that Beetle likes Jenna. He gets nervous just thinking about her! But with Jenna it’s a little more complicated. Her liking of Beetle is hidden but not invisible.

  141. Yeah, but with Sep he really never lived with Jenna, so he could get brother defensive, or I’m jealous defensive. Angie any hint or am I just being nosy?

    • I wound find it cute if Septimus got brother defensive! But being jealous would change the whole thing. He can (in my mind) only be one of them. Any thing to say about it Angie?

  142. katy

    I think samantha is right, it would be cute to see jenna and beetle kiss it doesn’t mean that it would turn into a romance novel. look at harry potter. they are full of fantasy, and kisses are shared.

    • That’s exactly what I’m saying! And Jenna’s old enough now and Beetle is,(i think he’s 2 years older then Jenna and Beetle) so I agree with Katy for agreeing with me

  143. Sepfan

    I have just ordered every single book of Septimus Heap so far and today the first four and magykal papers have arrived, I just wanted to ask what was yor favourite to write out of them 5?

  144. lucy

    Dear Ms. Sage,
    I enjoyed reading your books and i hope that your 6th book will be out soon!!:)
    I cant wait till they will have your books made into movies!!!
    Were did you get the idea to write this novel?
    And i do hope that Beetle and Janna at least kiss!! HAHAHA

  145. Ew, no way. I like my fantasy novels clean and romance-free.!

    • Well everybody is entitled to thier oppinion! I wouldn’t want MAJOR romance-just some

  146. I want to know What happens to Jenna and beetle. I think that they should end up together. Or they should start to date 🙂 But I want o know if septimus will get all defenceive about Jenna, you know be a protective big Brother, cause Beetles his best friend

  147. I want to know if anything is going to happen between Jenna and Beetle I know they’re only 12 (in syren) but they get older and I think it would be cute if they started to date or something…

  148. Heap Lover

    Did Marcellus and his wife have any children?

  149. Chloe

    Hello, another question, In Physik how old is Nicko? Also when Septimus spent 169 days in ‘the other time’ did he turn 12? Because in Flyte he was 11 and a half and i think that some days past since the end of Flyte and the beginning of Physik, but I’m not sure. Thankyou:)

  150. Who are you thinking to be the characters in the movie, well I mean like who you would want to be? who’s your fav. character, I like Nicko … and the list goes on.

  151. Angie, Whatever happened to Bert the “cat”.

  152. Bella

    What was the embarassing difficulty with Marcia’s dad’s job when she was a child? The one you mentioned it in the Magykal Papers.

  153. Bella

    Who are your top five favorite characters to write about?

  154. Angie, THere is a quote in MAGYK that says “…His Master enter the Abyss…”
    What is the Abyss? And what is the OTHER side?

  155. Kaede

    Dear Angie, I have a quick question. At the end of SYREN, did Syrah Syara die?

  156. katy

    for any adults out there septimus heap is not just for kids/teenagers. I’m 22 and have read all of them with a lot of excitment and enjoyment. I only wish the children in my family were as excited about them as all the other fans that posted on this blog. thanks angie for all the great reading.

  157. Tammy H

    Dear Angie, I am 32 mother of 3. I am in the beginning if writing my own fiction novel based on a dream I had about a vacation my family takes to a parallel universe. I often find myself lost in the gaps of unfilled story line. Do you have any advice on how to get back on track.
    Septimus Heap series is the very first series I have put so much life into. I feel as though I am there in the marshes with Aunt Zelda. You have a writing ability that stole my attention. Awesome! I am hoping there might be Canadian auditions or the opportunity to send in a video audition of some sort. I share your passion and would love to be a part of it.

  158. Hi Mrs. Sage,
    I love your books!!!!
    I was looking if you had your books turned into movies but you don’t 😦
    And than i saw that they have additions!! Were are they at? Who do they have now playing the princess? And are they still looking for people to be in the play? When will the movie be out?
    Hahahaha so sorry for so many questions!!

  159. Sarah seems depressed. Sorry, none of my friends read the books, and I just had to get that out. Is she?

  160. Jacob

    I love the Septimus Heap series. It’s one of my favorites. I love how creative you where with characters like Aunt Zelda, The Jinn, cat-like Miarr, Marcia and Stanley and with other things like Sleuth, The Qusting Stone, The Message Rats, the magogs. The list goes on and on. I just finished Syren and it was amazing, but there was one thing I didn’t understand. When talking about the “red tube,” 409, aka Wolf Boy says something about stories from long ago about people going to the moon. Does this mean the series takes place in the future or is the moon thing just a story or what?

    P.S. Are you going to make another series like it when you’re done with Septimus Heap?

    • So write from all these points of view but don’t make it confusing, you can pull it of it makes the books much more innteresting to see it from different prospectives!

    • Angie Sage

      Well, there are lots of legends around…

      Not sure what I’ll do after Septimus, but I will definitely keep writing…

      So glad you like all all the different things in Septimus!


  161. HI!!!!!!! Septimus Heap is my favorite series!!!! I was shocked when I heard that there will be a movie. I was wanting to let you know that I am actually writing my own book it’s ont magykal but I think that it is good. I want to know what inspired you to write Septimus Heap? And I want to know how to contact you by mail( Like pidgeon mail) Ha Ha I just finished Syren. My favorite yet!! They keep getting better and better!!!!!!! I meant by a P.O. mail box or something? Hpe you reply to this Question.

    P.S. I have remembered the poem for the Questing stone just by reading it once!!!! It is my favorite poem ever.

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Bekah,

      SO plased you love the series so much – and SYREN too!!

      Have a look at my website for things abou t what inspired me –

      You can contact via pigeon mail by writing to author mail at my publisher, HarperCollins in the USA, Bloomsbury in the UK. If you live anywhere else I’d suggest writing to HarperCollins and they will forward it to me.


  162. Bookish

    Hi Angie,
    I was rereading Physik, and it occurred to me to wonder, will the cupboard in the Queen’s Room ever refill of the potions, candles, and chocolate mint coins? Or was it supplied by a secret Magyk that was lost in Time?

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Bookish,

      well, I reckon it would be much nicer filled up with stuff. A lot of things like that have been lost over the years and not replaced. It wasn’t really Magyk, just something the Queens did. Personally, I blame Etheldredda’s descendants.


  163. Jacob

    I’ve read the whole series and I love it. I was reading bk. 5 and when talking about the “red tube” Wolf Boy says something about stories of the old days with rockets going to the moon. Is this just a story or does the series take place in the future or what?

    • Angie Sage

      It is a story like many legends, but …


  164. In a world so filled with logic a mind waiting for an adventure can hardly breath, thankfully Semptimus Heap books help with that issue. thanks Angie

  165. Carlie

    hi Angie i was wondering how your going to sum this up 7 books because septimus si only half through his apprenticeship and if your going to maake him into extraordinary wizard wont you need to write about the other half but im not sure if u are making him extraordinary apprentice thanks Carlie :):):)

    • Angie Sage

      Hmm… well I shall have to wait and see.


  166. how did the warven witches come to be ?

    • Angie Sage

      The Wendron Witches have lived in the Forest as long as anyone can remember. They used to be much much worse than they are at the moment,


  167. Jill

    Did Marcia ever have a boyfriend?

    • Angie Sage

      She did. In fact she had more than one. But unfortunately she goes for the wrong type.
      I’m hoping to write more about Marcia maybe when I have finished book 7.


  168. oh and are you coming to California because I would love to meet you!

    • Angie Sage

      Maybe next year – I am not sure at the moment…


  169. Ok, am guessing and i don’t know of it’s right…is book six going to be about the genie lead tubes and maybe…that mysterious when the “time is right”. Oh and by the way thanks for writng back, Mrs. Sage!

  170. Linnea Boice

    Dear Angie,
    Hi, I’m Linnea Boice and I love your books. I bet five dollars i have read Magyk atleast five times. I am doing a research project on book writing and evaluation and I thought you would be the perfect source. My questions are: How do you write your books and how do you know when your books are ready to be published? Please write back!

    • Angie Sage

      HI Linnea,

      For your project you might like to look at my website for lots of info:

      Knowing when your books are ready to be published? Well, it’s more a question of knowing when they actually work as books. It’s up to your publisher to decide is he or she likes what you have written and whether to publish them. But writing books is like most things – it gets easier with practice. And you need to do LOTS of it…


  171. Will Marcia EVER forgive Simon? I’d be mad, but it’s been what- almost two years? I just feel sorry for Lucy though, if any of you out there think I’m crazy.

    • Angie Sage

      Marcia has a long memory, but she is not totally unreasonable – whatever some people may think…


  172. Yuck.

  173. Angie, I have a question about WolfBoy or boy 409, if he let Septimus use the Darke tentacle of the squid how is he going to become caretaker?

    • Angie Sage

      It’s ok – getting the tentacle was more of a test of how brave he was – and how he handled the witches. And there are still some nasty bits of tentacle stuck to the inside of the pouch where he kept it…


  174. dear Angie,
    I am the biggest fan of you i even told all of my friends to read the books,sadly only one did, but we are addicted to the books!i search the web almost three times a week for info on the books/movies, could you help?sorry to be a bother, but you have to come to charlotte, nc, or anywhere in nc. could you keep me updated on the movie, just the minor facts, if not forget I said.How did you come up with these mind capturing books? Your the best,

    • Angie Sage

      HI Kayla,

      I have been to Charlotte and its a great place – but I am not coming back to the States this year – sorry… Not sure if I’ll be back for when book 6 comes out (april 2011), will see what my publishers decide.

      No new news about the movie but anything I hear I will post here!

      Not sure how I came up with Sep – I feel like I have been living with these books for a long time. You can find out more stuff on my website: Thanks for spreading the word!


  175. Angie,
    I’ve been very curious about the heliographs on the top of the Wizard Tower, and I was wondering if they were going to play a signifigant role in the series? If this is an all-time secret, then just forget I asked. Your biggest fan, Katy
    PS. What’s going to happen with Beetle and “that awful Djinn”?
    PPS> Sorry about the quote, I’m just kind of bitter about the whole “fired” thing. I like Beetle.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Katy!

      I do have plans for the heiroglyphs, but not just yet.
      For Beetle and ‘that awful Djinn’ see book 6!
      Yes, I too am bitter about the fired thing. It was really bad. I remember writing it and being quite shocked. I really had not seen it coming, but when it happened I thought – oh bother. Of course she would. Ghastly woman…
      I like Beetle too.


  176. Emily

    I’m still extremely curious on when your next book signing in America might be or where. I surly hope it would be in the Missouri area. I have all your Septimus Heap books, and all of them could use a signature. 😉 Please reply back, Iwould like to know from you yourself. Thanks from your fan – Emily

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Emily,

      no signings planned in the USA yet Will let everyone know when this happens, but it won’t be until next year. Sorry…


  177. Dear Angie, is Jim Knee going to be in the rest of the series?-Katy, your biggest fan ! !

    • Angie Sage

      Yes, he’ll be around. Unless Marcia can get rid of him…


  178. gemz

    hi angie,

    i love ur books soooooooooooooo!much!
    ive red the sep heap sires 10 times and i still cant get anoth!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I CANT WHAT 2 READ DARK or wach the flim. i hope they mack a seprat flim 4 each book like the tiwligth siers and not like the unfourtunet events sires,that just made it 2 confuseing!!and it was rubish!!! i also hope they dont reck the books and keep 2 the books (as much as they can).i cant wait 2 see wat the bogarat and browenes look like!

    i was wandering if u could answer afew qustionand give me some advise on wat 2 do when u want 2 write a book?
    could u answer these qustions:
    is the bogarat fetuered in ur nexed book,
    does snorie ever reunite with her mother,
    do lucy and simon reunite
    and wat happens 2 stanley and the ratets.
    thank u

    p.s which chapter r u writing at ther moment.
    p.s.s wat is ur fav book and who is ur fav authoer
    p.s.s.s sorry thier is 2 many qustions!

    • Angie Sage

      HI Gemz
      Boggart in book 6? not sure yet…
      Snorri and her Mum? you’ll have to wait and see, but you’ll find out in book6
      ditto SImon and Lucy
      Stanley and ratlets – Stanley will be starting a Bringing up the Ratlets blog on my website when I get back from Australian in April.
      I’m writing Chapter 24
      fave author – Jane Austen
      fave book – Persuasion

      have fun!


    • Angie Sage

      Hi Gemz

      you’ve read Syren 10 times? That is amazing!

      Warners have the rights for all 7 books so we’ll have to wait and see how many they go for! But I know that the first one will be just MAGYK.

      I don’t want to spoil the suspense by answering what happens next – I am going to be mean and say that you have to wait and see… However, Stanley is planning to do a ratlet blog on my website beginning in April. He is now over the stress of bringing up the ratlets and wants to get his diaries published. I have offered. I do hope I won’t regret it…

      I am writing Chapter 24 at the moment. Well, I will be when I get back to England – am in Oz right now.

      Fave book – I love SO many, but the one I go back to is Persuasion by Jane Austen who is also fave author.


    • Quentin

      p.s stands for post script, what you said was post script script e.t.c say p.p.s and p.p.p.s.

      i don’t mean to sound offensive or a know it all, i’m just trying to be helpful

  179. I think darke will have to do with 409’s Task. Maybe he’ll have to do it over? Oh, well. I guess you never really know until you read it, which is something we won’t be doing for a while yet.

  180. Quentin

    i don’t have a lot of time. i get 2 and a half hours of free time altogether on normal days and i have to do revision as well!

  181. Same…her in between school,homework, and I have dance lessons and in competion. I have no time at all….even though I’m a really fast reader (not to brag lol). I think maybe Jenna reach that mysterious “when the time is right” and in the after thing in the back of the book he seems not that mean anymore!

  182. Dylan


    This isn’t really a question, but an idea at least. I am also a writer, and have been reading your books forever, and if there is a book coming after DARKE, then maybe you could call it LYFE. I don’t know where you could go with that, but know your writings, I’m sure you could.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Dylan,

      Yes, there will be one more book after the next one. Thanks for the title! I have a few in mind…


  183. Emily

    I don’t ever have time to really read a whole book in a day, between homework and all that. I absoulutely can’t wait for the sixth book, Darke. It makes me think it will have a lot to do with Merrin, and of course his hate for Septimus. It soooo exciting waiting for books you love to come out. – Emily

  184. Hi angie,
    Congratz on your books being made into a film :). can’t wait until the next one comes out am a massive fan of the books :). Hopefully you wont let the film stray to far away from the books like most do (Twilight, Harry Potter ect.).

    Quentin i loved the part of the story you have written. Have you ever heard of a site called Mibba? its a story website where you can post your own stories/poems/blog for everyone to read and comment on. 🙂

    • Quentin

      i haven’t but i’ll look it up

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Germalen,
      The film really is in the hands of Warner Brothers – but I too hope it will not stray toooooo far from the books!


  185. Laura

    Hello Angie!
    I really like your books, especially Magyk and Queste. My favourite characters are Merrin and Simon (yeah… the bad boys).
    You wrote in the Queste that Merrin has an aunt, but I’d like to know that he will get a father? and Merrin (I mean ex-Sep or Daniel Hunter) will be good? or it is a secret? 😉
    Darke thing hmmmm… it sounds interesting! 😀
    Keep your job and Good luck!

    • Angie Sage

      Merrin has a mother – the weird ex-nurse who runs the Doll House in the Port. His aunt is estranged from her sister (his mother).
      His father is, I am sad to say, long gone. He was a Custodian Guard and he fell into the Moat late one night and was never seen again.


  186. Quentin

    it’s a bit late because i read them quite a while ago, but even at school i read the entire series in 5 days (I’m freakishly fast at reading), Angie, I love your style of writing!It is great!I have one question among many i would like to ask, in Septimus Heap are there elves e.t.c?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Quentin,

      No elves! I’m not sure why but they don’t feel quite right for Septimus. I am steering clear of the whole fairies thing…


  187. Dear Angie,
    I’m really sorry about all the questions but more keep popping up! How much is a crown worth in dollars? -Katy

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Katy,

      My Google conversion doesn’t do crowns… But, it’s a LOT. After all, a half crown can buy you an Apprenticeship. I think in English pounds, so I’d reckon about a crown is worth about £250, which is, according to Mrs Google, is $386.86217561907553


  188. Carlie

    hi angie thz for getting back to me i hate the suspense of whats going to happen but i guess that just makes it more exciting wow are jenna and septimus really turning 14. is beetle older than septimus thanks carlie :):):)

    • Angie Sage

      Yes, he’s a few years older -about two I think.


  189. Carlie

    hi angie thz for getting back to me i hate the suspense but i guess that just makes it more exciting wow are jenna and septimus really turning 14 wow is beetle older than septimus thanks carlie :):):)

  190. Oh and Angie in one of my classes we have to pick and author and do a study about them and their books…I picked you… How much books have you written? Which ones your favorite book or series that you’ve written…some of the things i have to include!

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Diana,

      This sounds weird, but I can;t remember how many books I have written. I did a lot of chapter books and toddler books before Septimus. The ones I like to count are: 5 (and a half) Septimus Heaps, 5 Araminta Spooks and 2 Molly books. The rest I;d like to forget about…

      Favourite book I’ve written? I really don’t have one – I love each one in a different way. Of course both Sep Heap and Araminta are my top fave books. You can have a look at my web site – for more answers. Good luck with your study!


  191. Quentin

    one thing Angie, how do i email you some more of my book without people complaining?

  192. Jess O'Brien

    Was their a paticular series or book you enjoyed as a child?

    Lots of love
    1# fan Jess O’Brien

    • Angie Sage

      HI Jess,

      I LOVED Enid Blyton. Famous Five. It is incredibly dated now but still exciting,


  193. Ok so I’ve read the books and everything,its much better explained then the harry potter series and more exciting.I ,as every fan, can’t wait to see the movie. I even got my grandma into reading the series! I was just wondering when the sixth book is coming out and what it’s going to be about, if your allowed to tell.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Diana,

      Bk 6 is out in spring 2011. Really sorry its so late, but I needed a year to write this one. It’s called DARKE and its about … Darke Things… And that’s all I’m saying for now. Oh, and Jenna and Sep are about to turn 14.


  194. Carlie

    hi angie im am like ur biggest fan congradulations on the movie i hope all goes well i reckon emma watson would be great as marcia i was wondering about the books does jenna ever marry beetele and doees beetle get re hired at the manuscriptorium and does septimus become extraordinary wizard by the 7th book if noy u should so write more and one last question when does jenna revive the dragon boat with the bottle she got ot save thanks so much Carlie plz get back to me

    • Angie Sage

      You know, I haven’t really paired people up in advance, I wait and see what happens and what they do – and how they feel. Sometimes it surprises me. So both you and me will have to wait and see…


    • Angie Sage

      HI Carly,

      I think my last reply got lost somewhere… yes, the dragon boat has been on my mind for a while now. Somehow there wasn’t room in Queste. Aunt Zelda is advising jenna on this at the moment – s the matter is in hand. I hope.

      As for Beetle and Septimus – I can only say, wait and see…

  195. Emily

    Hi Angie, I was curious on when and where your next book signings would be, as well as how far you are in your new book? I’d love to see a reply from you. I just can’t seem to find any other set of books that I get in trouble for reading too much of, that is when I’m told to do otherwise. Thanks – Emily

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Emily,

      no more signings arranged yet, but will keep this website posted. Am in Oz at the moment, and have just finished a few really nice events at the Perth Festival. It may be that I’ll be in Sydney at the end of the month, but I am not sure yet,


  196. Angie,
    Really enjoy your Heap books, especially the bits that include sailing. Great characters! Looking forward to the next books.

  197. Looky C

    Hi Angie
    Is it true that your next book will be called “Darke”

    Looky C

    • Angie Sage

      Well, I wanted to keep the title a secret for a while, and also have some room to change my mind if the book didn’t turn out quite how I expected. But seeing as it’s on Amazon (how did they know???) and also I am halfway through writing it now, I think the time has come to own up. It will indeed be called DARKE.


    • Angie Sage

      OK, I’m telling now… yes, it will be called DARKE.


  198. Jess O'Brien

    When you were a kid What did you want to be??

    Lots of love
    1# fan Jess O’Brien

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Jess!

      I wanted to be a doctor when I was a kid … that might be why Sep is so interested in Physik


  199. Dear Angie,
    Your books rock. I know that there’s only going to be seven, and I was wondering if they would follow Sep all the way through his apprenticeship. Thanks for your time!

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Heap fan,

      I haven’t decided that yet …

      Sep is 14 in Book 6, so he is about halfway through.


  200. Adam Wilson

    cant wait for the 6th book Angie! I am very anxious to see what happens next. now i need to read all the books all over again to take in everything that has happened! I love your Septimus Heap books. they are filled with action and adventure. I just wish your books would be as popular as the Harry Potter books were at my school. Personally, they are better than the harry potter books. But that’s just my opinion. Can’t wait for the movie!!


    • Angie Sage

      Hi Adam,

      So glad you them so much – spread the word and we’ll get them as popular as Harry!


  201. Emily

    Yeah, I can’t wait for the next book, they just keep getting better and better. I was curious on if the movie was going to stay the same as the book, because after all you’re more involved in it than most authors are in the movies. I can asure you it will be going straight on my birthday wishlist if I don’t have alredy by then. And I also had a question, Why is it that Merrin’s mother hasn’t herd from others, like Aunt Zelda when she was at the castle, that her son is in the same castle? Thank you for your time. – Emily

  202. Hey, Angie! Wouldn’t the Speeke Rattus Rattus spell work on Ephaniah? And does DomDaniel have a first name? How old was Alther Mella when he died? That’s all. Thanks for your time, I know you must be very busy with your new book.

    • Angie Sage

      No, I don;t think the Speeke Rattus Rattus woudl work on Ephaniah as he is not pure rat. There is more human in him than meets the eye.

      DomDaniel no longer has a first name. He DisOwned it one dark night in the middle of something horrible.

      Alther Mella was in his late fifties when he died.

      Tis true, I am busy with the new book but actually, at the moment, I am having some time off in Oz. Back to work in April!


  203. jessica

    hi ms.sage,
    i just started reading your books and i love them! When i saw the website i freaked! you have to be my favorite author of all time 🙂 i love the books and i hope you keep writing more! just wanted to let you know your awsome!

    • hey Jessica it’s me from school I’m pretty sure it’s you, your Jessica doing an author study on angie sage right, what a coincedince1

    • Angie Sage

      Thank you! That is so good to know. I’ll keep writing…

  204. Emily

    Hi Angie, I just finish your whole series today,it only took a little less than a month. I can’t help but ask, mostly because I want to read it, but is Syrah going to be in the next book, it almost seems like Septimus kind of likes her or for her to be around him. I still just don’t understand how it was that she became Dispocessed, or how Lucy and Wolf boy got the light back to the very top of the light house with out even looking a the light, because they didn’t have the eye things to put on. And one last question for you Angie, have you yet to think up a title for the next book in the series. I’d truly love to know. 🙂 – Emily

    • Angie Sage

      Syrah got DisPossessed when Jim Knee put the Syren into the bottle- something only a jinnee can do. A Possessive Spirit cannot operate when it is vapourised in a bottle- in fact, not many people can either.
      Miarr got the Light back up to the top of the Catt Rokk lighthouse himself. Lucy actually had 2 spare eyshields that jakey had given her but in the end Miarr did it. Lucy and Wolf Boy just encouraged him.


  205. Oliver

    Hey Angie. I’m one of your biggest fans. Want proof? Out of all my friends that read Septimus Heap, I’m the only one that figured out that Wolf Boy has two twin brothers. I was wondering how do we get those birthday cards from you? It would be a great present for my friend Adam.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Oliver,

      Yes – that takes a bit of reading to figure that out! And it was great to hear about that as it made me think about something for book 6…

      Not sure what birthday cards? I think I’ll pass on those if you don’t mind –


  206. Angie, I love all your books. I think my favourite animal has to be Ullr. He’s so cute and I love cats Oh, and Emily, if you want to talk to me you can email me at ( i know it’s wierd) -Katy

  207. Emily

    Yeah me neither, but I keep coming up with more questions as I read the other responses. Like when is Beetle going to, like Katy said, get the guts to tell Jenna what he thinks of her, it’s obivious how he feels and I’m wondering how Jenna could overlook that? And I’ve got one last thing for Quentin, please email me at so we will not disturb Angie’s page with comments not to her by the polite request of Shauki. Thanks. – Emily

  208. sweet_syren

    hello angie! when i started to read your books, i was in a magyk trance for days! i couldnt get out of the worlds! i fell in love with the characters from the first chapter! i really want a bed like jenna’s cupboard too! 😉 really looking forward to the movie!!! i keep reading the books over and over again. im on my 6th time reading syren. is the movie going to be animated? i kind of hope not, i want to see jenna and beetle in true people :). i love spit fyre! i cant wait for the movie and next book! hopefully the movie comes out soon! 😀 ta-ta for now!! 🙂

    • Angie Sage

      No, NOT animated. Like you I want them to be real people. It has to be to get the subtlety.


  209. Quentin

    i mean no disrespect, but i have been waiting an eternity and Angie has not answered my questions to her.

  210. Quentin

    Hi i’m back from boarding school for a day. Boarding school is very enjoyable and it is like one gigantic family! I’m glad you thought my introduction was good, you should post your one.

  211. Hi angie. I love- as in worship- your series! but i do have a few observations. as in, beetle should really work up a spine and tell jenna how she feels already. and i think marcia is a great character- the books wouldn’t be half as good without her- but she’s such a hipocrite! Also, i just wanted to let you know that im dying for more of septimus’s story. he rocks. But i need to ask you something too. what is the cover of flyte supp0sed to be? I know magyk is the apprentice diary, physik is the I, Marcellus, Queste is the binding of nicko’s notes and Syren is syrah’s book but I just can’t figure out what flyte might be. i hope you had a great holiday, Christmas and new year. Your all time biggest fan, Katy

    • I’m not sure but the flyte cover I think is the charms that made Septimus fly, remember, because the were put together the arrow and the wings on the back.

    • Angie Sage

      Beetle is still overawed by Jenna – and he’s shy too. Also, he thinks if he says anything Jenna will run a mile.
      Marcia doesn’t care if she’s a hypocrite.
      the Flyte cover is the Draxx dragon manual …


  212. Kate

    sorry im not too good at this. anyway, i love your books but i had a couple questions. you don’t need to answer if theyre secret!
    is beetle ever going to get re-hired? and will th queen ever appear to jenna?
    your number one super fan, kate! YOU RULE!

    • Angie Sage

      Beetle … wait and see what happens in book 6
      And the Queen – well it would be really mean if she didn’t. But I am not sure when she will decide to do this.
      When The Time Is Right – as she would say…


  213. Kate

    OH. My Gosh!! Angie sage is, like, my idol! she’s my fave author EVER! If I could meet her, I would just die! I love all her books and I wish she was writing more than just seven about Septimus. I wonder if he ever gets to be the ExtraOrdinary Wizard? Hmm. . . that would be neat. What year of the apprenticship is he in again? I find it hard to keep track of that stuff.

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Kate!

      Sometimes I wish I was writing more than seven too… it will be hard to leave Sep & co.

      In book 6 Sep is just over halfway through his apprenticeship. I lose track sometimes too.


  214. Emily

    sorry I haven’t replied sooner,homework stuff you know. Pretty much every day of the week from all classes. 😦

  215. Emily

    I’m from America. Born and raised. To tell you the truth, other than the 1/32 choctaw indian and little bit of dutch, I’m all irish and black irish. Your introduction sounded very good in my opinion, I think Angie will agree too. Since I’ve gone to public school all my life, what is it like at boarding school, or how is it different from public school? – Emily

  216. adam wilson

    Hello Angie! I am a huge fan. and i definatly think emma watson would be awesome for the role of Marcia. I am obsessed with your books!!! (Thank Goodness!!) You are a better writer than J.K. Rowling (pesonally) Hope you find an awesome cast sometime soon! 🙂

    • Angie Sage

      Thanks, Adam!

      The casting is up to Warners – but I;m really looking forward to see who they choose. It won;t be just yet, though…


  217. Quentin

    i’m going back to boarding school in an hour, so if i don’t appear for a while, bye.

    • Quentin, please, if you want to post a comment it’s okay, but not a lot of sentences in a lot of comments. 🙂

  218. Quentin

    I’m 3/4 English and the rest is mostly Northern Irish

  219. Quentin

    sorry earlier that’s treated like dirt, and website

  220. Quentin

    I live in England, I’m half English and mostly British. I did see the quiz games on the wbsite. My book’s introduction is where he is treayed like dirt and soon a man takes him way. I don’t know when Angie Sage will check this. I met her because my form tutor is her cousin. The first paragraph is really full of emotion. If i break the page, damn.

    “Boy, why haven’t you served that man at table four his breakfast yet?” As Viran opened his mouth in order to reply, Mrs Tyler (or as Viran liked to refer to her, Mrs Leech) gave him a look of pure loathing and angrily whispered loudly to him, “useless orphan scum. No scraps for your breakfast today.” “But-,” started Viran, about to protest, though, as usual, wasn’t able to get a word in.” No excuses! Always arguing, always making excuses. Try being some help would you?” Then she stormed off. Viran hated Mrs Leech with a passion, and Viran had no doubt that Mrs Leech despised him above all others as well. Viran was actually taking the man at table four’s breakfast to him when Mrs Leech had decided to extract some misery from Viran. Even if Viran had been able to get a word in Mrs Leech wouldn’t have listened. She seemed to think that it was her mission in life to make Viran’s life as miserable, unpleasant and hateful as was possible. To the customers Mrs Leech appeared as a kind, delightful woman. It angered Viran when they said, “you must love living with her. She’s a character she is!” Oh, she was a character indeed, there was no arguing with that, thought Viran. The most unpleasant character that ever lived under the sun. Mrs Leech was a deceitful, wicked woman. She would have made a superb actress though, judging by how everyone had a false image of her and no one could see through those sweet smiles, except Viran. Viran was forced to work night and day for the Leeches, and what did he get in return? A few table scraps and a small cupboard to sleep in which had once been used as a place to dump rubbish. Even years later it still had a foul air about it. Viran could do nothing about the way he was treated. The only other option was to live as a beggar in streets, and the place he would probably then have to sleep in was the gutter. Viran was constantly abused, both verbally and physically by the Leeches and their two sons and daughter, usually he was beaten. If Viran retaliated in any way, he would go hungry and just get even more beatings. Sometimes Viran thought that he would actually be better off living as a beggar. To stop himself going insane, Viran would always imagine in his spare time, scarce as it was, that he was somewhere else. That he was a knight who had rescued a princess and in thanks had been given her hand in marriage. That he was a mighty lord where people looked up to him and where everything was perfect. However, these were all fantasies. Over the years, Viran had come to accept the bitter, harsh edge of reality. He would not be saved; he would not become a knight or lord. He would always work in torment at this inn, ‘The Ivy House’; he would always be treated like dirt, worse than dirt even. Viran doubted the gods even existed. How could the mighty ‘Powers’ allow their world to suffer like it did? Why couldn’t everyone be happy, why didn’t the Powers care for their own creations? There couldn’t be gods, unless they were tools of Chaos. Viran would never be saved. It was a ridiculous thought to think it was even possible.

    • Okay not that I’m angie but I loved your introduction and vocabulary…sorry to reply but it would be a torture(not really) if i didn’t because writing is like my best subject in school.

      • Quentin

        thanks, if you want i could email more of it to you, i’ve done 18 pages now!

    • Tasslehoff

      I loved reading this. It grabed me once I started reading.

      ~ Tasslehoff

      P.S. Tasslehoff is just a nickname I don’t like giving my real name out on the web. Tasslehoff is a person in a book called dragonlace.

  221. Emily

    Oh, and have you cheaked out Septimus it pretty cool, I’ve been playing on it lately. – Emily

  222. Emily

    I’ve never got the pleasure of meeting Angie Sage, but hope to soon. And I do believe that it would be a pleasure to read the paragragh you were talking about. Unfortunately mine’s a bit too long to do that. I read a whole book out of the series too in just a day. Almost got grounded for not getting ready for bed when told. What country do you live in, I find it interesting to have coversations with people from other countries. And do you know when Angie might cheak this? I look and see every day but haven’t seen anything from her yet. – Emily

  223. Quentin

    I forgot to say earlier thet i love the books. When i was at school i read each one in a day (i’m a really fast reader) and please visit my school again Angie Sage! It was lovely meeting you!

    • Angie Sage

      Thanks Quentin – it was a lovely school and I really enjoyed my visit,


  224. Quentin

    It’s ok. I’ve been trying since i was was 10 but i’ve kept on changing versions but this is the last one. When an author came to my school i was inspired to create a book. My greatest strength is creative writing (i got 94% on the Harrow Scholarship creative writing section)and i absorb any fantasy book in a day, including the Septimus Heap series, so i get loads of ideas! My main character is an orphan, it is fantasy, if anyone wants the first paragraph i’ll post it, please give me your opinion!

  225. Emily

    Angie, I was also trying, or atempting to constuct a book as well. Not any complete fantasy but a science fiction about a life sorce held on a distance undiscovered planet in the year 2314. But it would have never occured to me to ask an author’s opinion on it. Thanks for giving me the idea Quentin. – Emily

  226. Quentin

    Hi Angie Sage, i’m the 12 year old boy who is writing a book which you liked when i showed some of it to you at Sunningdale School, where your cousin teaches. Is this the website you were talking about? If so, how do i send you some paragraphs of it?

    • Angie Sage


      yes, this IS the website. I had some trouble getting my replies posted the last month or so but I’ve worked it out now. I’ll tell my cousin to give you my email address.


  227. Emily

    Oh and I heard about the movie, can’t wait to see how that turns out either. Especially since your doing the script yourself, Angie. And are their any other books signings that you’re going to do around the Kanas City, MO area. I would enjoy going to one.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Emily,

      I hope I’ll be coming back to the USA when the next book is out. I live in England!
      Keep an eye on this website as I always say where I’m off too.

    • Angie Sage

      No No! I’m NOT doing the script. Warners have contracted some very good writers, but I really don’t have any input at the moment.


  228. Emily

    That is so cool I can’t wait to read them. I also have a question about the books. What year is all this supposed to be taking place, like in the midevil times or are their lifestyles what makes them like a paralel Universe? Just kind of curious, you know one of those things you start to wonder after a while of reading. – Emily

  229. Emily

    Angie Sage. Oh my Gosh when I read your first book I was hooked. Last Year I read the first four septimus Heap books in about a month,so when I heard of syren it went straight to the top of my christmas wishlist. Now I own the whole series and am reading again to refresh what happens in the story. I still can’t put it down. Please let me know if your going to write more books after syren? – Emily (age 13)

    • Hi Emily,
      welcome to the blog.
      Usually, this is Angie’s section, but I will provide you a reply: Septimus Heap is a septet – there will be 7 books in the series. Actually, Angie is in the middle of writing the sixth book, untitled yet.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Emily,

      So glad you like Sep so much – I’m going to write 7 in all. I’m halfway through writing book 6 now.


    • septimus heap

      the next book will probably have dom Daniel coming back and tod has to defeat him

  230. Lily

    I have a question about Jenna. In Flyte, it mentions that Jenna will have a daughter. This question may be too foward but does Jenna already know the person who is going to be her husband or does she have yet to meet him? Also I agree with one of the people who commented above. Marcellus and Marcia do have a lot of similarities. Their names are even similiar. That’s a cool observation.

    • Angie Sage

      No, Jenna doesn’t know who is going to be her husband (and neither do I at the moment). It will be up to her. And does she yet have to meet him? I’m not sure…

  231. Sam

    Hi Angie, Love the books, and especially the characters, and I do a bit of writing myself, and something I do sometimes that I wondered if you do as well, are any of the characters in your books taken (At least partially) from people you know in real life? (Personality wise?)

    • Angie Sage

      I would have said no until recently, when I realised that maybe Marcia was rather like someone I once shared a flat with in London when I was about 20. But it wasn’t a deliberate thing and generally I would say no, I don’t. Or I try not to , anyway…


  232. Sydney

    Hello, Angie! I hope you had a great Christmas. I’m very excited that I found this site ~ I am, however, technologically challenged so I’m not sure if I’m doing this right. I apologize if I break your page.
    Anyway, I did have a question ~ What age range is Marcia, in the book timeline? She may be offended by this question, as she stated in her interview for the Magykal Papers that it was ‘none of my business!’ but let her know that I am merely curious. I imagined her to be in her late 30s, but I’m really not sure.

    Thank you, I appreciate your time, happy writing! :]

    • Angie Sage

      HI Sydney,

      sorry this is a late reply – I keep missing bits…
      Marcia was in her mid twenties when she took over from Alther, so in the books she is mid thirties on…

      So you are right. She is touchy about her age, but then she’s touchy about lots of things. I’d take no notice…


      • Sydney

        No, it’s cool! I didn’t mind the wait… I feel slightly stalker-ish, to be honest, it notifies me by email every time someone posts something on here (I’m not quite sure why) so I’ve been entertained by everyone’s questions.

        Thanks for answering my Marcia question. She’s just to cool! I think it’s neat that you interact with fans this way – it’s an opportunity a lot of authors don’t provide. It makes me love the stories that much more, as I now realize they’re coming from someone so friendly.

        One last thing I’ll bug ‘ya about ~ How do you feel about fan art? While I appreciate written media, I work better (at least I like to think I do) in the visual aspects. After reading books I often sketch out my idea of the characters… I believe I have some doodles of your characters around here, and I’d love to hear what you think about them.

        Thanks so much again from your time.. it really means a lot to a meager fan.

  233. Angie Sage

    Hi Monica,.

    Well, the person I’d really like to play Marcia is Emma Thompson …

    • Angie Sage

      PS Happy Christmas!!

      • Monica

        Oh my gosh!! I love Emma Thompson!!! She would be great for the part to, if you come to think of it.

      • septimus heap

        I wonder what ever happened to Marcellus

      • Angie Sage

        Marcellus is fine, and is peeved that there was no room for him in TodHunter Moon. He thanks you for asking after him.

  234. Monica

    Angie I have a question. Everyone is saying that Lauren Graham wouldn’t be a good Marcia, but I think she would be. So I want ed to ask the writer of the books. Do you agree?

  235. ben

    i love your books their awsome!!!!!!!

  236. ben

    what is the next book your writing called?

    • Angie Sage

      I haven’t named it yet – I leave that until I am about half way through as I am never sure exactly how a book is going to turn out. I do have a working title but tis secret for now…

  237. Jess Falon

    I heard you played counterfeet at the book shops on your tour… HOW?! lol i tried to make counterfeet but hopelessly failed

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Jess!

      Oh, I so wish I had played CounterFeet, but I didn’t. But I do intend to try and work out how some time soon. I reckon what you must have heard about was one of the bookshops did a Draw from the Questing Pot. There were 7 Questing Stones and instead of getting sent on a fatal quest (not good for customer relations) you got a book as a prize.

      How goes the band?

      Happy Christmas to you and your family!

  238. Katie Green

    Wow, I was reading these books for the millionth time and I just had a strange revelation. Even though Marcia says she hates Marcellus Pye, they actually have a lot in common. The’ve both got dark hair and like pointy shoes and they’re just kind of quirky. Plus they’ve both taught Septimus. Kind of weird parallels.

    • Angie Sage

      Hmm, I know, very true …
      Is it a love/hate thing I wonder?

      Happy Christmas!!

  239. Sigrid

    I am a BIG fan, and ive been acting for like 6 years, and ive love to for audition for jenna, but i live in norway. what should i do?
    (my english is quite good but still they cant have an norwaygian actress in an english film, can they?)

    • Angie Sage

      Don’t worry about this yet as Warner Brothers have not got to casting the movie – it is still in development. As soon as I know anything about casting I will post it here.

      Happy Christmas!

  240. I love chapter 8 the laboratory.All the characters are so funny.I mean extraordinary

    • Angie Sage

      That was fun to write. I do like writing Marcia when she is irritated…

  241. Sara

    I tried visiting the website listed above but it doesn’t work. Are you sure it’s a real site?

    • Sara, that is not a link. It’s an email address: septimusheapofficialblog [at] yahoo [dot] com.
      You must replace [at] with “@” and [dot] with a dot, “.”
      Then, you can write an email to Angie.

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Sara,

      it is a real site! Just send a message and i’ll get back to you. I am trying to post more often – Happy Christmas!

  242. megan

    angie i think i am the number 1 fan when i first read magyk i couldn’t stop !!!!!!!!!!!! please email me back yuor biggest fan ever

    • Hi Megan,
      the only way you can connect with Angie is writing her at septimusheapofficialblog [at] yahoo [dot] com.

    • Angie Sage

      Hello megan,
      I have finally worked out how to reply to posts so you can get in touch with me here from now on. I’ll be logging in every week,

    • Lauren

      🙂 i guess megan and i are both the biggest fans because the second i started reading magyk i fell in love!!!! i was wondering when the auditions were and where they are because i live in new york and i want to play jenna. im NOT a famous actress but i HAVE had some experience, im rly looking forward to the auditions!!!! ❤

      • Angie Sage

        Hi Lauren,

        no casting yet as the movie is still in development! As soon as I know anything I will post it here,

        Happy Christmas!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Megan – have a very Happy Christmas!

    • Angie Sage

      Happy Christmas, Megan!

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