Ask Angie #7: Archive

Ask Angie #7 is now an archive of all the amazing Septimus Heap questions you have asked over the years and it’s no longer taking questions. If you have a new Septimus Heap (or Araminta Spookie) question please post it on the New Ask Angie. Or you can get in touch with Angie Sage direct via the contact page on her website:



353 thoughts on “Ask Angie #7: Archive

  1. Shaan

    Hey Angie, I was just wondering where you got the whole idea of ‘Magyk’. Was it from reading another or other multiple books? Or from the places you grew up? Or was it just a random idea that became really successful? I love your books soo much! Thank You! x

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Shaan,

      I’m not sure where the idea came from. I do know it took a very long time to get it all together. I thought about it all for ages before I began the first book. And when I did begin to write Magyk, I was amazed at how the world continued to grow. It felt as if I had stumbled upon something real.

      There probably are unconscious echoes of books I have loved in there – particularly Titus Groan by Mervyn Peake – but really I feel as though I am reporting on somewhere that actually exists.

      I’m so pleased you love the world too!


  2. Mr. Inkwell

    Salutations Ms. (or is it Mrs.?) Sage.

    I’ve a simple, yet incredibly complex question for you, that I seem to be currently struggling with. Everyone knows that a good book is built upon by it’s characters, and good characters can save even the sorriest of plots. My question being, how do you make such realistic and good characters? I seem to be able to make basic characters, but they seem to be lacking the depth that yours have, despite how realistic their actions, and reactions are, and how they strive to meet their goals. They seem to be a suit that doesn’t quite fit; one made from stretched silk, instead of a lovely weaved satin.

    In short, they act realistically, but they don’t seem real.

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Mr Inkwell,

      It’s just Angie!

      Characters … I don’t know how it happens. Some things about writing one can explain and other things one can’t. I do feel as though I am actually inside my characters’ heads when I write – maybe it is a question of actually becoming your characters rather than observing them from outside. Get into their shoes. And their smelly socks…

      I do know that some writers build a story for their characters: family, friends, past history etc. It might be a good idea to try with one of yours and see if it makes a difference. Take a character who you are drawn to and see if you can get to know them better. Then jump into their minds and see how it feels.
      Weird, I know. But then writing is.

      I do love your metaphor – weaved satin.

      So do keep writing, and I hope this has helped just a little.


  3. Taylor

    Hi Angie! So i took latin this year and as I was rereading things I realized that a lot of the names are latin. Such as Septimus meaning seventh son and Syrah and Marcellus and Marcia and Silas etc. Was that purposeful?

    • Angie Sage

      Salute Taylor,

      The name, “Septimus” was deliberate, but the rest less so. I love Latin names, and I do seem to have chosen quite a few. They do have a solid, timeless quality about them too.


      • Yeah-funny joke about that. We were learning about Septagints in History and after the class I went to my friend and said “and that’s why Septimus is called Septimus” and she said “Oh! When the teacher said it I thought ‘that sounds like Septimus!'” It also helped me remember the date for the Septagint which was 252 B.C.E.

  4. Merrin

    This is the 7th blog!!! will we ever get to see merrin again in sandrider or book 3?

    • Angie Sage

      Yes, it’s the Magykal number seven!

      Despite trying to persuade Merrin back for the trilogy, I have not bee successful, I am sorry to say. I think he has decided to have a complete break with the Castle and make a new life for himself in the Port.

      I can’t say I blame him.

  5. Jethro

    I love your writing so much! You are such a nice, pleasant person and it really shows through your writing. I have loved your books for many many years ever since Queste came out new when I was a child. When will we find out more about Sanrider, and do you think you could write an adult book after the end of septimus (tears). It has been ten years now since magyk came out (more tears at how fast time is) and most of your child fans are ready for a more hefty, adult version of your perfect writing.
    Thank you!

    • Angie Sage

      Thank you!
      SandRider is out this October, so you’ll find out yet more things in there.
      I would very much like to write a books for us grown-ups. I do have what I think is a really good idea, but I have no time in which to write it! However one day I will.
      And thank you so much for your encouragement.

  6. Camille

    Hi Angie! First I just want to tell you that your books led me into my deep love of reading and for that I am eternally grateful. Secondly, I was wondering how you came up with the idea of the Queen’s room and whether it was inspired by anything in particular? Thank you so much!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Camille,

      I am so pleased that Septimus led you into your love of reading – thank you so much for telling me.

      The Queen’s room … I think it was the secret room I always wanted to find when I was a child. The place where no one could find me – especially my little brother. The drawer that smells of peppermint chocolates is from my Grannie’s house many years back. She always kept mint chocolates in it, so even when there were none left in there, it still smelled of them.

  7. mayra

    hi angie, i noticed a discrepancy with beetle’s parentage. the later books maintain that his dad died while he was an infant & that was how he received his name but in the earlier books it makes it seem as if hes still alive. which is correct?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Myra,

      Indeed, Beetle has been a little careless. However, this is explained in one of the later books (can’t remember which one). Beetle was apt to spin a few stories about his father being still alive. But he wasn’t, unfortunately. There was also a confusion about whet he was killed by a spider bite or a snake bite. But Beetle is over all that now…

  8. mayra

    hello again angie,
    forgot to ask, whatever happened with spitfyre? in his hatching/naming of him sep states they are companions until the end but then he leaves! does he ever come back? does he have little dragon babies?

    • Angie Sage

      You will meet Spit Fyre again in SandRider: TodHunter Moon book 2. So far he’s got an adopted baby Orm. None of his own yet. We shall have to see…

  9. Jethro

    When I go to Cornwall, is there a chance I could meet you? I won’t be able to go there for several years though, since I live quite far from there and traveling is expencive.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Jethro,

      You are right, travelling is expensive. I don’t know where you live? But I am often at Book Festivals easier to get to than Cornwall. Check out the details I post here in Angie’s Blog.
      Of course if you live in the USA you’ll have a bit of water to cross over first…

  10. Hannah

    Hello Angie!
    I don’t have any questions, I just wanted to tell you how much I LOVE Septimus Heap!! These are my favorite series (after Lord of the Rings) and I have read them a million times!! I was SOOO happy when PathFinder came out! THANK YOU SO MUCH for writing such an amazing series!!! You are so awesome!!!
    PS. WOW! Ask Angie 7!! That’s awesome! And very Magykal number! 🙂

    • Angie Sage

      So pleased you love Sep!
      And thanks for telling me… yep, 7 is a good number,

  11. Mr. Inkwell

    Thanks Angie, helped a lot. Just took my current favorite character, (Lucas), sat down, wrote everything I thought I knew of him. It still didn’t look quite right though. So I changed what felt necessary and added what HE wanted, needed. Now he’s even more insane, (if that’s possible), a little more far-fetched, but at the same time, more believable. So I’m going to do that with the rest of them, and see where that takes me.

    Thanks once again for your help!

    • Angie Sage

      I’m so pleased it worked. Now you know who’s really in charge when you write… and it’s not the writer!

  12. Maja

    Hi Angie, hope you’re having a nice day!
    I was wondering, will Syrah make an appearence in Sandrider or book 3?

    • Angie Sage

      Syrah is in retirement in the Ramblings and doesn’t appear again in the mainstream titles. However, she does begin the new YA book I started a while back. I’ve not had time to finish it yet though. I’m hoping to get some time soon…

  13. Karen Butns

    Do you do any book signings? My son is a huge fan and so are all of his friends. He really wants to find a book signing to meet you and have one of us books signed by his favorite author.

    • Angie Sage

      If you live in the UK you can generally find me somewhere! The next place I will be is Cardiff on March 28th. I’ll post details very soon. Check out my Twitter for up to the minute news… @AngieSageAuthor.
      Hope to see your son soon!

  14. Hi, Angie! Been awhile since I visited here (I totally missed AA6, for one!), not to mention I’ve gotten into three other fandoms besides Sep Heap, and the HIGH SCHOOL JUNIOR YEAR CURSE has hit me – but somehow I found time to return to your books, and I do have a couple questions. Sadly I have not yet read anything from TodHunter Moon, which I NEED to do still, so all of these questions will be from the main series.

    1) I noticed that Ethel’s name can be short for Etheldredda. Since Ethel the duck came from that Queen’s time, was this a coincidence or was it on purpose?
    2) Will there be a possible reappearance of Miarr, maybe in THM? Do you think he’s creepy or cool-looking? Will he have any long-lost relatives? Did I ask this question before? (If so, sorry!)
    3) Being from the U.S. ….what would the Americas have been renamed in the Sep Heap world? Or would anyone in the Small Wet Country Across the Sea (aka Britain) have even remembered the Americas by that point?
    4) In Darke, it says that “Marcellus clutched the I, Marcellus”. But in Physik when Marcia takes it out, it had been ruined by the paper beetles. Was he able to get it restored then?
    5) Miarr says CattRokk Light is 343 ft tall. I’m assuming you knew that 343 is 7 to the 3rd power? (and therefore a ‘7’ number)
    6) This is kind of a minor question about eye color, but: in Magyk, the Hunter is said to have ice-blue eyes, and in Physik, Jillie Djinn has bright green eyes. Could the Hunter be related to witches/warlocks, and Jillie Djinn to Wizards? (The latter would be rather funny, considering she disapproves of Wizards and vise-versa.)
    7) It says in Darke that the Safety Curtain will be raised again by “someone who wished he had taken part the first time” aka Septimus. Will this happen at all in TodHunter Moon?

    And finally….
    8) Here’s a question for Shauki: How is your name pronounced? 😀

    Thank you!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Lilya,

      Hope you’ve recovered from your fiendish year!
      1. A coincidence!
      2. I do like Miarr but he’s not coming back in THM. Who knows, there may one day be something he does appear in (a-purr in?) but nothing yet…
      3. I think they call it the Big, Wild Land over the ocean.
      4. Marcellus had his own copy. And he looked after it, of course.
      5. Yup! Pretty much all the numbers in the Sep books have something to do with 7 or 13.
      6. Eye colour just indicates a potential, not always fulfilled. But the possibility of there. I’d say the Hunter definitely had some Warlock in him.
      7. I’m working on this. It’s not happened yet but I do have hopes…
      8. You will have to ask Shauki!
      Hope this year is going well for you….


  15. H.P.P.J.S.H.S.M.

    Hi Angie,
    First off I want to thank you for an awesome series so well written and filled to the brim with humor.
    I have started writing my own book and some days I feel really good about it, like it’ll be the best book ever, and some days I feel like it’s really stupid. When you wrote your first book, did you sometimes feel like it was the dumbest thing ever?
    Any writing tips will also be greatly appreciated.

    • Angie Sage


      Thank you so much!

      Your feelings about your writing are totally and utterly normal! It is very difficult to get started with writing, I think. Of course some people seem to find it easier than others. I’ve never found it remotely easy and it took me a very long time to write anything I thought was any good.

      All I can say is just keep on trying. Most writers need a ton of practice before anything good works out. Have you considered joining a writing group so you can get some feedback from people not connected with you? And it is also very instructive to listen/read what other new writers write as well. It also stops you feeling so alone and crazy with the writing. I would really recommend that!

      Keep on keeping on! And good luck too,


  16. Lisa

    Hi Angie!

    I loved PathFinder and am so excited to see what happens to Tod as sep’s apprentice. I have two questions.
    1.) At the end of the TodHunter Moon trilogy, will you do an epilogue telling us what happened to all of the characters? Like what Tod is like when she grows up and who Sep and Jenna ended up marrying?
    2.) This question is more specific but I wondered why Marcia is suddenly okay with darke magyk in pathfinder. In the main series, she always seems the most opposed to darke magyk of anyone. I think there was something in darke about her being a little unbalanced because she personally didn’t like to use it. I sort of admired the fact that Marcia was really that determined to only dapple in good things. What changed her mind?



    • Angie Sage

      Hi Lisa,

      I think I may well do an epilogue at the end, although I don’t want to sew up too many ends as I’d like to keep on with a few YA Sep novellas once I’ve finished THM. I’ll see what my editor thinks…

      Marcia – she’s just developing her sense of Magyk. When she was EOW she felt a great responsibility to the Wizard Tower. Now she is coming to understand that not everything is so black and white. She is getting her balance right now. But Marcia would never misuse it. Never, never!


  17. Hi Angie,
    The Septimus Heap’s books are the best ! I was in love with Harry Potter’s book but my parents says “Try something new” and I have try… Now I can’t imagine don’t read Magyk (this is the French title) !!! I have read three or four time all of the books (but I havn’t got Fyre 😥 ) and all of time, it was SO COOL! Thanks very much!!!!
    I have just a question, in the third book, you have write than Jenna Heap have meet Jenna Crackle and she gave to her a potion of a lot of Magyk for the dragon boat. But I have never read than she used it. I have never read Fyre and I don’t know if you write that in this book (in France, they have say than they will not translate Fyre 😥 I’m so sad).
    Thank you for having taken time to read it 🙂 And sorry for the writings :p

    • Angie Sage

      Hi –
      I’m so pleased you’ve discovered Septimus!
      Jenna does use the potion in the last book, Fyre. Which is sad because I know that you won’t be able to read it in your own language. I am so sorry about that, but Albin Michel, the publisher decided not to translate. 😦
      But the good news is that some french fans are planning to do their own translation and if they do I will post details here.
      Thank you for loving the books!

  18. Sara

    Hi Angie!

    I decided to read again the Darke Toad a week ago and I realized that I don’t know who the woman who recognizes Simon at the Port is. Did I miss something? Who is she?

    Thank you,

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Sarah,
      I’m going to check this one out, but I’m pretty sure it is Linda, the witch.

  19. Hannah

    Hello Angie!
    I don’t have any questions, I just wanted to tell you how much I LOVE Septimus Heap!! These are my favorite series (after Lord of the Rings) and I have read them a million times!! I was SOOO happy when PathFinder came out! THANK YOU SO MUCH for writing such an amazing series!!! You are so awesome!!! I love everything about this series, I can’t think of anything that doesn’t make sense or anything that I didn’t understand, so I have no questions! I love the way you write and how awesomely creative these books are. You are an AMAZING author! I am getting all my siblings to read this series! I love Sep and his friends SOOOOO MUCH!!!! THANKS SO MUCH FOR SUCH A GREAT SERIES! I love them and I will definitely recommend them to everyone and when I grow up, ALL my kids will read them!! Thanks!!!!!
    Hannah ❤ 🙂 😀

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Hannah,
      Sorry you have had such a long time to await for a reply. Writing StarChaser took my head over…
      Thank you so, so much for all your comments, it really does make a difference to hear them. I do love writing Septimus too, and even though I have finished the spin of trilogy now, I’m going to carry on writing about the world and particularly Sep and co just for fans. Thank you again!

  20. Druella

    There is no detailed description of Marcia in the books. The reader know how she looks like in general but not more. (Which is good!) But there is this assumption that she might me a gypsy (It would be very interesting to know where she comes from. I never thought about that, some people see her a bit more chinese, some as someone from south Europe like Spain and some as a woman from Great Britain with dark hair.). Now my question is: Do you have an ethnic for her or another character in the books in mind at all?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Druella,

      I have always thought that Marcia comes from the East somewhere, she is definitely not native to the country where the Castle is. Beyond that I have not thought specifically about her origins, as I suspect that in the future lines between races will be much more blurred.

      When writing the books I don’t usually think about people’s ethnicity, although they are from all over the world (Jenna’s background is Venetian). And in SandRider there is a character called Kaznim who is obviously kind of Arabic/Bedouin.

      So a whole mixture is there!

  21. Daisy

    Hi Angie

    How did Septimus and Jenna react to Marcia and Milo’s marriage? Was it in the Caslte Did she actually get married before she retired? And did she retire to get married or was there some other reason? And do Nicko and Snorri finally get married? That would be awesome!

    Sorry for so many questions….


    • Angie Sage

      Hi Daisy,

      They were both rather shocked at first. And I am looking forward to writing about that when I get some time. But Jenna was also rather surprised to discover how fond she was of Marcia and how supportive Marcia was of her.

      Nicko and Snorri will get married fairly soon I suspect. Perhaps I should mention that in StarChaser… 🙂

  22. Mayra

    Hi Angie,
    love your books! I’m a little Shell shocked that you answered! hate to be a bother but I have one more question. what happens to Marcellus? I know he was mentioned in passing in pathfinder, but I really hope we get to see more of him.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Mayra,
      Sorry this answer is sooooo late!
      Marcellus has become a silent character in THM. I love Marcellus but there was not space to fit him in. However, I do still want to write more Septimus and am planning something now. It will fill in the gap between Fyre and THM. Marcellus will be there!

  23. Victoria Ann Bell

    kind of a morbid question but do any of the characters die in the next two books?

  24. Harman

    Hi Angie!

    I was wondering about why you use three stars to signal a break in the story, something do you a lot in Queste. I was curious as to what makes you choose between inserting those three stars versus starting a new paragraph without indentation, like you’ve done more in the earlier books. I’m a writer too and wasn’t sure which one to use for which occasion.


    • Angie Sage

      Hi Harman,

      It’s the HarperCollins house style. I think it’s there to show a larger break in the chapter than just a line break. Because I have a template of 49 chapters for each Septimus book sometimes there is a point where actually I would like to begin a new chapter but can’t because of that. I suspect that is when the stars become useful.

  25. Solymar

    Hi Angie,
    I LOVE all of your books and absolutely adored Pathfinder. I can’t wait till book two comes out! I actually left a comment on Ask Angie 6 before I realized that there was a 7, but that doesn’t really matter. I have just a few questions now that I have read Pathfinder, though.
    1.) Is Syrah coming back? (Sorry, but I can’t help but ask) She’s my favorite character and I really want to read about her again. I’m also a big Septimus x Syrah fan (I know it’s probably not going to happen though… 😦 ) so that really adds to it.
    2.) This is also about Septimus x Syrah.(I just really have to get this out of the way) Is something going to happen between them? Just something???? I think this shipping makes a lot of sense, actually, considering that Rose is now with Foxy (they seem cute together) and Jenna and Septimus are siblings. (Just think of what Sarah would think…) And Syrah not that much older then Septimus because she didn’t age from her time on Syren plus the DisEnchantment. I just have to know if something ( *cough* ROMANTIC *cough*) is going to happen there. It would be the best…
    3.) Say the characters all had cool little hobbies like:
    Rose- Is a good singer
    Syrah- Is a great chef
    Jenna- Can play the guitar
    Nicko and Beetle- Like to play poker (I really don’t know where this came from…)
    Things like that
    4.) Are we going to hear more about Septimus’s brothers? Only Simon, Septimus, and Nicko really showed up in Pathfinder. Edd and Erick made a quick appearance and you mentioned Sam bring with Marwick, but no Jo-Jo. I’m actually really curious about Sam and Marwick. Are they dating? That would be soo cute if they were. And I just have a soft spot for twins, so…
    That’s all I’m going to put for now because I don’t want to make your head explode. Again, I love your books and can’t wait for the next one!

    • Angie Sage

      hi Solymar,

      I’m sorry to tell you that Syrah is not coming back in this trilogy. However, we do get to see her in the novella I have just got back to, which goes back to when they are all age 16, a couple of years after Fyre. I shall be publishing this with Septimus Press next year. But first I have to finish writing it …
      The thing with Syrah is that she is very unwell after the DisPossession, and is a faded version of her former self. However, I will bear in mind what you’ve said.
      I like the hobbies thing, I think you might be right about the poker with Nicko and Beetle. Certainly Jo-Jo in Gothyk Grotto plays it. And Marissa.
      In the THM trilogy I’ve tried to give a quick snapshot of each of the brothers’ lives but there has not been much space for more than that. You will see LOTS of Jo-Jo in THM 3: StarChaser. And you will never guess what he ends up being…

  26. What was the name of the first queen to come to the castle?

    • Angie yoo

      The first Queen’s name was not known, but some people call her Queen Eleanor the wise.

    • Angie Yoo

      Hello , Lexi I’m not Angie but it was said that in the Magykal Paper that some people called her Queen Eleanor the wise. I posted this long agod but somhow it mysteriously disappeared. Hope my answer would be helpful to you!

    • Angie Sage

      I seem to remember it was Carminilla. (I may be wrong, it was a long time ago…)
      Yes, I am wrong. I think Angie Yoo is right. Carminilla must have been her daughter.

  27. Emily

    Have you ever had a cabbage sandwich?

    • Angie Sage

      The nearest I have got is lettuce and marmite – delicious!

  28. Isaac

    Hello Angie,
    I love your Septimus Heap series!!!
    I was wondering if you’d be able to elaborate on the appearance of DomDaniel.
    I’ve been reading through Magyk to sort of get ideas and snippets, but I thought that it’s probably best to ask the author herself.
    What do you imagine him looking like in your mind?
    I think I’ve gathered he’s rotund and short and wears a large cylindrical hat (Close to a real-world classic magicians hat???)
    I’d really like to know more about his appearance and the way he moves and stands; is he the slinky sort of sly mover, or a more proud upright guy?

    Thank you

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Isaac,

      Dear old DomDaniel (NOT). Of course there is nothing left of him now, not even bones, but as I recall he was not tall, rather rotund and wore a very silly hat. His eyes were a bit shifty, because he rarely met anyone’s glance and he had a tendency to sweat a lot. I think his hair was probably a bit thin and greasy and it was going thin on the top. If he had lived long enough he would have had a comb-over.
      His hat was like a very tall top hat – the Victorians called them stove-pipe hats.
      He moved with quick, self important strides, as though he always had somewhere more interesting to go.
      He had, at times, bad breath, though no one dared to tell him.
      Hope that gives you a better (or worse!) idea…

  29. Alyssa

    What is septimus heaps birthday?

    • Jaebird

      I’m not Angie, but it’s been mentioned that Jenna and Septimus have their birthday on the Longest Night, which preceeds the Midwinter Feast Day, which suggests their birthday is December 20th, or maybe 21st.

    • I am not Angie to answer, but I think on 22 december, on the longest night

    • Angie Sage

      21st December, the Winter Solstice.

  30. Hi Angie,

    I have developed a theory about the world of septimus heap, and was wondering if you could confirm it? The theory is that it is set in our world in the distant future! I was reading about the ancient technology (like the moving chambers) and thats what got me thinking; but it was the quote at the end of Fyre, and the date in the “What happened next” chapter that really set it in my head.

    Thanks in advanced,


    • Angie Sage

      Hi Thomas,
      yes you are right! If you see the USA edition of PathFinder you will find a map of our world with the sea levels raised by 50 metres. That is how it is in the books.

  31. Emily

    Hi Angie!
    1. Are Jenna and Beetle going to get together?
    2. Is Sep gonna get a gurrrllllll?
    3. Is Sep going to get Rose back, or does he not care anymore?
    Thanks so much, I love this series!

    No, I’m not the other Emily that asked about cabbage sandwiches.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Emily,

      Jenna and Beetle were going out together but Jenna was never quite in love with Beetle, so it has faed a bit. But they are still close.
      Sep has lots of girls, just not a permanent one.
      Rose is in love with Foxy now and Sep is still a little miffed about that, but only because of hurt pride.

      I do hope to do more about all their relationships in future books published by Septimus Press. But it will be a while yet as I have only just finished writing the THM series so need a bit of time to get back to it all.

      I’m so pleased you loves Septimus Heap!

  32. An Ordinary wizard


    I recently finished Fyre (this morning in fact) And Im a bit sad that i finished it
    I absoloutley love your series and books. plesse continue writing!!

    i recently also started Todhunter Moon: Pathfinder
    im wondering if Sep has a crush on anyone? other than syrah on syren.
    I also wanted to know What would happen if sep touched his younger self in the house of foryx? (that sounds wrong)

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Ordinary Wizard,

      Thanks for your encouragement – I do intend to carry on writing, and do a bit more Septimus too.
      Sep has a bit of a crush on Princess Driffa at the moment, which is reciprocated. However, I am not sure that relationship will last very long.

      If he had touched his younger self in the House of Foryx (I know what you mean here!) there was a danger of annihilation, i.e., it is very possible both selves would disappear. I do hope you were able to read this scene as it was deleted from the UK edition. Which reminds me to post it here for those who did not see it…

  33. Where is Jim Knee in the THM? Does Sep let him have a lot of freedom or set him free, or is he back in a bottle somewhere?

    • Angie Sage

      You will see a LOT of Jim Knee in the middle book, SandRider!
      At present he is asleep in the spare bedroom on the 21st floor of the Wizard Tower.

  34. Brianna Orben

    Hello Angie! First, I’d just want you to know that your writing and the world of Septimus Heap has inspired me and has been my favorite series since I picked Magyk up in middle school, ten years ago now. I got busy with college, but now that I have time, I am re-reading and drawing all of my favorite characters and scenes like it’s 6th grade all over again. Your writing is timeless and every character is just so real and lovable, even Simon in Flyte. In addition, as I realized I’m a lesbian in my later years, your open support and subtle inclusion of more than just assumed-straight characters has made me incredibly hopeful and happy. (I may have commented this before years ago, but I forget you have such a wonderful blog here sometimes)

    As for a question, as I’m re-reading Physik now, did you know exactly how you wanted Marcellus to play out as a character? I remember not liking him at all when I first read the book, but by the time I finished Fyre I was fairly enamored with him and how he interacted with the rest of the modern Castle. Specifically Marcia. It’s hard not to love her interactions.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Brianna,

      It’s great to hear from you. Sorry you have had such a long wait for your reply. I am just so pleased that you have found all the things that I tried to put into the series.

      And you have picked up on Marcellus! Yes, when I first wrote about him pulling Sep through the Glass he seemed selfish and very uncaring. And vain too. But he grew on me. Sometimes the characters are like people, when you get to know them they are not what they seem. And Marcellus really developed. And one of my joys has been writing the Marcellus/Marcia duels.

      Thanks so much – and I hope all goes well with you.

  35. Belle

    Hi Angie,
    I was wondering what the theme or moral of the book magyk was. Also, what setting it was. Thanks

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Belle,

      I’m really sorry this reply has taken so long. I’ve been way too busy writing!

      I didn’t set out to write the series with any moral theme, apart from describing life how I think it should be lived. I do try to make things fair and right within the story. And Simon’s long journey back to being accepted has been about redemption, I hope. But I don’t like to dictate any moral stuff. I try to make my characters as real as possible (they do seem real to me) and for most to behave in an ethical way. And I hope that readers will take the moral themes from the book that resonate with them.

      And the setting? in on our world, 12,000 years in the future.

  36. MagaBaga

    Hey Angie I am going to make a modification for the game Minecraft. And i wonder what i sould make? Then I wanted to make a mod with themes from Septimus Heap! But first i needed to Ask the author. So can I use it?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi MagBaga,

      That is fine by me – how fantastic.
      I’m sorry you have had to wait so long for this…

  37. Klea

    If you would make genderpender what would be the maincharacters names. (Septimus, Jenna, Marcia, Simon…)

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Klea,

      I’m going to have to admit here that I don’t know what a genderpender is….

  38. EOW

    I love your books and I can’t wait until SandRider comes out :). I was wondering a couple of things, though: first, what was the promise Sep made to Snow Princess Driffa?????? Also, will Sep in Marcia be in SandRider much, or only a little?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi EOW

      Sep promised he would bring the Orm Egg back to Driffa. He got a bit carried away with his own powers, I think.

      Marcia is not much in SandRider I am sorry to say. If at all. But she is back in StarChaser, Book 3.

  39. FantasticalFantasyReader

    I love your books! I was just looking around the other day and I found somewhere you said you were going to write a series of short stories on Septimus Heap and his friends and I was wondering where I could find them. Thank you so much! I read ALL the time and Fantasy with all it’s Magyk ( 😀 ) has always caught my attention and held me captive to the end. Also I wanted to thank you for writing really good books that are not too violent and are completely clean! Thank you soo much!

    • Angie Sage


      Thank you so much! I’m so pleased you;ve loved Sep Heap.

      I’ve not had time to do any more Sep Heap yet. It’s been a bit of a busy few years, writing both THM and 2 Araminta Spookies and I am only now free to think about writing more Septimus in the way I want to write it – for the fans.

      When I do finish them I will post about it here, and you will be able to find them on Amazon.
      But it won’t be just yet…

  40. Emily

    Hey Angie!

    I’d like to start by telling you what a massive fan I am of your work. I’ve been into your books since my Grandparents brought me Magyk waaaay back in 2005, when I was 10, and I’m 20 this year, I’ve loved your books for a long long time!

    I would like to ask if you ever considered having Septimus (Septimusina?) as a girl. Of course, I don’t think that this is needed at all, because we have strong women in your books (something I am so grateful for!) in Marcia, Jenna, and Sarah to name a few. I just think perhaps it presents an interesting possibility!
    Also, will Jenna marry Beetle? I neeeeeed to know!

    Thanks for being a part of my childhood, and a wonderful place to escape as I forage my way into adulthood.

    Emily x

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Emily,

      I’m so pleased that Sep Heap has stayed with you all this time!

      I didn’t consider having Sep as a girl, as I did have Jen and Marcia, as you say. I hope that overall in the series there are enough strong woman and girls to contact the fact that the series is named for the male character. But this consideration is actually one of the reasons why I did the new spin-off series, TodHunterMoon. This is named for Tod, the main character who is a girl – I hoped it would even things up a bit.

      I’m sorry to say that it’s not looking good for Jen and Beetle. But I have to get back to that….

      • Emily

        Hey Angie!

        I think Sep is a character that will stay with me forever, since that comment I’ve turned 20… And I am eagerly awaiting the next installment of Tod! I did pitch the idea of naming our future son Septimus to my other half, but he said no… I’m working on him! I estimate another good 5 years or so when we’re ready to have kids he will of been worn down by then!

        I do like Septimus as a boy- but I do have to wonder, if (s)he was the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter instead, would she still be just as magical?
        Marcia is of course an absolutely brilliant character, as is Jen. I think Jen, for younger girls at least, will find comfort in her because they can read her and realise even royalty don’t need to stick to female gender stereotypes (namely, her boots!). I know that helped me as a younger girl when I realised I didn’t have to fit society’s norms.

        There are definitely enough strong female characters to keep Septimus in check! But yes, having the new series named for a girl was definitely a good move, because it evens it out and it also puts it on par with many other works of literature that are having the main character female, obviously not for the same age groups (I don’t think younger girls reading your books will QUITE be reading Divergent, Hunger Games etc) but it’s nice to see a female main character in works for younger children (and adults who refuse to stop reading excellent literature just because they’ve become “a bit old” for it, like me).

        It’s a shame that Beetle/Jenna doesn’t seem to be working out, but I have to say that it seems to be that Beetle would probably just do as he was told and let Jenna rule the roost, which would make her happy but eventually may make Beetle unhappy which would be sad.

        Thanks for responding Angie!

        Emily x

  41. leyax

    Hi Angie,
    I wondered if you know if (and if so, when) PathFinder releases in other countries.
    I’m from Germany, and I just read the english version of the book, but I would love to read it in german. I couldn’t find anything about the release in my country, so I thought maybe you could know.
    Just a desperate question 🙂

    And thank you for the loveliest series I’ve ever read, I hope you’ll never stop expanding this world!
    Love xx

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Leyax,

      PathFInder is coming out in Germany, and it should be soon. Perhaps if you go onto Hanser’s website and have a look? I do hope you get to read it in your own language very soon.

      Thank you for your lovely comments, I suspect I will indeed continue expanding the Sep Heap world. There is still so much to explore…

  42. Jethro

    Dear Angie,
    I read in another comment that you are planning to write septimus heap novellas after THM is over. That is AMAZING! Except for one thing: I can’t exactly read novellas, I totally missed the entire DARKE TOAD because my family is anti technology and I can only read real proper books (which are much better, the smell of the pages, the crackle of opening a book the first time, the little jagged binding on the paper, sorry!) but could you please right them as actual books, if you can, thank you!
    And also, I’m a first year in high school right now in America and in three or four years I wanted to study abroad in southern England, but are there any good high schools or colleges around cornwall where I could go and find a host family. Do you know anyone who has come there for a year from America? I think london would be a bit too frightening for me, thank you for writing books and inspiring me!

    • Angie Sage

      hi Jethro,

      I am hoping to get down to writing the first novella soon.

      I do totally understand about ebooks – I love them but the technology is not for everyone. And there is something very special about a real book. But the good news is that in the USA you can read The Darke Toad in book form. There is a paperback edition of MAGYK published a few years ago that has the story in the back. Maybe you can track it down?

      When I finally get the first book written I will remember what you’ve said. We’ll do a small print run and see how it goes…

      It would be great for you to come to England! I do agree, London can be scary and it is so busy and full of people now. And the schools are often pretty fierce too.

      There are some really good schools in the West Country (which is what we call Cornwall, Devon and Somerset) and many are schools (boarding schools) where you can live during the term. This can be a really good experience as you get to do so much more and are with your friends all the time. Most boarding school do charge fees, but they also have scholarships for all kinds of people. There are big (and expensive) schools like Millfield (Somerset) and lots of good smaller ones too. Truro school is very good although you can’t board there. I’m not an expert but you can check all this out online and then maybe nearer the time get in touch with the school you like the look of.

      Good luck with all your plans!

  43. Sam

    Hi Angie!
    I love the Septimus Heap series and although I haven’t read Pathfinder yet I am really excited to! I have two questions that I was wondering about:
    1. Do you think Septimus Heap will ever be turned into a movie or movie series? Just curious.
    2. This may seem like a weird question, but do you know where I could buy a dragon ring like the one from the books? Its really cool.
    Thank you so much!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Sam,

      I’m so pleased you love Septimus Heap!

      We did sign to Warner Brothers for the movie rights but they stopped working on it years ago now. So I don’t think it will be a movie, sadly. But I guess you never know what might happen in the future is one day a SepHeap fan gets to be president of Warner Brothers!

      As WBs have the merchandising rights there aren’t any Sep Heap products on sale. This too is a great shame. However, there is nothing to stop anyone from finding a jeweller and asking them to make a ring just like it. I have been very tempted to do this myself…

  44. Hello Angie!
    I love your Septimus Heap series a lot! I’ve read each one a few times and I’m also really enjoying your new TodHunter Moon series as well- I can’t wait for the next one!
    My main question is:
    Is there a translated version in Japanese? I want to buy a Japanese version to help with my grammar and I’ve seen copies in all sorts of languages, just not the one I want! If there is one, where can I buy it?
    Thank you and I love all of your work!!
    Yours sincerely,

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Ame-Chan

      You can find MAGYK is Japanese. It is as far as I know, the only Sep Heap that got translated and it is a beautiful looking book. I really treasure my Japanese copy. I do hope you manage to find one.
      Maybe you can try Amazon Japan?

  45. Jami-Leigh

    Hi Angie!
    Is there any Septimus Heap merchandise available in Canada, or online? I’d love to have the Dragon Ring, or even some posters would be cool!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Jami Leigh,

      Much as I would love three to be Sep Heap merchandise, this is all with Warner Brothers and so only they can produce it. But it doesn’t stop you making your own – or commissioning something for you.
      If you want some great pictures though, have done some amazing ones.

  46. Sep&Jen=

    Hi Ms. Sage!

    I’ve always imagined Septimus and Jenna together and I think they’re perfect for each other. I don’t think it’s awkward either since they’re technically not brother and sister. Honestly, I feel they haven’t really matured in understanding that together. Even the idea of them being together: Extraordinary Wizard and the Queen-what a power couple! What do you think about Septimus and Jenna being a couple–like, actually in love and sharing a kiss and everything, the whole shazam!
    Also, you should add a story arc to your characters 🙂 Like a war between Magyk and Darke that unites all the characters from the books. Milo being the commander of the naval powers. Septimus leading the Magyk front with Bettle taking care of communications and transportation.
    I also love that Simon is a bad guy become good. It’s cool to still see him as a dark person yet still capable of showing kindness 😀
    So yeah, let me know what you think about all this Ms. Sage 😀

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Sep-Jen,

      Well, we will see what happens to Jen and Sep. But I do think it is looking more likely that they will get together one day.

      Thanks for your ideas … I have taken care to avoid war and fighting in these books as this is not the kind of thing I want to write about. The story arc is about the characters growing up and how they deal with the stuff that life throws at them, which is enough of a battle at times, if you ask me!

  47. anti-sag

    Hi Ms. Sage
    I’ve read a lot of comments about a pairing between Septimus and Jenna. It excites me whenever I read because now I know I’m not the only one lol. I would love to see the two of them together; I think that transformation from seeing each other as brother and sister to more than that is really great. I really hope Jenna’s daughter in the future is also Septimus’s XD. Please let me know what you think about this: I’m sure a lot of people would be happy with that pairing! And I think Bettle is too old for Jenna anyhow. Jenna looks like she friend zoned him a little haha.
    But I would love to hear what you think about Septimus and Jenna 😀

    • Angie Sage

      Hi anti-sag.

      Following on from before I really am considering Sep and Jen, but first I have to write it. Until that’s happened, well, it hasn’t happened – if you see what I mean!

  48. Dalestroyer

    Hello Angie!!
    Congrats on 7 (MAGYKAL NUMBER YEY)

    Concerning a lot on Book 7, Fyre:
    1, In the near-last-part, when the drummins were trying to release the coal, it says only I think 2 batches/groups were killed (I’m not sure I haven’t read fyre for a long time) How did the wing rizards er, ring wizards NOT destroy the others?

    2. speaking of drummins, how did they get the name?

    3. In the end of PathFinder,
    why did Spit Fyre consider the egg “family”?

    Thanks so much!!
    ((PS. sandrider comes out on October 13 right? my birthday is October 7, not only is that close to the release date, its SEVEN the magykal number!!))

    • Angie Sage


      1. The Wing Rizards got bored. They were only doing it for sport.
      2. From drumming on the Fyre cauldron to check it wasn’t cracked.
      3 He is related to Orms, they are all flying reptiles. And Spit Fyre, having spent all his life with humans, is a family-minded creature. I doubt the Orm would have repaid the compliment.

      Sounds like you have a Magykal birthday!

  49. LC

    hi Angie,
    first off, congratulations and thanks for the Septimus books
    i have read the series with my son as the books came out, and now my younger daughter is reading them.
    both of them love them.

    my daughter just started Queste and found the mini-CD that came with the hard-cover copy. i had completely forgot about it and don’t remember what is in it.
    the problem is that all the computers we have are slot-drive macs, and they don’t take mini-CDs.
    i tried to google around to ferret out some infos, but I had no luck, except somewhere it mentions there are games on it.

    obviously we are curious to find out what is on it, and i was wondering if maybe the content is available for download somewhere?
    also, what OS/specs does it need? will it run on newer computers? Macs?

    thanks for the info you can give us and again thanks for the great times!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Lc,

      I think this is just an antique now… I always had trouble with these because I didn’t have a tray with my computer either and as you say, they get lost in the usual CD slot. I think there were just some links to the website and maybe a few extras. But I am not sure. I suggest you treat it as a curiosity or make it into a large earring!

      I’m so glad your daughter is enjoying Sep Heap now too, thanks so much for getting in touch.

  50. Katie

    Hello Angie,

    I’ve got a quick question. I just got around to reading Pathfinder (which was totally delightful!) and I was puzzled by a rather random aspect of the ending. I noticed that you refer to Shakespeare’s Sonnet 53 as a poem written by the Earl of Oxford, Edward De Vere, instead. While there have been numerous films and books about the Earl of Oxford possibly writing all of Shakespeare’s work, I was curious about your take on it. I know many of my professors insist that Shakespeare did indeed write all of the sonnets and plays and, when I spent six weeks last summer in a study abroad program at Oxford, my Oxford tutor made the same case. With that said, many locals in England argued that Shakespeare could never have written the plays because he lacked the formal education to write something like that. So I was really interested to see that one of my favorite writers (you! I’ve been reading your books for 10 years now officially 🙂 ) seems to think that Shakespeare did not write the plays/sonnets. If I can ask, what makes you think it was the Earl instead? 🙂 I loved talking to people in England about topics like this. England is a wonderful country and I absolutely loved my summer there.


    • Angie Sage

      Hi Katie,

      Oh gosh, this is a tricky one. I had no opinion on this until a few years ago when my friend, Alexander Waugh, explained the huge discrepancies in the authorship thing. Suddenly, from seeing Shakespeare as a shadowy figure, it all made sense.
      There are hundreds of clues and reasons. Mr Shakspere could hardly write his name, he left no books in his will and his children could not read or write. Very odd for our best playwright ever… But there are too many reasons to go into here.
      A very good book to read is: Shakespeare, Beyond Doubt? This is edited by Alexander Waugh and John M. Shahan. It sets things out for and against very clearly.
      The thing that did it for me is that a play called Hamlet was being talked about at a time when the Stratford Shakspere was only 12 years old.
      There are many reasons I think it must be de Vere, the overriding one is the sonnets, which reflect his life exactly. Also he was Queen Elizabeth I’s playwright. Paid £1000 a year to do that. But … hmm … I wonder where the plays have gone. I am pretty sure he wrote her speech at Tilbury too. And some of his letters are so ‘Shakespeare’ I don’t know how you could miss it.
      Anyway, if you are interested in this, I do recommend you read the above book. But this subject raises a lot of hackles, so beware!
      I would like to thank HarperCollins for allowing me to put this contentious authorship thing in. I was forced to remove it from the UK edition – so much for free speech over here…
      Sounds like you had a wonderful summer in Oxford, a time to remember!

  51. Jeanne Thurston

    Please have all the books available read by Alan Corduner! Or at least record ” the other guy” reading Magyk so we don’t come to love the characters in one way only to be stunned by them changing so dramatically in all the following books! After starting Flynt, we didn’t finish listening, and have simply left the series for this reason. I wish I could get my money back from Audible!
    We thought we would enjoy this series as much as The Circle Of Magic, by Tamara Pierce, and the Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis…

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Jeanne,

      I’m really sorry about this change, I don’t know why it happened and I can see it would upset your whole feel for the characters. Sadly it is not something I am involved with at all.
      I do know that TodHunter Moon will have the same narrator and she is really good, so maybe that will prove a little better? I do hope so.

  52. Angie yoo

    Hello, Mrs.Sage, my name is Angie Yoo and I’m from South Korea.
    I really love your books and I think you are quite extraordinary at writing books.
    Please answer my questions
    1 What was your favorite books?
    2 What happens to Tod ( aka Alice Tod hunter moon.)
    3 When is Jenna”s birthday?
    4 If a 5th son of a 5th son gets born on the 7th week what would happen?
    5 What would happen if the Extraordinary wizard is dead and has no successor?
    6 If elves were introduced in Septimus’s world what would happen?
    7 Personally I love the number 7 and 3!
    That’s all but I hope you would see my questions and answer them.I can’t wait to see Sandrider!!!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Angie yoo,

      I’m so pleased you love the books!
      Your questions …
      1. I love so many books – some of my favourites are: Restoration by Rose Tremain, Brideshead revisited by Evelyn Waugh and Persuasion by Jane Austen.
      2. LOTS happens to Tod you will have to read TodHunter Moon to find out.
      3. 21st December, same day as Sep’s.
      4. I am guessing not a lot. Except his parents would be very happy to have a new baby.
      5. There is always someone clever enough to be EOW. The Wizard Tower has a lot of talent.
      6. But elves don’t exist …
      7. Me too!

  53. Julia

    Will Nicko and Snorri be in Sandrider or the third book? I hope so, because they’re my favourites. They’re awesome 😀

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Julia,

      😦 I’m sorry but at the moment they are not in StarChaser. It is so hard to fit all my favourite characters into every book (I love them too), but one day they will have a (small) book all to themselves. I am writing the story of Nicko’s journey to find Snorri and what happened when he got there.

  54. Stephen Winzer

    My name is Stephen Winzer. I am 10 years old. I’ve read all the
    Septimus Heap books and I love them. I was wondering if you have any
    plans to make Counter-Feet into an actual game. If not, I would like
    permission to do so. I’ve started planning it out as a computer game.
    It won’t be exactly like the Counter-Feet in the book, but I’ve looked
    through and I’ve followed all the stuff you’ve actually written in the
    book. If you are willing to let me work on this and you want me to
    describe what I’ve got planned so far or if you have anything particular you
    want me to include, just let me know. I think it will probably be a long
    time before I get the game completely designed and programmed, because I
    don’t have any computer training yet, but I’m going to start learning as
    soon as possible.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Stephen,

      I would love to make Counter Feet into a game, but we can;t do stuff like that as all those rights are with Warner Brothers – anything to do with merchandising belongs to them, even though they are not using it. 😦
      However there is nothing to stop you making Counter Feet for yourself and I think it’s a really great idea!
      Let me know how you get on…

  55. Zach


    I want to apologize if this has been asked elsewhere or is a commonly known fact, but I am curious and couldn’t find much other info on it beside short mentions:

    There is a lot of reference to the fact the world of Septimus Heap is set in the far future, in a time where we have forgotten about our technology and instead see it as Magyk. References to the lunar landings, the events on the Island, and the Aurther C. Clark quote seem to point to the idea that the world was advanced enough to create all the stuff in it… And somehow lost that knowledge or the ability to see it as technology. What happened, or will that ever be covered/elaborated on at a later date?

    A second question: will poor Syra return?

    Thanks for your time. Look forward to next books!


    • Zach

      To elaborate on the question, what happened to the world? Do people still know what happened to the world in anything other than myths and legends? Are there hidden away bunkers and technological stockpiles, or anyone/thing that still exists that knows what happened? How does Magyk factor into this- as advanced technology that has been forgotten? And if so, will it ever be a plot point, or will the focus remain on the characters more so?

      Thanks for your time and answering all these questions, not just from me but from everyone else. We appreciate it, and it’s amazing being able to talk to a author and ask questions in this way.

    • Angie Sage

      HI Zach,

      Syrah begins the first novella, which I have now begun to write. These will be aimed at older/grown-up readers who want to concentrate on the relationships between the characters (as I do). I will be publishing these myself. Slowly!

      After a highly technical world had developed and become hugely overpopulated, I had envisaged a sudden and drastic reduction of population possibly due, maybe, to a highly contagious disease. Then the more technical stuff becoming inexplicable–apart from Magyk–which is saved by a few dedicated people. But most stuff just fades away, gets broken and has little relevance in the new world people find themselves in. When you think about how much is left to us from 10,000 years ago (even the Pyramids were not built then), it is not surprising their world is so very different. And yet, as ever, the humans living in it are the same.

  56. Vern

    Hi Angie,

    My 10 year old son came home from school yesterday asking if I would get him the 2nd book in your Septimus Heap stories. His teacher is reading the first book out loud to his class. He got someone else’s copy and finished the first book ahead of the class. Off to the local Chapters-Indigo store we go. He didn’t wait for me to find a salesperson. As soon as she handed the book to him he opened it and started reading. We walked through the store to pay for the book and he kept reading. He fell asleep with a flashlight on page 100. Woke up this morning and the book is back in his hands.

    Thanks for putting your stories out there.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Vern,

      I’m sorry my reply is so late – too much writing and no headspace for anything else.

      Thanks you so very much for telling me about your son. Things like this make it all worth while!
      I am so happy he jumped into the Septimus world and loved it, and I hope he’s had a great time there too. Please say a big hello to him from me.

  57. Hello. I was wondering what the correct pronunciation of “Marcia” is. Is it “Marsha” or “Marssia (Marßeeuh)”?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Bobby,

      She is Mar-see-ah.
      Marsha is how a lot of American will say it, which is fine too, but not how Marcia herself thinks of it.

  58. Hi! In Queste Nicko isn’t Jannit’s apprentice anymore. Does Jannit takes him back? Thank you.

  59. Tori

    Hello Angie,

    I thoroughly enjoyed the Septimus Heap series, and all of the characters’ developments as the story progressed. Though I feel like some things were left out at the end of Fyre, I was relieved to hear that you would be making more short stories and continuing their adventures in this next series, THM.

    I would like to ask you a few questions, and I hope you do not find any of it rude; it is not meant to come across as such.

    1.) Whatever happened to Spit Fyre at the end of Fyre? There was no little update for him at the end; it made me sort of sad.

    2.) Does Wolf Boy/Marwick ever get more time with his brothers? What becomes of their relationship?

    3.) Was Simon’s foot just wounded, or was it cut off? The only detail on his foot was “heavily bandaged.”

    4.) What became of the ring that was specially made for the Queen by Hotep?

    5.) Will there be more about what happens to the Ice Tunnels in future books?

    And lastly..

    Do you think it could be possible to compile all of the short stories you make into one novella/short story book? I only ask because a lot of authors only post these kinds of stories in eBooks. It’s annoying, to say the least, because of those of us out there who still enjoy flipping the page of an actual book, having it sit on the shelf to read it whenever we please, so on and so forth. I look forward to reading all about Jenna and Beetle, Snorri and Niko, Marcia and Milo, Septimus and Spit Fyre, Alther and Alice, Foxy and Rose, the Boggart, Stanley and his kids, Marwick and his brothers, the other Heaps, and even Ethel and Sarah. I hope you go further in Lucy and Simon’s relationship, their child, his apprenticeship to Marcellus, and that we get a couple updates on Lucy’s parents.

    I would love to know more about everyone and clear up any gray still left over from the main novels.

    Thanks for your time.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Tori,

      1. I’m sorry I missed Spit Fyre out at the end of Fyre. (How could I do that??) But he will be in THM. He plays a pivotal role, in fact.
      2. Marwick does get back with his brothers, but I’ve not really down much about that. I’ve had to limit the characters I write about in the THM trilogy. However I’m just editing StarChaser now and I might just drop a mention in. Thank you for reminding me!
      3. His foot was fine.
      4. It was a long time ago … sadly lost.
      5. I think the Ice Tunnels are done for now. Well, they are for THM. They are just back to operating normally how they did before. But it may be that Beetle in the future will get his wish to Ice a few over once more. We shall see…

      When I do get some stuff written (where does the time go to?) I will most certainly print it as well as put it on ebook. I love ebooks and do most of my reading on a Kindle, but there is something special about flicking through a book looking for your favourite bits. And you can never lend an ebook – very unsociable!
      I’ve put your wish list of characters into my ever-growing notes. Time to make time to do this now…

  60. Flower

    What Septimus writes in his diary?
    Thank you.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Flower,

      He keeps noted of all his tutorials. It is more of a work book really. But sometimes he does write a few comments like: Turned Catchpole’s nose blue. Marcia made me change it back.

  61. Zagah

    Hi Angie,
    What is “Site of Drowning” on The Castle map next to the South Gate?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Zagah,
      I think it was where Queen Etheldredda drowned.

  62. Dear Angie, where do you find the materials for house mouse?

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Rose,

      Well is you came to my house you would have an endless supply of mice right now. Basically you need a mouse and some cheese.

  63. Hi Angie!
    I LOVE the Septimus Heap series!! Thank you so much for writing them!
    I’ve got 3 questions:
    1. I’m writing a fantasy books and was wondering if you have any tips?
    2. How long did it take you to write the Septimus Heap series?
    3. How old is Septimus and Jenna?


    • Angie Sage

      Hi Amrita,

      I’m so pleased you love Septimus Heap!
      1. Find a world where you really want to be. And take lots of time to think about it.
      2. It takes me about a year to write each Septimus book. Plus time to edit them. But ideally I would like longer as there is so much to think about. But I did also spend quite a few years before I wrote it just thinking about the world and planning it.
      3. Well, it depends which book you are thinking of. They are 10 years old in Magyk and 14 when the series ends in Fyre. And then in TodHunter Moon they are 21.

  64. Angie yoo

    I have a new question, so I hope you wouldn’t mind.
    what happended to galen? Who taught Galen?
    Does Marcia liked being EOW?( Extraordinarywizard)

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Angie yoo,

      You will meet Galen again in SandRider, book 2 of the TodHunterMoon (THM) series so you can check up on her for yourself. Galen was taught by her mother, and her mother was taught by her own mother. She is from a long line of healers.

      Marcia loves being EOW, however, there are other things in her life that she wishes to do as well. As you will see in THM!

  65. Ilakkiya

    Dear Angie,
    I absolutely love how all the minor details connect to many other things in each book. I am currently reading Darke and I am wondering what font you use in all the books. I really like it, that’s why I’m curious to know.

    • Angie Sage

      I love the font too. I’m guessing you are reading the USA edition? The font is: Yan Roman JY by Jack Yan and Associates (JY&A).

  66. Hi Angie,
    I absoloutely love your Septimus Heap series and I have just finished the seventh book. I’m completely hooked.
    I was wondering, are you considering writing another book, if not please do!
    Thank you

    • Angie Sage

      HI Ruben,

      I have written a trilogy that takes place 7 years after FYRE. It has most of the old characters in and also some new ones. It is a little different in feel but it’s still the same old Septimus world, which I love.
      The series is called TodHunter Moon. The books are: PathFinder, SandRider, StarChaser.
      PathFinder is already published, SandRider will be out in October.

      Hope you enjoy those too!

  67. Hi Angie,

    I only recently got into the Septimus Heap series (thanks to my sister letting me borrow her books) and one of the things that has really interested me is the link with the Days of Beyond/our near future and the Magykal world Sep and co live in.

    Another person asked about where stuff in Sep’s Time would be in our time and you said the House of Foryx would be in Bavaria somewhere (and that the sea levels had probably risen). That’s a really long way and I was wondering just how anything managed to move that fast. So how fast are Dragons/Dragon Boats and Tubes? What would they compare to in terms of transport we have?

    Also, where did the Darke come from? Magyk appears to be a type of technology whose origins are forgotten, but I was wondering how the Darke came to be and more about its true nature, I guess.

    Thanks in advance and I hope your the release of book 2 of THM goes well!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi andyysplash,

      So pleased you got into Septimus Heap!

      Tubes go really fast, Dragon Boats less so. But if I remember rightly it took about 12hours to get there, which felt about right to me. I think of a tube as … well it would feel like the London underground tube but faster. It also goes in a straight line, which makes the journeys pretty quick. A dragon boat I think of as an old propeller plane and a plain dragon equates to a helicopter. It’s a bit rough, but thats how I judge the timings.

      I see Darke as coming from the same place as Magyk, but subverted by people over the millennia. They are closely linked and do mingle. A touch of Darke is needed for the stronger Magyk to be effective. A lit like adding salt to something you’ve cooked… It may be that once Darke was some kind of catalytic force that was later isolated and turned to other uses.

      Thanks for your good wishes and really interesting questions too.

  68. Angie Yoo

    Hello Angie!
    I’m an avid reader of your books and I REALLY love your books.
    I think they are REALLY WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!
    I have some few questions to start with.
    1 Why are there only Northern Traders that come to the Castle?
    Why aren’t there Southern Traders, Eastern Traders etc?
    2 Where did Hotep Ra first learn Magyk? Did he discover his personal Magyk , or did he learned like at special schools?
    3( I hope this isn’t to personal) Where did you find archaic spelling of Magyk, Darke, Flyte etc?
    4Do you like answering reader’squestions and comments?
    5Did Merrin repent his ways? Is he reforming his charecteristics?
    6What is the name of Hotep Ra’s mother and father?(I’m really curious)
    7(This is the last question, and I hope this won’t bother you) Did you liked writing the Pathfinder series?
    I think you are very wonderful , and I hope you would answer me!
    Sincerly, Angie Yoo , an avid reader of Septimus Heap

    • Angie Sage

      Hello again, Angie Yoo!

      So …
      1. There are other Traders and they do come to the Castle, but the closest links are to Northern Traders because the Castle is nearest to their countries. I based these on the Hanseatic League and Merchant Venturers of the the Middle Ages, which we had very close relationships with.
      2. Hotep-Ra is an enigma. I believe he came form a very high powered small and closed group of Magicians who were party to many ancient secrets. But he’s not telling.
      3. The archaic spelling is just from old documents. Mainly writings from Tudor times.
      4. I do – I love hearing everyone’s different ideas about things. And its good for me to really think about things sometimes. I’m always sad when I get so busy writing that I don;t have any head space left for questions, and I do appreciate everyone being so patient!
      5. Merrin is slowly learning how to live a (fairly) good life. Now he is with his mother he takes more care about things. And so does his mother. It is good for them both. But I suspect Merrin will always have a few problems in his life. But no wonder, given the start he had.
      6. Hotep-Ra will not divulge the names, he fears that will lessen his power. His is surprisingly superstitious.
      7. Now there’s a tricky question…

      Have a great summer!

  69. Colin

    Hello Angie, my name is Colin. I’ve been on this blog since 2009 or so, but I’v gone through a series of different people because I’ve changed my email! I love your Septimus books so dearly because I have read them numerous times since I was a child. Now I am older and am loving your books (some characters make laugh and feel warm) and I love how objects like pots and pans and looking glasses have feelings too! How brilliant is that! I am writing a book series right now and am heavily inspired by you. Write Septimus books forever and ever, even after Tod books, maybe even write a more mature version (still with the same nastalgia style though) But I’ve really been wanting to ask you one thing: What is it like in Somerset? What part of Somerset are you in? I live in America right now, but I’m attending a university in Scotland, and then I’m going to live in Somerset! My biggest dream! What are the best places to go there?
    Also, you should write more scenes about septimus’s life in the wizard tower with marcia, because it seems like there’s always so much excitement in the castle or marshes or other charactars, that we hardly settle down with sep’s lessons and housemice!
    Thank you!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Colin,

      So good to know you’ve been part of Septimus for so long, and I do hope your writing is going well too.
      I suspect I’m never going to entirely leave the Septimus world, and I do want to keep exploring the lives of so many of the characters. I’m thinking of a few short stories/novellas filling in the time between Fyre and THM and then, as you suggest, a later book showing, at last, who gets married to who. (Or is it whom? I really ought to know that…)

      Somerset is a really varied county. The best life of it is in the villages, a lot of towns are a little run-down, sadly. But it is the people who are great – really individual – and the pace of life is slower too. It’s quite a rural county, lots of agriculture. There is, of course, Glastonbury, which is full of wizards and witches (it really is) oh, and there is a Goddess temple there too. There’s a lot of paganism here. Most of the builders who help on our house are pagans. Stuff happens in the woods …

      I do love Cornwall very much too and have to confess I miss the sea in Somerset. There is sea in the Bristol Channel but it is muddy. Not the same at all as Cornish sea.

      How wonderful to be going to Uni in Scotland. You will have an amazing time. The Scots aren’t keen on us English, but I think they are great. At the end of August I shall be at the Edinburgh Book Festival for a day. If you are in Edinburgh (if that’s your Uni?) come and say hello.

      Have a wonderful year!

  70. Lady

    Hi again.
    Don’t you know when the THM books will come out in Swedish…?
    We still don’t have Pathfinder yet…

    • Angie Sage


      I am so sorry to say but so far the Swedish publishers have not bought the THM series. Maybe if it gets a bit more popular they might …

  71. Aidan Venclauskas

    Hi Angie I am on Flyte now and I think my old comment was deleted for some reason. If I’m Wrong sorry for being annoying but I want to ask this, Why are all the words spelled wrong? Is that just their way of doing things in their own magykal ancient language?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Aidan,

      You’re not being annoying at all!

      I used the old-fashioned way of spelling these words. Before the dictionary standardised spelling, you would often find words spelt in this way in old documents. It;s called archaic spelling – I used it only to describe Magykal things. I felt it gave them a bit more weight and made them stand out.

  72. Moose

    I am totally in love with the Septimus Heap series, and I have been wondering for a while, is there any character that you think is similar to you, either in the way the look, or in the way they act? Just a random question I wanted to ask. I’m really excited for the summer, so I can have long days of reading.

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Moose,

      I suspect I am a combination of many characters. The three I’d go for are: Marcia, Septimus, Beetle.

      Have a wonderful summer of reading – what a treat!

  73. Catalina

    Hey, Angie! I’m a 13 year old girl from Romania and I just want to say that I absolutely love Septimus Heap, and the way it is written. It is amazing how much talent you have, and I want to congratulate you for making one of the best choises of your life, and that it will be starting writing. As a questions, I want to ask you if Fyre is going to be translated into other languages. I mean, I can’t wait to have it translated into Romanian and ready to read, but if it is necessary, I will enjoy reading it in English too. And secondly, I wanted to ask you who is your personal favourite character? Mine are defintely Niko, because he is so charismatic and funny, and Beetle, because he is so adorable, sweet and shy, when he is thinking about Jenna, on the firts place, and on second place I supose Septimus and Jenna, and all the others, preatty much :))
    I love your work so, so much, and I can’t wait for you to respond!!


    • Angie Sage

      Hi Catalina,

      I’m so pleased you love Septimus Heap!

      One of my earliest and biggest fans – Shauki – is from Romania. And yes, FYRE will be in Romanian, the publishers there have been fantastic. I think it had already been published…

      There are so many characters in Septimus who I love. Marcia, Beetle, Sep, Lucy Gringe, Marcellus, Milo, Nicko, Snorri, Jen… I know that’s not really an answer but when I think about them I realise I love them all. Pretty much. Merrin really annoys me still but – hey – someone has to.

      I’m sorry you’ve had to wait so long for a reply, I was just soooo busy trying to finish StarChaser (THM book 3) that I couldn’t do anything else.

      Hope you are having a great summer.

  74. Star

    No one goes to the Queste. But how Hotep-Ra gets information about the Castle?
    Thank you!

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Star,

      He doesn’t. But because he is in the House of Foryx, he doesn’t realise that he’s not getting any information, as there is no Time there…

  75. Angie Yoo

    One More Question;Who is Marcelllus Pye’s father ? Why did he marry with that Horrible Ethedreda?Why???? Also, When will you write me an Reply?

    • Angie Sage

      Hello again, Angie Yoo,

      I don’t know who Marcellus’s father is. And Queen Etheldredda is not saying. I too have no idea what he must have seen in her, but suppose she wasn’t always so nasty.

      I am really sorry you have had to wait SO long for your replies. When I’m writing and have only a few months left on the book I have to stop doing internet stuff – or the more complicated stuff anyway- and just WRITE.

      But thank you for your lovely questions and I hope you are having a really wonderful summer.

  76. Otto

    I’ve already finished my book with 307 pages and there’s still no answer. Did my question not send or something?

  77. Joe

    Have many people noticed that Ephaniah Grebe spelled his name wrong on the cover of Queste?

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Joe,

      Well, not me, for a start! So I went and found a copy and – you are right! Mark Zug has painted it as: EHPANIAH. You know, I rather suspect he did that as a joke…

      You have an extremely good eye for detail. 🙂

  78. Hi Angie!
    I really want to ask you some questions, because the last time I wrote you a message on facebook, you were on vacation.
    1. It may be the couple Jenna & Septimus? I really like them
    2. There exist a draw with Rose? If yes, I cant see
    3. What about Dragon Boat? There is no Fyre in romanian, so I cant read that book
    4 If Marcia, Septimus and Jenna were living in our time, what do you think they liked most? (Like musi, or… If you dont know, ask them 😉 )
    5. I read in Syren that capitain or… something like that from the bout is STILL there and wait to be judge. How they could be still there when this is in the future? (I don t think i said correctly so you better check the end of Syren)
    I am so sad cause Fyre is not in Romanian. And Makykal Papers, and yes, The new series.
    I am so sorry for my bad english 😛

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Sorina,

      Lovely to hear from you – I’m back checking Facebook now too!
      1. It is beginnng to look that way … but if they get together that will be in a whole new book.
      2. Well, Septimus and Rose were together for a while – but during the time the books don’t cover. And then Rose left Septimus for Foxy. As you will see in the TodHunter Moon trilogy – which I am sorry to say has not been translated into Romanian.
      3. She is in Fyre. Oh dear. I’m so sorry there is no Romanian translation. Its sad when this happens…
      4. I suspect the would all be fascinated by computers and the modern technology. I’m not sure what they would think of how busy we all are, though.
      5. I’m not sure which Captain you mean? But although it is written about the future, using that tense is just a turn of phrase. But I can see that it is a bit confusing…

      I too am really sorry you can’t read FYRE in Romanian – I was pretty sure it had been translated but it seems I was wrong. The problem with a long series is that not everyone stays reading to the end. And sometimes publishers stop supporting it. But I do hope that one day Septimus Heap will have a big revival in popularity and you will get to read FYRE in your own language. But your English is very good!

  79. Anna

    how do you cure writer’s block?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Anna,

      I think writer’s block is just another name for running out of ideas. And yes, that happens from time to time, it is only natural. Sometimes the reason is that what you are writing isn’t working, but usually its just you need to step back from it a while. Either way, the best thing is – if you aren;t working to a deadline – put the writing away for a few days and do something else. Either begin another piece of go and do something much more fun!

      You will probably find when you get back to it, you can see clearly once more and ideas return.

      Good luck!

  80. Leah

    Hey Angie:)
    I have a rather strange request for you and I would really appreciate your help. The thing is I’ve recently decided to go all artsy over my bedroom wall and I was thinking about also putting some kind of quote up there (beside a huge tree and fireflies flying around it). So I was looking around the internet but the truth is I want it to be something special and unique but also from a person I look up to. So I thought about you(my absolute favorite author) and came across an idea that you could perhaps help me with this issue:). So I would kindly ask for your help to give me a few of your magykal words to put on my wall for inspiration. It would be an amazing gift for me if you answered this.
    Thanks again:)

    • Angie Sage

      HI Leah,

      Oh, gosh, I’ve got writer’s block now!

      I do like Marcia’s take on life – things usually turn out all right in the end.

      But if you want a ‘writing quote’ then: ‘always walk in your characters’ shoes – especially if they are purple and pointy.’

      Happy decorating!

  81. Awesome Narwhal

    Hey Angie,
    So I’m writing a story and I wanted to hear your opinion on the plot.

    (Edited by Shauki)

    Please get back to me soon.

    • Sorry, Awesome Narwhal, but due to some legal reasons (copyright and other stuff) I had to delete your description.

  82. Rosalie

    Hi Angie, I hope that you are doing well! I was recently rereading Fyre for the somethingth time and I noted the mention of suspended Time in both instances (in the story) of the Committal being successfully used. In the first Queen’s instance, it is noted that seven seconds passed during the Time suspension. Which leads to my questions: how is Time measured if it is suspended, and is it even accurate? I’ve been pondering this for a while now. It’s actually quite fun 🙂 Anyways, I am honestly a fan of your books and writing style. You make Septimus Heap and his fellow friends, family, mentors, and enemies leap off of the page.

    Thanks for the beautiful gift you’ve given the world.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Rosalie,

      Argh – Time questions … well, what I meant was that inside what was happening Time was suspended But outside it continued as normal – for 7 seconds. So I suppose inside the Time suspension it could feel like any amount of Time at all – even thousands of years…

      My brain turns to porridge just at the thought.

      Thanks you for your lovely comment!

  83. Angie Sage

    Hi Otto,

    I have been away from the blog, writing to make the deadline for StarChaser. But I’m back now. And I’m really sorry you have had to wait so long.

  84. Hi Angie!

    I love fantasy worlds, read them. First at all, I read Septimus, and then I started to read others kind of fantasy, looking for something similar (calm down, no one can compares with your creation). Like Nicolas Flamel, by Michael Scott. Inkheart trilogy, by Cornelia Funke. Narnia. Harry Potter (but I dont like too much as the other worlds). And I love so hard Septimus’ world.

    So many years ago, I thought about write some fantasy stuff, you know, scenes of magic, forest, powers, characters, shorts stories, to get in fantasy writers ambient.

    I began to read stuff of worldbuilding, fantasy worlds. And I always wanted to ask you how you created Septimus world. I mean, it is so perfect, everything there is beautiful. My questions: How did you build the world? Did you make the map? Did you look for steps of other persons/authors? Or you just started to write and write and that’s how Sep’s world came out of your amazing head?

    *Im from Argentina, sorry my English*

    Love you, and Septimus, and Zelda, and Jenna, and Beetle, and you again, and Marcia omg, and everything in the seven books, except Merrin, I don’t like Merrin’s attitudes, but I understood him.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Francisco,

      I’m really sorry this reply is sooooo late.

      There is something about Septimus’s world that feels really to me and I don’t know why. When I began to write the series I didn’t know very much about it but it did indeed unfold before me as I wrote.
      The map came later although it was very self to have once the world had become more complicated.
      I don’t think I was influenced by other writers – apart from possibly Mervyn Peake and his Gormenghast trilogy – and I don’t read fantasy any more, just for that reason!

      I was so happy to hear how you love the world of Septimus and thank you so much for telling me

  85. diamondite

    Hi Angie!

    I love fantasy worlds, read them. First at all, I read Septimus, and then I started to read others kind of fantasy, looking for something similar (calm down, no one can compares with your creation). Like Nicolas Flamel, by Michael Scott. Inkheart trilogy, by Cornelia Funke. Narnia. Harry Potter (but I dont like too much as the other worlds). And I love so hard Septimus’ world.

    So many years ago, I thought about write some fantasy stuff, you know, scenes of magic, forest, powers, characters, shorts stories, to get in fantasy writers ambient.

    I began to read stuff of worldbuilding, fantasy worlds. And I always wanted to ask you how you created Septimus world. I mean, it is so perfect, everything there is beautiful. My questions: How did you build the world? Did you make the map? Did you look for steps of other persons/authors? Or you just started to write and write and that’s how Sep’s world came out of your amazing head?

    *Im from Argentina, sorry my English*

    Love you, and Septimus, and Zelda, and Jenna, and Beetle, and you again, and Marcia omg, and everything in the seven books, except Merrin, I don’t like Merrin’s attitudes, but I understood him.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi, diamondite,

      I am so pleased that you love the Septimus World … and I was fascinated by your question too.

      I have to confess I did not do any planning of the world – apart from thinking about it over some years. But the amazing thing I found was that when I actually began to write it, it sprang into life and I felt as though I was writing about something that existed. It was a very strange thing to experience. Of course I had to think a lot about things as I wrote, but it really did feel though the world was already there for me to discover…

      So I didn’t really build the world at all. it just grew from the writing. Mark Zug made the maps from my descriptions, I never actually drew any until I had written what was there. So I guess it did just come out of my head … weird really.

      I don’t much like Merrin either, but like you I do understand him. Unfortunately!

      I think your English is very good indeed – thanks so much for getting in touch, and I hope you discover lots more great fantasy worlds. Try Titus Groan by Mervyn Peake – I loved that world.

  86. Aidan

    Hi Angie
    I was wondering are there elections for extraordinary wizards?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Aidan,

      Sometimes the Wizard Tower chooses, but mostly it is decided by a general consensus – which is I guess, an informal kind of election…

  87. Aidan Venclauskas

    Hi’ Angie
    Is Septimus Heap inspired by Harry Potter in some ways? Harry has Green eyes. Wizards have green eyes. The magykal Harry Potter Wizard number is 7. The Magykal Septimus Heap number is 7. 7 books in Harry Potter. 7 books in Septimus. Thanks for reading and I hope you respond.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Aidan

      I only read the first Harry Potter book, so I am not much of a HP expert really. I think it is fair to say that had it not been for Harry Potter, Septimus Heap would not have been published so easily. But I began writing it before I knew about HP.

      The number 7 is a magical number in our culture, which is why I used it and of course Septimus is a seventh son, so it all fitted together in that way And I had no idea that Harry had green eyes… ah well. I guess there is only a limited number of eye colours.

      I never planned to write 7 Septimus books – it was going to be 3 but the world just kept on growing. It went up to 5 and then 7 felt the right number.

      So there are on the face of it some similarities, but not deliberate. And I do think the Septimus world is very different – from what I hear, anyway…

  88. Jerri

    Several of your replies on Ask Angie 7 mention changes between the US and English editions. Is there any complete list? Is one edition usually more complete than the other? I hate it when editors or publishers think they know better than the author what is important to a story.


    • Angie Sage

      Hi Jerri,

      you and me both!

      Usually the difference is only in the grammar and spelling, as you would expect. But PathFinder has been altered a lot in the chapter where Septimus goes into the House of Foryx. Bloomsbury decided to try to divorce the TodHutnter Moon from the SeptimusHeap series and so did not want any reference to previous books. Apart from that one massive cut, nothing else has been lost from any of the books, although, sadly, here are no Mark Zug illustrations.

  89. Pobbel

    I have a question (I know, these are two questions): In Fyre they say: Septimus, Jenna AND Beetle are 14. But in Flyte Beetle is two years older than Sep. How can he lose two years?
    And then, in one book Beetle´s father is dead. But in Physik he´s still alive. He and Beetle´s mom want to see their son, because teh Aie-Aie bit him, and Beetle is very ill. How can Mr. Beetle rise from the dead?
    I hope somebody can answer. Thanks. Pobbel

    • Angie Sage

      HI Pobbel,

      I guess you are reading the blurb on the back on the UK cover? I’m sorry to say I didn’t get to check it and yes, it is wrong.

      Beetle’s Dad was my mistake! It was fixed in the paperback. The thing was that sometimes Beetle did pretend he still had a Dad and people – including me – got confused.

      However, you are right on both counts!

  90. Melissa

    Hi Angie,

    (I bet you get asked this question a lot, but I’ll give it a go anyway!)
    I’ve realized that what really makes a novel interesting for me is its characters. Lately, I have been trying to write my first novel, but I always get stuck when it comes to the characters. How can I really connect with my them? How do you make yours feel so realistic?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Melissa,

      Yes, I totally agree that what makes a novel interesting is the characters. You do have to care about what happens to the people you are reading about.

      I think I am lucky in that I feel I really know my characters as soon as I meet them. But you can help this along by giving each character their own potted life history. Think about their family, friends, their hopes and dreams and really get to know them – as if they were your best friend.

      I do hope that helps – and here’s wishing you all the very best with your writing.

  91. Hannah W

    Hello! I do hope it is not too late to send a message, but I figure it will not hurt to try.

    So I am to be 19 in just a few weeks and assumed that when I reread these books with my sister, they might seem a little childish to me now, and not as good. Very happy to be wrong! I first read them in middle school and upon rereading them, have loved them just as much, if not more. I meant to read them in time with my sister (who is 11), but could not quite wait, so read all 7 that I had before in the span of a week and found the Dark Toad and Pathfinder, which I had not read before, to also be fantastic.

    Thank you for writing such a great series! I hope this note does not get too long, haha.

    First off, Marcia is my very very favorite character (possibly from anything) and do hope you end up writing that book about her that I read about in the other askAngies. It is so nice that you would consider writing such a thing even if your publishers are not so on board.

    -Also, thanks for making her tall! I am only 5’8″, but even then, reading these in middle school when I was a little unhappy with how tall I was getting for a girl was very nice. Even now I like that Marcia is also tall. And that she wears heels, despite this.

    -I adore her relationship with Septimus, it is so sweet. She is so kind, despite her slightly fooling exterior, which is not something I see people do much with female characters and love.

    My sister likes it when I read the books aloud to her, so I have been doing so this summer. I don’t think I would have quite realized just how many recurring, fleshed out characters you had if I didn’t have to keep finding new voices for all of them! They are all such good people. I think a few voices might overlap noticeably, but I was sure to give the main ones distinct voices.

    Sorry, this is getting long! I have a few questions now, if you don’t mind- I understand that for any of these, you may not know the answer or it may be a secret, so you don’t need any explanation to just skip them.

    1. Does Marcia permit any nicknames? Is anyone allowed to call her anything other than “Marcia”?

    2. Can Marcia still speak her first language, do you think? I know some people will forget if they spend enough time not speaking it, even if it is what they spoke as a child.

    3. I am interested by Endor and Marcia. They must have known each other at least 17 years I suppose. What kinds of things did they do together?

    4. Can Marcia cook?

    I suppose that is it. Thank you for reading this long thing, I am so excited to have found a place I can possibly contact you.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Hannah,

      I am so sorry you have had to wait so long for your reply – I do hope you get to see it after all this time. Your message was so lovely that I wanted to take some time to think about my reply – and then life just got in the way. Like it does.

      I am so glad you found things in SH still to love on a more mature reading! I do try to write for us all even though I know they are seen mainly as books for children.

      I made Marcia tall as a bit of wish fulfilment on my part – as I am short! I’m glad it helped.

      Here’s some answers to your Marcia questions:

      1. Nope. No nicknames ever ever. I believe that Milo called her ‘cabbage’ once (in a loving way) and got a very snappy reply.
      2. Marcia has a smattering of a few languages as her parents moved around a lot. But you are right, she has lost her mother tongue. I suspect she could still understand it though.
      3.Endor and Marcia used to share a room in the Ramblings and when they moved to the WT they would meet up and chat and sometimes cook together. Well, Endor cooked ad Marcia watched and made the coffee.
      4. See above! Although Marcia can make a reasonable omelette if she has to. But she would rather not.

      Thank you so much for your lovely message and inspiring me to start thinking seriously about writing something specially about Marcia!

  92. Pobbel

    Hello. A friend has read the books in German and she found something, which is a littlebit strange. So, in Magyk, Nursie will search her son ROGER! But later, her son´s name is Merrin.
    And then, I have to ask somethinge else: Do you like the name Bo? (or Boo)
    Because there are three Bos in the books.
    1. Jenna´s friend in Magyk. She has got red hair.
    2. The little rat, one of Stanle´s adoptive children.
    3. The sister of Princess Daisy, Esmeralda´s daughter.
    So, do you like Bo? (I like the name “Marcia”, but I think, everyone does. Or everyone likes Marcia.)

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Pobbel,

      ah … this is because unfortunately the German translation was not done from the final edit. In the final version I changed his name to Merrin. Because Magyk was my first book I did make a lot of changes to the edits and I this was just one too many!

      I do like Bo as a name. It is kind of sparky but nice.

  93. Ami

    Hello, I have read the series 3 times now, and I LOVE them! I loooooooove the series, when I was reading Syren in my bed at the part where Septimus, Jenna, and Beetle are on Spit Fyre and they are all very cold, you wrote the book SO well that I was thinking subconsciously, “Come on, I wanna get into bed so I can be warm again”, and then I noticed im still in bed. The way you put the words together is just AMAZING!! Also, I know this isn’t put together too well and it may not make sense….. If you can’t figure out what I am saying, just reply saying so and I will try to make it easier to read…. Thank you so much for the series! Also, (Okay, I have said “also” like 3 billion times now oops) something that I thought would be cool if you had someone somehow make a copy of the books for sale that are like the books the covers are based on, for example the book “Queste” Would be bound together in the purple leathery stuff and with the little seal saying that is has been Conserved, Checked by Ehpaniah Grebe, and for the pages to be bound with blue ribbon. I know this would take a lot of time and would be expensive, this is just an idea. Thanks!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Ami,

      I am just so pleased that you feel this way about the series – it is just how I hope readers will and it means a lot that you have sent a message telling me.

      I would love to make the book as they are on the covers… I think it might be just a little pricy but maybe I should find a bookbinder somewhere.

      Yes Merrin annoys me too. But I try to be patient, he has had a very difficult time. I’d love the series to be more popular and I do suspect that what you friends say might be why it is not. MAGYK was my very fist novel and I would make the earlier chapters much more simple now. But you learn these things along the way.

      Although Warner Brothers have the movie rights they have stopped working in the development. I hope one day they might start again, but the movie doesn’t look like it is happening at the moment, I am sorry to say.

      Thanks so much for your lovely messages!

  94. Ami

    Also, I was looking up at the earlier comments and I am DEFINITELY annoyed by Merrin as well…. I am so sad that not too many people know about the Septimus Heap series, it is a great book. Some of my cousins have read some of it, but they said that the beginning was too confusing so they gave up….. I am telling my friends about this series, I hope it will get more popular here in the U.S!!!! (And this is my favorite series, even after I read Harry Potter. Can’t wait for the movies to come out!!!!)

  95. Ami

    Oh, and sorry, one more comment. In Flyte it says that Beetle is 3 years older than Septimus, but on the back of Fyre it says that Jenna, Beetle, and Septimus are all 14…..

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Ami,

      So pleased you love Septimus and also very sorry for the horribly late reply. It’s been a crazy few months and I’ve not had a moment to think about nice things, like answering Septimus questions.

      I would SO love to produce the books as they really are in the series, but we need lots more readers first… but with fans like you who are spreading the word, them maybe someday we will get them.
      And thanks for the feedback too. I think if I got a chance to rewrite Magyk I would indeed make the beginning a little more simple. But these are things you learn as you go on…

      Big thanks and I hope you get to see this reply and haven’t totally given up!

    • Angie Sage

      Ah, the stuff on the back of FYRE … it is wrong (as you know). Sigh. I dunno how I never noticed it…

  96. Jia

    Hi Angie
    What are you working on now when you have finished THM 3?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Jia,

      I’ve been taking a break from writing doing a colouring book by Marcia Overstrand! you can find it on And now I’m getting a new idea together for HarperCollins and also being lead author on a series that has computer games tie-ins. This is something new for me and really interesting. After that, there is another world I want to explore – an ancient watery place with two rival families.

  97. RabSha

    Many thanks on giving immense depth to characters. This is the BEST thing about Septimus heap series.

    I just want to know about Simon heaps’ eyes. Wolf boy injured his eye with a catapult in flyte. I thought that may be simon has lost 1 eye permanently but in pathfinder he hadd both eyes working before the STUFF.. just dont want to put any spoilers here.. hehehhe… can you please clear it up?
    Thanks again.

    • Angie Sage

      Wolf Boy did injure Simon’s eye but he began to get his sight back after it. And just looking at him you would never know, apart from the faint scar.
      But, as you know, Darke attracts Darke and now things are a little different…

  98. Hi Angie !! I want to expand my spell knowledge a bit which I am currently doing by reading all sep heap books and looking for all the spells, but do you know the words to the Seal? If so please tell me 😀 if you have the time and also can there be a bit more spells on Septimus’ charm / spell guide please Septimus / Angie haha Thank you lots from number 1 fan Olive 😍😄

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Olivestorywriter,

      I’m sorry to tell you that all the spells are kept in a Sealed box, and I have lost the key. I guess I might find it when we move house…

  99. Erisé

    Hello Angie!
    I was wondering when and how you decided that Wolf Boy and Sam were gay?
    I was so surprised to learn that, as reading the books, I never did come up with that possibility.
    Also, when Wolf Boy became the Keeper, were there any objections since he wasn’t a girl?

    Thanks for answering!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Erise,

      I didn’t really make a decision at all. What happens with all my characters is that they seem to make their own choices a lot of the time, and this was one of them. It was just the way things were.

      Aunt Zelda went to Jenna to discuss it and neither of them could find any reason for Wold Boy not being Keeper. It was just a tradition and they can always be tweaked a little.

  100. Parmiss

    Dear Angie,
    I’m so excited that i found a way to get in touch!
    Septimus Heap series has been translated in our language Persian -Except the 7th one- and i have finished each book less than 1 day!I even read each book more than 3 times…
    To me,Septimus Heap series is too underrated.It deserves much more attention.I hope more people will know it and love it (Who can read such a mysterious,distinct , wonderful and kinda scary story and not fall in love with it?)
    As you see,i am a big fan of yours.
    I’m so excited 4 the 7th book!
    Hope the movie will be dubbed in Farsi as soon as possible!
    Wish You The Best
    Parmiss from Iran

    PS:Sorry for bad English

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Parmiss,

      Thank you – and yes I have to agree that Septimus Heap should be known more widely and it is hard to know why this hasn’t happened. Maybe one day it will be…

      I do hope you get to read book 7 – FYRE – in your own language very soon.

      Not great news about the movie, I am afraid – development stopped some time ago now, so I don’t think we are going to get a movie for now.

      But thank you for loving the series so much!

  101. Hmm…now that I’ve found this blog I don’t really know where to start.

    I’ve been a big fan of your books since I was 13. I was going through some tough times when I stumbled upon Magyk in my school library. At the time I wasn’t really one to read a book, I was a person who had a hard time focusing on just one thing. But back then when all of the people I had called my friends had abandoned me, (I promise, this isn’t me looking for pity, haha.) and I was desperately looking for something that would take away the pain. I decided to go to the library for some reason.

    It was then when I found your book: it really stuck out to me for some reason. When I took it off the shelf I was amazed, it was as if I were holding someone’s personal journal. The decorated cover with the dragon ring sitting on top of it, and the rough edged pages that made it seem as if it was a real journal. It completely caught my interest, and after that I began to seriously read for the first time.

    And I was shown an entire world hidden beneath the black text of the book. I was completely enamored with it, I found that no matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t put it down. The suspense, the laughter, and most importantly: the happiness it filled within me. The book truly made me feel like I was part of it all. And when I was finished, at that time both Flyte and Physik were both released, and I checked them out immediately. The rest, as they all say, is history. I became a bookworm, and a very serious one at that. I became obsessed with finding new worlds, and becoming a part of them.

    Its been almost 10 years now. I am 22 and I have just finished the first THM book, and I am filled with the same happiness I had when I was child. Just as they did when I was a kid, the characters still grew up with me, and made me happy that they are still a part of my life.

    Those dark times have been long behind me now. I am still the massive bookworm, as when I was a child. (And I have a massive backlog of titles to keep up on). I have also taken up the mantle of becoming a writer as well, though my current story is a dark fantasy. But I hope to capture the hearts of many just as I know your own stories have.

    The most important thing I have to say though: is that you have my sincerest heartfelt gratitude, from the bottom of my heart Angie. I don’t know where I would be today if I wouldn’t have stumbled upon your book. Your series has inspired me for countless years, and I hope it will continue for many years after.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Arc,

      First, I just want to apologise for taking so long to reply. Things rather got difficult last year (upsets with horrible UK covers were the main thing) and I was finding it hard to think happily about the series at all. But just reading your wonderful message has made a big difference – in fact all the lovely messages here really help.

      I am so pleased that Septimus helped you through dark times, I have heard this from many people who were fitting through their teen years and it is wonderful to know that.

      So thank you so much for telling me and I am so pleased that things are working out for you now – as Marcia says, things usually do come right ion the end. I wish you lots of luck and happiness with you writing!

  102. Mr. Inkwell

    I’ll try and keep this brief.

    I’ve been aspiring to be a writer, (as most of us have here), for quite some time. As such, I’ve done a lot of writing, which all seemed rubbish and brilliant and absolutely insane all at once.

    And I loved it like that.

    But lately, I’ve been facing some criticism from classmates. While I’m not the type to listen to the common rabble, they made me question a few fundamental things about the trade I have chosen.

    I wondered why I wanted to be a writer. Did I truly enjoy the work, and the writing itself? Or did I merely paint myself a delusion of what a writer was, and fall in love with the concept? Perhaps much in the same way a child wishes to grow up to be a president or a rock star, but only because they idealized the concept without aactually enjoying the work to get to that point.

    Even if I was just enjoying the concept of a writer, is that still a just cause to become one? Or should I jump ship now while I still have a chance? I’m only just entering tenth grade. Writing is what I’ve focused on since fifth. I’m not quite sure what I’d do without it, but I’ve been unable to truly finish anything remarkable in the last five years.

    Perhaps I’m just insane, and I really am meant to write. Then why am I questioning it? Why am I wavering in faith of my own abilities? If I do this now, whose to say I don’t do this later, when it really matters?

    Sorry for the long rambling scrawl, but my thoughts are all over the place, and I can’t seem to get an actual answer from teachers or parents alike. Responses ranging from, “You wanna be a homeless failure?” to, “Perhaps you’ll find out one day…”

    So, it’s not too late to totally switch my classes around, and I would appreciate any kind of helpful answer.


    • Angie Sage

      Hello Mr Inkwell,

      I don’t believe you need to make any decisions about writing in the 10th grade. This is the time you should be following your interests and playing to your strengths. There is no specific training or subject group you need to be a writer, but you do need to be a rounded person who understands life a little bit and understands people a lot. And you can’t learn that in school or college. So take the classes you really want to and don’t let this image of a ‘writer’ cloud your judgement.

      If I were you I think I would stop telling my friends what I wanted to be, dump the ‘writer’ persona (you’ll be sick of it after a while anyway) and just follow the things you love. Later, if you want, you can use all you have discovered to put into the writing pot.

      Sounds to me like the ‘writer’ tag has tied you in knots. I’d cut the chains and have some fun!

      Good luck, hope this is some help – oh and keep reading though!

  103. S.A

    Hello Angie,
    I have studied this site a lot and I finally decided to ask something!!
    I would like to ask a few questions about PathFinder, which I have read over and over again. I think I even noticed a mistake..
    Ok here goes (sorry to annoy you if this is incredibly long..)
    1. This might be a little awkward.. But is Ferdie even a name? I’m an author as well and I was looking for some names.. I was curious and decided to look by F.. And her name was NOWHERE. What does it mean..?
    2. I draw a lot of characters from books , and height is my problem. Did people shrink in height, or are we the same?? Or are Castle people any taller than PathFinders..?
    3. Ah, birthdays. I get so confused.. This question will get long.. Around when in Tod’s birthday.. Because it says that ‘ When Ferdie’s birthday rolled around a few months later..’, I got kinda confused, since in the trading cards both Sarns appear as eleven. My theory is that Tod’s birthdate would be.. February, March? And since SandRider is two months after PathFinder, wouldn’t she be thirteen..? I hope that’s a no..
    4. I noticed something.. Both Septimus and Tod had gray eyes before they turned green. How come?
    5. In a scale of one to ten, how AWKWARD will the Jim Knee/Driffa reunion be? (Since he was her handmaiden.. I’m sorry, I had to ask that hehehe)
    6. At the begginning of THM, I have a small question.. Oskar was originally, like, one of the best characters, I mean, finding your sister and so loyal and saving your best friend from monsters.. And in the middle end of the book he acts quite.. Angry and distant with her. I literally yelled at my book at the part when they get out of the first arch, the sand covered one (pg. 381). I mean, is he jealous of her or.. Is it something else? Dun dun dun.. I do expect them fighting at SandRider though.
    7. Will we see more of William?
    8. A question of Fyre.. It is said in the epilogue that Lucy talked to Simon about baby feet. I have a copy and tried to hunt down were she said that, but I can’t find it. If it isn’t too much, could you tell me where it is?
    9. My lucky number.. And the mistake I will say.. In PathFinder, page 279, Dergal is referred to as a man, but then it says ‘ what really struck me was the smug little look in her face. Not nice’, SHE said. I noticed this when I was bored, and I happened to fall into that page.
    I’m so sorry this is so long. I hope I don’t annoy you. I love your writing and may you have many more wonderful years.
    – S.A

    • Angie Sage

      Hi SA,

      Ok, here goes with the questions…

      1. Ferdie is a name in the world the books are set! You can make up any name you want when you are a writer. It’s part of the fun.
      2. They’re all a similar height to us. No different.
      3. Tod’s birthday is just before MidSummer’s day – I think about June 10th. Ferdie and Oskar a few months after that. That’s why only Tod was at the first Summer Circle.
      4. It’s often how it goes when you are not exposed to Magyk as a child. Grey eyes become green when the Magyk kicks in.
      5. He wasn’t Driffa’s handmaiden was he? … I think it was a snow princess way back. Must check this one out. But whatever, I think neither of them will recognise the other.
      6. They’re twins. And they know each other too well. They bicker when then get stressed to scared.
      7. Yes, William is in StarChaser. I really like William. Septimus sees a lot of Magykal potential in him.
      8. Arghh you are right! How did that happen? I shall have to run the next book by you first!

      Thank you for all your brilliant comments – you are now officially proofreader of the year!

  104. Jenna

    Your septimus heap books are amazing! I love them so much! I just finished queste.

    Sorry for so many but my questions are:
    Do you pronounce Marcia as mar-see-uh or as Marsha? I say it as the first one but my mom told that she has a cousin with that name who pronounces it as Marsha. and does she see septimus as just her apprentice, does she just think fondly of him or does she kind of think of him like her son even though Sarah is his mom? Btw she is my favorite character! Does she like Milo Banda?

    Second, I know that Beetle likes Jenna (love the name seeing as it’s mine😂) but does she have feelings for him too? If so will anything happen between them?

    I read in ask Angie 2 that you said you wanted to make a book about the characters later in their life or Marcia when she was young. Is this still just an idea or are you working on it?
    And Does the todhunter series have anything to do with the septimus heap series?

    Sorry for so many questions, I’m a curious person!
    Thank you!!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Jenna,

      I pronounce it the English way: Mar-see-uh. I think Marsha is more the USA way. If you are speaking with Marcia just stick ‘Madam’ on before the name and she won’t mind how you say it…

      I think Marcia does at times think of Sep as her son, I suspect that is why Sarah gets a little jealous. And yes, Marcia does like Milo. Very very much. You will see how much in PathFinder…

      I dont; think Jenna does have the same feeling for Beetle. I am writing a novella where they are together at the moment, but their relationship is not going well…

      The TodHunter Moon series has lots to do with Septimus Heap! It takes place 7 years after the end of FYRE. There are new characters but some of the old too.

      I do have lots of ideas for writing about characters, the trouble, as ever, is finding the time to do it!

      Thanks so much for your lovely questions and I hope you enjoy discovering more about Septimus in the THM books too.

  105. Allyson Heap

    Hi Angie!
    I am one of your fans here in the United States. My older cousin got me started on your books when I was 12. I’m now 14 and anxiously awaiting the release of SandRider next month. I enjoyed PathFinder so I think I will like SandRider as well. I do have some questions about Septimus’ relationship with the Princess Driffa, though…

    1. How old is Driffa? I know Septimus is 21 by now, but I don’t remember the book directly stating how old she is.

    2. What is it with her liking Septimus? I am not sure I approve of her; I always ship myself with Septimus and no one else!

    3. What does Jenna really think of Driffa? I’ll be she doesn’t like her not one bit!


    • Angie Sage

      Hi Allyson,

      I’m really sorry you have had to wait so long for a reply – hope you get to see this!

      1. Driffa was 16 when she went into the House of Foryx so although her sister are now elderly, Driffa’s own age is about 17.
      2. I’m not sure I approve of Driffa either. She is rather haughty and a bit of a flirt. But then Septimus is rather a flirt too. And I do feel Sep needs some fun before he settles down …
      3. You are totally right – Jenna can’t stand Driffa. The things she has said about Driffa have made Marcia laugh out loud.

      Hope you enjoyed SandRider – StarChaser next!

  106. Lila

    Hello, I just finished the Septimus Heap series and almost cried. I’m thinking about being Queen (or Princess) Jenna for Halloween, and I was wondering if you could give me some pointers on what to do… plus, thank you for writing these truly amazing books. I am going to tell every single person I know about how awesome you are! I’ll have to say that my favorite book is just makes you want to keep flipping the pages forever and ever.
    Thank you!!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Lila,

      I’m so sorry this reply is way too late for Halloween. I hope you did dress as Jenna? Red and gold generally does it – along with a gold circlet around your hair or a very simple crown if you happen to have one cluttering up your room somewhere.

      I’m so pleased you loved Fyre, I loved writing it too and I was really amazed how everything did actually come together. You can read more about Jenna in PathFinder. She is a real Queen there.

      Thanks for your lovely message!

  107. Sara

    Hi Angie!
    I loved the Pathfinder! It was amazing and really enjoyed it! I can’t wait to read the second book. 🙂

    I was wondering ,if you know upcoming book events? I’m living at Hitchin for a year (as an aupair) and it could be very nice and also amazing to see you in person.

    I’m a huge Septimus Heap fan and really love your style and all the characters (my favorite is absolutely Marcia.)
    Thanks , Sara

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Sara,

      I am so pleased you loved PathFinder – and SandRider too!

      I hope you are enjoying your time in England and all is going really well for you. It would be lovely to meet you and I do hope there will be something you can get to.
      So far the only event I have lined up is at Tiverton Literary Festival on 5th March which is a bit of a trek from Hitchin. I haven’t got any details about that yet – not sure what the timing is – but I will post here in Angie’s Blog about it when I know. And also when I know about any other events.

      I am also doing a workshop on a writers’ retreat in Cornwall. But you would have to be there for a whole week and I suspect that might not be possible (it is quite expensive too!). It runs from
      2pm Monday March 7th to 10am Saturday March 12th and I will be there on the evening of Wednesday 9th March to lunchtime on Thursday 10th March.

      I am beginning to think I need to just sit in a Starbucks in London and have a Septimus Table for a few hours…

  108. Riza

    Hello!!! I love your books, they are my favorites and I have read many books.

    I had a question, if that’s okay- was Marcia hurt at all during that whole business with DomDaniel? I imagine the fall into Dungeon 1 would bang one up a bit, but also he seems to be not nice.

    Thx! Can’t wait for the next book, I’m going to buy it the day it comes out.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Riza,

      I’m so pleased you love Septimus!

      Marcia suffered no long term damage, thank goodness, as her Magyk protected her at the beginning of her ordeal. But she was seriously weakened for some weeks after it.

  109. Colin

    Hello Angie!
    Next summer, my family is going to stay in Devon England for a week and then we’re going around in London for a couple days. I was wondering if I could meet you and get my books signed by you. It’s always been a dream! My mom loves your books as well, and this is going to be our first time in England. I know this is really early notice, but we are already starting to book our cottage, in possibly Dartmoor or Exeter, and were wondering if you had any dates for booksignings or writing workshops or ways to meet your fans. We’re also going on day trips to Cornwall and Somerset, but if you don’t know, then keep the blog updated and I’ll be sure to keep checking!
    Good luck with writing more Septimus!

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Colin,

      You will have a lovely time in the West Country, it’s a really great place to visit. I don’t have any details of events around here for the summer yet, but I would be very happy to sign your books and I am sure we could fix up something, as I live very close to Exeter.
      If you get in touch with me direct on and we will sort something out nearer the time.

  110. Ella

    Hi Angie!
    I’m gonna start by saying how much I love your books! I’ve been a huge fan of Septimus Heap since I first picked up Magyk about 8 years ago! I’ve read them so many times and I just can’t get enough! Everytime I start reading one of your book it’s like comming home. Now I can’t wait to read SandRider!

    I, as so many others, LOVE Marcia. And while watching the web series Carmilla I started thinking that one of the actresses would be great as Marcia if there was a movie! Her name is Annie Briggs and if she had dark hair I think she would be great! 🙂

    Best wishes from Ella!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Ella,

      I love that reading Septimus is like coming home, it feels like that for me too she I write it. Annie Briggs sounds great – although I think it might be some time before we get a chance to see Marcia on the screen…

  111. Pobbel

    Sorry, that I wirte again, but I have to ask you something, Mrs. Sage (or is it Miss?).
    How can you make the feelings of your characters so realistic?
    I can really understand some situations, because I have six older brother too (one of them is also called Simon ;)) and sometimes it´s just like a moment at the Heap-family.
    And I can understand Tod. (My mother ‘disappeared’ when I was six, so I know the feeling, if you really hope, that somebody will come back, but you know, he or she won´t)
    So, how can you write so authentic?

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Pobbel,

      I am so sorry you have had to wait for so long for a reply. I was so touched by your comments and really happy that the feelings do feel realistic. To be truthful, I don’t know how it happens. I just get to feel that I know and love the characters and then somehow I understand how it is with them. I didn’t come from a big family, but when I was little I was friends with a family with 6 boys and 2 girls so maybe I picked some vibes up there!

      I was really sorry to hear about your mum. I think I used the different kind of losses I’ve experienced to write about Tod. I suspect that any kind of loss can perhaps make you more sensitive to how things feel and possibly more able to write about them.

      Thanks you so much for getting in touch!

  112. Karoleena

    Hello Angie,
    I was wondering one is Jenna ever going to find Mr. Ted? And two I’ve read tons of books and I have an idea about a book would it be a good idea to actually make it a book and if so do you know of any good younger author contest?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Karoleena,

      I don’t know of any your author competitions, but I am pretty sure there must be some. Ah … thinking about it, in the UK there is a short story comp on Radio 4…

      And as for Mr Ted. So far, he’s not been found. 😦

  113. Karoleena

    Have you ever written a book in a month?

    • Angie Sage

      No way! I don;t believe it is possible to write that fast and make a book anything like worth reading. I’m guessing you are thinking of NaNaWriMo? I guess that gets people into writing but I can’t think that it does anything else much…
      Writing needs time and practice and lots of thought.
      But here’s wishing you happy writing if you are trying to get a book done!

  114. Hi Angie,
    My name is Syella
    I just want to say the at absolutely love your writing. You are such in insperation too. I am from the USA and have checked the series out of the library so many times the librarians will only let me chack out one book at a time!
    But the reason I am writing to you is about the power of the 7th son. Well Iwhat If Septimus had 7 childresn but the first 6 were boys but then the 7th child was a girl. She would be the first daughter of the seventh son of the seventh son ,but be the seventh child. Would she be more powerful or just the same.
    Thank you so much for reading my question, it is ok if you cant get back to me for a while .I respect you are very busy with your books.
    Have fun writing them

    • Angie Sage

      HI Syella,

      Thank you!

      I think the power of 7 affects girls absolutely equally. I really do need to do a book about the 7th daughter of a 7th daughter!

      Thanks for you patience in waiting, it’s been a muddle and bust time at the end of last year and I am only just catching up. I hope you have a wonderful 2016!

  115. Karoleena

    Hi Angie,
    I was wondering. Who is you favorite female character if you had to choose one?

  116. Sara

    Hi Angie!
    I’m a HUGE Septimus Heap fan and I love your writing!
    I’ve got two questions…..

    1. Where in the world is the Caste? (Sorry if someone already asked this…)
    2. After THM, will you be writing anything else related to Septimus Heap? (Please do!!!!)

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Sara,

      I reckon the Castle is in England, somewhere near where London is right now. But of course, it is way into the future.

      I am going to do a few novellas abut the main characters, they will take place in the time between the two series. I’ll very probably be publishing these myself.

  117. Star

    Hi there
    How Marcia likes Tod?
    Does she thinks positive that Tod is Sep’s apprentice?
    Thank you 🙂

    • Angie Sage

      HI Star,

      Yes, Marcia does like Tod very much. I think Marcia was a bit surprised that Sep took an apprentice so soon (Marcia waited for years)

  118. Finley

    Hello Miss Angie. A while ago (like a WHILE ago) I found a question asking if any characters were gay and you said 2 of them are. Who exactly are those two characters? Sorry for intruding.

    • Angie Sage

      HI Finley,

      You;re not intruding at all! yes, lots of questions have bit a bit of a while ago – sorry for your long wait.

      The two gay characters are Sam and Marwick – you can check them out in the TodHunter Moon series.

  119. Delia

    Hi, Angie!
    I’m kind of new to this blog, but I have been reading your books for ages. I only have one question today: is Jenna or Septimus older? My brother and I have spent ages trying to work out their approximate times of birth, but we never get the same answer twice.
    P.S. Your books are AMAZING!!!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Delia,

      a reply for you at last and I do hope you get to read it after all this time!

      Jenna is a few hours older, although they were both born on the same day.

  120. Marcia's daughter

    Dear Angie,
    I love your work so much. All my friends love it too. I’m not sure if it is considered a fandom by most people, but to me, it sure is.

    In an earlier Ask Angie, you had spoken about LGBTQ+ characters. My inner fangirl needs more information! You had said it was two characters and one was a Heap boy. I was wondering whether it was Merrin, and maybe Sam? Thank you so much.

  121. Lily Maxwell

    hello I LOVE your books.Are you going to write another one after sandrider? (I ordered ahead) from Lily

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Lily,

      last one: StarChaser, coming out in October 2016. And thanks for ordering ahead!

  122. Anna

    Hi Angie

    I started reading the Septimus Heap series when I was about 12 years old. I love them so much and as i heard that there maybe will be a movie I was so excited. Now I’m 15 years old and I’m rereading all the books in the moment and I love them still so so much. But there aren’t any news about the movie. Probably you don’t know more yet? Somewhere I read that there maybe will be open auditions and you’ll tell us about here in the blog. I just wanted to ask if you know something new. Sorry for my english but I’m from switzerland:)
    I really love your book Mrs. Sage and I would definitely do everything to be a part of this great world.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Anna,

      well, Warner Brothers did a fair amount of development and then they stopped working in it. So at the moment I am sad to say that there is no movie. But maybe one day.

  123. Samantha

    Hi Angie!! I have just bought Sandrider and I’m so excited to read it. I hope you are having a nice time writing your next book. ♥

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Samantha,

      I’m doing the editing now for the last book: StarChaser and I am really enjoying that. I have to confess that writing is more of a mixed bag when it comes to enjoyment. But it is always worth it at the end.

  124. I love your books and I cant wait to read sandrider. Tell me where do you these magnificent ideas. Every time i read one of your books its like I’m in another world there world anything they feel i feel its weird i almost think I’m part of the story. Is that weird. anyway i love the stories you write. Thanks Bye

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Andromeda,

      thank you so much for your comments, it is so great to know that you feel so much part of the Sep Heap world – that is the thing I always hope will happen when readers pick up a Septimus or Tod book. The ideas only arrive when I too am in that world – when I am sitting with my laptop writing. If I try to think about them at any other time, nothing happens.

      But I am always pleased and relieved when another one appears…

  125. Aman Sharma

    Hi, Angie let me just say your book are a wonderful re imagination of harry potter so much detail, and i must say goes toe to toe with J.K Rowling masterpiece, though when i first read it i was Confused alot, but once the gears started turning I finished it, how you have a different story each book, but the same story whole. I’m an *eighth grader at Peyton Elementary Stockton and your Books helped me get to my Ar goals. OK NOW OT THE QUESTION WHAT HAPPENED TO GALEN YOU STOPPED MENTIONING HER AFTER BOOK 2 , THOUGH SHE WAS MENTION BRIEFLY BRIEFLY IN BOOK 7. Thank you for your time

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Aman,
      Really pleased you like the series! I have to confess to only having read the first two HP’s and really didn’t write Septimus to tie in with HP, but I’m glad it all works together!
      There are so many characters in the series that some have to take a back seat, otherwise it gets even more confusing. But you can reconnect with Galen in the TodHunter Moon series – she is in SandRider.

  126. Joan

    Hi Angie! I’m a HUGE fan and I just want to say that you inspired me to write my own (not very planned out) novel/s. With that said I’ve always wondered:
    1) When did you get the idea for having the multiple Ways
    2) Are there religions in their world?
    3) Do you ever want to wear purple Python shoes? (Because I do!)

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Joan,

      Apologies for such a long wait for a reply. I’m so pleased you’ve been inspired to begin writing!
      And to answer your questions:
      1. The multiple ways I think came from a visit to Grand Central Station in New York – where there is a central hall and all the platforms going off it. It is odd what can spark an idea ….
      2. I do avoid writing about religions … however there were many in the past, of course, and we see this in echoes in old temples, but I feel that religion will have died away by the time Sep & co are around.
      3. Yes! And I did once buy a pair from Irregular Choice (not real python of course) A Marcia fan wore them recently for World Book Day.

  127. Laureen Lawson

    Hey, Angie Sage!

    First, I would like to say that I adore your Septimus Heap series ever since I found Magyk in a bin of books my elementary school teacher was allowing us to pick from and have. (I chose it because of the Dragon Ring on the cover, they’re my favorite animal!) I’ve read the entire series of 7 twice, and am thoroughly enjoying the Alice TodHunter Moon trilogy! I love that you continued the story, and can’t wait to read your novellas, once they are finished, you must be a busy lady.

    My question is (and I may be jumping the gun) I saw on an update post, back in July, that StarChaser was finished! Do you know around what time/date it will be published? I’ve finished SandRider and loved it!

    P.s; I love Mark Zugs illustrations in the book. He did a fantastic job, I find myself flipping through the books once i finished them just to look at his drawings.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Laureen,
      I’m so pleased you love Septimus – and have discovered Alice THM too!
      It is true, I’m a little busy – but it is all good stuff to be busy with. StarChaser will be out this coming October. Mark had now nearly finished the illustrations and they are beautiful – as ever. I do so agree with you – his pictures are beautiful, they add another dimension.

  128. Colin

    Your septimus heap series is the most dear series to me, I keep all of the beautiful hardcovers lined up on the shelf along with the magykal papers, pathfinder, and the recently added sandrider. I haven’t gotten round to reading sandrider yet, (I will very soon) but I loved pathfinder. I bought the american editions because of Mark Zug’s pictures (the bloomsbury Tod Hunter Moon versions are all wrong). I had a few questions for you:
    Does the queens way have anything to do with the various ways and hubs in pathfinder? Are the arches and hubs some sort of other dimension, or are they tunnels? I was confused by this. Will you please please write more books of this world after star chaser comes out, whether your publisers like it or not? Or at least keep writing! I will be a dedicated fan for the rest of my life.
    Can you do a poll on what everyone’s favourite character is? I can’t decide between Marcia and Septimus myself, and I was thinking that if ever warner brothers made a movie, then Helena Bonham Carter would make a great Marcia, if youve heard of that actress.
    I’m writing a book myself, and I find the characters easily pop into my head, but the plot won’t get up and going, perhaps my plot has bumblefoot, or perhaps its shoes are too pointy and can’t walk. How do you create intricate plots? Are you thinking of coming to California (where I live) or are you doing any book signings in England next summer. It’s been a dream since I was a child to meet you and get my books signed, if your willing.

    • Angie Sage

      HI Colin,

      Thanks you for your lovely message. I too love the US covers, they look almost jewel-like on the shelf. I agree the Bloomsbury UK are wrong for the hardbacks. It’s sad to lose these covers and Mark’s drawing over here and I know it has made a lot of people unhappy- myself included.

      The Queen’s Way is a similar mechanism to the Ancient Ways and they are related, but the Ancient Ways are a more planned form of travel through the whole world. They are actual tunnels, but with an added Magyk/technology that makes them work in the way they do. I have to confess to adapting an idea from Arthur.C.Clarke for this.

      I still have hope for a movie one day, if we can keep the series being read so it becomes a classic. I agree that Helena BC would be great – also Emily Blount.

      I have the same trouble as you with plots, I to write led by the characters, although I am slowly learning to plot the other way too. All I can say is to allow your characters complete freedom – don’t try to tell them what to do. Also when you write make sure you are inside your characters rather than just looking at them from the outside. That way things might reveal themselves more to you. Hope that makes some sense!

      Much as I would love to come to California, sadly, I’ve got no plans at the moment. No signings planned in England at present either, but I probably will be doing things. If you want to get in touch more quickly if you are coming to the UK, you can now message e through my web site: It’s easier for me to get straight back to you from there.

      Sorry about the delay in reply – I hope the writing goes really well!

  129. Lissy

    Hi Angie!
    I´m from Germany and at the moment, I read Sandrider in English. I´ve read the SH-books before and Pathfinder (also in English, it´s more funny than in German), but I really like to read The Darke Toad too. But I heven´t got an ebook. So, do I have to buy or borrow me an ebook or will there ever be an book version, made of paper?
    Thanks for your answer!

  130. I honestly think that the Septimus Heap series is the best (i have read a lot of series too, like percy jackson) i love to read although im 11 i have read really big books like Eragon . Its a hobby and i will keep reading septimus heap 4ever!!!!! btw who is your favorite character in the series mine is septimus!

    • Angie Sage

      Thank you so much, Matthew Septimus Smith!

      I love lots of my characters, as you can imagine. However I have a small group of very best favourites: Marcia, Sep, Beetle, Marcellus… oh far too many, now I come to think of them!

  131. Would you consider the Septimus Heap series a biographies?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Sarie,

      I suspect it is more of an adventure story really, but I do understand what you mean about it being biographies as it is so much about the characters. I certainly write it feeling more concerned about the people in it than what they do. If you see what I mean…

  132. captclockobob

    Hi Angie,

    I was wondering what happened (in our future, and Septimus’s past) that caused Magyk to appear? Where are all of the cities from modern times, and the future? How were dragons discovered/created? What was the full damage of the Great Alchemy Disaster? obvoulsy some buildings survived, (Julius Pike was complaining that the manuscriptorium desks were in a different position then they used to be, implying that the building survived the Fyre). And on top of it all, where are all of the modern technologies, like phones and such?

    Thank you,

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Liam,

      Something huge happened in their past … what no one really knows. Whatever it was led to a huge change in how people see things, as well as how things actually work, and dragons are just part of this – our legends being released to become real.

      Modern technologies are utterly extinct, as I suspect they will be in 10,000 years time, but echoes of the nearer past do remain, as in the Ice Tunnels, particularly the one from Syren to the Castle.

      The Great Alchemie disaster is much more recent, no more than 500 years before, and that’s about as far back as reliable records go.

      I do think the future is so unknowable that almost anything could happen. After all, we know almost nothing about how people lived ten thousand years in our past…

  133. Brady Sumner

    hi, i am a huge fan of your books, and i think i’m speaking for everyone when i ask if there is going to be a third pathfinder book. i also noticed there was no “what happened afterwards” at the end of pathfinder bk.1 where it says what the characters did after the book that were not mentioned later. it would be so cool to hear from you! thanks for your time, brady.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Brady,

      yes, there will be a third and last THM book – it is pretty much all put together now and is called STARCHASER.

      I’ve not done the ‘whatever happened next’ for the first two books as they take place within such a short space of time – the whole trilogy spans only a year – but there is one for the last book. Writing those endings is one of my very favourite things!

      I do hope you get to read this reply – I’m really sorry I have taken such a long time to get back to you.

  134. Willow

    Hi. I am writing a fanfiction which is set a year after Darke. The main character is an ordinary apprentice and I was wondering wether they wore blue or green.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Willow,

      Good luck with your fan fiction! All Apprentices wear green, they just don’t get to wear such a cool belt as the ExtraOrdinary Apprentice. I hope your writing goes really well and you have some fun with it too.

  135. Sam

    Hi there 🙂
    I tried to send an Email but that didn’t work so I thought I’d write on here. I adore your books Angie, they are brilliant and, having just finished Fyre (Took me forever to get my hands on a copy) I can’t wait to start on the TodHunter Moon series. I would like to ask if you do visits or signings anywhere in the UK, and where I would be able to get information on that, as I love your books a great deal and would love to meet you! ^.^

    I love the fact you interact with your audience, it’s a great thing to do and I’ve never had the chance to do it before so I’m really looking forward to a reply, if you get the time for it. Your books are fabulous and full of wit, as the characters are so cleverly thought out.

    Sam (14)

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Sam,

      Sorry this reply is so late! For a speedy response, you can contact me via my website now ( as that is, at last, up and running.

      I do go to literary festivals – when they ask me – last year I was at Bath, Edinburgh and Cheltenham – but at the moment there is nothing booked for this year. But as soon as I know about something I will put it up on Angie’s Blog here. I might be doing something in Tiverton in mid June, but so far nothing is fixed up.

      It’s great to hear from you and know how much you enjoy the books – thank you so much for getting in touch and telling me. I really appreciate it.

  136. S.A

    Hey Angie!
    It’s such an honor to get to talk to you!!
    Um I have a few questions revolving around THM,so.. Yeah!
    – I’m a little shocked at how Sandrider changed my perspective. Of characters, that is. I think both twins kinda.. Switched personalities in book two, with Oskar being a little more carefree and Ferdie being a.. Bit of a sore loser. Why?
    -I know it was given a passing mention is Pathfinder, but did Tod’s eyes turn green?
    -Do you think Driffa will appear in Starchaser? (I really hope so!)
    -What happened to Jerra and Annar? Did they get their happy ending after all?
    -I know you might make short books after THM, but could you one where the Tribe of Three are.. Young adults or such? I kind of would like to see their daily lives.. You know, without having to save the world and all..
    – How come Sep took the ‘Alther’ ponytail in SandRider? (I was confused when I saw him )
    – I loved that Bk one and two had kind of reversed covers. Ones blue and gold and the other is gold and blue. But what about StarChaser? (Was hoping for green or purple.. Or light blue??)
    -Kind of an awkward question but does the name Ferdie exactly mean anything? Did you make up the name or is it short for something?
    -And kind of another weird question, but where will Tod and Oskar’s friendship go? He wasn’t exactly.. Nice to her in bk one for most of it but they seemed more eprelaxed in SandRider. I’m not seeing a romantic outcome, but my friend sure does… Well I kinda see it…
    Ok thank you very very much!! I admire your works and aspire to be a writer as well. I wish you the best for you and the people you love. Blessings from Virginia.
    (Ill probably ask more some time later )

    • Angie Sage

      Hi SA,

      First, I can’t believe that my reply to you is nearly a year late. I am SO sorry. I hope you will still get to read it. Sometimes I get a bit overwhelmed by all the stuff I need to do, and don’t check in here. Recently it has been one of those times. You can always get a quick response from me on the contact page on
      So, your questions …
      – In SandRider I think Ferdie was suffering a bit of PTSD, also unlike Oskar she had not found her role in life, which made it hard for her.
      – Yes, Driffa is indeed in StarChaser.
      – They did turn green, though I think I forgot to mention it. oops.
      – Yes, They now share a house in the PathFinder village.
      – I love the idea of just writing books without the characters have, as you say, to save the world and all. Which can get a bit much at times. I’ve just begun one about Marcia’s days as an Apprentice.
      – Sep is trying out many hairstyles. I think the pony tail suits him. He thinks so too.
      – I hope you’ve seen the SC cover now. I do love it!
      – Ferdie is short for Ferdinanda. Which I did indeed make up.
      – I’m not sure about Tod and Oskar, they are very young still and Tod has quite a crush on Beetle right now.

      Thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful words and once again so sorry for this very late reply.


  137. Lissy

    Hi Angie!
    I´m from Germany, this is why my English is very bad. I hope you can understand what I mean:
    First I have to say, that the Sep-Heap-Saga is really great! But I have some questions…
    Do you like the name Bo (or Boo)?
    Because there are three Bos in the books:
    1. Jenna´s friend in Magyk. She has got red hair and has often played “Princess” with Jenna.
    2. The little rat. One of Stanley´s adoptive children.
    3. The daughter of Esmeralda and the sister of princess Daisy.
    So, do you like the name Bo?
    I´m actually reading SandRider (in English) and I want to say: It´s an amazing book! My favourite character still is Marcia. Will there ever be a book about her youth?
    And will there ever be an paper version of The Darke Toad? Or di I have to borrow an ebook?
    Thanks for your answer!

    • Angie Sage

      HI LIssy,

      Your English is great!
      Yes, I do like the name ‘Bo’, it is kind of fun but feels like a strong name too.
      I am writing a novella bout Marcia and her early years at the moment. It is just something I’m doing for Marcia fans, not a mainstream publication, but I hope to finish it maybe next summer if all goes well. Check out here and my website – – for updates.
      I don;t think there will be a separate paper version of TDT unless the series suddenly gets very well known, but you can find it in the back of a USA MAgyk paperback.

      Here’s the link:

      Thanks so much and I am SO sorry about the very very late reply,


  138. Sarah

    Hey, I was wondering what happened to the interactive map on the website. Am I looking in the wrong spot, is it just not showing up for me, or was it removed? By the way, thank you so much for writing such awesome books!!! I’ve been reading these for over 5 years now and I’m still enchanted by them. You are the reason I’ve fallen in love with reading! Thanks!!!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Sarah,

      HarperCollins do change the website sometimes so it may be that it has been removed and something else is in its place? I’m so happy you love the books and have fall in love with reading – I love reading too.

      I’m really so sorry this reply is so horribly late though and I do hope you get to see it after all this time. If you want to get in touch more quickly my website is a good place to go.


  139. Jon

    Hello Angie. quick few questions here. first off I’m a huge fan, but I was wondering. about what time period is the septimus heap series written? I am on book five right now and I see them talking about submarines and going to the moon and whatnot. and also I’ve been curious to how the ice tunnels were created. I understand if its a secret you’re planning on revealing in the future. anyways, like I said I am a huge fan and your books are so beautifully written. thank you for writing such an amazing series

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Jon,

      Once again, big apologies for such a late reply… the series is set in the future – 10,000 years. So much will have changed by then that I felt this was entirely plausible. Who knows what the world will be like?
      You can find the exact date in the last chapter of FYRE!

      Thank you for your lovely words too!


  140. Ami

    Hmm… Either my computer is weird or no one has written anything since August… I am pretty sure my computer is weird. Anyway, I was just wondering how to pronounce Marcia. It says in one of the books when someone is yelling for her that her name would be pronounced as Mar-see-ah, but other times I have seen the name before and people would pronounce it as Marsh-a….

    • Angie Sage

      HI Ami,

      your computer is entirely sane, it is me who has not written anything for ages. I’m so sorry you’ve had to wait so long, sometimes life just gets in the way of things.

      I say Mar-cee-ah because I’m English, but in the USA she’d be called Marsha. I don’t; think Marcia minds too much, as long as you’re polite.


  141. Annilee

    Hello, Angie!
    I was wondering if we would ever find out more about what Sam and Marwick were doing before SandRider. I’m really curious about it, especially about the battle that they got caught in the middle of.

    • Angie Sage

      HI Annilee,

      I think that is another great idea for a novella…


  142. Angie Sage

    PS – this is a mistake on the back of Fyre… oops.

  143. Lissy

    Hi Angie!
    I´m from Germany and I really like the Sep-Heap-Saga!
    My favourite character is Marcia. Will you write this book about Marcia´s youth?
    And will there ever be a paper version of The Darke Toad? Or do I have to borrow an ebook?
    I have read PathFinder and SandRider in English and these books are brilliant!!! But: Isn´t it a bit unrealistic that Tod and Kaznim (two kids) can outwit Oraton-Marr and Marissa?
    Sorry for my bad English…
    Thank´s for your answer!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi LIssy,

      I really do hope to write more about Marcia but my problem is right now – no time! But I have plasm afoot to make my life a little simpler and get a bit more time for writing different things. I don’t; think there will be a paper version of The Darke Toad – unless Sep Heap suddenly gets very popular! However there is a USA paperback edition of Magyk that does have the story in at the end.
      I’m really pleased you’ve enjoyed the THM books – I guess when you think about it a lot of the things in the Sep Heap series are a little unrealistic but I do believe kids can do a whole more than people give them credit for. And both Marissa and O-M have weak points – which Tod manages to suss out, I think.
      And also – I think your English is great!

  144. Ella

    Hey Angie!
    I was wondering how all the ghosts are able to visit the Hole in the Wall Tavern, as “[a] ghost may only tread once more / Where, Living, he has trod before”, and very few living have been to the Tavern.

    • Angie Sage

      I did think about this at the time of writing – and somewhere I put that there was an exception for the tavern – just walking along the Castle Wall (Which everyone in the Castle had done) counted. 🙂

  145. Faith Minor

    Dear Mrs. Sage,
    I LOVE your books SO MUCH!!!!!! They are the BEST! I especially love books that I can imagine myself into, and the Castle is so well described and easy to imagine that it is so fun to do! Your books are hilarious and the names are terrific! One of my friends lent me Magyk a few years ago and sense then I have been so happy reading them! I just finished SandRider and I loved it! It makes me kind of sad that Sep and Jenna and Beetle are all grown up now though. However, I was happy that Nicko and Snorri got back together! :~) I think you should make a list of all the charms because I am trying to make my own out of shells and stuff! Thank you for your wonderful writing and I can’t wait for the next Tod book! I hope I get my name in!
    Faith M.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Faith,

      Thank you so much! I’m just so pleased you love Sep Heap and all the places so much. Yes,they are grown up now, but there is still a big gap in all there lives to write about and I really do hope to get time to do that one day.

  146. Ella

    Hello again, Angie!
    I have a few more questions about ghosthood in the Septimus Heap books:
    Clearly not all who die become ghosts. What determines whether or not one becomes a ghost?
    It seems as if there are more than their share of ExtraOrdinary Wizards, Queens, and Princesses among the ghosts. Do all ExtraOrdinary Wizards, Queens, and Princesses become ghosts?

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Ella,

      Well, a lot of people don;t want to become ghosts – or if they do they carry on living the quiet kind of lives they always did. The pole who had been a bit flamboyant in life seem to enjoy being ghosts as well. I guess it is all down to personality …

  147. HazelHappiness

    Hi Angie!
    my best friend and I are in love with the series of Septimus Heap and Todhunter Moon, we have other friends who have tried to read the series too but have not finished. my cusin read the first book and was really confused, when I started reading them I was confused too but I kept reading and I now understand every thing. I’m was so happy when I found out about the second series, Todhunter Moon. I was wondering if it takes you long to come up with these fun ideas for the books and how long it takes you on average to write a book.

    • Angie Sage

      I’m so pleased you and your best friend love Septimus. I do agree the first book was a little complicated – it was the first novel I had written and I would love to simplify it a little now.
      I get the ideas through writing, and just kind of being my characters. It takes about 9 months to write each book and then another 3 to do all the editing stuff. SO each one is about a year.
      I do hope you get to read this reply – I am so sorry it has taken me so long. You can alway get in touch more quickly through
      Have a great summer!

  148. Faith Minor

    Hi Ms. Sage (or is it Mrs.? or just Angie? Anyway, I love your name!) I love your books so much! Thank you for writing them! Could you possibly make a list of charms? I am trying to make my own out of seashells and stuff, so it would be nice to have a list! I just finished SandRider and I loved it! But Sep and Jenna and everyone don’t look anything like when they were kids! I’m sorry, it just makes me kind of sad that they are grown up now! I thought that when you said that thing about how a pathfinder is like a cat that gives you regular updates was SO funny! Thank you for your incredible writing!
    sincerely, Faith

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Faith,

      Just Angie is great!
      I’m really pleased you like the TodHunter Moon books just as much, it is kind of sad that Jen and Sep have grown up but I must admit to really liking Mark’s drawing of them.
      Glad you liked the cat joke!
      Sorry this is SO late – I hope you have a wonderful summer.


  149. Stargazer

    Hi Angie, I absolutely love your books! I have read the Septimus Heap series a few times and every time I read them I fall in love with them again! I also read Pathfinder, it was amazing! I still need to get Sandrider though.

    Anyway I was wondering how you get your ideas for your books. I know everyone is different and I have heard of a couple different ways people come up with the ideas for their books but I was wondering how you came up with them.

    Also, sometimes I write stories and everything goes fine but other times I will be writing and I feel like I hit a brick wall that is not going anywhere. Do you have any advice on how to get around a story block like that?

    Thank you so much for taking time to answer all our questions! it is so cool to be able to talk with one of your favorite authors and have your questions answered so thank you so much!

    • Angie Sage

      HI Stargazer,

      I’m really sorry this reply is so horribly late. I’ve been doing way too much writing …

      So, writing stuff …I do find that plotting anything too much in advance kills a story. Using a strong image to start off with, I have to just jump in and take it from there. It is only when I am actually writing and being with my characters that I get any ideas and these tend to come from my characters. I try to inhabit their minds rather than looking out them from the outside then I kind of walk through the story as inside their heads – and see what happens.

      I too hit brick walls and have a lot of ideas that don;t go anywhere. They can start off really well and then somehow the magic drains away. I am really not sure why this happens. But it does happen to all writers, so you are not alone. My advice would be to put the story away for a while and come back to it later. I’ve got some tips here: which are fun to read and do offer some ideas on getting over this!

      Good luck with everything and thanks for being so patient too.


  150. Karoleena

    Why does Marcia not show up very much in SandRider? It made me sad.

    • Angie Sage

      It made me sad too – not entirely my choice. You’ll see a lot more of her in StarChaser though. And a lovely scene with her and Septimus. Hope that makes up for it.

  151. luciewhale

    Hello, Angie!
    I have a few different questions(mostly about terminology), so I’ll make a list:
    1. In Physik, Physik is in bold(like all of the Magykal words), but in the other books it is not. Is the bold Physik a different thing than the normal Physik? Or is it just a mistake in the one book?

    2. In the first three books, the word Thing is used to refer to any sort of Darke creature, but in Quest (and I think after, although it’s been a while since I read any of the later books) it seems to be a specific thing(pardon the pun). Is there any particular reason this changed?

    3. Where do Silas’s brothers live? Do you know their names? Will there ever be a story involving one of them?

    4. Do daughters count towards the “seventh son of a seventh son” thing or just sons? Also, if the Heaps had had a girl instead of Septimus would she be just as Magykal as he is?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Angie Sage

      hi luciewhale,

      1. I think that is just a mistake. There is no reason I can think of for it really. House style is not always consistent and the series did lead to quite a few complications with that as there are so many things like that. I think it was a bit of a nightmare for the copyeditors.

      2. Just me moving on with the series and the world and changing too many Things! Yes, I realised that later (too late) but decided to leave it be.

      3. We do meet two of Silas’s brothers in Fyre. A book about them all would be fun, but no plans at the moment. It’s tough to decide whether to go on to new things or keep exploring the Septimus world…

      Thanks for these questions – you really have noticed stuff that I kind of hoped might not be picked up!

  152. Emma

    What was your favorite books as a child?

    • Angie Sage

      I loved SO many books. But a real favourite was the retelling of the King Arthur stories by Richard Lancelyn Green. I also loved E Nesbit’s books too.

  153. Emma

    Has anything in your life impacted your books? Hi I love your books thank you for even making Septimus Heap. I want to read Todhuter Moon as soon as i can. Thanks!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Emma,

      I expect lots in my life has affected the books without me realising it. I know that Septimus’s interest in Physik (or medicine nowadays) does reflect my own fascination. I think a little bit of Marcia is taken from my time sharing a flat in London many, many years ago. And Nicko’s love of the sea and boats is mine too. And I am sure there is much, much more lurking there, waiting for me to realise it!

  154. Lilyana

    Hey Angie! I was wondering about a few things.

    First, how do you come up with the ideas for your books?
    Second, I was wondering if you had any advice for me. I like to write but quite often I come to a point in my story where I feel like I hit a brick wall. Has this ever happened to you? do you have suggestions on how to get around or over the wall and keep going with your story?

    Thanks so much! I love Sep Heap and TodHunter. Thank you so much for writing, and also for answering all of our questions!

    • Angie Sage

      Ideas … I think mainly by actually sitting with the computer and writing. I do find that is the best way. Just thinking about stuff when I am not writing doesn’t usually work. Where the ideas come from I couldn’t say, but I have to be in the mind of a character to get them. It is a strange process really.

      Brick walls are everywhere! And they happen to all writers. You can try some of these tricks:

      Thanks, Lilyana, and I’m so sorry you have had to wait so long for this reply. I do hope you get to see it!

  155. Rachel

    Hi Angie!
    I really really really love Septimus Heap! I read a lot of books, but Septimus Heap is the best!
    I have a question – is there a transilation of the seventh book (Fyre) and the TodHunter Moon books to Hebrew?
    Thank you very much, Rachel.

    • Angie Sage

      Oh dear, I suspect Fyre might not make it into Hebrew. There was, unfortunately a bit of a falling off in sales towards the end of the series and some publishers have not published all seven books. I’m so sorry about this. And THM definitely hasn’t made it into Hebrew. I think the fact that the film didn’t go ahead has made a bit of a difference, sadly.
      But thank you for all you support for the Septimus Heap world!

  156. Karoleena

    Why was there no Marcia in SandRider? Because my twin and I are really sad that Marcia was only really mentioned once or twice.

    • Angie Sage

      I was sad too, but that was just how it went. I wanted more Marcia but my publisher wanted me to concentrate more on Tod and her friends. You will, however, find a lot more Marcia in StarChaser. And a lovely scene between her and Sep.

  157. Rémy

    does a french publisher had bought THM series ?

    big thanks 🙂

  158. Miss/Mrs/Ms Sage is there a way to learn Darke Magyk with out becoming bad, like being a good necromancer that mostly does normal Magyk but also does Darke Magyk when needed.If so please tell me.And also where do you suggest looking for a Dragon Egg

    • Angie Sage

      You’ll find later on that Septimus does believe you can use a little Darke Magyk align with the rest. You’ll see that a bit in StarChaser… So yes, but only a tiny bit is my answer.

      Dragon Eggs are best fond in rocky, isolated places. Often in them outs of caves or beneath cliffs. However, do please be careful. These places can be dangerous. Not least because you might find the mother dragon lurking somewhere.

  159. givemeajoy

    Dear Angie,
    I just want to say that I can’t wait until the movie finally comes out!! I started reading Septimus Heap around two-three years ago when we had to read a book at school. Magyk looked quite interesting, so I started reading it and after that I got addicted. I read all the books in less than half a year. I read them in Norwegian first because I live in Norway and because I thought the English version was a bit difficult (I wasn’t good in English at the time). Now I’ve decided to read them in English as well, and after just four weeks of reading, I am already finished with, Magyk, Flyte and Alchemy, and I am at the end of Queste! I really love your books and sometimes I have the feeling that I take part of the story! I want to thank you for so many hours of fun reading, your books really make me feel much better!
    For a person who suffers with both ADHD and depression, your books are amazing! They make everything else disappear!!
    Thank you so much dear Angie!!
    Hugs from your biggest fan from Norway!!

    • Angie Sage

      Oh, thank you! What a lovely message to receive. Sometimes authors get a little down too and a message like yours really makes a difference. I am so glad that the books have made a difference to you too.
      The sad news is that there will be no film – work stopped on that about 5 years ago now. But I still hope that one day in the future, when a Septimus fan is running Warner Brothers that we will get a movie – or even better, a brilliant TV series. Septimus box sets would be fantastic!

  160. Sibylle

    Hi Angie,

    I am so glad that I have found this page because since I started reading Septimus Heap years ago (I guess I was about ten), there are two questions which always appears in my mind while reading.
    The first one is, if you are doing horseback riding? I hope this question is not too personal. I just wondered because the way you describe Septimus and Spitfire, as well as the relationship between Simon and Thunder, remind me so much of my experience with horses 
    The second question is a bit more difficult (for me to couch), I was thinking about Jenna as a princess, and later as a queen. Why are all the citizens of the castle respecting her? Especially after the years without a queen, which have been horrible, but anyways showed that there are politically opportunity’s without a queen. Aren’t there any citizens asking why Jenna is queen, as she does not have anything special? She grows up like every normal citizen in the castle, she did not even learned much about politics. Why can she become queen without having to prove that she is able to solve the castles problems? I guess that there have to be people thinking that there are other persons who could do a better job than Jenna. So this is not meant as a criticism on your books, I was just thinking about this for so long and it would be wonderful to know if you have any answer on it. You also wrote that Septimus takes place in the future, so probably there are some people who know that there have been other political systems in the past? And (I am sorry, that it gets so long…) we know monarchy’s with political power, mainly from the Dark Age, where they get there legitimation through religion. So what is the legitimation for the queen in the castle?
    I know that Septimus actually is a book for children, and is not about politics, but I am just interested if you have some ideas about that.
    So Finally let me say thank you, for you wonderful books! They are one of the best series I’ve ever read. I love to be in the world of Septimus and meet all those great characters, while reading.
    Apart from this I would love to read more about the ‘old’ characters. To be honest I don’t really like Tod although the books about her are as good as those from the original series… if only Tod would not be that annoying.
    I also want to thank you for this page, it is amazing that you find time to answer all this questions  and it is a lot of fun to read them.
    Please excuse potential English mistakes, I’m from Germany. And I normally want to say things which are more complex than my English skills… My teacher is not so happy whit this.

    All the best,
    to you, your characters and possibly existing horses (or other animals) 


  161. Arielle Trakhtenberg (AKA Lightning)

    I really like the Septimus Heap and the Todhunter Moon series! I just really wish I could find out how Septimus got to be the Extraordinary Wizard… how Marcia retired, and why.

  162. Ashlee

    I read SandRider just a little while ago and it was really good, but I was a bit disappointed that Marcia was only mentioned a few times.

  163. Colin

    Hi Angie,
    I made a few posts about a month ago, but they didn’t show up on the blog, at least on my computer. But I hope this one will.
    I’ve recently finished reading Sandrider, and loved it! I liked the scene with Spitfyre and the Orm the best, plus the pictures were delightful. I hope you and mark zug keep your writer/illustrator partnership going.
    Will any of your septimus heap short stories be published as books? When will they come out? I can’t wait to hear how some of the older characters are doing.
    I know i said this in the older posts of mine that I think vanished, but my family is from california, and next summer, for the very first time, we’re going to Europe, and we’re going to be in England probably in late July. Is there a chance we could meet you, perhaps at a book signing or a writer’s festival, or is it too soon to ask? We’re willing to drive anywhere, and it would be our biggest dream come true to meet you!
    Thank you for supplying us with such magykal books. You’re our favourite author. (I even accidentally spelled fire as fyre on an english essay and had to go back and change it!)

  164. Dale

    Hello Angie!!

    I have reread each book at least thrice and I noticed that a few letters of a few words have been replaced with “y” (e.x. Fyre) Where did you get the Idea for this replacement? It looks very nice. Thanks!

  165. Ethan

    Hi Angie!
    I haven’t asked a question since God knows when and I thought I would ask one!
    I received Sandrider for Christmas and have read it quite a bit, but will there be any further development between Tod and Beetle? Or is he with Jenna, or…?
    Happy New Year!
    Can’t wait for the next book!

  166. I LOVE Sep heap! I dream of being an author, and your books really inspire me to be better! I write little bits of poetry and bigger bits of books, it is a good hobby. (:
    I have some questions for you,
    How did you “get in the zone” to come up with ideas for writing?
    Did you ever re-write large bits of your books because you weren’t happy with them?
    P.S Is Syah (not sure how it’s spelled) out of the picture?

  167. Hey Angie! I love your books, and dream of being an author myself, your books REALLY inspire me!
    Do you have any advice for being a good author?
    How do you get into the “zone” when writing?

  168. Theodora

    Hello Angie,
    I would like to know is there a way to get Septimus Heap series. In my country there are only first three books translated. It would be pleasure if You could tell me where to find it in English. I would also like to know if you could tell me are some characters based on real life.

    Thank you, Love Septimus Heap series!
    P.S. Sorry for my English.

  169. Evan

    Hi Angie,

    I love all of your books and I am a really big fan! I am really excited if there is going to be a Septimus Heap movie. I am trying to replicate the Dragon ring but I can’t find any really detailed pictures. Please let me know if you have any or just email them to me. Also If Septimus has kids he needs to have seven sons!


    P.S. You are my favorite author and I urge you to keep writing because I know the fans can’t get enough books.

  170. Evan

    Also, Does Marcia have a family? Did she have a falling out with her parents… or did they die somehow. Does she have any siblings?

  171. Autumn Dwyre

    hey angie
    my name is Autumn. I am I huge fan!!!!!! I am almost finished reading Flyte
    I was just thinking that some day in the future there should be 7 movies for each book. although if that ever happens I hope that it will be really close to the books .

    well that’s all for now.hope to hear back from you.

    From: Autumn

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Autumn,

      Welcome to Sep Heaps’s world! You’ve got so much still to discover and I hoe yo have a great time there while you do.

      Ah, the movie. Sigh. Well, I don’t think we are going to get even one anytime soon. Work stopped many years ago and I think Warner Brothers have moved on to other things. I do think that the series would make a truly wonderful TV series though. So much better for all the different characters and things that happen to them…

      But for now we will just have to keep that movie playing in our heads…

  172. Jenna Lyons

    I just wanted to say thank you so much for TodHunter Moon. Septimus Heap was, and still is, one of my absolute favorite book series from my childhood. So, getting to go back to that world with Tod was amazing! It felt like I was a kid again (I mean, I am still a kid, but flashback to 7 years ago…). It felt like saying hello to an old friend, or visiting a place I hadn’t been in a while. It felt safe and wonderful, like I was home.
    I absolutely love Tod and it was fantastic getting to see all the original characters again, as well as meeting the new ones! Can’t wait to read the rest!

    Much love and admiration,

    P.S. I’m still very excited that I share a name with Jenna Heap 🙂

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Jenna,

      I am really pleased you love Tod’s story too. I too have enjoyed going back to the Sep Heap world and discovering even more about it – I am really glad that it all worked for you and that they all still felt like old friends. I wanted it to feel as though their lives had just been going along as normal and that we were just dipping back in to see how they all were getting on.

      So glad it worked!

  173. Lissy

    I`m from Germany and I really like your books! I`ve read the Sep-Heap-Saga, The Magykal Paper, PathFinder and SandRider (both in English) and they`re the greatest books, I`ve ever read!
    But: Will there ever be a paper version of The Darke Toad? Or do I have to borrow an ebook?
    And: Are you going to write a book about Marcia´s youth? She`s my favourite character and I would be very happy, if I could read something more about her.
    Thank you for your answer!

    P.S.: Sorry, my English isn`t good, but I hope, you can understand what I want to say.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Lissy,

      I’m so pleased you love Septimus Heap so much – your English is really good, by the way.

      The only paper version of The Darke Toad is at the back of a USA edition of MAGYK and a book in Thai (which looks very beautiful, but is hard for us to read!) I don’t think Hanser, my lovely German publisher, have translated it. So an ebook in English is your best option.

      I love Marcia too and there is so much I want to write about her – the trouble is, as ever, finding enough time to do it. But anything extra I write I will post about here, on Angie’s Blog. You can also check out my new website:

      Thank you so much for getting in touch!

  174. Dear Angie,
    A while ago I posted something here but I don’t actually know if it did send or not. So I’ll try again.
    My name is Joya, I’m 17 years old and I love reading Septimus Heap! For now I only borrow them at the library, but I hope I can buy them myself soon.
    I really, really love your work! I so hope that the movie comes out soon!! I’m so excited!!
    I love fantasy and magic and that is probably why I love reading about Septimus Heap! I find comfort in your books and I can completely disappear in them! For someone who doesn’t belong at school and is the “outcast”, it is really nice to dive in the books and feeling confident again (even if it’s just for a little while) because I have the feeling that Septimus actually is with me, even though I know he’s not. This story will always stay with me even when I grow old! Keep up the good work!!

    Hugs Joya

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Joya,

      I’ve been very slow answering questions recently – for which big apologies – and that will be why your post didn’t make it.

      I’m so pleased you love Septimus! It does;t look like there will be a movie anytime soon, sadly as all work has stopped. I guess we just have to hope that one day it gets started again.

      I know just what you mean about getting lost in a book, I love to do that too and when I was younger it was something that made a big difference to me. I will think of you wandering down Wizard Way and maybe stopping off at Wizard Sandwiches for a coffee. let me know if you catch sight of anything interesting…

  175. Theodora

    Hello Angie,
    Are the characters based on real life or is it just imagination? And I want to know how old is Beetle?
    Thank you, I love your books!

  176. Angie Sage

    Hi Theodora,

    All from my imagination! Beetle (despite some misinformation on a book jacket) is 2 and a half years older than Septimus.

    And I am so pleased you love the books.

  177. Ezu

    Angie, I want to say I LOVE Septimus Heap, and I was kind of depressed when it ended. I know all these comments range from 2015-2016 and it’s 2018 right now, but I really want to find this out as I am going to move on to the TodHunter Moon series.

    1) Will more books for THM be coming out soon? I can’t live knowing there’s only three!
    2) I have been craving this moment. Will Beetle and Jenna EVER get together?
    3) I know this is not totally related, but what ever happens to the Hunter? Does he die or does he go off somewhere feeling depressed after Nicko tells him his dog died or something?

    Please reply!!!

  178. Magykalfan11

    Hello Angie Sage,

    I am a massive fan of Septimus Heap and have just finished reading Fyre. The endings at the end fascinated me and I couldn’t help wondering if Jenna and Beetle get married. Do they?
    Jenna and Marcia are my favourite characters as they are both headstrong and they inspire me to be who I want to be.
    Reading Septimus Heap always keeps me from stressing about y6 SATS, so thank you so much for writing them! You are an amazing author and I wish there was another Septimus Heap coming out!!
    I hope you can get back to me soon,
    A mega fan

  179. Magykalfan11

    Hello again Angie,
    Sorry for bothering you again. I have a question that is about Jenna again: you said in one of the books that a ghost fell asleep in an armchair in the palace and years later was woken by Jenna’s daughter running into the chair with her scooter. What is the name of this child,please, and does she have any siblings. If so, please can you tell me their names. Also, is Beetle the Dad?

    Sorry for bothering you again. I eagerly await your reply,
    A mega fan

    (My name is Daisy though I wish it was Jenna or Marcia!)

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Daisy,

      You have a great name! Ah, Jenna’s daughter .. the thing is, because I’ve not written that I don;t really know the answer. It is only when I’m writing that the world kind of talks to me. At present I am thinking that the dad is more likely to be Septimus, but we are nowhere near that yet.
      Angie x

  180. Logan

    Does septimis marry jenna?

  181. Logan
    Hey Angie does septimis marry Jenna I feel like they belong

    • Angie Sage

      It seemed to me when I was writing THM that they do belong … but I’ve not written that yet.

  182. A.S

    Are you ever going to make a film of Septimus Heap?

    • Angie Sage



      First, it is not the author who gets to make the film but the film studio. The right to make the film of the Septimus Heap series was sold to Warner Brothers about twelve years ago now, but there has been no development work on the movie for at least eight years now so a film is not looking likely any time soon, sadly.

      I do think the series is a tough one to film – there are so many characters and convoluted plot lines that it is hard to simplify each book for a two hour movie. Some are easier than others, but the first book, Magyk, is particularly difficult. However, I am convinced that Septimus Heap would be a brilliant TV series. But once again, that is not up to me.

      If I ever do have any good news it will be posted on this site with a big fanfare, but I have heard nothing for at least seven years now.

      Thanks for asking though!


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