Ask Angie #6: Archive

Ask Angie #6 is now an archive of all the amazing Septimus Heap questions you have asked over the years and it’s no longer taking questions. If you have a new Septimus Heap (or Araminta Spookie) question please post it on the New Ask Angie. Or you can get in touch with Angie Sage direct via the contact page on her website:


507 thoughts on “Ask Angie #6: Archive

  1. David

    Will you ever write more about sep and his world? for instance a book about septimus’ time as EOW and maybe about his apprentice.
    Also does Jenna becoming a witch do anything to the plot in the future?
    What would happen in the EOW didn’t have an apprentice?
    And what would happen if the EOW was killed/died before his apprentice’s apprenticeship was over?
    Will Marcellus ever be reinstated as the Alchemist or Physician of the castle and take on apprentices?
    WHat happened to boys 410 and 411 (Marcus and Matt) during their time in the young army? Were they just realeased at the end of the supreme custodians reign?
    Does sarah move out of the castle for good at the end of book 6, if so does jenna live in the castle on her own?
    Will the heap boys ever leave the forest and do they still see galen?
    After morwenna repaid her dept to the heaps are the heap boys still welcome there?
    Sorry for so many questions! I only just finished darke and have yet to start Fyre so some of my question may already be answered! I really like the books and i hope that you will write more about the world of Magyk. Sorry for any spelling mistakes. Oops i posted this on AA4 and yay first comment!


    • Angie Sage

      HI David,
      I’m writing a little more in the TodHunter Moon trilogy, where we return to the Castle 7 years on. So you will see Sep’s early days as EOW. And an Apprentice too.
      Jenna did not become a fully-fledged witch, just enough to fool a window! However, I do want to use this somewhere, but as I don’t plot in advance much I will have to see if it feels right at the time. I let my characters tell me what things are important to them…
      If the EOW didn’t have an Apprentice, then another Wizard would take up the post. Often in these cases, the WT itself will choose. This can happen anyway, even if there is an Apprentice ready and waiting. Not all Apprentices are up to the job.
      For Marcellus … well you will have to read FYRE!
      Boys 410 and 411 were out in the Badlands. I guess there is another story there too!
      Sarah doesn’t move out for good, but she does slowly give Jenna more space.
      Heap Boys – again, you will have to read FYRE… But they did sometimes see Galen, but not much. She was quite disapproving of their lifestyle.
      The Heap boys became wary of Morwenna. One of the reasons why they were happy to come out of the Forest. (oops, now you know.)
      Thanks, David. And congrats on being the first on AA6.

      • Jenna (not really)

        Hi Angie,
        I left you a bunch of questions on Ask Angie 1, ’cause i didn’t know about these. So I’ll just make it easier for you by doing the questions again here:

        1.) If i am the #1 fan u can’t be! Septimus Heap is AWESOME!

        2.) Speaking of Marcia, is Marcia pronounced, “Marsha” or “Marsia”? I know it’s kind of a stupid question, i should know, but it’s also a question that’s been bothering me a lot lately. Please answer, Angie!

        3.) Angie,
        I love to write. Me and my friends write a magazine with basically everything (including writing pieces) in it called Who’s That Magazine. (We have no idea why we called it that; it just sounded cool!) The magazine is on a blog, You must be pretty busy, but if you have time please check it out and comment!

        4.) (I know this comment isn’t really to you, but still) THANK YOU, Adam, finally someone thinks Emma Watson should be in the Septimus Heap movie!

        5.) I was wondering about the Flyte cover, too. So thank you for telling us! What about Fyre? I know that Darke is the Darke Index…

        6.) (you said: hello!
        No, NOT animated. Like you I want them to be real people. It has to be to get the subtlety.

        Angie) Than I replied: I totally agree! I guess this comment is a waste of space, just for three words, but whatever.

        7.) Do the Dragon Boat or the Boggart count as animals? If so, my favorite animal in the series would be either of those. If not, Ullr. But maybe Spit Fyre…

        8.) I used to only read Harry Potter (i read the whole series 9 times) but then my friend suggested Septimus heap. After pretty much the first page I was sure that this was my new favorite series! Go Septimus Heap!

        9.) I LOVE Darke! Although my favorite has to be Fyre. It’s weird reading all these comments because they’re from like 2010 and it’s 2013, almost 2014! Darke hasn’t even got out, let alone Fyre!

        10.) (wow, this is getting to be a lot of comments! SORRY!) (You said: Hi Katy,

        My Google conversion doesn’t do crowns… But, it’s a LOT. After all, a half crown can buy you an Apprenticeship. I think in English pounds, so I’d reckon about a crown is worth about £250, which is, according to Mrs Google, is $386.86217561907553th

        Angie) And I replied: THAT IS A LOT! WOW!

        11.) Right now im reading the Inkheart series and there are tons of elves in them, but they fit perfectly. Honestly, I LOVE elves, but Septimus seems more like a dragon person, NOT an elf person!

        12.) I want to see Bringing Up The Ratlets! Sounds COOL!

        13.) When I think of “that awful Djinn” I think of her in Marcia’s rooms, whispering parts of the spoken sentences. That sounds SO annoying! If someone was doing that in MY room, I would go sleep with the Heaps!

        14.) That’s it. Thank you for looking at this LONG comment, even though you probably didn’t look at all of it.

      • Hi Angie
        I’m a big fan.
        I have some questions.
        Will you write any more about Jenna, septimus beetle etc. in the tod hunter series
        Do Jenna and Beetle have a long term relationship?
        Would You ever name a character after my name which you will have never come across from except from if you go to walsingham (Norfolk) my name is Richeldis.

      • Clay

        Dear Angie
        I have been reading your books and I love them. I have been studying the place in which the story has taken place. I know you live in England because you said so in the frequently asked questions. You said it was in England because you live there. Well I think that it takes place in Hamburg,Germany. I pinpointed Germany because in the German language the word scribe is used to describe someone who copies and draws and writes something. I have a map on my wall that shows a river and Hamburg is on that river just like the Castle is on a river. The port is the town of Cuxhaven. The trading port in the book of Syren is Oslo,Norway. I figured Oslo because of the bay leading to Oslo is where the trading post is could be because of the large amount of space in the bay. The island that Septimus lands on with Spitfire is the island of Helgoland. The island the the Lighthouse is on is the island of Roter Sand. That is all of the evidence I have that proves my theory.

    • Clay

      Dear Angie
      I have been reading your books and I love them. I have been studying the place in which the story has taken place. I know you live in England because you said so in the frequently asked questions. You said it was in England because you live there. Well I think that it takes place in Hamburg,Germany. I pinpointed Germany because in the German language the word scribe is used to describe someone who copies and draws and writes something. I have a map on my wall that shows a river and Hamburg is on that river just like the Castle is on a river. The port is the town of Cuxhaven. The trading port in the book of Syren is Oslo,Norway. I figured Oslo because of the bay leading to Oslo is where the trading post is could be because of the large amount of space in the bay. The island that Septimus lands on with Spitfire is the island of Helgoland. The island the the Lighthouse is on the mainland. That is all of the evidence I have that proves my theory. Sorry I am repeating this I meant to place it here.

      November 11, 2013


  2. Idunn

    I am a Septimus Heap fan from Norway and i have a few questions, but first I just have to apologise for some spelling and grammar mistakes. I am going to read through it and see if i can find any, but you know how second languages is…
    Here is the things i want to know:

    1. How old does people get in the Castle?
    2. How long does ghosts “live” before they disappears?
    3. Do you imagine the Septimus Heap world is like a different universe but with the same geography and geology?

    I dont know if some of these questions is answered in Fyre. I just bought the book and have just read a few chapters.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Idunn,

      Your English is very good!
      1. People in the Castle live to our age, but there have been earlier times where they did die younger. This is why fourteen year olds are still treated pretty much as adults.
      2. After about 500 years a ghost becomes rather frail and confused. This is when they are called Ancients. A determined ghost can ‘live’ forever, but most get bored with the Living (who are so very noisy and silly and constantly worried about meaningless things) and they quietly fade away.
      3. I see the Septimus world as … oops I have just deleted this. You will find the answer at the end of FYRE and I don’t want to spoil it for you.

      Thank you, Idunn. Your Norwegian translator, Carinna, is wonderful. She asks me so many good questions and picks up on all my mistakes. The books would not be the same without her.

  3. My daughter is reading PHYSIK and noticed that not all the paragraphs are indented. Now we are both curious about why. Is this a new style for novels?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Britton,
      This intrigued me so I had to find a copy of PHYSIK. The paragraphs not indented are always after a line break or at the beginning of a chapter. This is HarperCollins’ house style and gives a nice sense of a break, I think. It has been the case through all the Septimus series. The only other non-indented paragraphs I found were for the entries in Princess Esmeralda’s diary. Again these are after a line break and so serve to mark them as separate.
      Does this make sense? If you have found any that don’t conform to this, let me know!

  4. MCM

    Hi Angie! Cool, an AA6! How is THM going? Do you think you could tell me a little about it? I’ll try to give you only a few questions this time…. 😉

    1. Why did Rose dump Sep for Foxy? Was it because Septimus no longer had time for her when he became ExtraOrdinary?
    2. Are Rose and Jenna friends?
    3.Will Sep or one of the other characters ever go back in time to our time and learn about The Days of Beyond?
    4. What color is the cover of PathFinder?

    • Penelope

      What do u mean Rose dumped Sep for Foxy? I haven’t been on this website for a while so please explain

    • hotep ra ra ra rocks!:]

      in what book did they start going out rose and foxy

    • Angie Sage

      HI MCM,

      THM is going well, thanks. All done with book one which is called PathFinder and I am now on book two. Think it might be called ShapeShifter, tho not 100% sure yet.
      1. Well, it happened before Sep became EOW, when he was still just an Ordinary Wizard ( which he was for a few months). But really, Rose and Foxy just fell in love, big time. Rose still feels a bit guilty about it. And Foxy is very embarrassed.
      2. Rose and Jenna got on fine, but you wouldn’t call them best friends. Rose was too serious for Jenna and Jenna does seem to get just a teeny bit jealous of Sep’s girlfriends…
      3. No plans for that at the moment, but you never know. I do really like that idea.
      4.. It is a painting of a lapis lazuli box – so a beautiful bright blue. I love it and hope I can post it on here soon!

  5. Twelve and Four Missing

    ASK ANGIE SIX?!?!?!?!?! Congrats! 🙂
    Question: What is Beetle’s favorite food?
    Thanks! 🙂 xoxoxoxo

    • Angie Sage

      Yay! So many amazing questions!
      I think Beetle has got rather a liking for sausage sandwiches now. And he still has a secret love for FizzFroot.

  6. Lucie

    If Marcia and Milo get married, will Jenna ever have any sort of relationship with Marcia or will she still dislike her? I mean, I know she doesn’t hate Marcia but she’s not exactly her number one fan either. I am starting to wonder if they will get married since you said the idea of Marcia becoming jenna’s stepmother amuses you a little. 🙂 The one thing that would really appeal to me about Marcia and Milo getting married is that, if Sep and Jen eventually get together ( I really hope they do…..I know this is unpopular but I really like them together and I think Beetle deserves someone who will love him more than Jenna will), Septimus and Jenna’s children would sort of be both Milo and Marcia’s grandchildren since Jenna is, of course, Milo’s daughter and Septimus really is, in my eyes at least, Marcia’s son. It might bring them closer together.

    How does Queen Cerys fit into all of that though, I wonder. If Milo and Marcia get married, surely Cerys will be really hurt. Don’t get me wrong, after fyre, i’m not sure at all what I think of her but I still can’t help feeling a little sorry for her. 😦 Wouldn’t she be really hurt and lonely?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Lucie,
      well, we shall have to see how it goes with Jenna and Marcia. Yes, it does amuse me a little but I have decided to be a bit realistic about this – Jenna is grown up now and Marcia a little calmer … but I’ll say no more. You will have to read PathFinder.
      You are uncannily perceptive in your comments …
      Cerys is doing what ghosts do, slowly switching off from the concerns of the Living. In Fyre she had already begun to so this and was becoming much more concerned with issues like status and form, rather than emotions. She’ll carry on that way and there is no reason for her to ever meet Milo again.
      Happy Christmas!

  7. Emma from Iowa

    Angie, thank goodness there is now and AA6! I don’t have to scroll to the bottom of the page anymore!
    I have just two questions:

    In Fyre, when Jenna, Sep, and Marcellus were trying to get into the Wizard Tower through the Ice Tunnel hatch, how come Marcellus was worried about drowning? I mean, I understand he would be worried about Septimus and Jenna, but he’s immortal, isn’t he?

    Are all three of the THM books coming out at once or something? I was a little confused when you said you had already started writing the second book, and the first one won’t come out until a year from now. Sorry if I just don’t understand how writing/publishing books works!

    Make that three questions. What is the WT password this week?

    Thanks a lot!

    Emma from Iowa 🙂

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Emma,
      yes it used to take me a while to work out where the new comments started. But it’s so great to have lots of people checking in and saying hello.

      Having the elixir of eternal youth does not protect you from accidents. So, oddly, the older Marcellus gets the more scared he becomes.

      The THM books are coming out one a year – due to author not being able to write any faster ;).
      It’s true I have already started writing the second book, but the reason is that publishing a book takes a surprisingly long time. it takes a year from when I have finished writing to get to the point where the book can be released – there are so many things to get right: Mark’s illustrations, the cover, the 4 edits, then marketing, getting bookshops interested etc etc… so my deadline for finishing book 2 is September, although I really hope to have it done before then.

      Pickled Eggs!

      And have a very Happy Christmas.

  8. Jade

    Hi Angie,
    When I was searching your books earlier I read that Sam Heap and Wolf Boy are gay. Is that true?

    • Angie Sage

      Yes, it is. We will meet them again in THM book 2. (not sure of the title yet).
      Happy Christmas!

  9. Rose

    Is there actually going to be a movie? I heard something about it, but when I was looking for info on it ,like casting, the only pages that came up were last updated in 2010 or before that and after that, there was nothing. I was just hoping for some clarification on that. And if the answer is yes, when would it be coming out?

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Rose,
      We did sign to Warner Brothers so they have all the rights now. Bit they are not going ahead with it right now. They did quite a bit of preliminary work and then stopped. This happens to lots of books, unfortunately. But if Septimus Heap keeps on being out there and fans keep on spreading the word, then who knows what might happen in the future. However, right now, there is no movie in sight, I am sorry to say.
      Happy Christmas!

  10. Kiana

    Hello, Angie! I just finished reading Fyre and loved it, but I do have a couple of questions:
    1. How is the next ExtraOrdinary Wizard picked? Is it the current EOW’s choice on who will succeed them or something Magykal like the Pick? Does the EOapprentice always become the next EOW or does it just tend to happen that way?
    2. What happens when an EOW steps down? (I’m assuming that this is what happens with Marcia.) Do they still keep the purple robes? What title would they go by or would they just be retired?
    3. When the ExtraOrdinary Apprentice graduates, do they become an Ordinary Wizard or do they have some sort of prestige that comes from their apprenticeship?
    4. Will TodHunter Moon feature Septimus’ apprentice, and is this one of the main characters or a more minor one? (I understand if you don’t want to give this one away)
    Thank you!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Kiana,

      1. Lots of different ways to pick an EOW as it is important to get the right person. Sometimes the Wizard Tower itself will decide (see MAGYK chapter 15 and how Alther was chosen). Other times the Wizards will decide. You don’t have to be/have been EO Apprentice to be chosen, although it does often turn out like this as the EOA is pretty good at Magyk. But at times a talented Ordinary Wizard has suddenly found herself wearing a purple robe and a gold and platinum belt.
      NB Pointy purple python shoes are not part of the normal uniform. This is a relief to Septimus.

      2. They leave the purple robes behind – with some regret in Marcia’s case as she though purple really suited her colouring.

      3. They become Ordinary Wizards, or go abroad to study, or get a travelling Magykal ship’s company together, or go and do a bit of farming because they can’t stand the smell of Magyk anymore …. all kinds of things. But most stay on as Ordinary Wizards and hope for the post to become vacant one day and that they will be chosen. It’s heady stuff living at the top of the Wizard Tower.

      4. Yes, TodHunter Moon will feature Alice TodHunter Moon … but no more for now…

      Happy Christmas!

  11. I wuv septimus heap series

    will there be a book 8

    • Angie Sage

      No, 7 books is the right number for the big series. But TodHunter Moon follows on 7 years from FYRE and will be a trilogy. It’s a little different, but just as exciting and Magykal. You can meet most of the old gang in there and get to know new people too.
      Happy Christmas!

  12. Dear Angie, I was rereading all of the Septimus Heap books and a thought occurred to me. Is there any particular name for the world which Septimus Heap & friends live in?

    • Angie Sage

      It’s good old planet Earth, ten thousand years into the future…
      But they don’t have many named places, they tend to describe the attributes of somewhere and use that. Not naming a place is considered to cause wars and troubles.
      Happy Christmas!

  13. orla

    i just wanted to say, in the illustrations at the start of each chapter, marcia looks EXACTLY like my aunt and it’s amazing

    • Angie Sage

      That’s weird! Is she like Marcia too?
      The illustrations are so lifelike, I do love them.
      Happy Christmas!

  14. Alia

    Hi Angie, I just wanted to ask you when THM is coming out and how the movie is going?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Alia,

      PathFinder, the first book of the THM trilogy, comes out, I think, in August next year. But dates do change so keep an eye on this blog.

      the movie (excuse copy of answer above):
      Warner Brothers are not going ahead with it right now. They did quite a bit of preliminary work and then stopped. This happens to lots of books, unfortunately. But if Septimus Heap keeps on being out there and fans keep on spreading the word, then who knows what might happen in the future. However, right now, there is no movie in sight, I am sorry to say.

      Happy Christmas!

  15. Hi Angie! Well done on AA6!
    Question: I am creating a Septimus Heap board game (not to be published just for this huge fan’s use). I was wondering if there was any sort of taxation for citizens of the castle? Also, is there any special name for the land where Septimus lives?

    • Angie Sage

      What a great idea. I love board games made just for fun…

      The land is known as: The Small Wet Country Across The Sea. Though with a name like that, no one bothers to use it.

      There is no official taxation but all shops used to give a yearly ‘gift’ of 1% of their takings to what is known as the ‘Bottomless Pit’. This was administered by by an official in the Palace – but lapsed at DD’s takeover. Jenna is considering that she might have to reintroduce this. It is used to repair buildings and roads.

      There is another fund called the Hospitality, which is used to help those fallen upon hard times. This is given to freely by almost everyone in the Castle – apart from Larry in Dead Languages and a few other grumps.

      Happy Christmas!

  16. Blue

    Hello Angie, I have a question about why only one of your books is translated to Spanish. My mother and I started this series together and regrettably she does not speak English and has been begging me for several years to find her the rest of the books in Spanish, so she can read them. It is nearly Christmas and the only thing on her Christmas list this year, just so happens to be your books, so i was wondering if you could tell me why Magyk was the only book translated to Spanish and if there is any possibility that you might get the rest translated soon? Thank you, Blue.

  17. Merrin

    Yes! Another Ask Angie! i’m pretty sure someone might have already asked this but I don’t have time to look through ALL the posts so here is my question: Did you get Hotep-Ra’s name from Egyptian history. Because King Tuts dad’s name was something hotep. and then the Egyptian god of the sun is Ra. Is this true?

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Merrin,

      Yes, I did. I used to LOVE Egyptian history. So you are totally right on both counts.
      Happy Christmas!

  18. Ron

    Hey Angie! I have just read all 7 books, and I must say I had lots of fun reading them!
    I do have some questions though 🙂
    1. I see people here write questions regarding things I haven’t read (i.e. Rose and Sep breaking up etc.). Did I miss anything? Or is the ebook I got have missing pages? (Don’t worry though, even though ebooks are great, I intend to get all seven books in hardcopy when they are out in Hebrew :D)
    2. I still don’t completely understand what are the Days of Beyond, and how the storyline of Sep’s world interacts with ours. Is it that the Magyk in Sep’s world an incredibly sophisticated technology, or is it something else?
    3. Is the novella you wrote about in the description of the first book of THM going to be about Sep’s storyline or another story altogether?

    That’s all,
    BTW, sorry for my English 😛

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Ron,

      It’s great to hear from you – my first Hebrew reader on this page!

      1. Well, these little things are in response to my answers to questions posted earlier. Rose and Sep relate to PathFinder, the first book in the follow-on trilogy which will be out next year. The AA pages area hotbed of gossip and rumour – like the Wizard Tower and all good communities.

      2. Magyk is a sophisticated technology – so advanced that those now practising it do not understand how it was created. The Days of Beyond are our near future. After that, anything can happen …

      3. I am still writing this! it is more of a short story, to be frank. I aim to add more about the romantic relationships for fans that really want to read about this. So the first story begins at the end of Fyre. I hope to have it available when THM is publsihed to fill in a few gaps.

      Happy Christmas!

  19. Rhiannon

    I was thrilled when I found this website! I had been wondering if there was any way to contact you with any questions. It also must be fun interacting with your fans. I have two questions. I am from Oregon, USA, and I was wondering if you ever did book signing. Living in the UK, it would be hard to get over here, especially with you currently writing a book. If you do have an opportunity to come anywhere in the northwest region, would you please post it on this blog? My other question was if you were aware that Magyk is on the reading list for the Oregon Battle of the Books. The OBOB is a statewide competition that is a little like a Jeopardy game. It is a pretty big deal to be chosen for the reading list. Thank you for reading this! I am a really big fan of yours! I hope you will have a good answer for my questions.

    • Angie Sage

      HI Rhiannon,

      Yes, it is really great to hear from so many fans. I love knowing that Sep Heap is part of their lives – and it does make me want to carry on writing too. Plus I do get to know what peopel are intersted in reading about, which is great for me.

      I will most certainly post here if I get to go back to the USA. I did do quite a few author tours for the earlier books and we’ll see what happens for THM. Fingers crossed…

      I’m thrilled that Magyk has been chosen for the OBOB! It sounds an amazing idea.

      It’s lovely to hear from you and thanks for telling me about the OBOB,

      Happy Christmas!

  20. marciaullrrocks

    Hi Angie! Congratulations on Ask Angie 6!! I just had a few questions.

    1: Are there any sports in the castle?
    2: What would happen if someone did not know they were princess, and became accepted as the EOW apprentice?


    • Angie Sage


      Thank you!

      1. There are winter sled races and competitive hikes into the Forest during the summer months. For a sport as we know it you would have to go to the Port for hurling- a fearsome game of hockey.
      2. It would be fine, but highly unlikely. The line of Queens are distinctly unMagykal and I don’t think any princess would be remotely interested. It has yet to happen…

      Happy Christmas!

  21. Raven

    Wow I picked up Magyk in the library a few months back and woooow i love it so much im on Queste now and im enjoying it a lot
    Queste-ion (question)- who is your favorite character in the story?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Raven,

      Hooray, I am so pleased – welcome to the Heap family!

      I really don’t have a fave character, as when I am writing them I love them all. However, I do have a sneaking love for Marcia (of course) and Sep. I also love Beetle too. And Marcellus. And Lucy Gringe. and … oh all of them, to be honest. Marcia is always a joy to write and she has made the series come alive for me, but she only works because of all the other characters.

      Happy Christmas!

  22. Hala

    Hey Angie!
    I only discovered your Septimus Heap series last week and I’ve only read the first book so I don’t know if this will come up in any of the other books but I’m really curious to know what happens to DomDaniel’s apprentice after Aunt Zelda gives him a drop of Vigor Volts?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Hala,

      He survives and in Flyte you will find him being very sulky and still living with Aunt Zelda. And causing trouble …

      Happy Christmas!

  23. Raven

    Hi Angie,
    I picked up Magyk a couple of months ago and now I’m reading Queste!!
    Question- who is your favorite character from the world of Septimus Heap?

  24. Katie

    Hello Angie,

    First of all, I want to thank you for reading the letter I posted on here earlier. I was so pleased when I saw that you had sent me such a thoughtful response. It meant so much to me as I really have been reading your books since the month that magyk was released in 2005. They are such wonderful books. With that said, I have a question. I know a number of people like myself who have been reading Septimus since they were 11 years old or so when it was released in 2005 and we are all in college or late high school now and still love your stories. I saw on this site that your publisher still wants you to write for relatively young children in TodHunter Moon. While I’m sure that younger readers will continue to love your books as they always have, I’m a bit surprised that your publisher doesn’t want to let you write a “young adult” Septimus for those of us who have grown up with it. There really are a lot of us. I hope that this is not an unpleasant question. If it is, you don’t have to answer it at all. I just wondered why your publisher thinks that a continuation of Septimus’s story written for a slightly higher age group would be a bad idea. I’m sure there is a reason, I just wondered what it was. I have many peers that would be extremely excited about a young adult Septimus story. I do think your ideas for Septimus spin offs are brilliant too. All of my friends who have read the books would love to read more about Nicko and Snorri or about Marcia’s childhood. Those are fantastic ideas. I imagine you’ve got your hands full with TodHunter Moon right now though. I can’t wait to read it.

    Okay, I also have a question about Queen Cerys and all of the Milo Banda bits. In fyre, Cerys repeatedly calls Milo her husband. I know Cerys isn’t exactly the easiest person to get along with but I couldn’t help but wonder how she would feel if she knew that Milo is courting Marcia. I felt a bit bad for her since she clearly still thinks of him as her husband. Would she be terribly offended by his being with Marcia? I began to think maybe she wouldn’t be as long as Milo doesn’t marry Marcia but I haven’t ruled that out as a possibility. I’m excited to see what happens to Marcia in TodHunter Moon and I did start to think that she might marry Milo after all. The end of Fyre made me think that she might retire shortly after Sep’s apprenticeship and after that, she would be free to marry Milo. I don’t really see her doing that really but it is a possibility. Clearly, Queen Cerys still has feelings for Milo though and I just couldn’t help wondering how much that is going to complicate things.

    I still think it is so neat that you answer our questions on this site. Its lovely.


    • Angie Sage

      Hi Katie,

      I hope you will excuse me for leaving your question until last. I wanted to think about the answer…

      Well, I would agree with you that there are lots of readers who want to follow the characters through to being adults, but publishing is a tough old world now and HarperCollins were very definite about wanting me to stick to what is known as ‘Middle Grade’ and did not want a YA Septimus. I decided to go with this and do the THM trilogy because really there wasn’t an alternative. I alsohoped that the new trilogy might bring more new readers into the Septimus world…

      Although I do have one more idea for another Middle Grade book (different characters, different world) I do want to write a little bit up the age scale after that.

      However, I do plan to do a series of YA short stories about all the relationship things we want to know about: Nicko and Snorri, Marcia and Milo, Marcia’s childhood, Beetle and Jenna … And then, when they;re done I’ll put them into a Septimus Anthology. But for now my commitment has to be to my contracted work – after that I get to do the YA stuff. I’m hoping to have the first YA short story ready to ePub on Amazon by the time PathFinder comes out. However, it is only a hope right now as time is flying by. Where DOES it go?

      So, if you can bear to wait a bit, I do hope you will keep dipping into the Septimus story as the short stories come out…

      Cerys would – and did – find the idea of Milo courting anyone else intolerable. But I think
      it was more a case of being possessive than anything else. You’ll see what happens in PathFinder. I haven’t been able to go into how Cerys reacted in that book but it is one of the things I am looking forward to writing about!

      Thanks – and I hope you have a very Happy New Year and 2014!

  25. Lucy

    Will we learn more about the Marcia/Milo relationship in the YA novel you are writing? I really hope so. Does Milo ever propose to Marcia? How would she react if he did?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Lucy,

      Aha… there is quite a lot of this in PathFinder actually. But I do want to do more in the YA novel. I am thinking more in terms of short stories now that will build together into an anthology. I’ve begun the first one but need a decent amount of free time to write them!

  26. Lukas

    Hi Angie,

    I’m a 15 years old SH fan from germany.
    Do you know when the first THM book will be published in english and do you know when it’ll be available in german? (In an earlier post you wrote that you already finished book 1 and started with book 2)


    • Angie Sage

      Hi Lukas,

      The first THM book, PathFinder will be out this autumn, I think early September, although I am not totally sure yet.
      I know that Hanser, my lovely German publisher, are interested in taking THM, but we have no date for it as yet. I’ll post it here when I do know…

  27. hotep ra ra ra rocks!:]

    I have a question its about septimus heap has there ever been some if there was a wizard war in the book what would you call it oh and its darke wizards vs non darke magyk wizards

    • Angie Sage

      Crumbs, I dunno. It’s hard to find a title for a book your haven’t written! What would you call it?

  28. hotep ra ra ra rocks!:]

    will jenna and beetle be together in thm series

    • Angie Sage

      They will be drifting apart by then, I am sorry to say. But I do plan to write about them in something I’ll publish myself. I’m hoping to some time to do a series of short stories about the relationships. I’ve made a start on the first one and hope to have that one ready by the time THM come out. Fingers crossed!

  29. hotep ra ra ra rocks!:]

    hello angie how thm going

    • Angie Sage

      THM is going fine, I hope! I have finished book 1: PathFinder and am writing book 2 now. Not sure of the title for book 2 yet …

  30. Colin

    When Marcia was a apprentice, did she have to go on the queste? What did she draw if when she did?

    • paperclip123

      Marcia was Alther Mella’s apprentice after Silas resigned. She was Apprentice until the Queen and Alther were shot. She didn’t draw the Questing Stone and therefor didn’t have to go on the Queste, as Septimus was the first Apprentice to survive and complete the Queste.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Colin,
      Marcia was lucky, she drew a blank stone. Which is fortunate as there have been no survivors of the Queste until Septimus -and Syrah of course.

  31. Colin

    Can you please make a sequel to Fyre? I’ve lived this series and I’m hoping for more!

    • paperclip123

      I’m not Angie, but I know the answer- Fyre was the last of the Septimus Heap series. She’s wrting a series called TodHunter Moon set seven years on from Fyre. It doesn’t centre round Septimus, I don’t think so at least, but it’s in the same universe.

    • Julian

      She’s writing the Todhunter Moon trilogy, it’s a spin-off from Septimus Heap.

    • Angie Sage

      HI Colin,
      The TodHunter Moon trilogy is the sequel – it begins 7 years after Fyre. But I am also doing some short stories – which I will publish myself – to fill in a few gaps.

      Happy Christmas!

  32. Julian

    Fyre was incredible, I’d like to thank you for writing so many amazing books for everyone to read. I loved all seven! 😀

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Julian,

      thank you SO much for taking the trouble to tell me, it is really good to know and makes me want to carry on writing too.

      Happy Christmas!

  33. Mr. Curious

    Angie, in your 4th book, in the chapter “The Gathering”, it is mentioned that the gathering would not take place unless all ExtraOrdinary Wizards are present. DomDaniel was the last to come.

    So what about Hotep-Ra???

  34. Cat lover

    I’m just wanting to know if they sell the dragon master ring any where. I think it’s really cool and my family for some reason loves dragons!

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Cat Lover,

      They don’t as unfortunately Warner Brothers have the rights to all merchandise. But there is nothing to stop you one day commissioning your own ring…

      Happy Christmas!

  35. Zizzi

    Dear Angie i am a really big fan but on to the point
    please can Marcia get married to Milo as i want her to be happy !
    Thanks for your time

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Zizzi,

      Marcia will be happy, I love her too much to make her miserable for ever. You will have to read PathFinder.

      Happy Christmas!

  36. Mr.Curious

    Angie, in your book Queste, in the chapter “The Gathering”, it is stated that the gathering would not take place unless all ExtraOrdinary Wizards are present. DomDaniel was the last one to come.

    What about Hotep-Ra? He was in the House of Foryx.

  37. paperclip123

    Hi Angie!
    First, congrats on Ask Angie 6!
    My question is does anyone work out that the Dragon Boat and Spitfyre are mother and son, if they really are?
    Also, is there a hospital-like place other than the Wizard Tower Sickbay and the place where people go in Physik (I forgot its name)?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi paperclip!
      No one knows for sure, but SpitFyre thinks so & the Dragon Boat seems ok with it. Dragons are not so fussed about stuff like that.
      There is the Infirmary on the other side of the Moat, which is opened up mainly for epidemics like the Sickenesse. There is also a small clinic in the Ramblings. But the Castle is a pretty healthy place generally. People do get cared for at home a lot too.

  38. Preethi

    Dear Angie,
    I am a huge fan of your series and I am so excited for the Todhunter Moon series.I want to thank you so much for wrapping up all of the character’s stories and giving happy endings .
    After reading countless books that end with the main( and supporting characters) deaths, I am SO happy to have a series of books that make me feel so good.

    When I grow up, I’m going to become a published author and it can safely say that your books have been a major contributing factor to my dream, I’m going to follow the advice that I read in the FAQ for those who want to write.

    I hope that you don’t mind that I called you Angie, Ms.Sage seems to formal;)

    Thanks a lot,

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Preethi,

      Thank you – and yes, Angie is totally fine. I feel weird being called Ms Sage too!
      I’m so pleased you liked the endings – could not bring myself to kill anyone – even Jillie Djinn was a bit of a surprise (I didn’t plan it) and she really annoyed me! I have to say I prefer happy endings too, it’s horrible to read a book only to end up feeling sad and lost at the end of it.

      It’s great that the books have made you feel like being a writer – and I hope you have lots of success with it. And enjoy it too!

  39. Preethi

    Dear Angie,
    I am so excited for the Todhunter Moon series!!!!! Your writing is AMAZING-50% humour and 50% awesomeness
    Do you like responding to comments or letters?
    Merry Christmas!!!!!!

    • Angie Sage

      Thank you!

      Yes, I do like being in touch with people – it makes it all feel worthwhile.
      Happy New Year!

    • Jessie

      More like 100% humour and 100% awesomeness. Meaning the exact perfect amount, not excessive in any way.

  40. Rose

    This is kind of a strange question, but in a reply to another question, you said that the Magyk world is earth in the future. What part of today’s world is the castle (and all the other places mentioned in the series) in. I’m guessing that the isles of Syren would be like the Caribbean but I was just curious where The Small wet country Across the Sea is.

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Rose,

      well I see the world as having changed a bit, lets say that the sea levels are a whole lot higher. Because I’m English I guess I am really writing about where I live. So the SWCATS is England (or what is left of it).

      Syren is a hilly bit of the Netherlands. But it is a little like the Caribbean as the weather is a lot better!

  41. DaniloPunker

    Hi Angie,
    I ‘m the biggest Sep.Heap fun and I have some questions for you
    1.How you started to write Septimus Heap?
    2.What are Keye Safe and SafeCharm and what are their functions?
    3.In Serbia are translated three books of Septimus Heap series.Is there chance
    that they would translate other (I’m sorry if question is silly)

    • Angie Sage


      1. Well, I started writing Septimus Heap a long time ago, it was an idea I had that just kept on growing until it became almost real to me. I began to write Magyk properly in about 2000.
      2. Do you mean the Keye that Marcellus wears? It was to open the Great Doors of Time. A SafeCharm is a more general Charm. It can take many forms and helps to keep people protected. But it is not foolproof. Nothing in Magyk ever is.
      3. Sadly, I suspect that the Serbian publishers have decided not to publish the later Septimus books. It is a shame really, but I guess they didn’t sell quite as many as they had hoped to. 😦
      Perhaps you might be able to read the others in English? Although I know it is not the same as reading in your own language…

  42. kiverelli


    My question is about Jannit Maarten. I was watching a program recently on smuggling, sailing and general boat stuff in old Britain and I heard about a woman called Jane Slade who ran a boat-yard up the Pont river near Fowey and was wondering if there was any connection between Jannit Maarten and Jane Slade?

    Happy Christmas to everyone, Eilish Turnbull

    • Angie Sage

      Hello kiverelli,

      this is a really interesting question, which no one has asked before. I didn’t know about Jane Slade, but the name Jannit Maarten is indeed taken from boatyard in Cornwall. It was near where I used to live. My sailing boat, Muriel, was built by Martin Heard in his boatyard in Mylor near Falmouth. And his wife was called – yes, you guessed it – Janet.
      So I put their first names together and spelled them a bit differently.

  43. MCM

    Hey Angie! Happy Holidays!

    I was just on Barnes and Nobles’s website, and it says that PathFinder will be available on Aug. 1st, 2014 (such a long wait!) Is that true? (I thought so, but I wasn’t sure.) How are you? How is book 2 going? I was wondering about Tod a little bit… I get this feeling she’s a tomboy and has a bit of a temper, maybe, and a strong personality? Sound right? Anyways, what are the King of Orm’s golden eggs and how do they get stolen??


    • Angie Sage

      Hi MCM,
      Yes, I think that is the right date, it says that on Amazon too. We are still getting all the illustrations together, you would be surprised what a lot goes into a book.
      I am fine, thanks and book 2 is going well. I’ve just got to the difficult stage in it where I really have to think about what is going to happen in the middle of the book…
      You are right about Tod, she is a bit of a tomboy but so far she doesn’t have a temper. But you never know.
      The Orm is actually a giant wurm and it only ever lays one egg. You’ll have to find out how and why it gets stolen in PathFinder!

  44. Mirella

    Dear Angie,
    I want to say a lot but I don’t know where to start. *laugh*
    So excuse me if it gets a little… chaotic.
    But at first: Merry Christmas. I hope you’re fine?

    You have no idea how exctied I am about the fact that there will be more about Marcia and Milo.
    (I re-read FYRE (in German this time) and I had some fangirl attacs because of some points in the story. I’m not a fan of Jillie Djinn but she was really amusing.)

    And it would be soooo great if there really will be a novella about all the romantic things.
    I am a big fan of the books since I had to read MAGYK in 5th class and I am a bit older now so this would be very very very cool for me. Thanks for that!
    I am also a person who hates it when something ends. I’ve never thought there will be more books like the TodHunter Moon series and I don’t know how to say thank you for that.
    Do you still want to write a Spin-Off about Marcias childhood?

    How do you manage it to write one book in one year?
    It took me a few months to write 10’000 words and I wasn’t happy with it in the end.
    Do you just write? Or do you have a writing plan to know what the next happening is?

    And I still have a few questions… I know it’s a lot but… ok.

    1) You mentioned somewhere that Marcia had one or two boyfriends before she got the EOW. Did she have one during her apprenticeship? I guess she had a crush on Milo before he married Cerys, but when was that?
    2) I am not sure but had Hotep-Ra a wife and children? I read something like this in FYRE but I am not sure if I understood it right.
    3) Was Sarah ever really jealous because Marcia cared for Septimus like he was her own son? Marcia even said it once in FYRE.(“And I know mine.”)
    4) I don’t know if I am allowed to ask this because this could be a spoiler but.. I know that the setting of Septimus Heap is in another time. So when was Hotep-Ra the first EOW? I tried to figure it out but I guess it was between 365(I don’t think that) and far in the future. But I have no idea.
    5) Is an EOW allowed to have more than one apprentice?
    6) So an EOW is allowed to marry if he wants to. If they don’t retire, lives their wife or husband with them in the Wizard Tower or do they live somewhere else?
    7) Is all the technology gone or are there still a few things left? Do the people sometimes find something like (I don’t know) parts of a fridge or plastic things? When Jenna was on her journey, were the weird ships ships like we have?
    8) My last question: I guess the castle is somewhere in England but what is with the rest of the world? Is there a whole other world in America(far away fropm Europe) or is it everywhere the same? What happened to China and so on?

    I am soooo sorry but I am a very curious person and I always have many questions. (Bless my teachers, I guess I annoy them sometimes.)
    And I am sorry for my bad english. It got better but I still mix up things.

    Bye and a happy new year. (:

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Mirella,

      Thank you for your Christmas wishes, sorry this is a little late. I hope you had a good Christmas and New Year!

      There are a lot of Sep spin offs that I want to write, but my big problem is lack of time. My publishers do not want anything for the YA market, so I need to do this myself at some point as an extra. I just need twice as many hours in the day! But I do hope to have a short, romantic Sep story ready by the summer. And yes, I very much want to write about Marcia’s childhood too.

      You are right, it is really tough to write one book a year, and I am also writing an Araminta Spook book as well, so things are pretty busy here.
      I don’t have a plan for a book, but I do have a feeling of what will happen. I just jump in and hope it works. So far, so good…
      I will wizz through your questions..

      1. Marcia did have a couple of boyfriends but nothing serious. It was always Milo really…
      2. yes, he did have a wife. They didn’t get on too well though. I can’t remember about the children. And neither can he.
      3. Yes, Sarah was jealous. She felt Marcia had taken over her role – the role she never had.
      4. There is a date in FYRE at the end: 12,004. Even Hotep-Ra is far in our future.
      5. Yes. They tend to stick to one, though. Although there have been a couple of twin Apprentices.
      6. They don’t tend to marry, although they can. If they are usually the spouse will live out. And the marriage does not often survive. You have to be married to the job, really.
      7. Our technology has pretty much gone. But there are echoes of it in the older stuff they find. Our time was a long, long time in the past for them. When you think about it, how much do we have left from 10,000 BC?
      8. The world is very different. And the sea levels have risen a lot. But the same continents are there. The Castle is in what is left of England (not much). The House of Foryx in in Bavaria somewhere.

      And your English is VERY good!

  45. Merrin

    Happy Birthday Jenna and Sep!!!!!!!!
    Have a wonderful Midwinter feast!

    Merry Christmas!

    • Angie Sage

      Thank you Merrin! I have passed on your message to Jenna and Sep. I had a great MidWinter Feast and I hope you did too!

  46. Daisy

    When did Milo realize he liked Marcia in the series? Has she really liked him since she was really young?

    • Angie Sage

      Milo realised he still had a thing for Marcia at the end of Flyte when they met again. He always did like her but Cerys wanted him and what Cerys wanted, she got. And Milo did rather like being husband of the Queen. He does like shiny stuff a little too much for his own good…

  47. syarah

    is the novella for ten year olds

    • Angie Sage

      Not really, as it’s going to be more about relationships and less about adventure.Try PathFinder instead!

  48. jennasyarah1223

    hi angie i love your books i just had a question how much romance will todhunter moon series have ?
    thanks a bunch!!

    • Angie Sage

      Not much … I have to stick to my brief with these books, they must be suitable for middle grade. But you can read between the lines still. And you will get an insight into Marcia and Milo. And Jenna and Sep.

  49. Carrie

    Hi Angie!
    I am a HUUUGGGEEE Septimus Heap fan, and I counted down the days to Fyre 7 months in advance and carried the book everywhere after I got it!
    Congrats on AA6!
    I am absolutely DYING for Pathfinder, and for the YA novella.
    Do you have an exact date for either, so I can begin my countdown? Or is it still “Autumn 2014”?

    Happy New Year!
    ~Carrie,age 14

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Carrie,
      Brilliant – and thank yoU!
      I don’t have an exact date and I really must ask about this… Will ask and post on Angie’s blog.

  50. Loyd

    I want to write my book,and can you give me advice about beginning to write?

    Your books are fantastic!You’re my idol!

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Loyd,

      So pleased you love the books!

      Writing is tough, so don’t be put off. Just sit down and give it LOTS of time. Best way to begin is to find three really good characters who you would like to spend your time with and them put them in an interesting world that you would like to explore. Then see what happens…

      Here’s wishing you lots of luck and fun with it too.

  51. Sam

    Greetings Ms. Sage,
    I just started reading Fyre and couldn’t help but wonder about Marcellus and Marcia’s relationship. Their banter seems to indicate a tension of the romantic kind — to me at least. I realize that Milo and Marcia are togetherish in the book, but I couldn’t help but wonder if you had ever considered, however fleetingly, the possibility of Marcellus and Marcia getting together?
    I also want to thank you for the wonderful series you have written, I read Magyk one summer during 8th grade and since then the books have been a big part of my life. It seemed especially fitting that Fyre came out a few weeks after my college graduation, felt like the end of an era.

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Sam,

      I agree, M & M do have a slightly flirty relationship, but it is no more than that. They have had a lot of professional disagreements and there is always the history of Marcellus’s kidnapping of Septimus, which Marcia can never totally forget. Of course Marcellus is MUCH older than Marcia 🙂

      I didn’t consider it properly as Marcia has always been in love with Milo. But I guess occasionally there was the possibility. However, Marcia never felt interested. And Marcellus would run a mile at the very thought.

      I am so pleased that Septimus has followed you all through school and college. That is lovely to know – the timing was just right!

  52. Brianna

    Hello! I never reach out to talk or ask questions with books, usually, but now that I’ve finished Fyre and can now say I’ve completed the series after accidentally picking up Magyk seven years ago, I can honestly say a series has never influenced me more. You’re writing style is just perfect for me. And of course there are things I’m curious about, and I’m glad I found a lot of answers in these asks after the last few pages of Fyre, but I have a few more….

    Are you planning on talking more about life in the Manusciptorium? Beetle is my favorite character out of the whole series, and I used to have dreams of being a scribe. It’s my favorite setting!

    And…, while this is heavily implied enough, I can’t help but ask: the moving chambers are more easily recognized as “technology” instead of Magyk. Is this anything for us to think about? And are we going to hear more about how Magyk doesn’t work in them? Thank so you much for your time, I’m so grateful you take the time to do this.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Brianna,

      Thank you, it’s so great to hear that Sep has been so important to you.
      There are so many more things I want to write about and the Manuscriptorium is one of them. However, I think this is going to have to wait until I have finished the THM series. But the Manuscriptorium is in book 2 – I am just writing about it now. And Beetle.
      I’ve left the moving chambers for the moment, but we’ll come back to them later. The thing with the Septimus world is there is just SO much to write about!

  53. Merrin

    Happy New Years!!! 🙂

    What do you do for new years angie?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Merrin,

      usually we get together with friends, but this year I was in Japan with my daughter and we went to the Shinto shrine in Kamakura. A little different from usual…

  54. CrazyAboutScience

    First comment in the year 2014!!Just a few questions on the Sep books…
    1. In one of the comments you said that magyk is a very sophisticated tech. But do you really expect that to happen in the future? If yes, Magyk will really break the laws of physics…
    2. Why are there AA1-6s? Isn’t one enough?
    3. Why are there two types of covers for the step books?
    Sorry if my questions are a bit awkward…I’m just a 12 year old kid
    Happy New Year!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi, and Happy 2014!
      1. Magyk does not necessarily break the laws of physics. It just bends them a little.
      2. We have to add new AAs because they get far too long to scroll to the end. AA 6 is the current one – all the others are archive only now.
      3. My UK publisher, Bloomsbury decided to change the covers over here, but my main publisher HarperCollins in the USA have kept the lovely originals. The book market in the UK is different and unfortunately you do need to keep changing the look of a book here to keep booksellers interested. And a new cover does help the books to sell.

      Your questions are not awk at all! Thanks and Happy New Year!

  55. Nicholas

    Hi angie I have all the septimus heap books and love them all.

    I wanted to know if you have any advice for someone who is working on writing a book I am having so much trouble with the opening any advice would help.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Nicholas,

      so pleased you like Sep & co!
      If you are having trouble with the beginning of a book, don;t worry about it. Jump in at the middle and you can go back and write the beginning later. I did this with Queste and with PathFinder too. In fact I often do it. Sometimes is is hard to know where to begin and you can only find that out by writing some of the main story first. So start with an interesting bit and see where it takes you. It’s a voyage of discovery and you don’t know what you are going to find. Good luck!

  56. Jimmy Page

    Hey Angie 🙂
    I read a few comments that Sep and Rose broke up. So, I´m a SepxJen shipper and I wanted to know if there will be a romantic moment of Septimus and Jenna in the THM book? Even if Jenna is with Beetle I think she and Sep are sweet together, too! A lot of my friends think so too and we would be really happy ^^ they don´t need to end up together but we would love if they would kiss :3
    Do you think this can happen?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Jimmy,

      well, we are slowly getting there. In PathFinder Jen is crabby with Sep for flirting with a Snow Princess.
      In Book 2 (not sure of the title yet) we’ll see Jen and Beetle growing more distant and I have plans for book 3 too. But thanks for this, it does crystallise things I have been thinking about!
      So the answer to your question might be yes…

  57. Amelia Overstrand

    Hi Angie! Hope you had a Happy Christmas/New Year!

    First of all, in a previous comment a while ago, you said Warner Bros. had ruled out making a movie – but in your most recent post you said they owned the rights to the merchandise! Is the movie still a possibility?

    Also, I love the illustrations in the books! I like to know how you imagine the characters to be like through the AMAZING drawings by Mark Zug! 😉 However, some characters are not included, so I wondered how they would look? Romilly Badger, for example – I always imagine her as quite tall, brunette, with strong features and a wicked grin 😉 She also is about 16 ? – what does she actually look like in your mind? Sorry if you have described her in the books – I have a terrible memory!

    Good luck writing the next TM book! Can’t wait till the first one comes out and I can find out what everyone’s been up to!

    Amelia Overstrand (some long-distant relative of Marcia because Marcia is FAB)

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Amelia,

      I had a great Christmas thanks – and I hope you did too.
      WBs do own the rights to merchandise because that all went along with selling the film rights. At the moment it isn’t looking great for a film, but you never know. Things change all the time. We’ll just have to hope!
      I too LOVE mark’s pix. and he always gets them right. He is totally on the Septimus wavelength. He also adds a lot, i think. Makes it more Magykal somehow. Yes, I’m with you on Romilly, especially with the grin. I think I did describe her as having brown hair, but I don’t think I gave her a very full description. Oddly, I am writing about her at the moment…
      So nice to meet a distant relative of Marcia!

  58. marciaullrrocks

    Hi Angie! I was reading some of your replies to previous comments and noticed that you stated that the castle exits in the future. If the castle is in the future, then why is it not as technologically advanced as modern civilization ? Thanks, Laura

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Laura,

      Well, it;s a long time in the future and stuff happens. Like huge disasters and changes in the environment. I think our technology is fairly fragile…

  59. Em

    Hello from the Czech Republic! 🙂
    I was really pleased to find Fyre translated into Czech too, even though I´ve read them all in the original too.
    Is the novella about the favourite couples really coming out? And is it going to be meant like an extra book, something like the Darke Toad?
    Oh, also one more question: Have you thought of making a little shop with Magykal bits and pieces, like T-shirts, some of the rings, maybe a clay figure of Spit Fyre, flasks with potions or charms? I think that a lot of fans would appreciate it 🙂
    Love Septimus, thanks for opening the world of fantasy to me! 🙂

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Em,

      Yes, I love it that Sep is in Czech too.
      The novella is just my own project, it won’t be published by HarperCollins, I am doing in in response to fans on this site. I don’t have any spare time to write it at the moment, so I think I will do it more as short episodes and put them on Amazon as ebooks.
      I would LOVE to have a Magykal shop with Sep stuff but this is not allowed, sadly. As I mentioned earlier, Warner Brothers have the rights to Sep merchandise. Even though at the moment they are not using them, no one else can, sadly.
      Thank you, Em!

  60. leyls

    Hi Angie,
    I want to ask you how old Marcia is. I imagine her in her mid-thirties, but I always wondered, because in the first book there is a time jump of 10 years. How old was she when she became EOW?
    I don’t know if it’s mentioned anywhere, I couldn’t remember it.

    Thank you! 🙂

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Leyis,

      Marcia was 18 when she began her Apprenticeship with Alther, 25 when she finished. 26 when she became EOW and so yes, you are right, mid thirties – 36 – in Magyk.

  61. Amelia Overstrand

    Hi again Angie!

    I just read through the comments on Ask Angie 6 and have picked up that… (please say I am wrong!!)…that Jenna and Septimus get together! PLEASE SAY THIS ISN’T TRUE!!! Although a major argument is that they are technically brother and sister, Septimus seems like a nice, intelligent person and Jenna is a spoilt brat! I had hoped that Beetle would stay with her, as he seems to adore her for some reason. I can kind of understand why Foxy and Rose get together – although I prefer Septimus and Rose.

    If Jenna and Septimus end up together, it will spoil the romance element of the books for me! I know you say that Jenna calms down and matures, but I think she will always be selfish and think she deserves the best. Two of my favourite couples will have broken up (Jenna and Beetle, Septimus and Rose), so I hope that Partridge and Romilly end up together! At least I know Simon and Lucy will stay together. If Jen and Sep do end up together, I hope you bring in a new couple that I will like in TM!

    I REALLY hope that you are tricking us so it will be a surprise! I have a feeling that you are – Jenna and Septimus are just TOO strange together!

    Good luck with the book!

    Amelia Overstrand 😉

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Amelia,

      I know a lot of people think Jenna is a spoiled brat, but I guess that comes with the territory of being Queen. And yes, technically they are indeed brother and sister. But the think is, I don’t plan stuff, I just let the characters go the way they want to go. So right now it seems to me that Jen and Sep prefer spending time together. and they are both free. But I don’t know where this will go for sure.

      Partridge and Romilly are indeed together.

      But nothing for Sep and Jen is set in stone. and whatever happens will, I hope, feel right because it will grow to be right. Like life. I hope…

  62. moon148

    Hello!! Happy 2014!
    Is this comment a bit late?? If so, I’m very sorry.

    The Ask Angies are a really great method to connect with fans and such! I didn’t exactly read through all the questions, so my question my have been asked previously.

    Syrah Syara is kinda creepy, and then there was this whole DisEnchantment, and now she’s pretty worn out and stuff. I feel really bad for her, because the Queste took a lot of things away from her. Therefore, I ask: Are you planning on writing anything on Syrah in the future? She’s actually one of my favorite characters…

    Thank you!

    Anyway, really, really good job on the SH series, especially Fyre! I await PathFinder (and the rest of the series, of course) and the novella!


    • Angie Sage


      not late at all – and my reply is even later!

      I have mentioned Syrah at the beginning of one of my short Septimus stories, but that is all at the moment. And the story isn’t even finished yet… So who knows, she might reappear in it. But I agree, she is a little creepy, but nice too. With Syrah I did want to be realistic about the toll I imagined going through something like she did would take on a person.

      Thank you, moon148. I think the novella has become a short story now. For the moment anyway…

  63. Nick

    1. Do you plan to write about the mysterious past of the Queens? For example explaining that mysterious town Jenna visited and how it connects with her ansestry.

    2. Do you plan to write about the creation of Maygk?

    3. Do you plan to explain more about what Marcellus meant when he said “We kept in touch with the Darke. We net where Wizards did not dare.”

    4. Why isn’t Alchemie bolded?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Nick,

      1. There is SO much I could write about…. I shall see how all this goes when I have finished TodHunter Moon. I may well then just carry on with some nice bits of backstory and put them up onto Amazon myself. But first I need time to write them… But you might be interested to know that the city is Venice.

      2. Again, that’s another story… no plans for now though.

      3. I would very much like to explore the Alchemy thing more. And there are a surprising amount of connections with Venice here too. I was quite amazed when I looked into it all. It is odd the things one knows about without realising it.

      4. Because it is not a Magykal or supernatural thing. It is something that is real and from our own history.

      Thanks, Nick!

  64. MCM

    Hey again Angie!

    Sorry for posting again so soon. I have been wondering about Jenna, because she’s my favorite character, but I’ll leave the questions about her for the end.

    1. This is more of an idea, but since the Septimus Heap series takes place in the future, wouldn’t it be amazing if a character, maybe Septimus or Marcia, found the actual ‘Septimus Heap’ books in the Pyramid Library? And they began to read about themselves and their adventures? What do you think?
    2. What kind of genre do you think Sep Heap is? I know it’s technically Sci-fi since it’s in the future, but it feels like it’s really about people to me. It has some fantasy, like witches and wizards, but its main points are about life and people. I also like how you don’t include wars or extreme gore/blood in your books, because it’s nice to escape to a peaceful world.

    (Jenna questions!)

    1. What kind of music would Jenna like if she lived in our time? Songs? Books?
    2. Does Jenna have any other admirers besides Beetle and Septimus (Septimus happens later, right? Like in Pathfinder? Also, what about Beetle and her? And finally, wouldn’t a Sep/Jen relationship be politically charged since, you know, wizards and Queens aren’t supposed to agree with each other on anything? Do people criticize Sep/Jen for liking each other later?)
    3. I’ve always thought of Jenna as a bit of a tomboy… is she still like that as Queen?
    4. Does Jenna have any new or old enemies after her in THM?
    5. Will Jenna have a big role in THM? What will she be doing?

    Thanks! Hope I didn’t post too many questions.

    • Angie Sage

      Hello MCM,

      1. I LOVE the idea of them finding the ‘real’ book sin the Pyramid Library. I wonder if that is a step too far for coincidence though? However, it is tempting…

      2. Yes! Sep Heap is about people. I am so glad you have said this as I always wince when Septimus Heap is called fantasy because it isn’t. I was shocked the first time I heard it labelled that and have to say I felt very unhappy about it. Septimus does not appeal to hardcore fantasy fans, there is not enough god/evil fights or weird stuff in it. It is, as you so rightly say, about people and life. If I had to give it a label I’d say the books were adventure stories.

      1. I think Jenna would probably be a bit alternative. Maybe a little bit goth even? Certainly not mainstream pink princess at all.
      2. Yes, the whole Jen/Sep thing is a bit charged in many ways. We will have to see what transpires. Jenna has spent a lot of time being with Beetle but its not really worked out. It is hard for her to meet boys as she is the Queen. I think this is why she’s hung out with Beetle for too long.
      3. Yes she is, although she has had to be ‘grown-up’ and stand back from the action a bit, You will see that in TodHunter Moon. But she is also taking things into her own hands. I am with her in the Forest at the moment in THM book 2.
      4. We’re back with the witches at the moment in THM 2. And the whole Castle gets an enemy in THM 1.
      5. She will be in every THM book. And she will be Queening! She isn;t at the centre as the new characters take that role, but Jenna will be a strong part of the story.

      Thank you MCM. Lovely comments.

  65. Rose

    Wotcha Angie!

    I just wanted to say that I love, love, love your books! I have read every one, including Fyre. I think you did a really great job on the romantic pairings in Fyre, I enjoyed the subtle little hints of Sprose (Sep and Rose) and Bejen (Beetle and Jen)! I have a few questions though…

    1. What happens to Septimus and Rose, you hinted at a relationship, which was awesome. Although I have heard some gossip (Almost like we are at Sally Mullin’s!!) about Foxy and Rose?? I am a bit confused, when did this become news? I didn’t know If you introduced it, or if it was just a rumor… In an earlier reply to “MCM” (on AA6), you said that Rose and Foxy fell in love or something? How did Sep feel? 😦

    2. Jenna and Septimus? I have heard SO much gossip on this… I really don’t think they should end up together, they are too close as siblings, but you hinted on your twitter about a possible relationship? You said that Jen gets a teensy bit jealous of Sep’s girlfriends? Is that because she misses spending time with him, or because, *gulp* she sort of likes him?

    That’s all my questions (for now :D) but until then, THANK YOU SO MUCH for being the best author ever and taking the time to respond to all of us!! I love your work, and it means the world to me that you give your fans this opportunity to communicate with you!! ❤

    – Rose ❤

    • Angie Sage

      HI Ross,

      Sorry this reply is so very late, I’ve had trouble keeping up with writing recently…

      So pleased you love the books.

      Because THM has skipped 7 years, stuff has happened in the interim which I’ve not been able to put in. So really I need to do a big romantic catch up for everyone, which I so hope to get done before THM is published. I just keep running out of time tho….

      Even tho things did work out with Rose and Sep, they were together for quite a time. But yes, Rose did fall for Foxy and Sep was upset about that. Yes jen does get a bit jealous so we will see where that goes. I am not 100% sure yet. You see, I don’t plan stuff too much and only get to find out when I write it. And I haven’t written that yet!

  66. ivy

    i asked this i ask angie five but never got a response:(
    wotcha angie!
    i have a few questions.

    1) how is the progress on tod hunter moon coming

    2) is warner bros still making the movie

    3) will you ever make a book of a collection of the spells used in the book?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Ivy,

      I’m just scrolling through and answering a few quick questions…

      1. THM is going well, I think. I’m about half way through writing book 2. No title yet….
      2. Warner Brothers have stopped working on the movie for a couple of years now, so its not looking great right now. But you never know what might happen in the future.
      3. Who knows? It depends, I think on if I ever get any free time! There are lots of Sep back stories I would like to write as well. We shall have to see.

      Thanks, Ivy. Sorry your questions got lost on AA5…

  67. Simone Loves Septimus Heap

    I just had to comment on this when I noticed…..
    There are 49 chapters in Fyre – Which is a multiple of seven! Is seven your favorite number, or was it just convenient – the whole “Seventh son of a seventh son” thing? Also, in one of the chapters in one of the books…..I forget which one :)…. Marcia says that “someone who I admire very much once said, ‘when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth’.” Was that a Sherlock Holmes reference, or am I just misremembering?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Simone,

      I wouldn’t say that I have a favourite number, but I do like messing around with 7. And I like things to fit together….
      And YES it IS Sherlock Holmes. A tribute to an amazing character…

    • Iolana

      Thank you for bringing that up! I was recently reading the Sherlock Holmes books and came across that quote and I thought it felt familiar. Now I know why! That has been nagging be for quite a long time, and now it has been solved. It’s a little funny that I read it in the Sep books first even though it was first said in the Sherlock Holmes mysteries….

      Thanks again for unknowingly helping me 🙂


  68. Dot

    I have bean reading the septimus heap sirese and have loved it I am curently reading the fith book syren they all have one main event but the first book magyk’s is a little unclear. But I don’t care I really like septimus heap. It is funny when ullr is in night form because she is a cat and every one thinks is a panther. In the chapter projections the real 409./wolf boy and lucy gring are called projections after jenna and bettle fine out they are the real person even though beetle hasn’t met 409/wolfboy I was wondering why?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Dot,

      I guess the Magyk is quite organic really. It’s not something that is just about saying words and waving wands, in Sep it is more of a science and mind skill that you have to learn. But my ideas about it have evolved over the books too.
      But it is Septimus who says they are projections, Beetle is not so sure. And Beetle only comments on Lucy, not wolf boy. I did think of this when I wrote it, it was one of the many points on my notes…
      Hope that makes sense!

  69. Nae

    Will Beetle ever get someone who will really really love him? I felt Jenna only wanted him because she felt he was slipping away and quite liked the attention (I always thought she liked Septimus, even though they shared parents, they met quite old and did like each other before knowing they sort of shared parents.) Beetle is awesome, he deserves someone who admires him as well as loves him I guess?

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Nae,

      Yes Beetle does deserve someone who thinks he is wonderful and one day it will happen. But she is still rather young. And there is a very big age gap too. So not yet but sometime in the future…

  70. Damoun

    Im a massive fan of the Septimus Heap series and have read it 3 times
    I was wondering when the movie was coming out?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Damoun,

      So pleased you are a big fan! But not good news about the movie, they have stopped work on it and I am not sure that they will ever make one. 😦

  71. O.O Beetle

    Hello Angie,

    I love your books.I am finally getting Fyre as it was always sold out and this is my first chance.

    Are there going to be any more dragons after/like Spit Fyre in the upcoming books.
    what happend to Hunter after he started his ‘new’ life?

    Thank You for your time.

    • Angie Sage


      I am so pleased you finally got hold of FYRE, I know that it has been tough to find for quite a few people.

      We will still see Spit Fyre in THM, and right now he is out looking for a mate although he has not met one yet. He has got a bit waylaid at the moment. You will see a baby Orm in book THM 3, which is not unlike a small dragon.

      The Hunter is on my list of things to do, but he never quite makes it into the books. He is still travelling as a buffoon, but I do foresee a trip to the circus at some point.

      Thank you, Beetle!

  72. Merrin

    Dear Angie,
    You are my hero.:)

  73. Nidhi

    Hi Angie!
    First of all, I want to say that I loved Fyre!
    Looking through previous questions, I was wondering what happened between Septimus and Rose and Jenna and Beetle. I didn’t see any of it in Fyre, so I was confused as to where people learned about this.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Nidhi,

      So pleased you loved FYRE! There were only a few clues in FYRE (very few) Just Sep asking Rose to the party and Beetle giving Jenna a gold heart. There has been a fair amount of discussion here though and you will see a little more in PathFinder. I am hoping to get a short story done in time for the publication of PathFinder where you will see a bit more about relationships.

  74. Sara

    Hi Angie! 🙂

    I love your books and I am a big fan of the Septimus Heap series. My favorite characters are Spite Fyre and Marcia.
    I am from Finland and I was wondering that when the The TodHunter Moon will be here? 😀 I really want to read that 😀 I can’t wait to start that 😀

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Sara,

      It is really good to hear that you love Septimus. I haven’t heard whether the Finnish publisher has bought TodHunter Moon yet, but I do hope they will. They have been brilliant with Septimus. You could always write to them and ask…

  75. Delia Sandu

    Hello Angie! My name is Delia and I read your books.I think YOU are THE BEST AUTHOR of world .
    I am from Romania and I don’t speak English very good but I love very much your books!!!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Delia,

      WOW, thank you!
      Your English seems pretty good to me – and I am so pleased you love Septimus.

  76. Angie,

    I just want to let you know you’re book are not just for kids! My boyfriend (27) and I (24) are crazy about them! We’re currently in Syren, and completely hooked! I can’t believe these books are for kids sometimes, it’s such a great storyline. I don’t want to read any other comments because I don’t want spoilers, but we’re always trying to figure out if the world the characters live in is a parallel world, future, past.. We can’t get a read on it, but I saw you said Fyre has answers! So I just wanted you to know I love your books, I write reviews on my blog for them, and urge older people to pick them up and enjoy this world!

    Thanks for writing these! 🙂

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Cianna,

      I am SO pleased to hear that. I do really write for everyone, but Septimus has acquired a label as a book for younger ones, because I have written the series with the aim of not excluding anyone able to read pretty well.
      I won’t spoil it for you but you will find the answer to your wonderings on almost the last page of FYRE!

      And thank you so much for spreading the word and talking about Septimus on your blog. I would love more people to get to know the books and be part of the big Heap family, and it is people like you who will make that happen!

  77. Daisy

    Did Marcia ever want to have children of her own? Does she feel that she missed something by not having a family? I know many people want to get married and have children but Marcia never struck me as that type. I’m curious though.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Daisy,
      I don’t think Marcia has ever wanted children, in fact she was pretty wary of Septimus at the beginning. But she grew into it. I think her Magyk is the important thing in her life really, though.
      I wouldn’t rule out marriage, though!

  78. leya

    Hi Angie,
    another question:
    Does the series really set in the future (i mean OUR future) or is it like in Lotr with the different ages? Maybe it is a different universe than ours and a different era?

    Thank you very much!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Leya,

      Yes, I have seri the Septimus world way into the future. It is so far into the future that anything could have hanged by then. And Magyk is pretty much a science. That’s why you need a 7 year apprenticeship…

  79. Magykal Persone

    Hello. I have 2 questions.
    First off, don’t think me as rude please, but, are you really the author and is this really your blog?
    Or is it just some random person who decided to pretend to be you and see how many people he/she could lie to?

    I .<
    Kinda behind..
    But, next question.
    So, my friends and I love Magyk. They haven't read it but we have lots of imagination so we pretend that we can do Magyk and it is a blast!
    Would it be copyright if I were to write a little book (not to publish, but just to use for my friends) that had lots of notes, and what it would be like to be an apprentice of the Extraordinary Wizard and what you would have to do, etc?
    I read Magykal Papers but I think it would be easier for me to use the little thing I'm writing.

    And a comment,
    Isn't Jenna, Septimus's stepbro? I like the idea of him with someone else. I haven't read enough to learn any new characters other than Syrah, but I think that him getting together with Jenna is weird.
    I do like the idea of Jenna getting a little jealous though, because that's what happens. If your brother goes and gives all his attention to another girl, you want it back.
    Am I right?

    Thank you!

    • Angie Sage


      Hey hey, well, it is me but there is no way I can prove it. I guess we should have some kind of secret password.

      As long as you don’t publish it then you can write all the things you like to do with Septimus – and that is a brilliant idea! I hope it goes really well.

      And Sep and Jenna – well they are really adoptive brother and sister, there is no blood tie at all. But we are still on that journey to see who they will be with. At the moment in THM their relationship seems very close. But no one is there yet. I really do travel along with my characters and they pretty much tell me what they want. I am just the scribe!

      Good luck with the handbook!

  80. Sara

    Hi angie, i have a question, does jenna and beetle marry? Thanks, bye!:)

  81. Jimmy Page

    Hey 🙂
    Thanks for your answer on my question ^^
    I read Fyre and Physic again and I was thinking about some things:

    1. What is Jennas ‘real’ surename?
    Would she be named Jenna Banda (because of Milo) or Jenna Pye? (Because of Marcellus, who is Etheldreddas son and she was the Queen and I dont think that the Queen changed the surenam after she gets married. So maybe the Familyname of the Royal Family is Pye?)
    2. Will Julia (the girl that Jenna met on her trip in Fyre) appear in the THM books again?

    Thx for taking time for me again ^^

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Jimmy Page,
      1. Well, Jenna doesn’t have a surname, and she definitely doesn’t have Milo’s surname. Of course once the Queens did have a name, taken from the palazzo by the water where they came from. But it has been lost. Or maybe it is a very well-kept secret…
      Pye was the surname of Marcellus’s father. If Jenna had had a brother, his surname would have been Banda.
      2. No plans for Julia, as she was way back in time and in a kind of dreamy place. I ithnk she was a one-off.

  82. Hello Angie,
    I just wanted to ask at what point and in which book is the description/explanation of Counter Feet?

    I would like to recreate the game (for fan use). I will use layers on this game so I can have the counters dig underneath the ground and I will probably use a card system to determine how the counters behave (I know it’s not perfect but for some reason I haven’t been able to find any real magyk counters – it’s odd isn’t it!). I have created a website – literally in the middle of typing this – it is currently blank-ish but I will post up the game if as pdf when… if I manage to succeed.
    Here it is, for all interested…

    • Angie Sage

      HI BigSpongeyFan,

      It is in Flyte, towards the beginning. I don’t have Flyte with me right now but Silas and Gringe are playing it. Have a flick through. It might even have a chapter named for it.
      This is a lovely idea …

  83. Her•Majesty

    Hi angie! I LOVE the Septimus heap series so much… I can’t wait for the next series. I just had a couple questions about it:
    1. How did you come up with the idea, and all the characters?
    2. In the last book, I got a but confused on something- what happened to Syrah?
    3. Why did jenna become a witch? I actually really loved that twist…
    4. Final question- what’s your favorite book in the series, and what’s your least favorite?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi, Her Maj,

      SO glad you love Septimus!
      1. the idea for Sep&co evolved very slowly. I thought about it for years before I wrote anything down. I just kept a few notes. Once I got the idea together the characters just arrived. They kept on arriving and there was nothing I could do to stop them! That is the part of the writing I enjoy the most – getting to know a new character.
      2. Sorry for any confusion – I did give her a little bit in the endings. Syrah was made too frail from all she had gone through. She lives quietly in some rooms at the top of the Ramblings now.
      3. To get through the window! But she is not a fully-fledged witch. That was only the beginnings of the long process of becoming a witch. But it is useful for her to have. She will make use of it in the future.
      4. I think books you have written are like your kids, you don’t have favourites – you love them all. 🙂
      But some were easier to write than others…

  84. Abbey

    I really ship beetle and Jenna will they ever get together? Also is Marcia and milo together

    From pickle land

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Abbey,

      Jenna and Beetle … they get together for a while, at least. I am not sure if it is forever though.
      Yes to Milo and Marcia – check them out in PathFinder. (THM Book 1)

      love to all in pickle land.

  85. aleida

    Hi Angie!
    I am nine,( almost ten), and I live in Florida. I was wondering if you knew anything about movie auditions- and literally ANYTHING, but I would most like to know about where or when the auditions are, or if they’re even open auditions. I’m desperate for information–nothing online is updated, and I can’t find anything useful.Thank You SO much if you could tell me anything.
    -Aleida 🙂

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Aleida,

      I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news but work has stopped on the movie. But good luck with your acting and I hope you find some great auditions in the future.

  86. Sarah

    OMG. HI Angie,
    I got some Q. So:

    1] When Sep breaks up w/ Rose will he get together w/ Syrah. [I’m wondering]

    2] Or if Sep and Rose get back together.

    3] Will Jenna get married? I’m hoping cuz they need a king.

    4] I heard Aunt Zelda died so it means like she isn’t a ghost?

    5] What happens to Simon & Lucy will their parents agree to their marriage?

    Sarah Luu P.S. I’M YOUR BIGGEST FAN [ I read your books in 1 or 2 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!] ^-^ Thx

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Sarah,

      1. No, Syrah is too out of it and not really herself anymore. Because I honestly don’t plan ahead for my characters I don’t know who Sep will end up with. We will have to see.
      2. I dunno. At the moment Rose and Foxy are an item. I am just trying to find a way of getting them into THM book 2.
      3. No, no, they don’t need a king!. No no no! Only a Queen for the Castle. If you remember, Milo was never King. It’s not easy being the Queen’s consort, which is why the husbands usually find something interesting to do with their lives. We will see who Jenna chooses.
      4. Aunt Zelda peacefully ShapeShifted into a tree. She is in the Hidden Glade with her brother Benjamin Heap. And very content.
      5. Aha … you will have to wait and see. There is lots about Lucy and SImon in Fyre. But yes, in the end they do agree. Lucy wears them down.

      Thank you, Sarah!

  87. Francis

    Hi Angie,

    I am a HUGE fan of the Septimus Heap series and would like to know when the movie is coming out.

    I also thought up a title that you might like to use for your eighth book,
    Phorce or Aire.

    Thank you for reading this. 🙂

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Francis,

      At present there is no movie, I am sorry to tell you. Work stopped on it some time ago and I am not sure that it will start up again.

      I love the names! But the main series stops at FYRE. Now we move on to TODHUNTER MOON, 7 years on after FYRE. So there may not be a movie right now, but there will always be Septimus!

  88. theninthheap

    Hi Angie,
    I am re-reading the series, because I love it so much, and I had some questions.
    1. In Physik, how did Sep meet Hugo?
    2. Also in Physik, why did Alice getting shot fulfill the marked bullet’s target?
    3. How do you become a jinee?
    4. In Darke chapter 26, Marcia says the Merrin put a Maund in Jillie Djinn. What is a Maund?
    Thanks so much for answering, I think it’s great that you do this and I wish more authors did!

    • Angie Sage

      Hello 9th Heap,

      1. If I remember rightly Sep met Hugo at Marcellus’s house when he was living there.
      2. Because her initials matched IP: her real name was Iona Pot.
      3. You have to be headhunted by another jinnee. And its not something many people agree too. Jim Knee was pretty desperate when he (she at the time) agreed.
      4. A Maund is an evil spirt that sits upon your shoulder. It starts off weighting very little and every day its weight increases so you hardly notice. But one day you feel as though you have the world upon your shoulders.

      Thanks, 9th Heap!

  89. Fauna

    Hi Angie,

    I love the Septimus Heap series and have been following the movie details. I wanted to ask if anyone has started a petition to Warner Brothers yet?

  90. Hi am a fan from norway.
    Do you When todhunter moon comes on norwegian.

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Lars,

      I don’t think that the Norwegian publisher has decided to publish THM yet. I hope they will though!

  91. MCM

    Hey again Angie!

    I’ve been re-reading Sep lately, and I’m very excited for Pathfinder! The cover is so beautiful, and I’m excited to meet Tod and join her on her journey. She sounds really cool. Since I’ve been re-reading, I’ve caught hints in the books of what might come next, and from some other AA Q’s, so I’ve been wondering about some things.

    1. Does Jenna get her own dragon? Does Spitfyre get a girlfriend? (These two could be connected, what if Jenna got a dragon and that dragon become SpitFyre’s girlfriend? That’d be funny! What do you think?)
    2. Does Sep’s world have anything like the Olympics?
    3. In another comment you said that Jen gets crabby with Sep for flirting with a Snow Princess. Is that the Eastern Snow Plains Princess that kept popping up once or twice in the main series? And by the way, I can totally imagine that scene. I can just see Jenna with her hands on her hips, giving Sep a classic Princessy (er… I guess it’s “Queeny” now..) stare and saying “Stop it. Stop it right now, Septimus.” Does she do that? That’d make me laugh if she did 🙂
    4. How are old Tod and her friends in Pathfinder?
    5. Is Linda the Witch Mother of the Port Witch Coven now? *Shivers*. I can’t even imagine what kind of Darke stuff she’d be cooking up… ek!
    6. You said in some other comments that Morwanna has totally reversed her personality. Is she bad again? Did the Forest Heaps leave because of her?
    7. Is Alther an Ancient now? Is he getting confused?
    8. Is Marcellus still alive in THM? He must be getting pretty old….
    9. Is (or was) Sep really upset about Rose? Can you tell me the reactions of Marcia, Jenna, Sarah & Silas, Simon, Beetle, and everyone else when Rose left him? Were they mad? I can just hear the gossip coming from the Wizard Tower when that happened….
    10. Do the Witch Covens want revenge on Jenna for escaping them so many times? Do they have plans for her?
    11.What age range do you think the novella is for? 13 and up? I can’t really imagine anything really inappropriate in a Sep book.
    12. What are the Spiders of Arulum (I think that’s how you spell it?) Don’t they make gold?
    13. Are there anymore secrets on the Isles of Syren? Do all the islands there have beings like Syrens? Does Star Island have anything like that on it?
    14. Is the army of Jinn ever used again?
    15. When you say that Oraton Marr has a plan to endanger everyone Tod loves, is that the people of the Castle (Sep, Jen, Marcia etc.) or her friends and family from her old village? Or both?
    16. Are you going to post some of the drawings from Pathfinder like you did with Fyre? I’m really excited to see Sep, Jen, and Beetle all grown up! Also, are you going to let us read an excerpt or sneak peak of Pathfinder as the publishing date gets closer (October, right? I wish it was still August… then we’d get it sooner!)

    Thanks! I know I posted a lot of questions, but they tend to accumulate in my mind over time! Septimus Heap is my favorite series in the whole world, and I’m not sure how long I can wait for THM!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi MCM
      wow, lots of things to think about …
      1. Jenna hasn’t got her own dragon yet but yes, Spit Fyre is away looking for a girlfriend. Nice idea!
      2. Not as far as I know. I don’t think they are very internationally minded really.
      3.It is her granddaughter. You will find out more in PathFinder. And yes, Jen does make a few tart comments. I liked writing that bit.
      4. Tod is 12, her friends nearly 12.
      5. We haven’t visited the PWC so far, but I doubt that Pamela, the Witch Mother, will last much longer.
      6. Morwenna has reverted to old habits an then some. Her pact with Silas is over. Yes, they did leave because of Morwenna. It was getting scary.
      7. Alther is still relatively young in ghost years. You have to be about 500 years old to be an Ancient. He is still the same old Alther.
      8. Marcellus is forever young… but we don’t see him in PathFInder.
      9. Yes, Sep was upset. And Foxy is still embarrassed. But it was a grand passion and you can’t go against that. Even Sep knows that really.
      10. All witches are out to get Jen. In book 2 she is taking a few precautions.
      11. There won’t be anything really inappropriate. More romantic than anything else really. It is looking more like a short story right now though… yes, 11 or 12 up.
      12. It is Aurum (the Latin name for gold). They spin gold thread. I want to visit them one day but haven’t found a way yet.
      13. Islands are mysterious places so you never know. I am sure we’d find other things if we went back there.
      14. Not so far, but it is there, waiting for the right time.
      15. Both. He is not nice AT ALL>
      16. I do hope to post the drawings nearer the time. They are fantastic and this time I have split the books into 12 big sections and Mark has drawn a full-page picture for each one.

      So good to see what a massive Sep fan you are. Another member of the huge Heap family!

  92. Tebi

    Dear angie sage I love your books they are so awsome I can’t stop reading your the sixth book witch is where I am at, at the moment my favorite boy caritor is Septimus And my favorite girl careitor is jenna
    I also love Bettle and Merrin but I can’t for get mercia and lets just say Mr. Pye in septimuses time. I was just wondering why did the port witch coven want jeena cause I would ecspeck them to go after lucy or 409/ Wolf Boy instead? Why does jenna not want to take the cloack off? Did mercia and septimus notice right away that the spell on the palace was broken right away because it didn’t seem like septimus noticed till the things came out of nowhere?

    Ps: almost every Quiz I take on this series I get 100%! I even have a Septimus heap back round I used to be a harry potter fan but I am now a Septimus heap freacky fan realy.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Tebi,
      So pleased you love Sep!
      All covens want a princess – it makes them more powerful.
      Jenna liked the feeling of safety her cloak gave her. It was a little bit addictive too.
      Yes, Marcia and Jenna knew what was going on – of course!
      Welcome to being a HeapR!

  93. Sarah

    I have an awesome idea. I made a story myself but I’ll do a quick summary. My friend, Adelyn and I get stuck in the Septimus Heap world. So like we meet the characters and I start to like Septimus. Hey don’t blame me he’s cute. He helps us and we bring in my other friend Max. So they try another way and then it works but someone possessed gets in our way. Me, Addy and Max annoy him/her so Sep can use his Magyk. Then, we say our goodbyes an I said I’ll be back in Midsummer and that I visit Fablehaven, too

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Sarah,

      sounds a great story. Sometimes I think I’d like to get stuck in the Sep Heap World too!

  94. Rosemary

    Dear Ms Sage,
    Did you always intend Simon to turn bad and then return to good? Did you always view him as a good guy? I was just so heartbroken when he turned bad. Was there ever a possibility he could be a wizard and why couldn’t he anyway? WHat was the name of his role at the end of Fyre (like Marcia is Extraordinary Wizard)? I kinda wanted Marcia to have two apprentices – Septimus and Simon! Thank you.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Rosemary,

      yes, I did always know that SImon was going to be ok again. I wanted to show how someone can have a bad time and work their way out of it. And to show how one stupid thing can take a lot of getting back from, but it is possible.
      You can see a lot more of Simon in PathFinder, where he is Deputy CastleAlchemist.

  95. Eve

    Hi Angie ,
    I was re-reading some older Ask Angies and I noticed that , in some earlier comments , you were hinting at a possible relationship between Jenna and Septimus, but later , in some more recent comments , you said that they were going to stay just brother and sister , so I was wondering , did you originally intend them to be together ?
    And also , to safely get out of the Port Witch Coven house , the Wolf Boy had to use the toad doorknocker , but what would have happened if he would have chosen the miniature iron cauldron or the silver rat’s tail?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Eve,
      Sorry this is so late…
      Yes, I did intend for them to be together but I have gone through various stages when it seemed right and then not. So I am on a journey with them at the moment.
      Wolf Boy – they wouldn’t have let him is. They only answer the Darke Toad… have you read the ebook? all explained!

  96. Rosemary

    Hi Angie,
    If Marcia had died when Domdaniel tried to kill her, who would have been the next Extraordinary Wizard? And would they have kept Septimus as their Apprentice? Thanks.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Rosemary,

      DomDaniel would have been the EOW and I suspect he would have tried to keep Sep too. However, if they had got rid of DD they would have held an election – or the Wizard Tower might have chosen.
      One of the senior Wizards would have got it.

  97. Hello Angie,

    I love the Septimus Heap series- it’s packed with so much detail, I can visually see it in my mind when I read.
    That’s what I wanted to talk about- visualizing the characters (not so much the events.)
    The thing that has been bothering me so much is how you and so many others visualize/see Beetle, Septimus, Simon, the other Heap brothers, Sarah, and so on.
    The one thing that is bothering me the most is Septimus. I looked up pictures of him on Google Images and felt a headache coming along, as it just wasn’t right. But I found the perfect picture of Sep- except it was supposed to be one of Mark Zug’s drawing of Beetle. Ouch. So I found the perfect picture of Beetle. Question- how can I show them to you? I just need to, no doubt about that.
    Simon- don’t you think his hair should be right above his ears, fairly curly, blonde, or is it just me?
    Wolf Boy- I don’t think he should have long, braided hair. I imagine him with hair above the ears… Harry Potter is a perfect example since it is not too long, it is flat, all of that good stuff. Except 409’s hair is brown, the type that you can notice it is brown.
    Sarah- I think a bit too bossy about the party in Darke, but that is fine. I just do not think she should have blonde hair. I think she should brown hair, but for some reason I think only Sep should inherit it (with only/maybe one of her other boys.) Jenna’s hair reaches my satisfactory.
    I had never meant to sound all bossy and annoyed, but my opinion and the fact that my best friend is probably the only person that will ever agree with me is heart- breaking, so I just have to spill it all out. Just to let you know if you are curious- I am a girl who is twelve with teachers who say that I am going to be an author when I grow up.

    • Angie Sage

      You can always tweet pix: @AngieSageAuthor. Or email me:
      The thing is that the images are often best in one’s head! I do think Mark captures the characters perfectly (for me) and I do love his Beetle. But we are all allowed to see the characters as we feel is right for us and I think it is great that you have such strong images of your own. Writing is a lot like painting pictures and it sounds to me like you have a really great future as a writer.

  98. Katie

    I hate to post twice in a row but I’m afraid I forgot to ask my second question. 🙂

    I was wondering…is the eastern snow plains the area of the world that is currently russia and siberia? I thought about that when I read the books and always assumed that that would be where the eastern snow plains are but I’m not certain. If the Castle is in England, the land of the long nights is sweden/norway, is the eastern snow plains Russia? If it is, I guess that makes Marcia a bit Russian since she is from there. 🙂 That’s kind of neat. And where are the Isles of Syren? I was always curious about that too!

    Thank you for always answering my questions!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Katie,

      Yes, Eastern Snow Plains is in Russia/Mongolia area. And yes the Lands of the Long Nights are scandinavia too. Isles of Syren have appeared in what was the North Sea. Kind of Magykally!

      Marcia spent some of her childhood in the Eastern Snow Plains though I am still waiting for her to tell me if she was born there. I suspect not, though that doesn’t stop her being a bit Russian. There is a little snippet of that in PathFinder… and a lot more of the Eastern Snow Plains too.

  99. Archie

    Hi,I have read all your books and read now again again to pass the time to Todhunter Moon comes I have a few questions for you.

    1. In book 7 tells you that the date is 4 July 12004, what made ​​you set the date then?
    2. What is the surname to Jenna? The father to Jenna is Milo Banda so will the name to Jenna be Jenna Banda or Jenna will take the surname to Heap family?
    3. Is Jenna a queen over a big kingdom or only The castle?

    • Angie Sage

      HI Archie,

      really sorry this reply is so late…
      1. It’s to do with the moon calendar so that the moon rise and set actually works. Also its a multiple of 7. I was actually going to choose July 7th but as a thank you to my USA publishers who have been so brilliant, I chose July 4th.
      2. Jenna doesn’t have a surname. Castle Queens don’t bother with them.
      3. Just the Castle. Although the nearby regions do respect her and come to her for advice.

      Thanks Archie – not too long to wait for PathFinder now!

  100. Lapis

    Hi, Angie!^^
    I had a question about the Eastern Snow Plains:

    I remember reading in the “Magykal Papers” that Marcia’s dad used to work for the Eastern Snow Queen. Then I read one of the comments above, you said that In THM: “Jenna is a little crabby with Sep for flirting with the Eastern Snow Princess.”
    My two questions were:

    -Is the Eastern Snow Princess the Eastern Snow Queen’s daughter? I mean, logic would point to yes, but knowing that crazy things can happen in Sep’s world…

    -Also, where would you say the Eastern Snow Plains is on today’s map? Russia?

    I loved the idea of Sep flirting with the Snow Princess, and Jen getting a tad agitated. I showed the comment to my friends and we had a blast imagining Sep doing that! It seems just like him, teasing Jen! Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful, witty, creative, and imaginative writing, and your time!!
    -Lapis ^^

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Lapis,

      once again, big sorry for such a late reply…
      You are right. the eastern Snow Princess is her daughter! Crazy stuff does happen.
      Yes, eastern Russia/Mongolia I think.
      Thanks Lapis. Yes I had fun with Sep and Jenna. She does get really crabby when he insists on taking the Snow Princess home in the Dragon Boat. And the princess is sick all down the side… 🙂

  101. Caoimhe

    Dear Angie,
    If Warner Bros ever start to do the Septimus Heap movies again, do you know where auditions might be held?

    • Angie Sage


      I am sorry to say that WB’s look like they have shelved the movie…. 😦

  102. Caoimhe

    I’m also a huge fan.😍 I can’t wait for TodHunter Moon to arrive near me!!

  103. Archie

    Hello, i’m rereding all the septimus heap’s books now. After I was finish with Fyre I found few quastions I will still you.

    1. In FYre you set the date 4 july 12004, why?
    2. Is Jenna a queen over a big kingdom (country) or only the castle?
    3. What is the surname of Jenna?
    4. How many year can a ghost be in this world?

    Thanks for me, I hope TODHunters Moon come to be a good book.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Archie,

      Hope you can see the earlier answers. A ghost can be around for as long as it wants, but most can’t be bothered after about 1000 years. Unless they have a score to settle.

  104. Emma

    Hi Angie,
    I have 2 questions
    1)I was wondering if you ever thought of getting another studio to do the Septimus Heap movie?
    2)Have you thought of who you would want in a cast for septimus heap?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Emma,
      1. Nice idea but I can’t. The rights are with Warner Brothers whether they use them or not. It’s a tough old world!
      2. No, I have to say I have tried to put this movie-that-never-was out of my mind. There seems no point in thinking about it anymore. It’s sad but sometimes stuff like this happens.

  105. Jay

    Hi Angie,
    Will we see Jenna’s daughter again?

    • Angie Sage

      HI Jay,

      not in THM, as Jenna hasn’t had her yet. But who knows what I’ll write in the future?

  106. CrazyAboutScience

    Hiya! Just a few questions…
    1. If people like Domdaniel and Goat-Face were so Darke and evil, why were the chosen to be the EOW and Chief Scribe in the first place?

    2. Could u plz make pathfinder into a ebook?

    Seriously I just luv your books and I have to confess it’s the first fantasy book(books)that I have really gotten to actually luv it!

    Thanks for sharing about Sep!

    • Angie Sage

      1 Well, people who are interested in power do tend to be good at getting it, whatever their moral status. It happens in Sep Heap world too at times.
      2. Yes, all the books (Except for Magykal Papers) are and will be e books.
      SO pleased you love Sep & co. I don’t think they are fantasy really, just people in another time….

  107. Amelia Overstrand

    Hi again Angie!
    I posted this before but it got missed out so here it is again!

    I just read through the comments on Ask Angie 6 and have picked up that… (please say I am wrong!!)…that Jenna and Septimus get together! PLEASE SAY THIS ISN’T TRUE!!! Although a major argument is that they are technically brother and sister, Septimus seems like a nice, intelligent person (if a bit cocky sometimes 🙂 ) and Jenna is a spoilt princess (literally and non-literally!) I had hoped that Beetle would stay with her, as he seems to adore her and bring out the best in her. I can kind of understand why Foxy and Rose get together – although I prefer Septimus and Rose together.

    If Jenna and Septimus end up together, it will spoil the romance element of the books for me! I know you say that Jenna calms down and matures, but I think she will always be selfish and think she deserves the best. Two of my favourite couples will have broken up (Jenna and Beetle, Septimus and Rose), so I hope that Partridge and Romilly end up together! At least I know Simon and Lucy will stay together. If Jen and Sep do end up together, I hope you bring in a new couple that I will like in TM!

    I REALLY hope that you are tricking us so it will be a surprise! You said that Jenna gets jealous when Sep flirts with an Eastern Snow Plains Princess (I think??), but I hope it’s just because she likes the attention in a little sister way.

    Good luck with the book! I’m really excited for it to come out – I’ve missed everyone!

    Amelia Overstrand 😉

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Amelia,

      sorry about the reply being so late… I think I have answered this further down?
      If not, message noted. And Jenna and Sep have not made up their minds what they think of each other right now. I and still waiting on that one.
      Partridge and Romilly are together.
      Not so long to wait for THM now, anyway!

  108. CrazyAboutScience

    Hey, just a few questions…
    1. If people like Domdaniel and Tertius Fume were so evil and Darke, why were they chosen to be the EOW and Chief Scribe in the first place?
    2. How was Magyk created?
    Thx a bunch!!

  109. CrazyAboutScience

    Err, sorry about commenting twice, but I have one last question…
    What did the older Septimus meant by saying “Timewise, apparently.” at the end of Fyre??

    • Angie Sage

      He meant in circumstances relating to time travel – to being in a different time. No more than that!

  110. Eve

    Also, what is the difference between a witch and a wizard?

    • Angie Sage

      A Wizard has a structured course of learning of 7 years. A witch finds a coven and learns on the job, as it were.

  111. Daisy

    Hey Angie!

    You’ve mentioned on here before that both Marcia and Jenna can sing (whether they admit to it or not…)… So I was wondering, what do their voices sound like? Is their any singer to whom you would compare either of their voices?

    • Angie Sage

      HI Daisy,

      Marcia is an alto, and Jenna a soprano. But who they are like I am not sure…

  112. JC

    Hi Angie 😀
    You are my writing hero! I started reading the Septimus Heap series last Summer and now I am on the sixth book. I already have Fyre and can’t wait to get onto that!

    I am very excited about the TodHunter Moon series. I have a few questions though. Will this series be anything like the current Septimus heap series with the same locations and everything? and will there be a lot of septimus, jenna, and all of those characters?

    I was so so so so so upset to hear that the movie stopped it’s production 😦 do you think it will start up again? I think it would be a BIG hit because your books are already so popular. I have 4 friends that are reading them and one of them has to be ahead of me for some reason 😛 so he is reading as fast as he can!

    I am really into writing and I am trying to write a book, but whenever I do (I like writing fantasy) it ends up turning into your story 😦 Do you have any advice that could help me become a better writer?

    I can’t even believe there is a way to talk to you like this it is so cool!
    It would be amazing if you answer thank you 😀

    • Angie Sage

      Hi JC,

      Welcome to SHhhh … the Sep Heap secret world!

      Sorry this has take a long time to reply to. I’ve just been stupidly busy…

      So …
      In THM there will be some of the same locations but with more travelling thanks to the discovery of the Ancient Ways. There will be Sep, Jen and Beetle, but the focus will be a little more on the 3 new characters: Tod, Oskar and Ferdie. In PathFinder there is a lot about Simon and Lucy. And Marcia. So the old gang are still very much around.

      I am not at all optimistic about the movie, but I guess you never know. I too think it would be a big hit but sadly WBs don’t. All we can do is spread the word about the books I think then perhaps things will change one day.

      Writing is all about practice, unless you happen to get really lucky and stumble on something that works for you at once – but most people (like me) have to work at it. I would say just keep on reading and take time to write every day. See what works for you. You will find your own voice soon enough. We all begin by writing like someone else as it is the way you learn. There is nothing wrong with that. Just keep on going and you will be surprised how much you learn along the way.

  113. Madeline

    Dear Angie Sage,
    Recenlty (as in maybe 4 days ago) i decided to re-read Magyk. I was a GINORMOUS fan when I was in 2nd grade, and 3rd and 4th and probably some of 5th too (Im now in 7th). Thereforth as a big fan I own 1-6 and then the Magical Papers. So anyway(…) I re-read Magyk and now i’m on Flyte, and I am remembering the details of my obsession. and there was a LOT of details. For instance I remember in math class in 3rd grade I listed ALL the characters names-multiple times-not forgetting a single one. I was not to be seen that year with-out one of your books. Anyway my questions(sorry its sort-of long):

    – Do you have a favorite character whom you enjoy writing about the most
    -Is there a character who you find to have a similar personality or one that you can relate to yourself?
    -How did you come up with the names for the characters?
    -Do you like eating Cheese Balls? (Sorry that’s random but I’m eating them now 🙂
    -What is your favorite book EVER?
    – How long does it usually take to write a book?
    -How did you decide that you wanted to be an author?
    -Do you have book signings? (I live in the U.S and it would be AWESOME to meet you 🙂
    -Did any matters of your childhood reflect on the Heaps?
    -Do you have any pets?
    -And last but not least- I have decided(so far) to be an author when I’m an adult. Is there any advice you would give (to me or someone else who has the same ambitions) about being an author, or the writing or publishing process?

    Sorry about the last one 🙂

    A fan forever

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Madeline,

      sorry you have had to wait so long for a reply. I do hope you’ve not given up!

      – I have fave combinations to write about. Some characters are just so easy – and funny. Any Marcia combo is great, also Beetle and Sep.
      – I am so lucky, the names just appear. It is as though they are already there…
      – no! But I love cheese.
      – Persuasion by Jane Austen or Restoration by Rose Tremaine. I can’t choose between them.
      – A year to write a Sep book. A lot of thinking goes into it!
      – I kind of drifted into it very slowly. I used to be an illustrator and decided to see if I could write too. But I have always loved reading and I think never quite thought it was possible to write. Until I tried!
      – I’m sorry to say there are no plans right now for me to come to the US. But if there are you will see them here! I would love to come back some day soon.
      – The Heaps are totally different from my childhood – so maybe in that sense they did. I think I wrote the kind of family I would have liked.
      – No pets. Unless you count the worms in the wormery… I did have 2 tortoises but they died of a frog virus two years ago 😦
      – My advice would be to read everything you possibly can. And keep writing lots. But don’t expect it all to come right first time, just keep on trying. If you’ve written something you really think works show it to someone you can trust to give a true opinion. (parents are no good for this because they will love whatever you do). And if you can, join a writers group where you can all learn from each other and give each other encouragement to keep going.

      Good luck!

  114. Duglius Drummin

    I just finished reading the seventh book (I have that horrible end-of-the-series feeling). I really thought something about the days of beyond was going to be in fyre. I see some other people on the AA pages ask about this, and you’ve responded that the DOB is a period in the not-so-distant A.D. era. Still, I have sooo many questions! is the orb of light in cattrock a nuclear reactor? are the tubes submarines? What is that black stuff that the elevators (moving chambers) are made of? There are also so many loose ends that weren’t tied up in fyre that I know will be in THM; Jenna’s families original city, the girl in the palace in that city, days of beyond, the spiders of aurum, ect. I am a huge fan of technology stuff and love the idea of magic being part technology. Also, Jenna’s eyes are violet, is this a genetic mutation?

    Sorry for all the questions (I probably forgot some as it is)

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Duglius,

      I do realise I must do something about the much earlier times. However, I also like to leave something to the imagination as that can be much more powerful than just being told stuff.
      And there is always so much going on in the books that its hard to find space for stuff. I think this is going to have to go in THM.

      Yes, the Fyre cauldron in related to a nuclear reactor.
      Black stuff – some kind of hard metal/plastic combo.
      Yes, Tubes are a kind of submarine adapted for land use too.

      This is all technology that had re-evolved in a slightly different way after a massive disaster.
      Jenna’s city is Venice.
      Spiders of Aurum… well they are on a secret island somewhere.
      Jenna’s eyes: yes this is a new eye colour.

      Thanks so much of all your questions. I’ve written them in my notes for things to think about/explain/put in THM 2 or 3…

  115. Tim

    My name is Timothy Phillips, a librarian in the Literature Department/Ohio Center for the Book at Cleveland Public Library. In conjunction with the department manager, I manage the Letters about Literature campaign for Ohio. Participants are asked to read a book, poem or speech and write to that author (living or dead) about how the book affected them personally. Letters are judged on state and national levels. Tens of thousands of students from across the country enter Letters About Literature each year.
    This year, to make the program more meaningful for all of the students who participated, I am copying and forwarding their letters to the various authors that they wrote to (whenever possible). I was hoping to inquire if I could do so in the case of Ms. Sage and, if it was possible, what address I should use.
    The program is broken up into three Levels: I (grades 4-6), II (grades 7&8) and III (grades 9-12). this time around, over 1,200 Ohio students participated; out of those entries, 258 made the initial cut made by the staff of the Center for the Book at the Library of Congress. From each level, we will select a First Place winner (who receives $100), a 2nd place winner ($75), a 3rd place winner ($50) and three runner-ups. Each state’s First Place winners are entered into a national contest. Our awards ceremony will be held on May 3, 2014.
    Again, if it would be possible for me to share with Ms. Sage copies of the letters that participating students wrote to her, I know that they would be thrilled to learn of it.
    Thank you for your kind attention and assistance with this matter.
    Most Respectfully,
    Timothy Phillips

    • Angie Sage

      Dear TIm,

      I am sorry this reply is too late for your amazing program. I’ve been so busy writing I have not been able to check in for over a month now … well, more like two!

      the address to use is:
      Author Mail, Angie Sage,
      HarperCollins Children’s Books
      10 E53rd Street
      New York
      NY 10022-5002

      I hope it all went really well – and thank you so much for getting in touch,

      best wishes

      Angie Sage

  116. Devin

    hi Angie!

    I’m really glad you have this blog 😀 because I’ve been trying to get in touch with you for while. I love your books sooooo much, they helped me become a better reader. I sent you a letter, but it came back to us because I had the wrong address. I fixed the address and sent it again, I’m not sure if you got it or not, but I think it’s different then most letters.. when you get it you would see why :o). Just in case i need to resend it, can you please tell me your mailing address? OH! and if the series become movies I’d like to play Jenna!!! She’s my favorite character because she’s brave and confident, i also like how sometimes she speaks her mind!! :oD

    Thanks so much xx, Devin

    • Angie Sage

      Dear Devin,

      I haven’t had your letter I am really sorry to say. But it does take ages to come as my publisher is in the USA. You can write to:
      Angie Sage, Author Mail.
      HarperCollins Children’s Books
      10 E53rd Street
      New York
      NY 10022-5002You can get in touch direct with me on Twitter: @AngieSageAuthor.
      Or (and this is just for Sepblog people) you can email me:

  117. O.O Beetle

    Hello Angie,

    I have a few questions:

    1)Are there going to be any more dragons after/like Spit Fyre in the upcoming books.

    2)what happened to Hunter after he started his ‘new’ life?

    3) Who do you like better – Septimus Heap or Alice Todhuntermoon?

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Beetle,

      1. Spit Fyre is hunting for a mate in PathFinder. He’s not found one yet, but I am hoping he will. At the moment he has other things on his mind – like protecting an Orm Egg.
      2. The Hunter is still a buffoon. I keep meaning to revisit him…
      3. Argh! I can’t possibly choose. I love them both…

  118. Claire

    Hello, I was reading the comments and it said that you are going to drift Jenna and Beetle apart. When I read that I was sad because I think they are great together! I am excited to read the TodHunter Moon series. I really like how a minor character becomes a main one(like Beetle)!
    Thanks for the great books!

    • Angie Sage

      Thanks, Claire,

      Well, at first I wanted them to be together too, but really Jenna does not seem to care as much for Beetle as he does for her. I don’t know why this is but it seems to be a bit like life. SO I wanted Beetle to find someone who really loved him. But not much has happened yet…

  119. Peter

    Hi Angie,

    I tried asking these questions a few days ago, but I don’t think it worked, so here I am again! 🙂

    First off, I LOVE your books and I can’t stop (re)reading all seven!

    1) I write a lot of fan-fictions for fun, but when I tried writing one for Septimus Heap, I just couldn’t capture that same feeling… it really made me admire the way you write your books. Do you have any tips for writing in that style? Sorry if I didn’t word my question properly.

    2) I read somewhere that there was no Magyk in the Castle before Hotep-Ra, but then in Darke I read that the Ramblings had amateur Magyk from before the time of the Extra-Ordinary Wizards. So was there Magyk before Hotep-Ra, and if there was, what made him so special?

    3) If I recall correctly, a Gathering summons all past Extra-Ordinaries. What if Alther was still alive during Queste (like he was never shot). Would he be forced to travel to the gathering too? Would he be “fetched” like Simon Heap was in Darke?

    4) Did Queen Cerys or Milo have any siblings or family? If they did, would that mean that Jenna has even more family? Will they come up in future books?

    5) If Keeper’s Cottage was built to protect the Dragon Boat, now that the boat is free, will the line of keepers be abolished? Or will the Keepers seek another purpose? Why does the Queen need to visit the boat every year to keep the Castle safe?

    Sorry for so many questions! Thanks in advance,


    • Angie Sage

      Hi Peter,

      sorry this reply has taken so long, I’ve been writing and having to stop doing anything at all. It gets like that sometimes…

      1. Ah, thanks! Well it’s interesting to know that too. The odd thing is that Septimus just seems to have its own style. All I can say is that it appeared when Marcia arrived on the scene, before her my first drafts were much more serious. I am told that I have a lot (maybe technically too many) Points of View, which means that you do get inside the heads of lots of the characters. So you could try that. I also like to keep a sense of the ridiculous going, so I never let it get toooo serious. I also make sure I describe as fully as possible where people are and the feelings associated with the landscape/place so that you get a feel of the atmosphere. But it is hard to pinpoint what makes the voice. In the end you will develop one distinctive to you and of course that is what we all hope for!
      2. There was amateur stuff, but Hotep-Ra brought the real thing with him. He also recognised that the Castle was built on a great slab of Lapis Lazuli and activated that too. H-R was a vey powerful Wizard. Where he got it from is another story…
      3. He wouldn’t have been fetched, but he would have been there. He would have known to be there. But Fetching is Darke Magyk, so there is no way that would have happened.
      4. I think Cerys had a baby brother who died. Milo is an only child. But they both grew up as only children.
      5. Keepers Cottage is a bit lacking in purpose now. Marwick is still keeper and has found a role in mapping the Ancient Ways. You’ll hear about that in PathFinder and meet him again in Book2…
      The Queens made a promise to Hotep-Ra to look after the dragon boat. Any broken promise will not be good for the Castle. But H-R made them promise that because he wanted the Dragon Boat kept alive and well. He knew that one day it would be needed.


  120. Jethro

    Dear Angie, In the tenth sep/ tod book will you explain how our world today ended up like sep’s future world. What caused that? Can you show how that worked out?
    And also, could sep be your great (lot’s of greats) grandson?
    Also, when you ever find the time after the tod hunter moon is over, you should write a good old detective story. I would sign a petition for a Magyk movie and get lots of people to sign it to. I could just see this book as a movie! It would make me so pleased.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Jethro,
      Yes, perhaps I should do that. But I did wonder if that’s not a whole new book somehow. But I will give it some serious thought!
      I would love Sep to be my great great (and then some) grandson! What a wonderful idea. But first I need a grandchild. Must have a word with my daughter… 🙂
      Well, guess what? I have an idea for a spy/detective story and a bit of it is already written. It is more of a YA book I think. So maybe in a few years time…
      And thank you for your petition support. I think it is a great idea, but it has to be someone quite removed from me doing it really.
      Great to hear from you!

  121. Nia

    Hi Angie I love the SH series and I want some advice for writing books. I read a lot, and by a lot I mean a LOT. I’m addicted to writing and I write about one story per day. I have some questions too…

    1. How did you come up with the spells for the books? They’re awesome!
    2. How long did it take you to write the books?
    3. How did you come up with the sequels?
    4. How come you mixed Magic and physics?
    5. How is it that you started your books?
    6. How many drafts did you had to write to get the ones for the books?

    Thank you for giving me inspiration when I didn’t have any. You’re my Fav author!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Nia,

      Wow, you really do write a lot, I am impressed!

      1. I seem to be able to do doggerel. I just thought of what I wanted the spells to do and the rhymes came along. Luckily!
      2. About a year, with all the editing and redrafting and all that goes into a book. Magyk and Fyre took a little longer.
      3. I’m not sure… I just thought about the kind of thing I would like to read if I was a Sep fan, I think. I don’t really plan much, just go with what feel right.
      4. You can do anything you like in fiction, that;s the great thing. But it wasn’t physics, it was the medieval physick I played aroudn with. This had a certain magical quality to it at the time so they fit together well.
      5. I had had the idea for year and years. Come the millennium and told myself I really must write it down!
      6. I edit as I go along so generally it is one draft, but much edited. However, I am trying to write faster and doing a less complete first draft to see if that works. But either way, you will find that the only way to get something to read well is to go over and over and over it. As I am sure you know by now!

      Good luck and thank you!

  122. maxie!

    sorry if this is rude its not meant to be but……..did you HAVE to kill of maxie!!:( i mean..i know that it is nice he didnt get killed my anyone but i just love him sooo much and i find him a really great (dog) character!^^. alsoi really hope that you will make a kind of spellbook with all the spells on it 🙂 really looking forward to the todhunter series and i know hardly anything about it but will it have like sep an the gang in it or is it all new characters? thanks in advance!!:)

    • Angie Sage

      Well, Maxie was very old and these wolfhounds don’t live forever, sadly. I felt it was time for him to go. He was nearly fifteen years old.
      I shall have to get Silas a puppy in THM.
      THM will have an older Sep (21) and some new kids. Book 1 has Marcia, Milo, Simon and Lucy and their little boy, William. So a good mixture of old and new.

  123. fraggle42089

    Hi Angie,
    I am a huge fan and since I started reading abouy Marcia I’ve been curious as to how you pronounce her name. Is it Mar-shuh or Mar-see-ah?

  124. QNoelle

    Will TodHunter Moon involve Tod being a witch or wizard? So impatient! (Don’t worry, I get impatient with Rick Riordan and a few others as well) I hate having to wait for books to come out. What is a PathFinder person thingmabob? I feel like I have no purpose when I finish a series, and like the world is cruel when I finish a book and the next one is not out. Please write quickly. There is not much purpose left for me in the world. I am almost all the way through my book list. Please give me something to add to it. And one more thing. What happened in those seven years in between Fyre and PathFinder?

    • Angie Sage

      Aha… wait and see. But she does come to the Wizard Tower so I guess that is a bit of a clue.
      Yes, I hat having to wait too, I wish I could write at top speed but it does take a year to get a book done from start to finish – that includes lots of other people doing thing too, like editing, and Mark’s great pix and marketing and all kinds of stuff.
      I hate finishing a series. I’ve just finished one too and I feel quite lost, so I totally understand.

      The 7 years between are my project. I so want to write about these and do a bit more romance, but so far I’ve only written a few pages. I hope I might have a short story ready by October though. I am redoing my website at the moment and will be posting it there and here too (if it’s done!)

  125. Angie, I am a huge fan. I’ve always wondered since I started reading about Marcia Overstrand, how do you pronounce her name? Is it Mar-shah or Mar-see-ah?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Fraggle,

      It is Mar-see-ah. The English way of saying it. 🙂

  126. Preethi

    Dear Angie,
    Whenever I read your replies about the movie, you seem (understandably) awfully sad.And I get sad that you are sad, if that makes any sense.

    Please remember that you have thousands of fans from around the world who adore your books and have loved them even when there wasn’t even a hint of a movie.

    Some of my favourite books, aside from Septimus Heap, like Percy Jackson and the Lightning thief and a few others were made into movies, and honestly ,the movies were terrible, they replaced 99% of the book with adolescent romance!!!

    I must drifted completely off of topic here, but what I started out to say was, you have amazing fans who love your books and could not give a flying dragon about a movie(even though the book it is based on is WONDERFUL!!!)

    Best of luck with TodHunter Moon!!! I can’t wait to read it!!!

    Have a nice day!!!


    • Angie Sage

      Hello Preethi,

      Thank you so much for such a lovely message.

      Well I do confess I was sad as we had been promised such a lot at the beginning and then things just kept not working out. I was sad mostly because I felt that a lot of fans had been looking forward to the movie and they were disappointed. But As you say, movies often disappoint true fans of the books anyway, so at least we haven’t had to go through all that!
      But you are right and I truly have always felt that the books and the people who read them and get lost in the world of Sep are the most important by far. I am so happy that so many people do love Sep,
      and that I have such lovely readers like you,

      thank you!

  127. Caoimhe

    When can I buy the TodHunter Moon book?? I can’t wait

    • Angie Sage

      This October! So have a great summer and then when autumn comes you can snuggle down and have something nice to read…

  128. Siirikki

    I love Septimus Heap books! I’m only 12 years old girl in Finland. You are so so so good writer 😀 Do you know when Septimus Heap movie is coming? I’m doing school book project. I think, I do Septimus Heap project. I buyed Septimus Heap Fyre and i’m reading it now. I’m your big fan 😀 Can you write more books like Septimus Heap? I can’t speak English very well but, I think you can understand something what I say 😀

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Siirikki,

      Thank you! and I’m so pleased you love Septimus.
      Your English is good and I can easily understand what you say.
      Not good news on the movie at the moment, Warner Brothers have stopped working on it. They seem to have moved on to other things. So the books will just have to play inside our heads!
      There will be a follow-on trilogy called ToHunter Moon, the first book is out in English this October and I do hope my lovely Finnish publisher will translate it too!

  129. Emma

    Hi Angie I have a few questions:
    1) why did you decide to have 7 be the MAGYCAL number? Or was it random?
    2) why are the words spelt differently (ex. Flyte, Magyk, Physik, ect) to be honest I think that may be one of my favorite parts of the books!
    3) in the TodHunter Moon series, will the characters from Septimus Heap reappear and will their relationships/occupations be explained?
    That is all for now! Also I am so psyched that you might answer my questions!!
    P.S. I absolutely love your books!! I just finished Fyre and although the book itself was phenomenal, I’m so sad the series is over!! But I enjoyed every minute of it:)

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Emma,

      1. Ah well, Seven is a very ancient Magykal number: 7 planets (so they thought) 7 days in a week, 7 ages of man etc. A very nice number indeed!
      2. I use the old spellings that many people used before English spelling became standardised in the first dictionary. That’s why they seem familiar.
      3. In THM the old characters will be there and we will meet them through the viewpoint of Tod and her friends Ferdie and Oskar. Some relationships will be explained but not all. I am still workign on a few of them!

      Thank you and I am so happy you love the books so much. Keep spreading the word!

  130. Emma

    Sorry, one more question(I forgot about this one:)
    When Hotep-Ra (or anyone for that matter) leaves the House of Foryx (hope I spelt that right…) do they continue to age where they left off, or do they become immortal like Marcellus, or do they have to be back in the Time they come from to continue to age?
    Thanks again,

    • Angie Sage

      Hello again,

      they do continue to age as normal, but ageing is suspended inside the HoF, along with Time.
      So Hotep-R does not go out much!

  131. Solymar

    Dear Angie,
    I love all of your books so far, but I’ve only gotten up to Darke because for some odd reason they don’t have Fure anywhere. Here are just a few questions I’ve really been meaning to ask. ( It’s probably too late by now by it’s still go to try, right?)
    1.) Do you know anywhere were Fyre might be available, or even better, the whole series?
    2.) I’ve recently read somewhere that Wolf-boy and Sam were gay? Is it true? Did it mean that they were gay for each other?
    3.) I think it was in Physik it mentioned that Septimus said he liked Beetle. Is there any serious relationship to that or was it just in a friendly way? ( As you probably can see I’m a huge yaoi fangirl so I always ask questions like this, but I also do Septimus x Syrah and Jenna x Beetle.)
    4.) This is totally off but is it wierd if I say that Marcia should have a daughter that’s one year older than Sep? I keep having dreams about this and just wanted to put it out there. She could of hidden her pregnancy somehow or accidentally adopted a baby and got rid of it straight away to find a very pissed off Sofia ( That’s what I always imagined her name to be.) years later. I always imagined ‘Sofia’ to be the ” I don’t really give a sh*t” type of girl. ( But that’s only halfway because she’s also very much like Marcua herself.) I can also see her being a Tom-boy but very serious at times. ( I actually see myself as her XD)
    5.) I know that it’s said that they were making a movie, but I’m just wondering what you think about the idea of a series? I always imagine the title sequence being ‘I write sins not tradgedies’ by Panic! At the Disco and imagine all the characters in it. As I mentioned earlier, I said that ‘Sofia’ appeared in my dreams and these were the one’s I was talking about. (I really can imagine me being Marcia’s daughter because I have dark curly brown hair (I don’t have green eyes, though.) and in all honesty I think our personalities are alike because instead of going outside to ‘hang out’ with friends, I think instead of wasting time with that… stuff… I could be finishing next weeks assignment. ( Which I always do to my parents frustration…)) Anyhow back on topic that was just something I was thinking about.
    6.) Is there any Marcia x Marcellus? I read somewhere that they would have some in Fyre but I’m kind of just making sure. ( I love this pairing!)
    7.) Does Marcellus have kids? I really hope not. And how far was his relationship with Broda? I’m just asking because if ( Not that’s it’s that likely to happening but I can still hope, right?) Marcia and Marcellus’s relationship get ‘that far’ It would be the first time for both of them. ( If ‘Sofia’ was adopted or some prank sperm or something.)
    8.) WHEN ARE SIMON AND LUCY GOING TO GET MARRIED?!? They attempted the wedding in the first book and it’s been dead for like… FOREVER! I just really want to know.
    I think that’s the last of my questions. ( Finally.) I didn’t think they would be so long… Well anyway I love all your books and am looking forward to Fyre… If I can eventually get my hands on it, I’ve been looking for it forever. I hope you get around to answering this ( If that’s possible.) and for now bye!

    • Angie Sage

      Hello – sorry this is so late, I have been having a bad case of book-head!
      1. I’m really sorry you can’t get hold of Fyre – can you use Amazon as it is on there? Otherwise try ordering from your local bookstore. Or ask at the library to get you a copy. They should be able to order it for you. I hope. Let me know if you can’t get it:
      2. Yes, I reckon Sam and Wolf Boy are gay. I don’t think they’ve told anyone yet and no one is going to make a big thing about it. It’s all just kind of normal in Sep world.
      3. No, just good friends!
      4. Ooh, that’s an interesting one. I’ll have to write some alternative stuff one day when I gat the chance. I think if Marcia did have a daughter she would definitely be that kind of girl. And hopping mad at Marcia too.
      5.I think Septimus Heap would make a totally brilliant TV series. TV is SO good now and there is so much more scope to do in-depth stuff. However, Warner Brothers have all the visual performance rights and it is up to them what they do with it. I have actually suggested this via my publisher but not heard anything. Who knows what will happen. We just have to keep Sep out there and hope one day that Warner Brothers fall back in love with the series.
      6. No M&M s! But I know you will enjoy Sep’s comment about them (I think it was him anyway) in Fyre.
      7. No kids with Broda. They didn’t see much of each other. Both married to their jobs really.
      8. You HAVE to read Fyre. And then PathFinder in TodHunter Moon when you see what happens to their son, William. I will say no more…

  132. unknown4always

    Woah… this place is a blast from the past… first commented here on July 16, 2011 xD It’s nice to see this place is still up and running 🙂 I see the movie still hasn’t got the green light/is currently in development. I could always be that one hipster who read the books years before the movie. 😀

    Anyways good luck with everything Angie!

    • Angie Sage

      Hey, thank you!
      Yes we are still here, Septimus Heap is in for the long haul. Not planning on disappearing…
      Movie is almost dead – or at the very least comatose. But Warner Brothers still have it and you just never know what will happen one day.
      Nice to see you back here.

  133. Carrie

    Hi Angie!
    I just checked the website after a few months, and when I saw that you replied to my post I went into a fangirl moment, I was so happy and amazed!
    I am very pleased to find out the release date for PathFinder- I can finally start my count down(198 days)!
    Good luck with writing,

  134. Chase

    Dear Angie,
    I just finished writing my novel that I’ve been writing for two years non stop. My passion in life is writing and I want to find a litterary agent. Do you have any tips on writing Query letters or how to get through the process of publishing succesfully? I’m doing my 8th grade project on publishing a book and it would be nice to have a famous and (my favorite) writer as a guide.
    Plus, can you tell me how our world today became Sep’s world in the future. Why does everyone have magic and stuff?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Chase,

      Congratulations on finishing your novel!
      I know it is tough to find an agent, but the one thing people don’t say is that what you send out has to be very, very GOOD! So before you go to all the slog of writing to agents you need to really get your novel the best it can be. Get some comments on it from people you trust and respect.
      Then look up each agent and see what they are interested in. Also see what they ask you to send. Some only want a few chapters, some want a synopsis – make sure you send what they ask for.
      Being young is a huge advantage as publishers love this – it’s a great thing for publicity. BUT the book has to really cut it too. And that’s what you need to be sure of first.
      You are right about the next step begin to get an agent. They will then be your friend and guide you through all the publishing stuff. Here’s wishing you lots of luck and happy writing!

      And sep world …. a big disaster happens in the future. Sep is about a new kind of civilisation. Magyk is science really, we just don’t understand it properly.

  135. Mani

    Hi, when, in which year, did ho tephra build the wizard tower? If it is 12004 at the end of fyre and there have been 776 EOWs then for each of them to get only 12 years as EOWs he would have had to have built it about now…? Just wondering obviously it’s a fictional world and he could vary well have built it in 2014 but I was just curious to see if you had an answer. Thanks!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Mani,

      there have been lots of EOWs who have had a very short tenure indeed. Not a good period of history for the Castle. The long serving ones are in fact the exception. I think the House of Foryx was built about 3000 years from now. Roughly.

  136. E Wen Wong

    Dear Angie Sage,

    I am an 11 year old girl who has loved reading your Septimus Heap books, which are full of surprises, laughter, danger and magyk.

    My favourite character is Aunt Zelda because she is kind and forgiving (with Merrin Meredith) as well as being weird, mysterious and wise. My favourite book is Magyk (recommended by my old teacher) because I really enjoyed the mystery of how Septimus was in the boy’s army and ‘meeting’ all the characters.

    It is very obvious that much effort was put into writing the series and Magykal Papers, because of the many: ideas, charcters, creativity, spells, places and much more! All of these combined making fabulous books I can gladly say as my favourite books I’ve ever read.

    Turning pages one by one, you are transported to the world of Septimus Heap: In the adventure, facing the danger, meeting the characters and tasting Ma’ Custards!

    It would be really cool if there was a Septimus Heap world/land that you could go to/ try out all of the things in Septimus Heap e.g. the port, the ramblings, the pyramid library and the manuscriptorium.

    Thank you very much,

    E Wen Wong, 11 years, Cobham Intermediate School, Christchurch, New Zealand

  137. Frozen Alaskan

    Hello Angie!

    Wow, AA6. I have commented once or twice on “Ask Angie” but I haven’t had much time lately, you know how it is. (Turned 14 today…yikes!)

    I have probably read the series about 5 times, collectively, and I just want to let you know that I am a big fan. It’s been a few years since I read it, and I’m now realizing that there were some subtleties in the books that I didn’t realize until I got a little older. I think that is the mark of a great book/ book series. I am thoroughly glad that you decided to write this series, thank you SO much.

    And, although I would like to keep blathering on forever, I do have a few questions for you. In a previous comment I read that Septimus Heap’s world is on Earth, but ten thousand years into the future. I am wondering how the world, and the culture/civilization that the Septimus Heap books take place in, coped with things like global warming (when the culture first came around, if it came around earlier) and the rise of sea levels/ large geological changes (I’m sure something major would happen after ten thousand years!). Are there new and different continents on this planet? Has global warming ceased to exist (ten thousand years is a very long time, but humans have done a lot of “permanent” damage to the ecosystems).

    Anyway, I hope you have some spare times to answer my questions, but if you don’t I won’t be devastated, life happens 🙂 Thank you so much for your time and commitment to the book series and all of you fans, including me!

    An Admiring Fan in Alaska

    • Angie Sage


      Well, an answer at last – sorry it is so late. Like you I’ve not had much time and life just seems soooo busy.
      It’s so great you’ve read Sep so many times, I love that. I’m also pleased you’ve been finding more subtleties too, I do write for all ages and it’s great that this does work.
      My idea for the world is that some great disaster has happened – not sure what yet – which has changed a LOT of stuff, including the way many things we take for granted work. The water levels have risen – there is even a map in PathFinder showing the world with the levels higher – and things are different but still recognisably our world too. It’s a very long time into the future and by then so much of our stuff – if not most of it – will be lost and forgotten…
      In fact the only thing still going is the 10,000 year clock in Nevada – that info is courtesy of Mark Zug!

  138. Will


    Been a fan of the Septimus since a friend in NZ lent me the box set of books 1-4 about 4 years ago, and have read on from there; even after moving back to the UK I have kept a hold of the books and recently acquired a signed, numbered and stamped limited edition of Syren! I have to say Pathfinder looks exactly like the weird and wonderful covers of the series, but before I got around to the trilogy I thought I’d attempt to ask some of the outside-the-box questions that have puzzled me on late nights.

    1.Do the ice tunnels end past the islands in syren or do they encircle all lands and then join back at the castle?

    2.If the world ended, what would happen to the house of foryx?

    3. Apart from the two tubes already mentioned, how many are there?

    4.If Marcia’s doors where broken, would the corresponding set be too?

    5.How many flavours of FizzFroot are there?

    6.Are there charm-making charms?

    And finally, because there has to be seven…

    7. Did the Marsh Python ever have children (and do they always swim to the right)?


  139. Hello !
    Sorry for the mistakes but i’m french and i speak english not very well…
    I have just one question :
    1- is what it is expected to be published in French Fyre? It would cool !
    sorry if you already answered this question ! 🙂

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Mathilde,

      I am so sorry to tell you that my french publishers are not publishing FYRE. It is not at all fair on all the French fans but there is nothing I can do about it. You could try write in to them to ask them if they will change their minds. They are Albin Michel.
      Thank you for asking 🙂

  140. Cinnamon

    I love Septimus Heap! ❤ Are you going to write more books about Septimus after the THM?

    • Angie Sage

      So pleased you love Sep! I’ve not made any plans for after THM but I suspect I will always be ‘curating’ Septimus & co. I still hope to get time to write some Marcia stuff and fill in a few gaps. So it’s certainly not finished yet…

  141. Azula

    Hi Angie!
    So, I am a HUGE fan of your Septimus Heap series, and I had a few questions…
    1: Is Beetle still the Chief Hermetic Scribe in THM series?
    2: How old are Septimus, Jenna and Beetle in THM series?
    3: If Septimus made Marcellus the eternal youth potion AND the eternal alive potion, then can Marcellus ever become a ghost? Still a possibility?
    4: Are Jenna and Beetle “together” in the THM series?
    5: In the ending section of FYRE, in Beetle’s section, is there any… chemistry between Beetle and Jenna that night when she invited him to dinner? My sister says that they… well, kiss, but I am not sure.
    6: Thanks for putting out an awesome series! I am totally going to read THM series as well!


    • Angie Sage

      Hi Azula,

      So pleased you are a fan!
      some answers…
      1. Yes, very much so.
      2. 21 for Jen and Sep. 23 for Beetle.
      3. I don’t think he ever can become a ghost now. It can be a bit of a curse, this eternal stuff.
      4. They are, but i can’t work them out. I suspect it is drawing to an end.
      5. Yes, there was chemistry. And I do need to write the fill-in bit.
      6. Thank you! I so hope you love THM too.

  142. Jason Reach

    I have 3 questions about Septimus Heap. Thanks for reading them 😀

    1. Angie, can you tell us the special words for some spells and what they mean? Because most of the time it just says “He then muttered the words to the summons” and it really interests me to learn more about these spells.

    2. On the cover of some of your books is a picture of Septimus, were those pictures drawn or are they real photos?

    3. An idea for an add-on book to the Septimus Heap series would be something about the book “I, Marcellus” or about the legendary alchemist Marcellus Pye himself! When he came into the series, there wasn’t much about his past. There needs to be something more about him, like his family, and what he did before Septimus fell in the Glass. I apologize if this stuff is mentioned in Fyre (As I haven’t read it yet)

    Thanks so much for reading this Angie! I love your books, they are all amazing!
    Your Biggest Fan,
    Jason Reach

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Jason,

      1. Well, these are words that cannot be written. They are far too arcane to risk doing that…
      2. The new UK covers are photos with a lot of computer fixing-up.
      3. I agree about Marcellus begin an interesting character in his own right. I would like to do a separate story from his point of view up to the moment he gets Septimus through the Glass. Maybe one day!

      Thanks for your lovely comments and I hope you love FYRE just as much when you get to read it.

  143. Rembla

    Um so I just wondered if the movie got cancelled or something? It’s been a while since I heard something about it, like a few years

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Rembla,

      It doesn’t look like the movie is happening anymore, I am sorry to say. It just kind of fizzled out…

  144. Prometheus

    Dear Angie,
    if Sep & Jen had a daughter, would she be the first Princess, that has also magycal skills? And could she become Queen and EOW at the same time?

    I also read, that Jen & Beetle broke up. How was HIS reaction? Do you have plans with him and another girl in his life?

    How many children are Simon and Lucy getting? And is the first child of them appearing in the THM books? It would be funny to see Sep in his Unclehood (is that the right word for it? xD )

    I hope my english is not too bad 😀

    Greetings 🙂

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Prometheus,

      She would be a Princess and very possibly have Magykal skills too. But she could not be both Queen and EOW. That is way too much stuff to do for one person. She would have to choose.

      Jen and Beetle at present do not look too promising to me. I do have plans for Beetle, but he is going to have to wait for a while. There is a bit of an age gap.

      At the moment they only have one – William. And he is 7 now. But I do think Lucy would like more. William is indeed in THM. PathFinder has a lot about him…

      Your English is great!

  145. Emma and Jo


    In the second chapter of Magyk Silas is fishing with the Heap boys and we were wondering if they were fishing at a lake, pond, river or any other body of water.

    -Emma and Jo

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Emma and Jo,

      they were fishing in the river, just below the Ramblings on a little beach.

  146. hi Angie. I’m a huge fan! I am also going to see you at hay festival this year! yay! I have two questions for you:

    1. Who is Jenna going to get married to? I think it should be Beetle or Septimus. or no one.

    2. in quest, how does Dom Daniel return, even as a ghost ? and how is the gathering complete without Hotep ra?

    PLEASE REPLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Enya!

      I am so sorry this reply is so late…

      I still am not sure who Jenna should be married to…
      The Gathering was complete because Hotep-Ra was not yet a ghost. He is still alive in the House of Foryx.
      In Queste, DD returns because there is nothing to stop him – but after Spit Fyre has eaten his bones, that is it. And that is only because he has been eaten by a dragon. Nothing else would have the same effect…


  147. Andrea

    hi , first of all i just want to say how amazing the series is and i wanted to ask, are you considering writing a story (doesn’t have to be a book) about when septimus finally finished his apprenticeship? sorry i’m still reading darke so i hope i’m not making you repeat :3
    thanks 😀

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Andrea,

      your wish is my command !
      You can read all about that in TodHunter Moon. And not tooooo long to wait now either. 🙂

  148. aleida

    hey, I had an argument with my family recently about how to say Marcia’s name. Everybody said that it was said,’ Marsha’, but I thought it was mar-see-a. Which way is it really? Thanks! 🙂

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Aleida,

      There is an American way: Mar-sha
      and an English way: Mar-cee-a

      I’m English so I say (and think of her as) Mar-cee-a.
      So if you want to say it the way I think of it, you are right!
      But either is just fine.

  149. Carter

    I love the Septimus Heap series. It’s my favorite books. Anyways, I know you planned on writing about Marcia or 10 years in the future. I really think 10 years in the future would be better. Thanks for writing a great series!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Carter,

      well I guess I have ended up with a mixture of both…
      TodHunter Moon takes place 7 years after Fyre and there is a bit of Marcia in there too.
      I would like to do a book about Marcia, and do hope to write one one day. But maybe not quite yet…

  150. Spit Fyre (Delaney)

    I was really just wondering 1 thing, which is – will a copy of Draxx ever be made because I was hoping that there was one but when I looked for it I couldn’t find one. I really think that that the Septimus Heap books were extremely well written and I am looking Forward to reading Path Finder!

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Spit Fyre,

      No plans for Draxx at the moment…
      Thank you for your lovely comment and I hope you like PathFinder. You will find Spit Fyre in the second book, SandRider.

  151. Hi angie I know your busy but it would mean the world to me if you would text back 😊
    1.i was wondering if you could make a person with blond hair named allie she doesn’t have to be a major person it would be awesome if that would happen but I doubt it she could just be a person who said hi or say something that would be the best thing ever in your new series in book two thank you and I love your books 😊😀

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Allie,

      Hope you haven’t given up waiting for a reply.
      I can’t promise anything with characters as they really do just appear in my mind, and it feels to me as though I have no say in who they are. But if someone called Allie with blonde hair turns up, well, I promise I won’t turn them away. 🙂

  152. Jackie

    Hey Angie,

    I have been following your Septimus Heap series since I was in the 5th grade and now I’m 19, I still absolutely love your series and it is one of my favourites

    I’m currently up to Fyre as I reread the series again and I just have a few questions about the events that took place in Darke.
    1. What exactly happened to Beetle when he was sealed in the chamber? How did he survive as the suspension charm wasn’t in its drawer?
    2. How did Jillie Djinn die? Was she dead to begin with as she wasn’t really herself due to Merrin’s spell or did it somehow overtake her even more and kill her or did it have something to do with the Darke Domaine?

    Thanks so much. Can’t wait for the ToddHunter Moon series.

    • Angie Sage

      Hey Jackie,

      sorry you have had to wait for the reply for soooo long.

      I am so pleased that Septimus has stayed with you. I have always hoped that Sep would stay with those who loved it.

      Beetle in the Chamber… I realise now that I did not explain this well enough in the text. Beetle survived by sheer will power and by slowing down his breathing and almost going into a trance. In one of my edits I got rid of the explanation for some reason. Duh.

      Jillie Djinn died because she was just worn out. She had had such an onslaught from the Darke stuff – particularly the Maund – that she gave up. Again, I do think I should have made that a bit clearer.

      Thank you, Jackie, and I hope you enjoy THM just as much!

  153. nerea

    Ok, I’m not sure if you’re still replying to the questions in Ask Angie 6. I read something in the second ask where you said that there were going to be two gay boys, and that one of them was a heap (Is it Sam?) Of course that was a long time ago, so you could have changed your mind. I just wanted to ask you if you’re still planning to tell us something about it in TOD, or you just decided to change that.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Nerea,

      I am still replying but I am sorry as I am so late with all the replies at the moment. There has been a lot of writing going on!

      I’ve not changed my mind and Sam and Marwick (Wolf Boy) are still together. You can see them in book 2, SandRider, in TodHunter Moon. And Marcia does briefly talk about them in PathFinder too.

  154. Wizard

    Hello Angie,
    I only just discovered that there are Ask Angie’s – I’ve never heard of them before, but they’re amazing! Just like your books. I’ve read all 7 Septimus Heap books and I’m reading them again right now. Just finished book 5, Syren 🙂

    Well, I’ve got two questions about your 4th book, Queste:
    Actually, it has something to do with Ephaniah Grebe and Morwenna. He kind of betrayed the Witch Mother after she had done so much for him, didn’t he? What happened then, did Morwenna try to avenge herself? (I know, in Fyre, sth. happened between her and Jenna, but what about Ephaniah?)
    And then, what happened to Ephaniah himself? Did he ever woke?

    As I said, I have already read through all your S.H. books, but that was a bit time ago, and if any of my questions are answered in book 6 or 7, then I apologize 🙂

    Thank you for reading and answering my questions. And I’m sorry if I made grammar or spelling mistakes, because I am german.

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Wizard,

      I’m sorry I have taken so long to answer you, it’s been a just bit busy – as ever.
      I am so pleased to hear how much you love Septimus & co.

      Ephaniah did get better – I think there is a sick bay bulletin about him somewhere. It all left him a bit fragile though. I want to visit him again in TodHunter Moon, but still have to work out how…
      Morwenna did not pursue anything. I think she knew she was in the wrong and I suspect she still feels a bit motherly towards Ephaniah.

      Thank you for getting in touch – your English is really good!

  155. Nick

    Dear Angie,
    Your books are some of the most inspirational works I have ever read. Thank you so much for doing what you do.
    I have one question about the letter Septimus wrote to Marcia which he left in the I, Marcellus in Physik. What were the three X’s at his signature? I never understood that.
    Thank you

    • Angie Sage

      hello Nick,

      Thank you! It’s so wonderful to know that Septimus has been so important.
      The xxx were kisses. Sep really missed Marcia a lot.

  156. Marica Overstrand (favorite character)

    So, in the second book, Flyte, Jenna loses one of my favorite characters, Petroc Trelawney! Both my friend and I are huge fans, and we were wondering if you could ever create a Petroc’s journal or something. I am a big writer and love these books. So, thankyou.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Marcia,

      I think I will leave it to you to write Petroc’s diary. But I think it might prove a little dull after a while, I am not sure that Petroc has a very interesting inner life. But maybe you could come up with something.
      And you know, he does come back in the last book. With a load of tiny bits of gravel too.

      So pleased you love the books!

  157. Rain

    Hi Angie!
    I was just wondering:
    In the first book, it says that the first time that Aunt Zelda and Alther met was at the Apprentice supper. But in Physik, it says that Aunt Zelda had known Alther when he was EOW. Which is it?
    Also, I hope that Sep/Jenna don’t end up together. I think of them as brother and sister, so that’s too weird for me.

    I love your books, thank you for devoting time to answer everyone! (or almost everyone!

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Rain,

      I know – this is a memory lapse on the part of Alther, Zelda and the author too. It happens sometimes. I blame Aunt Zelda’s witchiness.
      I did fix this in the later paperback editions. So yes, they did meet before.
      Thank you!

  158. Jethro

    Did you get a litterary agent for your books?

    • Angie Sage

      Yes, I’ve had the same lovely literary agent for a very long time now, from well before I wrote Septimus Heap. When you are writing, you really do need someone to help you sort out the world of business and books.

  159. Simon Heap

    Is it right that the Tod hunter moon series is trilogy? if so why and will there be any more books? I was so excited about Fyre that i read it in a week. And will it say What Sarah’s Grandchild’s name and who’s baby it is? Thank you

    • Angie Sage

      Yes, THM will be 3 books.I think 3 is enough for now, really, but I do hope to keep writing some short stories and keep the Septimus world alive.
      In book 1, PathFinder, you’ll read a lot about William Heap (Sarah’s grandchild) and Simon and Lucy too. I’ve enjoyed writing about the new Heap generation.

  160. kendra

    Dear Angie,
    Who’s older Jenna or Septimus?

  161. Grace

    Hi Angie, I am a 12 year old writer and would like to be a publisher…Do you have any good writing tips or ideas?

    • Angie Sage

      Well, it takes a long time to get writing to the stage when it really works – so I would say just keep reading lots and write about the things you are interested in and like to read about. And when you’ve written something you really feel works well, show it to someone whose opinion you trust and respect and see what they think of it. You could think about joining a creative writing group too, that can be really useful and fun as well. Good luck and enjoy it all!

  162. Wizard

    Oh, and I just remembered another thing I wanted to ask you ever since I read it in your book Queste, the 4th SH book 🙂

    The question is: In the last chapters when Jenna, Sep and Beetle got to the House Of Foryx, it was mentioned that Jen thinks that maybe her dad has been there before, because he did exactly know how the little man talked and all that. Plus, Jenna demanded a special Right (I do not want to spoil it ) and it worked
    So… has Silas been to the House of Foryx or hasn’t he? I believe so. And if he has, what did he come for?

    Thank you so much for answering my questions. I would really love to know this.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Wizard,

      Well, Silas is saying nothing. It may be that he heard the story from someone else. Or even read about it. My bet is that he came across the description while nosing around in the Pyramid Library. He never said anything because it was on a shelf he shouldn’t have been looking at.

  163. Cini

    Hi Angie, i first wanted to say thank you for the amazing books you have written. i started reading them when they first got published and they sort of always were there while i was growing up so thank you for giving me a series is will cherish :3 but i wanted to ask and it’s probably really stupid to ask but i’m curious does Septimus like Rose or Syrah? Rose is really sweet but Syrah is just awesome :3

    Also i wanted to ask something but i don’t want to reveal any spoilers just in case some of the people commenting haven’t read Fyre yet. We at the end, find out the time/era the story is based in, what did you mean by it? i want to ask more specifically but i don’t want to spoil it for anyone :3

    thank you and i really can’t wait for PathFinder to come out, i’ve missed the castle too much 🙂

    thank you again for everything!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Cini,

      Sep did really like Rose a lot but recently she has left him for Foxy. A lot can happen in 7 years… I agree that Syrah is awesome, but she is just a shadow of her former self after the Darke Magyk of Possession. She is living quietly in the Ramblings and Sep goes to see her sometimes.

      The series is set far into the future when things will be very different, I suspect.

      Not too long to wait for PathFinder now…

      And thank you too!

  164. Hi, I’m Sophia. I love your books and I have a question.
    Did you base Septimus off anyone who you know or is special to you? what about other characters?
    I was just wondering because… hmm… I don’t know!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Sophia,

      I don’t base any of my my characters on people I know – they are all just there in my head, waiting to be written about – strange when you come to think of it!

  165. Andrea :D

    hI Ms Sage 🙂
    i’m rereading the Septimus heap series and even after all these years i still love reading them.
    i wanted to ask Mercia is meant to be a very tall character right? well in darke you write that Septimus is almost as tall as simon, does that mean he’s almost Mercia’s height right? Is he the tallest of the heap brothers?

    thank you ms sage for writing such an amazing series and i doubt you will ever know how grateful i am to you 🙂

  166. Andrea :D

    Hi Ms Sage 🙂

    i’m rereading the Septimus heap series and even after all these years i still love reading them.
    i wanted to ask a few things :3
    1 Mercia is meant to be a very tall character right? well in darke you write that Septimus is almost as tall as simon, does that mean he’s almost Mercia’s height right? Is he the tallest of the heap brothers?

    2 i’m curious does Septimus like Rose or Syrah? Rose is really sweet but Syrah is just awesome :3

    3. does everyone get to turn into a ghost when they die or do their special conditions? i mean both the queen and Alter were killed and are ghosts, Snorri’s dad froze and he’s a ghost, i’m not sure if i’m not reading touch into this but i see a pattern :3

    4.Also i wanted to ask something but i don’t want to reveal any spoilers just in case some of the people commenting haven’t read Fyre yet. We at the end, find out the time/era the story is based in, what did you mean by it? i want to ask more specifically but i don’t want to spoil it for anyone :3

    i’m sorry, i hope i haven’t taken up too much of your time but thank you ms sage for writing such an amazing series and i doubt you will ever know how grateful i am to you 😀

    thank you again for everything!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Andrea,

      I am sorry this reply has taken a looooong time!

      Sep is a little taller than Marcia now. All the Heaps have ended up roughly the same height. tho’ I think Jo-Jo is a little shorter.

      Syrah is awesome but she is not the person she once was. Stuff like the Magyk she was put through for 500 years really does take its toll. So Sep does like Rose. But later Rose goes off with Foxy. Yes, I know, FOXY!

      Anyone who is dead can be a ghost if they decided to. But not everyone does. It is often those with unfinished business who died before they were ready who return.

      Well, I see the series as being set in the future. And a long time away from how we are at the moment, so long that I don’t think we can imagine how things might be then.

      Thank you, Andrea. It is lovely to hear how much you love Sep.

  167. Anna

    Hello Angie!
    Thank you for writing such an incredible series of books. The Septimus Heap book is by far one of the richest selection of stories I have read, and I am looking forward to the new additions. I have read through the questions in AA6, so I shouldn’t be repeating anything.

    1. In one comment you mentioned that Beetle does end up with someone who thinks he is wonderful, but that she is quite young at the moment – would I be right in thinking that this will be Tod? And is Tod to become Septimus’ apprentice? I understand that you may not want to answer this, but a cryptic hint will do fine 😉
    2. In Fyre it is made clear that magyk doesn’t work in the moving chambers. These chambers are more of a “machine” and “technology” than magyk. Is this a reason why, theoretically, magyk would not be possible in our time period? Our technology prevents magyk from occurring?
    3. I found myself a little confused by some of your comments on magyk. In one comment you said that magyk is an advanced form of technology, in another you said it was a science, and in another you described it as “organic” – which is it or is it a bizarre combination of all three?
    4. (This isn’t really a question, more an observation) I can see both sides of the Jenna/Septimus argument – Jenna and Septimus are in a way siblings as they “share” parents, but equally they actually are no blood relation. If this relationship does happen, I’m looking forward to seeing the changes in their relationship – I’m surely you’ll develop the characters so that it won’t seem weird 🙂
    5. Will relics of our time exist in the time period of the books? We are now developing extremely long lasting materials. I understand that 10,000 years is a very long time and I read that the sea levels have changed and flooded much of the land, but surely any of our structures on the surviving land will have survived to some extent? Or was there some mass event which destroyed everything?
    6. Is the change in sea levels that caused the land changes between “now” and the time period of the books the result of climate change which melted the polar ice caps, or is this something you haven’t really considered? From the descriptions of the early Castle in The Magykal Papers, I assumed there must have been an apocalypse-style event that caused the human race to start again. I totally understand if this is something you haven’t considered, as I know you categorise your novels in the “people/life” genre (I love this concept and the people/life developments of the books are my favourite aspect)
    7. I’ve gathered from the comments that Wolf Boy/Malwick and Sam are gay and I assume they are a couple. (I LOVE that this is something you’ve included in your work) Is it included in the THM trilogy If so, is it made clear that this is the case or is it more a matter of reading between the lines?
    8. In relation to the place where the Queens originate from – is it Venice/based on Venice? Or is it similar to Syren in that is has been created due to the flooding? Also, when Jenna visits with her mother and grandmother, does she travel back to our time, or to a time similar to when the Castle was being built?
    9. Does the Queen travel to the Castle because there has been a disaster in her home or is she forced to leave (exiled?)/a runaway? And is she even a Queen/important in her home? I understand that the Castle inhabitants take her to be their Queen, but I was unsure if that was her decision or theirs.
    10. Will Wolf Boy/Malwick’s travels, which are hinted at in the end of Fyre, be included in one of your short stories? I think you said in one comment that one may be on Nicko and Snorri, is this correct?
    11. I liked your portrayal of Queen Cerys in Fyre – I felt it cemented Sarah as Jenna’s mother more. Did you always intend on making her disapproving or did it develop?
    12. Will Simon and Lucy’s child be in the THM novels or in any of your short stories?

    I think thats all I have for the moment, but I will be back with more for sure! Sorry this is such a long comment, but I know you’ll be able to answer my questions 🙂 Thank you for providing a means of contacting you that doesn’t end in me receiving a stock answer. It makes the world seem more real when you can contact its creator and ask questions.
    Thank you again,

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Anna,

      well there’s a lot here to get my head around … I will do my best!

      1. I am saying nothing 😉
      2. Magyk is just advanced technology. And sometimes it is very sensitive to older stuff and stops working properly. There has been a big upheaval that has changed a lot of rules. Mixed things up rather.
      3. Well, it is all three. Science and technology are very closely related really. And I think the more advanced things become, the closer they will get to what we think of as nature. Things turning a full circle.
      4. Yes, we will have to go along with them and see how things turn out. I really do let my characters decide those kinds of things. You can’t work it out in advance.
      5. There was a mass event and 10,000 years is a very long time. The clock in Nevada is still going strong though. And I think you might be able to trace the motorways through the “Green Lanes’ which I haven’t got around to writing yet.
      6. I am undecided what caused the sea levels to rise but I think I’d go with global warming as that does seem to be happening. And then factor in a few natural and man made disasters and you have it.
      7. We meet Marwick and Sam again in THM book 2: SandRider. They are together and it is pretty clear they care a lot about each other.
      8. Yes, it is Venice. I realised that I had inadvertently described a lot of Venice in the Queens’ backstory and that of Marcellus, which was weird. So I went along with it. Septimus has a life of its own sometimes. At the time I did not realise there was a history of Alchemy and dark glass in Venice.
      9. I think the Queen, like Hotep-Ra, was on the run from something in her own country. That’s why they understood each other so well.
      10. I really want to do all of these but time keeps running out on me. I do have plans but when I shall be able to do the short stories I am beginning to wonder. I need twice as much time!
      11. I began to get annoyed with Cerys for some reason as the series progressed. I don’t really know why but I felt she was withholding stuff from jenna. So it did come naturally and I felt it was right. It also made Milo a much nicer guy as at last we saw the other side of him. And I wanted that as Marcia must have loved him for a good reason.
      12. William Heap is in PathFinder. Also Simon and Lucy too.

      Thank you for all your questions and thought and involvement in the books. I am sorry I have taken so long to answer, but I hope you get to read it after all this time!

  168. Allie

    So my bought me the Magyk when it came out, and I’ve been hooked on the series ever since. I AM YOUR NUMBER ONE FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now whenever I make a Sep reference everyone looks at me like I’m crazy. My recent occupation is running around shoving Fyre in everyone’s faces and telling them to READ IT OR GO FALL IN THE ALCHEMIE CHIMNEY!!!! I really love the series, and I have hooked my best friends on it. My friend tells me I look like Marcia (fav character). Apparently my dog looks like Tertius Fume so yeah. I”m looking forward to PathFinder and YAY!

    SO my questions are:

    1) What happens to Septimus when he sees Hotep- ra and Talmar Ray Bell again when he is older?

    2) Does Jenna get “Queeny” as she calls it, and become kind of snooty?

    3) When exactly does Marcia retire from being extraordinary wizard and why?

    Thank you for your time!!!!!!!

    Your #1 fan,


    Ps your books are the only series Never get tired of reading

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Allie,

      So pleased you a a big Sep fan!
      1. – well, you will find out in PathFinder… and if you live in the UK I will post that chapter (it has been cut) on this blog so you can read it.
      2. She does a bit, but only when it is necessary. Generally when other people are being pompous.
      3. Again – all in PathFinder!

      Thanks, Allie 🙂

  169. Hey Angie, just a couple of questions.

    1 – Is it true that there will be a Septimus Heap movie coming out? If so, can you give us a vague date?

    2 – If said movie will be released, which I’m presuming you’ll do Magyk first, and it’s a success, will you go on to produce the others?

    Thanks in advance if you answer these. I’m a huge fan of the series – best series I’ve ever read!

    • Angie Sage

      HI Lewis,
      I am sorry to say the movie seems not to be happening any more… sad. So no date.
      But thanks for asking!

  170. Gram

    I was wondering what time the Septimus Heap books were set in. For an example, they do not have cars, but they have projectors. (I think it is called a camera obscura)

    • Pony Plorta (AKA Sheena Meredith, AKA Yuna Darkrayne)

      I’m not Angie, but I know the answer. It takes place in the far, far future, where the technology is so advanced nobody even knows how it works anymore… So they think of it as Magyk. Which it kind of became.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Gram,
      they are set way into the future. Some technology has survived, some has evolved into Magyk and some has disappeared.
      I reckon the Camera Obscura is such a lovely thing that that will survive pretty much anything.

  171. Angie Sage

    I’m so pleased you love Sep!
    At the moment the Sep Heap movie does not seem to be happening. Maybe one day, but certainly not for a while, I am sorry to say.
    I am certainly going to write more books like Septimus! There will be a new trilogy beginning in October called TodHunter Moon.
    If you need a very quick reply send me a Tweet at @AngieSageAuthor and I can get straight back about your project. Good luck!

  172. Riddle

    Hello, Angie!

    I have got two questions, and I would be very happy if you can find some time for answering them:

    1. This has something to do with Ephaniah Grebe. After the happenings in book 4, Queste, what will happen between him and Morwenna? Is she going to revenge herself?

    2. Now this questioin includes Silas and also the fourth book, Queste 🙂 Has Silas ever been to the House of foryx? At the end of the fourth book Jenna is wondering about this too, because he knows everythig in detail and all that…. So, is this really true or is it not?

    [Thank you so much for answering, and even if you don’t, I want you to know how much I enjoy reading your Septimus Heap series…. Each book includes a new adventure , so many lovable characters and I’m very sad that it ends with the seventh book, Fyre. But I look forward to your new series, Todhunter moon, where I can meet Sep and his friends again… And even more new characters which I am sure I will love the same…]

    Thank you! 🙂

  173. Peter

    Hi Angie!

    It’s me again! Thanks so much for answering my questions before… I’m definitely going to try the writing tips you gave me.

    I’ll try to keep it short this time:

    1) Is there a petition I can sign to have a Septimus Heap movie made? If not, should I create one?

    2) Where do the places in Septimus Heap align with our world? I think Jenna’s Island is supposed to be Venice, but what about the Castle, the House of Time, and the lands from which Snorri (and the other traders) came? And what about the place where Marcia grew up as a child before moving to the castle?

    3) I live in Toronto, Canada. Do any of the places in Septimus Heap take place anywhere near my home? It would be really cool if it did 😀


  174. Quinten

    Hi Angie, i am from the Netherlands so my English coups be a bit broken….
    Quite some years ago my sister tot Magyk for her birthday after she was done with she stopped reading the series. So i picked up the book, i was very young back then but the world where Septimus lived was so wonderful and full of interesting politicus that for the the first time i read such a thick book in three days. After that i gave up on the series as Well, i didn’t understand that there were more books, until af we months ago i found Flyte in my local (gigantic) library so i got on with the series and now i’m Reading Queste. Altough i have taken a bit of a challenge by Reading a Septimus Heap book in English instead of Dutch for the first time but until now it turnd out pretty good. Also i am enriching my English vocabulary. If ever put my mind to it i’d want to be beetle in the movie. I’m thirteen now.
    Now the question! After the thing that Merrin (wich i believe is your favourite character) commanded to throw his sack of bones in Sarah’s Well tried to do that, Sarah Senseo the Darke. But as i understand from Physik Ullr is Darke so why hasn’t Sarah sensed that yet?

    Your my favourite writer even George R.R Martyn (a bit) worst then you are.

    With the kindest regards,

    Quinten Boogaard

  175. Hi It’s me again
    Just to say I LOVE your books and I think it’s really cool how you put in some modernish touches like Ma custards sweet shop etc. I’m one of the older readers and will be wondering whether Beetle and Jenna get together (When I was reading Darke and Fyre I was screaming just get together already).
    Will you be posting about Casting for the film (If Its a green light) on this page?
    Thanks very much

  176. Pony Plorta (AKA Sheena Meredith, AKA Yuna Darkrayne)

    Hi, Angie! Septimus Heap is the best book series in history. I’ve posted a few questions a couple years ago, and both were just about the stupidest questions in history of questions. (Forgive me.)
    For Hallowseeth (I’m the habit of calling it that now) I’m going to be the female version of Merrin Meredith! Named Meredith Merrin, hehe.
    My best friend’s going to go as Septimus; Or in this case, Septima, since we’re going with the opposite genders. I’m even going to wear a green ring with two faces painted on it. Yay! I have an excuse to act stupid all day on Hallowseeth! 😀 I’m really excited for Hallow…een? Nahh, Hallowseeth is better.

    Anyways, now for my hopefully-I-won’t-regret-it-later questions!
    1. Is Jenna’s hair black or brown? From all I saw it just describes it as “dark” and I’ve been trying to draw her, and I don’t know which colored pencil to use, haha.
    2. Did Jenna forgive Simon completely…? I’m sorry, it’s been awhile since I read the last few books and I don’t remember.
    3. Is that girl who was Jenna’s best friend going to appear in the books at all? I think her name was Bo or something like that.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this! 🙂

  177. Jc

    Dear Angie,
    I have written to you before on your blog but you didn’t answer 😦 but i know you are busy with TodHunter Moon 2 so that’s okay. i am so excited for path finder! I finished the septimus series a while ago and i loved it. they were no doubt the best books i have ever read. you are an amazing author and write the most amazing books!
    i really wish the todhunter moon series could come out earlier! but i know it’s really hard to write a book. i like writing too and i know it takes a while. i hope you finish your books soon, and again, i can’t wait for them to come out!

  178. sophia

    Hi my name is sophia and i was wondering if you are going near martinsville,IN this summer for a book signing

  179. Quinn

    Wotcha Angie,
    I love the septimus heap series and I was wondering if you could provide, or where I could find a description of the Wizard Tower, The Palace, The Manuscriptorium and all places in the castle, I am an aspiring artist and if given a description I would absolutely LOVE to draw these different places.

    Also, sad to hear that the movie version of Sep and his friends (Specifically Beetle, Jenna, and Marcia) has been cancelled or postponed (which is it?)

    Another side note, I am glad you took the time to write these books, when I first went to the book store I got Magyk, along with a lot of other books and by the time I started reading it I was truly amazed and happy that there where other books in the series so I didn’t have to wait a year to read them!


  180. Aly

    Hi Angie!

    My friend Angie (ironically) and I are big fans of the Septimus Heap series and I was just wondering if there is going to be a third series? Do you have one in mind? I am trying to get every one of my friends to start reading this series, and even my brother, who is only 6 is reading it. Oh, and once, Angie and I were talking about what happened in Fyre in front of Stepho (the UFO), another one of my friends, and the next day, when I was carpooling with her, she thought Marcia was a boy! OMG, when I told Angie, she was laughing soooooo hard! I think she was talking about Marcellus, though….. Oh, and another question, does Simon ever become the Castle alchemist, or is he Marcellus’s apprentice forever? I just wanted to know because Marcellus is immortal. Another question: (sorry) What year did the people start building the castle? I want to see how far away it is from now. Thanks!

  181. Aly

    Sorry, I forgot to add something as soon as I posted the comment above: is the EOW allowed to marry? (I know, it is a weird question) Angie has been bothering me and I keep on saying IDK. She asks me everyday….
    Thanks, Aly

  182. Anna S.

    Hi Angie!
    I LOVE your Septimus Heap series and cannot wait to read the THM series.
    But I have a few questions.
    1. How old are Jenna, Septimus, and Beetle when THM takes place?
    2. What happens if the EOW dies or retires and they have not picked an Apprentice? Is there a ceremony or something?
    3. Are Jenna and Beetle (my favorite characters) “together” in THM?
    4. Is it possible for there to be a Septimus Heap movie, even though it is not happening right now?
    5. Is the Great Wet Land Across The Sea (I think that’s what it’s called) sort of like Oz? We can hear about it but not visit because it’s invisible or something?
    6. Are there any more series’s you’ve written about Septimus Heap, or are going to write aside from THM?
    Thank you so much and please get back to me!
    Anna S. 🙂

  183. Christine Polyxeni Pavlidou

    Hi Angie,
    I am Christine and I live in Athens Greece.I have read Magyk, Flyte and physik in my language.They are the best books I have ever read.I want to read all of your septimous heap books but I don’t find them in Greece and they are not translating in greek.I don’t mind to read them in english but I also didn’t find them.
    Can you help me??
    Your reader,Christine

  184. Yayla

    What, in great detail if you would, would a Foryx look like? It’s been gnawing at my very threads of focus.

    Love, a child behind the dreaming ❤ (even if I'm no longer a child!)

  185. Katie

    In the Septimus Heap series, do all wizard apprentices were green or is that only the extra ordinary wizard apprentices that were that color. If they do were other colors what do the ordinary wizard apprentices were?

  186. Hi Angie 🙂
    I haven’t been on here in ages.
    I’m rereading the Septimus Heap series again, and I’m curious to know how much research you had to do, and what you researched?
    I’m now a Creative Writing student at the University of Derby, so I can get to write as much as I want (which is great), but the research always gets me down. I think I’ve done enough and then something else appears that I have to research.
    Also, do you do all your research BEFORE you start writing, or during the writing process?

    From, Hannah 🙂

  187. polyphemus

    hello angie,

    i was wondering if the meat pie cart boy has secret feelings for Jenna? he is my favorite character

  188. Rosemary

    Hey Angie, what age group are your books aimed at? I started reading them at 11 and have always loved them and they have constantly been a favourite series throughout. I am now 16 so the fact that they have stayed with me is a huge testament to your writing. They always provide a comforting escape and I would just like to thank you for so many hours of excitement and nostalgia.Looking forward to Todhunter Moon. P.S How old are Jenna and Sep in Fyre? Is it for each book they are one year older? Thank you.

  189. Shelia

    Hi Angie,

    I was just thinking about how Simon and Lucy get married in fyre and it made me wonder: do people go on honeymoons in the castle? If so, what kinds of holidays do they go on? Where did Lucy and Simon go? Will we see any other couples get married in THM? Thanks!


  190. Daisy

    Did Marcia and Milo date before Milo met Cerys? If so, why did they break up? They seem to still like each other in the main series.

  191. Rileye

    What will PathFinder be about? I love your books!!

  192. Hi Angie Sage, I’m 19 now and it’s been years since I read your Septimus Heap Series and I still think about them. Your creativity has inspired me greatly, and I want you to know that. Additionally, I’m working on a drawing for you I hope you like it and I hope I can locate your fan mail address to send it. Thanks for everything!
    -<3 DarkBengalSky

  193. Alexandra

    Hey Angie, I just have one question. I kinda have a feeling it will be deleted but I have to give it a shot. If the M would ever happen would you only be looking for England girls? I hope you answer back but I get it if you don’t.

    Thankyou for reading,


  194. Emilie

    Hi Angie!
    I know you are probely busy, but I was hoping that you could answer some questions.

    1) I love Septumis Heap and all, don’t get me wronge, but the time period does not make sence to me. Most of the world is so envanced in technology that we would not possibly move backwards. Well, magic might be a step forward, but moving a way from electricity? I was wondering why that would be.
    2) I heard that Marwick and Sam are gay, which I think is really cool. I went to a court case last year about this equality for gays. I am a big supporter.
    3) I have not read THM yet, but I have heard a little about. I know that some people want Jenna and Septumis to get together, but I just cant see it that way. To me, they seem like siblings. Jenna was raised by Silas and Sara, with six other adoptive brothers. Septumis finds that the Heaps are his real family. So, to me they seem like brother and sister. And like best friends at the same time. If you have already done this in your book THM, I will have to get over it. But if you have not, I hope you consider my oppinion.
    4) I have a question about the house of forx. (Sorry if I spelled that wronge!) If some one in the future after Septumis thought that the house of forx was dangerous and blew it up, what would happen? Would the house just disappear in all times because in the future for all outsiders, there would be no forx. But the house does not have time for all who are inside it, so how could it be blown up in the future if to them there is no future? Sorry if that is a confusing question. I understand if you don’t answer it.
    5) Do Nicko and Snorri get back together? I like Snorri.
    Sorry if that is all lot of questions. I really hope that you’ll answer them! Thanks! 🙂

  195. kendra

    Hi Angie,
    You know how in a previous comment you said that the place where Jenna goes on her journey is Venice and in the book Milo said that where the Queens go is where they come from? So does that mean that Jenna is kind of Italian?
    Thanks, Kendra

  196. Heidi B

    Hi Angie, just need to know whether you have ever been to Trago Mills? (!!!!), as (I just read) you lived in Cornwall…I am thinking my suspicions were right, even though my daughters didn’t believe me! Love your books so much and can’t wait for October…..

  197. Pearl

    I was rereading Flyte and i saw that sleuth was an old tennis ball. I was wondering if they still had tennis in the castle or port? I was also wondering if there were any other sports that are particularly popular there?

  198. Dear Angie Sage,

    I am an 11 year old girl who loves reading your Septimus Heap series, which are full of surprises, laughter, danger and magyk.

    My favourite character is Aunt Zelda because she is kind and forgiving (with Merrin Meredith) as well as being weird, mysterious and wise. My favourite book is Magyk (recommended by my old teacher) because I really enjoyed the mystery of how Septimus was in the boy’s army and ‘meeting’ all the characters.

    It is very obvious that much effort was put into writing the series and Magykal Papers, because of the many: ideas, characters, creativity, spells, places and much more! All of these combined making fabulous books I can gladly say as my favourite books I’ve ever read.

    Turning pages one by one, you are transported to the world of Septimus Heap: In the adventure, facing the danger, meeting the characters and tasting Ma’ Custards!

    Thank you very much,

    E Wen Wong, 11 years, Cobham Intermediate School, Christchurch, New Zealand

  199. lizzard11

    I just wanted to say that without talking about relationships and romance you can still relate to an older audience. I started reading the books when I was 14, now I’m 21 and I still love the books! My favorite part of the story line is how you incorporate and hint at your ideas of what would happen with science and technology in the future. That’s a topic I think all of us wonder about at some point because even though we have so much technology there are still so many mysteries in science that can’t be explained! The laws of physics can be broken once you get into ideas like quantum mechanics. Which begs the question do you like to read about science??

    Also, I saw you wrote earlier how Septimus doesn’t even really know what he’s doing when he’s using magic. That’s just in the same way that many of us don’t fully understand how computers and modern technology works but we use it! That goes to show that if humanity is not careful with our environment and use of technology the earth could go through have drastic changes in the future!

    I enjoy story lines that are comical, more light-hearted, and have many round/dynamic characters; so combining that with the sci-fi makes a really unique and awesome series!

  200. Jerri

    Is there any chance of a Septimus Heap novella or short story this summer while we wait for TodHunter Moon?

  201. Alex

    Hi Angie.

    I have read all of the Septimus Heap books and – wow – they are amazing!… I really love writing and I was wondering if you had any tips for aspiring authors?


  202. Duwljgkcusnuzkwuhhgbdkcysj

    I bet Snorri is Icelandic, is she?

  203. Jennifer

    What year/years are the Septimus Heap series set in? In Syren it says that In olden times people used to fly to the moon in metal things, so I was curious as to the years it takes place in.

  204. Cass

    Hello from Canada!

    I know that you sometimes have things from our time survive until Sep’s time (like the red tube and the elevators). Is the ice tunnel that goes under the ocean in Syren the tunnel that currently goes under the English Channel? Or is it just one that is built sometime in our future?

    Thank you,


  205. celestepehpeh

    Hi Angie!!

    I am a HUGE fan of Septimus and I would like to ask a few questions 🙂

    1. Will Jenna and Beetle get married? Will you be writing more about them in the Todhunter Moon Series?

    2. How is Spit Fyre doing in the THM?

    3. MOST IMPORTANTLY, what is Septimus going to do in THM??? Like, is he going to go on many dangerous adventures, is he going to get a girlfriend or go on another grand battle like him and Spit Fyre in Darke etc.

    PS: do you know when THM is going to be out for sale in Singapore?

  206. Santy

    Hi Angie, loved your books that I sleep at 2am almost every night just to read it 🙂 anyway I just finished reading the book “Queste” maybe I missed things but I wonder what happened to Silas after he’s being left by Morwenna? Also will there any stories about the other 20 apprentice that has gone missing? what happened to them?

  207. jivftddfiyt78ugiokuofdy

    Hi Angie.

    Do you know if it will be pictures of the characters in the Todhunter Moon books?
    It would be very fun to see the old characters a bit older 🙂

  208. Maya Raynes

    Hi Angie,
    I love your books!! You are such an awesome author (:
    I have one question, will Miarr Catt from Syren be present in the TodHunter Moon series?


  209. Mona

    Dear Angie Sage,

    I am not sure if it will be mentioned in the new trilogy, but I am very curious to know:

    How come Marcia will no longer be the ExtraOrdinary Wizard in TodHunter Moon? Is there a special reason or was it rather done to have Septimus as an ExtraOrdinary wizard?

    Because I wondered if Marcia felt too old for the job and therefore passed the Amulet on to Septimus, which makes me wonder some more, as I have the feeling many Ex-ExtraOrdinary Wizards were older than Marcia when they resigned (which of course is just a guess).

    In addition to this rather big question I have a small one to follow:

    How old was Marcia when she became the EOW?

    Thank you very much for taking the time to read (and answer).

    Best wishes,

  210. Mona

    Dear Angie Sage,

    Another tiny question:

    When will there be (or will there be) a 7-Book-Collectors-Pack of the series? I mean with the cool, hardbound cover, not the paperback. 🙂

    Kind regards,


    PS: I just realized you already answered the question about the circumstances of Marcia’s retirement. But I’m still curious about the age-thing though. 🙂
    Thank you for taking your time to read and answer.

  211. Maja

    Hello there, Angie 🙂
    I just loooveee the Sep series and can’t wait for October ♥ I think the german version of PathFinder will be published one year after the english one (as it is with many other books)… I’m very glad I’m quite good at understanding (and speaking) english, so I will be able to read the english one 🙂 (And I hope I won’t do huge or silly grammar mistakes here)

    I got some questions:

    1. Above, you said something about writing a novella about some relationships. Is that a serious fact or only some ideas? And if you are planning it for real: Can you give a time when it will get published (or is planned to)?

    2. I think in one of the former AAs you said something about Jenna and Sep having a crush on each other… Or they once had… I’m not sure about this. Can you help me out? 🙂

    3. Why is PathFinder now getting out in October as it was planned to come out in August first?

    4. What kind of music do the characters like (or would like, if they’d be in our time), like Jenna and Sep and Marcia and Aunt Zelda and Beetle … ?

    5. What do you think of Harry Potter and Percy Jackson? Did you read them? (I love them so much, like the Sep series ♥ )

    6. Will we see the Hunter Gerald (or the clown that he is now) again? I have always been curious about his new life…

    7. Seventh Question! 😀 Will Jenna find Petroc Trelawney (funny, because this one teachers name in Hogwarts is Trelawney :D) again?

    Thanks for being so awesome 😀

  212. Elle

    Hi Angie,
    I was wondering when the novella about the Septimus Heap characters come out. I want to know about Jenna and Beetle, Rose and Septimus, and Marcia and Milo.
    Any news on the movie? I know it was stopped for a while but I really want it to continue.
    When does TodHunter Moon come out?

  213. isabella paterson-jones

    Dear Angie Sage

    My name is Isabella, I am 9, I live in South Africa and I love your books!! My friend, Amelia and I want to know what Rose, in book 7 (Septimus Heap series) looks like? Do you have any pictures of her?

    Best wishes
    Isabella xxx

  214. Isabelle

    Hey Angie! You probably won’t remember me – I asked a question a long time ago, (almost two years ago now) about how I had recently finished a book and I was wondering about how to go about finding agents and publishers and stuff. Thank you for the advice, by the way! I have temporarily abandoned the original manuscript as I was quite young when I started writing it (you can tell by the many irregularities that pop up throughout the story!). I’m currently writing a kind of sequel thing, but I was wondering if you could give me any advice on how to deal with writer’s block, as I seem to have been getting it quite often recently. Thank you ever so much, and I’m really looking forward to reading TodHunter Moon!

  215. Edie

    Hi Angie!
    I was just wondering how Silas knew so much about the doorman at the house of Foryx, did he spend some time there when we was younger?
    Also, you’ve said the short stories will be coming out as an ebook, when, if ever, will there be a hard copy of the book?

    Also, I have always wanted to be an author, I understand that the best thing to do is read a ton, but other than books, where else do you take inspiration from?

    Thanks X

  216. Edie

    Also, sorry, I was just wondering, if it was going to be important that for once, Chief Hermetic Scribe, EOW, queen, keeper and alchemist, all get along??

  217. Edie

    Hi, more questions, sorry!
    What name did Cerys want to give Jenna?
    And roughly how big is the castle, is it similar to a town or city, or something?

  218. Tara Heap

    Have you ever thought of writing about Jenna’s childhood, before she knew she was Princess?

  219. mimgrim

    Hi. I have really quick question. I’m currently reading Darke, I’m actually very close to finishing the book but while reading it I noticed on page 566 Niko gets mentioned as one of the characters that Gathered around Sarah. This however confused me because I thought he was at the Wizard Tower with Jenna and Marcia after getting off of Spit Fyre. I figured it was going to get explained later on how he got down from there but as it turned out he was still at the Wizard Tower when Septimus got back. This is probably an accidental error somehow but what I’m wondering is if you have ever noticed this before or were ever notified of it before and if so what was your reaction? I know it made me chuckle!

  220. Rinku

    Hi Angie !
    I love Septimus’ world and especially Marcia ! I wish so much that she married Milo… I have some questions :
    1 – Is Marcia cook well ?
    2 – When Milo isn’t with her, Marcia is it sad ?
    3 – After Fyre, does Jillie Jinn returns to the Manuscriptorium ?
    4 – You said Marcia has loved Milo since she is in Apprenticeship, but does Milo likes her too ?

    Sorry for my not-very-well-english, but i’m french and i shall to use Google Traduction.
    Goodbye !

  221. katelyn

    I have a question about Marcia,
    Is she evil?
    thanks 😀

  222. Jerri

    A couple of weeks ago Audible in the US offered the Septimus Audiobooks on sale, so I bought the ones I didn’t already have, and donated the CD version I had of Magyk to my local library. I am now all set to do a listening bing in late September to get ready for the release of TodHunter Moon! I love the audiobooks a lot.

  223. sarahheap7

    My name is Sarah, I’m 15 and I’m a huge French fan of Septimus Heap! I read the whole saga until the sixth book twice and I don’t get tired to read a third time! I would love to buy the seventh and last book but there is one problem: I sought information on its output and I saw that there was not a release date and it will probably come out never in France 😥 Do you have any information please ?
    I look forward to read Fyre and THM!!
    Sorry for the spelling mistakes (I helped internet) and for a text as long ^_^
    I already posted a comment but I do not think it have functioned °-°
    Sarah 😀

  224. Maverick Maverick

    Hi Angie! I just finished Fyre and I’m kind of sad that it’s all over, I’ve been reading this series since sixth grade and now I’m in High School.

    Anyway, I wanted to ask if you can write a list of the colors of the different wizards are, like what color is an apprentice to an Ordinary Wizard?

    Thanks xx

  225. Jethro

    How many pages will Sandrider be?

  226. Elle

    Hey Angie:
    I was just wondering what the title of the novella will be and when it will come out.

  227. Jethro

    You should write another trilogy after tod hunter moon for YA. And it should still be in the septimus heap world, but for older readers. That way, the entire series becomes a nice 13 books.

  228. Hi Angie I first read the Sep books years ago and still LOVE them now! (I’m 14) I have a few questions for you and I would be thrilled over the moon if you could answer any of them for me!

    1) Firstly, does Jenna have Alexandria’s Genesis? I found out about it a while ago and it made me think of her. It’s probably just a coincidence but it made me wonder…'S-Genesis.html

    2) How tall is Jenna? In Flyte I think it says she is tall and strong for her age but in the Magykal papers and Magyk I think it says she is small? How tall is she fully grown at 21? Is she taller than Sarah?

    3) Will you make another, up to date Magykal Papers (or similar) after the TodHunter Moon is finished?

    4) Do we get to see the Boggart in TodHunter Moon? He was one of my favourite characters! 

    5) What happened to Jenna’s shieldbug? I seem to have forgotten… oops

    6) Is Snorri in TodHunter Moon? How is she?

    I feel obliged to ask 7 now I’ve done six…

    7) What is Jenna’s favourite colour? She wears a lot of Red and Gold doesn’t she? But is that just to be Royal?
    Thank you for writing!! SH is the best!!
    Lots of Love,
    Lucy xxx
    Just a random thought, not long now till Ask Angie 7! That will be rather Magykal… 

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Lucy,

      This reply is soooo late, but I hope you get to read it.
      I’ve never heard of Alexandria’s Genesis – it’s weirdly accurate. But it seems that maybe this is a mythical condition?
      Jenna was taller than Sep in the early books but then he caught up. She’s about five feet five at age 21. She is indeed taller than Sarah.
      I don’t have any plans for another MPs, but nothing is certain!
      We’ve not come across the Boggart in THM – we have gone to different places. I think he is glad of the rest …
      It landed in the rushes and drowned. 😦
      Snorri is in PathFinder – THM bk 1. She is on good form.
      Jenna does genuinely love red!

      Thanks for all your questions and so sorry I have taken so long to ask.


  229. O . O Beetle

    Greetings EoA ( ExtraOrdinary Author),
    In one of the comments you have said that you will be getting Silas a new puppy, will/can it be a transformer?Are all transformers spririt seers?

    Have you written the entire words of the Banish? If so can you please put them on here.
    How did magyk begin?


    • Angie Sage

      Hello Beetle,

      I am not sure if Silas can cope with a Transformer puppy. A nice idea though …

      I dare not write the entire Banish. Too scary.

      Magyk was a strange mutation from a computer virus. Beware.

  230. Jethro

    Hi Angie!
    This is urgently important! Is PathFinder out already? I know that it comes out on October 14, but people are selling it on ebay (NotPre Order). They are calling it the Advance Readers Edition. PathFinder is out! Can you explain this please?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Jethro,

      Don’t buy the Advance Readers Edition – it is not the finished version and they should not be selling it either. These are copies sent to reviewers and it’s a shame they are being sold (illegally) as it spoils it for readers. But I hope you have got hold of the real thing by now. And liked it too!

  231. Isadora

    Hi Angie Sage!
    I am a HUGE Septimus Heap fan. I think I’ve been reading the series since I was seven or eight…and I’m sixteen now! It is my favorite series, and I like it so much more than Harry Potter. The plot lines are just so amazing and the characters and the storylines weave perfectly and it all fits together….and the entire world too, and how its set so many years into the future! I just love it, every book and every aspect of the universe. But your characters. Every single character is just awesome!!! I dont think I can dislike any of them, not even Queen Cerys, even though she got in the way of a developing relationship between Marcia and Milo (I am a HARDCORE Marcia/Milo shipper). Well, actually, I dislike Old Goat Face but thats a reasonable dislike, I think. Another thing I love is that you’ve made the characters so relatable–Like Marcia, for instance. It makes me sound a little egotistical but I really identify with her. And not just personality wise, but in looks too. I’m 5’10” and I have unmanagable curly brown hair. Plus, purple is my favorite color. That may or may not have something to do with Marcia, I dunno. Plus, even better, my little cousin looks like Jenna at 10 years old and my brother Wilson looks like Sep! And another who’s older and looks like Nicko. Unruly blonde hair that they wont brush no matter how many times I tell them to–sorry, that was my inner Marcia speaking.
    I love these books to pieces, and I’ve read them so many times that not only can I quote them, I know exactly where to turn to when I’m looking for a certain passage. I reread the series throughout the school day (if I’m bored and dont feel like sitting through lectures I already have notes on. and I’m a fast reader) or throughout the week, or sometimes the month. This makes me sound so obsessive!! Which I am, I guess. I have Aspergers. Mildly, but I’m still obsessive. Your books are just so awesome and I dont know how to explain my feelings for them. When I’m reading them, i can escape, you know? and everytime I reread them (or just the parts I want to) I feel like I’ve discovered more about the characters. Which is always exciting.
    Yea, your books made it onto the list of things I obsess/fangirl over. And I’m trying so hard to find other people who read it! I havent met a person physically, Like face-to-face, whose read them. Only on Tumblr and here, I guess, although I havent really talked to them. Although this past year at school, I have been trying to get some of my friends to read them (And I did succeed with one so far). But the problem is, no one wants to go to the library anymore, so I have to lend out my copy or Magyk–My very first copy, too (my second was stolen. Who steals books? Seriously, they stole every copy of my new copies of the series). And I kind of forced my friend to read them, and I accidentally spoiled them for her (she wont finish Magyk because of it), and My cousin who looks like Jenna just finished Fyre last week. So I was a little sucessful I guess.
    Anyway, I am so EXCITED for the Todhunter Moon Trilogy!! I’ve read about all I can on it, and I just know its going to be super amazing. Tod sounds like a great character, and of course all of the other characters are there too!!! From what I gather, there isnt going to be about as much of Marcia as I would like, But I dont care!! She’s included, even though she’s Ex-ExtraOrdinary Wizard!!! Also, from what I concluded from the excerpt of Pathfinder at the end of Fyre, is Marcia even still living at the Castle? Or the Wizard Tower, to be precise? Because it says that Sep was anxious to leave the Wizard Tower in the care of his deputies, thinking something would happen to it, and I reason that he wouldnt have to worry so much if Marcia was still living there because he knows she can look after it. I mean, she would’ve been there for what, 17 years as EOW? or longer, depending on when/if she retires?
    I am also SUPER SUPER EXCITED about the fact that you would like to write a novella on Marcia’s childhood or a more YA one with romance for the different pairings (yea!) and I hope you find the time to write them!
    Wow, that was a really long spiel on my feelings for your books, and thats not even half of what I wanted to say! No words can express my feelings for these books.
    I’ve got no questions on the characters, I’ve read these lovely books so many times and I even read through the Ask Angies, so I feel like I understand them even more than I did before!
    Looking forward to everything containing Septimus Heap and Company In the future!

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Isadora,

      thank you SO much for your lovely message. I am so very pleased that Septimus has become so important to you and I just love how so many of the characters are already part of your life! I expect you have probably read PathFinder by now so I hope you’ve enjoyed the Marcia/Milo thing.

      I do very much want to write more about Marcia, and I hope I will get the time – there just never seems to be enough somehow.

      I just want to say thank you for spreading the word about Sep and also for writing me such a wonderful message.

  232. Fractals

    Hi Angie!

    I wanted to know two things;

    I noticed that Ferdie and Oscar have the surname Sarn. Are they related to Shamandrigger Sarn from Fyre?

    Will Tod become Septimus’ apprentice? Or is that too much of a spoiler?

    • Angie Sage

      They’re not related, but it is a common name in that part of the world. They are all descended from those who travelled to the sun. And back of course.

      Aha – wait and see!

  233. Kaii

    Love the Septimus Heap series, just finished Fyre. Then I re-read Syren.(now I’m re-reading Darke. I forgot how addictive these books are! >__<)
    I was thinking. How does a creature like the Syren (a possession wraith, I believe) actually come into being?
    Also curious as to the process by which Technology became Magyk, and what Magyk actually is (as a Technology(does this make sense?))

    Many thanks,

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Kali,

      The Syren is an ancient being. Even I don’t know how she came to be … and I am not sure if I want to either…

      Magyk/technology … it’s just a way of using different words for the same thing.

  234. M.J.

    Stanley is awesome! You should make a message system through the water and/or sky with turtles or magykal birds in the todhunter moon series.

    • Angie Sage

      I think we’ll stick with the rats – but the new generation will be taking over…

  235. Schmidty

    Hi Angie let me just say that from the 6 books I’ve read so far, you are a truly amazing writer. I’m twenty years old and I just finished Darke again and I must say it isn’t fair to classify books by an age group. A good story is a good story no matter what age you are. In my last read through of Darke I was surprised to find a hint (maybe unintentional) of the 7th book’s name. The Greate Undoing started with Magyck and ended with FYRE. Very subtle and I’m glad you put it in. I guess my question is how subtle is to subtle?

    • Angie Sage

      I totally agree, I do SO wish that Septimus was not classified in this age group way, it puts a lot of readers off.
      yes, you got the hint! I don’t think it was toooo subtle really…

  236. Jose Miguel

    Hi Angie,
    So far I am LOVING the awesome series of Septimus Heap. But unfortunately, don’t laugh, I only read Magyk and Flyte. Anyway, my question is,
    1) Will there be a movie? If so, when will it come out? Another question,
    2) I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT SAM AND WOLF BOY ARE GAY according to one question, why did you make them like that? Just asking, and don’t answer me if you don’t want to. Sorry.
    I hope you answer me soon. Thanks. 🙂

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Jose,
      I’m so pleased you are loving Septimus!
      Movie – the rights are signed to Warner Brothers but it has all gone on hold for now. 😦
      I didn’t make Sam and Wolf boy gay, they just are. It’s the way they seem together and it’s no big deal. They are still Sam and Wolf Boy. It’s the same with all my characters, I don’t dictate to them, they tell me who they are, not the other way around.

  237. Felix

    So i am in school now and im just so excited for the TodHunterMoon series! Are you gonna make any more books like the Magyk series like i mean the size and fansty because im a really picky reader im glad ik even found your books i’m reading DJ MacHale’s Pendragon series i and i think it is a really good series. I hope i can finish the series im reading right now. And on October 22 Rick Riordan’s book The Blood Of Olympus so i think im gonna have fun reading this year

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Felix,
      THM is very similar to the Sep Heap series, so I hope you will feel at home there.
      Happy Reading!

    • Anna S.

      This is incredible! I’m reading that too!!! Can’t wait to read THM. It sounds so dang EXCITING and I really like the idea of Tod. And I suspect that I’ll like the character as well. d.> – <b

  238. Jerri

    Are there differences in the text (words) between the US and UK/English editions of the Septimus and/or TodHunter Moon books?

    • Angie Sage

      Yes, there are the usual but very subtle difference between US/UK english and grammar. In PathFinder there is a cut in the house of Foryx scene in the UK edition. But you can catch up with that here in a couple of week’s time.

  239. Just_another_book_lover

    Hi Angie,

    I just wanted to say how much my best friend and I love your books! Our parents have been friends since we were young, but we didn’t really mind each other, until one day when we were about to start 6th grade, we were just sitting there being bored, she started telling me about this amazing series she was reading called “Septimus Heap”. Well two months later we had realized how much we had in common (one thing being our love for your series!) and now, 2 years we see each other practically every day! Anyway I wanted to ask you if you know when your self published novella will be released, I saw you mentioned towards the beginning of AA6 that it would be released some time around when THM 1 comes out. Is this still correct? Or this no longer true? If not, can you please give me an approximation of when it will come out?

    Thanks again for bringing my best friend and I together!

    • Angie Sage


      Thank you – how lovely to hear that Sep Heap brought you even closer together!
      Oh … my lovely novella. Well, I have been totally overwhelmed by work and been unable to get any further with it for ages. I am really sorry about that, but there is just too much for one person to write right now. I haven’t forgotten it, but it’s going to take longer than I hoped.
      Just wish I could Magyk it into the air!
      If you check out in about 2 months (by which tie the website will be up and running) I will keep you updated from there.
      Mu plan is slowly to fill in the 7 year gap between the end of Fyre and the beginning of TodHunter Moon. So eventually, you will be able to read it… that’s a promise.

  240. J

    Wotcha Angie! Your books are one of my favorite fantasy series!

    I am so happy for the new TodHunter Moon books! I can’t wait for more Sep, Jenna, and Marcia.

    I find it very interesting that Magyk is actually very advanced technology! Very nice little twist.

    So I’ve been telling my mom for the LONGEST TIME that she NEEDS to read your books. A few days ago while I was in the car with her, I looked at her phone, and what was it that she was listening to but Magyk! I was ecstatic!

    Well, I’m afraid that my room requires a Pristine Polish charm : )

    • Angie Sage


      Congrats on winning your mum over to Septimus! I do hope she likes it as much as you.
      My room also needs a Pristine Polish Charm – I seem to have lost mine somewhere. 🙂

  241. Zizzi

    Ummm this might be weird but I got Pathfinder yesterday. On the 11th of October. Do you know why? I don’t mind as I get to read it early so I’m happy. Don’t worry I won’t give any spoilers!!
    Love Zizzi

  242. Langie

    Hi Angie
    I really love The Septimus series.
    I have a question

    Will Septumus end up with Jenna? Or they are just brother and sister?

  243. Jethro

    Hi Angie, I have a few questions:

    1. How many pages is Sandrider? I hope it’s longer, because I loved it when the sep books were 600 pages.
    2. Will Sandrider have a cliffhanger?
    3. After TodHunter Moon, can you go back and right book 8 to septimus heap. I would love to read about septimus as an eighteen year old. And even though I loved reading Pathfinder, the world of septimus heap always felt a bit more Magykal and special when it was the old gang of characters, like Silas, Aunt Zelda, Alther, Jenna, and Merrin as the main characters.
    4. Will the Darke Toad be released in a solo book form, like the Magykal Papers?
    5. You should write a book about Marcia and a book about Merrin, the two most interesting characters.
    Thank you!

  244. Cassie Heap

    I just have a couple of questions…
    1) You said that you might make a short novella on the romance between the characters. Is that possible?
    2) I have to make sure… is Marcia’s name pronounced with a “sh” or a “c” like in cent?
    3) Do you know if the second TodHunter Moon book will come out in early or late 2015?

  245. qlovesllamas

    My library is taking so long to get PathFInder, and even though I will be the first one to read it (I ❤ holds!) I am really frustrated with them! At least tell me this: does Tod become Septimus's apprentice? I know that he is the EOW.

  246. Angie Sage

    Hi Zizzi,
    Yes they did seem to come out a little early – I don’t know why. But I hope you’re enjoying it!

  247. Cassie Heap

    I just have a couple of questions…
    1) You said that you might make a short novella on the romance between the characters. Is that possible?
    2) I have to make sure… is Marcia’s name pronounced with a “sh” or a “c” like in cent?
    3) Do you know if the second TodHunter Moon book will come out in early or late 2015?
    p.s. Sorry if it says I already posted this

  248. Daisy

    Hi Angie

    How did Septimus and Jenna react to Marcia and Milo’s marriage? Was it in the Caslte Did she actually get married before she retired? And did she retire to get married or was there some other reason? And do Nicko and Snorri finally get married? That would be awesome!

    Sorry for so many questions….


  249. Wotcha, Angie!
    I’ll keep my questions brief:

    1.) Are you planning to write a book that fills in the seven year gap between Fyre and Pathfinder after the trilogy ends?
    2.) Is Driffa sticking around, and if so, is she going to figure out that Septimus and Jenna are step-siblings? Will she hear their story?
    3.) Are you planning to do sections for each character in the end of each book? Or at the end of the trilogy?


    ~Mary Claire
    P.S. Thank you for sending me an arc of Pathfinder. I really enjoyed reviewing it.

  250. swluvsbooks

    Heya Angie,

    How did you come up with all of your characters’ names? Do they all have some connection in time or place?

    P.S. I’m loving Pathfinder so very much! Thank you so much for writing this trilogy. ❤

  251. FizzFroot

    I have some questions and i hope you will answer them…
    1. Will you be writing more books about Septimus?
    2.Why do you have the best books in the world :D?
    3. How is THM coming along?

  252. Series12offworlder

    Hi Angie,
    I just finished PathFinder, and I have several questions, many pertaining to the original series
    1. Didn’t Jim Knee serve the Eastern Snow Princesses long ago? Is he connected to the Snow Plains/House of Foryx situation?
    2.What was it that caused Marcia’s parents to go to the castle originally?
    3. How do the wizards get paid? How does the monetary system in the castle work?
    4. Why didn’t Syrah speak “old speak” as much as Marcellus did?
    5. Who did the Syren possess before Syrah?
    6. What color are Marcellus’s eyes?
    7. I once read a book in which magic evolved from psychic nanobots that took on the functions of all previous technology and mythology in an advanced society, did magyk happen something like that?
    8. What happened to Sam and Marwick? Did they get lost in the Ancient Ways or are they stuck somewhere? Is this a spoiler?
    9. Do you think Edward De Vere wrote all the works of Shakespeare?

  253. sarahheap7

    Hi Angie,
    The Septimus Heap’s books are the best ! I was in love with Harry Potter’s books but my parents says “Try something new” and I have try… Now I can’t imagine don’t read Magyk (this is the French title) !!! I have read three or four time all of the books (but I havn’t got Fyre 😥 ) and all of time, it was SO COOL! Thanks very much!!!!
    I have just a question, in the third book, you have write than Jenna Heap have meet Jenna Crackle and she gave to her a potion of a lot of Magyk for the dragon boat. But I have never read than she used it. I have never read Fyre and I don’t know if you write that in this book (in France, they have say than they will not translate Fyre 😥 I’m so sad).
    Thank you for having taken time to read it 🙂 And sorry for the spellings mistakes :p

  254. Sep_Heap_Fan_no1

    Hi Angie, i was wondering how long the THM books are going to be and when THM is done are you going to drop Septimus Heap?

    Your Biggest Fan, Sep_Heap_Fan_no1 (Not my real name of course).

  255. Julia

    Will it be pictures of the characters from Septimus Heap in Tod? I’d love to see them a bit older. 🙂

  256. Anna S.

    Hi Angie!


    Does Tod become Septimus’s apprentice?
    Are there other talents besides Pathfinder?
    Is Spit Fyre in Pathfinder?
    What happened to Milo at the end of Fyre?

    Just confirming, I HAVEN’T READ THE BOOK, so if any questions I asked bring up spoilers, please don’t tell me!

    Thank you!

  257. Ella

    Hi Angie! I just started reading PathFinder and I already have so many theories about it! Although I’m sure many of them are way off!

    Anyways, I just wanted to ask you about the deal with important rings and thumbs! Are there something special with thums or is it just a coincidence that both Sep and Tod put their rings on their thumbs?

    (Also I’m writing an essay on strong female characters in your books so if you want to mention something about that please do! :))

    Have a great day!

  258. Hi Angie

    After nearly 8 years of loving the Septimus Heap books, I decided to read Pathfinder. (I still don’t know if I want the English version or the German one, so I will wait a bit.)
    Of course I have some questions, a mix of book related and writing related ones.

    1. I read somewhere that the name Tod comes from the German word for death. (On amazon, I think.)
    I am a native speaker so my question here is: Do you pronounce it t-o-d (like I thought, because that’s how my english treacher would say it) or t-o-o-d because you stress the O in German.
    (And I remember you mentioned once that the Foryx house is in Bavaria… Is there a special reason why? Have you ever been here? Sorry, I am just so courius, maybe it’s because I live there.)

    2. I don’t know if you have mentioned it in the book but: How does the ‘graduation’ of an apprentice of an ExtraOrdinary Wizard look like? Is it a big ceremony, is it just a little thing, does only the wizard tower celebrate it or the whole castle? (:

    3. I participate in the NaNoWriMo (do you know that November event for writers?) and I struggle with writing without minding mistakes. So when you write your books, do you have a first draft you you edit after you’ve finished until it’s perfect or do you write the story and edit a bit while writing? That’s what I usually do but it costs so much time and that’s why I never finish a story. (It took me 7 months for 43’000 words and I am still somewhere in the middle of the story, so…)

    4. Do you have tips for publishing? I only know that it’s useful to have an Exposé, but are there more things I can do?

    5. And the last question (nearly forgot it): There is no detailed description of Marcia in the books. The reader know how she looks like in general but not more. (Which is good!) But there is this assumption that she might me a gypsy (It would be very interesting to know where she comes from. I never thought about that, some people see her a bit more chinese, some as someone from south Europe like Spain and some as a woman from Great Britain with dark hair.). Now my question is: Do you have an ethnic for her or another character in the books in mind at all?

  259. Hi, Angie!
    I have a quick question about writing. Some of my friends tell me that this character of mine that I made up is “overpowered”. She has certain magical powers that other characters don’t have, and she’s a bit luckier than the rest of the characters in her story. Do you ever have this problem? I don’t want to let go of this character, nor do I want to completely change her story, but I don’t want people thinking she’s a, erm, “Mary-Sue”… Do you have any advice on this?


    P.S I went as the girl version of Merrin Meredith for Halloween. My best friend went as the girl version of Septimus for Halloween, and it was hilarious! All day we were spitting insults at each other and fighting over who’s the real Septimus Heap. It was fun, but I was really sad that hardly anyone understood our costumes! Well, it gives me more of a reason to spread the word about the Septimus Heap series.

  260. Emmalyn

    Dear Angie Sage,

    I love your books you write they,are a mix between Harry Potter and freestyle. The characters in your books are explained so well you can see them while you’re reading! I’m still reading Physik,but I’ve been wondering Septimus is the seventh son of a seventh son,but who was the seventh son before Septimus?

    Emmalyn Gilbreth

  261. Lisa

    Hi Angie!

    I loved PathFinder and am so excited to see what happens to Tod as sep’s apprentice. I have two questions. 1.) At the end of the TodHunter Moon trilogy, will you do an epilogue telling us what happened to all of the characters? Like what Tod is like when she grows up and who Sep and Jenna ended up marrying?
    2.) This question is more specific but I wondered why Marcia is suddenly okay with darke magyk in pathfinder. In the main series, she always seems the most opposed to darke magyk of anyone. I think there was something in darke about her being a little unbalanced because she personally didn’t like to use it. I sort of admired the fact that Marcia was really that determined to only dapple in good things. What changed her mind?



  262. I absolutely love Septimus Heap! It’s literally my favorite children’s fiction series…and I read a LOT of books as a child 🙂
    If a bunch of Septimus Heap lovers signed a petition saying how much they would love a movie and sent it to Warner Bros., do you think it would have an effect? (Sorry to beat a dead horse on the subject.)

  263. Hi Angie,
    I just found your books and am reading them till all hours of the night. I have only read up to Queste so far and am sooo excited that there are so many more. Thank you for all you do! Your books are inspiring!

  264. EOW

    Hi, Angie!
    I love your books! I have two questions:
    1) Will there be any other books after THM trilogy?
    2) My friend and I have been trying to figure out how Marcia’s name is pronounced. Is it Mar-see-a or Mar-shuh?

  265. Emma

    Let me just say that I have just started PathFinder and it is absolutely wonderful! It says ages 8-12 I think but I’m 14 and I love it! I love that Nicko and Snorri have gotten back together and are planning to get married! They are my ultimate OTP haha:)
    Ok a few things:
    1. How do you pronounce “Nicko”? Is it like knee-co or is it like nick-o? And also “Ullr” (I have no clue on that one haha) and Foryx (I think I spelt that right…)
    2. For school we are writing short stories, and mine is a sort of fanfiction that takes place about 50-100 years after the Septimus Heap books. It is about an un-magykal girl named Ella Starr (I came up with that last name before reading PathFinder haha what a coincidence!) whose mother disappeared when she was little and she finds this ring that was made by Septimus on the side of the street. It fills her with magyk and takes her to the House of Foryx and she realizes that the stone in it is part of the Questing Stone! She goes into the House of Foryx and finds her mother there! I hope you don’t mind me using your world, I just love it so much! (And I’m not creative enough to think of my own haha!)
    3. What kind of material is the Wizard Tower made of? This may have been in one of the books but I’m not sure. Also, about how tall is it?
    Thanks so much if you read this, I think it’s great that you interact with your fans! I love your books so much and you’re such an amazing author!!
    (Wow I used a lot of exclamation points haha:)

  266. Maja

    Hello there, Angie 🙂

    (You didn’t reply first time, so I try it again.)

    I just loooveee the Sep series and can’t wait for THM ♥ I think the german version of PathFinder will be published one year after the english one (as it is with many other books)… I’m very glad I’m quite good at understanding (and speaking) english, so I will be able to read the english one 🙂 (And I hope I won’t do huge or silly grammar mistakes here)

    I got some questions:

    1. Above, you said something about writing a novella about some relationships. Is that a serious fact or only some ideas? And if you are planning it for real: Can you give a time when it will get published (or is planned to)?

    2. I think in one of the former AAs you said something about Jenna and Sep having a crush on each other… Or they once had… I’m not sure about this. Can you help me out? 🙂

    3. Why is PathFinder now getting out in October as it was planned to come out in August first?

    4. What kind of music do the characters like (or would like, if they’d be in our time), like Jenna and Sep and Marcia and Aunt Zelda and Beetle … ?

    5. What do you think of Harry Potter and Percy Jackson? Did you read them? (I love them so much, like the Sep series ♥ )

    6. Will we see the Hunter Gerald (or the clown that he is now) again? I have always been curious about his new life…

    7. Seventh Question! 😀 Will Jenna find Petroc Trelawney (funny, because this one teachers name in Hogwarts is Trelawney :D) again?

    Thanks for being so awesome 😀

  267. Hello, I love your books about Septimus Heap and I reeded the seven books. You now the new serie todhunter moon? Did you right book two? And which launges did this serie wrigted on?

  268. Betty

    Hello, one ask, there Pathfinder in swedich? If not, Do you know if it will be translated into Swedish?

  269. Michelle

    Hi Angie
    I an a HUGE fan of the series. I have a book report due soon and I decided to do it on the book Physik. I have one question though. it might be in the book but I looked and I couldn’t find it. what is the setting and where and when does the story take place (what year)?

  270. Lou

    Hi Angie! I was wondering if you will ever right another series?

  271. Michelle

    Hi Angie,

    I am the BIGGEST Septimus fan out there. Even though I only just finished Physik. I hope to finish the rest of the series soon and go onto the TodHunter Moon Series. Anyway, I decided to write a book report on Physik and I have one question. What is your massage or do you even have one?

    Thanks for your time,

  272. Tom

    Hi, Angie! Can I say that I absolutely love the style you write in? There’s loads of fantasy out in the world that come across as a little forced when writing day-to-day character interactions. I L.O.V.E the way there’s enough casual chitchat in the books to satisfy an interested reader in how life works so far in the future (potentially).
    I was wondering, what happened to the world of Sep Heap to change it so greatly? Was it a sudden, post-apocalyptic-style Big Bang, or just really, really gradual change? Was Magyk’s overshadowing of computer systems a well-known/well-accepted happening? Why were advancements as useful as telecommunication made redundant in favour of slower and more talkative rats? When did the changes start to happen?
    The Castle is described as being the most powerful Magyk seat in the world. How many other Magyk seats are there? Are Magyk and Alchemie and Physik fairly unique to the Castle, like PathFinders and SpiritSeers aren’t common around the Castle?
    And what happened to Syrah Syara? For some reason, before I re-read the series I had it in my head that she became the Alchemie Apprentice. Don’t know why, because I absolutely adore Simon (Mark Zug’s drawing of him staring wistfully out onto the sea is my favourite illustration, I think). Will we see her again in THM?
    Which, by the way, was absolutely fantastic. I like how magic has developed in different ways depending on the place (and how Marcia looks down on it all). I fell in love with Tod and Oskar, and little William (aw!) and poor Simon and Lucy finally seem to have settled down from, y’know, the… Darke ages. Speaking of Simon (again), will Marcellus be popping up again?

    And finally, what would be your advice for creating a world and making it seem real?

    Eagerly awaiting the next book set in the Small, Wet Country Across the Sea (are you saying that England will always have terrible weather?),


  273. Angie, I’m the guy who gets kids to read your books! I’m the Librarian of the Northeastern Nevada Regional Bookmobile. I will be looking for Pathfinder on Audio. I can’t wait to see the connection with Septimus. Do not limit yourself with only 7 books. We have watched these characters grow up over the years. They need to get to a point of “Happily Ever After”. While Jenna’s not Queen and Beatles still single? That would be a good one! How did Septimus become the 777 EOW? What Magyk did he gain in the end?
    You can see there are too many unanswered questions.
    Kelvin K. Selders

  274. Jon Doe

    I LOVE Septimus Heap!!! I’ve been collecting the books and I’m starting rereading the series now!!! I even asked for ‘Pathfinder’ and ‘Fyre’ for Chritmas!!!

    Anyways, I can’t convince my sister to read the books even though I tell her about the amazing characters and plots. One thing she just doesn’t get is that Septimus and Jenna like each other in a brother-sister way and not love. She thinks they’re a couple which seems totally wrong, even though I explained the whole family scenarios/spoilers from book 1. So, I want to show her proof directly from you that Sep and Jenna are NOT a COUPLE!!! Please clarify this.

    Thank you!

  275. Jon Doe

    Hello! I’m a huge fan of Septimus Heap and I’m in the process of collecting the books! I’m going to get Pathfinder and Fyre for Christmas!!!

    Anyways, my sister doesn’t read the books but I tell her about the plot and characters. One thing she doesn’t get is the relationship between Sep and Jenna. She’s confused on why Sep and Jenna don’t love each other since they’re not actually siblings, even though I explained in detail the family scenario (spoilers) and who they have crushes on. I want written proof from you that they are NOT a COUPLE, and a brief explanation so she gets it.


  276. Rama

    Is Tod going to become Septimus’s apprentice?

  277. Dear Angie Sage,
    I have to say Septimus Heap has changed my life in a good way, it gives me a break i usually well deserve From Doctor Appt.
    even though I’m only still just a tween, I have many medical problems and Septimus Heap and all the wonderful adventures help me get through Monthly infusions, Meds every night.
    I have Juvenile Arthritis, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome & Myasthenia Gravis. To be 100% honest Septimus Heap helps me get through all the rough days of medications I’m on to feel better!
    I’m currently reading Darke (On chapter 7)
    My BFF told me about the books and I read the first 3 books in just a month or so!
    I do want to say now I AM A HUGE FAN!!

    I have to ask, How did you come up with the idea for the Septimus Heap Series ???

    ~ Savannah S.

  278. Julia

    Hi Angie.

    Is Snorri and Alfrún religious? Because in one of the books, the 3rd or 4th I think, Alfrún said to Snorri “Promise me, for the love of Freya”. That made me a bit curious 🙂

  279. Merrin

    midwinter feast is in a couple days!!! Happy b-day to Septimus and Jenna!!

  280. Jethro

    Hello Angie, your books are so very lovely and I will never forget them and will love them forever, even though I am a teenage boy, I have loved your books since I was a child and they still make me laugh. They are my absolute favourite.
    I’m moving to England in few years and I was wandering if you were planning on attending bookstores and signings there, even though your main series is finished.
    I’ve got one question: Did you write this poem? i found it on the internet and it said it was written by Angie S. Did you by any chance write this long, long ago?

    Watching stars by a campfire
    Listening to the crackling
    Feeling warmth
    The smell of burning pine
    And eating marshmallows

    By Angie S.

    Perhaps it is only a coincidence, but I nearly fell off the wizard tower when I found out that someone named Angie S., which is the name of my favourite writer, wrote this poem.
    Thank you! Happy Christmas!

  281. I’ve read about half of PathFinder (My cousin wanted me to read HoO, Divergent, and The Maze Runner in a one month period.), and I was wondering, considering that it’s not a YA, are there going to be Jenna and Beetle moments? Like, just ‘I love you’ kind of things?

    Heroes Of Olympus by Rick Riordan is a little like your series, because of the fact that there is a… living boat, special characters, and the main plot is that a certain evil wanted to, say, take over a powerful source.

    I’m barely 12, so please excuse my poor grammar. And the fact that I’m a bit young for this.

  282. David Wright

    Why in Physik are there two east gates and the one in the west is referred to as the east gate?

    • Ezu

      Queen Dandra (I believe I don’t remember her name) moved the east lookout tower to the west, and a new east lookout tower was built on the east, so there are 2 towers. I am not Angie, but I hope this answers your question

  283. Julia

    Hi Angie, do you know when Pathfinder comes out in Swedish? I really want to read it!

  284. Solymar

    Hi Angie,
    I remember leaving a comment earlier, before I read Fyre, to you and now that I’ve actually read the whole series, I have a few more questions. I don’t know if some of these were already asked, (I was kind of just skimming through the comments) so sorry if I repeat them.
    1.) What would happen if Septimus and all the others returned to the isles of Syren? I was just thinking of what would happen, like, would Syrah start remembering things? ( I don’t know if you remembered or not, but I was a big Syrah x Septimus shipper. So a lot of the things that I seem to write revolve around her….) Would Rose suddenly realize that she does like Septimus and her and Jenna get in some big fight over him? ( Or separate ones throughout the story for kicks?) And if that happens, Septimus goes to Syrah instead? (SHIPPING!!!) Anyways, just wondering what would happen…
    2.) What would happen if everyone just had little things about themselves that make their characters more interesting, like
    Rose: Has beautiful singing.
    Syrah: Is a great cook.
    Beetle and Nicko: Let’s just say that on certain nights they like to play poker…
    Just things like that. I really don’t know where these ideas came from… It’s just that every time I think of these characters, these traits come to my head…
    3.) Say that Syrah found a golden cat… This was a random dream that I had one night where Syrah accidently got pushed into this supposedly ‘blank’ wall where this golden cat falls out. This cat can actually turn into any ExtraOrdinary Wizard (scratch that, not the present one) but only for a few minutes. I woke up before anything really interesting happen… But it would be cool, wouldn’t it? And Syrah never got to finish the story about her cat…
    4.) I’m about to get the first book of THM, AND I’M SO EXCITED!!!!! I got to read the first page at the bookstore and let’s just say that the people that were around me probably thought I was crazy… but that doesn’t matter! I can’t wait to read it! I know this isn’t a question but I just had to say how excited I am for it! *fangirl shivers*
    5.) I noticed that the ships that I ship… well many others don’t ship… 😦 I think that Septimus x Syrah is a pretty logical shipping considering that Jenna and Septimus are technically related (just think of what Sarah would think…) and that Rose is now with Foxy. (They seem cute together. 😉 ) and thinking of logical terms according to the story, there age difference isn’t that much. In the story, it said that Syrah years with the Syren didn’t count, (at least that’s what I remember it said… It’s been a while…) and plus her time in the DisEnchantment, there pretty close in age… Right? I also think that Jenna and Beetle are a great shipping, they fit together. I support Marcellus(sorry if I’m spelling his name wrong) and Marcia, but I can tell that’s not happening anytime soon… 😦 Anyways my real question is if there is going to be any of these shippings in THM (especially Syrah x Septimus) In know that a lot of people don’t support them together, but they just seem to fit. Will there a least be just a little bit of it? A date? A moment? An accidental kiss ( that they liked) when there pushed into each other… Anything????
    6.) Have you read the Secrets of Immortal Nicholas Flamel series? A lot of people compare Septimus Heap to Harry Potter, but this series seems like a different type of comparison. I like Septimus Heap better all the way around though. These two just seem to share… Something in common and I was wondering if you’ve ever read it.
    7.) Do you have a favorite book from the ones you wrote? I personally love all of them (though Syren kind of outbeats the rest for me because Syrah comes in… she’s my favorite character.)
    8.) This is sort of a random question, but what’s your favorite subject? Mine is World History because I just love knowing about ancient civilizations and everything to do with the world in the past. So anyways, what’s your favorite subject?
    9.) Who is your role model? You’re one of mine, but I’m really curious about who’s yours. Also, what inspired you to write?
    Sorry about all the questions, I probably have more though… Anyways, I can’t wait to read THM and I hope you have a Happy New Year!

  285. Sarah

    Hi! Okay, I have a few questions but at the same time barely any!
    1. Is Jenna’s hair dark brown or black? (Sorry if that sounds stupid but me and my friends were trying to figure it out?)
    2. I noticed on Ask Angie 6 (congrats for that by the way!) they got rid of questions you can’t ask. Is there a reason for this?
    3. This doesn’t really have to do with Magyk but in a way it does so… Yeah… Okay I wrote a book and am trying to through and edit it so I can publish it (it’s longer than Harry Potter which I’m proud of [sorry for random side note]) Do you have any tips for getting it published?

  286. aparna

    hi angie,
    Forgive my poor english and I just love sh books sooooo much…
    My friends get fed up of hearing me talk about sep and all the characters
    Esha(another crazy fan of sh) and I thank you for writing those wonderful books
    Waiting for thm series 😉

  287. Will

    Hi Ms. Sage,

    I recently read your book Darke and I really liked it! After the first several chapters you felt that you were always at the climax and then you realize, “wait! . . . there’s more!” Since I loved your work, I chose to do a school project on it and I have one question. What is the magical state called when Septimus and Spit Fyre mentally connect? I really liked that part of the book, but I went brain dead when I tried to remember what it is called (I already returned the book).

    -Thank You

  288. hi
    before i ask any of my questions i would just like to say Angie sage you are my all time favorite author in the world.
    ok now i would like to if………………
    1. alice and her husband ( i know the name ) will come back at all in THM1
    2. you will ever be coming around to maybe sighn books
    3. and last if beetle will EVER have any chances with a girl ( not trying to be mean)

    thank you and please REPLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  289. Haley

    Hi Angie, I am a huge fan of your septimus heap books and the new tod hunter moon book, I just had a few quick questions about Marcia if you have the time.

    1)does she wear earings (or jewelery for that matter?)
    2) can Marcia sing
    3) (and last one) Did she ever wish she had siblings?

  290. Shiva

    What is a typical day like for Septimus or any EOW?
    And what are Septimus’s main likes?

    I love your books, just got hooked on them in October! Pathfinder is great!

    Thanks for your time,

  291. Hi Angie,

    I have developed a theory about the world of septimus heap, and was wondering if you could confirm it? The theory is that it is set in our world in the distant future! I was reading about the ancient technology (like the moving chambers) and thats what got me thinking; but it was the quote at the end of Fyre, and the date in the “What happened next” chapter that really set it in my head.

    Thanks in advanced,


  292. Hello miss sage. Actually dear angie!

    My name is Tilottama. I have all your books in the heap series. I just LOVE all of them. I m yet to begin on darke, so don’t have words to say nything bout that as of now.

    Actually, me penning a book with a magical fantasy story. But I’m stuck at some spots. You’r such an amazing author. It’s really wonderful how you come up with such sensational books, really. Do you think you cud take a little time out and help me? I wud really appreciate it. Thanks a lot.

  293. Jenna Wannabe

    Dear Angie,

    I am a big fan of Septimus Heap and I was just wondering- is Septimus Heap in any other language besides English?

    Thanks =D

  294. J

    Hi, Angie!

    I just wanted to say I have loved all your books since I was a kid. I picked up the first one at 13 and though I’ve aged out of your intended demographic, I couldn’t help but follow the series until the end and pick it up again when Todhunter Moon came out. I’ve always been in awe of your ability to create such well rounded characters who seem so human.

    I am well aware I’m in the minority in this, but I still have my fingers crossed for Jenna and Septimus as my opinion has always been that just because they happen to share siblings and parents, it doesn’t particularly make them siblings and I always felt they called each other siblings more out of the fact that they shared a set of parents. (I also never really bought Beetle/Jenna because as someone mentioned, I never got the impression that Jenna loved Beetle as much as Beetle loved her. And I always picked up on Jenna’s jealousy towards anyone attempting to steal Septimus from her, which has always seemed unwholly unsibling like to me.

    I am pleased that Nicko and Snorri got together again. I was a bit disappointed when he let her go in Darke (though it made sense since I’m pretty sure they were only 16 and 17) and I loved that he went and found her. It seems very characteristic of their relationship and I think they just complement each other so well.

    I do have a few questions however.

    1) Is there an official age to start at the Wizard Tower? I know Septimus and then Tod both began apprentices rather young, but from what I remember you telling/guessing from Marcia’s approximate age, she didn’t become an apprentice to well into her teens. I’m guessing you can become an apprentice whenever but is there an average age?

    2) Does the castle not have a guard force? I know from your comments that you’re not a fan of soldiers, but I always thought it was odd that there were no Captain of the Guards or some sort of security team in place to at least keep the Queens safe. I know that the Custodians were basically a mercenary guard, but I would think that with how hostile some of the other countries seem to be, that they would have some sort of protection for the town,

    3) I know it’s theorized that Septimus Heap takes place in the future and that Dan Moon’s story at the beginning basically gives credence to that idea. Are you ever going to explain more about the lore of the world? And is the magyk in the world magyk in the way we consider it in fantasy or is it science or has it become an completely separate entity?

  295. Hannah

    I was curious about the movie, because I just saw a commercial for Seventh Son and I freaked out and squealed and started hopping up and down or my tippy toes because at first I had thought it was the Septimus Heap movie. Unfortunately, I looked further into it and rewatched the commercial three times and figured out it wasn’t what I thought it’d be. I was really disappointed and I was wondering if they had given the green light for the movie yet? I’m just really curious because I’ve been really wanting to hear something about it and I thought Seventh Son was it because they said in the trailer, “You are the Seventh Son of the Seventh Son.” And I thought, “Oh my goodness!!!! They’ve finally come out with it!!!!” Then it wasn’t…so I came here to ask you about it because I’m curious if you have the green light or not. I’m in love with your books and they’ve inspired my writings and I’d love to hear about any new information about the movie. Thanks,

  296. Jenna Chase

    I love these books so much! Thank you for writing them!!
    What is Marcia’s favorite animal?
    Does Jenna still ride her horse,Domino?
    What is Jenna’s favorite song?
    What is Marcia’s favorite book?
    Did Milo and Marcia know each other when they were kids?How did they meet?
    What are Septimus,Marcia,and Jenna’s middle names?
    What is your favorite Septimus book?
    sorry for all the questions 🙂

  297. Sam

    I love your books so much! Septimus Heap is one of my favourite series.
    This may seem like an odd question, but do you know where I could buy a dragon ring like the one from the books? I think it is so cool.
    Also, how much more do you plan to write about the characters from Septimus Heap?
    Thanks for your amazing books.

  298. Felixdecat

    Is that seventh son movie about your books?

  299. Harman

    Hi Angie,

    I’ve been writing ever since I first read Magyk back in 2008 and since then my writing style has evolved drastically. However, I’m still finding trouble with motivating my characters. I have a group of people who go on a journey together, but I’ve found that some of my supporting characters have become more interesting (and motivated, it seems) than my main ones! My main character’s parents are kidnapped and he has that to worry about but it doesn’t really make sense why the others would just go along with him to get them back. I’m not asking for a solution, but rather, a way for me to work in motivations in my story, and give each character a presence of their own, they way you do with all the loveable and whacky people in the Castle. You make it seem so easy but I’m having a rather difficult time with it.

    I’m currently re-reading the entire Sep series and each time I’ve done so, I find the books more interesting than the last. Can’t wait for the next TodHunter!


  300. Colton Kendall

    I would love to know if you would be willing to publish a book(s) about some of the behind the scenes,but not like the Magykal Papers. I would like to know about what happened to Septimus and Rose, and also Beetle and Jenna, as I have just finished Fyre. I was so sad that the series was at an end but soon learned you had a follow up series, which made me so happy. I wanted to see all of the characters that I loved again. Sorry for the long post, and thanks!

  301. Hannah

    Hello Angie!
    I don’t have any questions, I just wanted to tell you how much I LOVE Septimus Heap!! These are my favorite series (after Lord of the Rings) and I have read them a million times!! I was SOOO happy when PathFinder came out! THANK YOU SO MUCH for writing such an amazing series!!! You are so awesome!!!

  302. SwedishGirl

    Which TodHunter Moon books are Snorri in, or mentioned in? 😀
    I know she’s in Pathfinder, but is she in the other ones? I really like Nicko and Snorri, they’re my favourites 😀
    You don’t have to answer if it’s spoiling something.

    And another question, do you know when the first book comes out in swedish? I want to have it, now 😦

  303. Jacob

    Angie, i love your books and i want to know if i can do audio books. i know it may be a little to much but
    may i please? Thanks!

  304. Ezu

    Angie, I want to say I LOVE Septimus Heap, and I was kind of depressed when it ended. I know all these comments range from 2010-2015 and it’s 2018 right now, but I really want to find this out as I am going to move on to the TodHunter Moon series.

    1) Will more books for THM be coming out soon? I can’t live knowing there’s only three!
    2) I have been craving this moment. Will Beetle and Jenna EVER get together?
    3) I know this is not totally related, but what ever happens to the Hunter? Does he die or does he go off somewhere feeling depressed after Nicko tells him his dog died or something?

    Please reply!!!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Ezu,

      I’ve been away from this blog for about two years as there was just too much for me to do, but I’ve just got back now so you wrote at a good time!

      So – 1. I’m sorry to say that it is only 3 THM books. The reason is the sales have dropped a lot – I’d love to write more but unless the series really gets going again that;s going to be difficult to do. I am thinking of writing more and self-publishing but I confess that I’ve not got very far with this. There are never enough hours in the day. But I promise you I have not forgotten Septimus – and I never will.
      2. It’s looking to me – particularly after a few scenes in THM – more like Sep and Jenna together. However, as I am writing for Middle Grade readers I’m not allowed to go too far into the romance. I guess I nee dot do a more romantic series for us older ones.
      3. I have often thought of the Hunter. In FYRE I wanted to bring the circus back but I literally ran out of words. He is still working as a buffoon and he hates every minute of it. He is still sad about his dog too. 😦

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