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Ask Angie #5 is now an archive of all the amazing Septimus Heap questions you have asked over the years and it’s no longer taking questions. If you have a new Septimus Heap (or Araminta Spookie) question please post it on the New Ask Angie. Or you can get in touch with Angie Sage direct via the contact page on her website:

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  1. Thanks! Are there any other sops along Wizard Way?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi there – shops along the Wizard Way … theses change all the time but there are: Bott’s Cloaks, Larry’s Dead Languages, Wizard Sandwiches, the Manuscriptorium, and a few new ones: Nellie’s Knots and Knitting, the Supreme Sausage Shop (set up by the young man who poisoned a few people with rat sausages some years back) and a shop selling buckets called, imaginatively, The Bucket Shop. Don’t; forget Terry Tarsal’s shoe shop along an alley ( I forget the name but I think you can find it in FYRE) just off WW. Hope that helps!

  2. Hi Angie,
    I’m making a Castle on Minecraft but I can’t find some things on the internet:
    Where is Bott’s Cloaks?
    Where is Ma Custard’s?
    Where is Wizard Sandwiches?
    How many storeys tall is the Manuscriptorium?

    • Angie Sage

      What a great idea – Bott’s cloaks is at the top of Wizard Way on the right as you look at the Great Arch.
      Ma Custards is in the warren of little alleyways just off Alchemie Way on the opposite side to that of the Palace.
      Wizard Sandwiches is towards the place end of Wizard Way on the right if you are facing away from the Wizard Tower and towards the Palace. The Manuscriptorium is a low building, like all those along Wizard Way. It has the ground floor (what is called in the USA the first floor) where the front office is and the big room where all the scribes sit is – and of course the Hermetic Chamber. There is a massive basement where Ephaniah Grebe hangs out and this goes way down. Above the ground floor are rooms for storage and in the attic is the Chief Hermetic Scribe’s apartment.
      I hope that helps and that it all goes really well!

  3. Evan

    Hi Angie,

    I was wondering if you know of anybody who makes accurate Septimus Heap jewelry or a Dragon master ring?


  4. Angie Sage

    I think I must have missed the rest of your post? But we are all off to Ask Angie 6 now, so see you there!

  5. Jade

    Hi Angie!

    Sorry for the re-post, I’m just extremely curious.

    Will Snorri and Nicko be together? I don’t really like Snorri, but I’m just asking. And I love Rose and Septimus! I didn’t want him with Syra at all!
    Your book series is the first in which all the couples I wanted together are together and no one was with someone I didn’t like. Except Nicko and Snorri, it seems as though Nicko has gotten a bit tired of her.

    But are they together?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Jade,

      Yes, Nicko and Snorri are together in PathFInder. You will see quite a bit of them there. Sometimes people need a break from each other to realise what they are missing and this is what happened with Nicko and Snorri.
      I agree, Sep was not right with Syra and he and Rose will be together for a good few years. But not forever…

  6. hotep ra ra ra rocks!:]

    I have a problem about the house of foyx so the house is in every time but if in one time someone destroys it then in every time it gets destroyed and the people in it are sent to some cross demension or something

    • Angie Sage

      Everyone has a problem with the HofF, especially thos within it. The HofF cannot be destroyed. It would reappear at once. It is the most Magykal and weird thing in the whole of the Sep world.

  7. hotep ra ra ra rocks!:]

    angie sage i have a question how come from the looks of it the 2 faced ring has more abilities from the dragon ring septimus wears or is sep not using it to its full use?

    • Angie Sage

      A Darke object is so often more powerful, this is the sad truth of things. The Two-Faced ring is downright evil. There is no other word for it…
      Sep’s Dragon Ring is an Enabling Ring, which means it will strengthen the powers he has. In return he too gives something back to the ring. Sep is using the Dragon Ring in the way it is meant to be used – in symbiosis.

  8. hotep ra rocks

    sorry when i said our eyes turn green i mean wizards

  9. hotep ra rocks

    when is todhunter series coming out

  10. Evadium Night (hopefully in your next book...?) :)

    Hey Angie! I’m doing a book report on Darke and I would like to ask you some questions…


    Where did you get the idea for the Septimus heap series?

    Who is your favorite character?

    What compelled you to make not all ghosts bad? (in the series)

    Is the Castle modeled after any certain town?

    Darke is such an in-depth book, it must’ve taken forEVER to right. So how long DID it take?

    Are any of your characters modeled after anyone you know?

    Okay, fess up did you get Zelda’s name from legends of Zelda?


    • Angie Sage

      Hello Grace,
      I hope this gets to you in time for your book report.
      favourite character … I love so many of my characters that it is impossible to pick a favourite. But I do love writing about Marcia and Septimus, especially when they are together. I love writing about Beetle too. And I also love writing about the Port Witch Coven!
      Ghosts … well I reckon that ghosts are just people who are no longer living. So, like people, most are not bad, although you will always find one or two that are, unfortunately.
      The castle is my ideal place to live, but it is not modelled on anywhere in particular. I think you could find parts of Rye in Kent in there, which is a favourite place of mine, but really it is its own special place, which seems to have grown over the years.
      The characters are all their own people and are just themselves. However, I suspect that the idea for Marcia might have grown from a lovely person I once shared a flat with. She was called Maria, her favourite colour was purple (!) and was a little older than myself and my friend who shared the flat too. So we were her apprentices, in a way.
      Yes, they all seem to have taken FOREVER! You are so right… DARKE did take about 10 months and then a few months more with all the editing. There was a lot to check out and make sure it all worked.
      Nope – I got her name from a friend’s daughter. And SHE was born way before the Legends of Zelda!
      Thanks, Grace. Here’s wishing you lots of luck with your project.

  11. Hi Angie. Biggest fan EVER talking to you here. I was just wondering, will there be any more books (eg time skips and stuff like that). It would FANTASTIC if there is, because you books are BRILLIANT.

    • Angie Sage

      Thank you, Matthew! Yes, I am going to keep on writing – I do have lots of ideas, but of course books take time to write. Sometimes I really wish they didn’t and I could just Magyk them into existence. But while there are people to read them, I will write them!

  12. MCM

    Hi again, Angie! Sorry that I have so many questions, but I just love the Septimus Heap world and I wonder about it everyday. Just a few Q’s this time:

    1.Are Rose and Jenna friends? Do they get along well?
    2. Even though Septimus and Rose will be broken up in THM, will Rose have another role in the series, besides being Septimus’s ex-girlfriend? Will she be doing her own things and going on her own adventures?
    3. Will your YA book be published before or after the TodHunterMoon series? How long will it be?
    4. What other books about the Septimus Heap world will you write after TOD? I remember reading that you might write a Marcia centered series or a Beetle centered series. What about Jenna?
    5. What happened to Theo, Aunt Zelda’s brother who was a storm petrel? Did they ever meet again before she became a tree?
    6. Are we going to get to see the PathFinder book cover soon?

    Thanks! I really think it’s awesome of you as a busy author to actually answer fan’s questions! That’s really cool of you!


    • Angie Sage

      Yes, I know what yo mean about the Sep world, it does that to me too!
      1. They don’t know each other very well as Rose is a bit in awe of Jenna. Jenna needs to make more of an effort there, really…
      2. Rose will be there in the Manuscriptorium, I am just about to write about here, but she will not be a major character. The thing with THM is it is impossible to have all of teh odl characters back along with the new ones, so some do have to go. But she will bein the YA book, of course.
      3. I am writing the YA book alongside THM book 2 … it hasn’t got very far yet though. I will be publishing this myself with The Septimus Press (more details here later) and my aim is for it to come out at the same time as PathFinder. It will be more of a novella, I think.
      4. Yes, I do very much want to write about Marcia. Again this will be published with The Septimus Press. HarperCollins want me to keep the Septimus books to middle grade age fiction, so for YA I will be going it alone!
      5. He did appear briefly in Fyre. I think I mentioned him towards the end?
      6. I haven’t seen it yet! But it will be finished soon, and as soon as I see it I will ask if I can post it here. The roughs look really great, by the way.
      Thank you, MCM. It is so nice for me to hear from fans, it makes me want to keep on writing!

  13. Merrin

    Does the castle have holidays like Halloween? If so what’s Sep’s fav holiday?

    • Angie Sage

      Sep’s favourite is the MidWinter Feast on 25th December and the Port has Hallowseeth, which you can read about in The Darke Toad!

  14. Angie Sage

    Hi Tina,

    He just wrote to apologise to her for all the bad stuff he had done. And to say that he knew he had done wrong. It was all part of what he had to do to come back to the Castle and be accepted again. Of course, jenna also had to accept the apology, which took a little longer.
    And thank you!

  15. Septimus Heap

    Wotcha Angie!
    I was wondering when the epilogue was coming out and I think it should take time when they’re 20 years old and I was wondering if I could be septic us heap in the movie because I’m 10 years old and my birthdays in December so my window is closing.i think septimus Heap romance novels would be great.
    P.s I think your the best writer ever you inspire me.

  16. colin

    I don’t know if you are familliar with the word bomebalalome. Infact it’s such a secret word that it can’t be found on the internet or any dictionary. But there are a handfull of people on earth who know about it.
    Your first book magyk and part of darke had this in it. And I, unlike most people, really, really, really enjoys reading about it. Bomebalalome is a place where you feel safe, peiceful and content. Everyone has their place, even if they don’t know it. Perhaps under that mango tree in the back yard, or by the misty lake quay by your porch.
    But when you showed the main characters in magyk stranded out in the marshes, on the run, safe and warm with aunt zelda and everything is warming and makes you cheeerful, you hit my bomebalalome on the spot. So I would like to thank you for being the only writer I know of that can let things like that make it into your writing instead of a bunch of awfull fighting and action and all that nonsense. Thankyou! I love your books!

    P.S. You should really write a mystery style novel after tod’s books.

  17. Wotcha Mrs. Sage!

    I’m going to suppress all words of praise I feel like typing right now, because that would make a wall of text not at all worth reading. And everything I could say about your wild and amazing imagination has already been said. So I’ll only ask one question (which has probably been asked before);

    Are you beginning to miss Septimus and his friends? I understand that TodHunter Moon is going to be set only seven years later, but still. Or are you planning to either reference or actually include him in the trilogy?

  18. Septimus heap

    I would love a epilogue to the septimus heap series and I wish by any chance I could be septimus heap in the movie and that there would be a lot of romance septimus heap novels and that the epilogue would take time around when they were 24.

    P.s I wish I could be your co-writer!

  19. ivy

    wotcha angie!
    i have a few questions.

    1) how is the progress on tod hunter moon coming

    2) is warner bros still making the movie

    3) will you ever make a book of a collection of the spells used in the book?

  20. MCM

    Hi Angie! (again!)

    I just wanted to let you know that I really admire your female characters, they’re role models for me and for other girls, I’m sure. Jenna – she’s brave and kind in every way and isn’t afraid to speak up, while Marcia is fierce and independent and teaches that being a girl doesn’t mean your super girly, and Lucy Gringe is just Lucy Gringe. Snorri- she was different and did something that woman weren’t supposed to do (trading) and did it all without caring what other people thought of her. And Syrah Syra was brave and sacrificed her own self for others and cared about the greater good of the Castle instead of just worrying about herself. These characters – well, they almost feel like real people for me, have each taught me a lesson. They’re stubborn, kind, independent, brave and wonderful in every way. So I just wanted to thank you for making these female rolemodels strong and empowering and just awesome characters in general.

  21. Penelope

    Dear Angie,

    I just finished book 7 and I wanted to say that I wanted to cry because it was over but at the same time I was happy you were continuing. I really hope that something good happens between ❤Beetle and Jenna❤ and I’m asking if something does happen. I have an idea that you can use in the first TodHunter Moon book but if you are almost done you can use it in the second book. I think it would be great if Jenna’s daughter was CradleSnatched as a baby by a witch. I’m guessing that Alice is going to be Sep’s apprentice and maybe she can go rescue Jenna’s daughter but I’m not sure if that is a good idea. (You will see why I thought this on page 285 in FYRE) Are the old characters going to be in the TodHunter Moon series a lot? I hope so!!! Please answer my questions and tell me what you think of my idea.

    From, Penelope😃😎

  22. Tina

    Hi Angie! I really like septimus heap books and I think you are a great writer. I just finished Darke and I was wondering what did Simon write in his letter to Jenna at the beginning?

  23. MCM

    Wotcha, Angie!

    I love Septimus Heap so much! It’s the best book series I have ever read, and trust me, I’ve read MANY book series! The characters are so well written it feels like they’re standing right next to me whenever I read the book!

    Here’s some questions for you about the TodHunterMoon series (I’ve been waiting for so long for it to come out!)
    1. Does Aunt Zelda die? In Fyre, Jenna thought she was really confused and getting pretty old, and I know that Zelda had Wolf Boy take over for her as the Keeper, so, does that mean that she’s not going to be alive in THM?
    2. Who is the bad character in THM? I remember reading another post where you said that the ‘baddie’ met Septimus in Syren on Harbor 12, but I don’t remember who that person is. Also, does DomDaniel have a daughter or a son that is continuing his mission?
    3. How do you think Sep Heap compares to Harry Potter? Have you ever met J.K Rowling? Also, how do you think it compares to the Hunger Games?
    4. What or who inspired you to write the Septimus Heap series?
    5. Do you have any specific actresses or actors you’d want to play any Sep Heap characters in the movie?
    6. Did you ever think Jen and Sep might end up together before you finished writing the series? Is there (and I know this is a vague hope) any possibility that they might still end up together? (I’ve read the whole series so I’m pretty sure it’s going to be Jenna and Beetle and Rose and Septimus, but I can keep on dreaming)
    7. Is Jenna going to become a full-fleched witch?
    8. Which witch coven do you think is “nicer”: The Wendrons or the Port Witch Coven? Which would you rather belong to if you were forced to chose?
    9. Are any of the characters going to die in THM?
    10. Are we going to find out more about Beetle’s job as CHS? Like, his specific abilities and tasks?
    11. Will the Syren ever have her revenge and get free? Where is she being ‘kept’?
    12. Will any of the characters return to the Dark Halls or the Badlands?
    13. Will Jenna enjoy being Queen or not? Does this mean that she’s not aloud to take part in any adventures anymore?
    14. Marcia obviously likes Milo. Would it be awkward between Cery’s and Marcia if Milo marries Marcia? If your wife or husband is a ghost, is it against the law or ghost code to marry someone else?
    15. Whatever happened to Mad Jack?
    16. What is Jenna’s daughter’s name?

    Thanks! Hope this wasn’t too long and that you’ll reply!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi MCM,
      Wow, what a lot of questions …I am so pleased you feel this way about Septimus, it’s always what I hope for with each book. I will wizz through the replies…

      1. She’s ShapeShifted to be a tree. So Marwick (Wolf Boy) is now Keeper.
      2. DD has no heirs, thank goodness. There is a big baddie, he is called Oraton-Marr. And yes, Sep met the minor baddie, the Lady, on Harbour 12. Nuff said…
      3. I dunno. I only read the first 2 HPs as I didn’t want the ideas to slip across. And I’ve not read the Hunger Games. So I guess only you know that, really. But I hope Sep will be up there with them both one day! No, I’ve not met JK. But would love to.
      4. It was just a story I;d loved with for years. So I had to write it. Took me a while to get around to it though…
      5. No. But sadly there won’t be a movie by the looks of it.
      6. Aha. But they have to be MUCH older. wait and see.
      7. No. She was just playing at it. And is only at the very first stage. I can’t see her taking it further. Well, not yet…
      8. Give me the Wendrons every time. Can you imagine living in that smelly house in the Port? And there is some seriously nasty stuff going in there too.
      9. Not so far…
      10. I hope so, but there is so much to think about in the new series. However, I do want one of the 3 books to be more Beetle-centred.
      11. She is in the WT Sealed Cells. Not sure. I think that is where she will stay for a while.
      12. They are off to pastures new at the moment. So much to explore…
      13. She gets into it, but yes she will get frustrated by having to stay home. But she’ll still be doing some stuff.
      14. It will always be a little awkward, but they get over this by moving away. And yes, a ghost is just a ghost, you can remarry…
      15. I think he moved to an island on the marshes.
      16. Mattie. But she’s not been born yet.


  24. Nerea

    Will you talk about the forest Heaps and the Marshes in TodHunter Moon? I really like the character of Sam, and I would really like to know more about him. And something about Nicko, please! Nicko is really important in the first books, but in Darke and Fyre you don’t talk about him that much. I would love to read smth more about him 🙂

    • Angie Sage


      Well, Sam will be in book 2. He’s talked about in Book 1 (PathFinder) but is, at present, lost in the Ancient Ways.
      Nicko is in PathFinder quite a lot – much more than in Darke or Fyre!
      You will also find Simon and Lucy and of course Sep himself…

  25. Beckie

    hi angie no question just saying that today I got the collectors edition of fyre and im sooooo excited to read it!! thanks for the signature and by the way I got copy 1205! thanks once again!

  26. Peter Megenhardt

    Dear Angie Sage,

    I have just finished reading the first book in your Septimus Heap series, Magyk, and, to sum up how I feel about it, all I can say is that I wish that I had read it when it first came out! It has been a while since I have read a book that is as creative and thought provoking as it is. I can’t wait to start reading Flyte and the rest of the series.
    Though it was a very imaginative and surreal fantasy world that the story was set in, I was glad to see that there were many relatable aspects, characters, and situations that felt very realistic and possible, such as the poor yet grateful state of the Heap family and the way people think of the ExtraOrdinary Wizard and all Wizards based on what the Supreme Custodian was telling them. Were there any events in the book that you based off of real life situations? The person that I related with the most was Boy 412. For almost all of the book, he was just following what the other main characters were telling him to do after he was kidnapped by them, even though he just wishes for everything to go back to the way it was. I remember feeling similarly during some parts of my life, like moving and changing schools in the middle of my kindergarten year. All that I could do during these situations was go along with it and hope that I got used to it, the same as Boy 412. At least I knew that there wasn’t that significant of a chance of me getting killed, unlike Boy 412. Who do you relate to the most in the story?
    Boy 412 also made me think about and question the very nature of the live of the characters in the book and our lives. I asked myself many questions while I was reading, and one kept coming up in my mind; are our paths, decisions, and impacts on the world all predetermined? Seeing all of the events transpire and having everything link together in the end of the book, especially with Boy 412 ending up being Septimus Heap, makes this seem like a very possible theory, at least for the Magyk world. But in real life? Who knows. I for one think that we all control our own destinies, but the chances that we are given to change and shape them can be limited. What do you think about this? What made you want to make it such a prevalent, recurring idea throughout the book?
    I wanted to thank you for writing Magyk and all of the other books that I have yet to read in the series. Very few authors have your ability to keep the reader anticipating what will happen next yet still being sensible and creative. I hope that I enjoy the rest of the series as much as I did Magyk, and that you continue to write books like this one.

    Peter Megenhardt

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Peter,

      Thanks so much for your comments – so good to hear! It’s a strange thing but when I write I am never sure how things are going to pan out, I always hope that I will be able to weave something good, but to hear that so many levels have worked is wonderful. I didn’t consciously base the book on any real life situations, but having grown up hearing a lot about WW2 and totalitarianism I think a horror of some of this seeped into the first book.
      I do remember feeling like Boy 412 as a child, similar situations to you I think, and knowing that all I could do was watch and wait. I so relate to Boy 412 a lot, but also to Marcia too! I suspect there is a little bit of myself in many of the characters, I feel quite an affinity for Beetle, who you will meet in Flyte.
      I dunno about things being predetermined, not to an extent that you are just a cog in a machine, but what I have found is that coincidences happen a lot when we are doing the things we feel right about. And when life is not working, it just seems to be an empty slog with no connections whatsoever. So in Magyk, Boy 412 was suddenly doing something right, even though it didn’t feel like that to him at the time. This theme does carry on through the series and there is a particularly big coincidence in Queste, which I thought long and hard about, but decided that yes, stuff like this does happen. But I guess I do love that feeling of all things coming full circle, a feeling of completeness. It’s a nice things to write about too…
      I hope you enjoy the rest of the series. It was a wonderful journey for me and I learnt a lot along the way. And actually, I do think it gets better as it goes on!
      It was great to hear from you!

  27. Lisa

    Hello Angie!

    I just finished reading fyre-in only two days. I laughed, I cried, I felt anger, I was happy and now I’m still in the magical world of SH. There aren’t many books that make you wanna live in this world and the SH series is definitely one of such books. I’m so upset that the series has come to end. And I’m looking forward to books about marcia. I’d love to read those books. I ask myself what happened with Marcia and Milo after fyre. It’s a kind of open end. What happened? Or are you going to write a book for this time as well? Something like the magycal papers? Would be great. I think no one wants the SH series to end.. The characters are too great and lovely. You have done such a great job writing those books. Thank you. So much. I started reading them when I was 13 and now I’m 16 and still love sh. Expecially Marcia, but who doesn’t?
    I could ask you so many questions about her but in case you write a book about her I needn’t to ask.

    Please keep on writing. I’ve never laughed so much reading a book. Greetings from Germany.
    Alles Gute!

    P.s I just spent hours on this site to receive more information because I don’t want the books to end 😦

    • Angie Sage

      HI Lisa,
      Oh, I am sorry you have end of series blues … but even I couldn’t really leave them all. So there is a follow-on trilogy (series title: TodHunter Moon) and the first book, called PathFinder, will be out next Autumn. I hope Hanser in Germany will take this – they have been so great with Septimus!
      PathFinder picks up seven years on so we see most of the old characters, but this time through the eyes of Alice TodHunter Moon.
      I do also want to write about Marcia, she is tapping her purple pointy foot impatiently. But first I have to finish the trilogy.
      But the good news is, you don’t have to leave the world yet…

  28. Maja

    A big hello to you, Angie! 😀 (Or how they say in my area: Moin! :D)
    I just finished Fyre last night and I love it! And I cried really hard when I read about Aunt Zelda and maxie in the endings… I’m glad that everyone was already sleeping, ’cause I don’t know if i would have been able to explainit to them (especially to my mother :D).
    Now, I have a few questions.

    1. In the manuscriptorium when Jenna, Beetle, Julius and Alther went through the secret bookshelf, it says that Alther came with them (if I read that right), but how was he able to? He must have been there before he became ghost, but that is a little confusing me now…

    2. I think you didn’t mention what happened to Tertius Fume… Or am I wrong? I can’t remember that I read about him at the end of Darke… And in Fyre you didn’t mention him either. …or am I wrong with everything? 😀

    3. In some comments above you said that Sep and Rose will probably not be together in THM and that it isn’t clear yet if Jenna loves Beetle as much as she has to for a good relationship. All this gave me an idea… Would it be possible for you for the two of them (Sep and Jen) becoming a couple? You don’t have to say if it will be like that, but would it be an option for you?

    4. This is no question, but I just wanted to tell you how hard I laughed when Jillie Djinn and Marcias Sofa were put out! 😀 This solution is so simple that I slapped my hand to my forehead. 😀 The other one I laughed very hard to was when Sep and Rose saw Macia and Marcellus arm in arm and Sep asked her if they wanted to live together. 😀
    Brilliant ideas! 😀

    5. Again I am not sure if I’m right, but didn’t Cerys and Milo want to give Jenna the name of both her grandmothers? So Matthilda and the name of Milos mother? And if this is right: How would her name have been then? Maybe ” (?) – Matthilda” or “Matthilda – (?) ” (I hope you understand me, because I don’t know how to explain in English – I’m German.)

    6. Who exactly is Julia (the girl Jenna met on her journey) and what happened to her? Also I wonder if the place where Jenna, Cerys and Matthilda went to is related to Venice? And I thought about one thing as well: When Jenna fled, did Cerys and Matthilda immediately come back to the castle or were they spending more time there before they realized that Jenna was gone?

    7. Did Macia cry when Aunt Zelda died? (Sorry for spoiler…) And how did all the others react on that? (For example Beetle who didn’t know her very well. Or Jenna, Nicko and Septimus who spend their time with her in most of Magyk. Or the boggart. Or Seps brothers or…..)

    Okay then… I think it’s enough for the moment 😀
    (Sorry for mistakes..)

    Maja ♥

    • Angie Sage


      So pleased you loved Fyre! Ok, lets try to answer your questions…
      1. Yes, Alther was a nosy EOW and made a point of going to all kinds of places. The bookshelf was not particularly secret, just hidden from the general public.
      2. He was Banished by Marcia… I think I put that somewhere…
      3. Yes … this is an option! But maybe not yet. I will say no more.
      4. Yes, I laughed too when I thought of it. I still smile at the thought of them carrying out that sofa!
      5. Yes, I think Jenna would have been called Mathilda … or Matthilda as her grandmother was called. Milo’s mother was called Trinna, which I don’t think would have suited Jenna at all.
      6. Julia was a girl in another Time. Yes, you are right about Venice, that is where they come from. I had never been to Venice when I began to describe the Queens and Marcellus but when I did go there i realised that it was the place I had been thinking about. Particularly all the glass-making. Weird really.
      7. No, I am sorry to say she didn’t. But she wished her well in her new state as a tree. Since she became a tree the Heap family have visited her quite a few times. Marwick was going to but then something happened to him (wait until TodHunter Moon!) and he never got there.
      Thanks Maja – your English is very good indeed!

  29. Lexi

    I just finished reading Fyre and, omg, I am FREAKING OUT! When is todhunter moon comming out?! I NEED TO KNOW!!!!
    P.S. I’m a big fan, as you can see 😀

    • Autumn 2014. 🙂

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Lexi,
      Yes, Shauki is, as ever, right! Next Autumn. We don’t have an exact date yet but will post it as soon as we know.

  30. James Pennington

    Angie i have a question for you. The question is is the series realy ended,because at the end of the 7th book it says its ended,but it only realy goes for a few mouths after the events in are you planing something like a future book possible with a new main character?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi James,
      Well, you guessed totally right! Yes, there will be a new trilogy where we go back 7 years and meet some of the old characters and get to know a few new ones too. I had to step back from the late teen years as my publishers did not want the series to go into YA territory. However, we will, one way or another, get there in the end as I am also planning a book which fills in that 7 year gap!

  31. nickq

    hi angie i love your septimus heap siries

    • Angie Sage

      Hi there,

      Thank you so much for telling me! I’m so pleased you do. 🙂

  32. Ello’ Angie! I just need to know, is there more to alchemie than just turning metal into gold? And how do you feel about Bronies? If you don’t know what a Brony is than just click my name for a link to a picture.

    Thanks for, answering!

    • Angie Sage

      Yes, a whole LOT more to Alchemie. It’s a form of science really, a mixture of medicine, nuclear physics and all kinds of weird stuff.
      I think the Brownies are annoying creatures, but you can keep them in control as long as you have a few Hexes at your disposal. But as for a Brony … well, that’s just scary! 😀

  33. jjujack

    Hey Angie any advise for young authors and good books (other than yours you are in my top 3 authors) please and thanks from jjujack

    • Angie Sage

      Hi there,

      Well advice for young authors is just write what you like to read. But most of all keep on reading all kinds of good, classic stuff and soak up all those wonderful ways of using words. Good books … ok, here I have to confess that I don’t read YA fiction so I am out of the loop on what is good. However, I do recommend Mervyn Peake’s Gormenghast trilogy. I guess you must have read Tolkein? Moonfleet by JM Faulkener is a great read too. All a little old fashioned, but great stuff all the same.
      Other authors I like to read: Rose Tremaine, Helen Dunmore, Ian McEwan and of course, Jane Austen!

  34. Hello Angie, (Not the “biggest” fan but I should be up there soon).

    I was just wondering if there is a full box of the Septimus Heap series. Like a limited edition with EVERYTHING included.
    If not, just all the main books.

    PS. LOVE THE STORY, I’m not much of a reader, but this school year (my last year!) I just decided to walk into my school library. I was browsing then I see “Magky” just by reading that (and the first page) it caught my eye and hooked on to it.
    PSS. THANK YOU for these books!!!, it takes me away from reality and pain.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Jason,
      I think I got this message on Facebook? But great to hear from you.
      There are no plans in the UK to bring out a full box set, sadly. Sigh. Though I will ask again when the time is right.
      I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed the books, they do take you somewhere else… but I also hope you can fix the stuff here too, and that reality gets a little less painful.
      lots of good wishes,

  35. jjujack

    Hey angie do you have advise for young writers like the does and don’ts

    • Angie Sage

      Do … read a LOT. Write because you love to do it. Show your work to someone you trust and listen to what they say.
      Don’t … worry if you get stuck – everyone does. Just throw something else into the pot and see what happens. Don’t try to write a bestseller, just try to write something good, something that you would want to read.
      And DO have fun with it! Time enough for the hard boring slog when you are older…

  36. jenna heap

    how is the progress on tod hunter moon going? and is warner bros still gonna do the movie or?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Jenna Heap,

      Good news: TodHunter Moon is going really well. Mark Zug is painting a fantastic cover and Book One, PathFinder, is all finished. I am now writing book 2…
      Not so good news: No movie. Well, that is what it looks like at the moment.

  37. Ella

    Hello Angie!
    I started to think about something the other day and I cannot get it out of my mind… What would happen if the queen only got sons? Is it possible to have a king? Or will someone else – a cousin or something – have to step in?

    Ps. I just bought a new iphone cover, it has a map of the Castle on it. How awesome is that?! 😀

    Sincerely, Ella!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Ella,
      No kings allowed… the Queen would then be a younger sister of the current queen, or the throne would be held vacant for a daughter of one of the sons. It has, surprisingly, worked so far…
      That is amazing, a map of the Castle on an iPhone. I had no idea!

  38. leonardo777

    Hi angie! I’m re-reading the Septimus Heap series (After reading Fyre I was Enchanted and had a spell cast on me to read them again) And, i’ve just finished Syren. Can you PLEASE explain about the ‘Days of Beyond’? Is it, the time that we are in now? Please, just give me a year when it is set..

    • Angie Sage

      Ah, it is good to see my Hidden Spell at the end of Fyre worked… hey hey!
      The Days of Beyond is the distant past. So yes, it is us right now and in the near future. The year is in Fyre: 12,004. And yes, the phases of the moon actually are right for then, I have checked it out. 🙂

  39. Phoebe

    Dear Angie,
    my name is Phoebe and I live in Australia. I have just finished reading all the Araminta Spook books. I love them soooooo much I am writing to ask if you can please write another one soon?
    Love from your fan Phoebe!

    • There’s going to be a new Araminta next year. GARGOYLE HALL is going to be published May 2014 (only in the UK, but you can order it online) 🙂

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Phoebe,
      I am so happy that you love Araminta – I do too!
      Yes, Shauki is right, I have written another Araminta Spook called Gargoyle Hall and hope to write yet another, which I will call Skeleton Island! They are being published in the UK but I think you will find them in Australia too as my UK publisher does distribute there. I don’t have any news about the date yet but will post here when I do. It looks like being sometime in the summer (your winter!) I think.

  40. Adam

    I’ve posted some question for you over several Ask Angies. Unfortunately, I’m afraid I’ve been absent from Sep’s world for a while now But i was looking over this page today, and I noticed some of the new answers.

    So is it actually cannon now that sep’s world takes place on our earth? That the red tube, elevators, and fyre (nuclear reactor?) are remnants of our civilization, preserved? asked you about this a LOOOONG time ago (back in Ask Angie 3), and I’m so happy to get a definite answer now.

    While pondering this, though, a thought occurs to me. An elevator was placed in the Wizard tower, which must mean it was installed there during construction. Right? But… it seems most people don’t know about them, and if they’re remnants of our civilization, surely it wasn’t built. They wouldn’t know how to build one.So was an elevator already there (for some reason), and Hotep-Ra simply made use of it? what did the builders think of it? From what I remember, the elevator was on ground level, not underground (at the tower at least).

    One more thing: I just feel so confused on the matter of Cerys. I admit that the one thing I wasn’t expecting was for her to end up bossy, rude, and just generally not nice. I feel a bit confused bout her character in Fyre, might you give some insight into that?

    This is a bit random, but it’s been bugging me for a while. who exactly is the governing body of the Port? While the queen has a castle there, I have to assume she has no real jurisdiction over the Port. Someone has to appoint the chief customs officer, for example.

    Last thing, I promise: Now that the sep’s-world-is our-world-after-some catastrophe-theory has been pretty much confirmed, I wonder about jenna’s “homeland” of islands. The houses, palace, etc all seem partially submerged. Does this have to do with climate change and rising ocean levels?


    • Angie Sage

      Hi Adam,

      Yes, Sep is on our own dear earth, but way into the future, after something big and very weird has happened. So yes, you were right, the Red Tube, the elevators and the nuclear-like fusion are all remnants of our technology, though much refined and again a good way into the future.
      The elevator in the WT was already there, under the ground. Hotep-Ra built the WT on some very old ruins. He understood the Days of Beyond more than anyone. It is below ground level.
      Cerys was much nicer at the beginning of the book ,I do agree. But she has sat in her Room getting increasingly bitter as the years have gone on. She has had far too much time to think about things ans resents the Heaps’ influence on her daughter. She does not recognise herself in her daughter as she thought she would. Because I had not written about Cerys from her Point of view, I gave only the view of those who had seen her as Queen from afar. But when I got into the family dynamics, I began to understand what had really happened. This is has made her a little contradictory, I do admit.
      The governing body of the port is a small council run by the Chief Reeve and the Harbour Master, and the Chief Customs Officer. It’s a bit of a clique and very macho, but they have had to tone things down a bit since Alice Nettles became CCO. Alice was appointed to the job by mistake. They thought her name was Alistair Nettles and mixed up two candidates…
      Jenna’s homeland is Venice and the Venetian lagoon. She as going back to a fairly near future, and it was pretty much the same as it is today…
      Wow… these are all questions I have had to really consider as I was writing, I do hope the answers make sense to you!

  41. Simone Loves Septimus Heap

    Hi Angie, believe it or not, I have some more q’s!!!! So, when is the 1st TodHunter Moon coming out???? Can’t wait to get my paws on it!!! (not that i’m an animal…. ) Also, how come there are 5 Ask Angie blogs???? Do u have any good tips for aspiring writers?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Simone,
      Out is the autumn, no date yet but I will post it here when I know for sure.
      The Ask Angies get too long to scroll down easily, so them we have to make an new one. I think we’ll need an AA 6 soon!
      Tips … read lots. Write stuff that you really want to. And when you have written it, read it out aloud to yourself to see how it sounds. Also show it to someone who you trust to be honest with you about how good it is. And then listen to what they say… Good luck!

  42. jessie

    hi Angie!!
    i love your books and i’m really looking forward to the TodHunter Moon series. i have a few questions…

    how’s Septimus and Rose’s relationship going? and what happened to Nicko? what was the name of Jenna’s daughter who ran into Godric?

    thanks so much for your time!!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Jessie,

      Rose and Sep had a good run, but Rose has now dumped Septimus for Foxy. (How could she?!!)
      I’ll be writing about that in my own YA book…
      You will meet Nicko a lot in PathFinder and I think Jenna called her daughter Mattie. But she hasn’t had a daughter yet…

  43. roosters12

    how many septimus heap books are you going to write?
    I look forward to each book.

    • Angie Sage

      I’m going to do 3 more for the TodHunter Moon trilogy and then maybe a few YAs that I will publish myself.
      So there will be more Septimus for a while yet…

  44. Laurie BZ

    Hi Angie! We ran across this tidbit about a real creature and wondered if you knew about this when you wrote about Etheldredda’s “pet”:

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Laurie,

      Well, the weird thing is I knew nothing about Aye-Ayes when I first wrote about QE’s horrible pet. But then I found out later and realised that they were creepily similar. Stuff like that happens all the time to me, it is very odd.

  45. Emma from Iowa

    Hi! I’m back! And I actually have questions this time! Here they are:

    1. In the Magykal Papers, it says there’s a chapel in the Ramblings. Does that mean there’s some kind of religion in the books?

    2. I’ve seen this question many times, but I haven’t seen an answer. How do you pronounce Marcia’s name– Mar-see-uh, or Marsha? Sorry, but I don’t think I can stand reading every part of every Ask Angie!

    3. Will any of the TodHunter Moon books take place in the Castle for a little bit? Please say yes!

    4. Will Septimus be a big part of TodHunter Moon? I hope so!

    Can’t think of any more questions, so I’ll go now! Please hurry up with TodHunter Moon!

    Emma from Iowa 🙂

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Emma!
      Really nice to see you back, and you don’t have to have questions to post on Ask Angie… it’s just good to hear from people.
      1. There is no religion, but they do use remants of a few old religions for some ceremonial things, like getting married. They do a bit of a pick-and-mix, like the japanese do today.
      2. Mar-see-ah. No, I do agree, reading every question would be tooooo much!
      3. YES!
      4. YES! Well … fairly big, I think.
      I’m writing fast – we have a book scheduled for every year!

  46. Steph

    I don’t have anything to ask I just wanted to say I am doing a novel study on this book 🙂

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Steph,

      Wow, that’s really great. I hope it goes well. And I am honoured to be part of a novel study!

  47. Ash

    Hi Angie,
    I was wondering, in Darke, when Septimus goes into the Darke Halls (I don’t remember if that’s the correct name or not) and he saw the ghost girl who helped him find Dungeon Number One, you wrote that the girl looked like Jannit Maartin. Was she a relative?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Ash,
      Yes, she was Jannit Maartin’s great great great aunt…

  48. Ada

    Hi Angie,
    I absolutely love your books (obviously)! I just have one question. In one of your books (I think it was Flyte) you said that Beetle was friends with Jojo when he was younger, but in another (Queste, I think?), you said that Beetle had never met Septimus’ “forest brothers.” Did Beetle not recognize them or something?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Ada,

      oops. I need to check this one out. There are one or two glitches but this is a new one on me! Thanks for pointing it out. Beetle lived in the room below the Heaps for a while, if I remember rightly, so he will have met the Forest Heaps. I may have meant that he had not met the brothers in their Forest guise, but I know that is not the impression it gives…
      I definitely need another read through, I think!

  49. Emma

    Do you know the release date for Fyre in Sweden? I’ve been looking for it in local libraries for ages but it doesn’t seem to exist here yet.

    Love your writing,

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Emma,
      It will be published in Sweden, and I have asked about dates but there is no date yet. You could maybe get in touch with the publishers to ask?
      I hope you don’t have very long to wait!

  50. Hello Angie,
    I just finished Fyre and I LOVED it. I’ve been reading the series for 4 years now. I lost Fyre about a week after I brought it so that’s was why I hadn’t read it yet. I was so happy where everyone ended up. I always wanted sep and Jenna to get together but I knew that was never to be so I was happy where they both ended up. Thank-you for making these past couple of years so brilliant for me, and I hope the rumours about the movie is true. (Even though I will be out of school by then :))) can’t wait to read about Alice

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Violet Crumble,
      I’m really glad you liked how it all finished in Fyre, but you know, the story isn’t over yet. Jenna and Sep are only 14 and a lot can happen after that… You’ll see more in PathFinder!
      The movie is on hold right now, so it doesn’t look great. But you never know…

  51. Joel Proudfoot

    Hi Angie,

    I just wanted to say both a *HUGE* congratulations following the release of Fyre, and also an even bigger thank-you for such a wonderful, wonderful series. I’ve grown up reading these books – from the day I found Magyk at 9 years old and all the way up to feverishly awaiting Fyre’s release… and I’m 17 years old now! I can’t thank you enough for creating such an equally fascinating and enticing world – I am very happy to hear that we won’t be leaving the Septimus universe quite yet.

    I also have a few ridiculously specific questions to ask…

    1) Could members of non-wizarding families somehow attend the magyk lessons, or was it a privilige of magykl families ONLY to learn spells/magyk etc.?

    2) Was there any kind of equivalent of the Wizard Tower in the Sep world, but for those who practiced Darke magyk? I know that the Badlands housed both DomDaniel and Simon for a period, but were there any castles/ruins elsewhere where all kinds of Darke things were afoot?

    3) In terms of books and papers that would be found in the Manuscriptorium/the Wizard Tower, would these be on a kind of yellowed, aged parchment? I always imagined any documents or books to look very old and medieval…

    4) Was there any kind of Necromancy-based magyk in the Sep universe? I’ve always wondered if DomDaniel got up to any spirit-summoning or raising of the undead whilst waiting for the Supreme Custodian to finally capture Jenna…

    5) Do you have any plans to release a second ‘Magykal Papers’-esque book? I fell in love with the first one; I absolutely love all the fine details about Wizard Way, and the section about the Wizard tower.

    Thanks again for such a Magykal series, and I eagerly await the time we see Septimus and Co. again!


    • Angie Sage

      Hi Joel.
      Hey, thank you too! I’m so glad that Sep has followed you through the teens, that is how it is meant to be, but it is really good to know that it has worked that way.

      so …
      1. Yes, all can attend Magyk lessons. It is part of castle History and if you can;t actually do it, you can still be an expert on the subject. In fact some of the most informed people about Magyk are not Magykal one bit. Just look at Larry at Larry’s Dead Languages.
      2. Darke stuff tends to be much more fragmented, so there is no centre of excellence, as there is for the good stuff. thank goodness.
      3. Yes, a lot of them are on vellum because that keeps better. And on scrolls for easy storage. Also because they like to cultivate that medieval vibe.
      4. DD did a fair bit of dead summoning to work out propitious times to get rid of Queen Cerys. It’s not a good thing, but it worked.
      5. I would love to release another Magykal Papers but there is not the market for it at the moment. We have to get more people reading Septimus first!

      Thank you for your brilliant comments, and I hope you love PathFinder just as much,

  52. SepHeapFan

    hi Angie! first I wanted to say I’m such a huge fan and love so much love love your series!!!! I haven’t read the last book that’s come out, Fyre, because I haven’t had access to a library or bookstore for the time it’s been out. :/ can’t wait to read it though! I’m gonna burst if I don’t get to a bookstore soon! :DD
    anyways, well I’ve been researching a Septimus Heap movie, and the last things I saw about it were in 2010. And, I’m not asking for an audition, I just wanted to know if the contract or whatever it’s called is still on and their still thinking of making a movie because if they did I’d be so happy! So what I’m asking is are you waiting for the ‘green light?’ still? I really can’t wait for the movie, and if they do auditions maybe I’ll see if I’m good I’m not really a actress but I could try. But I’m blonde :/ Anyways, thanks, such a huge huge fan so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I lived in Septimus’s world 😀 you’re a big inspiration for me b/c I want to be part writer (like fantasy children kinda thing) part some other stuff when I’m older. thanks!!!! :DDDDDDDD I’m just so excited :DDD

  53. nathan vidar gehring

    Have you thought of making “Magikal collector’s” books, were the books are made up of in the books itself? (for example, the first one will say apprentice journal on it and the cover be made of leather and metal.)

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Nathan,
      Oh, I would LOVE to! But it is not up to me, but my publishers to do things like this. I do sometimes suggest stuff like this but so far we are just doing the main series. I think Septimus needs to go a bit global for things like this to happen… We will just have to keep spreading the word!

  54. colin

    sorry to double post, but I was wondering…

    Is hugo tenderfoot an ancestor of bo tenderfoot

    • Angie Sage

      Yes he is! A great great great – and then some – grandfather…

  55. Josh

    Hi Angie, I just want to say that i love your septimus heap books so much and i am almost don with dark. You are such a talented author and have a real gift. what to u plan to do after u finish ThM? R u going to continue with fantasy or change genres?

    Sincerely, Josh

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Josh,

      thank you so much! I do want to explore other genres and ways of writing when I have done with THM. Just straightforward literary fiction would be my goal, I think. However, first I need to finish all things Septimus and then make some space and really think about my next thing. I have a couple of half-finished novels sitting on the computer and a great idea for a spy series. So who knows…
      I do really appreciate your comments!

  56. Mairead

    Hey Angie,
    I’m very new to this but I just finished the whole septimus heap series and I loved it. I just would like to now some stuff about TodHunter moon series. If there is anything you can I would be sooo grateful


    • Angie Sage

      I am really sorry my reply has taken so long, I’ve been getting TodHunter Moon book 1 sorted out and it takes up a lot of head space!
      I do see that everyone needs to know a little more about what is next now … what I will do is write a bit about the THM series and post it on this site. Have a look in a couple of days!

  57. Emma from Iowa

    Hi Angie! I can’t believe I finally got on this blog… Anyway, I don’t have a question right now. This is just the first time I’ve ever made a comment! I have read all seven books, plus The Magykal Papers, and I am a huge fan of Septimus Heap and your books! Can’t wait for TodHunter Moon!

    Keep writing,
    Emma from Iowa 🙂

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Emma,
      Welcome to the Sep heap blog site and I hope you are not put off by my VERY late reply. I do get times with writing when I just don’t seem to have any space to think about anything at all and September/October where just one big writing thing … but now I have finished PathFinder I can finally think again… So please do keep checking in. I will try to do better in future!


    What time period is the septimus heaps series. Because I was reading Fyre and Septimus writes that the year is 12,004 or something like that.

    • Angie Sage


      Yes, it is indeed the year 12,004. AD! Which means we are actually reading Sci Fi.
      An awful lot has happened between now and then…

  59. Ash

    Hi Angie,
    In Darke, who was the ghost girl who helped Septimus find his way to Dungeon Number one in the Darke Halls? I think you wrote that she looked like Jannit Maarten. Was she a relative?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Ash, my reply seems to have disappeared! spooky. She was Jannit’s great great – and then some – grandmother.

  60. theninthheap

    Hi Angie,
    First, thank you so much for answering my previous question! I was hesitant to post because 5 years ago I had to write to an author for school, and I chose you, but I never got a response. I was very downcast and somewhat unwilling to try my luck again. But I’m glad I did, and now I will beg your pardon in advance for the amount of questions I am going to ask.
    1. You said earlier on this blog that Septimus had very few cousins, however in the Endings and Beginnings of Queste it says that all but 2 of Benjamin Heap’s sons had many children… so I am confused… Does Sep indeed have a lot of cousins but doesn’t know about them?
    2. Does Silas keep in contact with his brothers? Do they live in the Castle?
    3. Since Edd and Erik are now in the Wizard Tower does Sep become closer to them?
    4. What is Nicko’s birthday?
    5. How did Beetle and Septimus meet?
    6. Will Marwick be in TodHunter Moon? Will we see him with his brothers? (my only disappointment with Fyre is that he never spoke to them)
    7. I read that in TodHunter Moon Sep has a “wandering eye”. It made me so sad. First, I don’t imagine Septimus being like that at all, and second he belongs with Rose!
    8. Can you tell me anything about Rose’s life before her Apprenticeship? Does she have siblings? What are her parents like? Where did she live? Hobbies? Friends? Boyfriends?
    9. Will Syrah remember Magyk? I hope she does. I like her a lot, even though I don’t think she’s right for Septimus. But I do wish they would stay friends.
    10. How many Apprentices are there in the Wizard Tower?
    11. Where was the Palace Jenna went to during her Journey?
    12. Is there a police force in the Castle?
    13. Are there different races or is everyone white? If there are, who is a different race?
    14. Is there a religion in the Castle? Does it resemble any religion of our world?
    15. Does Septimus prefer being called “Sep” or “Septimus”?
    Thank you so much for your time? Sorry again!

    • Angie Sage

      Hello 9th Heap,

      I’m so sorry you didn’t get an answer before. I do reply to all my letters so I can only think that yours never got to me. They do often get to me very very late and often people have moved school … Anyway, this is late too I am sorry to say. its been a crazy busy two months and I am only now catching up.
      So here goes answering your questions…
      1. He does have cousins but I don’t think he knows about them. This is contradictory and I need to get it sorted. another thing for my index list!
      2. All the brothers have gone elsewhere. As you see, they do come back for Simon’s wedding and Edmund and Ernold are at the centre of a lot of trouble…
      3. Yes, he gets to know them but as he is now EOW there is a bit of a distance between them.
      4. Nicko’s birthday is in June, I have noted down the date but can’t find it. He is 18 moths older than Sep.
      5. As a new Apprentice, Sep was sent down to the Manuscriptorium on lots of errands. And beetle of course was on the desk.
      6. Marwick will be spoken of In PathFinder, but we see him for real in book 2. I’ve not written his brothers yet but we will see them together. Yes, I did want to do that in Fyre but it was getting soooo long I had to stop somewhere.
      7. Well, Sep is 21 now and a young man in a powerful position. He will settle down again.
      8. Rose lived a quiet life in the Port with her grandmother. She is an only child, both parents dead of the Sickenesse. She has always loved Magyk.
      9. They will stay friends, but Syrah is much damaged by being Possessed. More than is possible to make better, sadly.
      10. The number varies a lot. It depends how many Wizards have an Apprentice. But it has increased with the Apprentice Rotation Scheme. It varies between 50 and 100.
      11. It was an ancient family house in Venice. A Palazzo.
      12. No, they do their own policing and everyone looks out for each other. It is an monarchistic anarchy, really!
      13. No organised religions at all. They have developed beyond all that. They do have a spiritual sense of belonging to the world and of respect for life, though. I guess you can add pagan to the monarchistic anarchy!
      14. he likes being called Sep. If someone calls him Septimus he knows that either he has done something wrong or it is work related.


  61. Jess

    dear anige,

    let me just start off by saying that i LOVE the septimus heap books, like ALOT right down to the font that is used in them (i know it sounds weird but its true 😀 ).i just finished reading Fyre literally about 15 minutes ago and am just like OMGOMGOMGOMG. i cant believe its the last book! (I’ve read all 7 of them now) But i know you have the TodHunter Moon series coming so im excited about that. You’re a very talented writer!
    ANYWAYS, my questions are:

    1. have you ever been or considered coming to the US for book signings and things (i know it sounds like a lot of trouble to go through just for an autograph but i want to know anyway )
    2. how big is the castle, is it like as big as a city or more town sized? and about how many castle inhabitants are there?
    3. what ever happened to Simon’s horse that he left i think in the Heaps room in the ramblings during the darke domaine?
    4. was it very cold in the Castle, because jenna, beetle, marcia and septimus wore cloaks and robes and heavy clothes and there was even a pre-loved cloak shop! or was that just the style?
    5. did jenna have a best friend?
    6. could anyone learn magyk or did you have to have it in your blood?
    7. did marcia have a family?
    8. if you could be anyone in the castle, even the ExtraOdinary Wizard or the Queen or just an average shop keeper who would you be?
    9. what did you mean at the end of Fyre in the endings part under Marwick that he realized the entire world was at his feet?
    10. did any other heaps get married (besides simon) or fall in love (ex. Sep and Rose, Jenna and Beetle or Nicko and Snorri)?

    well i think thats it for now,hope ya reply soon!
    (sorry its so many questions, im just curious)

    jess 🙂

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Jess,

      So pleased you love Sep! And thank you…
      1. I did come to the USA quite a bit at the beginning of the series, I think I did 5 author tours! I may be coming back for TodHunter Moon, but you will hear it here first…
      2. The castle is town-sized. I am very bad at numbers, but I am guessing about 10,000 or so.
      3. Sarah took Thunder out as soon as she could. She had had enough of horse poo… He is now is in stables at the palace- he’s a very old horse now.
      4. It gets pretty cold in the winter in the Big Freeze – hence all the wool and cloaks.
      5. She had Bo Tenderfoot for a while but after that it was more her family she was close to. As soon as she knew she was the Princess it was harder to make friends.
      6. Anyone can learn the principles but to practice successfully you do need to have some Magyk hereditary stuff.
      7. Yes, her parents are dead and she was an only child. her father was a travelling Wizard and well-respected as such.
      8. I think I would like to run an interesting shop in Wizard Way.
      9. Aha … he discovered the Ancient Ways, which travel all over the world.
      10. Jo-Jo and Marissa are still on/off, but that’s about it for now. Most of them are paired up, really. For the moment.


  62. EMC

    Wotcha Angie!

    Congratulations on Fyre! It was absolutly fantastic and it was good because even though it was finished, there is still Todd Huner Moon or what ever it is.

    I’ve just been wondering about the House of Foryx.
    What determines the time in the House of Foryx that the outside people come in. Because just say Sep and Jenna went in but Nicko and Snorri weren’t there yet. Or Is every one whose ever in there or is going to be in there, always be there.
    I’m sorry that was a bit confusing. But do you understand what I’m trying to ask?
    It’s just how does some one come from before Nicko and Snorri being there but they’re there when it is there so there fore Nicko and Snorri must have been there always even before they got there. Because what if Sep, Jenna and Beetle had opened the door and Nicko and Snorri weren’t there yet.
    I just repeated everything basically trying to clear it out but I think I might have made you more confused. Sorry

    Just letting you know I already posted this question and for some reason you didn’t answer it sorry is its a bit tricky to get your head around, I think time does that.

    Anyway Thanks!!!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi EMC,

      Thank you for your congratulations! Much appreciated.
      I am sorry this reply is so very late, I have been quite bogged down with work for a very long time now. But I have a little bit of space at the moment…
      House of Foryx is the strangest place ever. A part of Nicko and Snorri will always be there so it is possible they could go back later and find themselves. However, the HoF does respond to hopes and expectations and to what will happen it the future too. So if you go expecting to meet someone, you are very likely to find them there. It is even more difficult than quantum physics…
      You are right, Time does scramble the brain horrible. In order to understand the HoF, I think we have to disconnect from the idea of Time being in a straight line and also at the same time understand that we can actually affect it by our behaviour.

      This is probably no help at all, but it is the best I can do!

  63. JR

    Angie, your books are amazing. Please ensure the integrity of the story is maintained when they make the movie. Too many series are destroyed when an over zealous writer or director mangle the story. Your Septimus Heap series should be the next big magical movie series to rival even the Harry Potter empire. If there are any tid bits allowed to slip about the upcoming movie, I am certain all the fans will be salivating for the informative scraps.
    – a dedicated fan JR

  64. LauraHurricane

    Hi Angie, it’s been a while since I wrote something here last time, and, reading the other questions, I’ve noticed that there are at least two other people called Laura just like me (even though that is my second name) whose favourite character is Merrin.
    It might sound ridiculous, but these little coincidences make my day 🙂 I love Merrin and I’m glad to know that he will be in the next trilogy.
    I am, obviously, happy to know that you are writing the new trilogy because your books thought me a lot of things. I remember the first time I saw “Magyk” in a bookstore: I was 11 and I knew it was the beginning of a big adventure, and I’ve been reading your books for many years; now that I’m 18 and it is all over I have to admit that for a while I felt empty.
    You are one of my favourite writers and you can make your characters real, you can talk about magic but you can talk about real life too, a simple example is introducing some gay characters, even though their feelings maybe are not very essential for the plot. This means that they have their own life 🙂
    I wanted to congratulate for this magical series and tell you that your books have helped me many times: sometimes with the language (at the moment here in Italy there are only four books, but I wanted to keep on reading so bad and I’m learning English from the books), sometimes when I was sad and I was living a difficult moment and I could understand Merrin. There was a bad period when I had no friends and I hated everyone and I couldn’t feel happy. Luckily my best friends helped me to be happy again.
    I don’t have much to ask:
    1. Why doesn’t Nursie like to talk about Merrin’s father? Is she sad, maybe he is dead…? Or was he a bad person?
    2. You said that Marcia was born in the Castle, then she went away and went back in her teens. So, where did Marcia go?
    As always, sorry for my mistakes, thank you for your books and for your answers 🙂
    (I wish that here in Italy you were more famous, so you could come here, maybe at Lucca Comics…)

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Laura!
      Its great to hear from you again. Merrin will be in THM, but not in the first book (just to warn you so you don’t get disappointed).
      I am so pleased the books have meant so much to you, when I write them this is exactly what I hope for and to hear it is wonderful, so thank you for telling me! Yes, I do feel that all the characters do have their own lives, and that is why I don’t always know the answers to some more detailed questions, because they keep some things to themselves.
      I am so glad Merrin helped you in difficult times. I think he has had a very hard life really and I did feel it was so important to get him back with his mother. Without that he was never going to get any better. I’m also glad you found good friends to help you through bad times and you are in a much better place now.
      Nursie is … er …. not entirely sure who Merrin’s father is. Which is why she does not mention him.
      She went to the Easter Snow Plains, among other places. Marcia’s life is something I really need to think about.
      Yes, I wish Septimus were more famous, but maybe he will be one day! Thank you for your lovely letter, your English is very very good!

  65. Jade

    Hi Angie!

    Will Snorri and Nicko be together? I don’t really like Snorri, but I’m just asking. And I love Rose and Septimus! I didn’t want him with Syra at all!
    Your book series is the first in which all the couples I wanted together are together and no one was with someone I didn’t like. Except Nicko and Snorri, it seems as though Nicko has gotten a bit tired of her.

    But are they together?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Jade,

      you will find out about Nicko and Snorri in PathFinder, so I won’t give anything away.
      Yes, Sep and Rose are together, for now…
      The things is, everyone is still young so there is going to be a few changes. I am writing a more romantic YA novella where we see all this happening…

  66. estherreed

    Hi, just wanted to say I’m loveing the series so far. Just started book 4 but have bought them all. I just wanted to ask if there were any plans to make a printed copy of Darke Toad as I would love a copy to complete my set.

    • Angie Sage


      There are no plans for a hard copy of The Darke Toad. It is something I feel very strongly that there should be… If you live in the USA you can find it in the back of the special edition of a Magyk paperback, but not on it’s own, sadly. But I will ask once more.

  67. Beetle

    Hello Angie,
    I’m a really big fan so here are my questions:

    1) Does Septimus or anyone else have a middle name.
    2) How can you become an EOW (except for you’re master dying?
    2) What is you’re favorite book of the series?

    And last I’m riding a book my self and was hoping if you could give me some name ideas?
    One for a boy and it schoud be kinda mysterious like you’re Marcia and septimus for example.
    The other one for a girl also mysterious but starts with “a”. I would be very happy if you could help.

    Ps hope I didn’t make any huge mistakes.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Beetle,
      I am sorry this reply is SO late! Here at last are some answers …
      1. No, usually they don’t bother with middle names. Although people often use the last name and the first name together. Sep is often called SeptimusHeap, as if all in one word.
      2. The EOW does not have to die. Although some do die in office, many retire.
      3. I don’t really have a favourite, I like them all in different ways and for different reasons.

      Ah names … well they are such a personal thing that I don’t think anyone else can suggest them. I think that once you name your characters then you know who they are. And no one but you can do that! Maybe if you wrote about them for a while you would suddenly find you knew what they were called… I expect you have named them by now anyway – good luck!

  68. Freya

    Hi there Angie, it’s Freya here.
    I just was wondering a bit about how you got started on the path to become a writer. I really like to write fiction, and I have an idea for a book now. I would just like to hear a bit of info on how you got started and how things are done.
    Thank you so much for all your time and effort. By the way I have read the Septimus Heap series probably 20 times, and I am NOT exadgerating! I LOVE the books!

    Another quick question, when is your sequel to the Septimus Heap series coming out aprox.? Thanks, Freya.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Freya,
      Sorry for such a late reply…
      Oh, that’s a big question… I got into writing slowly through being an illustrator, so I already had an agent. You first step is to find a literary agent who will like your work enough to sell it to a publisher. You can go to a publisher direct but it is not easy to get noticed.
      But first, you need to write some of the book. You don’t have to write it all, but if it is your first it might be a good idea to do that in order to learn how things go. Actually writing something is very different from just having the idea. So I’d suggest sit down and write and if it works out then show it to someone who you consider to be a good judge. See what they say and take on board any suggestions. You might like to go to a writing group for some feedback. Then when you have got your book as good as you can get it, have a look for an agent who is interested in new writers and send it off. Its good to get in touch with them first and see if they just want a few chapters and a synopsis or the whole thing. Good luck!
      And THM? Book 1, PathFinder, is out next Autumn!

  69. colin

    Hi angie,
    I asked some of these questions way back, but I’m guessing they have been left behind

    1. what is the possessed cottage? It was in the map for DARKE.

    2. how did the two ring wizards fly in the prologue of FYRE, without a flyte charm.

    3. what happened to TOD, Hunter, and Moon, for the next book titles. ( altough PathFinder is awesome!

    4. which book was the hardest to write and which was the easiest.

    5. what is a summery of pathfinder?

    6. In flyte, it said that Jenna had a daughter who ran into a ghost on a scooter. Who is the dad of that girl. Beetle?…

    7. Does this series take place in the future on earth, or the future on a different planet?

    8. I know that you like the numbers 7 and 13. (its kind of obvious) But I realized something that you might not have noticed. You allready know that the 49 chapters in each book is 7 x 7. But I saw that 4 plus 9 is 13.

    your fan, Colin

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Colin, this is very weird as I have answered these questions a couple of times and they keep disappearing… something Darke is about…
      1. The Possessed Cottage is mentioned by Alther in Syren, I think.
      2. Darke Magyk is powerful, you can fly with that kind of stuff.
      3. Oh, they were not liked – and PathFinder is much better!
      4. I guess the hardest was Fyre as there was so much I wanted to put in. I think the easiest was Flyte as I already knew the characters and there was so much I wanted them to do.
      5. I’ll post something about that in the next couple of days…
      6. Ah, I am not sure yet. We will have to see how things work out for Jenna.
      7.Yes, spookily true. 😉

  70. Merrin

    When is Gargoyle hall coming out in the U.S?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Merrin,
      we don’t have a date yet for the USA, but i will post here when I know. You can always get the UK version on Amazon if you have problems.

  71. Angie Sage

    Hi Emma,

    Lucy didn’t have a bridesmaid as it’s not a Castle custom. She had quite enough trouble keeping her mother in order!

  72. Traitor/ Michael

    Hiya there Angie I am a massive fan I remember reading these books as a child and when I found out that I still had three left I freaked out! But after I had calmed down (and visited my local book store) I realized just how far these characters had come and just how much they have worked their way into my heart. I was in tears at the end of Fyre thinking that the series would end but am soooo (lot’s more ‘o’s’) excited for the TodHunter Moon series (my family and friends not so much) and I just want to say you have made a lifelong fan

    Oh yeah and Why do all your characters have to be so awesome?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Michael,
      It’s lovely to hear the characters were all as good when you went back to them. I do think everyone grows with the series – and I certainly learnt a lot too with each book I wrote. And yes, there is more to come in PathFinder.
      Thank you so much for your brill comments!

  73. Tina

    Hi Angie
    I was just wondering if septimus gets a love interest at some point? and, if so, who is she?

    • Angie Sage

      I think in Fyre he really likes Rose. But once we get to THM things are a little different. I am at the moment writing (when I have time) a YA novella which will bridge the gap between Fyre and PathFinder. There will be a lot more romance in there.

  74. Daisy

    Will Marcia be in TodHunterMoon? I think you said something about her being in the first book. I really hope so.

    • Angie Sage

      HI Daisy,

      yes, there was no way I could leave Marcia out. She just would not have it! So you’ll find out a little bit more about her and what she is doing now. And where…

  75. Hello Angie!
    How’s your summer been?
    I just reread the series and randomly thought about in Magyk Alther says all of his Apprentices are special right? How many did he have?
    and what happened to Catchpole after Queste? Did Marcia actually fire him or has he finally figured out how to lay low?
    I’m super excited for Tod to be published. Only problem is I need more shelf space. 🙂

    • Angie Sage

      my summer was great, thanks. We had sunshine at last. Hooray. And now it is winter and at last I am answering your question…
      Yes, they are all special. Oh gosh, I will have to ask Alther how many he had. There were a couple before Silas, I think.
      Catchpole went away ‘on holiday’. It was all too much for him. But he’s around somewhere.
      Ah, shelf space… well, the TodHunter books are a little thinner, if that helps?

  76. Milla Mustaine

    Hello Angie!
    I have 2 questions.
    Will Marcia ever get a bit romance in the Septimus Heap series? Because in the first book there was a bit of a thing going on between her and Silas according to Sally Mullin and they do sound like a old married bickering couple. 😛 Anyways that would definitely be twist towards the plot. But what guy do you have in mind? Milo Banda, Silas Heap, DomDaniel (another big twist), Catchpole or Patridge?
    Thank you!

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Milla,
      I am SO sorry this reply is – eek … 3 months late.
      Silas and Marcia bickered because of their history as Apprentices. Silas never quite came to terms with Marcia taking over ‘his’ apprenticeship, even though he had decided to leave of his own free will. You are right, it would twist the plot. Maybe a twist too far? 😉
      Oh no, not Catchpole. Or poor Partridge.
      Milo, of course!

  77. Hi Angie,

    I love your books and have some questions about Syren. Has anybody else escaped the Syren before? Probably not, only brave Septimus! 😉 Also, is a syren born a syren or do they become one? Like are they themselves possessed? That would be horrible! 😛

    Thanks, Selia

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Selia,
      No, no one has escaped. But then because of the lighthouses, not many people stayed on the island long enough to get into her clutches, which is good.
      A Syren is a very ancient being going back many thousands of years. Sadly, they are humans who were once Possessed… It is, as you say, horrible. :0

  78. Isabelle

    Hello Angie! You probably don’t remember me, but I posted about a year ago asking for advice on how to get an agent and publisher for my book. I just wanted to thank you again for that advice, and I have undertaken it as best I can. Nothing much has happened so far, but I’m waiting for some good unbiased feedback now. Anyway, I wanted to ask a question about the rule where ghosts are only allowed to go where they walked in life. I was wondering…if ghosts can only go where they have walked before, how was it possible for Alther to fly over the Castle? It’s just a question that has been plaguing me for a while now, so thank you in advance! I’m looking forward to reading your future books, and I wanted to thank you for creating such a rich and vibrant world for me to get lost in.

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Isabelle,
      I am so sorry this reply is so very late. I have got very behind with lots of things recently…
      Flying doesn’t count with ghosts, you have to be a certain height above the ground and then the force that Returns you is so weak it is unnoticeable. Low flying although exhilarating, is more complicated. You have to stick to the roads you have travelled in Life.
      Hope that makes sense!
      And thank you for your lovely comments, too.

  79. SpitFyreForever

    Hi Angie!!
    You are my favorite author, and the Septimus Heap series is my favorite series bit I have always wondered a few things we things.
    •What does Wotcha mean?
    •Are you going to continue writing books about Sep and Beetle and all the other characters?
    By the way I have read all the books and I absolutely love them. Its like they took me in to a whole another world!!!
    You are an amazing writer!!

    • Angie Sage

      Wotcha is a very slang way of saying hello. It comes from ‘watch you.’
      I’m going to carry on writing a few more Sep books with TodHunter Moon, which is in the same world 7 years on. So we are not leaving yet!
      I’m so glad Sep and co take you off to somewhere else, I too don’t want to leave the world yet..

  80. Emma

    Hi Angie
    I was wondering if Lucy had a bridesmaid and if so who was she?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Emma,
      Lucy didn’t have a bridesmaid – its not a big custom at the Castle. But she did have lots of friends with her who helped her get ready in the morning.

  81. Carolina

    Hey Angie!
    I have written this to you before, but you didnt answer… So I write it again =D

    But I’m from Sweden, so I’m not so good at English ^^ but anyway, here, in sweden, I haven’t heard a word about Fyre 😦 I haven’t even heard about if it at all, will be released here…

    So i have read some questions on your page, and now even i have some questions =D
    1. Where can i find “the Darke Toad”? i really want to read it ^^
    2. I love Foxy, (hope he has the same name at english) so can’t it be more about him??? How he sees things, for example =)
    3. Can’t you lay out more funny things at the side (!) maybe a recipe, or some game and something totaly random that still has something with the series to do ^^

    // Carolina – The Candy loover ^^

    ps. i have now read the whole serie again, from Magic, to darke, and i so want to read Fyre!!! Hope it comes to sweden soon ^^
    And by the way, i have a Lizard that i have named after Aunt Zelda, but i call her Selda with an S, so it is more personally 😉

    Thanx for i could enjoy the books!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi carolina,

      Sorry it’s taken so long to answer, but your original question is answered now!

  82. theninthheap

    Hi Angie,
    First off I’d like to say that I have followed Sep and his story ever since Flyte came out, and I have read and re-read every book for years. I just love the world of the Castle and I am looking forward to TodHunter Moon!
    I am starting to write a story about Septimus’s life in the Young Army, and I have a couple of questions:
    1. What happens to the boys when they become adults?
    2. Who is in charge? I know DomDaniel was behind it’s creation, but was in the Castle overlooking the training of the boys?
    3. Did they have “school” to learn to read/write?
    4. Can boys join as teenagers or only when they’re really young like Septimus?
    Thank you!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi, 9th heap,

      1. They get shipped off to serve in other places, or they end up guarding the Castle. Luckily, DD’s regime did not last long enough for that to happen.
      2. The Supreme Custodian was in overall command, then below that were people like the Hunter and Catchpole. A lot of the platoon commanders were very young.
      3. yes, they did. They needed the tools to read orders, maps and so on. But it was all army focussed.
      4. No boy wanted to join. It was a form of oppression, taking people’s children away. Not nice. I imagine if the system had continued, then boys would have wanted to join as it woudl have become part of eh fabric of day to day life. Luckily it did not.

      Good luck with your story. I think you can make up any rules you want with this, really as it was not a big part of the series and it would be interesting to take it further, which I haven’t done. Have fun!

  83. jumpingbean130

    I don’t have any questions but I absolutely LOVED Fyre! It’s my favorite book in the series! I just couldn’t put it down! It was epic! 😀

  84. samantha

    wuz up angie? i was wondering if you could come and do a book signing thing in austin. it would be so awesome if i got to meet you. also, is nicko and snorri going to get together in some other book? it would be cool if they did. i just finished fyre today. have a memorable day!

    • Angie Sage

      wotcha, samantha,
      I would love to, but I have to be asked there by some bookstores … and for that to happen I think I need to be on a book tour. I did come to Austin once and it was great.

      And yes, Nicko and Snorri are going to be back together. You’ll see them in TodHunter Moon.
      You have a great day too!

  85. samantha

    hey angie, i was wondering if jenna and beetle got married or anything like that. i mean, they seem to be a good match to me. also, i got confused when septimus comes back from the house of foryx and there is another septimus. it really threw me off. thank you for your time and have a wonderful day.

  86. Hello! I really really love Septimus, is the second time I’m reading the books, I read the first one when I was 12 (I’m 17 now) but, I haven’t been able to read the 6th and 7th book…they haven’t come to Colombia yet, and I don’t really like reading on the computer, anyways I wanted to ask 2 things x3

    1) Are you going to write more of Sep’s adventures?

    2) Is there a romance going on on Septimus Heap world that we do not know about? (I thought of a couple)

    Thanks for answering, I really admire you, I’d like to become such a succesful author as you are 🙂

    Xxxx bye

    • Angie Sage


      Sorry this reply is soooo late! Yes, there will be lots more of Sep in TodHunter Moon and I am also writing a YA version too which I intend to publish with my own Septimus Press late next year. I expect there are quite a few romances going on – that is something I want to write about in my own YA book.

      Thank you for your lovely comments, and I hope you get lots of success with your writing too!

  87. Alexander Moses

    HI Miss Sage.

    First to say i am a huge fan of the series but i was wondering about the old covers (the original ones) as i can’t find Darke in it as paperback and who to ask but Angie Sage herself. Also if Fyre is going to paperback original cover. If these question are unanswerable then no worries.

    • Angie Sage

      HI Alexander,
      If you live in the UK then you can find Darke in the old cover for paperback but I am sorry to say that Fyre will not be in the old cover in paperback, although soon you will be able to buy it in the old cover in hardback. If you live in the USA then all paperbacks are in the old covers, but of course, Fyre is not yet out in paperback…
      Hope that helps!

  88. Rampakslue0

    Hi, I was wondering if the next series, Tod Hunter Moon chronicles will center around her and her brother and friend or if it will be them and the old people together. Because on Amazon, it clumps this as an extension “Septimus Heap: Tod Hunter Moon.

    Anyways, LOVE YOUR BOOKS!!!!! Please don’t stop writing.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi, please excuse the VERY late reply!
      It will be a mixture of both. So that’s why it is all together with Sep & co.

  89. Chris

    Angie, confined to baracks by a broken leg I’m re-reading the entire series, post Fyre. I have a nerdy sailing question. In Syren (N America version) you describe a small mizzen-like sail as a staysail (twice, I think). After consultation with other sailors, I think ‘spanker’ may be the more common term, a staysail normally being a sail attached to a stay. I know you have/had a small boat that sounded like a Cornish lugger or similar, some of which have that type of sail so it may be a regional name.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Chris,

      I am sure your leg is fully healed how and you are back up and running – so sorry for such a late reply. I suspect you are right. We had a sail like that and mistakenly called it a stay sail, but what you say makes much more sense to me. My old boat was a Cornish gaffer and was fairly straightforward, but our new (to us) boat is a funny mixture, she comes from Hastings and has been re-rigged, so nothing makes a lot of sense, sail wise.
      Hope all is well now with your leg!

  90. Merrin

    in darke in wizard sandwiches, there is a sandwich called edifice, can anyone tell me how to make it?

    • Angie Sage

      It has to be very very tall and thin. You can put whatever you like between the slices of bread, but you must have at least twelve slices and they MUST NOT FALL OVER! If they do fall, it is known as a ruin. Good luck!

  91. Blake

    Hello I loved the Septimus Heap series and since I have a psychology assignment to interview someone in a possible career I decided to ask the author of my favorite series of books. If you could answer 10 questions when ever you get the chance that would be amazing.

    1.How would you describe the duties of your job?

    2.How much formal education does the job require?

    3.How long have you been in this particular career?

    4.How did you first get interested in this job?

    5.Is your job what you expected it to be? Why or why not?

    6.What adjustments or accommodations did you have to make in your personal life to dedicate yourself to your work?

    7.If you had it to do over would you choose the same type of work? Why or why not?

    8.What’s the “worse” thing about your career? What’s the “best” thing?

    9.Of all the “best” things about your career, what motivates you the most?

    10.Would you recommend your career choice to someone else? Why or why not?

    Thank you for you time I really appreciate it.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Blake, this is probably too late, but here goes…
      1. Writing novels, liaising with publishers and my agent. Keeping in touch with fans. Making appearances as Book festivals and bookstores. Never running out of ideas. Listening to my editors.
      2. You have to be able to write, and the more you know the better. But it doesn’t actually require any formal education.
      3.about 30 years… crumbs, that is a LONG time.
      4. Through reading and loving books.
      5. Yes, its pretty much what I expected.
      6. None really. Writing is a fairly flexible thing to do.
      7. Not sure about this. I probably would, but who knows. There are lots of things I am interested in and frankly, it can be quite boring at times.
      8. The worst thing … pressure to meet almost impossible deadlines. Ans it’s not easy to switch off from a book towards the end of it. The best … when a book is successful and I meet people who just LOVE it.
      9. Hoping to produce something really really special. Hoping to produce something that will outlast me and be part of people’s lives in an important way.
      10. No, I wouldn’t recommend it. It is tough and success is hard to find. But people who want to write don’t take any notice of what others advise or recommend. My father told me I was mad to want to do it and just look what happened!

  92. Cass

    It’s Cass again – I just thought of something else. It’s not a proper question really, but I saw another post where someone else did this and I thought it would be fun.

    So… can you tell me seven things that will NOT happen in TodHunter Moon? (silly answers are OK!)

    Thanks 🙂


    • Angie Sage

      Well, Merrin is not going to ask Marcia out for lunch, that’s for sure!

  93. Cass

    Hello from the west coast of Canada! 🙂

    I have a few (and by few, I mean quite a few) questions for you. I read through I bunch of earlier posts to try to make sure that I didn’t repeat already asked questions, so unless I missed some of them, these should all be new ones.

    1)Has Beetle found his lucky scarf that he lost (he mentions it in “Queste”) now that the ice tunnels have melted?

    2)Why was Olaf Snorrelson able to grab Etheldredda in Physik when Alther just got passed through?

    3)Will Marcia ever marry Milo? (I know that ExtraOrdinary Wizards don’t usually marry, but what if she were to retire and have Septimus take her place?) I understand if you can’t answer this one… maybe it comes up the next series.

    4)What ever happened to the scribes that Marcellus sent through his glass of time into the future (the ones that never came back)?

    5)Has the bowl that the marsh python swallowed been found yet?

    6)You said in an earlier post that two characters are gay. Do we know them already from already published books or should I give up guessing (because they’re in the next series)?

    7)Why could Septimus do an unseen in the moving chamber in “Syren” but couldn’t do a transport in “Fyre” to get out? My theory is that the one under the the island is an original one (from the days of beyond) and that the ones in the castle are sort of copies of that one. They tried to make the moving chambers as much like the original as they could, but the way they made it didn’t allow for magic to be used inside.

    8)What’s the use of Simon being Marcellus’s apprentice if Marcellus is going to live forever anyway? He won’t exactly need a replacement anytime soon. Although I suppose he may need an assistant. Hmm…

    Anyway, I think I’ve asked enough questions now (and you’re likely thinking the same thing… I imagine that having to answer all these questions must get tedious after a while). I’ve asked some tough ones, but they’re all things I’ve been wondering about for some time, and I wanted to know what you thought.


    P.S. My favourite characters are Marcellus, Beetle, Septimus, Rose and Marcia. 😉

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Cass,

      Sorry I a sooooo late replying. i wonder if you have given up logging on?

      Just in case you haven’t, here goes…
      1. No, he hasn’t. not yet. But maybe he will.
      2. He was empowered by Snorri. I had hoped I’d explained it ok, but maybe not.
      3. Wait for TodHunter Moon!
      4. They stayed in the Time they’d gone into. They rather liked it.
      5. Not yet…
      6. there is a vague clue in THM. And you have already met them.
      7. Great idea. But the alchemists wanted to screen out the Magyk. There has always been this rivalry going on.
      8. Marcellus will get tired of what he does, like anyone else. he will be glad to hand over one day. I don’t think anyone would want to do the same thing forever.

      Thanks, Cass, hope you get to see the answers!

      • Cass

        I don’t mind that it’s late, not really. I expected it to take a while, as I know that being an author is a busy job. And you must be a busier author than most since you take the time to answer all of these questions, which most already very busy authors don’t do. So thank you for your time and good luck with your future writing endeavours 🙂


  94. Myka

    Hi, Angie!

    I was rereading Darke, and noticed that the Darke dragon looked very familiar… and then I checked the book’s copyright date… and now I’m very curious – have you ever seen How to Train Your Dragon? There’s a dragon in that movie that looks a lot like the Darke dragon – including having six eyes – and I noticed your book was published after that film was released. Was the Darke dragon maybe inspired by this character, or is this all just a huge coincidence? =)


    – Myka

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Myka,

      a total coincidence! I haven’t heard of that film at all. And DARKE was written well before the film was released. But they do say there are only so many ideas… I guess it is the way you use them that counts. weird though….

    Dear Angie,
    In TodHunter Moon, are Jenna and Beetle together? Because, you know, you wrote ‘and when Jenna invited him [Beetle] to dinner one night at the Palace, things got even better.”
    And I’m a tad perplexed about how old the Heap brothers are in Fyre… like, Simon, the Forest Heaps, Nicko.
    Also, do we see AZ’s ghost? :]
    How long is Tod going to be? Like, half as long as Fyre?
    And can you tell us what Simon and Lucy’s baby (Well, he/she will be around 6 years old by the time Tod takes place) will be called? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaase? Or, if not, if it will be a he or a she? I feel really excited about the baby, for some reason. As if the world of Septimus Heap is real.
    And WHAT WHAT WHAT why aren’t you making things work with Sep and Rose? *is flabbergasted* They’re my OTP! D:
    And do you have any idea about what the TodHunter Moon covers will be like? Similar to the old Sep Heap ones, the new Sep Heap ones, or completely different?

    Thank you so much again for giving the world Septimus Heap, you are a truly amazing writer.

    • Angie Sage

      Yes, they do get together. And they still are, but I am not sure it is forever…
      Well in Fyre, Simon is 21, and the others range down to Nicko being 15 and a half.
      AZ is now a tree, so no ghost will be wandering. I guess one day we ought to pay her a visit though.
      Simon and Lucy have a little boy, William. He is a big part of THM book 1. I’m so glad you are excited about him being born, I am too!
      They will work for a while but they have broken up by THM, I am sorry to say. However, I am writing an interim YA book where you will see them.
      We’ve been working on the covers – I am SO lucky that HarperCollins allows me to be involved in this. Mark is at this moment painting the cover for PathFinder. I will ask if I can post the rough, but I think we might have to wait for the real thing. It won’t be long, though. They are similar to the Sep ones,,, but with a bit of a twist.
      Thank you, Paperclip!!

  96. Animals

    Heeeeeeey, Angie!
    I have an odd question for you about the Manuscriptorium….why is it animal-themed?
    Elaboration: Almost everyone mentioned in the Manuscriptorium has some form of animal in their name: Colin PARTRIDGE, Romilly BADGER, Hugh FOX and his son, nicknamed FOXY, Moira MOLE, and of course the ever adorable and ultimately hilarious O. BEETLE BEETLE.. Even Tertius FFume is nicknamed ‘Old GOAT face.’ Was that on purpose? If not it’s pretty funny – if it is, it’s still pretty funny 🙂 Thanks!

    • Angie Sage


      Well, it began by chance with Beetle and Foxy. Then Partridge and I suddenly realised what was going on. It was fun so I kept going. The latest recruit is Darius Wrenn.

  97. colin

    hi again. How were Samindrigger Saarn and Damindonner Naarn able to fly in the prologue of FYRE if they didn’t have the flyte charm?
    And I saw earlier on the blog that you were going to write a Septimus Index. Can you tell me about that?

    • Angie Sage

      They are Darke Wizards, and although I hate to say this, some Darke Magyk is more powerful than the good stuff. It is an Ancient Art, and so many of these are steeped in Darkenesse…

      Septimus Index … well, I want to get everything down in an index so you can look up stuff like this. BUT at the moment I don’t get much time as I am writing all day… but yes, one day, it will all be there.

  98. Joshua

    I just wanted to say thank you, first of all, for a wonderful 7 books and a new fantasy world to lose myself in. I loved Fyre, but there was one thing that bothered me (as silly as it is): why did you choose to have Syrah become such a secondary character? I felt after not only the evidence presented in Syren but also Septimus’ inner dialogue about how he had grown to care for her in Darke that it was a sure shot that she would wake up, remember him, and then some sort of relationship between the two would ensue, whether platonic or romantic To put it in a nutshell, I guess I’m just curious as to why Rose became prominent while Syrah sort of faded into the backdrop, and what your thought process was behind that.

    Also, I am incredibly glad you aren’t done writing in the Septimus Heap world!

    Best to you,

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Josh,

      Sep did care a lot for Syrah, but the more I wrote, the more I understood that Syrah was very damaged by what had happened.
      Yes, I did intend for them to get close but by Darke I began to feel that I also had to acknowledge the harm that a 500 year Possession would do. I didn’t want the series to become unreal, like a cartoon where everyone bounces back unscathed from very serious events. It was odd … all I can say was that i just got an overwhelming sense of weakness from Syrah, which she could not get over . So I had to listen to that. Weird really.
      Hope that makes sense to you. And thanks!

  99. Noone

    Hello Miss Sage! 🙂 Just wondering because she’s my favorite character: Is Marcia pronounced mar-see-uh or marsha?

    Also, I see what you did there. o3o Septimus = Seventh (latin).

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Noone – hi noon? 😉

      mar-see-ah is how Madam Marcia wished to be known.
      Yes indeed, Sep is latin for 7th…

  100. Kevvy

    Hello, Ms. Sage!
    Just had to tell you; every time I read Fyre, I cry because I get so caught up in emotion and I hate that it ends(fangirl, much? :)). And then for the next week or so I walk around wishing desperately that I was MAGYK and that I lived in the Castle. And then I tell myself that next time I read Fyre I’ll be fine. And I cry again. (repeat cycle over and over again) Just wanted to tell you that your books are really amazing and you have that fantastic and rare gift that very few authors have where in addition to a great plot you actually have writing skill. A LOT of writing skill. I love the way you blend your stories together and how your characters grow. I know it’s not a question so I’ll just add one….

    1) So, in MAGYK Marcia has a deputy Wizard, Endor. Why is it that after Endor is dead Marcia never gets a new one?(deputy, that is) Is it because she got an Apprentice or just because there was nobody that would fit the job?

    I love your books- on the edge of my seat of excitement for TodHunter Moon!!!!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Kevvy,

      sorry this reply is so late…

      You know, this is why I write books – not to make you cry! – but to create a world that we all want to live it. I do too… I am so pleased you feel this way and thank you for telling me.

      Marcia didn’t want to replace Endor at once and then by the time she thought about it, she realised that she didn’t need to work that way, there were lots of good Wizards around to deputise. And it did lead to some jealousy too… I think Dandra has at last given her a best friend again though, which is nice.

  101. Lauren

    Hi, Angie Sage; big fan(:
    I just wanted to know how you intended Marcia’s name to be pronounced. See, my Mum says it as “Marsh-uh.” But I always said it as “Mar-see-uh.” Bug you should only say a name as the names owner or writer intends it to sound, so I was just wondering. Also, do you have any idea if there will ever be Septimus Heap merchandise? Such as Marcia’s amulet, or Septimus’s Dragon Ring?

    “Things have a habit of working out, you know. Eventually.”

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Lauren,

      You are right!
      I would love there to be SepHeap stuff to buy but we can’t do that. Warner Brothers have the rights to this, even though they choose not to do it. Sigh. But you can always make your own…

  102. IAmKorean

    I wonder… will there be beetle and syrah in the movie? They weren’t shown in Magyk. Do I have to wait more after Magyk to see them on screen?

    • Angie Sage

      Oh, I’m really sorry to tell you this, but the movie doesn’t seem to be happening any more… 😦

  103. Hey Angie!
    First of all, greetings from Pakistan!

    Secondly, I have to say that I love your writing style.! The way every character plays some small part, and has an intricate and elaborate back-story, is awesome. The entire series was amazing, and the end was a satisfying one (though I kind of wanted to see DomDaniel again :/)

    Also,I haven’t seen a single book store in Islamabad that sells Fyre; I had to buy it online! I suppose that, as usual, we’ll get the book a little later.

    Finally, I’ve seen a lot of people asking about the movie, and you’re obviously tired of telling everyone that it’s been sidelined. So, seeing how enthused everyone is with the series, why not use your website to ask your readers to write to Warner Brothers, or send them a video message or something? I’m sure a lot of us would comply, and Warner Brothers would *probably* listen. The large amount of fans should bolster the thought that a Septimus Heap movie would do well.


    – ShahJahan

    • Angie Sage

      Hello ShahJahan,

      Thank you, I am so glad you do. I do like your idea of petitioning WBs, but there is an old saying, ‘be careful what you wish for’. And the problem with this is the kind of movie we all want to see may not be the kind of movie WBs wants to do… so many movies of books are a shock to their fans that it might be better to let it go.
      It’s great to hear from you and thanks for your support!

  104. lejeune

    Hi Angie Sage,
    Sorry, I am a French reader and my english is less but i will said “Congratulation” for your Magyk story!
    I love the serie!
    But I would ask a question about the publication of the 7th book in France because the publisher in France (Albin Michel) don’t publish the 7th book and I would know if an other publisher will publish the final story or if it wasn’t possible to know the end of you story in French
    I will hope you understand my question.
    Thank you!

    • Angie Sage


      Your English is very good! I am so very sorry that Albin Michel have decided not to publish book 7. It is SO unfair for all the French fans. As far as I know it is not being translated into French now, even though the translator was all ready and waiting to do it. But … maybe another publisher will taken the next series and also publish the last book – this is what I am hoping for. We will have to see…

  105. colin

    hi angie. in the map for DARKE, there was something called the possesed cottage. What is that?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Colin,

      this is mentioned in Syren, I think. Alther talks about it. Just one of those little incidents… 🙂

  106. Matthew and James

    Hi Angie, it’s us again. Well, only me, Matthew, this time. Anyway…
    We haven’t asked many questions recently, so I hope you can remember us.
    Well, I have some questions that I hope you can answer:
    1: I read in some answers further up that Beetle isn’t really going to be in Tod. Is this in the whole series, or just the first book? It’s just that he’s my favourite character, and it would be a shame to lose him. Maybe you could write some other kind of spin-off with him in a bigger role?
    2: I just have a question about Fyre, and I’m not quite sure if it’s mentioned later on, and I’ve just overlooked it: The first chapter of the book is called Harbinger. I’m not really sure what this means.
    I hope it’s not something obvious, because then I’ll feel a bit stupid…
    3: I have a question about Castle life. At the minute I am on my Grade 6 piano, and I was just wondering if they have many instruments in the Castle? I know about the nose flute, thanks to Igor, owner of Gotyhk Grotto (He’s a great character, by the way) and I can’t recall any more.
    Do they have musical instruments that we have now, or have they created new, weird types of instruments? It would be funny if they did…
    4: I have a question that I just thought of now: In Sep’s world, do they have any prominent writers? Like, do they write novels, and the like? If so, can you name any of them, and what they have written?
    5: Finally, I was wondering what the main religion is in the Castle, and places around. Are there even any religions? Or are they all atheists? Do the religions differ around different places?
    I think that’s about it for now.
    I hope everything’s going alright with TodHunter Moon, and that it will be out very, VERY soon!
    Thank-you very much,
    Matthew (and James)

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Matthew!

      I’m sorry this reply is so late. Been really really busy doing THM…
      1. Beetle is in book 1, (he has to remove a Grula-Grula) but I guess not as much as he’s been in the other books. But he is still there… and yes, I’d like to do a Beetle spin-off. Just need the time!
      2. Harbinger means something that is a forerunner. So this event is what caused all the other things with the two faced ring to happen so much later. Not obvious, so def not stupid!
      3. They do have instruments but I realise I haven’t written about them. Drums and wind instruments mainly, I think…
      4. They have writers who hide away. Often publish their works anonymously. They also read stuff from ancient times too… Nice question. I shall have to get to know their writers better!
      5. No religion in the Castle … I decided that religion was a no go area for the series. There are of course ghosts of old religions, but they are past all that kind of stuff now…

      All is going well with THM, thanks, although it has taken me much longer than I had hoped, hence my absence from this page. I have just started book 2. It will be out next autumn!

  107. A huge Fan

    When does the first TMH book come out?

    • Angie Sage

      probably in autumn 2014. I am still revising it, so it does depend on how that goes. You will hear it here first!

  108. Dear Angie

    I guess, I’ll still read your books when I’m an adult, because I’m so obsessed with some of your characters. 😀 (I’m nearly fifteen now and I read Septimus Heap since the first book was published. It means I’ll have to wait until I’m 18 or longer. But you’re a fast writer! I mean, the third book is planned for 2016! I need over two months for 10000 words… )
    I can’t wait to read the triology and to learn more about Septimus and Marcia.
    And I’m so excited for the book about Marcias childhood you want to write.
    Are there any clues you want to give us? (Maybe if there are new places in TodHunter Moon or how old Marcia will be if you really write the book about her.)
    Now to my question after all that unnecessary stuff:

    I read the date in Fyre(4th July, 12, 004) and… yes. I still don’t know which date that is. I asked my Mom but she couldn’t find out, too. We don’t know what you mean with the 12 and the 004.
    Can you please explain it to me? Maybe it’s because I’m not from England, I don’t know.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi, sorry this reply sooooo late.

      the date is the year twelve thousand and four. So very nearly ten thousand years in the future! I guess that makes the series sci fi…

      I try to be a fast writer, though I think my publisher feels I am rather slow… There is so much I want to write but it does take time, as you know. I do hope you will read the books as you grow older, I really do write for everyone of all ages. In THM we get to see more of the wider world of the Sep Heap age and explore lots more places. In book 1 we go to the Eastern Snow Plains, where, incidentally, Marcia spent some of her childhood.

  109. Jamie

    Hi Angie
    I love your books in fact once I’d read Fyre. I’ve started reading them all over again. Something I’d like to know, after the Hunter was Brainwashed and reprogrammed to join the circus what happened to him after that and did he ever get his memory back

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Jamie,
      So far he hasn’t got his memory back. I do mean to do something with him one day, but as yet there has not been the right moment! He is on my ‘to do’ list!

  110. Markia

    Hello ms. Angie!!!
    How are you doing? First I just want to say that I totally get why you didn’t answer my other questions with the book coming out and stuff…don’t want any spoilers do we? I just saw a comment above that said that Marcia was no longer EOW? I was in shock for about 1 or 2 hours!! I mean, I figured that she would retire after the little epilogue blurb at the end of fyre but…OMG WHAT!!!!???!!! I was just curious for any info on this subject…I’m a little perplexed to be honest!!! Is she an ordinary wizard? To try and still keep magyk in her life in mean. I read that she’s living in the eastern marshes or something? I couldn’t find the comment again so this is all from memory!! I am just…I’m just at a complete loss for words!! But I can see why you did it…don’t get me wrong, I’m not mad!!! I might sill be in the denial phase…;) and also, I was just wondering who is running the eastern snow plains right now? Oh an just one more small little favor..can you please wish Marcia a happy belated birthday from me? I read that her birthday was on the 13th? I dunno..
    Ok thanks again Angie!!
    Ps- can I have a small hint as to what’s going to happen in tod? Or what’s not? I’m rlly curious!!! Thx!!! 🙂

  111. Sophi B

    (Sorry I don’t actually mean to post this twice, this website is confusing.)
    Okay, so I don’t actually have any questions, but I would like to put this out there.
    I read Magyk when I was 8, and really enjoyed it. It was actually one of the first really big series’ I ever read on my own. My family is a serious reading family and I knew that this was something that I could share with my mom and sister. I remember every time a book would come out, all the way up until Syren, we would buy it and read it, even though we were probably too old for it. Unfortunately, enough time past that we stopped buying the Septimus Heap books, because we couldn’t remember how the plot had arced and who the characters were.
    One day, last year, I remember distinctly, I was sick and had been for several days, so I looked through my book case for books to reread seeing as I had no new ones (and I never throw away books). I remember coming across Magyk and chuckling a little to myself, because I knew how much I loved that book and now it looked like it’d survived a tornado. I decided, for nostalgia’s sake, I’d reread it. instantly after finishing it later that day, I knew I was in trouble- I needed to fine Flyte! I knew it was here somewhere! After finding and reading my way through Flyte, Physik, and Queste, I looked up to see if any more had been made after Syren, which I had never read. After telling my mom what I was up to, we slowly, but surely, bought all of the rest of the books. It took a lot of time, because I’m in high school now, and was also often reading other books at the same time, but here I am- a year later and finally done with Darke and about to read Fyre.
    Anyway, I guess this is just my long winded way of telling you how, no matter what point in my life I’m in, or what amazing classics I may read, the Septimus Heap series will always be my favorite.
    Thank you, Angie Sage, for being such an influential writer in my life.
    Love, always, Sophi D.

  112. Ibex Thesaurus

    Hey, Miss Sage!
    Love love love love(love times about 40000000000000000000000) the Septimus Heap series. LOVED them. Still do, of course :). But one question….

    Why is it that while Septimus’s Darke name is Sum (three last letters backwards), Simon’s is Nomis? (The whole shabam backwards.) Is it just because Simon was more confident in the Darke Arts, or more willing to get involved? OR just because Simon didn’t know…? I don’t know, but it just bothered me a bit. Thanks!
    Kiss kiss kiss, Ibex Thesaurus

    • Freya

      Hi there Angie!
      I’ve left a few questions here and there before, but none of them ever got answered, it’s ok though, because I know that you were very buisy. And by the way, I REALLY love the Septimus Heap series (of course!)

      I have a quick question on names. Is Snorri Snorrelssen named after Snorri Sturluson (1179 – 23 September 1241), who wrote the Prose Edda, a narrative on norse mythology?
      Since my name is Freya (who is a norse goddess), I know quite a bit about norse mythology and came across the coinsedence. Just wondering…

      I hope you are getting a little bit of rest after finishing the series, and just to let you know I REALLY liked the ending. Thank you SO much!


      • Angie Sage

        Hello Freya,

        Well, yes she is! And I know that Snorri is a male name, but that was deliberate too. I love Norse mythology – and when I was younger I wanted to be called Freya!

        Thank you for your good wishes, there is no rest for writers… I am doing the follow-on trilogy to the series: TodHunter Mooon. Also something for myself and established fans like everyone here, I have begun a more romantic grown-up Sep book too.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Ibex,

      Simon made a big mistake there. As Marcellus explained to Sep in Darke, it is best not to use your whole name. Simon did not know much about the Darke (or anything really) when he got into it all far too deep and too fast.

  113. Bo Tenderfoot

    Earlier comment was deleted…? Oh well.
    Just wanted to know: Septimus in Fyre confused me at the end (SPOILER ALERT) when he was at the House of Foryx and rescued himself as the ExtraOrdinary….isn’t that impossible? Because that would mean the Septimus that was taken out would just grow up and go back to the House of Foryx where a new Young Septimus was. Whaaaaat? So wouldn’t it just be one big cycle between growing up and being young again? Brain exploding…..thanks

    • Rampakslue0

      Don’t think so much about it. Time travel is so uncertain to us in real life, thinking about it will ruin the fun parts of the story.

      • Angie Sage

        And it will make your brain feel like porridge too, It does mine…

    • Angie Sage

      HI Bo, the comment is back now (don;t know why it was deleted) and answered!

  114. The New Mrs. Heap

    Wotcha, Angie!
    Big, big, BIG fan; these bookshave got me through numerous plane rides, sea sicknesses, and about twelve different moves so far! I especially love the Heap Brothers, that being namely Simon, Nicko, and (of course!) Septimus.
    Couple of questions for you though.
    1) It’s been mention around quite often that we have some homosexual characters. My eldest sister is lesbian as well and I was really excited to hear this, though for the life of me I couldn’t pick out who. Wondering: Can you tell me who they are? (Thinking something along Wolf-Boy and Sam but only 39.7% sure)

    2) What ever happens to our good friend Marissa? Does she get back with Jo-Jo? I loved her attitude and Jo-Jo’s together and thought Jo-Jo working in the same place as her was hilarious.

    3) Cerys? In the beginning of the series she seemed polite and happy to chat with Zelda, Alther, etc. Why is she so short with her duaghter? Jenna is always upset over her real mother; what about Cerys changed so that she got so(for lack of a better word…) bossy?

    Again, I love you and your books and hope that you write and write and write, (Marcia and Beetle’s stories especially.) and keep answering Ask Angie’s! Congratulations for every thing; you totally deserve it!

    • Angie Sage

      Good afternoon, Mrs Heap,

      1. Well, as the series is also aimed at younger ones, relationships don’t really become part of the story. But yes, I am thinking Wolf Boy and Sam too. As for the girls, not sure yet.
      2. Well, there has been some trouble at Gothyk Grotto as you can imagine. More about that if i ever get the time to write the YA follow on.
      3. Cerys has sat in her Queen’s Room for too long. She has got increasingly bitter about what happened to her. Some people do ghosthood well, others, who feel that their life has been taken from them unfairly, do not.
      Thank you for your lovely comments. When I do write my own sequel, it will be because of lovely messages like yours and so many people on this page.

  115. jjujack (beettle hopefully)

    Hey angie sage I love all your books and cried beacause I thought fyre was the last one I present u the best author award love all yyour books and love Jenna ❤
    from JJUJACK

  116. Abbie

    Will Syrah return in the TodHunter Moon series? It seemed like she and Sep had a good relationship until Fyre, and I really hope that they end up together. I’m still unsure about how I feel towards Rose.
    A theory: Maybe while Rose was working in the sick bay after Syrah was admitted, she absorbed some leftover Siren powers, which is why Sep is so attracted to her.
    Either way, I can’t wait to read the new books!

    • Angie Sage

      Syrah is recovering, pottering around her garden on the rooftops of the Ramblings. She has been really affected by what happened to her and is pretty fragile, and she has no memory of Sep at the moment. She isn’t in the first TodHunter Moon and to be frank, things aren’t going that great between Sep & Rose either. But Septimus is only 21 and he is too young to be making a commitment, especially with his job. And he has discovered that a young ExtraOrdinary Wizard is rather attractive to the girls. I think eventually he and Syrah will become friends, when she remembers him again, but no more than that.

  117. Angie Sage


    It’s lovely to hear you love Sep so much. I really do write the books for ALL ages, but unfortunately it is the librarians, teachers and even sometimes the publishers who put an upper age limit to them and that puts some older readers off- especially teens. I write the books so that they are ok for an 8 year old to read, but the older you are, the more you get out of them. As you know!

    Yes, it is a shame about the film. I happened across some old emails relating to it all yesterday and all the golden promises didn’t look so good in the cold light of reality. But it’s a long story and like you, I believe that the best thing in the end is that it wasn’t made. I don’t think any of us would have recognised it.

    I think TodHunter Moon will do right by all your favourite characters and you’ll see a lot more of Nicko and Marcia, Simon and Lucy, though maybe not so much of Beetle although he will be there. The books are all a little shorter as my publisher wanted them that way but all the Septimus stuff is there.

    If you live in the USA you can write to me at:
    Author Mail, Angie Sage,
    HarperCollins Childrens books
    10 E53rd Street
    New York
    NY 10022-5002

    If you live in the UK:
    Author Mail, Angie Sage,
    Bloomsbury Publishing,
    50 Bedford Square
    WC1B 3DP

    It does sometimes take quite a while for snail mail to get to me, but I will write back as soon as it arrives.

    Thanks for your lovely comments, and good luck with your own writing too!

  118. clancy

    Hi Angie!

    What time is the SH series set?

    • Angie Sage

      There’s a date in the last chapter of Fyre. Way in the future…

  119. Morwenna

    (Oops! My last post was a mistake) Hi Angie! I’m reading the Septimus Heap series again, and I’m re-reading Physik right now. But I’ve had a question about it for a while. Could you explain what the Prediction Practical is exactly, and what it showed Marcia? I love your writing, and I’m so excited to read Fyre!

    • Angie Sage

      Well, it’s one of those secret Wizard things, but marcia set up a situation for Septimus to work out what was going to happen in a particular place at a particular time. That is why the timing was so very important. It is, I am told, a questions of laying out the right clues at the right time. It is as much as test of the Wizard setting it as of the Apprentice.

  120. Melissa

    Ms. Sage,
    You said you were writing adult novels. Would you be able to reveal a little bit on what they are about?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Melissa,

      well, I haven’t had any time yet, sad to say. I do have one halfway through set in cornwall. It’s just a story about people. Although it does start off with someone being found dead in farmyard… However, at present I’m just writing more Septimus stuff with TodHunter Moon and hoping to find more time from somewhere..

  121. Abbey

    Hi Angie. Since I only have one question, I will make this quick.
    Who taught alchemie to Marcellus Pye, or is that going father back in the series than you care enough to write?

    • Angie Sage

      I am pretty sure Marcellus learnt from his father and uncle. Alchemie was something kept in the family.

  122. Katie

    Hello Angie,

    First of all, I want to thank you for reading the letter I posted on here earlier. I was so pleased when I saw that you had sent me such a thoughtful response. It meant so much to me as I really have been reading your books since the month that magyk was released in 2005. They are such wonderful books. With that said, I have a question. I know a number of people like myself who have been reading Septimus since they were 11 years old or so when it was released in 2005 and we are all in college or late high school now and still love your stories. I saw on this site that your publisher still wants you to write for relatively young children in TodHunter Moon. While I’m sure that younger readers will continue to love your books as they always have, I’m a bit surprised that your publisher doesn’t want to let you write a “young adult” Septimus for those of us who have grown up with it. There really are a lot of us. I hope that this is not an unpleasant question. If it is, you don’t have to answer it at all. I just wondered why your publisher thinks that a continuation of Septimus’s story written for a slightly higher age group would be a bad idea. I’m sure there is a reason, I just wondered what it was. I have many peers that would be extremely excited about a young adult Septimus story. I do think your ideas for Septimus spin offs are brilliant too. All of my friends who have read the books would love to read more about Nicko and Snorri or about Marcia’s childhood. Those are fantastic ideas. I imagine you’ve got your hands full with TodHunter Moon right now though. I can’t wait to read it.

    Okay, I also have a question about Queen Cerys and all of the Milo Banda bits. In fyre, Cerys repeatedly calls Milo her husband. I know Cerys isn’t exactly the easiest person to get along with but I couldn’t help but wonder how she would feel if she knew that Milo is courting Marcia. I felt a bit bad for her since she clearly still thinks of him as her husband. Would she be terribly offended by his being with Marcia? I began to think maybe she wouldn’t be as long as Milo doesn’t marry Marcia but I haven’t ruled that out as a possibility. I’m excited to see what happens to Marcia in TodHunter Moon and I did start to think that she might marry Milo after all. The end of Fyre made me think that she might retire shortly after Sep’s apprenticeship and after that, she would be free to marry Milo. I don’t really see her doing that really but it is a possibility. Clearly, Queen Cerys still has feelings for Milo though and I just couldn’t help wondering how much that is going to complicate things.

    I still think it is so neat that you answer our questions on this site. Its lovely.


  123. colin

    hi angie,
    I was wondering, which book of the seven was hardest to write and which book was the easiest to write. And how?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Colin,
      they were all pretty difficult, to be honest. But the one I looked forward to writing most was Flyte.
      I guess the hardest was Fyre, as there was so much I wanted to say!

  124. Maddie

    Hi Angie,

    I’m sorry if this doesn’t have much to do with Sep and all, but what encouraged you to start writing? And what was your inspiration/ idea for Sep’s series?

    I love your writing and I can’t wait for the Todhunter Moon series!

    • Angie Sage

      I think I began writing because I love reading. And I did always wonder if I could do it. Just an odd feeling of wanting to create something that kept niggling at me. I tried to be creative through being an illustrator, but I wasn’t able to express what I wanted to. It was great when I discovered I could do that through writing.
      The idea for septimus was with me for a very long time before I began to write it. I felt as though there was a place I already knew about and I just wanted to explore it. Weird, really…

  125. Brittany

    Dear Angie,

    I am a huge fan of Septimus Heap!!! I just finished fyre a couple of days ago. Anyways here is my question….I have noticed that you kind of set up a relationship between Jenna and Beete. I know the characters are young but 14 is a reasonable age to date someone. Are you ever going to write another story about all of the romance you set up?????


    Brittany(your biggest fan)

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Brittany,
      Yes I am. My publishers don’t want to go that way so I am going to publish it myself. I am trying to find the time to do it. There are so many interesting things that happen to them all before the TodHunter Moon series kicks in that the story has to be told!

  126. HenryLikesPie

    Hi Angie!

    Whoa, it’s so weird saying that… I feel like I should call you “Ms.Sage” or something, it’s like I’m talking to a famous person :D.

    Anyways, I LOVE Septimus Heap. I first started reading the series a while back, when I was a bit younger and I completely loved it then too, I read all the way through every book and finished Syren. I think back on this and feel really stupid now but I thought Syren was the last book then and I was disappointed because I felt like it didn’t end the series, a bit later I discovered Darke and felt absotively, posilutely dumb. I tried to read it then but it had been too long since I’d finished Syren and I couldn’t remember many details, I realized this, resolved to re-read the series from the beginning, and… forgot. Sort of recently, I was looking at my bookshelf and I saw the books, I wasn’t reading anything then so I decided to actually re-read them, and this time I didn’t forget :D. I’m now about halfway through Darke (Beetle is locked in the Hermetic Chamber, Marcia is trying to get the code disc out of Merrin, Simon is with Sarah, and Sep and Jen are fighting off Things) and I’m really enjoying it! I totally can’t wait ’till I finish it so I can read Fyre and I’m also super excited about TodHunter Moon. Well, I guess that this is getting sorta long so I’d better get to my questions. Here we go!

    1. What is going to happen to Merrin? Frankly, I wish he would die already. I really, really don’t like him and I hope everything he’s done comes back around to him.

    2. Will we see more of Jo-Jo, Sam, Ed, and Erik in the rest of Darke or in Fyre? I feel like it’s been a while.

    3. Why does Jenna like her witch clothes?

    4. Why is Mrs. Gringe always so grumpy? I wish she would be nice sometimes, especially to Lucy.

    5. (This is random) Do you speak or have you ever taken a foreign language? I’m helping my mom re-learn French and I think it’s really fun. I would love any tips, especially from a writer’s point of view :).

    Oh, and finally…

    6. Regarding MAGYK: The Movie, do you know anything else about it yet? It’s been a good while (4 years?) and I don’t know what’s going on.

    That’s it! Thank you so much for reading this and I really admire you, I completely love Septimus Heap and I can’t wait to keep reading! I hope you’re doing well and everything is going good for you! Bye!!

    – Henry

  127. ZombieEggCake

    Hi Angie!

    We read somewhere that it is Marcia’s birthday today (13th June). If that’s true, would you please tell her that we wish her a very happy birthday-day? 😀
    Does she actually celebrate her birthday? And how?
    Does she get lots of presents?
    What is the adress to send her presents?
    Does she eat lots of cake?
    Does she like chocolate sprinkles and elephants?

    However, we hope she has a nice day.


    • Angie Sage

      Thank you on behalf of Marcia!
      Yes, she will eat birthday cake very happily. Sep gets them made specially at Ma Custards.
      You can send presents to the Wizard Tower but they cannot be wrapped. So it is best to deliver them in person. Marcia loves both Chocolate sprinkles and Elephants, but not together in the same room. There is, she tells me, a time and a place for everything.
      And yes, Marcia gets a surprising amount of presents.Which she does really enjoy, even though she pretends not to bother too much.

  128. Lilya W.

    Hi, Angie, it’s me again. In honor of my favorite character’s birthday tomorrow (it /is/ the 13th, right?), all of my questions/comments this time are centered around her. Hope you can answer them!

    1) Exactly what is Marcia’s EOW dress/tunic/whatever-it-is made of? Leather, perhaps?

    2) What color is the Apprenticeship Graduation gown that Marcia is wearing in the picture in ch. 7 of Magyk? Is it just green, or is it the stereotypical white, or something different?

    3) Just sayin’, I absolutely LOVE the idea of Marcia descending from a secret child of Marcellus/Broda! It would make a lot of sense….

    4) How well can Marcia/Milo/Marcellus/Miarr (hey, all ‘M’ names!) swim?

    5) I am ONLY asking this question because I recently had a dream in which I asked Marcia this same question: What would the series’ storyline be like if Marcia’s position as living EOW and Alther’s position as ghost of EOW were reversed? (Marcia’s response was, “That would be very weird, indeed.” I’ll bet you agree with her.) You don’t have to answer this one, as it’s kind of an awkward question…. :-/ (but then if it’s in a dream, how couldn’t it be, right?)

    6) I can’t possibly see how Marcia’s name can be pronounced Marsha. And I am actually American! So that misconception isn’t /entirely/ true. Anyhow, to me she seems more like a Mar-CEE-a than a Marsha; the former just sounds more elegant. That might be because I once had a teacher whose first name is Marcia, and she pronounces it Mar-CEE-a. (No, she doesn’t really share a resemblance—the teacher does have dark curly hair, but she keeps it close-cropped. And she’s short. But about as strict. 😉 )

    7) I was absolutely touched by the scene in Darke when Marcia was sitting in her armchair on the verge of tears, blaming herself for not being able to protect the WT. You have NO IDEA /how much/ I wanted to hop in that book, embrace Marcia, and assure her that she was only being hard on herself, and everything was going to work out just fine. Too often I find myself in the same position as Marcia—if something bad happens, I blame myself for incompetency, as I am overly self-analytical, and need to be comforted by others time and again, since I /never/ forgive myself for it. So thank you SO MUCH for that insight on my favorite character!

    Oh, and wish Marcia a happy birthday from her devoted mini-me! Apologies in advance if you get hurt…. 😉

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Lilya,

      well, all Marcia has told me is that it is sometime in the 2 weeks before MidSummer. So you may well be right. however, I shall leave you with the happy task of asking her 😉
      1. Marcia’s dress is 70%merino, 30% silk in the winter. 50% cashmere, 50% silk in the summer. She likes fine fabrics. And why not? He cloak is much heavier and line with fur in the winter.
      2. It was Graduation blue. A really bright royal blue.
      3. That is a little scary …
      4. Milo can’t. A lot of sailors don’t like to learn. All the rest can, although none of them that well. Miarr does not like swimming though. And Marcia does not see the point.
      5. It would be weird. I think they might argue a lot more than they do.
      6. Ah well, I just assumed it was a US thing. But headteachers and Marcia have a lot in common!
      7. Lovely that you felt that way. That scene just happened. I began to feel that Marcia had gone through so much, and had such a lot of responsibility, that she couldn’t go on always being the know-it-all strong one.

      Thank you, Lilya!

  129. Bo Tenderfoot

    Hullo, Angie!
    I am so absolutely in love with your books! You are a fantastic role model and some of your replies on here are HILARIOUS. I read Magyk the second it came out and devoured the rest along with lots of waiting for the next (and next, and next) books! All I have are a few questions:

    1) At the end of Fyre, I think my brain just about exploded when (SPOILER ALERT) Septimus went back to the House of Foryx with Hotep-Ra and was brought out by…himself. I’m not sure how to do a good job of explaining this, but if Septimus got himself out, that would mean he’s been there for at least ten years, yeah? And if he got himself out, then the older him would have to stay behind, right? So basically he just bounced back and orth between 14 and an older version for all eternity, so he’s just repeating the cycle. BEcause when he gets out he’ll grow up and go to get himself from the House of Foryx, won’t he? It blew my mind and I’m soooooo confused. Any thoughts?

    2) Sorry the first question was so long! My second question is: have you seen how much your characters changed!? I kknow it’s a part of them getting older and such, but comparing between Magyk and Fyre they’re so….different. Jen, Morwenna Mould, and Nicko especially. Their entire aura…changed. Not critisism, just wondering if that was on purpose or just an unconsious choice.

    3) Just gonna say, the second you introduced Rose I was like, “She and Seep ae gonna loove each other.”

    I love you and your books and sorry for the LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG post!!!
    ❤ Bo Tenderfoot

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Bo,

      Brill! And thank you too.

      1. well, in Time all things are possible. As you will see in PathFinder (book 1 of TodHunter Moon) Sep did come out.
      There was no reason he had to stay there for the next seven years. He left back to hi own Time using his Questing stone and reentered seven years later (having been there a few times in the interim too). Taking the logic of the House of Foryx to its extreme what happened was perfectly possible. There are rules to an encounter like that, though. You can’t touch each other, for one. And the encounter must be the same both Times.
      2. They have grown up. Jenn has changed the most because she has very slowly come to terms with being Queen, and the more she knew about her history, the more she felt able to be herself. Morwenna just went back to being the way she was before she met Silas. She’s given up on Silas now. Nicko was changed a lot by his experience in the House of Foryx, but he is getting back to being his old self again.
      So the characters you notice changing have done, but each for their own reason. And we do change a lot in our middle teen years as we find out who we really are. (Not including Morwenna, of course. She just reverted)
      3. They will. Dunno for how long tho … 😉

  130. BiggestSepFanEver! :)

    How do you play counter feet?

    • Angie Sage

      Not with Silas if possible as you will never win. The idea is to take the other person’s Castle. It depends very much what kind of Counters you have at the time. Think of it as 3D chess…

  131. Abigail

    Hello Angie! I’ve been trying to think of what to say to convey the message of what an inspiration you are to me, but I cannot think of the right words to say in short how much I appreciate your work. So I will just ask my question instead.
    In Fyre, Marcia says that someone she admired very much once said that “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.’ This confused me, because that is a Sherlock Holmes quote. Has Marcia met the ghost of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle? Has she read Sherlock Holmes? I can’t imagine how Marcia would get her hands on one of those books, although I do think that that quote suits that chapter well.
    Thank you for taking the time to read my message!

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Abigail,
      Sorry such a late reply!
      It’s lovely to hear how much Septimus means to you…
      You are totally right about Marcia. It is Sherlock Holmes. As the books take place in the future, I think a few of the classics have survived. I suspect you will find the Casebook of Sherlock Holmes in the Wizard Tower Library…
      But no ghosts. Visible, living ghosts did not Appear until much later than Conan Doyle – a shame for him because he was very interested in that kind of thing and would have much appreciated being a ghost, I suspect.

  132. Rosie

    Hi Angie
    When I went to get fire on Amazon it said that the hard cover doesn’t come out until October is that right?
    Also are Warner Bros. still making Magyk in to a film?
    I love all of your Sep books and really want to see the characters again so will they be in the THM series?
    As well do Simon and Lucy ever have kids?
    Sorry about all the questions

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Rosie,
      Yes, the old-style hardcover is out in October. But if you want one earlier you can come to the Edinburgh Book Festival and I will sign one for you!
      WBs have decided to shelve plans for the movie, the world has moves on to other things… But Septimus will, I hope, go on forever.
      Yes, Simon and Lucy have a little boy called William. That’s all they have so far. He is 7 years old in PathFinder, book one of TodHunter Moon. Some of the Septimus charcters will be in PathFinder and there are 3 new main characters too. HarperCollins wanted these new books to be a little shorter, so there is a smaller cast of people. But in PathFinder you will meet: Nicko, Snorri, Lucy, SImon, Sep, Beetle, Queen (!) Jenna. Also new ones: Alice TodHunter Moon and Ferdie and Oskar Sarn.

  133. lizzard11

    Hi Angie! I have some questions that I really hope you answer. I enjoy your books so much!

    1.) In Darke, Septimus has to bring Alther back to undo the Darknese that Merrin spread because only Alther could undo it since he was also DomDaniel’s apprentice. Simon was also DomDaniel’s apprentice though, so why couldn’t he undo it?

    2.) Also, I think in Magyk, Aunt Zelda watches Merrin’s first day as apprentice in the pond and sees that he doesn’t have an apprentice supper, so wasn’t he not truly his apprentice? Did Simon have an apprentice supper?

    3.) Is the Queste curse broken? Will apprentices be able to visit Hotep Ra as he originally wished?

    4.) Why doesn’t Hotep Ra have some power in the House of Foryx since he made it? Why did he make it such an evil place where people get trapped and can’t get out?

    5.) I think this came up in Physik but I don’t really understand still, who was that mean lady in the House of Foryx (in Queste) that wanted Jenna’s key and thought she stole it?

    6.) In Physik, before they leave in the dragon boat, it says that Spit Fyre is next to the dragon boat as he has been ever since they did the revive, but when Jenna went on that walk at night being followed by Morwenna I thought Spit Fyre was in the castle yard?

    7.) Will the ice tunnels be melted now as they were before the great alchemie disaster occurred?

    8.) Hotep Ra says that he chose to put the House of Foryx where it is because of the ice tunnels’ path, so I’m assuming that the ice tunnels were already there… so what was their original purpose? Do the ice tunnels stop at the House of Foryx?

    9.) Does Sep live on the same earth as us? And if so, do you have an idea of how the world became how it is in Sep’s time 10,000 years later?

    10.) I gathered from the quote at the end by Arthur C. Clarke that the Magyk of Sep’s world is a result of super advanced technology?

    11.) Are we going to learn more about the ancient past? Back when they had “tube’s” and “moving chambers”

    12.) Do you ever have dreams about Sep’s world? Or that you’re in it?

    I’m sorry if I missed some of the answers in the books or if they’ve already been answered on here!

    Also, I would like to say that really love the way you write. Your writing style is rather unique for fantasy stories in the way that you make all the characters (not just the main ones) have round personalities and backgrounds making it seem like a real world. I like how you start off with each character’s different story and gradually the stories mix together as the characters run into each other and events occur linking them.

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Lizzard11,
      So pleased you enjoy Sep! And that you love all the different characters too. The bots at the end are my favourites to write.
      1. Simon wasn’t his Apprentice. He was just a minion, as DD put it. Simon thought he was an Apprentice, but found out in FLyte that he had been deceived.
      2. No, Simon didn’t have one.
      3. There are no more Questing stones, so the Queste is finished. But Sep will now be able to come and go to the House of Foryx as he pleases and always be able to come out into his own Time.
      4.Hotep-Ra thinks it is a good place, performing a useful function. He doesn’t see why people get so fussy about Time. And he didn’t make the rules, it was the only way possible to get the system to work. And no one if forced to come in, or stopped from going out. Hotep-Ra thinks that is pretty fair really.
      5. Just some weird person. She was known as the Guardian and had set herself up as a petty official. All institutions have someone like that.
      6. You will have to read FYRE!
      7. This one does stop at the HoF. There are 3 basic kinds – one was built below the Castle for its heating system, one used as an underground transport system, and the very long straight ones hark back to many thousands if years in the past when they were used to generate energy. The HoF stands on the site of a very old reactor. Hence its weirdness with Time.
      8.Again – you will have to read FYRE…
      9&10.Ah, you did read Fyre. So yes, Magyk is an advanced technology. Sep takes place in the future. The date is written in the snow… Yes, it is on our earth.
      11.. Not for now… maybe that is a whole new series! Nice idea in fact.
      12. No, I never had. Funny really that I haven’t but I think maybe it’s because I think so much about Sep & co in the day, that at night I need a rest from them all!

  134. Roni

    Am I the only one who’s noticed that if Milo and Marcia DO get married, that would make Marcia Jenna’s stepmum? Poor Jenna, it is bad enough for her with two mums.. Ms. Angie, as I’m sure this has occurred to you already, how do you think Jen and Sep would feel/think about this?

    Why did dear old Silas’s brothers have to be the ones possessed by the wizards of The Two-Faced Ring?

    This summer I am writing a book, about which I am very excited. I already know the plot, as the book started out as a bedtime story to my little sister, but is really novel sized. I’ve shown my friends the first chapter and they all really love it, and I realize this is what authors like you must feel when your fans tell you they love your book. “This” being happiness and excited-ness that people appreciate what you do. I just want to let you know that I’m really grateful for Sep and I love your books so much and I’m so excited you are not stopping anytime soon!

    Just a SepHeap fan,

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Roni,

      I wonder? But I have to say, Marcia being Jenna’s stepmother is something that amuses me just a little. Am I being mean here?

      Well, they just seemed to be in the way all the time. And they were ideal, really. And twins too. Also I wanted to show that they were, deep down, very strong characters and good too. Like most of the Heaps.

      Congratulations on beginning your book – lucky you knowing the plot too! I hope it all goes really well for you and you have a great time writing it too.

  135. A Grateful Fan

    Hi Angie!!!
    Just wanted to say that I absolutely LOVE your writing!! Couldn’t put them down – once got carried away reading Queste and realised it was 1 o’clock in the morning! I know the series is targeted at the 8-11 age range but I am 14 and still enjoy the Septimus Heap books so much! I cannot wait for Todhunter Moon!! It is a shame about the film, but I suppose it means that I can keep my image of all the characters in my head. WB could never have done it justice.

    The Septimus Heap series is amazing and has inspired me to go into writing!!
    So thank you for Ask Angie, for your brilliant imagination and wonderful books!

    Sincerely, one of the biggest Septimus fans!
    (P.S – Beetle, Lucy, Simon, Marcia and Nicko are my favourite characters – hope they get happy endings in TodHunter Moon!)

    Also, could you post where I could write to you? I don’t want to sound like a stalker, but I would love to ask you some more questions!!!

    • Angie Sage

      Hello, GF!

      Thank you so much for all your lovely comments and sorry I’ve been away from the AA questions so long. I had to really concentrate this summer to get lots done.
      Although Sep is targeted at 8 to 11, this is not how I see it at all, but bookstores and publishers all do have these targets… I write for everyone of all ages, and I am so pleased when it works like that.
      And I suspect you may be right about the film…
      If you livein the USA you can write to:
      10 E53rd Street
      New York
      NY 10022-5002
      And if you live in the UK:
      50 Bedford Square
      WC1B 3DP

  136. i heart pi

    Howdy from Texas, Angie!

    I was re-reading Fyre the other day and found similarities between the Chamber of Fyre and a nuclear reactor. Was this intentional?
    I know that the series takes place in the future but I was wondering if elevators and submarines weren’t the only survivors of the Days of Beyond.

    Thanks for your time!

    • Angie Sage


      Hello from misty Somerset in England!

      Yes, it was intentional. I looked up quite a lot of stuff …
      I did think about what would survive in the distant future and I came to the conclusion that it was very hard to guess, really. So I took a few things that were fairly random, but slightly strange. It is shocking how fast things deteriorate and disappear, so I thought that it would only be underground stuff actively preserved that would still be around.

  137. colin

    i am so glad that septimus is going to become extraordinry wizard.Somewhere around Queste, I was beginning to worry that he would quit being marcia’s aprentice and move in with marcellus to become the alchemist. I’ve been rooting for septimus to continue magyk and now that i’ve finished Fyre I am really glad with the outcome.
    But wouldn’t that mean that marcia would have to die… 😦

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Colin,

      Well, Sep had to really decide it for himself as I felt he was on a bit of a treadmill for a while. But so often you don’t know what you want until you think it’s gone.
      As you see, the older Sep said that Marcia was OK. You don’t have to die in post as EOW, you can retire. Or get thrown out if you are rubbish and the Wizard Tower decides not to recognise you anymore (this has happened…)
      Marcia is alive and well and living in the Eastern Marches. You will meet her again in TodHunter Moon.

  138. Melissa

    Ms. Sage,
    After you finish the TodHunter Moon trilogy, do you think you will continue writing? If so, will you write more about other Magyk characters?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Melissa,

      I will continue writing and I do still want to write about Marcia… but I also want to do some grown-up stuff. I have two half finished novels waiting to be looked at. I guess I just want to see what else I can do.

  139. ....What?!?

    So, I think Fyre just blew my mind.
    Two things:
    First, at the end of the book, there was that thing about technology being magic. Does that mean that all the charms where just machinery? For example, the thunderflash was really some sort of grenade?

    Second, did this all take place in the future of our world? Specifically about 10000 years in the future, according to the date Sep wrote in the snow.

    I apologize if people have already asked these questions. Also in the next series, I would love to see some more of Sep’s world. If I am being honest with myself, my favorite part of the whole series was opening up Syren and seeing that beautiful map. I love maps.

    • Angie Sage


      well, the quote is from Arthur C Clarke and what I wanted to say was the same as what he says: that things we don’t understand at the moment we call magic. (Imagine what a medieval person would say about a mobile phone) But it does not mean that they are supernatural. So yes, I guess I am saying that it is a technology that we do not understand. Yet. So … the thunderflash is not a grenade, it is a thunderflash, formed from the air, even though we can’t do that. Yet. 😉

      Yep, that’s the way i see it. 10,000 years is a very long time away. Who knows what may have happened by then.

      We are going to travel a little with TodHunter Moon! And yes, I love maps too…

  140. lizzard11

    Hi Angie! I have some questions that I really hope you answer. I enjoy your books so much!

    1.) In Darke, Septimus has to bring Alther back to undo the Darknese that Merrin spread because only Alther could undo it since he was also DomDaniel’s apprentice. Simon was also DomDaniel’s apprentice though, so why couldn’t he undo it?

    2.) Also, I think in Magyk, Aunt Zelda watches Merrin’s first day as apprentice in the pond and sees that he doesn’t have an apprentice supper, so wasn’t he not truly his apprentice? Did Simon have an apprentice supper?

    3.) Is the Queste curse broken? Will apprentices be able to visit Hotep Ra as he originally wished?

    4.) Why doesn’t Hotep Ra have some power in the House of Foryx since he made it? Why did he make it such an evil place where people get trapped and can’t get out?

    5.) I think this came up in Physik but I don’t really understand still, who was that mean lady in the House of Foryx (in Queste) that wanted Jenna’s key and thought she stole it?

    6.) In Physik, before they leave in the dragon boat, it says that Spit Fyre is next to the dragon boat as he has been ever since they did the revive, but when Jenna went on that walk at night being followed by Morwenna I thought Spit Fyre was in the castle yard?

    7.) Will the ice tunnels be melted now as they were before the great alchemie disaster occurred?

    8.) Hotep Ra says that he chose to put the House of Foryx where it is because of the ice tunnels’ path, so I’m assuming that the ice tunnels were already there… so what was their original purpose? Do the ice tunnels stop at the House of Foryx?

    9.) Does Sep live on the same earth as us? And if so, do you have an idea of how the world became how it is in Sep’s time 10,000 years later?

    10.) I gathered from the quote at the end by Arthur C. Clarke that the Magyk of Sep’s world is a result of super advanced technology?

    11.) Are we going to learn more about the ancient past? Back when they had “tube’s” and “moving chambers”

    12.) Do you ever have dreams about Sep’s world? Or that you’re in it?

    I’m sorry if I missed some of the answers in the books or if they’ve already been answered on here!

    Also, I would like to say that really love the way you write. Your writing style is rather unique for fantasy stories in the way that you make all the characters (not just the main ones) have round personalities and backgrounds making it seem like a real world. I like how you start off with each character’s different story and gradually the stories mix together as the characters run into each other and events occur linking them.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Lizzard,

      This is a bit weird as I replied to this but it’s gone… I’ll log in later and see if it has come back…

  141. Lucy C.

    Love the new look! It is really cool-looking!!

  142. Carolina

    Hey Angie! I’m from Sweden, so I’m not so good at English ^^ but anyway, here, in sweden, I haven’t heard a word about Fyre 😦 I have not even heard about if it at all, will be released here…

    So i have read some questions, and now even i have some questions =D
    1. Where can i find “the Darke Toad”? i really want to read it ^^
    2. I loove Foxy, (hope he has the same name at english) so couldn’t it be more about him??? How he sees things fore example =)
    3. This maybe sounds weird, but can’t someone die? So i beggining to cry? Because it is that KINDE of things that get you to both love and hate the book, just remember, to not to take the wrong ^^
    4. PLEASE more Foxy ^^ And he looks so handsome in the book ^^
    5. Can’t you lay out more funny things at the side (!) maybe a recipe, or some game and something totaly random that still has something with the series to do ^^

    // Carolina – The Candy loover ^^

    ps. i have now read the whole serie again, from Magic, to darke, and i soo want to read “Fyre”!!! Hope it comes in swedish soon ^^

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Carolina,

      I think Fyre will be released in Sweden, but of course the translations takes a while to do.
      1. The Darke Toad is available only as a download (in English – sorry). You can get it from Amazon.
      2. Yes, Foxy is lovely. And he does have the same name in English. But there are so many characters in Septimus Heap and I have to focus on not too many at once. But if I write a separate book about the Manuscriptorium, Foxy will have a big part to play.
      3. I know what you mean … but it’s tough to make people die. I guess no one cared too much abot Jillie Djinn dying…
      4. Ok – maybe in another book!
      5. Well, it’s not so easy to put distractions into a novel, but you can find things like that in The Magykal Papers. Have a look on Amazon…

      I do hope you get to read FYRE soon!

  143. Christyna

    Hey Angie!
    My dad recently finished the series, and he has a question, but he’s too embarrassed to ask, because he’s an adult. (It told him not to worry about it but he won’t listen to me) How did Bert the cat becom Bert the duck, aunt Zelda’s duck? And I would like to add, would Bert and Ethel ever be friends?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Christyna,

      A very late reply – sorry – holidays and writing an Araminta Spook have got in the way recently…

      Please say hi to your Dad from me and tell him that I write for everyone – it’s just that Septimus gets pigeonholed as a book for children. But that is not the way I see it at all, or lots of adults who read it.

      Aunt Zelda did a very witchy Transformation on Bert. You can only do stuff like that on cats by the way. It does not work on ducks. So you could not turn a duck into a cat.
      I am afraid that Ethel is too nervous to be friends with a duck that has the attitude of a cat. In fact, most ducks steer clear of Bert.

  144. Lilya W.

    Hi Angie–

    This is my first time posting on this site, so I’m not too sure what to say. Towards the end of last February, one of my good friends saw me at the local library, shoved Magyk into my hands, said “Read this,” and left. It was slow going, but since then I’ve become a devoted Sep Heap fan. Granted, I’m kinda new to the club, as it’s only been 3 months (which I know now was perfect timing, as I didn’t have to wait for Fyre to be released!) but I feel like I’ve known the series forever! The way you write makes the Sep Heap world seem so real to me, which I’m sure was your intention from the start.

    So anyhow, I do have a few questions/comments I’d like to put up to you. Hope you can find some time between chapters of TodHunter Moon to see them and possibly give me feedback:

    1) Has the Castle had any contact with corn? Do the citizens know what it is?

    2) What’s Terry Tarsal look like? Is he older or younger? ‘Cuz I’m thinking about drawing my favorite scenes from your books in Manga, and I wanna do the one where Marcia falls in the puddle. 🙂

    3) Can you tell me anything more of the three nice ghosts that haunt your house? Please? 😀

    4)In Magyk ch. 7, Marcia uses a Translucent Spell on her door when Silas, Nicko, and Maxie show up, to make sure it’s really them. Why doesn’t she do that in Fyre when Sep, Jenna, and Marcellus are trapped in the Ice Tunnels flood, and Julius stops her from letting them in?

    5) Who created the refuge sites in Queste? What’s their history? And how are they maintained?

    6) One of your posts said you didn’t think it was possible to write a good book in under 3 months. Well, I can prove you wrong, (sorry if that sounds mean!) as I know of a really good author who has done just that: Catherynne Valente. And she’s done it more than once, too; I even heard she just finished writing one in 6 weeks! BTW, if you can find the time to read it, I highly recommend one of her books, The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making. (Strangely enough, I’d been at the library turning it in when my friend approached me, so Ms. Valente kind of led me to you, in a way!)

    7) Yes, this has been brought up by other bloggers before, but I want to reemphasize this point, ‘cuz I think it’d be really cool if you put this in the THM trilogy: {deep breath} SEPTIMUS /REALLY/ NEEDS TO EAT WAFFLES AT SOME POINT!!!!!!!

    Wow, looks like I /did/ know what to say. Thanks for your time!

    –Lilya W. (P.S. If you’re wondering, I am the same person you recently friended on Facebook; my profile picture is the one where I’m dressed as Audrey Hepburn, if that rings a bell.)

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Lilya,

      Welcome to Sep heap world! (and I too feel it is real…)
      1. You mean like the grain? Yes, they have that.
      2. He he. I do like that scene. Tho I did feel a bit mean writing it. Or rather, enjoying writing it so much!
      Terry is quite lined in his face, he has short-ish curly hair, is smallish and thin. A bit stooped. A fuss pot. Long fingers and a different pair of shoes every day.
      3. Ah, I have moved since then. They were two women in Victorian dress and a man in a white blazer and a boater who was waiting for them a little impatiently. i think they were going out boating. (I lived by a creek).
      4. She was in a panic. Marcia does not always think clearly.
      5. They were created by Hotep-Ra. He has people in the forest sorting them out.
      6. Well, I know I couldn’t, but it doesn’t mean no one else can. There are so many different ways to write. I think I was maybe talking about the write a novel in a month thing? But I will check out the book, it sounds interesting. Lovely title!
      7. But why waffles???
      Aha – yes. And a great picture!

  145. Donna

    Fyre is great, tying up a lot of loose ends, yet still leaving some room for a bit of speculation. (SPOILERS !) I was particularly fascinated by the true explanation of the “Great Alchemy Disaster” really being the Great EOW-screwing-up-and-blaming-it-on-Alchemy Disaster. As the saying goes, history is written by the winners. I really loved watching Stanley carefully coaching one of his ratlets through her first message delivery. Despite many troubles, the Message Rat torch is being passed.

    One of my own rats, Derek, rather resembles Stanley, in that he is a large male with wild-type fur

    Also, is there a way to get “The Darke Toad” in hard copy ? Not all of us have e-readers. .

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Donna,
      Yes, the Message rat torch is passed to the new generation. You will see them in TOD too.
      So far there is no way to get the darke toad in hard copy, I am sorry to say. I have asked Bloomsbury and will ask again…

    • I was really hoping for “The Darke Toad” in hard copy, too. We got around this by purchasing the special paperback edition of “Magyk,” which has the “Toad” story as a bonus in the back. This edition was a reasonable price ($4.99 U.S.) This is an option if you don’t want to deal with the e-reader thing.

      • Angie Sage

        I too would like to see it on paper! Still working on that…

  146. Nev Render

    I must admit that I was not expecting 2 hard back issues of Fyre. As I live in the NE England I have to rely on auction sites to obtain my signed copies of the books. I obtained a signed copy of the Bloomsbury Publishing PLC issue showing the dragon on the cover (528 pages) and was wondering if there would be any signings of the issue shown as Katherine Tegan Books (720 pages) which is in keeping with the previous 6 books.

    • Angie Sage


      Bloomsbury are issuing the traditional cover in October. I think it is on Amazon now. I have to sign about 1400 (!) I think so you should find some signed ones around somewhere…
      The Katherine Tegen is the US edition. If you come to my events in Edinburgh – 24 August -or Bath I will happily sign your books – and you can buy the traditional ones there too.

  147. Treepelt

    Hi! Just wanted to ask you some things about being an author, because I REALLY want to be one eventually. I think you are amazing, and I love your books, and I wanted to sort of get some advice from you. What is being an author like? What responsibilities do you have? Do you have to have certain education requirements to be an author? What do you like about giving books for the world to read? Thank you so much in advance, and I understand if you aren’t able to answer me. 🙂


    • Angie Sage

      Hi Treepelt,
      Thank you!
      Well, being an author is mainly hard work on your own. It’s great when it goes well, but honestly at the moment, I would not recommend it. It feels a really tough thing to do.
      You don’t need any educational anything, because no one ever asks you about that, but of course you do need to be educated and interested and generally into all kinds of things. I do think you need to love reading and also be interested in people and what makes them tick. And quite determined too…
      The only responsibility you have is to write a good book! It’s an odd thing to end up doing. It is a real privilege to have people read what you write, and I still can’t quite believe they do. In fact, at times, I have to not think about that otherwise I think I’d get the equivalent of stage fright.
      So good luck … if you have something you feel you really want to write, then go for it and see what happens!

  148. Lizzy

    Hello Ms Angie
    I have some question about things that I couldn’t understand…
    I am young( recently graduated primary school) Korean student so my English is not very good, actually, it is horrible ^^
    But I read all septimus heap series (except Darke, I couldn’t get it..) in English (because I was not allowed to read fantasy novel in korean, sadly…) I REALLY like your books! I felt as if I read old, mysterious, and beautiful legend. I whish I can see you someday…
    So.. there are somethings I’m very confusing…And my personal questions..
    1. I finished read Fyre, but do Septimus and Rose get together in the end? I always hoped Jenna and Septimus get together… some people said it’s weird because they are adoptive siblings, but I think they would be lovely if they got together. Beetle always think Jenna just ‘Princess Jenna’. Also Septimus and Jenna did not grew up together like Nicko and Jenna did so I don’t think they really thought each other just sister and brother…
    2. Does Jenna like sonnori? I think she doesn’t like her. but I don’t know why. Didn’t Sonnori saved Jenna in Phisik?
    3. I heard ‘Septimus’ means 7th, is it right?
    4. Why doesn’t Sarah like witches?
    5. Is Stanly( is it correct spelling?) in TodHunter Moon? I whish he is. I like him.
    6. Is Jenna beautiful? I always imagine Jenna tall, confident, bright and beautiful girl.
    7. Which book cover do you like more? Old one or new one? I like old one. New one just looks strange..
    It looks like some computer game poster. However in book store there are only new ones..
    I whish my gramma was not too bad. But English is too difficult to me. 😦
    And one more, sorry.. Do you like Antoine De Saintexupery? I think he is amazing.
    This is really end of my questions. I will be VERY happy if you answer me. But if you don’t, it’s okay.

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Lizzy,
      Your English is good! and I understand it all…
      I’m glad you feel that you are reading an old mysterious legend, that is exactly the feeling I want readers to have.
      1. Sep and Rose do go out with each other for quite a while. But I don’t know if it will last. It’s not looking good in TOD. I do understand what you say about Sep and jenna, they are not really siblings. But I think they need to be a little older so that it does not matter so much. I see all the relationships as being quite fluid at the moment, just as it would be in real life at their age.
      2. Jenna was cross with Snorri for being the reason that Nicko was left behind in Time. But she is ok now. You will see more of Snorri in TOD.
      3. Yes, it does mean seven. Septimus is a traditional name to give a seventh child.
      4. Sarah does not trust them. I think she spent enough time in the Forest to know what they are really like. She also is a little jealous of Silas’s relationship with Morwenna. and she doesn’t want her sons ending up with one either.
      5. Stanley is. But he is old and has sore feet.
      6. Yes, Jenna is good looking. I am not sure if she is beautiful, but she is a strong person who doesn’t bother too much how she looks.
      7. The old one! Although I think the new covers work well for the paperbacks. But I don’t like the new on in hardback, I don’t think that should have happened. Sigh.
      Yes, I do. He is a really interesting writer!
      Have a great summer!

  149. SamSep

    Hi Angie,
    I just wanted to know whether the TodHunter Moon trilogy will be the only spin-off series from Septimus Heap or whether there will be others.

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Sam,

      THM is all I am doing right now. But there are other Sep things I want to write. I just need to find the time. I’ll keep writing Sep as long as people want to read it…

    • Angie Sage

      Hi SamSep,

      I am planning a YA book to fill the gap between TodHunter Moon and FYRE. We will have to see how it all goes!

  150. TheDarkeWombat

    Hi Angie
    I have a question……I understood from a major hint you dropped in fyre that Marcia considers Septimus *spoiler for fyre so i can’t say it….hope you understand*…..I just wonder,if Sarah ever found out about that, what would she say? I mean she can’t be all that happy after the Jenna mess with *again a spoiler for fyre so i can’t say it….hope you understand*

    • Angie Sage

      Oh gosh, Darke Wombat, I am being very dense but I think you are going to have to spell this out more clearly for me. But if it affects Sarah, then she will be sure to let Marcia knows how she feels.

      • I think what DarkeWombat means is that Marcia thinks of Sep a bit like her son, and if Sarah was upset about that and Jenna with Cerys. Am I right?

  151. An Ordinary Wizard

    Wocha Angie!
    I absolutely love your books !S.Heap is my favourite series of books, and I’ve never had a favourite before as I kept on telling myself after reading other series of books that I’d find a better one. In the end, I realised that I enjoyed reading S.Heap more than any other series before and made it my favourite. 🙂
    I haven’t read Fyre yet, but I really want to. I’ve been to several bookshops, and I’m just wandering if the hardback of Fyre with a pyramid on the cover is only availible in the US? It’s just that I want the cover of Fyre to match the other books that I have in the series.
    Well done in finishing the series, and I’m glad that it’s not going to end there:-)

    P.S.I’m hoping to one day dress up as Marcia 🙂 I’m not sure about how to get the shoes though…

    • Angie Sage


      You will be able to get the matching one later in the year. October, I think. But if you come to my events at the Edinburgh lit fest or the Bath kids lit fest, then you can get them there too! And signed…

      Irregular Choice have some fake purple python shoes. Or they did. My daughter bought me a pair. But you could always try painting an old pair purple.

  152. hi Angie sage. I’m your biggest fan. I just wanted to ask if the Magykal papers is part of the series or is it just a extra story???

    Bye :):):):):)

    • Elinor

      The Magykal Papers gives you more information about the castle and its inhabitants. You can read a couple of diarys, get a tour of the Castle with Silas, get some recepies, read about different food places and much, much more. It is full of magykal facts! 🙂

      It is a awesome book and if you hasn’t read it, you really should! 🙂

    • Angie Sage


      Its just a lot of extra bits and pieces, kind of fun background stuff to the whole world of Septimus.

  153. Yuna Darkrayne

    Wotcha Angie!
    I love your books so much! I hope that Sep makes an appearance (even briefly) in the TodHunter Moon series.
    I have a few questions, hope it doesn’t bother you much, I tend to ask annoying questions.
    1. Is Barney Pot related to Hugo?
    2. Let’s say a young wizard was kidnapped by a necromancer and they’re trapped in an area with Darke Magyk for years and years until someone rescued them. Would their green eyes turn into black flecked necromancer eyes just from being around it, or would they remain green if they did not practice Darke Magyk?
    3. Will Cerys ever soften up to Jenna a bit?
    4. This is a writing question. All my stories/books are sounding similar, they all have the same kind of thing. (A warrior princess, a sickly and weak girl that gets saved by her, vicious betrayals.) The trouble is, I don’t want them to all sound the same, but it’s all I could come up with. Have any tips to help prevent this from happening again?

    I seriously hope you see this,


    • Angie Sage

      Hi Yuna,

      I’m so pleased you love Sep!
      Your questions are not annoying at all, you should see some of the ones (not on this blog) that I get asked…
      1. No, i don’t think so, though they do look a bit similar in the drawings Mark did.
      2. They would remain green as long as they did not practice Darke stuff.
      3. Hmm, no sign of it yet.
      4. Plot is really tough.Think of a whole lot of characters (NO warrior princesses or sickly girls). Make some cards, write down a short description of a character on each card, put all the character cards in a box, close your eyes and pick out one. That is your main character. Then pick another – that’s your villain. Carry on like that so that you have forced yourself to write about different people and then see how it turns out. Good luck!

  154. Simone Loves Septimus Heap

    P.S….How often do you check and answer this blog?

    • Angie Sage

      It depends. I didn’t check in for ages when I was struggling to finish TOD – sometimes writing occupies all my head – and all my time. But now I’ve finished I’ll be around more often. Until the next crisis!

  155. Hey Angie. I just finished reading Fyre and got tons of questions:
    1.Did Beetle and Jenna officially started dating?
    2.Is Beetle in TodHunter Moon?
    3.What happened between Marcia and Milo?
    4.Do read The Septimus Heap fanfic? If yes did you read -Truth Adventure? Please answer soon.

    And last I wanted to say I started Septimus Heap when I was 10 and now I’m 15 (Funny almost same age as Jenna(My fave) and Septimus) and I’m kind of looking forward to a more grown up series. Is TodHunter Moon a bit more grown up (not to much plzzz) ?

    Anyway congrats on finishing Fyre and I Love, love Septimus Heap and ANGIE SAGE.

    P.S. You inspired me to write stories. Thanks 😀

    • Angie Sage

      So glad you feel inspired by Sep to write!
      1. Yes they did.
      2. Yes he is, although only for a few chapters.
      3. Aha. You will see in TOD.
      4. No, I don;t read the fan fiction … it might mess up my head!

      THM is not more grown-up. I would like to do that but my publisher wanted it to still be accessible for 10 year olds, which I do understand. But I have plans for something myself. The only problem is finding the time to write it!

  156. Gosh! With so many comments, I really marvel that you read through them all! Thank you, on behalf of all your fans. It is so nice to know that you read and reply to what we write.
    I started reading Septimus thanks to my son and the entire family started reading Araminta Spookie thanks to my daughter! …..And we are all now huge fans of yours!
    The books are brilliant and I love the maps and illustrations. I spend a long time looking at each of those. Brilliant!

    We are all reading Fyre, (competing bookmarks racing along it…) and eagerly awaiting the 6th Araminta book!

    I read somewhere in the previous comments that you are a fan of Phillip Pullman…. That just makes sense. Isn’t he such a genius?! But after seeing how the movie of his Northern Lights book, (Golden Compass) sort of diluted the story, and how so much had to be left out of JRRT’s Lord of the Rings when it was made into a movie, (brilliant movies, though), and the Harry Potter movies stopped many people from every reading the book, I am secretly glad that Magyk may not be a movie after all.
    I’d like the characters to remain the way I imagine them and the story to have “real” magic, rather than CG! ILM is brilliant, but the imagination is always better!

    Sorry, if you had your heart set on the movie being made, and if it does get made, I know we’ll go and watch it, but I like Jenna, Sep, Syrah, Marcia, Aunt Tabby, Uncle Drac, Minty, Sir Horace, Edmund, Fang, etc to remain within the pages and in the heads of each person who turns those pages, if you understand what I mean….

    Anyway, looking forward to Toddhunter Moon and the Septimus Index… but only after Araminta 6, please!!!


    • Angie Sage


      thank you for your lovely comments.
      At last, someone who thinks the way I do about the movie… frankly I too think it is for the best. A good, faithful-to-the-book movie would be wonderful, but this does not often happen.
      I have to confess I haven;t read any Philip Pullman, so I’m not sure where that was from (I try not to read fantasy) but I did hear he was not happy about the film. It must be tough to see your work messed around like that.
      Yes, Miss Spook number 6 is my priority now, but TOD has already been written. Lots more to do …
      Thank you again!

  157. Hi angie I am your biggest fan and I love your books and I’m on your 5th book of septimus heap series.
    Can’t wait for the movie to come out.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Jai,

      So pleased you are loving the books – keep on reading. The movie is not looking good right now, I don’t think it is going to happen, sadly. But our imagination is a whole lot better!

  158. Simone Loves Septimus Heap

    I am a HUGE fan of Sep, I can’t wait for the chance to read FYYYYYYYYRE!!!!!!!! Got a few questions…
    1. Is there going to be a movie?
    2. If so, who is going to play Beetle?
    3. Are Jenna and Beetle going to fall in love? I think that would be soooooo romantic!!!

    I also like Rose a lot…she seems really cool. It would be amazing to play Jenna in a movie!!!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Simone,

      It doesn’t look like there will be a movie now. 😦 .
      Beetle has been in love with jenna for a while now. I am still not 100% sure whether Jenna really loves him enough though. We shall see.
      Rose is definitely cool!

  159. Markia

    Hi Angie!
    How are you? Firstly, I would like to thank you for answering my other questions! Really cleared a couple things up! Sorry to bother you yet again but I have a few other random questions! By the way, I thought it was hilarious what you said wouldn’t happen in fyre in a previous comment! I forgot to put that in my other comment…:D ok so here are the questions:
    1) What is Marcia’s favourite childhood memory?
    2) What was the est year of Marcia’s life before or during her apprenticeship…?
    3) If Marcia could change one thing about her past, what would it be?
    4) What were the colour of Marcia’s eyes before they turned green?
    5) What is Marcia’s biggest regret?
    6) What country does Marcia come from ( I think you said the Eastern Snow Plains)
    7) ( yay) What do you think would happen if the ghosts of Marcia’s parents paid her a visit?
    8) Where are Marcia’s parents now? ( their ghosts to be more specific…)
    Thanks again!!! Can’t wait for TodHunterMoon!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Markia,
      Now, all these marcia questions … I hope you won’t mind if i don’t answer them as I do have a lot of thinking to do about Marcia and I don’t want to get lots of quick answers done and then regret it! Marcia did spend a few years of her early childhood in the Eastern Snow Plains and she has some very impressive sleigh driving skills. But as for the rest – it will have to wait until I really get to know Marcia when I write about her later.

  160. Jasmine

    Hi Angie,
    I just finished reading Fyre last night, it was brilliant because everything’s all happy now but sad for the readers because it’s the end. This is one of my favourite book series’ and you are such a great writer, it inspires me to write too 🙂

    Anyway you said on another Ask Angie that Beetle is a few years older than Jenna and Septimus, but in the book summary of Fyre, it says that the 3 of them are the same age. So which one is it?

    2. Did Marcellus and Broda have any children?
    3. Does Septimus like Rose more than a friend?
    4. I wanted to ask specifically about the character, but Fyre was only recently released, so I’ll just put in general: Apart from dying, is it possible to enter ghosthood by choice like ______ in the endings?

    Sorry for asking so many questions at once, and thank you in advance

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Jasmine,
      I’m so glad you get inspired to write by Sep!
      1. The book summary was wrong and I don’t know where it came from… Beetle is about 3 years older.
      2. No, they didn’t. They spent most of their time apart. So Marcellus has no descendents.
      3. He is beginning to. And he does in the interim between Fyre and TOD. But by TOD he has developed a wandering eye. But then he is a young man of 21…
      4. Ah, you mean AZ? Only if you are a ShapeShifter and then actually, its not really ghosthood, more a different state of living.

  161. Matthew

    Dear Angie Sage,
    I am 10 years old and I love the Septimus Heap Series. I have gotten a lot of my friends to read them as well. My mom is reading them with me and we got into an argument today that I am hoping you could settle. She is reading Syren right now and I just finished it. She thinks that the whole series takes place in the future. We destroyed the earth and some big catastrophe happened like nuclear war that wiped out the planet. Then the few people that survived had to rebuild. The series starts after hundreds of years of rebuilding. Apparently humans developed magical abilities along the way. I’m not sure how she figures that part in. She thinks this because in Syren when Septimus and Syrah go down into the Deeps they come to an old elevator. They talk about how nothing survived from the Days of Beyond except this. Also, Miarr, Lucy and Wolf Boy get into the red tube which is a submarine. They talk about the old tales of when people used to go to the moon. Is she crazy? Do we just need to finish the series to have our little argument settled? (By the way, I promise I am not being disrespectful accusing my mom of being crazy. She is with me right now and is not at all offended. She is fun that way.)
    Thanks, Matthew

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Matthew,

      Your mom is, like all moms, 100% right. But you knew that already, I suspect!
      Please give her my congratulations for figuring it out…

  162. Hey angie! I just wanted to thank you, because, your araminta spook series were the first books I ever read on my own! And without them I would of never loved reading as much as I do today! So THANKYOU your the best author ever! Your certainly my favourite, and when I found out SH was written by the same author that wrote araminta spook, I was really excited! So thankyou again for your wonderful works! 🙂

    P.S I am new to this website so, if another post from me appears like this one, its because I had a few issues with it saying I’ve posted it but it didn’t show up, so yeah…..

    • Angie Sage

      Thank you! It’s so lovely that you got into reading with Miss Spook. She is great fun to write. I’m writing another one this summer so she will have more to say in the future.
      Have a great summer!

      • I’m finished the book ‘Fyre’ now and am currently waiting eagerly for the TodHunter Moon trilogy! You have a great summer too!

  163. Elinor

    Hello Angie!
    I have recently finished reading Fyre (which accidently got in the way of studying, but who cares? ;)) I have to say that it was brilliantly written liked all of the Septimus Heap books. Always something new and exciting! It felt a little sad closing it when I was done although I knew it was going to come more books about them later.
    I have one very important question for you: Will Marcia be in TodHunter Moon? I really hope she is, because I just LOVE her.

    PS. I almost got a heart attack when I thought that Marcia died when she almost fell down that hole to the Chamber of Fyre. I started crying, and I was in school! Don’t you do that to me again!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Elinor,

      So pleased you liked Fyre!
      Yes, Marcia will be in TOD. I can’t leave her out of it…. And I love her too.
      Oh gosh … I’m sorry you got such a shock. And that bit was meant to be funny, with her shoes getting messed up. I did feel a bit mean writing it though.

  164. Hi Angie, congratulations on Fyre! I was wondering about two things.

    1:Would a seventh daughter of a seveth daughter be just as talented as Sep or more?

    2:Could a princess/queen be an ExtraOrdinary wizard apprentice/ExtraOrdinary wizard?

    • Angie Sage

      Thank you!
      yes, a seventh daughter would be just as talented.
      And I don’t reckon a queen/princess could be EOW. It would all be too much. She would have to choose…

  165. Sheena Meredith

    I posted before, but now I have new questions, sorry if I post too much.

    If Septimus and Beetle knew about anime shows do you think they would be into it?
    Does Jenna really dislike Snorri, or is she just afraid of her taking up too much of Nicko’s time? (Because I don’t think if Jenna really didn’t like her she would take her out of the house of Foryx, but then again, even if she did hate someone I wouldn’t picture Jenna-A girl with a good heart- to leave someone eternally trapped.)
    Oh yeah, I had a great time reading all of your books! I’m glad that it had a happy ending and there’s room for your imagination to expand the story into something greater.
    You’re a great author, and I look forward to more of your stories! C:


    • Angie Sage

      Hi Sheena,

      You don’t post too much!

      I suspect they might…
      Jenna was cross with Snorri for causing Nicko to be left behind in Time. But she is ok with her now. You will see in TOD!
      Thank you for your lovely comments…

  166. Merethe

    I just started reading your books, and so far I love them! In order to avoid spoilers I don’t want to read through here, so I’m sorry if it’s been asked before. But is the “e” in e.g. Darke, Darknesse and Queste silent? Or is is pronunced like you say “e”, or more like you pronounce the first “e” in elves?

    • Angie Sage


      yes, the ‘e’ is silent. Just pronounce all the weird words the way you normally would if they were spelt as usual.
      So glad you like the books!

  167. Amy Overstrand

    Hi Angie!!!
    I am absolutely IN LOVE with the Septimus Heap series!! I don’t know what to do with myself till the release of Todhunter Moon! I really admire your imagination and writing and would give my right arm to be a part of Septimus’ world!! I have a few questions…. sorry if you’ve had to answer them before!!

    Is Sam Heap gay? I read it on the internet but I hope I haven’t given anything away!

    Also, since Septimus’ world is set in the far future, what happened to make our world change into his?

    Syrah is way too mysterious and complex for our Sep! He needs a genuinely nice girl like Rose!

    I love Beetle (one of my favourite characters) and Jenna together! When they are together it always make me ‘awww’ out loud!

    Finally, I know you have had some trouble with the film, but if it does go ahead, will it be a British film and filmed in England? I am quite patriotic and hope it will be set here in the beautiful UK!

    I would also like to know how difficult it is to get into writing. It has always been a career that has interested me and I would love to know what your journey was like!

    Thank you for writing Septimus Heap and having a generally awesome imagination!
    Amy Overstrand
    (Sorry about the name but I’m sure I’m related to Marcia in some way! We’re both stubborn women!)

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Amy,

      Sam … well I think he might be.
      Something really catastrophic happened. But it just goes to show that you can come back from anything.
      Yes, Sep does need a nice girl like Rose. And he did for a while. But by the time we get to TOD, he has a wandering eye.
      Beetle and Jenna are cute together. And happy too.
      I don;t think the film is going to happen. And it wasn’t planned to be shot in the UK – actually I don;t think any of us would have recognised it as Septimus at all. We are probably best off how things are…
      I got into writing very, very slowly. I was an illustrator for years and began to write for very young children. It took me a long time to learn how to write… and I learnt a lot from my editor, Katherine Tegen. I don’t think there is a set path into writing, but loving books and reading is the beginning. And being very determined too. Which it sounds like you are!

  168. Jojo, Ciss, Matt and E

    Dear Angie, it is us again (Jojo, Ciss, Matt and E).
    We have read Fyre now (we ordered it, since we couldn’t wait) and we have just two questions this time:
    Are you interested in Egytian Mythology? And do you think very much of symbols when you are writing? We were just wondering, because the Keye Word was (sorry, everyone, but here’s a tiny spoiler) Hathor, wich is an Egyptian goddess. Also, at the little gold-pyramid (the one at the cover of the American version of Fyre) has her name on it, in hieroglyphs. Also, Hotep-Ra basically means ‘peacefull sun’ and Hotep was, according to a myth, the first human who was gifted with magic. We could rant on and on about symbols and other stuff`. Sorry if we confused you anyhow, but we were just wondering.

    • Angie Sage

      Hello you guys again!

      yes, i am interested in Egyptian mythology and read a lot about it when I was a teen. But I then forgot it – or assumed I did. The symbol is indeed for Hathor and I did plan that but many things are more instinctive. The weird thing is that everything seems to fit without me really thinking about it. When I looked up Hathor (and all I wanted was a hieroglyph that was square to fit the pyramid) it was so amazing that the whole thing fitted that I felt quite weirded out. I didn’t consciously know about Hotep either, (tho I did know about Ra, the sun god). Sometimes I think that the the whole thing with Septimus is very strange. There have been a lot of things like that…

  169. Emma

    Hi! I’m pretty sure this question has been asked before, but the answers weren’t what I was looking for. I was wondering if Septimus Heap was set in the Future. I just finished Fyre (and loved it!) and saw the quote and date. It also hints at this throughout the series. Also, if it was wouldn’t it be sci-fi and not fantasy? Theoretically of course… 🙂

    • Angie Sage

      Yes, I do see it that way. And yes, theoretically that does make it sci fi. But really I think it is just about people…

  170. colin

    hi angie!
    I was reading the Magykal Papers and I founda word that I did not know the mean of. the word is Mussmancer. It was mensioned in Rupert Gringe’s boat advertisement. It was not in the dictionary. What does it mean?

    • Angie Sage

      A mussmancer is someone who divines the future using mice.
      And no, I can’t imagine how you would do that either!

  171. Cerulean Wynter

    hi angie, i was wondering if ther is going to be a 8th book and if there is can you tell me when it is coming out. I thought Fyre was kind of a cliff hanger and i really like this series. (p.s. i also have dark violet eyes and black hair 😉

    • Angie Sage

      The main series is going to stop at 7 – I’m sorry you felt it was a cliff hanger … I guess there were still a few things out there waiting to happen. However, TodHunter Moon will return to the world 7 years on and you’ll see a few things resolved there. And I do plan to write some fill-in books too, thought I am not sure when!

  172. Roni

    Hi Angie! I just wanted to tell you: I read in one of the “What Happened Before” sections in one of the SpeHeap books (Flyte maybe?) about how Beetle was named. His mother was upset over his father’s death and was hysterically screaming “Oh Beetle, Beetle”!. It struck me as I read it that it seemed a bit like how I would do something in a story I write, and when I do things like that to me it seems stupid or corny, but it worked perfectly in your book. Thanks for showing me that not all my ideas are crazy!

    Oh, and I wasn’t aware of your site until after I read Fyre so I only just found out about the trilogy! I’m so excited for ToddHunter Moon! Thanks for continuing writing! When might that come out?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Roni,
      No ideas are crazy if they fit the world you are writing about – so keep on with that writing!
      THM should be out in autumn 2014, I hope.

  173. Anatria

    Dear Angie,

    I just finished Fyre and I’m left with one big question: what happened to Spit Fyre? The last words about him was that he was “on guard” (trying not to spoil to much) and then nothing. Did Septimus take him back to the Castle and the Dragon Boat? And what is his place going to be in the Castle-life now everything has returned to normal?

    • Angie Sage

      Yes, Spit Fyre did get a bit negected, I am sorry about that. There was so much to do…
      Basically, he just sat with his mother and they got to know each other.
      He is going to stay living at the palace, but he won’t be there for ever…

  174. oni

    Hi Angie! Just wanted to tell you: when I was reading one of the SpeHeap booksyour Beetle “What happenes Before” told about how Beetle was name names. (maybe Flyte? ) I noticed that

  175. gvonyz

    I was wondering if you could write another book that finish’s it off. For example Jenna and Beetle like each other why not follow up with that? Same with Septimus and Rose. Overall this is the best series in the whole world!

    • Angie Sage

      Yes, I have plans for that. But my publisher wanted something a little different. So I will publish that myself…
      And thank you for your lovely comment!

  176. Julie

    hey i need to know how many word are in the book fyre i just finished it but i cant find a count for it anywhere any chance you know?

    • Angie Sage

      My word count gives up at 100,000. I think it is about 120,000. But as I don’t have the final text on my computer I can’t say for sure. It’s quite long, though!

  177. rr_ac_as_lm

    Sorry for the re-post, but there’s a whole pocket of questions that weren’t answered up above (I posted this on the 15th April), so anyway, this is my question:

    Wotcha! I just read fyre, and I think it was amazing!! I also made my best friend very jealous, because she was banned from reading the preview because she put wooden fruit in we brothers pillow, and then I read the whole book. Congratulations to Simon and Lucy!
    My question is, if the Ice Tunnels were only iced up after the Great Alchemie Disaster, then how does Hotep-Ra know that they are ice when he sends Jenna and Septimus down them? Thanks!!

    • Angie Sage


      yes, sorry about the delay in replying. I replied just now – Hotep Ra knows everything. And don’t forget, Time is different for him…
      Still laughing about the wooden fruit.

  178. colin

    dear angie,
    who is the elusive princess from the eastern snow plains? Every one on this blog seems to know about her except for me. Wich book was she mensioned in?

    • Angie Sage

      She sat on the dragon chair in the lobby of the house of foryx. I mentioned her twice, I think (but could not remember where!) try Physik and Syren. Fleeting glimpses.

  179. jen

    Hi angie!! i just finished Fyre and it was such a beautiful ending to the series!!! but, at the end you left Jenna and Beetle alone, so do they ever end up together? in the Endings at the back of the book it says Jenna invited Beetle over for dinner, so what happened?!? i am dying here.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Jen,

      well, they did get together. But I need to write it as a separate thing really…

  180. colin

    Dear angie,
    In the todhunter moon series will you keep on having the books be one word titles that are spelled differently, such as: Aire, Watyr, Earthe…etc. ?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Colin,

      No, its time for a change I think. Also how many words can you misspell???
      At the moment I am thinking of
      Book1 TOD
      Book2 HUNTER
      BOOK 3 MOON

      But we will see. It is also up to my publisher…

  181. Maria

    Hey Angie!
    My name is Maria. I’m 12 years old (almost 13) and I absolutely LOVE your books to the moon and back! I can’t wait until the movie comes out, I’m so excited! Will you ever be coming to Canada? If so, please please please please please please please come to Regina, Saskatchewan! It would be a pleasure to meet you. Also, do you have an address or P.O. Box that fans would be able to send letters to? I love you so much, and just to show you how connected I am to the wonderful world of Septimus Heap, there were 7 pleases. 🙂
    La La La La loooooooove YOU!! (And your books of course!) I wish the characters were alive (Beetle is SOOOOOOO attractive! LOL 😉

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Maria,

      SO pleased you love Septimus!
      But right now it is looking like there won’t be a movie, I am very sorry to tell you. 😦
      You can send a letter to:
      Angie Sage, Author Mail,
      10 E53rd Street
      New York
      NY 10022-5002

      Thank you for your lovely message! Have a great summer.

  182. Lauren

    Hi Angie are you gonna do more short stories with the series because im dying to know what happens to beetle jenna and septimus 🙂

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Lauren,

      If I get time, I will. And I do really want to. But you can meet them again in TodHunterMoon!

  183. Rosie

    Do beetle and Jenna ever get married?

    • Angie Sage

      I don’t know yet. But they do get together.

  184. Septimusheaprockslol

    I love Jenna

  185. Emmylou0

    I have aquestion about something I don’t understand… Is the dark toad part of the series ?

    • Angie Sage

      No, it’s just a little fun short story that goes between Magyk and Flyte. You can find out what happened to Sep and marcia at the port on Halloweseeth.

  186. BB

    Hey! Angie Sage I live your books! My favorite charactor is Merrin Meredith/ Daneil Hunter/ Septimus Heap. He’s amazing 😀

    • Angie Sage

      Thank you – I wouldn’t go so far as to say that about Merrin for myself. But someone has to love him! And of course his mum does too…

  187. Rosemary

    Hey Angie, is the Septimus Heap series set in the future? And also what does the quote at the end of Fyre mean and also(!) who is Arthur C. Clarke?

    • Angie Sage

      Arthur C Clarke is a Sci Fi writer (dead now) who had some really interesting ideas. The film 2001 Space Odesssy (an old film but really atmospheric) is taken from one of his stories.
      And yes, it is!

  188. colin

    hi again angie,
    in the todhunter moon series, will anyone from common day earth somehow venture into the magykal world of septimus? You know, like in the chronicals of narnia.

    P.S. Your books are the best EVER!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Colin,
      well, I did think about this for Fyre, but I am not sure. I think it might be hard to do.

  189. Rosemary

    Dear Angie, was Simon banned from ever becoming a wizard?

    • Angie Sage

      No, he wasn’t. But I think there would be trouble with the ancient Magyk in the WT if he became one. The tower does have a mind of its own at times.

  190. colin

    Dear angie, i love your books. i have read all nine, including magykal papers and dark toad, about 10 times each. they are so beautifuly written. Whenever i read them i get immersed in the characters thoughts and actions and practically become Septimus, Jenna, Nicko, Marcia, or whoever the perspictive of the story is being told by at the moment. (but i have to admit i did not become the hunter when it was told from his point of view. Who would want to be him!?) Your books give me such a happy feeling.
    Question: Will you be doing any book signings in Sacremento, California in U.S.A. Because it would be sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fantasticaly fantastic to meet you and get my books signed by you!

    Sincerely, your number 1 fan, Colin

    P.S. There were 49 ( 7 times 7) o’s in that long so!

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Colin,

      Thank you SO much – that’s lovely to know.

      Yes, the Hunter was the only character who actually scared me. I could think of no way of making him funny at all – until of course he lost his memory and stopped being himself.
      I am sorry to say that at the moment I don’t know if I am coming over to the USA next year. Or if I will be coming your way in California. I would love to and we will have to see how things go with TodHunter Moon. But I will post it here on the blog if I do!
      Love the 49 oooo’s 😀

  191. paperclip123

    Dear Angie (again)
    Will we see the ‘new arrival’ in TodHunter Moon?
    I don’t want to say any more because a lot of people haven’t read Fyre yet.:3

    • Angie Sage

      Yes, if it’s what I think you mean … 😉

  192. Katie

    Dear Angie,

    This is a letter I wanted to write you rather than a question but I really have a lot I want to say. Sorry in advance. 🙂

    When I was a little girl, my family received a book order. What this entailed was that, once a month, my family would receive two books that had just been released. I partly credit this book order for fostering my love of reading. Reading is what I love most still to this day. I was different from the other kids. I don’t know if I totally understood them even when I was one truth be told. My books were my friends throughout a lot of my early childhood. Well, one night eight years ago, in the spring of 2005, I got a wonderfully thick (I had a preference for thick books-more time to connect to the characters and plot) beautifully colored novel called Magyk. When I read the jacket, I was entirely intrigued and I can happily say that not one part of Magyk disappointed me. I read it all in record time and I could not remember the last time that reading a book had made me so happy. Things weren’t always easy for me during my childhood and that book was an escape for me. There is something so mystical about the Septimus world. I could lose myself in it. When things in life got a little rough, I could turn to it and reconnect with all of those wonderful characters and exciting situations.

    I was kind of an odd kid. I had read Harry Potter and other fantasy novels and enjoyed them but not immensely. Magyk was different. It took me a long time to realize that that is because it was more than a fantasy novel. Magyk, and indeed all of the Septimus Heap books, are about people. It is true that the plots of the novels are gripping but the plots aren’t the point, I don’t think. The characters are incredibly real to me. Perhaps it is because I literally grew up reading about them. I was the kind of fan who would rush out to get each book the day it came out and now, even though I am 19 and studying at the university, Fyre was no exception. I just want to compliment you on the amazing job you did with Fyre. I didn’t know if it was going to be possible to tie all of those characters and lose ends together at the end of the novel, but you did it. These books have so much sentimental value for me and it was actually kind of horrible to know that I was reading the last installment about these characters. I am going to miss them so much. At this point, they literally feel like friends to me. They got me through so many difficult times and helped me to meet some very important people. One of those people was the girl I am dating. I always knew that I was a lesbian and that my family wasn’t really the type of family that would be accepting of that. It was really hard for me to keep all of that bottled up inside myself and I was too afraid to tell anyone. No one ever guessed because I am a naturally feminine person. i guess in some ways that was a bad thing because it made me feel even more isolated. Even other lesbians couldn’t tell I was gay. So, when I met another girl like me who loved your books, I was so excited. I felt so lucky and thought of something that Marcia says sometimes in your books “things have a habit of working out, eventually.” I felt that things had worked out.

    Things did work out for years after that. It is only now, a few years down the road, that she and I are not doing well anymore. I’m not going to go into that but things just aren’t as great as they once were. I have to confess that I began to associate your books with my relationship with her for a while and I wondered if I would be able to read Fyre because I was so sad about the way that things have turned out with her. But I thought I would try and I bought the book anyway, on the day it came out just like all of the others. It took reading Fyre to realize that the characters didn’t remind me of her after all. They and your marvelous plot were what they have always been to me: an escape. I escaped from the world, just like I used to as a little girl and disappeared into your novel. Your books have helped me escape from pain throughout my life and you have no idea how much that means to me.

    I guess the time has come to say goodbye to these wonderful characters for now since the series has ended. I will miss them all but I am going to miss Sep, Jenna, Beetle, and Marcia most. Especially Marcia I think. In my opinion, she is one of the most developed characters I have ever read about. She feels incredibly real to me, even now, after I have read hundreds of books. In fact, I think she is the one character who became more and more human in every book. I actually find her very endearing and easy to relate to. Ever since I read Magyk, I think I have been the tiniest bit in love with her. 🙂 I actually don’t how you couldn’t be although I know some fans don’t like her that much. She is such a wonderful person, she just doesn’t always do the best job of showing it always but she got a lot better toward the end of the books. How did you come up with your characters? I’ve always wondered how you came up with little tidbits about them that seem to fit perfectly. For example, in Fyre, you tell us Marcia designed labyrinths as a little girl. That seems just like something she would do. How do you even know little tidbits like that about your characters? They’re just perfect.

    I think your books showed me how wonderful literature can really be. I know it sounds corny, but the Septimus Heap books remind me to stay hopeful, no matter how lonely or hopeless I feel sometimes. The end of Fyre made me sniffle a little, not entirely because I was sad but because reading that book made me feel the same sense of happiness I had first felt when I read Magyk as an 11 year old so many years ago. So thank you Angie, for the enormous gift you have given me and all of your other fans in the form of your books. I have to admit that I was envious of those fans in New York since they probably got to meet you this week but I have faith that I will get a chance to meet you someday too. I certainly hope so if only to thank you again. You’ve done a wonderful thing by writing these and I hope you keep writing because I will really read everything you write. I apologize that this was so long but I’ve been waiting eight years to write it!



    • Angie Sage

      Dear Katie,
      First my apologies in leaving your reply until almost last. I so much loved your message that I felt I had to really think about it. and then, of course, life got in the way. Or rather, writing did, and I went into emergency-book-finishing mode.
      What can I say … Just that I write Septimus for people like you, who are, I guess, a little like me. I think Marcia is a really strong role model for girls who don’t fit the mould. I’m sorry things aren’t going so well with your girl at the moment, but things do have a way of working out and I hope they do. And maybe the right person is nearby, waiting.
      Its funny with Marcia, but I do feel I know her. I think she has grown from a wonderful flatmate of mine when I lived at the top of a building in Great Titchfield Street in London. My flatmate, Maria (yes, very close to Marcia, now I think about it) Was a couple of years older, she was Canadian and my flatmate and I thought she was wonderful. And her favourite colour was – guess? Maria taught us how to stand up for ourselves and how to have fun too. I’m glad Marcia is carrying on her role!
      You will see Marcia again in TodHunterMoon as I could not bear to leave her either. Thank you so much, Katie and I hope it all works out. x

  193. paperclip123

    I’m not going to say anything about Fyre except that it was mesmerising and beautiful and fabulous and amazing and… and… and…. MAGYKAL.
    I cried. I always do at the end of last books in series.
    Thank you so much for Septimus Heap, Angie. I can’t wait for TodHunter Moon.

    • Angie Sage

      Thank you, paperclip… I really appreciate all your comments!

  194. Wynne

    HI Angie
    i’ve just finished reading Fyre i couldn’t put it down once it was soooooooo good. I am one of your biggest fans and have all the Septimus Heap books and reread them constantly. I’m curious what happened between Jenna and Beetle and are you going to write any more books that may have these characters within them. Thanks

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Wynne,
      Jenna and Beetle will be (just alittle) in teh follow-on trilogy TodHunter Moon. However by then they are an established couple. I do want to write a little about them getting together, but haven’t done that yet. It is all planned though.

  195. Ducky113

    Oh, Angie, I finally finished Fyre, and it was amazing! It was everything I could possibly have hoped for and more. I had almost finished and was reading the after-math entry things and happened to skim through to see how many there were when I noticed that the little girl the Dragon Boat had flown over was the last one listed. I was curious as to why she was in the back, so I decided to read the first sentence. “Alice TodHunter Moon” was all I had to read until I started bouncing up and down on my bed in elation. I did a little dance around my room, thrilled to have almost met the character of the coming-soon series! I am very excited and can’t wait to hear about Tod! All three books are on my to-read list, and I CAN NOT WAIT!!
    Thank you for being so wonderful, Angie!

    • Angie Sage

      Thank you, Ducky 113!!
      It is so great to know that you are so excited! I finished the first draft of the first book (called TOD at the moment), so things are moving on. It should be out in the autumn of 2014. Yay!

  196. Lexie

    Hey Angie!

    I’d just like to congratulate you on Fyre! It was AMAZING!!!! I’m sad that the series is over though. Can’t wait for TodHunter Moon!!!

  197. Rachael Evans

    Hi Angie, I had a problem with my short story entry for your competition and was wondering if you could help.
    Yesterday I entered the Septimus Heap short story writing competition, but as I was filling in my address I pressed the wrong button and accidentally entered it without my full address. I panicked and sent another entry with my full address. I only realised later that this may not comply with the terms and conditions. I want to say that even though I entered twice both my entries are the same story, so I was hoping I wouldn’t be disqualified. Sorry to bother you with this.
    Love from Rachael Evans

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Rachel, that’s weird, as I did reply to this… I did forward your message to Bloomsbury and hopeit has worked out ok. Good luck!

  198. Hi Angie!

    I just want to congratulate you on a series well done. I first started reading these books for my children. I would always look for new and exciting series for them to read and would always read them first. In the end, I found that I was really just reading them for myself. I’ve enjoyed them very much and am looking forward to reading more. They light, refreshing and a fun read.

    Thank you for many enjoyable hours!


    • Angie Sage

      Hi Craig,
      Thank you! I’m so glad you found yourself drawn into the book too. I do write for all ages and it is great to know that that works.

  199. Sheena Meredith

    Hello, Angie! *Throws vegetable and gravy pies all over the webpage, even though they don’t actually hit anyone*
    I would like to say I love the Septimus Heap series SOO much! I’m 11 years old, and I’m a writer. I’m sorry to bother you, but I would love it if you could rate the first chapter of this book I’m writing. Don’t worry, it’s a very, very short chapter. It’s called The Same Fate. Let me know if you want more if you can’t judge it by this little piece:

    Edited by Shauki!

    Thank you, I hope that sometime you get to reply to this,


    • Hi Sheena,
      I am very sorry that I had to cut off your chapter, but due to copyright problems, Angie will not read it.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Sheena,
      I am so pleased you love Sep so much! And I’m sorry that I can;t read your chapter and rate it, but I have made it a rule that I don’t read anything… otherwise I’d be alwasy reading a getting too much stuff in my head to write. But here’s wishing you lots of luck and fun with your writing!

  200. Gabrielle

    Hi angie!!!

    I was just wondering, what would have been Jenna’s name if the queen hadn’t died?

  201. SamSep

    Hi Angie,
    I just wanted to know whether the TodHunter Moon trilogy will be the only slip off books from Septimus Heap or whether there will be others like one when Marcia is a girl.

    • Angie Sage

      THM takes place 7 years after FYRE. I do want to write about Marcia, but that will be a more personal thing as my publisher is not interested in that one. However, I do intend to do it (not sure when) and I will publish it myself. But not yet, as I have sooo much to write first.

      • Jerri


        I really hope you do get to do the book about Marcia. I am a 50+ year old fan of Septimus, so perhaps have a bit more interest in Marcia than some younger fans do. I listened to the audiobook version of Fyre before reading the hardback version, since the hardback version was delayed in the mail. I was disappointed that the Arthur C. Clark quotation was said at the BEGINNING of the book, instead of at the end!! Sloppy, someone didn’t think about that one.

  202. Amelia Overstrand

    Also, where will the film be set? I know Warner Bros. are producing it, but since it is a British novel, will it be filmed in England? 🙂

    • Angie Sage

      Oh … WBs have gone off the idea. Septimus has been put on the shelf along with so many other lovely novels that they have the rights for. I am so sorry to tell you this, but unless we have some kind of amazing turnaround, there isn’t going to be a movie.

  203. Amelia Overstrand

    Hi Angie!
    Sorry about the name – but I’m sure I’m related to Marcia in some way!

    Is Sam Heap gay? I read it on the internet, but I hope I haven’t gven anything away!

    Also, since Septimus’ world is set in 12004, what happened to make our world change into his? Or is it lost in the depths of the Manuscriptorium?

    Finally, you can’t let Septimus and Syrah fall in love! He belongs with Rose!

    Love your books and your imagination – I would give my right arm to be a part of Septimus’ world!

    PS: Be sure to give Marcia a heads up about me!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Amelia,
      Love the name!
      Well, I did think Sam might be gay. But Sam’s not telling right now.
      Something did happen and it is lost. Totally, as far as I know. I do wonder if it might be a kind of parallel universe. (See the answer above)
      He does. At the moment. But he’s not being very well-behaved in TOD.
      I’d love to be there too … I will pass your message on to marcia 😉

  204. Sam

    Hi Angie,

    Just finished Fyre and really enjoyed the hints throughout the series about when the series is set, as well as what the final book (and its ending quote) has to say about that as well. Without spoiling that for others, my question is: do you envision this as the same universe as ours? What the quote says makes sense enough for the most part, but you do have concepts like ghosts that would, even then, seem hard to explain in our universe.

    Thanks and looking forward to the new series.

    A 20-year-old shamelessly reading your books

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Sam,

      Well, I see it as a parallel universe, and who knows, maybe it is where we are heading for now. There is so much we don’t understand and don’t see and I love the idea that sometime in the future, all this may have subtly shifted to take us into Sep’s world. You just never know…

  205. Sarah

    Hi Angie,
    I just finished Fyre, which was completely wonderful and made everything I had hoped would happen to the characters come true, and since it’s the end of the series for now, I wanted to tell you how much your books have meant to me. I started reading them when I was really young and have followed them as each one has come out, enjoying them just as much, although no longer from the perspective of a child. I love how, unlike so much fantasy, your stories are character-driven, and the plot is important chiefly in the way it affects the development of the characters, just as it would be in life. There has never been another story where the people felt so real to me, or where the setting seemed to have a life of its own beyond the page. When seen through the eyes of the characters, it seems as if you can smell and hear and feel the Castle, just as they do. You always include all the beautiful, quirky details that give everything personality and depth – nervous mirrors, temperamental toasters, and purple python shoes. And I also wanted to thank you for this website and for being willing to answer so many thousands of questions. It has filled in the background I always wondered about and helped me to stand the wait between books!
    Best of luck with TodHunter Moon!

    • Angie Sage

      Dear Sarah,

      thank you So much for your lovely message. It’s for people like you that I wrote Septimus in the way I did, and it is wonderful to know that it has found a home where it is really appreciated!

  206. Lauren

    for a start congrats i am a big fan and ur books are amazing!!!!! I had just finished FYRE and i love it! i want to know though if your making any follow ups to the series i get the seven books thing but i am dying to know what happens to all of them (especially Septimus,Jenna and beetle) Thanks ~L

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Lauren,
      yes, that’s why your answer is soooo late! I have just finished book 1 of a follow-on trilogy. It will be a little different but will have the same characters, plus a few more, and we will see them 7 years on after FYRE!

  207. Nada the DewDrop

    Dear Angie Sage…

    I am a huge fan of your my-heart-burglar Septimus Heap( aged 15 ) and your only fan from Bahrain that actually read the whole series except for Fyre which i intend to read in the Summer Vacation ( my sis is a fan and read Queste only outloud for me as we were trying to be funny and she LOVED it ). I bought Magyk 1st because i wanted to read something beside HP, and i have to admit i was fascinated by the 1st 2 chapters and thought ” Oooh an intersting story and an amazing style in describing ” but then i thought it was growing boring but i pushed myself in continuing and that was the best decision i’ve ever done as i grew to love the book after finishing chapter 10 and when i reached the end i just cried and weeped out of happiness, then i bought all the other four books and after finishing each book i’d say WOOOW and couldn’t imagine that the next book will be any WOOOWer but that happened. So here are my Qs:

    1. How could Queen Cerys trust such a treacherous man like the Supreme Custodian? Couldn’t she see that he was vile?

    2. What happened to him after ?? And is he Merrin’s father? I know it’s the most awkward q ever but i am desperatly trying to guess who is after all.

    3. What did Simon tell his parents after the Apprentice Supper? Of course I can understand everything he’s thinking of as it happens to me in school sometimes. But suerly he was overreacting, I mean no Brother does that to his siblings( I’m talking about Flyte ).

    4. Where can i see DomDaniel? I was trying but failing in picturing his appearance.

    5. Will Silas’s bros show up in Fyre?? I noticed that u never spoke of any one of them??And does Sep have cousins? That would be really CUTE.

    6. What happened to Silas’s mother? If she was dead, where is her ghost??

    7. While I was reading I noticed that DomDaniel’s first apprentice’s last name is Crackle, is he Silas’s uncle ? and the ex-white witch his aunt??

    8. How does Rose looks like and how old is she?? I really like her.

    9. Will Sam, Edd, Erik and JoJo appear in Fyre?? I really miss them.

    10. And finally, can u tell Warner Bros to get a move on and start working on the movie, please, and choose a really cute and heartbreaker young actor to be Septimus as he is my FAVOURITE character and Beetle?? I mean EVERYONE is waiting impatiently to see the movie, why are they taking CENTURIES??? I’m growing desperate.

    I am really SORRY for those Qs but 2 years had piled Qs inside my head. I beg your Pardon but Septimus Heap is my LOVER I always think of the series and sometimes imagine the trailer and the scenes of the movie and even their voices. I must confess that I AM CRAZY about your amazing work. Congratulations!!!!

    Your Bahraini Sep Fan,

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Nada,

      it is lovely to hear from you and I am really sorry this reply is so late! I’ve been far too busy writing TOD to think of anything else for ages…

      I am so, so pleased you love Septimus and discovered the whole series! Here goes with your questions,
      1. Cerys thought she was doing the best for her Castle. But appeasement never works, as she discovered.
      2. He ran away. He is now far, far away living a rather squalid life. I really should have put what happened to him in the endings section…
      3. Simon flipped. There is no other word for it. Basically he had a breakdown. Twenty can be a weird time of life.
      4. I don’t think there is a picture of him, oddly. I guess he is best left to the imagination…
      5. Yes, they will show up. And it will lead to trouble… As far as I know there are no cousins.
      6. Yes, she died too, sadly. And her ghost has not been seen. Not all ghosts choose to come back.
      7. The Crackles are an odd family and yes, they are related to Silas. As was Betty Crackle, the white witch.
      8. Rose is nice looking in a kind of ordinary way, with a few freckles, long, long brown hair tied in a plait. I like Rose too.
      9. The other Heaps will be there, but kind of on the edge of things. (There are so many people to squeeze into Fyre!)
      10. Oh, if only! I am SO sorry to say that it looks like the movie isn’t going to happen. They have decided it is not quite the thing anymore. (even though we all know that is not true) It’s really sad, but there is absolutely nothing I can do about it. I sometimes think maybe all the Sep fans need to write to them and ask them to change their minds….
      So, Nada, Septimus will have to stay inside your head…

  208. BadgerHat

    Hey! I just can’t wait until I can get Fyre!!!
    I’d like to know:
    Is Fyre the last in the series? If it is it’s a total waaaah moment. It sort of seems like it.

    It was two years ago that I first got Magyk, as a present, and as an utter coincidence, my brother got me Flyte, just because it had a shiny spine. I got exactly 40 books for Christmas that year, an I just felt strangely pulled to Magyk, and I’ve read the whole series (Apart from Fyre) about 17 times. I still have books left over from that year because I just read the Septimus Heap series. Haha, it’s been brilliant to watch Jenna meet Milo, Septimus get imprinted by SpitFyre etc all over again. Just wanna say thanks for the series xx Badger

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Badger,

      I am guessing you work in the Manuscriptorium?
      Thanks so much for telling me your Magyk story! I am SO pleased you have discovered Septimus.
      Fyre is the last in the big 7 book series, but I am writing a trilogy which begins 7 years on (of course!)
      The format is a little different: shorter, more action, and a few new people. But the old gang are there too. At present the first book is called TOD, tho this may change. It will be out in Autumn 2014.

  209. Rosemary

    HI Angie! Why is it that on the front of the newly designed covers Septimus is portrayed as having dark hair?

    • Angie Sage

      He is in shadow … just the cloak hood covering his head. Sep definitely has fair hair!

  210. Karaline

    So sorry to have to leave two messages, but I just remembered my other question. In Magyk Marcia gave Septimus a journal to write in through out the course of his apprenticeship with her, any chance of seeing what he wrote?
    Thank you so much for taking the time to read these!

    • Angie Sage

      That’s a really nice idea. But, for later, I think!

  211. Karaline

    Hello Ms. Angie =) I hope you are doing well and that this comment finds you in good health.

    I am very sorry if this question has been asked before, but I simply don’t have the time to read through all the comments on here. Anyway, I was just wondering what the chances were of you writing a short story or novella about Septimus’ “graduation” from his apprenticeship?

    Have a wonderful day!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Karaline,

      very well, thanks! Sorry your reply is so late, I have been soooo tied up in finishing TOD on time. But it is done now!

      I do intend to write about Sep graduating and want all of that to go into my book about marcia – I think. But as ever, it is all a matter of finding the time. And there is never enough of it! I see Septimus as an evolving thing, and even when the follow-on series is finished, I will still be writing bits and pieces. You will find them here first!

  212. Liam 343

    Fyre is brilliant!! It’s the best book i’ve read since… (i can’t finish that sentence) but i have to ask:
    1. so who is the sherlock holmes of septimus’s world? (when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable must be the truth)
    2. “septimus and rose spent more and more time together…but that is another story” is that implying they return in TodHunter Moon? does the same go for nicko’s “plans”?
    3. can you tell me the full incantations for The Great UnDoing, The Banish, and The Commital, if the EOW will let you, as you only give small parts of them in the books.
    4. what will be the name of simon and lucy’s baby?
    5. how is TodHunter Moon coming along? any idea when it will be out?
    6. what year was the castle built?
    7. what year was it when the first queen arrived in the castle?
    8. what year was it when the first alchemist(s) arrived in the castle?
    10. what year did hotep-ra arrive in the castle, and when did fyre’s prologue take place?
    11. what year was it when tertius fume arrived in the castle, and when did he leave/die? (he was the first CHS, right?)
    12. in physik, was septimus sent back exactly 500 years, or just approximately?
    13. what would have happened if septimus had done something wrong when he met himself? (ie. interfering with Time)
    14. does syrah still have her Questing Stone, and what colour is it?

    that’s quite a lot of questions, sorry, this time the 7 wasn’t a coincidence (well 14 anyway)
    thank you for writing such a brilliant series!!!

    oh hang on, one more: so is there a mrs. petroc too? i can’t see where the other pebbles would have come from otherwise.

    • BiggestSepFanEver! :)

      Hey Liam 343 I can answer some of your questions, most of them are in the magykal papers, and some of them I am wondering to!
      the castle started as refuge for those escaping from the forest over time the wall was built to keep the monsters at bay.
      the queen arrived on the mid-summer day the year before the moat was built.
      The alchemists were already there when hotep-ra arrived but I don’t know if they were there when the queen arrived as well
      Hotep-Ra arrived many generations after the queen first arrived at the castle
      Tertius Fume arrived a few years after Hotep-Ra, they used to be best friends, and yeas he was the first CHS, I think he was banished for betraying Hotep-Ra, but i’m not completely sure about that.
      I can’t answer the other ones for you but I am interested in petroc, and the name of simon and Lucy’s baby.

    • Angie Sage

      HI Liam,

      Hey you got Sherlock Holmes too! So glad you loved FYRE.
      1. Nice thought. I wonder who it is? Probably someone in the Port as that is where most of the crime happens.
      2. They do return although things are not going smoothly for them. You’ll see a lot more of Nicko, though.
      3. They are hidden away. I was only allowed to see them briefly. You can ask Marcia, but I can guess what her answer will be…
      4. William Sam Heap
      5. It evolved over time. But it’s not built at the moment.
      6, 7, 8, 10, 11. I have a spread sheet running for the years of the books and 40 years beforehand (when Alther was EOW) it is based on the phases of the moon (all the moons are right) but I haven’t gone back enough to know the years exactly. I’d have to do a LOT of thinking about this …
      12. I think it was something like 486, thought right now I can’t remember why.
      13. Syrah dropped it in the sea. It was blue and still is.

      Mrs Petroc is still on Draggen Island. Petroc misses her a lot. 😦

  213. Bunny

    Hi Angie!
    So since you’re English, does that mean that all the characters in the Septimus Heap books all talk with English accents too? I’m an american, so I’m conflicted about whether to imagine everyone speaking with an english accent or an american accent.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Bunny,
      In my head they do, of course, talk with an English accent. But in your head they are allowed to speak with an American accent. And in the translations they speak German, Finnish, or Dutch … that;s the beauty of books, the characters can be far closer to us than in a movie. So it is totally fine that they speak American for you!

  214. Isaiah

    Hello, my name is Isaiah and I want to be an author when I grow up, are there any pointers you could give me. Thanks

    • Angie Sage

      Apart from screaming, “Don’t do it, Isaiah!” (this is because I have just been in book-finishing hell) I would say do lots of other things first. The life of a writer is very solitary and hard work too. Follow your interests and go to college, and find out about the world, as that is where your ideas will come from.
      And, of course, read everything you can get your hands on!

  215. colin

    Hi its me again.
    I just finished fyre. it was fantastic!
    How did the two faced ring end up in a sick bay wizard’s shoe?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Colin,

      she trod on it and it stuck to the bottom of the shoe. Life is like that sometimes… 😉

  216. Misery

    Hi Angie! I was just wondering- does it ever hurt Marcia to see Jenna? Considering the Milo thing?

    • Angie Sage

      No, Marcia is philosophical about it. And she is not sure that she would have wanted children anyway. She was really set on being EOW, and wanted to concentrate on that.

  217. Melissa

    Ms Sage,
    I love your books! Just out of curiosity, which was the hardest one to write? Like, which was the hardest plot to come up with?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Melissa,

      Fyre was the hardest for sure, as I had so many things I wanted/had to put in. There were times when I wondered if it was going to work. I sometimes think that writing is like jumping into the deep end of a pool without being entirely sure you can swim. Scary but exhilarating!

  218. Christyna

    Hey Angie!
    I’m almost done with fyre, it’s fantastic! And now I’ve got a couple things I want to say…
    1) I love how a lot of your “weird” words have Ys where there would be an I. You may have noticed my name is like that, so I think that’s pretty awesome:)
    2) did you seriously quote Sherlock Holmes? I LOVE SHERLOCK HOLMES!
    Okay that’s all. Sorry for bothering you, I’m a huge fan! Thanks

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Christyna,

      Yes, you have a proper Septimus name. AND you got Sherlock Holmes!!! No one else has noticed that, as far as I know. I too LOVE Mr Holmes.

      Do hope you see this reply, even tho it is sooooo late …

  219. Cat

    Is Marcia traditionally beautiful or is she attractive in a quirky way? I always kind of thought the latter. Where did she originally meet Milo and what was that meeting like?

    • Angie Sage

      HI Cat,

      As you thought, Marcia is quirkily attractive! She hasn’t told me how she met Milo, I am saving that for when I write about her properly. I will ask her then…

  220. Louis

    What is the Septimus Heap live tour mentioned in the book trailer on this page?

    • Angie Sage

      HI Louise,

      Sorry this is so late and now totally out of date. It was in the USA and The Story Pirates went around some schools and bookstores doing a really fun play/presentation about Sep &co.

  221. eeveefairysparkle

    Hi, first I want to say I love your books!
    I was wondering, now that the Septimus series is finished and Todhunter Moon is starting will there still be updates for release dates and such on this site for the new series or will it be moving to a specific Todhunter Moon site? If so, what would that site be?

    • Angie Sage

      We will keep it all here, as THM is very Septimus too! It’s in the same world, with the same people, just a few more added to the mix. So here it stays…

  222. colin

    Hi! I love the septimus heap books but have one question. What ever happened to the supreme custodian. He was there in MAGYK, tormenting the castle citizens and then in FLYTE, he is suddenly gone. Why is that so?

    Also, is it too early to find out what the first todhunter moon book will be called…

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Colin,

      he ran away! But you are right, I should have said in the endings section. Now that has given me an idea, maybe we could catch up with him later, cowering somewhere and being a horrible nuisance

      My working title is TOD. But I am not sure if my publisher agrees with that. I would like:
      Book 1: Tod
      Book2: Hunter
      Book 3: Moon

      But we will see.

  223. Windy

    Hello, my name is Windy
    I’m a total fan, Angie, by the way. I was wondering why you only wrote a little paragraph about Septimus at the end of the book, when its his series? And will Septimus be a large part in your TODHUNTER MOON series? Along with Rose, Jenna, Beetle, and everybody else? I’d be quite sad if it didn’t have them in it.

    • Angie Sage

      HI Windy,
      Well, I didn’t want to make things set in stone for Septimus. I want to keep all options open for him (and me, writing-wise). I do find that I have often been tripped up by what I have said in the Endings section so I have learned to be a bit more vague. But don’t worry, you will see much more of him. And he will be in TOD, along with the others. 🙂

  224. Jariel

    Wotcha Angie!

    This’ll be really quick, but do you know if you’re coming to the US for book signings? And if so, are you going to be in New York? Since I’m kinda postponing buying Fyre if you are (Although it’s killing me to wait!).


    • Hi Jariel,

      Angie is not coming to the US this year. Maybe next year, with the release of TodHunter Moon! So go buy FYRE! Happy reading!

    • Angie Sage

      Oh Jariel,

      big guilt thing here… I did go to NY in the end. It was a spur of the moment decision. See you next time!

  225. rr_ac_as_lm

    Wotcha! I just read fyre, and I think it was amazing!! I also made my best friend very jealous, because she was banned from reading the preview because she put wooden fruit in we brothers pillow, and then I read the whole book. Congratulations to Simon and Lucy!
    My question is, if the Ice Tunnels were only iced up after the Great Alchemie Disaster, then how does Hotep-Ra know that they are ice when he sends Jenna and Septimus down them? Thanks!!

    • Angie Sage

      Wooden fruit??? Wow, that is very creative! Wish I’d thought to do that to my brother… 🙂
      I will pass your congrats on to Simon and Lucy!
      Hotep Ra knows everything. He dips in and out of Time, so he’d seen the ice ages ago.
      So glad you loved Fyre!

  226. J

    Wotcha Angie!

    I am so EXCITED for Fyre. I love your books as much as I love Harry Potter and A Wrinkle of Time, and That’s saying something.
    So, I was reading something on the internet, and it said that the point of Fyre was that there was still some of the Darke Domaine still left over, and that Sep is trying to get rid of it, but wasn’t all of the Darke banished at the end of the book from the Paired Code? Just kinda confused.

    Keep writing. You inspire a captivating torrent that keeps rising and rising.



    • Angie Sage

      Hi J,

      Yes it was … I don’t write the blurb for the books and it is sometimes frustrating to see what is said. Best to read it and see. However, what it probably meant was the Two-Faced ring, which still had to be disposed of.

      Thank you for your lovely comment – I am indeed keeping writing (which is why your reply has been so horribly late, for which apologies) I have just finished a Septimus follow-on called TOD!

  227. Ailis G.

    Hi I’m a realy big fan. I can’t wait for fire to come out. I have a few questions

    What does an ordinary wizard do, it seems they do nothing if you go by Silas, but they have to do some thing!
    Also, when snori says her mother had a picture of her father, does that mean a photo or a painting

    -Ailis G.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Allis,

      It depends if they live in the Wizard Tower or not. If they live in they have to commit a certain amount of time to the responsibilities of running the WT. If they live out they are pretty much freelance, as Silas is. You will see in FYRE that Silas does start pulling his weight a little more.
      Snorri had a small painting of her father…

      Sorry you have had to wait so long for me to reply!

  228. A die-hard Sep fan!

    Hello Angie, and may I congratulate you on the success of the Septimus Heap series!
    I have a question about my favorite character, Simon!
    Do you have any intent for Simon to go back and live in The Castle?
    Are Simon and Lucy going to tie the knot anytime soon?
    I know you probably can’t answer my questions because they probably will be answered in Fyre, but I’ve been dying to know!
    I absolutely ADORE the character development in the series, as well as the loveable characters!
    In Flyte, did you intend for Simon to stay a villain, and not realize what he was doing was hurtful and try to earn back the trust of Marcia, his siblings, and his parents?
    Is Merrin going to appear in Fyre? and if so, is he going to try to redeem himself as Simon did? (That would be pretty hard considering all that he’s done…)

    I saw how you led on that Sep and Syrah might become in a relationship, but, she is, technically, a whole lot older than Sep, so wouldn’t it be, well, quite confusing for all of your younger readers?
    A lot of the older fans and I could understand how love can be between anyone, and age doesn’t matter, but the younger readers might not come to terms with it all that well.
    Or just completely forget Syrah’s age.
    Thank you!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Nova,

      sorry you have had to wait so long for a reply – I have been finishing TOD, a follow-on book. I love Simon too and you will find him in TOD as well!
      You are right, I won’t answer your questions as they are answered in FYRE and I don’t want to spoil it for you…
      I wasn;t sure what was going to happen to SImon in Flyte. I do allow the characters to grow naturally and so I just went along with what Simon was doing and waited. I guess I was a little bit like Sarah Heap in that respect.
      Merrin will be in Fyre, just a little bit. He is less easy to redeem than Simon, I am finding. An awkward boy!
      I do agree with you about Sep and Syrah – all i can say is that if you have read FYRE by now I do hope you found it all working out as you hoped!
      Thank you, Nova, I hope you enjoy/enjoyed Fyre!

  229. Emma

    Wotcha Angie!
    I’ve just been wondering about the House of Foryx.
    What determines the time in the House of Foryx that the outside people come in. Because just say Sep and Jenna went in but Nicko and Snorri weren’t there yet. Or Is every one whose ever in there or is going to be in there, always be there.
    I’m sorry that was a bit confusing. But do you understand what I’m trying to ask?
    It’s just how does some one come from before Nicko and Snorri being there but they’re there when it is there so there fore Nicko and Snorri must have been there always even before they got there. Because what if Sep, Jenna and Beetle had opened the door and Nicko and Snorri weren’t there yet.
    I just repeated everything basically trying to clear it out but I think I might have made you more confused. Sorry

    I am so excited for Fyre. I probably will have read it by the time you read this so I’ll just say; IT WAS GREAT.
    I have already read the first 10 chapters on the internet, they were great.

    Thanks for your time

  230. And I like your books! They are AWESOME!

  231. MEEC7

    hello angie!
    ok, my friends all think im alot like Marcia (ignore the caps and everything) so i just want to check because im not sure. i’m very bossy, not very patient, i speak my mind (exept when im meeting some one new) my friends say the way i speak makes me sound like i expect people to listlen to me (and they usually do) i am a strait A student, vey argumentive and i really hate being wrong. i aslo get irritated easily, some of the boys in my class are scared of me, don’t know why.

    AND what i find kinda typical is that there’s this girl that i really don’t get along with who is quite like jille, exept not nearly that many brains. my homeroom teacher sat us ogerther so we could learn to get along, but if anything, it’s making it worse. I have very good ears and sensitive hearing, and she blasts the music on her phone so loud that i can hear EVERY SINGLE WORD through her ear buds. That really sets me off. So, please tell me asap (if thats fine with you) and sorry for being a bit rude, but i need and answer to prove my friends right/wrong.
    P.S Marcia is pronounced Mar(as in mars)sia right? My dad pronoubces it with a stress on mar. i would greatly like to prove him wrong, as that has been going on for a while. So….. THANKS!!!

    • Angie Sage

      Hello MEEC7

      Well, yes, I do see a whole LOT of similarities 🙂
      But do not lose sight of the fact that Marcia has her softer side and is now trying to tone things down a bit (in TodHunter Moon). I can see that being sat next to jillie djinn is not going to be a good move for anyone. I think it would drive me nuts and people tell me I am fairly calm. But not sat next to miss djinn.

      Because I am English I pronounce Marcia with the stress is fairly equal on both the first and second syllable. Hmm, but probably more like your dad than not 😦
      But I have noticed that Americans accentuate the middle syllable. It’s fine however you like really.

  232. What pushed you to create Dungon #1? And how did Alther keep Marcia alive?

    • Angie Sage

      It just felt like such a horrible thing… Alther kept Marcia alive by just being there. By keeping her from despair. And giving her as much of his Magyk as he could.

  233. Liam 343

    Argh the agonising wait for fyre to arrive from amazon!
    So while I wait I’ll ask a few questions.
    1. Did Miarr Catt recover from the events of syren, was his light put back in the lighthouse, and does he return in fyre?
    2. Do all jinn hibernate in winter, and what happened to the army of jinn?
    3. I assume the great pitte of fyre that the other two tunnels of the labyrinth lead to in physik is significant in fyre. Does it have anything to do with the great fire that destroyed the charm to make counter feet pieces, or the Great Alchemie Disaster? (both mentioned in physik i think)
    4. When Jenna becomes Queen, will she be the first Queen Jenna, or second or seventh etc….?
    5. Linda Lane, the spy. Linda of the Port Witch Coven. Do you particularly dislike the name Linda?
    6. What is Disenchantment, and why is it used?
    7. (This 7 is a genuine coincidence) What question would you most like to see asked here, and how would you answer it?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Liam,

      Hope you enjoyed Fyre. And sorry about the long wait for a reply.
      1. Yes, Miarr did recover. And Lucy helped get his light back. But he’s not back in Fyre. There is only so much I could fit in! But maybe in TodHunter Moon one day, if I can get him there.
      2. Jim Knee is one of the lazy ones. Not all jinn hibernate by any means and when he was cook in his last life there was no way he could have done that. I guess he is just catching up on lost sleep. The army of jinn in in the Wizard Tower in the chest. Waiting.
      3. Well, you know the answer to that one now! The great fire came later, though.
      4. She will be the first. Its not a traditional Queen name.
      5. Not any more. I’m over all that now… 😉
      6. It’s a powerful tool. A ways of neutralising Magyk of any kind. And it is very dangerous.
      7. Hmm … well “Would you like to borrow my Time Machine?” would be good.

  234. oh! And…………Do you think that Marcia would be a good mother? Just askin`! XD Sorry for all the posts! I`m sure you have MANY other fans to reply to and books to write!
    Love,Lilac Overstrand 🙂
    P.S:Your books are better than Harry Potter in my opinion!

    • Angie Sage

      I think that now Marcia has spent time looking after Septimus, the answer is a definite yes. Before that I would have been doubtful. Although actually, Marcia is very warm hearted. I just think that before Septimus she would still have been very focussed on her career.

  235. Oh,And one really odd question,Are Marcia`s shoes snow-resestiant? 😀

    • Angie Sage

      Not for long. And especially not in that wet, mushy snow you get at the Castle so often.

  236. Hi Angie! May I ask,Who is your faveorite charecter in Magyk? Mine is Marcia.She so awesome! And,Do you like fan charecters?Because,If you do,I have a fan charecter in development that I would love your input on! (Sorry for all the spelling errors)
    Love,Lilac Overstrand

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Lilac Overstrand,

      no relation I hope?

      Well I do Love Marcia, of course. And she is so great to write, everything comes alive for me when she is there. But I do have lots of other fave characters too.
      I’m all for any Septimus spin-offs. I think it is just great that it is as real for so many people as it is for me.

  237. Magykfan

    Hey Angie!

    OMG, I have N-O-T-H-I-N-G to read! I can barely sit still just thinking about Fyre ( It will be so awesome, I’m sure of it)! I just LOVE your books ( already told you that a billion times, but I reaaaaaallllly mean it and I’m suppppperrrrr sure all you other fans do to) and they totally are totally at the top of my fav book list…, did I just wright all this, really sorry! Ok, so FINALLY, you are probably thinking, here are my questions:

    – In Fyre, is Sep and co. going to go back to the house of Foryx? I know, its far fetched..

    -Also in Fyre, is Sep and co. going to the Eastern Snow Plains? You’ve always kept the subject vague when talking about it in the other books…

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Magykfan,

      Big smile! 😀 Thank you!

      Now, I get the feeling you have been looking over my shoulder while I have been writing… 😉

      I shall say no more.

  238. Shelby G

    Hi Angie!
    I am a teacher-in-training, and I just finished reading your book Magyk to my two fourth-grade boys that I tutor after school. I loved the story when I first found it in high school and the boys couldn’t get enough of it! They were so excited when I told them that I was going to let them write a note to you, so here are their messages!
    Shelby 🙂

    Dear Angie,
    I think you should write more books. I only read your first book, but I want to read more. Why do you like writing some of the words differently like magyk, flyte, and darke? I’ve been on your website and it is really cool. I have a website if you want to go to it; just go to

    Dear Angie,
    I really liked your book. When your first movie comes out, I’m going to it. When your first book came out, I bet you were very proud! I would have felt proud too if I wrote a book as good as this one! I can’t wait to read the rest of your books and I will ask for all of your books for my birthday!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Shelby, thanks for getting in touch!

      I am sorry this is a late reply, I have been trying to finish a book recently and sometimes I just have to switch off the the internet. Please say hi to all the boys for me – and here are my replies…

      Hi Nic,
      I had a go looking for you site but it told me its not published yet – but good luck with it!
      I write some of the words differently because I love the old English spelling and think it makes words look special. In the old days before there was a dictionary that standardised spelling, you could spell how you wanted – and may people did use these kinds of spellings. I’m glad you like the website! And thanks, I will definitely be writing more books… 🙂

      Hi Bryan,
      Yes, I was really proud when my first book came out, and every time a book comes out – particularly a Septimus book – I do feel really great!
      Sad to say I don’t think we will be getting a Septimus movie now as Warner Brothers have decided to put it to one side for the moment. Although maybe one day …
      But I will still keep writing books – and that is where imagination happens the best, I think.
      Hope you have a really great birthday!

  239. Sherry

    Hi Angie,
    I’m just wondering… who was the woman that took the child Simon saved in the Darke Toad? It was never really explained, and I was curious. Was it Maureen? Or someone else?? Thank you!

    • Angie Sage

      It was Linda, the horrible witch.(cue spooky music)

  240. I can’t wait for Fyre, but as a UK reader I feel let down by the decision to release the ‘new look’ design in hardcover, so that those of us who have bought the other 6 in hardcover in the original design have to wait and order the American edition to get it to match. I wonder how you feel about this decision and if you were involved in this at all?

    • Angie Sage


      I feel the same as you. I was involved in the decision to rebrand the paperbacks but I was shocked to find they were going to do the hardback. I did not have a say in this. I have been upset at the fact that so many fans (who are SO important to the series) feel this way. All I can say is please write to Bloomsbury and tell them how you feel, because it does no good coming from me.
      Unfortunately the USA edition is not an exact match either. BUT there will be a so-called collectors edition on sale at both book festivals I am doing – Edinburgh and Bath – and this will match your other 6. I don’t know if it will on sale any other way and again cannot get an answer on this. SO please do write to Bloomsbury and ask!
      their address is:
      Bloomsbury publishing
      50 Bedford Square
      WC1B 3DP

  241. ZombieEgg

    Hi Angie,

    In Darke, Chapter 26, what is the sense of the torch post in this sentence: “Marcia stopped in her tracks, which happened to be under a torch post.”
    We were curious because we are always curious and we just wanted to know if this is one of these things that will be explained in Fyre. 😀
    We live in the Netherlands, so we still have to wait six months or so before it releases… 😦

    We love your books and characters (especially Marcia :D)
    Keep on writing or we will die… *dramatic music*

    Zombie & Egg

    • Angie Sage

      Hi ZE,

      The torchposts I think I described in Flyte and possibly in Physik … they are tall silver posts along Wizard Way with torches that are lit at night. Maizie Smalls is the Castle torchlighter. She does the candles in the Palace too.

      I’m sorry you have to wait still … but not tooooo much longer now!

      LOVE the dramatic music… 😀

  242. Jojo, Ciss, Matt and E

    Hello Angie! We are just a group of friends who happends to love Septimus Heap! (We’re from Sweden, so excuse our english). Here’s our questions:
    1. Was it hard to write Fyre?
    2. Is someone going to die? (no answer is needed on this, though. We’re just curious!)
    3. THe picture that you posted on the blog, is that Septimus? Wearling ALCHEMIE-ROBES?!?!
    4. Since Silas (Heap) has got six brothers, doesn’t that mean that Septimus have got a lot of cousins? Or maybe the brothers never cared to have any children?
    5. Is Marcia (Overstrand) homo/bisexual? (Sorry… Jojo mentioned it when we discussed Fyre, and none of us has been able to think clearly about it ever since. If she’s not, don’t mention to her that we ever asked.)
    6. How old is the Wizard Tower really? We figured it would be around 23. 000 years old (since there has been 776 EOWs, and assuming that everyone has been EOW for 30 years)
    7. What was DomDaniels name before he lost it? For how many years was he EOW?
    8. For how many years were Alther the EOW?

    Sincerly, Ciss, Jojo, Matt and E.
    P.S We are looking forward to Fyre A LOT! We are also looking forward to see Matt leave the room to secretly cry, even though he is going to deny it.

    • Angie Sage

      Hello you guys!

      Sorry this is so late, I bet you have most of the answers by now. Oh, wait a mo, if you are from Sweded maybe you don’t, unless you have read it in English – your English is so fluent I didn’t notice…


      1. Yes, FYRE was really hard to write. SO much I wanted to put in. But I think it worked out ok in the end.
      2. well, wait and see. But I don’t like killing people off really. But of course, some are a little old now.
      3. Possibly… 😉
      4. Sep doesn’t have many cousins at all. Only about four or five, as far as I recall.
      5. Marcia has never admitted to this. Please tell JoJo not to mention it to her. I won’t tell either.
      6. It’s not as old as you might thing. About 7,000 years. There have been a lot of very short term Wizards in its time.
      7. DomDaniel’s first name … Eric, I think.
      8. Alther was EOW for 30 years.

      Thank you Jojo, Ciss, Matt and E. And I hope no one left the room and cried … well not for long, anyway!

  243. ahning13

    Hi! I really want to know whether it is on sale ONLINE or on sale at the store on April 16, 2013. I really excited to read Fyre! The name reminds me SO much of Spit Fyre, the lovely dragon. And also, are you thinking about writing another one after Fyre?

    • Angie Sage

      Hope you got hold of FYRE ok!

      I am writing 3 more slightly shorter books that follow on after 7 years. The working title at the moment is TodHunter Moon and they’ll be a mix of old characters and new.

  244. E

    Do you know if Fyre will be out in Australia on the 16th as well?
    I’m so excited to read it. Thank you so much for your stories they bring happiness. Thanks

    • Angie Sage

      Thank you, E!

      I hope it was … if not the best thing to do is get in touch with the publishers over there – Allen and Unwin – and they will be able to tell you for sure. It usually does come out at the same time.

  245. rootbeer

    Hi, Ms. Sage. I am in the third grade and I love wizards, witches and magical creatures so I thought that Magyk would be an interesting pick for me to try. I was right!! Once I started reading the book I had a hard time putting it down. I have begun reading the second book and I can’t wait to finish it.

    I have some questions for you:
    1) Why did you choose to use magical characters instead of regular people?
    2) How did you come up with the names Jenna, Aunt Zelda, Silas and Septimus?
    3) How long did it take to write Magyk?
    4) What character in the first book do you think you are most like, and why?
    Thanks! I am really excited to finish the second book!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi rootbeer,

      I’m glad you picked up Magyk!

      1. Well, it’s fun to write about people who can do different things from the normal.
      2. The names all just came to me. Names are just about the only thing I don’t have to think about when I write. Which is nice.
      3. About a year… and then a bit more time spent editing it.
      4. Oh dear … I suspect I am a little bit like Marcia. With maybe a bit of Septimus thrown in.

  246. markia

    Hi Ms. Angie,
    I am a huge fan of your books…they are my absolute favourite!!! My favourite character is Marcia…we have almost the same name…except mine is pronounced Mark-eye-a…It’s really cool ;). As you can probably tell by my writing, I am Canadian, and none of my friends will read your books (I’ve tried, i am sooo sorry) but i still love them.
    I just have a few questions (sorry to bother you):
    1) Were Marcia and Cerys friends? Did they hang out toghether? Before Milo? After Milo? That must have been really awkward at their wedding…
    2) If Warner Bros. goes through with the movie, would you consider Ben Barnes to play Milo (Prince Caspian from the Narnia movies)? He is rather handsome and about the right age, maybe a little young…very easy on the eyes though:)
    3)In Sep’s world, do they have cameras? Because in Magyk, it states that there is a picture of Marcia on the wall…just wondering..
    4)Will Cerys come out of the queen’s room and see Marcia? Or Milo?
    Thank you!! Hope you had a great easter!!!
    Markia 🙂

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Markia,

      Sorry this is a little late – way past Easter now… but better late than …

      1. No, they weren’t friends. Cerys was quite aloof really and Marci was very involved with her Apprenticeship. It was awkward at the wedding, but mainly for Marcia.
      2. I don’t think WB are going ahead with the movie. Nice idea about Ben Barnes, but even if they did go ahead, I’d have nothing to do with any of the casting (or anything else either….)
      3. No, not as such. But they are experimenting on pinhole cameras. It’s a painting.
      4. She will, and you may have already read that by now!

  247. maria cordova

    why do u spell the names of the books different than they are meant to be?

    • Angie Sage

      I take the spellings from old English – things were spelled in many different ways before we had dictionaries. It’s fun!

  248. alli

    Hi again Angie….
    Sorry that i am bothering you yet again…and the the other questions were actually 10X longer than i thought they were gonna be…:)
    i just have a few more questions for you…so sorry
    1) In Magyk, it is mentioned the not mix well with kindren. Is this still true? Have they warmed up to her?
    2) In Magyk (i think), Alther craks the joke of Marcia and her curlers. Is it true that her hair is not actually curly?
    3) And, is Milo’s name pronounced Mee-lo or My-lo…with my accent, some say Mee-lo…but i have heard it also as My-lo…just wanted to clarify
    I just wanted to tell you that these books changed my life and my views on reading…english isn’t my first language but you inspired me to try harder…i actually found Magyk in a box of old books at my cousin’s house…some say it was fate…i just say that it was my luck that i liked the cover…:) Sorry for being so rude and bothering you yet again,
    Dank u,

    • Angie Sage

      Hi again!

      1. Marcia had learned a lot about children since Magyk. Septimus has taught her so much, really. So now she has become quite at ease with young teens especially.
      2. Alther is being rude, as only Alther can be! Marcia’s hair is naturally curly.
      3. I say My-lo – which is how we say Milo in England. But if you say it another way in your language, then that is fine too.

      I am just so pleased to hear how Septimus has become part of your life. It makes all the hard work and long hours making mistakes worthwhile! Thank you so much for telling me!

  249. alli

    Hi Angie!!
    This is probably gonna sound so stupid but…OMG i cannot believe that i am writing to the greatest author in the world!!! 😉 ok, so my absolute favourite character of all time is Marcia…She strangely reminds me of my own mother…kinda wierd…but i need to know more about her (sorry if this is sooo long) 🙂
    1) Do you think that Milo knows that Marcia loves him at the moment? And how on earth did you get that out of her? She is so guarded with her emotions i thought she would never admit it….
    2) When was the last time that Marcia talked to her parents? Did they die right after she left? If not, did she ever see them on the road or in a shop on Wizard Way? When she walks by Snake Slipway and her old house, does it make her sad, or lonely, or does it just hurt?
    3) Does anyone else know that she loves Milo? Do you think that people think it really isn’t that far fetched? Being as Sarah reads all those romance novels, has she come to the same conclusion?
    4) Is Marcia a good singer? Or dancer? Is she really good at a different form of art or sport?
    5)Will Marcia be one of the main characters in FYRE? Cause she was like, never there in Syren and she was always there in Darke. Will she have a romance going on? Pleaaaase say yes…i hope and pray that she ends up with Milo
    6) Will Marcia still be ExtraOrdinary Wizard in TodHunter Moon?
    7) Has Marcia ever actually had a boyfriend before? Seeing as she devoted her life to Magyk. If so, has she actually kissed anyone yet? If yes…WHO????!!!
    8)Is Marcia’s biggest fear losing another person she loves? I get that….
    9)What do you think Marcia’s reaction would be if Milo kissed her? Would she be literally stunned or might pass out?
    10) Are Marcia and Marcellous related? They look alike, have similar tastes…and they get along like oil and water …or Marcia and boats
    Sorry if all this Marcia/Milo thing is really annoying…you hear so much of it already…i am just so curious…when i read that Marcia did love Milo…i started cheering and yelling at the top of my lungs…i may be a little obsessed..hehehe:) I hope that you can do the story about her childhood…don’t let the editors stop you…
    Good luck with everything and I hope that you can make this out…i am Belgian…:)
    ps-i am sooo excited for fyre…but i want all the suspense at the same time!!! ggrrrrr…sorry that this is so long…Thank you!!

    • Angie Sage

      Hello alli,

      Another marcia fan … 🙂
      1. I suspect Milo does know. And I guess you have read Fyre by now, so a lot of answered there.
      You are right, Marcia doesn’t tell me much. I have to be very patient. And sneaky…
      2. Marcia’s parents are something she does not talk about. I do realise that at some point I am going to have to sort all this out. Yes, she does get a funny feeling when she goes by her old house.
      3. Sarah has long suspected about Milo, but Silas tells her she is just being silly. And of course the ghost of the Queen – Queen Cerys knows.
      4. Marcia is a good dancer. Her singing is not bad but only if no one is listening…
      5. Yes! And you now all about that now, I guess? Or maybe not if you are waiting for the translation.
      6. Aha.
      7. Marcia is not telling. But I can tell you that there were one or two boyfriends.
      8. Yes, that is pretty much it really. And losing control of her life too.
      9. I think she’d be rather pleased. But I don’t think she would act that way. Milo would have to persist.
      10. They are not related as far as I know. But they are horribly alike in many ways, although neither would ever agree with that.

      I will do the marcia story, and I do really want to – I just need time! This will be written for a YA readership so we can actually have some proper romance in it. Now that it is easy to publish oneself I shall probably do it that way. But there is still so much else to do…

      Thanks you for your lovely ideas and comments. And your English is brilliant! I do hopreyou enjoy Fyre and it is all you hope for for marcia too.

  250. Hi
    How are you? (:
    A few weeks ago I ordered Fyre even if it’s in english but… I just can’t wait!
    I’m really into the ‘pairing’ Marcia/Milo so I decided to write a FanFiction about them for the German BigBang . That’s why I need a little bit help.

    I guess Marcia is a little bit difficult and is sometimes not very… charming. That’s why I thought she will change slowly over the wohle FanFiction and she will be open to him in the end. (I mean she’ll tell him more about herself and won’t be so formal any more. And I think over 10000 Words shall be enough for this big change… or I hope so.)
    But I don’t know where her feelings start. I think she is a little bit nicer to Milo than to Marcellus but how much does she likes him?

    And there is a big question about Milo. He gave her a kiss on the hand in the fifth book and he was realy nice to her. But is he just a gentleman? That was my first thought when I read the book, because of that I want to her your opinion about it.

    I just saw in an earlier post there will be a little bit romantic in the end of Fyre for Marcia… God I hope so much that it’s Milo! 😀 But I’ll see it soon.
    I wondered if there will be more about them (notably(?) about Marcia) in TodHunter Moon(it’s the new Septimus book series, isn’t it?) because I read a Tweet about an eventual nice good bye for Milo.

    Now it seems like I’m totally obsessed with them, right?
    But I love all the books and I think it’s much more better than Harry Potter or stuff like that because the charakters seem so alive and the writing style is so much better!

    I hope you have a beautyful easter time (:
    Greetings from Germany and a big sorry for my english!

    • Angie Sage


      I am fine thank you and sorry not to have replied for so long! Just too busy trying to sort out more writing…
      Marcia does really like Milo. A lot. You will see more in Fyre. Milo is a gentlemen too but I think the kiss on the hand was meant to say something.
      And you will see more of them in TOD!
      And there is nothing wrong with being obsessed by Milo and Marcia, nothing wrong at all!
      Thank you and I hope you had a lovely Easter too.

  251. Dear Angie,
    First I want to congratulate you on “The Darke Toad”: it was brilliant!
    Second I have three questions for you…

    1. Why is it we see Marcellus Pye old when he pulls Septimus through the glass?


    2. How does the Flyte charm bit near the end of “Darke” work? (Is it because once you’ve done a charm once you can do it without the charm)

    3. Did you know about these name meanings below?
    Jenna = Small Bird (Jenna is followed by one in “Darke”)
    Silas = Forest (He visited it every night)
    Marcia = Brave (Don’t think I need to explain that one)
    Marcellus = Young Fighter (He’s “Young” yet he is an “old Fighter”)
    Simon = Obedient (Well he was obedient to DomDaniel)

    Sorry about the first question as it has been a while since I read “Physik”.

    • Angie Sage

      Thank you! I had great fun with the toad!
      1. Because Marcellus is in Septimus’s time. It is before he goes through into 500 years earlier.
      2. You can a little. And Sep is of course very good. But it doesn’t work for long, just enough to make the difference.
      3. I didn’t know about the names, but I am constantly being surprised by how all this kind of stuff works out. Spooooky!

  252. Aled

    Hi Angie

    Although i’m 12 years old and in 2rd year I find your books fun-filled, adventurous and easy to read. I’ve currently got the first three of your books and I’m saving up for the next three. I was so excited to hear that a movie for the first book is being produced. We need more people like you in the world, keep up the good work.

    Happy Easter

    • Angie Sage

      Thank you Aled, I’m so pleased you find Septimus so right for you. The movie doesn’t look like it is happening at the moment, I am sorry to say. But I guess you never know, they might change their minds…

  253. Heather Allen

    I am a mom of 4 boys, ages 9 to 2. We have purchased Magyk as an audio book. We listen to books in the car instead of videos. We have many different audio book series and listen to them multiple times. We all liked Magyk but was bummed that we could not continue the series on audio. My oldest son has reading issues and audio books allow him to stay excited about literature. I guess my point is that I hope some time in the future the rest of the series will be available on audio. When I am in Barnes and Noble I ask if there are any new Angie Sage books on audio. Do you have plans to do this? Thank you for you time.

    • Hi Heather, all the Septimus Heap books are available as audiobooks, but only the first one is out on CD. The rest of them are only digital (so that means that you can only download them) – you can purchase the other ones on Audible, for example:

      • Heather Allen

        Thank you so much! I wish they would have told me that at the store. I will be looking into it.

      • Jerri

        I live in the US and have checked all of the Septimus Heap books out in CD audiobook format from my public library, up through Syren. I don’t know if they are still available, but the library was able to buy them. I own Magyk and Darke in audiobook format and have ordered Fyre from Audible and plan to get the rest over time. But if you live in the US and would like CD audiobooks, try your library.

    • Laurie BZ

      Our family also loves Septimus on audiobook. They actually ARE available on CD, but only to libraries, and they’re kind of expensive to purchase. See Recorded Books:

      Ask your library, and if they don’t have them, maybe you could get them inter-library loan from a different library. Or, as the other fan says, you can get them as downloads from Audible. Good luck!

  254. Glenn Alastair

    Before I get to my questions I must first say thank you for the many, many hours of enjoyable reading I have had going through your books. I started reading the series back in 2006 when I was in 5th or 6th grade. I have since bought every book the month it has come out, and spent almost every minute directly afterwards reading it until I finish. If you do the math, you’ll find I’m in the 11th grade right now, and I still really enjoy you’re books. Slowly, as I have gotten older I find myself beginning to read more adult novels such as Terry Pratchett, and classics such as Orwell’s 1984. I have stopped reading many of the series I used to, and moved on to others. Despite this, I have never lost my love of your books. I can’t explain why either. It’s not the word choice(if it wasn’t hard for me in 5th grade, it won’t be hard for me now), or the plot(I’m not insulting your plot, but it definitely isn’t the driving force behind your books). My best guess is that the characters are what keep me reading them time and time again; they provide the special something about the series that makes it worth reading. I have read and re-read each book more times than I can count( and I can count pretty high. :P). I’m really glad that you release books fairly often, you consistently come out with them every two to three years, unlike, let’s say, Diane Duane who is reliably unreliable(30 years for 9 books…I wonder if some of the original readers still keep up with the series), I must thank you again for that. Now that I am done boosting your ego, as well as making myself look extremely self-centered, (just count the number of sentences that use the words I, me, or my 😉 ), question time is here!!!

    1. I figure someone asked you this question before, but since I don’t have time to read through the short novel that is your Ask Angie pages, I will repeat it. Can you explain to me the minor plot inconsistency between Magyk and Physik. I am referring to the end of Magyk where Zelda walks up to Alther and asks him who he is. However, in Physik it is clear that they have met before, and know each other quite well, as Zelda spent quite a bit of his time looking for the glass that Spit Fyre eventually broke. I’m sure you’ve probably come up with an explanation for this by now(I hope) so could you please enlighten me?

    2. You have this excellent habit of hiding hints in each of your books as to what might happen in future books, you’re quite good at not making them obvious as well. I have been able to guess quite a bit about what will happen in Fyre just from the tidbits you leave here and there. That being said, I feel like I’m missing quite a few. I’m not going to ask you anything about what is in the book because you’ll give some ambiguous answer that will be no use whatsoever, so instead…
    How many hints did you leave in the previous books? I don’t need an exact answer, just a general estimate, such as a lot, a few, a couple sprinkled in here and there, and A HINT!?! You’re joking right? I NEVER, EVER leave hints.

    3. At this point I also have so many questions to ask you about such a variety of subjects: Alther’s childhood, the Wendron witches, and an endless number on Hotep-Ra and the beginning of the castle. This time however I will limit myself to just a third wish that hopefully you will grant. Here it is: Why did Marrisa become a witch, and who are her parents? This question might be answered in Fyre because she will be at least a minor villain in it (you insinuate that at the end of Darke), but just in case…

    Thanks for your time, if you bother getting around to reading this essay. 😀 Just know that there are some lifetime fans out there hiding.

    • Madelynne

      I saw this and I just had to give you some support, Glenn Alastair. I probably should have said this sooner, but I am saying it now!
      I am in Year 11 as well, and I haven’t been reading Septimus since Year 5, but long enough that I don’t remember when. Though I do remember Mum handing me Magyk, and me wondering why magic was spelt weird, though I grew to love the interesting spelling choices 😉 I just have to say, Angie, that you are truly inspirational, and you should be immensely proud of yourself. You are an amazing author, I know so many people have said that, but it really is true. Your writing style is so refreshing and unique, and your characters are so real I feel as though they follow me around for half of my day! Your books have entertained me for many years, and remain my favourite series of all time, despite growing out of many books that I read when I first started reading Septimus. You are a brilliant author and I just want you to know that.
      Thank you for so many hours of fun. Lifetime fans indeed!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Glenn,

      thank you! I do think it’s the characters that make Sep work for all of us, me included. And no, plot is not the driving force, I find plot the most difficult thing of all, but I love just going along with the characters and letting them dictate the flow.
      Believe it or not, the books have come out every year, apart from the last 2, which ad I ithnk, 18 months between them. Its been a bit of a busy ten years here….

      And your questions…
      1. An error, fixed in later editions.
      2. I don’t really keep count of hints. And they are not always deliberate hints, sometimes I just read back and decided to go along with something a bit further. It all depends. I think it is the organic school of writing!
      3. I don’t about Marrissa. I suspect she ran away from home, but apart from that I am not sure. She doesn’t let many of her secrets out. But I do think she is Trouble!

      Thank you for your lovely and thoughtful comments…

  255. Dasha

    Hi! First of all I just want to say that I love how Beetle has changed in the past 6 books (he’s my favorite ^_^)! Will Beetle be appearing in the 7th book frequently? It wouldn’t be the same without him. Plus, are you introducing any other characters (preferably Beetle’s Significant other)? Thanks! I’m really curious!

    • Angie Sage

      I love Beetle too, as you can probably tell. You may well have read Fyre by now so you’ll know Beetle is there. And stuff happens for him, SO-wise.

  256. Also, my friend Layla read the first sentence and ended up reading two pages in class before I took it off of her and she said, ‘Nothings happening and I love it!’. Also onother one of my friends read 2 chapters and asked me if he could have the first book because I have all of them apart from Fyre, which reminds me, when is Fyre coming to Australia? Anyway, everyone who reads just one part of your books loves it. All I can say is “Youv’e done well Angie, really well.” This book has crossed off Harry Potter off the top of my favourite book list and replaced it with Septimus Heap. If the movies ever come and I’m sure they will, this will be the next Harry Potter.

    • Angie Sage

      I love your friend’s comment! Fyre should be out in Oz by now, I hope. And thank you so much for your lovely comments too 🙂

  257. Hi.
    I only have one question. Will Syrah Syara make a return in Fyre?

  258. Chris B.

    Will you have a book signing in the Chicagoland area? I would love for you to sign all my copies of your titles and meet you in person! Please try to set that up with Harper Collins™.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Chris,

      well, if I ever do come back to Chicago you will know about it here. I did go there a few times early on in the series but now I am not sure what will happen next year. We will have to see…

  259. MoonFlower

    Hi Angie,
    I love the Septimus Heap books and so do all my friends. We can’t wait for Fyre! There are a few things I wanted to ask:

    1) Did you pick Mark Zug and whoever reads the audiobooks as your illustrator and narrator/reader (whatever you call it)? Or were they picked for you?

    2) I know lots of people are asking about romance in Fyre, but will Spitfyre find love? I think he deserves a girlfriend…

    3) Will there be an epilogue? I’d love to see Septimus/Beetle/Jenna getting married to someone, and somehow I don’t think that would happen aged 14. (But then again, you never know…)

    4) Also, in Syren (I think) Stanley’s ratlets are called Faith, and I can’t remember the rest, but at the end of Darke, they’re called Flo, Mo, Bo and Jo. Are they different ratlets, or is that a mistake?

    Thanks. All the best with the movie!

    • Angie Sage

      1. No I didn’t get to pick either one, but i am very very happy with mark zug!
      2. Spit Fyre is off looking right now…
      3. One day, if I ever get the time, I want to write some grown-up Septimus. Until then I geuss we will just have to pick up the clues…
      4. Mistake!
      Thanks so much … but right now the movie looks like it’s not going to happen 😦

  260. Lara

    What color is the dragon in the dragon boat?

    • Angie Sage

      Green, gold, azure. But have a look in Magyk…

  261. Bo Tenderfoot

    Hi, Angie!
    In one of your Ask Angies you mentioned that you had been looking for a phrase you had written about the Eastern Snow Plains and the Snow Princess that went along with the woman in the House of Foryx. I think what you might have looked for was page 75 in Syren, although I’m probably wrong…..

  262. Pop

    Do you know when Fyre will be published in the U.S? I have pre-ordered it but I want an estimate from the author if possible. Thank you.

  263. Kate

    I have a few questions.

    1. Will Simon and Lucy have children in TodHunter Moon? Will many of the Heaps be married by then? I love Simon. I think he is very relatable because everyone goes through some kind of emotional turmoil when they are trying to find themselves and figure out what they want from life.
    2. I think Septimus kind of likes Rose. They might be good together but I always kind of hoped he would be with Jenna. I know people say that it is wrong because they are adoptive siblings but they didn’t actually grow up together and they have very good chemistry. I always feel like they fancy each other when I read scenes where they are together in the books. Will they always be a little in love with each other, even if Sep marries Rose and Jenna marries Beetle?
    3. If Syrah is not going to end up with Septimus, will she end up with someone else? You don’t have to say who. I’d rather not know as I like surprises. 🙂 But I did think about her and Marcellus actually, since they are from the same Time, though I guess he might be a little old for her.
    4. If Marcia and Milo get together, how are they going to have time for a relationship? He is always leaving and she is so busy. Besides, if he left her for Cerys the first time, he could leave her again. Milo has never seemed like the nicest guy to me and I think everyone who reads these books kind of falls in love with Marcia’s character. I don’t want her to get hurt again. If they do get together, will they get married? I have trouble picturing Marcia as Jenna’s stepmother. I feel like that could be awkward since Queens and Wizards don’t agree. I just hate to think about Milo leaving Marcia all of the time and possibly flirting with other women. Marcia deserves a lot better than that.
    5. Do you have to finish an EOW apprenticeship to be EOW? I was thinking that maybe Sep could take up Alchemie/physik and maybe Simon could be EOW. I know the more predictable ending would be for sep to eventually become EOW but your works tend to be more creative than a lot of fantasy books so I was wondering about this.

    Thank you!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Kate,
      Some very interesting questions …
      1. Yes! Yes, Simon has really been a real journey to write. And a surprise too.
      2. Sep does like Rose. But my thoughts have been running exactly along the lines you mention. Very strange.
      3. Syrah kind of retires. I haven’t thought who she will be with (we really need a book about this kind of stuff…) I think she is too serious for Marcellus.
      4. Well, Milo didn’t leave Marcia for Cerys, not the way he saw it. He genuinely thought that Marcia was not interested. You will see more of the nice side of Milo in Fyre.
      5. You don’t have to finish – or even start – an EOW apprenticeship, although it is very unusual not to. But there are other routes to the job. Again, my thoughts did run along these lines but you will see in Fyre how it turns out.
      Thank you, Kate – I am almost spooked by how close you got to so much of what I have been thinking about!

  264. Reilly

    Wotcha, Angie! (My number-one all-time favorite author)
    First, let me just tell you how much I love the Magyk series and how much they changed for the better.
    Now that that’s out of the way, I have QUESTIONS!
    1) So, I’ve been hearing a lot on how Beetle died…..did he actually die? I thought he was alive…?
    2) How is Nicko pronounced? (I know it’s a stupid question, but my mom says it’s Neek-oh and my dad says it’s Nick-oh)
    3) Why did Marissa choose to leave the Wendron Witches and be a Port Witch Coven witch?
    4) If Matt and Marcus were Boys 110 and 111, then how did they leave the Young Army? (Did the just get too old, or did they escape like Mandy/Wolf Boy?)
    5) How have you found ideas for the Septimus Heap series? (Such as, how did you think of a “shape-shifting” cat -Ullr- and the Ramblings, or where did you find character inspiration?)
    Thanks a lot and keep writing Septimus OR I WILL NEVER BE HAPPY AGAIN. 🙂
    Love, the future Mrs. Heap.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Reilly,

      Thank you!
      !. Beetle DIDN’T DIE!!! I don’t know how that rumour came about, but he is still very much alive.
      2. Your dad is right. Sorry, mum.
      3. She hedged her bets and dabbled with both. Marissa was not getting on well with Morwenna and she fancied something a little more Darke.
      4. When the YA was disbanded, they went to live with a family in the Port.
      5. I dunno … the ideas are there when i sit at the laptop and think really hard. they are not always easy to find, mind you. Characters just appear and they do seem to be easier. Its like I already know them.
      Okeydokey! You got it…

  265. colin

    Dear Angie,
    My name is Colin. Do you when the Magyk movie will come out? Also, I have been writing a Book and if it isn’t to muck trouble, can you give me some writing tips.

    P.S. i Love you books so much!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Colin,

      So pleased you love Septimus!
      At present, the Magyk movie is not coming out. It maybe that Warners will at some point change their mind, but they have decided not to go any further with it for the moment.
      And as for writing tips … well there are some on my website (and yes, it is horrible out of date and I must fix it when I have a moment…) but the writing tips still hold good.
      Good luck!

  266. De-Alaie

    Hi Angie!
    My friend and I were having an argument about Nicko’s name.Is it pronounced
    knee-co or Nick-o?I AM SUCH A HUGE FAN OF SEPTIMUS HEAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Angie Sage

      That’s so great!!!!
      But I guess if you are not English you might well pronounce it another way. Which is fine too. But I think of him as Nick-o

  267. StrawberryFox77

    It’s me again, Lilian Anna-Rose. I forgot to mention I have a mild (read: Passionate) interest in etymology and I have more name questions for you. I have this thing that drives me absolutely banana sandwich about un-named characters in books. Thankfully I don’t remember too many for this series, as I have asked about once already. But I saw someone ask about the First Queen, and now I wonder what HER name was, and the names of her three little girls.

    I also recall that there was no mention made of Merrin’s father. Who is he?

    Thanks so much for your time, again.


    • Angie Sage

      Hi Lilian, well, some things are better unnamed. If the name doesn’t come to me, then I let it be. And not one of their names has jumped out at me yet. But maybe they will later…

  268. Bobby

    Hello angie I am just finished physik and I love your books you are the best

    Is the great doors of time glasses of time?
    Why is it dangerous to go through them?
    And what’s the difference between the doors of time an the glasses of time that Jenna nicko ullr an snorri went through?

    Thanks again angie I’m your biggest fan

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Bobby,

      so glad you love Septimus!
      The Great Doors of Time are a protective covering for one of the biggest Glasses of Time ever. It was dangerous to go through, because the Glass was degenerating & it was highly possible you would not be able to get back again.
      The Glass behind the Doors of Time is the same kind as the one that jenna and Snorri went through. Although the one they wet through was much smaller.
      Hope that helps. It is a little confusing…

  269. Paige

    You know how being a 7th son of a 7th son makes you more powerful does the same thing work for daughters so the 7th daughter of a 7th daughter?

    • Angie Sage

      Yes, but it is not talked about so much, for some reason.

  270. Pilio

    Hello again Angie,
    just a couple of questions, as i wouldn’t want to disturb the writing of ToddHunter Moon, so i will make this quick:

    1) What is it with queen’s having a name that starts with “E”? Etheldredda, Esmerelda, and the two baby princesses that were named Elanor and Elizabeth, according to this blog. So, seriously, what is it with queens and ‘E’s? not that I have anything against the letter, I’m just curious.

    2) This ones been bugging me for ages….In one of the books, (Physik?) Jenna wants advice on being a navigator, as she isn’t sure what to do. According to her, Septimus thinks it’s muckig out Spit Fyres stable/shed/home/thing. Wouldn’t a navigator, you know, Navigate? Like, tell the rider where he needs to go according to a map? cause, thats the definition of the word “Navigate’ right? Shouldn’t it be obvious to the characters?

    3) This one probably won’t get anymore of an answer than a “You’ll see..” but ill try anyway, Will fyre make Jenna and Milo become closer, or will it drive Jenna further away from him? If Marcia and Milo got together…… I can’t imagine that would do Milo’s relationship with Milo any good.

    Anyway, happy writing! Feel free to take time with answering this one 🙂
    (P.S Katie Jane, I LOVE your taste in TV shows! Doctor who is AWESOME!! (David Tennant all the way!!))

    • Angie Sage

      Well, I think sometimes families get stuck on a certain letter.But there are Queens with other names; Matthilda. Datchet. Cerys.
      Septimus was not being entirely truthful here. He just wanted some help with the dragon poo. Jenna did do a fair amount of Navigating in the end.
      Well, as Fyre is out now I can say a little more. Yes, they will become closer… Jenna and Milo, that is.

  271. Dave Heap :p

    Hi, Angie! I Have Recently started reading the Septimus heap series (February 28, 2013) and I’m on the fourth book Queste! The stories and detailing are fascinating and it even inspired me to write a mini Septimus heap series in which they take place between the each book, as in like right after Magyk but before Flyte and so on. I love reading these huge books! Its nice to know you are making a spin off series, so the story continues!

    • Angie Sage

      wow, fast reader.
      I’m so pleased you are inspired by Sep! You can find out a little about what happened between Magyk and Flyte in The Darke Toad.

  272. septimusheaplover7777777

    i llllllooooovvveeee the septimus heap series soooooooooooooo much but i have a couple of qs
    1.when is the trilogy coming out

    2. how old is septimus in the trilogy

    3.what color was septimoss eyes before he learened magyk old is marcia

    5. how old is zelda

    6. how old is sarah and silas do you pronounce silas

    • Angie Sage

      1. Next April, I think,
      2. 21
      3. grey (see Magyk)
      4. Nearly 40, I think.
      5. In her 80s.
      6. Early 40s
      7. With a long i. S-eye-las

  273. Elinor

    Hi Angie!
    I have two questions for you.

    First one is about Gringe. It seems sometimes like he doesn’t really believe in magic, but he has to be noticeing the magic around him, right? Is it just that he just doesn’t like magic? Or have I got this whole thing wrong?

    And also, when Fyre is released, do you have any idea about how long it will be until it is translated into Swedish?

    Love your books and I’m listening to Magyk right now for atleast the 8273902th time!
    Greetings from Elinor

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Elinor,
      Thanks you!
      Gringe is one of these people who really does not notice Magyk. Its like some people are tone-deaf, Gringe is pretty much Magyk-blind.
      I’m afarid I don’t know how long it will be until Fyre is translated, all the publishers run to their own timetable – the best thing for you to do is get in touch with the Swedish publishers.

  274. Nami

    Why doesn’t Jenna like Marcia? Marcia has does a lot of things to help her over the years and has saved her multiple times, including on the day she was born. It seemed like she kind of liked Marcia in book one. What happened?

    • Angie Sage

      Jenna does like Marcia but sometimes they do not see eye to eye. And as Jenna gets nearer to becoming Queen, she is less tolerant of being told what to do. Also, do not forget she is a teen. Sometimes it is like that…

      • Lara

        Dear Angie,

        Im sorry for commenting again.Yes! I will spread the word! I’ve decided to write a book report of Magyk for my class, and I need help!
        1) why is your intent of Magyk?is there a message? a lesson to be learnt?
        2) who is your favorite and least favorite character in Magyk and why?
        Thanks Ms Sage!

  275. Laurie BZ

    I left this comment in the “Fyre” section too, so sorry for the repeat! My family discovered Septimus last summer and have been enjoying the audio books immensely. We are all waiting with bated breath for the last installment. (It’s good to hear that there will be a follow-on series, also–something else to look forward to!). We want to know if Jenna ever takes the remedy she got from Broda Pye in “Physik” and goes to the dragon house to heal the dragon boat!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Laurie,

      Don’t worry! It’s best to leave comments here as if I am busy (which is pretty much all the time) I only have time to go to the Ask Angie section.
      And the remedy has been a long time coming, hasn’t it? You will find out in Fyre…


    Hi Angie,
    i havnt read all the other comments but will you make another BIG series like the Septimus heap series after it has ended? also your books on my best book list have destroyed all classics, redwall, harry potter, and all fantasy books. i would give you 1000000 likes if i could

    • Angie Sage


      Wow, thank you so much!
      I would like to do another new series. TodHunter is still Septimus really, so something new would be really interesting. But it’s a way off yet…

  277. Lara

    Hey Angie! I just started reading The Septimus Heap books and they are wonderful! have you ever met any authors?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Lara,

      I am SO glad you are liking Septimus. Spread the word!
      When I go to book events and fairs I do sometimes meet authors. I’ve met Eoin Colfer, Michael Morpurgo, Jaqueline Wilson and have seen Philip Pullman in the middle of a load of fans! Plus lots of other really great authors too. But most of the time I don’t meet anyone. I sit by the fire writing…

  278. Southern Girl

    Hullo Angie,
    I have a question about when your book would be published. I was reading earlier questions and comments and you said that Fyre would be published in Feb. 2013. Well now it’s maech and i was wondering about when it would come out in American book stores. I just have to read your books, and like you said to another fan, to write good books you have to read good books, so I’m really looking forward to Fyre.

    Thanks A-million (or maybe a non-a-nill-ion)
    Southern Girl

    • Angie Sage

      Hi there,

      Well, there was a bit of a muddle because I did think people had said February. But the date is mid April and you really can check that out now because it is on Amazon.

      Thank you for your lovely comments!

  279. Lucy

    1) What is happening with the Magyk movie?
    2)When is the exact date for Fyre release (USA)?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Lucy,

      As far as I know nothing is happening with the movie. I have had no news now for over two years, so right now it does not feel too hopeful. But you never know – I have no idea what might be going on in the background so, who knows? But Warner Brothers have the rights now so all we can do is to send good thoughts and hope things will work out well!

      On Amazon it is April 16th for Fyre! Nearly there now….

  280. Katie Jane

    Hi again Angie!
    Sorry for not posting for soooooo long but I honestly have a good and honest reason for it. On the day that you were in Preston for you book signing myself and my mother set of to go on the train there. Only when crossing a road i was hit by a car. I had both a broken leg and arm. This is the first time I’ve been on the internet in months, i couldn’t write or use my right arm! Now I love writing stories so you can imagine how horrible it was with all these stories running around my head with no place left to go!
    I do in fact now a fanfiction acount and have published two stories one of which has had over ten THOUSAND readers! I can’t tell you how happy i am! I am also in the early stages of writing my own story which i hope will be just as famous as Septimus Heap, you inspired me to write and to continue writing so i just have to say thank you.
    I just realized how long that all was, sorry for babbling i do have some questions for you though.

    1. If Jenna and Septimus weren’t brother and sister, would they be you know not in a strictly platonic friendship? Please answer this one its been bugging me for ages.
    2. Will there be a romantic interest for any of the characters in Fyre?
    3. Do you have a cat? I do her names Moonlight. Also known as the she-devil.
    4. Please do not take offense at that it’s an affectionate nickname,
    5. Can the Dragon Boat fly? Because i have a theory that she could use her sails and when the tide gets really high she could fly. It would be awesome. Totally.
    6. The most important one :- Do you like Doctor Who?

    Please answer and it’s good to post a question to you again!


    Peace 😉

    • Angie Sage

      Dear Katie Jane,

      OMG that is awful… I am SO sorry about your accident, yikes. I do so hope you are fully recovered soon and I hope you mum has got over it too. How horrible it must have been for you both.

      I hope you are back to writing now. Did you find it possible to type with your left hand at all? I am so chuffed to be an inspiration for your writing!
      !. Well, I have to confess I suspect Jenna and Sep might not have remained strictly platonic were they not brother and sister. And yes, yes I know they are not blood relations, but they do see each other as brother and sister and that is what matters. I think there will always be a bit of a frisson of something between them, come what may.
      2. There are some romantic clues in Fyre, but I haven’t written any romance as such. Look out for Jenna towards the end of the book. And Marcia.
      3. I don’t have a cat though I would do if I wasn’t allergic to their fur. I like how they are mysterious. The nickname sounds good to me.
      5. Yes she can fly! She does in Magyk and Flyte. She has wings folded down against her sides.
      6. yes, I most certainly do like Doctor Who, although I don’t watch it now unless my daughter is home. I was a huge fan of the very first one (soooo long ago.) I still have a signed photo of the very first Doctor Who.

      Hope you are completely recovered very very soon!

  281. Jerri

    I just finished a re-read of Darke (well a re-read of the whole series, I will probably then re-listen to the audiobooks starting mid March), and I remembered a question I had before that I forgot to ask. Why did Marissa leave the witches in the woods and join the Port Witch Coven? She was the same one who had been JoJo’s girl friend in the earlier books, right? Just wondering.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi jerri,

      yes, Marissa was Jo-Jo’s girlfriend. Marissa was bored with the greener approach to witchcraft in the Forest under Morwenna Mould, the Witch Mother. And to tell the truth, Morwenna was pretty bored with Marissa. They did not get along. Marissa wanted more excitement and serious spells so she set off for the Port. She hadn’t reckoned on it being quite so squalid, though. And frightening.

  282. Christyna

    Hey, Angie!
    This is kind of random, but do you have any idea why books (at least in the USA) almost always come out on Tuesdays? I make lists of when books I’m looking foreward to come out, and only one was not published on a Tuesday. I know this is more about writing/publishing than SH, but thank you!

    • Angie Sage

      Crumbs, I have no idea. Maybe that is the best day for some reason. Maybe it’s superstition … or something to do with marketing. Or both…
      How interesting, though.

  283. Manuscriptorium gal

    when is your movie going to comense? Im just soooo excited and am anctious for the auditions. Also, great job on the work you do,when you read it, ti sucks you in and you just want to keep reading and then,all of a sudden your sad because its over. But then you start the next book,unless you finished the last one:'( i say sucks you in as in you get hooked and dont want to put it down.
    Manuscriptorium gal xxx (P.S. you do a wonderful job on the books so dont fret over wether its good enough,just trust in your decisions aand youll do fine, see you on the morrow)

    • Angie Sage

      Please, Manuscriptorium gal, do not go getting your hopes up. I am no longer sure if the movie will be made right now. It’s sad and I did have high hopes for it, but there you go…
      Even if they were to do the movie, I don’t think Warner Brothers do open auditions – well I have not heard of it.
      But thank you so much for your lovely comments on the Septimus books. And, I think the more people who read them, the more we spread the word, the more likely we are to one day have a really great movie made.
      Lets hope so anyway….

      • Manuscriptorium gal

        Sorry for the late reply. But its okay any way,with the movie.I know what you write and how good you are. Just have faith in what you do,and everything will be alright. I look up to you for writing stories. I just love the thrill of reading a great novel. Well,hope you have a good day and Happy Holidays to all!

  284. Talitha

    Hi Angie,
    I just wanted to say, I really like your books (they’re great for a rainy day) and I love how you made the ghosts almost ‘real’ and not scary, only the bad ones, and then its just like they’re scary people, not spooky 🙂 I especially love Alther and the ghost who is always asking if Septimus can do the ” Transubstantiate Triple” yet (Godric, i think?). And Sir Hereward with his jokes 🙂 Thanks for writing!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Talitha,

      so glad you like the ghosts. They are fun to write too. I reckon anyone who gets to be a ghost has to have a sense of humour (unless their name is Etheldredda)

  285. The Secret Heap

    Hi Angie
    A couple of questions…
    1) Is Lucy pretty? I always imagined her averagely pretty, but my friend thinks that she would be quite beautiful.

    2) Syrah rocks… but isn’t she too old for Septimus? 519!

    3) What’s a day in an ExtraOrdinary Wizard’s life like?

    4) Do you pronounce ExtraOrdinary like: extraordinary or extra-ordinary? the extra capitalization always confused me

    5) Is Jenna’s last name Banda?

    6) What’s Jenna holding in her image in the Magykal papers?

    7) How old is Beetle?

    8) What happened to Faith, Hope, Edward and Sydney? Why are they Mo, Bo, Flo and Jo now? I liked the first names better!!

    9) How likely is it that the Queen will marry the CHS, later? You have mentioned Jenna’s daughter running into that ghost (I forgot his name) and waking him up…

    10) How is Ms Djinn’s resting time going?

    11) How old is Spit Fyre?

    12) How old is Aunt Zelda?

    13) How do you plan your stories?

    The Secret Heap

    • Angie Sage

      Hi secret heap… herewith lots of quick answers!
      1. Pretty in a quirky way. Not classically beautiful.
      2. Yes, far too old for Sep.
      3. Busy. Annoying. Everyone wanting stuff. Magykal. And at times exciting, at times scary. Occasionally boring although not too often.
      4. Extra -Ordinary. the caps are to show a kind of break in the word.
      5. No, she doesn’t have a last name, Queens don’t in the Castle.
      6. I wondered that myself. it looks like some kind of queen thing to me. Maybe she foudn it somewhere in the Palace and posed for the picture with it.
      7. Almost 3 years older than Sep.
      8. Oh … well. Mistake. Stanley renamed them. Daft rat.
      9. I don’t know yet. we will have to see how things go with them.
      10. It’s a nightmare. More in Fyre.
      11. Easy to work that one out – he was born in Flyte.
      12. She is in her eighties.
      13. (eek 13 questions…). I don’t plan too much. I just walk along with them all and see how it goes.


  286. Jessica

    Are the main characters of the Septimus Heap series going to be minor characters in the Todhunter series(Spetimus, Jenna, Beetle, etc.)?

    • Angie Sage

      They will be there, and not all will be minor. I’ll have to see how it goes, really.

  287. Dear Angie,,
    “Haddock is not used for charms. We’re you trying to be funny? Charms are a serious matter, Septimus,”
    Was he trying to be funny?

    P.S I wrote that quote from memory because I’ve read the Magykal Papers so many times. :mrgreen:

    • Angie Sage

      Yes, he was trying to be funny. Marcia can spot that a mile off.

  288. jumpingbean130

    Hi Angie!
    I read about how the movie is coming along and let me just say that I’m really excited! Now let’s just keep our fingers crossed that Warner Bros will give it the green light. (which I’m sure they will) 😀 Anyway, here are my questions:

    I was revising my story and I noticed that I kind of jumped right into the plot in the first chapter. I don’t think I built up enough intensity and suspense, but the chapter is almost 30 pages long. Do you think I should add a couple more chapters before I really begin the story, or should I just leave it as it is?

    Also, what is your “secret” (I guess you could call it) for writing so well? Sometimes I try to write, but nothing turns out too great. But there are times that when I write I cant’ believe I wrote that well. Usually when my writing turns out terrible, it’s when I’m kind of in a creative slump but I really want to write.

    Wow, I just realized how long this post is. Sorry 😀

    • Angie Sage

      Another late reply – really sorry – I got tied up with writing and trying to work stuff out.
      Warners have not green lit the movie and it is on hold at present. sadly.

      I have done that a few times with Septimus – started about 4 chapters in and then gone back. There’s nothing wrong with that at all. It is good to get to know your characters first, but it is a fine line, as you also want to pull your readers in quickly too. Only you can judge … My advice would be write some earlier ones and give them to someone to read and see if they find them interesting.

      I dunno what the secret is … lots of attention to detail … making sure your reader understands as much as you do what is going on. Making sure your characters are people who your readers care about. And just carrying on even through creative slumps. Of which there are always many! Sheer persistence, really.

  289. jollyoldstnik

    Hi Angie I am the biggest fan of your series but I have a few questions
    1 do the books take place in the future
    2 in Syren when you look on the map in the book the isles of the Syren isn’t even close to being on te route between he trading post and the port so how do they all get stuck there

    • Angie Sage

      Hi – sorry this is such a late reply.
      ! – aha, you will find out in Fyre.
      2. But they are totally in the middle of the route … unless you are thinking the enlargement in the lower right hand corner is where they are? Have another look!

  290. Chloe

    Hi Angie,

    I’m a massive fan of your books and the wait for Fyre is killing me. I even managed to get my sister who hates reading to read all of the Septimus Heap books because they are that amazing.

    My question for you is what happens when the ExtraOrdinary Wizard’s apprentice finishes their apprenticeship? Does the EOW ask them to remain as their apprentice or do they choose another one if they don’t think the apprentice showed enough talent?

    Thank you so much for the effort you put into your books and your fans

  291. A big fan

    What font do you use to write words like Darke and Magyk in your books? I’m doing a report on Syren and I have to use words like that.

  292. i think giving others the rights to do a movie without you okaying Every step will guarantee it to be a bad movie and do to the timing these book are written in it should be computer animated or a t.v. show series. but money wise you sell it when you can if it makes it to be a movie i will watch it when i can rent it too many books have been ruined by being turned into movies (just like “Eragon “, “The golden compass”, “A series of unfortunate events”) and never make it to a 2nd let alone 7th. but this is my opinion i own all the books pre-ordered Fyre today and happened to find this site looked at FAQ seen about a movie being made & had to add my 2 cents. you spent so much time writing these books and movies are the only way so many kids will never know about them (books are expencive & bills + food come first i give up a lot of “me” stuff for books) i am hoping they follow the books and not change the order like they have with other books

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Dianna,

      Well, I signed for the movie a long time ago now, having been strongly advised to do so by my publishers, who do very much have the books’ interests at heart. I know so much more about the movie world now, but what’s done is done.

      I agree with all your points – how could I not? But the thing is out of my hands now. We just have to hope that some good Magyk gets done. It is still possible – as my Ma used to say – you never know what is around the corner.

  293. septimusheap

    do you now how many books are going to be in the todhunter searies

    • Angie Sage

      There will be three – it’s not going to get any bigger this time! (unlike Septimus)

  294. A big fan

    Hi Mrs. Sage!
    OK, I’m doing a report on Syren and I have to write words like Magyk and Darke. I was just wondering- what font do you use in your books? Also, where do you type your books? Can you come to the US (Preferably Nashville, Tennessee) for a book signing or something?

    P.S. I love your books! I’m in the middle of Darke right now. I know there are 6 books in the main series, and also Magykal Papers. What other books are there in the Septimus Heap Series? Are you planning to write more? Please do!!

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Big Fan!
      I’m glad Shauki has told you the font, as I didn’t know (and I should know stuff like that…)
      I write on my laptop, usually sitting by the woodburning stove upstairs. Somewhere quiet is what is important. I’d love to come back to the USA, but nothing is planned this year. Though maybe next. I have done quite a few book tours and did once come to Nashville – it was great!
      I’m so pleased you love the Septimus books – soon there will be book 7 out – FYRE. That is the last in the main series but I am now writing a spin-off trilogy set 7 years on from FYRE. I might be doing a tour for that one in the USA. So maybe I will see you in Nashville yet…

  295. septimusheap

    what time do the books take place in

  296. turtlebadger

    dear angie,

    I am in love with your books! you are one of the greatest writers of all time!
    but i was just wondering what is “the darke toad”? Is it the eighth book in the septimus series or is it somthing eles?

    p.s. i am still reading the fith book so dont give any spoilers plz 🙂


    • Angie Sage

      Dear turtlebadger,
      That is SO lovely!
      The Dark Toad is a short story set in the time between Magyk and Flyte. It’s just a bit of fun and tells about Sep and Marcia’s trip to the Port at Halloween (or Hallowseeth as they call it in the Port) We also meet SImon and DomDaniel in it.
      You can find it in the back of the new USA Magyk edition or download it from Amazon.

  297. Hi Angie,

    I was wondering if you will be coming on tour to Oregon any time soon.


    • Angie Sage

      Hi Hanna,

      I’m sorry to say I am not coming to the USA this year, but I think I might be next year and it would be great to come to Oregon. I’ll keep the blogsite posted (and Facebook and twitter) when I know what’s happening.

  298. paperclip123

    Hey Angie.
    I went on amazon to buy the Darke Toad and i got this message.
    This title is not available for customers from your location in:
    Middle East
    This is REALLY REALLY depressing for me and I was wondering if you or anyone could do anything to help!!

    A very distressed and disappointed paperclip123


    • Angie Sage

      Hello paperclip123,

      well, I am as surprised as you. I have no idea why you can’t get it, I thought the great thing about ebooks was that they were international. I have copied your post and will email to HarperCollins to ask why you can’t get hold of it.
      Do not despair!

      • Jean

        Hi Ms. Sage

        Unless a publisher the Middle East has the rights to publish there, it is not available — find this out when Subterranean Press did this for Peter V. Brett’s book The Great Bazaar and Other Stories and those in the UK couldn’t get there hands on the title as Subterranean Press is in the US.

    • Angie Sage

      Hello again, paperclip,

      I have a reply from HarperCollins, I do hope this is useful. This is what they said:

      “This is likely due to the fact that Amazon is not yet selling ebooks in that territory. Amazon (and other retailers) are opening up new global territories at a rapid clip, and as the territory is added, our ebooks with appropriate rights (such as this one) will be available for sale.

      “In the meantime, he or she may want to try other digital retailer options linked from here (e.g., Google and/or Kobo may be selling in this territory):

      That would not work on a Kindle, but it would work on a desktop or other reader.

      I hope the link works, do let me know how you get on!


  299. Maddie

    hiya angie!!! i wanna ask is septimus gonna be finished forever after the dark toad and flyte???? it would be a massive sadface if they are!!!!

    • Angie Sage

      HI Maddie,

      not finished yet. It will continue in TodHunter Moon, tho we will be meeting new people too.
      So no sadface yet…

  300. Benjamin the biggest fan ever

    angie i always wanted to know where you get all your ideas from and what inspires you to write this series? Does it just come to you or do spend hour and hours thinking up the amazing ideas that you have

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Benjamin,
      I don’t know where the ideas come from, but I do know they only arrive when I am writing. I can think and think about stuff but it is no good until I am actually writing the story. So if you asked me for a Septimus synopsis in advance, it would be rubbish. A kind of weird magyk, I guess.
      Sometimes I get a bit stuck, but then I just have to be patient and not worry too much. It’s more of a feeling for what works than anything else. But there is something about the world of Septimus that just works for me. Which is great!

  301. katie

    I am so excited for your new book on Tuesday I’ve been reading your books for three years so 1 question what would you say if someone tried to compare sep and harry potter?
    Because they are NOTHING alike I would like your opinion

    My whole family love what you do!!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Katie,
      sometimes people do put them in the same category, because of the boy wizard thing, but I do think they are very different. Also I have only read one HP, so don’t know what other similarities there would be. So yes, I would say they are very different, as far as I know!

  302. Madelynne

    Oh, I’m sorry, one other thing;
    Is the Darke Toad going to be available from the Kobo store?

  303. Madelynne


    Sorry to double post, but I went into a bookshop (just to check wether they have at least one Sep Heap book 😀 ) and saw the books with the new cover, so I picked it up and flicked through it and realised they don’t have Mark Zug’s pictures. What???

    • Angie Sage

      I know, it is sad. But they thought the illustrations did not go with the cover. 😦

  304. Lyza

    hey, it´s me..again..
    I have a some questions…again 😀 so lets go 🙂
    1. Which resolutions would Marcia, Marcellus, Silas, Septimus & Co have for the new year?
    2. Which weaknesses/fears do they have? Of course Septimus is afraid of heights but what about the others?
    3. What were Marcias happiest moments?

    Thaaanks, Grüße aus Deutschland, greetings from germany!!

    • Angie Sage

      HI Lyza,
      I don’t think Silas bothers with resolutions of any kind! And as for the others, well, I suspect Marcia wants to make the Wizard Tower to be more efficient and Septimus is going to try to work harder. And ask Rose out to the theatre.
      And the weaknesses? I don’t think Marcia or Marcellus would admit to any. Both Silas and Sarah will admit to being very untidy, if pushed. Although Sarah says it is creative and helps her think.
      I think Marcia’s happiest moments were probably when Alther took her on as his Apprentice. In fact, her whole time with Alther was very happy. Until the end.
      Thank you – and greetings from England!

  305. legion fetters

    hello angie,

    i am a young writer and i absolutely LOVE the septimus heap series.

    so far my drafts are good but nothing compared to your work.

    so i wanted to know if you have any tips for writing a good book.

    from a writer in need,

    Legion X F

    • Angie Sage

      Well, if your drafts are good, then that is a great beginning. I don’t really have any tips, apart from stick with it and hope that your idea works for you. Also be true to your characters, walk with them through the story and let them call the shots, not you.
      For me, I had to wait to get older (ancient even) to write anything that actually worked. That doesn’t apply to everyone, but a lot of writers are much better with age. So don’t worry, just keep writing and see what happens.

  306. Bewarethenixie

    Hi Angie!
    I just reread Physik and Queste (for the third time!) and a question just popped up.
    In the house of Foryx, if someone comes to the door and you walk out, you end up in their time. But say that two people from two different times came to the door at the same time, what would happen then? Would the door sort of split in two and allow anyone who is leaving to have a choice, or would time get messed up?

    Also I was just wondering, do you ever get really confused about some people’s ideas for character relationships? Not trying to offend anyone but things like Marcia/Marcellus pairings just make me shake my head and groan.

    • Angie Sage

      Only one person can come to the door at the same time. If someone is already there in another time, the door will not open. That is why sometimes you have to wait for a while, while the doorkeeper deals with an ancient Roman or someone just back from Mars.
      I do love that people get involved with the characters’ relationships. And yes, some make me go ‘eew’ but it’s still interesting! I totally agree, Marcia and Marcellus would be an absolute nightmare.

  307. Mr. DomDaniel

    I am letting (or kind of making) my friend read Magyk and he loves it. I just wanted to let you know I’m spreading the magyk.

    • Angie Sage

      Thank you , Mr DD! Keep spreading the Magyk and we’ll get everyone reading Septimus!

  308. Beatrice S.

    Hey Angie 🙂
    I once asked you if Jenna’s mum had a name picked out for her before the events in Magyk and you said she had, will we ever know that name??
    Thank you! 😀

    • Angie Sage

      Jenna’s mother was going to call her after her grandmother and great grandmother. I have a weird feeling that they were both called Mathilda but the names were spelled differently. Jenna had a lucky escape!

  309. Manuscriptorium gal

    dear Hannah Sandham,
    i would like to possiably check out your book you made since i love to read.I am happy for you that you took the responsibility to go and make and revise your book.Please tell me when it comes and what it is about,have a good day,
    from Manuscriptorium gal 🙂

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Hannah,
      I think you have a fan letter here! The first of many?

  310. Mr. DomDaniel

    On IMDB (Internet Movie Data Base) they said Septimus Heap: Magyk will be animated, is this true? If so, I hope they change their minds.

  311. Mr. DomDaniel

    Sorry, I didn’t finish my thought. I meant to say that Merrin should be in Tod Hunter Moon.

  312. Mr. DomDaniel

    Do you know anything new about the movie? I am a HUGE fan and love your books. Also, You should bring back Merrin Meredith(a.k.a. Daniel Hunter) (a.k.a Septimus heap). He is cool.

    • Angie Sage

      Hello DD,
      no, no news about the movie, we just have to keep getting Septimus out there and hope that Warners get back into it again.
      I shall have to see about Merrin in THM. He’s not in there yet but he always does get into things sooner or later.

  313. Hello, Angie Sage! I’m your biggest fan! I just can’t stop reading your books. I have read Magyk 3 times already!!! I am re-reading Flyte right now. I finally got enough courage to get on this website and comment. I just love reading your books with all of my heart.
    Here is my question:
    When is the movie for Septimus Heap coming out, if it is? ~Your #1 fan

    • Angie Sage

      Thank you, Silver Wolf!
      The movie has gone very quiet. It does not have what they call the green light yet and it’s not looking hopeful at the moment, although who knows what may happen in the future? I actually think Sep&co would make a great TV series….
      Keep reading and spreading the word – and welcome to the fansite too!

  314. jennanna

    Hi Mrs Sage
    i love you books!!!<3
    sunny greates

  315. Madelynne

    Hey Angie,
    I can’t wait for The Darke Toad and Fyre! Not too long now! Just a couple questions 😀
    I think I read somewhere on here that the “Trod Before” rule worked for animals as well. Like you could you (being a ghost) could only ride your ghostly horse where you had ridden it before. Then I had a weird thought, does the rule apply to boats? Say, ghost ships?
    I’m big on music and I play piano, so I was wondering if you could tell me a bit about the music in Sep’s world. What types of music do they listen to? Do they have any weird and wacky instruments or just like we’ve got? Do any of the characters play an instrument? Does anyone wish they did?
    Was there something in particular in the I, Marcellus that was the cause of it being locked in the Sealed Shelf, or was it just because it was associated with Achemie?
    What happened at Doom Dump that was the cause of Marcia having to Fumigate and Lock it? Or is that one of those questions that will be answered in Fyre?
    That’s probably enough from me. Sorry about that… But my friend had a couple questions and she asked to use my account to ask them. So here they are 🙂 Thank you so much for being amazing.
    Hey Angie! I was wondering if you have ever taken inspiration from or used an idea from a fan. Also, are there any couples that the fans enjoy and, whilst not being in the series (so far), you think could be cute together, if not for boundaries? For instance, do you believe Marcia and Septimus would make a good couple were they in an alternate universe, being the same age? Etc.

    • Hello Madelynne,
      Yes, the Trod Before rule does apply to ships. It’s strange with the music in Sep’s world, I know I haven’t written about it, because for some time I couldn’t imagine it. Their instruments are similar and they like stringed and wind instruments the best, I think. I imagine the sound to be a little odd to our ears. I must give it more thought…. thank you!
      The I,Marcellus as locked away because it was to do with Alchemie. As you will see in Fyre it was lucky to have survived at all.
      We don’t go back to DoomDump in Fyre, but it was just a routine Fumigation. One of the boring tasks the EOW has to do. A lot of people mess with magyk in the Castle and it does go wrong from time to time.
      And to your friend…
      Well, I don’t know if I have used any ideas from fans or not. It is hard to say as the ideas come to me when I write and I don;t work them out before. But who knows what influences make their way into the books?
      I don’t think Marcia and Sep, boundaries or no, would be good together. I just can’t get my head around the teacher/pupil thing. But Wolf Boy and Sam, they’d be good.

  316. I want to ask questions:

    1. I wanted to know what did the very first Queen do, so that the first inhabitants of the castle made her their Queen. I am just wondering because the Queen has arrived in the Castle as stranger together with her three tiny daughters. Why they made her Queen?

    2. So there is the queen and she has three tiny daughters. Who among them would be the next Queen? I mean, what is the rule?

    3. What if the next Queen has no daughter but a son. Would there be a King?

    4. What if the the Queen cant bear a child? Who would be the next in throne?

    5. Is Marcellus Pye addressed as a Prince?

    I want to say something.

    Sorry for my bad English.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Allan,
      1. The queen was dressed and behaved how people in the Castle imagined a Queen would. They liked her and through it would make them a bit more special than the Port, which did not have a Queen.
      2. Usually it is the oldest daughter who becomes queen. She gets first refusal, anyway. If she doesn’t want to then the next oldest one is asked and so on.
      3 & 4. No, there would not be a King. The Castle people were very definite about this. If the son of the Queen has a daughter then the daughter will become Queen. Otherwise they will find a cousin. This has happened a few times, but not many.
      5. No, Marcellus is not addressed as Prince. Prince and King are not words used around the Castle. Marcellus is quite happy with being called Alchemist. He has been called many worse things in his long life…

      Your English is very good!

  317. I want to congratulate you for your wonderful books

  318. Sami

    Wait, you don’t have to answer that other question-I figured it out. But I did think of another one. In Darke, how did Simon know how to get through the safety sheild? And why didn’t Marcia use that same way to get out?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Sami,

      Simon knows a lot of stuff. He spent a lot of time talking to the ghastly DomDaniel.
      Marcia did not want to leave the WT. She knew that if she did it would be weakened even further. And the effect of an EOW going through a Shield is much more disruptive than an ordinary person.

  319. Hannah Sandham

    Hi Angie,
    I have some news! I finished writing a book! So, currently, I’m rewriting it and adding more bits to it and taking some stuff out that isn’t really needed etc.
    I have a whole plan written out.
    I have a note book and in which, I have written character profiles on the important characters (or not so important, but not completely minor characters) that will appear in the books (I’m hoping for it to be a trilogy)
    After I have rewritten the first, I hope to start the second, which I have already planned out in detail, and then the third. I also have plans to write some short stories linking to the series as I wanted to explore some of the characters backgrounds but they don’t really fit in with the story themselves.
    So my question to you is, how long did it take before you got published? Also how? I am still at school, and due to go to University in September so I don’t know if that will be held against me.
    Hannah x.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Hannah,

      Congratulations on finishing your book – that is a huge achievement!

      I got published very slowly! First I illustrated books, then I began to write for very young children and then for older ones … It took a long time for me to get good enough to write something as complicated as Septimus Heap, also I had to earn my living as an illustrator so could not spend a whole lot of time writing. So I learned the slow way. Some people are much quicker at it than I was!

      Being young will not be held against you – it will be a positive advantage. But what you write has to be good! That holds for whatever age you are. The important thing is your work, not your age. So if you are really sure about what you have written, I recommend showing it to someone and seeing what they think. Try to get LOTS of honest feedback. If its not all great don’t be discouraged, Ask what works and what doesn’t. And listen to what people say, they are your readers. If you have confidence in what yo have done, then get hold of the Writers and Artists Yearbook and think about finding an agent.

      Good luck!

  320. paperclip123

    Hi Angie (Again)!
    I forgot to put something on the post ^up there^
    Willl Sep and Syrah be together? Oh, and Jen and Beetle? ‘Cos any Sep/Syrah (LIKE ME!!!!!) or Jen/Beetle shippers (LIKE ME!!!!!!!) would be really disappointed if they didn’t end up together.
    And what do you think of people who think Jenna and Septimus should be together? I always thought it was more of a brother and sister thing… but you never know (actually, you do know because you’ve written the books. It’s us fans who don’t know.)

    • Angie Sage

      Hey paperclip,

      You will have to wait and see!
      I don;t necessarily know who will end up together as the way I write is to see what feels right at the time. So sometimes I can plan something but then it doesn’t feel ok, so it doesn’t happen. A bit like Sep and Syrah, actually…

  321. paperclip123

    Hi Angie!
    I noticed that while I was rereading Syren, when 409 and Lucy ( I love her, she’s an epic character) first saw Miarr’s rescue thing (not a boat, I don’t think, as it went under water… a submarine?) they mentioned that it looked like “those things people used to fly to the moon in” (or something along those lines). Then Lucy tells 409 that they’re just stories. So, I’m confused. In relation to us, what Time are they in? Or are they on a whole different planet? Or what?

    • Angie Sage

      Hey, paperclip – wait until Fyre! Not long now…
      I emailed about The Darke Toad yesterday to ask. I will let you know when I hear back.

  322. Septimus Heap Forever

    Hi Angie,
    I love Sep.
    But is it true that the movie was cancelled?

    • Angie Sage

      It’s not cancelled, but nothing is happening. I guess you could say it is in limbo at the moment.
      So pleased you love Sep!

  323. Dia

    When is Fyre releasing in India? i can’t wait!!!!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Dia,

      I don’t know for sure, but I hope it won’t take too long. If it is the English language version it should come out in April. But translations can take a while….

  324. Manuscriptorium gal

    Have you heard anything on the Magyk movie? Here is a totally random question but iwill ask it anyway,what is you favorite noun and adjective(word itself)? Well hope you have a fabulous day.

    • Angie Sage

      Which is what we have to hope for with the movie. Nothing is happening at the moment. It has all gone deathly quiet on that front. And that is all I know….

  325. Nami

    Why is Milo Banda such a horrible father? it seems like he loves Jenna when he is around her but he never bothers to stay in the Castle long enough to get to know her. I feel so awful for her and don’t think she is too hard on him at all. If I were him, I would have been around all of the time after I found out she was alive but instead, he goes out and hunts treasure and seems to put her second all of the time. I love nearly all of your characters but he is the one I don’t like merely because of his relationship with Jenna. I would be so hurt if my dad never bothered to spend time with me. Jenna is such a nice person. She must feel bad, like she is not enough to make him stay in the Castle. It makes me sad.

    • Angie Sage

      Milo is confused. He came back to find Jenna established in another family – adopted by them – and while the Heaps tried to make him welcome, he knew they wished him further. Milo does want what is best for jenna, and he felt the best thing to do was not interfere in her life with the Heaps too much. I think Milo’s problem is more his gung-ho manner than anything else. He takes care not to appear as sensitive as he actually is. You will understand more about him after reading Fyre. I hope!

  326. marcilas125

    Hi! I just wanted to say… I really loved the interactions between Marcia and Silas in the first book, and I often write about them together. Not romantically, but just like good friends. They didn’t really have much interaction after Magyk, though. 😦 If you ever write a book about Marcia’s early years, I would LOVE to see when they met, and them fighting over being Alther’s Apprentice and stuff. That would be so great!

    PS… I love love love your books and I can’t wait for Fyre! (Marcia and Beetle are my favourites)

    • Angie Sage

      Yes, Silas and Marcia have not met much in the later books. It’s tricky, with so many characters, to give them all their due sometimes. But they do have a bit of a contretemps in Fyre.
      I would certainly have Silas and Marcia meeting in the Marcia story. Oh, I just need TIME to write it. 🙂

  327. Vanessa

    How did Marcia know Milo before he married the queen? She must have met him somehow if she fell in love with him. Were they friends?

    • Angie Sage

      Queen Cerys fell for Milo and asked him to dinner at the Palace. Queens can do that…
      Milo had already taken Marcia out a few times, but Marcia always seemed so busy with her Apprenticeship, that Milo did not think she was really interested. So he accepted Cerys’ invitation more to make Marcia jealous than anything else. When Marcia heard about it she stopped speaking to Milo and so that was that. She expected him to try again but he never did. Until much, much later….

  328. Fanny

    Hi Angie!
    I have to start by saying that I think you have to publish Fyre and The Dark Toad right now, because I can’t wait any longer! And while you’re at it, finish the TodHunter Moon quickly too because I want to read them as well!!

    I also have to say that it is GREAT that you have Ask Angie, more authors should have things like this.

    As you might have figured out by now, I’m a HUGE fan of you and your books (particularly Marcia, hehe).
    Do you know how long it’s going to take for TodHunter Moon to come out after Fyre? Please say it won’t be to long!

    -Fanny 🙂

    • Angie Sage

      HI Fanny,

      well, I guess you have read The Darke Toad by now? And not so much longer to wait for Fyre either. It’s so great you love the books so much. I love the Septimus world too and can’t quite believe how it keeps on growing.

      It does take a long-ish time to write though as it’s complicated and also I really take care to get the writing as good as I can. TodHunter Moon is on track so far and will be published a year after Fyre. I so wish I could write quicker but … well … that’s how long it takes. I hope it is worth the wait!

      Thanks for your lovely comments! 🙂

  329. Antonia

    I have a question, why is it that in the first book, Zelda and Alther hadn’t met eachother, and in the third book, Alther and Zelda had done quite a bit of searching together for the looking glass, way before the first book was set. Also, when Silas is in the woods, waiting for morwena, the witch mother, you tell the back story of Morwena and Silas, and you say that young morwena was the easiest meal of the wolverines since the last young army night exercise, yet back when Simon was a baby, the young army did not exist. Thanks!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Antonia,

      Yes, the alther/zelda thing was a slip-up and is corrected in later editions…
      And there was a Young Army earlier, although a small one. DD was operating from the Observatory and was getting the YA together for some time.

      You have a great eye for this – I think I need you as my proof reader…

  330. Jamie

    Hi Angie
    Just a couple of quick questions. When will the Dark Toad be coming out, I believe you said feb but can’t exactly remember when and when it does come out will you be sending us a message that contains a link to the place where we can download it
    Hope to hear from you soon or better still see you

    • Angie Sage

      Hello jamie – yes, see Angie’s Blog, which I expect you already have! Hope you enjoyed the Toad too.

  331. Victoria vR

    I Abselutely love your books, and I preordered Fyre yesterday, amazon said i would get it April 16. I’m super excited. I have for many years wanted to become an author, and though my favorite topic is magic, I sort of feel that you and JK Rowling have covered it all! The Septimus Heap Series has all the perfect aspects in it, Magic, and Princesses.:)
    I just want to thank you, with all my heart for giving me such great books to basically grow up with. And, one day i hope to take my future kids to a Septimus Heap Theame Park! I’m sorry that I don’t have a real question…;)

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Victoria,

      Thank you so much! Oh, wouldn’t it be great to have a Sep Heap Theme Park – basically it would be the Castle, you’d get there over the drawbridge having paid a grumpy Gringe your silver penny and then – wow- there you are! Of course the Wizard Tower would be star attraction. (I would LOVE to go up the spiral stairs at the WT). So many great things you could have … and you’d link the Castle with a few ancient Ways leading to the Port, and the Observatory and possibly Syren too. See – it’s all planned!

      But Theme Park or not, what I really want is for people like you to pass Septimus onto their kids too so that the Septimus world becomes part of growing up. That would be amazing…

  332. Egg

    Zombie, you really lost your brains, didn’t you?

  333. Zombie

    Why are so many people talking about Septimus + Jenna or Marcia + Marcellus. Can’t you come up with something better?? Why does nobody talk about Septimus + Marcia…? I mean, that’s a possibility too, right? Why would Marcia be so irritated every time Septimus goes to Marcellus? Ever thought about that???

    No, just kiddin’.

  334. Kelsey

    Hello Angie, I’m a big fan, with a couple questions,
    1. How or what gave you the idea to create Merrin’s character?
    2. Dose Merrin happen to apper in the last book, and if he dose, dose he change his way a little bit?
    3. What dose it take to write an awesome story like you?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Kelsey.

      1. I don’t know where Merrin came from. He, like all the Septimus characters, just kind of grew. It is odd, really…
      2. Yes, he does appear in Fyre and he does learn a few things. Possibly…
      3. Well thank you! I’ve been lucky to stumble across a world that I love to write about. But the writing only happens when I sit down with my laptop. I often try to think about ideas, but it doesn’t seem to work like that…

  335. PurplePython

    I was just wondering, how can Marcia have a Chinese rug and things like that when they live in an alternate universe?

    • Angie Sage

      Hello purple python,

      Ah well, you will have to read Fyre, then all will be explained… 😉

  336. Sabercheck

    Hi angie,

    Many of us, friends and not, were hoping in sep jen relationship, you did a reaaaaaaaaally good job writing this book we loved it since the first few pages….BUT I already know that you are going to make jenna and up with beetle. It makes me feel bad, you used the sentence (They do care a lot for each other but the more time they spend together, the more they feel like siblings) about sep and jen, and than I understood what you were going to do, it’s a pity, that would have been a good occasion to show how many colors love can assume no matter the family relationship. so, my question is…….what I just said, is true ? and, do you think love between sep and jen would be wrong ?

    sorry for the errors but I’m italian

    • Angie Sage


      oh, this is such a difficult one. I promise that I don’t decide on the characters’ relationships in advance at all, I really do just let them grow. And yes, at first I did think that maybe there would be romance between Jenna and Septimus, but as they grew older it felt as though things were changing.
      Love between the two of them would not be wrong, not really, but it began to feel wrong and that was the important thing – and then, because they shared the same parents they both began to behave differently towards each other.
      Let’s see where they go. My problem with this is that because these books have to be ok for 9 year olds to read there are some things I can’t write about. I guess we need a separate series for older readers now!
      You write good English! I wish my Italian was as good…

  337. Beatrice

    Hi Angie. I am your bigest fan

  338. Anastasia

    I was wondering , if Merrin wouldn’t have gotten his job at the Scriptorium , where would he work ?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Anastasia,
      I think he would have liked to have worked at Ma Custard’s, but he’d have eaten all the stock. I don’t know who would have employed him, really. Not many people were as credulous as Jillie Djinn.

  339. Sami

    Hi Angie,

    You said somewhere before that Marcia likes someone but you didn’t say who. Could you please give a small hint or something because it is driving me crazy! Thank you:)
    P.S. I am a huge fan of Septimus Heap!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Sami,

      I wonder if you will approve? He was once married to someone who died in Magyk…

  340. Chris B.

    what is the full story behind snorri`s and nicko`s adventure to the house of foryx. Sorry for being so matter of factly I have wondered this since my last 7 reads of Queste very badly. I also wonder what happened to the ice tunnels during the darke domaine were they filled with the darke fog or were they fine. and why did beetle not open the ice hatch for air? please answer, I live in the U.S.
    P.S: can I have your auto graph?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Chris,

      another separate book asking to be written, I think…
      They both had trouble there and the big problem was not knowing how long they had been there/how long there were going to stay there and if they would ever get home again. It wasn’t nice.
      The Ice Tunnels remained Sealed, but Beetle was not able to open the hatch as he too had Sealed the Hermetic Chamber. The Seal would have been broken if he had done that.
      If you write to
      Angie Sage author Mail
      10 E53rd Street
      New York
      NY 10022-5002
      They will forward your letter to me & I can send you an autograph! But it may take a few months… Snail mail is well-named!

  341. Jerri

    I just finished my re-listen to Magyk in preparation for the new book and Darke Toad and am part way through Flyte. And as I followed Simon, I started to wonder about the change between the two books, part of which will be covered in The Darke Toad. So, a few guesses:

    The Port Witch Coven seem to recognize the tracker ball, at least some of them do. Simon also has aquired a darke cloak of his own and a horse and a nice cloak intended for Lucy.

    So, I am wondering how many of these items Simon may aquire during the upcoming eBook? (And I know you can’t tell us, it would destroy the suprise, so I was just making a guess that at least some of these items will figure in the short story.)

    I can hardly wait till April for Fyre.


    • Angie Sage

      Hi Jerri,
      I love that you’re doing your homework before the new books – I had to do that to, before I wrote Fyre.
      Simon doesn’t have much chance to get things in the Port that time, it is all a bit fraught, as you can imagine – most of the stuff he gets later. However, there is at least one on your list that he gets…

  342. daniel

    Hi Angie,
    I am a big fan and love your books. One of my school teachers introduced me to them and we have both read all the way to darke. I am really looking forward to fyre. Your books helped my friend to start reading more, he never really liked reading until he read your books. Thank You ,

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Daniel,

      I’m so pleased you love the books, and it’s really great that your school teacher introduced you to them too.

      Also its great about your friend, I don’t know why it is but I do know that Septimus gets a lot of people into reading. Thank you for telling me!

  343. Rosemary

    Will Fyre be published with one of the old covers, not only the one with the boy on front? I hope so because the old ones are nicer and all my Heap books are in that cover type. Thanks

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Rosemary,

      If you live in the USA, then all your books will be in the original covers. If you live in the UK, there will be an original cover for FYRE but not until nearer Christmas. I am sorry this is a bit complicated…

      But the inside will still be good!

  344. Jenna

    Hey Angie
    I love your books and I cant wait for Fyre.If you like reading as much as writing then i think you should read The Face On The Milk Carton.I am waiting for Fyre but you really should try the book.When are you starting try outs for chacters? I would loooooooovvvvveeeee to try for Jen she my fav chacter and when i go to michagin to visit my grandparents the town they live in reminds me of the castle and the long conecting houses remind me of the ramblings and the long stretch of marsh we drive by to get to the house remind me of the marram marshes and lake michigan reminds me of the port and and the huge house we drive by reminds me of the palace [ witch is the house i want when i become a billioner lawyer because i just cant stand it when bad people get away with things]. That is how much I love your books.

    sincerly your number one fan

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Jenna,

      I love the way so many places remind you of Septimus! It’s so great…

      I don’t know if the film if going ahead at the moment, I haven’t heard anything for nearly two years. So no try-outs at the moment, I am sorry to say!

      I agree with you about bad guys getting away with bad things – not good. So go for it and be a great lawyer! And I hope you get your house, too.

  345. StrawberryFox77

    Hi, Ms. Sage!

    My name is Lilian Anna-Rose and I live in the US, and I’m 23 and I hope you like reading as much as you say you do, because you’re in for a long one!

    I love your books, particularly the Septimus Heap series (obviously). I’m super excited for Fyre so I can read all about the ends to everyone’s stories. Ashamedly, though, I admit that I didn’t even want to read Magyk when my mom brought it home for me. I believe I was in the middle of reading something else, and I didn’t want to interrupt it. A few months later, I ran out of stuff to read, so I picked it back up and said, “What the heck, I’ll give it a shot.” Boy, am I glad I did! I have all the ebooks excluding the Darke Toad which I SO WANT. My favorite book so far is Physik. I gotta say, I am thoroughly creeped out by Queen Etheldredda. If that was your intention, you totally nailed it. I also love Physik because it introduces my absolute favorite character, Marcellus. I have such a total fangirl crush on him. He’s witty and sweet and going by the illustrations (of Young Marcellus, of course!) I think he’s just as handsome as the book claims, except that goofy hair style. I’m not at all surprised that so many people like Marcia, and I think she’s okay, but the one problem I have is that she seems very closed-minded about some things. Like a “My way or the highway” sort of attitude. Just my thoughts.

    Sadly, myself, I am not a writer. I’ve tried many times, but the written word is something that I just do not excel in, and I’m just fine with that. I admire those who do, however. I do have a few questions, they are completely random in nature, but I am a curious creature.

    1) I have always wondered what the names of Esmeralda’s two baby twin sisters are, the ones Etheldredda suffocated (also creepy). If they have names, that is.

    2) In the Land of the Long Nights, is Snorri really a boy’s name? In Physik, it says that Olaf left his Letters of Charter to his first child, whom he was convinced was a boy and that the baby was to be named Snorri. It sounds like a decidedly feminine name. What’s that all about?

    3) Is there any sort of bizarre left- or right-handedness among Wizards and the like? I’ve read in several places that left-handedness was associated with magic, so I was just wondering.

    4) I believe this has been asked, and I apologize if it has, but I don’t remember ever reading an answer, but… how exacty is Syrah’s surname pronounced? I’ve read it both “See-ara” and “Sai-ara” in my head and I’m not sure which is right.

    5) How old is Linda, Witch Mother in Training of the Port Witch Coven? Just curious.

    P.S. In honor of Aunt Zelda, I had adopted an all-black female Maine Coon cat and named her Zelda. And she’s HUGE. Seriously, she weighs like 15 pounds. I assume you are more familiar with the metric system, so in kilograms, I believe she weights just shy of 7.

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Lillian Anna-Rose,
      Thank you for your lovely comments! AM very glad you got creeped out by the horrid Etheldredda, she creeped me out too. And Marcellus, he’s odd as I was so sure he was a bad guy when I first met him and then he slowly changed. It was interesting. But I still think Marcellus has hidden depths. I think Marcia can be a little pig-headed at times, but I suspect that is a result of her job.

      1. The two princesses… I think they were called Eleanor and Elizabeth. Good queen names.
      2. Yes, Snorri is a boy’s name. Although I agree, it does sound feminine. I got the name from Snorri Sturluson, an Icelandic poet in the12th century.
      3. I don’t think so, although I did think for a while Marcia was left handed but when I re-read things it didn’t seem that way after all.
      4. I think of her name as Sai-ara.
      5. I have not been brave enough to ask Linda her age, but I think she is in her late twenties.

      Zelda sounds beautiful. We are all mixed up with our measuring systems here. I grew up with Imperial, ie pounds, ounces, gallons and then they started with metric. So I now think in centimetres for small sizes (like paper) but feet and inches for bigger (like height) and gallons for fuel, even though we buy it in litres. It is a minefield! But for weighing we also use stones too, so Zelda weighs one stone, one pound. I hope she doesn’t tread on your toes very often…

  346. Graeven Videz

    Hi, Ms Angie!
    I’m from the Philippines…
    Before I ask my question I just wanted to tell you: The Addiction for Magyk is spreading!
    Anyway, the question…
    ….When will they renew the stocks in the Philippines? When I went to the bookstore, They did have Queste, Magyk, and Darke…and that’s all there was. Even the other bookstores ONLY had these three. It’s not a complaint! 😀
    Sort of disappointed for the wait… February….?
    EXAMS! 😦
    Anyways, love your books…writing some myself!
    Happy New Year!

    • Angie Sage

      Hello! I love that Septimus is so popular in the Philipinnes – but sorry about the stocks. The bookstores can always order stock in so I guess it is best to do it that way.
      February for The Darke Toad (download only, unless you get the new editions of Magyk,) which is a short story that takes place between Magyk and Flyte.
      FYRE is in April, I have now been told.

  347. M. Blake

    No question – just wanted to share this with you.

    I am a grown woman of 46 with two children. I discovered the Septimus Heap series of books quite by accident when at the local library helping my 10-year-old son look for a book that would hold his interest. I looked at Magyk and thought it would be something he might enjoy reading. One evening when he was reading Magyk my son asked me to read along with him. I was hooked from that moment on. I have now read the first five books in the series and am anxious to begin reading Darke. My local library is rather small and only has one copy of Darke and I had to wait over three weeks for it to be returned. I only just picked it up today and can’t wait to get started reading it. I am anxiously awaiting the release of Fyre. I was super excited to see that Magyk is being made into a movie and thoroughly look forward to watching it with my kids. I was never able to really “get into” the Harry Potter book series, but I have definitely been able to do that with this series of books.

    Thank you so much Angie (Sage) for writing such a wonderful series. I feel these books are great for readers of all ages. It is a series the whole family can read, discuss, and enjoy together. My son is also enjoying reading the series at his own pace. It is wonderful to be able to share this magykal world with him. I hope to also introduce my daughter to this wonderful series of books. I am definitely a loyal fan.

    • Angie Sage

      Thank you so much – it’s just great to be told things like this! It’s not so long now until Fyre is out, and to tide you over there is the download edition of The Darke Toad, a short story that takes place between Magyk and Flyte.
      I am not really sure what is happening to the movie now. I’ve not had any news for nearly two years, so we will just have to cross our fingers about that one. And maybe do a little Marcia-style Magyk!

  348. Danah

    Wotcha Angie.
    Im so sad that this is your last book, I just can’t bare it. What am I going to do after I finish? You said you were going to make a new a new series, but I’m probably not going to read it. I don’t want to get too attached again. I wasn’t much of a reader before I read your books. Whenever I’m sad, I read your books and they always cheer me up. Honestly, I’m probably not goin to read again for a while after fyre. I always use to wonder how Harry Potter fans felt when the final movie was done, and now I know! I guess nothing really lasts forever. 😢

    • Angie Sage

      Oh Danah, that is so sad. Things change and grow and it would be horrid if they didn’t. And Septimus is always there. And he will be back in TodHunter Moon, all grown up but still the Sep we know and love. So I do hope you feel ok enough to give that a go too.

  349. Rahul

    Angie, great books, the wait for ‘Fyre’ is unbearable. What is your next project?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Rahul,
      Well, we are nearly there for FYRE…
      The next project is TodHunter Moon, a trilogy that takes place 7 years on from FYRE. There will be more Marcia, Septimus &co. It’s not over yet…

      • Rahul

        Wow Angie, I can’t believe you are going to continue writing about Marcia and Septimus, I am so glad to hear that, Wish you all the best for all the upcoming and never ending projects, and I must tell you that I am a great fan of your writing. TodHunter series, WOW!

  350. Morwenna

    Hi Angie!
    I have a couple questions about your two latest books, Syren and Darke.

    1. I’m a little confused about the layout of the ramblings. In the book, Beetle and Jenna visit the Gothyk Grotto in the ramblings, and then suddenly, they leave and are on Wizard Way. I’ve looked at the map a lot but I still don’t get it. Can you clarify?

    2. What does it mean to be a witch, exactly? When Jenna becomes a witch in Darke, does she change? Does she get special witch magic or something, and why is being a witch considered “bad” ?

    3. In Syren, when Wolf Boy completes the task, do the witches know that it is a test of bravery for new Keepers? Cutting off the tip of one of the Grim’s tentacles is a secret, but is the rest? And how did this tradition start?

    4. Lastly, at the end of Darke, Jillie Djinn dies. Right before it happens though, it says 12 Things were at the door, but then 13 scream when Marcia finishes the great undoing. Does this mean that she was InHabited by a thing and died with the rest? And has she been InHabited for a while? (Which would explain why she was acting so strange to Merrin)

    Thanks so much for answering my questions! I can’t wait for Fyre!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Morwenna,

      1. Gothyk Grotto is in the outside part of the Ramblings, the bit between Wizard Way and the actual enclosed space of the Ramblings. There is a long alleyway with a lot of turns that can get you there, but the map is quite general and not detailed enough to show everything. It took them a good ten minutes or so to get back to WW, I seem to remember.
      2. Jenna doesn’t become a proper witch in Darke – she just does the very first step – enough to fool a window. And she gets a cloak, too, which helps with the window. There is a whole load of stuff, to do with joining a coven and being loyal to them, which Jenna doesn’t even know about. Witch stuff is considered bad by Marcia & co because it does have alliances with Darker things and is not very scientific, unlike Magyk. Whether they are right to think that is another matter…
      3. The Witches know but don’t really care. They are very inward looking. It’s an old tradition and it is a test of bravery too. Also the tentacle is useful as a basis for various potions, though WB had to make do with the slime left in the pouch it was in.
      4. This is a tricky question, and frankly, without re-reading the chapter, I can’t answer it properly. There was a reason for the change in numbers and it wasn’t that she had been InHabited. The reason Jillie Djinn had been acting so strangely was the influence of Merrin and the seeping effect of all the Darke stuff he had brought with him. The Thing thing I will have to check up on…

  351. Joey

    Hi Angie,

    I was wondering if you were going to make a book about Marcia Overstrand. She is my favorite character and I am really interested by her.


    • Angie Sage

      Hi Joey,

      I do very much want to write about Marcia’s childhood but so far I justt have not had any time. I could do with a whole lot more hours in the day. But she is top of the list.

  352. Daisy

    I know in the books, you always tell us the characters’s height, hair color, and various other interesting descriptions, I was wondering if there is anything that you don’t describe. For example, How do you picture Sep, Jenna, and Marcia?. Are they just like Mark Zug’s drawings or do you picture them looking slightly different? If so, what is different about their appearances? I always wondered about this.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Daisy,

      I do pretty much picture them as Mark draws them. I think that is because I try to describe them really fully when we first meet them, but also because Mark is uncannily on the same wavelength. The only person that I see a little differently is Septimus, who I see as thinner and more angular. And Marcia is less vampish, more bookish. But basically, Mark gets them really well.

  353. Pat

    Why is Marcia deliberately rude to aunt zelda when zelda was nice enough to let Marcia stay in her house for months? Why is Marcia so threatened by things she doesn’t understand? (alchemie, witch magyk)

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Pat,

      that is just how she is. But Aunt Zelda can give as good as she gets and, believe me, can be fairly annoying herself sometimes. I don’t think Marcia is threatened by Alchemie and Witch Magyk, its just that she doesn’t agree with it.

  354. Hi Angie
    I was wondering why you add “literary references” such as: There and Back Again row in The Ramblings

    • Angie Sage

      Hi there,

      because it is fun – and also sometimes because I don’t realise I am doing it… Liek with there and back again row – it sounded right. I didn’t realise until later I had picked that one up from Tolkein. So it’s a kind of unintentional homage.

  355. Nele

    Hi Angie,

    First of all: Happy Holidays!!!
    My question is…
    Will there be a boxed set/collection of all seven Septimus Heap books (hardcover) after the last book is published?

    • Angie Sage

      Happy Hols to you too! I hope you had a lovely time.
      I think a box set would look wonderful and I do hope the publishers do one.

    Did anyone ever tell you that they were your number 1 fan?
    Cos they were lying… none of them are…. I AM! MWAHAHAHA!
    Anyway, enough of that. I’d like to ask you if you if you will ever come to Dubai in the UAE. We have a literature festival and loads of authors come and I was wondering if you ever would.
    My friend paperclip123 says: “Get off my WordPress account!! Wait, no! Tell Angie Sage that she’s so epic and I can’t wait for Fyre!!”

    • Angie Sage

      Hello! To paperclip 123 and her (or his) hijacker…
      Well, that’s so great you are such a BIG fan! I ‘d love to come to Dubai Lit Fest, but the way it works is that they have to ask me first! Then I’d say yes…
      Not long until FYRE now. And The Darke Toad too.

  357. Rosemary

    What book would you recommend to read for enjoyment and to improve my literature world? Thanks

    • Angie Sage

      OOh, another tough question!

      Well I guess it does depend on how old you are are, but you can’t go wrong with the classics. Try Persuasion or Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. Restoration by Rose Tremain. Moonfleet by JM Faulkener. Eagle of the Ninth by Rosemary Sutcliffe. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. Lord of the Rings (of course!)
      Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham (or any sci fi by him). 1984 by George Orwell.
      Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. Oh, there are sooooo many!

  358. jumpingbean130

    Hello, Angie.
    I’m writing a book that has a few scenes with a lot of action. No matter how hard I try, the parts with action and fighting don’t seem to sell it, if you know what I mean. They’re good, but not so good that you just have to keep reading and find out what happens or else you’ll die. Okay, maybe they shouldn’t be that good… I’ve tried adding more description and more action, but nothing seems to work. Could you give me some advice? Thank you in advance,

    • Angie Sage

      Hello jumping bean,

      ooh, tough question…
      I guess you need to make sure your reader can really visualise what is going on in the action scenes. So make sure they are in the middle of whatever is happening and that they are rooting for a particular character who they really care about.
      Bear in mind that you may not find it exciting, but your readers might. The thing is, you do know what is happening so nothing can surprise you, especially if you have written the scenes a few times already. Try testing it on someone who doesn’t know and see what they think.
      Good luck!

  359. Maya

    Hey Angie!
    Realy big fan and I just have one question/request – please please please let Syrah wake up in Fyre! I realy wanna see Sep react to seing her wake up. 🙂

  360. Kim

    My daughter found Magyk on a for sale shelf at our local library. I normaly pre-read any YA books that she is interested in. I must say that I loved it. My daughter, or course, has my approval to read it as well, and I can’t wait until she does so that we can discuss it together. I enjoyed it so much, that I will be reading the rest of the series soon. I love it when I can find books that I, myself, enjoy, but that are also appropriate for my children to read. Thank you! I was also happy to see that this may possibly be made into a movie. When I had finished Magyk, I told my husband that it would make a great movie; I notice now that I am not the only one who thought that. I hope it works out and that the movie people do your book/series justice. Congratulations on such a wonderful series!

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Kim,

      Thank you so much for getting in touch. I really do write for us grown-ups too, I too love the idea of a book that can be read by everyone.
      I do agree, Magyk would make a great movie ! Warner Brothers have bought the rights, but it has gone a bit quiet on that front for the past two years, so we are not sure what is happening right now. I do hope things come right for it in the end, though.
      SO glad you love Septimus! Hope you enjoy the rest just as much, I think they get better as they go along…

  361. rr_ac_as_lm

    Hello again!! At the moment, I am reading a series written in the early ninetys to about now ish, and it’s called the wheel of time. I’m not entirely sure when it’s set, but it is extremely good, and it’s a bit like the lord of the rings. Just wondering if you have read it? Also I have a lot of ideas for books, and I intend to write them, but if it takes about a year to write a book, then it will take me eight years, and I still have school, so it will take me way longer!! Do you have any tips?

    Merry Christmas!!

    • Angie Sage

      HI Lexi,

      the Wheel of Time sounds good – no, I haven’t read it, but then fantasy-wise I have only read Lord of the Rings and Gormenghast,

      I would leave writing until you have left school. It’s a full time job – and then some – and honestly I think it is better to have some fun and get to know the world a bit before you embark on something as utterly time-consuming as writing. Wait until you are much older! There’s no harm in jotting down notes and ideas and especially reading LOADS, but I would leave the hard work of writing a novel until later when you know more stuff and have refined your writing style. Right now, as Marcia would say, your job is to go to school, find out what interests you and to Have Fun!

  362. Emily Stringer

    I was wondering, could you tell me a bit more about the spiders of arum? I also want to wish you a merry Christmas!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Emily,
      All I know about the spiders of Aurum is that they spin the finest, purest (and softest) gold. They can be found on a remote tropical island and I believe there is an old Way going there. But that’s all I know.

  363. Jamie

    Hi Angie
    There is something I’ve be wondering. When people die they have to stay in the same place of death for a year and a day, what happens if they move from that spot?

    Also once people are ghosts they can only go to places where they have already been or they get thrown back, why is that?

    • Angie Sage

      HI Jamie,

      these are just the Rules of Ghosthood, I don’t know who made them or why. That is just how it is…
      So yes, the ghost has to stay in the same place for a year and a day and then it is free to move around. And yes, ghosts do get Returned if they try to go somewhere they have never been before. It’s tough, but there you go.

  364. Jamie

    I read the Biography of J K Rowling and it says when she was very young she used to write stories then read them to her sister. They were stories about Rabbits.

    Did you ever write stories when you were very young? If you did what were they about but if you didn’t what would they have been about

    • Angie Sage

      I didn’t write stories down but I did make up a lot of stories in my head – and then draw pictures of them. They were about knights and castles, stuff like that. Also about space travel too.

  365. Magykfan

    Hi Angie,
    No questions, just want to wish you a very merry christmas and I can hardly wait for Fyre in Canada! 🙂

  366. Lena Kaltenbrunner

    Hello Angie!
    I’m from Austria and I love the Septimus Heap books. I’d love to have the Dragon ring…….looks so magical

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Lena,

      I’m so glad you love the Sep heap books! Yes, the dragon ring is beautiful, I’d like one too!
      Happy Christmas!

  367. Alex Howe

    HI Angie, I have written to you several times as a child, and now I am 13 (Almost the same age as Septimus and Jenna)! I don’t know if you remember me, but I absolutely can’t wait for Fyre, the next book.

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Alex,

      yes, I remember you! You are catching up with Sep and jenna fast…
      It won’t be too long until Fyre now. And The Darke Toad in February too.
      Happy Christmas!

  368. sydney

    hi I love the series I’m reading book 4 and love it and all the others too.
    Im so happy that my friend gave me Magyk for my birthday. I loved it so much that I gave it to some for their b-day too it is a great series. also I wrote a story and I have 2 characters named Nicko and Jenna that are best friend because of your terrific books. bye

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Sydney,

      Thank you so much for telling me! I’m so pleased you are enjoying Septimus and that you passed it on to someone else, that’s how the word about septimus gets spread around – brilliant! Keep up the good work – and good luck with your story too.
      Happy Christmas!

  369. Marina

    I can’t just believe all this imaginative and creative book comes from you!! I would like to create a book myself but I don’t enough imagination to write a new book… Can you please give some recommendations of how create a book? Please, take your time to reply, it is not really important.

    • Angie Sage

      Hell Marina,

      thank you for your lovely comments.
      Writing… Well, all I can say is that when I was younger I couldn’t do this. I had to be much older and to have tried to write so many things that didn’t work first. Of course not everyone has to go through all that, some people write wonderful things when they are young, but what I mean to say is, if you are young and you are having trouble, don’t give up. Sometimes you just have to wait to grow up.
      How do I write? Well, I don’t get any ideas that work unless I am actually in the story, writing it. I can think of all kinds of stuff beforehand, but until I am sitting with my laptop and all the guys in Sep Heap world, nothing works out properly.
      I do create ideas by travelling with my characters, I allow them to dictate pretty much everything that happens. I do feel that to write a book that rings true, characters must come first. If plot comes first then your characters run the risk of being reduced to mere automatons doing what you have planned for them to do. So sit back and trust them to work it out for themselves.
      I hope that is some help – there are no hard and fast rules to writing. It is a craft and you do have to learn how it works. And I would say the best way to start off doing that is to actually read a whole pile of really well-written books.
      Good luck with it all and Happy Christmas!

      • Marina

        Merry Christmas, Angie!

        Thank you so much for your recommendations, they gave me a lot of courage to plan my book… but there is another difficulty to make the book. I don’t know how to call the book, because I’m always thinking of a creative title to make the book interesting to people. I love writing stories in English but my English must improve a lot so I read your books because I like the kind of stories you make, the description of characters… it makes it come alive and I can I imagine it.


  370. cheeeky

    Hey Angie!
    Snorri is my fave character probably because she is northern (i’m from finland) and she has a cat (i’m a cat person) so I feel like I really connect to her. Can you say is she from Norway or Sweden?
    Also how old is she? I looked all over the internet and I can’t find it also I don’t have physik 😦
    Can’t wait for Fyre and the movie!

    • Angie Sage

      Hello cheeeky,

      In Sep Heap world the countries are different. But yes, Snorri is from northern scandinavia.
      Snorri is a few months older than Nicko, I think.
      Not long to wait for Fyre now, but maybe longer for the movie, I am afraid to say. We haven’t heard anything about that for some time now.

      Happy Christmas!

  371. Mirella Louisa

    Hi Angie
    I’m from Germany and I’m really excited for the “last” Septimus book.It’ll be published in spring 2013,won’t it.So I have to wait until semptember or so o.O Can’t wait,really.
    After I asked two questions on twitter…I’ll do it here.
    1. What do u mean with Marcellus/Marcia?I read your other “Ask Angie” Blogs and one time I saw an entry in which you say,you don’t like that pairing…but now you say you shipp them?I love both charakters,especially Marcia,but I thought she had a crush on Milo…now I’m confused.(I wrote a lot of Marcia/Milo FanFictions,since I read this information xD)

    2.How does the Echnaton Amulet work?Do the wearer feel the energy?

    3.What do you think about fanfictions?There are so many different couples which are very…ehm…strange(For example Marcia/Septimus.I think it’s like that Bellatrix/Draco stuff in the Harry Potter Fandom.)
    Of course there are a lot of good stories,but do you like such Fanworks?
    Have you ever read one?

    And I’m really sorry for mistakes,my english is that not good,as it should be.

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Mirella,
      1. Fyre has already gone off to be translated into German, hooray!
      Marcia does have a crush on Milo, but i don’t think she and Marcellus would be good together as a couple. However it may be that they could get a reasonable working relationship going. There will be a lot about that in Fyre. So if you are doing Marcia/Milo fan fiction you are still fine with that.
      2. The amulet kind of provides a key for unlocking a lot of Magyk. It works particularly in the Wizard Tower but provides extra strength outside the WT too.
      3. Fan Fiction – I am honoured that people feel so much part of the Septimus world that they want to write their own versions. I don’t read it because that would be weird for me. I think it would be odd to read other people’s versions of characters I know so well. And I do want to keep all my ideas fresh and to know that they are mine and I didn’t get them from anywhere else! But fan fiction is totally fine by me.
      Your English is good and I understood fine!
      Happy Christmas!

  372. Zoe

    hi Angie,
    i was wondering if we see aunt zelda in fyre.
    I was also wondering if Nicko and snorri get together.
    do pronounce nicko nick-o or nee-ko

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Zoe,

      We do see Aunt Zelda in Fyre – I hope we see everyone who has been an important part of the series. And for Nicko and Snorri you will have to wait for TodHunter Moon – more about them in there!
      I say Nick-o.
      Happy Christmas!

  373. Lyza

    Hey, it´s me again,
    I spent s whole midmorning to read a couple of the questions and the repsones here. Uff, I think I learned a lot about the Septimus Heap Series. (Series? Is that right? I mean the books.. I´m too lazy to look it up now..) Particularly, about Marcia. I just love her! She´s a kind of withdrawn person but she has a big heart. It´s not very usal that Books have a character who is so adoreable. Congratulations for that! And you can withdraw question 1 and maybe 4,too. Instead of question number 3:

    3) Will Marcia ever meet her parents again? I mean as ghosts… I hope so 😦

    4) I read that harpercollins don´t like the idea of the book about Marcia, is that right? 😮

    5) Emily Blunt would be a great Marcia, or Maybe Rachel Mcadams in “Red eye”, but is there any actor who would be a great Septimus? Just a bit wishful thinking..

    So, that´s all. I´m soo sorry for asking so many questions and waste your time, but it bothers me all the time!

    Thank you for being author! Merry Christmas

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Lyza,

      I hope Marcia will meet her parents’ ghosts one day. It is on my wish list, but we will have to see how things work out for her in TodHunter Moon.
      It’s not that they don’t like the idea, just that it doesn’t fit in with how they want to publish the series. But that doesn’t mean that there won’t be a book. I am thinking very seriously of doing that one myself.
      Oh movie wishful thinking… hey ho. Well, I think an unknown actor would probably be best of all. Someone that just IS Sep. Let’s all hope maybe someday we get that!
      Lovely questions, thank you – have a great Christmas!

  374. zizzie

    hi Angie you are my faveorite author in the whole world !
    i really want marcia to be happy and marry milo because some people eg: Jenna can be a bit snnapy at her and i think that it is fair. also i think marcia sometimes is an elf (the type in lord of the rings) plllllleeeeeeaaaaaaaaaasssssseee answer me
    Bye bye

    • Angie Sage

      Hello zizzie,

      Thank you!
      Well, you and I want the same things for Marcia. You will get some clues in Fyre about how things will be and then there will be a lot more in TodHunter Moon.
      Jenna is indeed a bit snappy with her, but she will mellow later.
      I like the idea of Marcia being an elf. I shall have to re-read Lord of the Rings!
      Happy Christmas!

  375. Ailsa-Holly

    Hi Angie!
    I learnt about Septimus Heap from my english teacher, I really love the idea of Jenna!
    I just wanted to know if Jenna and Beetle would ever get together? Does Jenna return his feelings for her?
    Um, and what day is Midwinter Feast Day?
    Thanks, and Merry Christmas!
    Holly-Ailsa, Highlands, Scotland

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Holly-Alisa,

      That’s so great your English Teacher recommended Sep to you. Jenna and Beetle – well there is more about them in Fyre and in TodHunter Moon, if that is not giving too much away.

      MidWinter Feast Day is 25th December!

      have a wonderful Christmas in the Highlands – hope you get some nice snow too. Down here in Somerset we only have rain (and rain and rain) so far, so send a snow spell our way.
      Merry Christmas!

  376. Bewarethenixie

    Hi Angie,
    Is the Boggart going to make an appearance in Fyre?

    • Angie Sage

      Briefly – as long as there aren’t any nixies around.
      Happy Christmas!

  377. Lyza

    I´ve been wandering round this page because I wanted to ask some questions. I´m not sure if this is the right place, but altough I´m going to ask my questions here 🙂

    Marcia is my favourite caracter, and I´m sure that you´ve heard this questions many times but I couldn´t find the respones, so I hope that you´re gonna answer this questions again 🙂

    1. How old is Marcia?

    2. I know that Marcia and Marcellus won´t have a relationship, but aren´t there any other feelings apart of contempt? What does Marcellus think about her?

    3. What about the relationship between her and her parents? Do they actually have any contact? If they haven´t does Marcia miss them?

    4. Has anything happened to Marcia, so she´s afraid of human propinquity?

    5. Are there any persons she puts stock in apart of Septimus, Alther and Silas?

    I would be very happy to get your answers 🙂 Thanks beforehand and sorry for my bad english but I´m German 🙂 Good Luck because of Fyre, I´m looking forward to read it!

    Lots of Love,

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Lyza,

      I am working backwards!
      !. Marcia is in her late 30s. About 38 I think. One day I am going to have to work this out properly.
      2. Marcellus and Marcia do respect each other and actually are rather similar too, but there is a deep mistrust of each other’s job on both sides. You will find out why in Fyre. Also from Marcia’s point of view, she still cannot quite forgive Marcellus for taking Septimus away from her (in Physik). Which you can understand. However I hope all this is healed in Fyre.
      3. I guess you have now found out they are dead…
      4. Marcia has had a few things happen, mainly with loving someone who married someone else. And losing her parents too. But as I haven;t written her story yet I don;t know everything about her. She still has secrets from me!
      5. Marcia respects Beetle very much. And Alice Nettles (as you will see in the Darke Toad, which will be translated into German!). She also respects Rose, the new Apprentice, and is coming around to Simon too.
      She isn’t quite as judgemental as she appears to be…
      Fröhliche Weihnachten!

  378. wannabeseptimus/Mark

    i am so excited for fyre i’ve read the other six like literally 4 times, i enjoy the humor and creativity you put into these books! can’t wait to see how the movie goes aswell. keep up the good work Angie Sage!!!

    • Angie Sage

      Thank you Mark – I’m so pleased you like Sep so much!

      I think we need a few movie spells to get things moving again…
      Happy Christmas!

  379. BillieJ

    Just one more- what exactly are The Darke Toad and Tod Hunter Moon? I’m a little confused at the moment…

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Billie J

      The Darke Toad is a short story that takes place in the interval between Magyk and Flyte. I was asked to write it to fill in the long time you have all had to wait to read Fyre. It will be available as a download in february. If you live in the USA you can buy a new edition of Magyk and find it in the back there. If you live in the UK I hope that we will also have a hard copy of it, possibly as a separate book, but this may come later. It is just a bit of fun and you can see Sep and Marcia in the early days of his Apprenticeship.

      TodHunter Moon is a new trilogy that follows on from Fyre – 7 years later. We start off with some new characters but soon get to catch up with the old gang who are 21 now (Beetle will be 24).

      What it means is that the works of Septimus Heap is not ending yet.
      Merry Christmas!

  380. BillieJ

    Hi Angie!
    This is a question I’ve been puzzling over for a while:
    Are the SepHeap books set in the future or the past? Because it seems like it’s set in the past, but sometimes something will happen or a character will say or do something that makes me not so sure…
    Billie (future up-coming author that absolutely adores your books and doesn’t want them to end!)

    • Angie Sage

      Hi BillieJ.

      There is a date in Fyre, so I won’t spoil it for you – Merry Christmas!

      PS there will be more of Sep & co in TodHunter Moon, so it’s not over yet.

  381. Christyna

    Hey Angie
    1)I’m confused. I’ve notice a lot of people saying stuff on here about Marcia liking milo and that sort of thing. But I’ve read all the books and I’ve never seen anything about Marcia and milo. Have I missed something?
    2) is todhunter moon someone’s name?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Christyna,

      there is a little clue in Flyte, when they meet again. Marcia seemed so pleased to see him that is got me thinking. And then, well you know how it is on this Sep site – soooo many matchmakers!

      TodHunter Moon is Alice TodHunter Moon’s last name. She is the main character in the trilogy that will follow on from the 7 Septimus books. She is a Fisher girl from the sandspit near the Trading Post.

      Merry Christmas!

  382. Linda

    If Milo and Marcia get together, would Milo actually marry her? I think Jenna would be really upset to have Marcia as a stepmother.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Linda,

      Well, that’s how it goes sometimes…

      Happy Christmas!

  383. Patricia

    Where are the Eastern Snow plains if the Castle is a kind of hypothetical England? What about where Snorri is from?

    I love Snorri. She is so independent and interesting. I know she won’t be in fyre, but I was excited to learn that you will write more about her. What exactly made Nicko and Snorri tired of each other? Just spending too much time together? Do Snorri and Nicko figure into TodHunter Moon much?

    If you are going to write a short story about Snorri and Nicko, will you write about Marcia’s childhood as well? I really hope so because I love Marcia and she is so complex and fascinating. What was she like as a little girl? I actually find it hard to imagine Marcia as a little person. I bet she was cute. 🙂 I don’t know why but I always pictured Marcia as kind of awkward and solitary in her youth since you say that her family moved around a lot. At what age did she grow tall? I know that that can make some young girls feel uncomfortable as well. Was Marcia considered pretty or was she kind of quirky looking? I have always thought that Marcia would be attractive but I could never decide if she was traditionally “pretty” or not. Did she ever have a close friend in her childhood? Marcia makes me sad sometimes because I feel like she doesn’t have a lot of friends at all. I think about her being all alone on holidays when Septimus is with his family. 😦 Will Marcia be in TodHunter Moon a lot or will she sort of be in the background?

    I have to ask also, will Sarah Heap’s sons in the forest ever move back into the city? Will they marry witches? Would Sarah and Silas approve of it if they did? I know witch magyk is different from wizard magyk. Will Wolf Boy and Sam ever get together? I know Wolf Boy will be Keeper and that is likely to keep him from having relationships but it would be neat if they did. I think it is awesome that you include gay characters. Are there any lesbians or bisexual women in SH? I’d love that.

    Thanks! You are so nice to answer our questions. I don’t know any authors who do this.

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Patricia,

      The Eastern Snow Plains … I imagine them as being a bit like Mongolia. Yes, I do think of the Castle being in a hypothetical England. The world is similar – but different.

      Snorri and Nicko ended up with too many bad things to remember – it was their time in the House of Foryx that did it for them. So far Snorri and Nicko do figure a lot in THM and I will also be writing about Nicko’s journey to find her, which is not in THM. I also want to write about Marcia’s childhood and do intend to do that but I have to find the time…
      A lot of your comments about Marcia do ring true and I suspect she was solitary and a little disconnected because her family moved around a lot. But until I begin to write about her childhood and really think about the little Marcia, I will not know for sure. I do see her as a little awkward though – a bit of an ugly duckling who was determined to become a swan – but one of the hard working ones. Marcia has always had to work for everything she’s got.
      She will be in THM in the second half of the first book. I am about to get to her but have not got there yet… I’m looking forward to that!

      There will be more about the Forest Heaps in Fyre and I suspect that Jo-Jo might marry a witch. Much to Sarah’s disapproval. The rest I think will not.

      Although there are gay characters in Septimus I haven’t made that clear yet, just as I haven’t made the hetero relationships clear either. They are still too young. But there will be some and things will be clearer as they get older.

      Thank you – I do really appreciate getting questions and being able to answer them. It is wonderful to know there are so many people out there thinking about the books and the people in them. Have a great Christmas!

  384. Ellie

    Hi, Angie!

    I was wondering.. how long is Fyre? And, how many books will there be in the next series?

    I can’t wait until Fyre comes out!

  385. Andrew Greer

    Why are all of the colours of the wizard’s eyes are greene?

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Andrew,

      It is just one of those weird things. No one knows why. They just are…

      Merry Christmas!

  386. Gwendolen

    Hi, Angie…
    I’ve been wondering this for a while now…
    Is the woman in the House of Foryx- the one who lets Snorri’s Aunt sit in the dragon chair- the Eastern Snow Plains Princess who vanished mysteriously? Also, is she the same person who tells Jenna, Septiums and Beetle they smell like snow? Because I always thought they were one and the same. I’m really curious about her, and she seems to come up a lot, soooo- will she be in Fyre?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Gwendolen,

      Yes she is the same! and I too rather like her and find her intriguing. She won’t be in Fyre but she will be in TodHunter Moon, in the last book I suspect. We will have to be patient…

      Happy Christmas!

  387. Manuscriptorium gal

    Hello Angie, me again just saying congrats on the movie! can’t wait for auditions and hope i get in.P.S. i have finished Darke,fabulous work by the way,and I an just SOOOO ancsious for the nrxt book.Maybe some day you will be able to come on over to my school and share some writter’s secrets and tell us more interesting info about how to make a book.I live in AZ so just bring capris,if you come that is.

    • Angie Sage


      Thank you!

      I would love to come to AZ one day – I now know I will be doing a US tour for TodHunter Moon in 2014, so maybe I will be there then.

      No news on the movie, I am sad to say…

      Merry Christmas!

  388. Amelia

    Hello Angie!
    I cant wait for Fyre and the Darke Toad to come out! I’m really excited!
    I was browsing this website and I saw this picture, and it looks like what I imagine the House of Foryx looked like before the Queste was Darkened, (except for the building its self.)

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Amelia,

      That is really amazing – how did they know? This website does have some great stuff – and some really nice Septimus pix too.

      Merry Christmas!

  389. Angie Sage

    HI Karen,

    I too love the sparring between them. There are a lot of Marcia/Marcellus moments in Fyre. I had great fun with some of them and I hope you enjoy them too!

  390. Hi Angie
    I find it amazing that you can answer all those E-mails. How much time do you spend at the computer each day because you must be there a lot because you answer them very quickly. Can you type really fast?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Nikki,
      I type fast but make lots of mistakes – so really I type slow!
      I spend far too long at my computer!

  391. Karen

    Hi Angie,

    *fangirl squeal*

    I love the Septimus Heap series, and I just can’t wait for FYRE!!!!!!!!

    I know a lot of people are talking about the character pairings, and I’ve always loved the idea of Marcia/Marcellus. They might not end up together, but I was wondering if there were going to be any Marcia/Marcellus moments in Fyre…. It would be lovely if there were a few good ones.. 🙂

    Good Luck on FYRE!!!


  392. Rachel

    I am curious about Cerys. First off, how is she different from Jenna? Do they have a lot in common? Was Cerys a good and generous queen? Did she know that Marcia loved Milo and pursue him anyway? Did Cerys and Marcia know each other well? On that note, did Milo know that Marcia fancied him? Why did he pick Cerys? Marcia is an adorable character. Cerys must have been really interesting if he picked her over Marcia. Just wondering.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Rachel,

      You will understand more about Cerys when you get to read FYRE, so perhaps I shouldn’t spoil it for you. She was a good Queen, although maybe a little distant. I don’t think Cerys even considered that anyone else might love Milo, but even if she had known I am not sure it would have made any difference.
      Milo did kind of know about Marcia but his head was turned by having the Queen interested in him. Marcia is indeed adorable, but maybe only because we now know her so well. She can seem a little remote and spiky even to people who do not know her well – and Milo didn’t. Basically, Milo was won over by Palace bling and Cerys being on her best behaviour. It happens…

  393. Hi Angie
    What is Beetle’s birthday?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi bigspongeyfan,

      Beetle was born on 31st October – or on what they call Hallowseeth in the Port. (More about Hallowseeth in The Darke Toad)

  394. Chloe

    Hello Angie Sage,

    I was wondering about writing. About how many words are there in one of your chapters? Does it matter how long a chapter is?

    • Angie Sage

      HI Chloe,

      A chapter can be any length you like. In SepHeap I try to average 2000 words, but they do vary between 1000 and 3000 words. It is my way of trying to keep the books a reasonable length! But there is not hard and fast rule about chapter length. Whatever is right for the book is the thing.

  395. Manuscriptorium gal

    Angie, does Jenna have a pet b/c she found/took Ethel but Ethel is technically Sarah’s pet and Septimus has a dragon and Simon has a horse?Also can’t wait for the movie,congrats!

    • Angie Sage


      Jenna still has a horse, I think. We don’t hear much about the horse as neither Jenna nor I are horsey people but all Princesses have to have a horse. Apart from that I don’t think she does have a pet at present. Maybe she will acquire one in TodHunter Moon.

  396. Jackie

    Hi Angie

    We asked you this before but never got an answer 😦

    Will you write any more stories about Araminta Spook?

    Our whole family loves the books.


    • Angie Sage

      Hello Jackie,

      I love Araminta too, but I just haven’t had enough time to write another one. But … at the moment I am writing book 6. It will only be published in the UK though, but wherever you live you can always get it online. It’s great to be back in Araminta’s shoes again. I am having a rant about Great Aunt Emilene at the moment!

  397. Hi, I am a really big fan of your books, I was wondering that is, is Fyre going to be the last book? and finishing the story of all the characters?

    • Angie Sage

      HI Mohammed,

      Fyre is the last book of the big 7 book series about Jen, Sep and Beetle growing up. But we will meet them again in TodHunter Moon when they are 21. So it’s not over yet…

  398. Jamie

    You were saying how the princess in this case Jenna has no magic yet she can make herself invisible or something like that and she has a charm that can turn anything into chocolate. I can understand using a charm for making things chocolate but she doesn’t with the invisibility and its a special one too they can all see each other who has done the same spell

    • Angie Sage

      HI Jamie,

      Well, anyone can use a Charm is they know how to do it right. Sep taught Jenna how to use her Chocolate Charm and Marcia and Aunt Zelda taught them how to use their Invisibility Charms when they were in the Marram Marshes. It was actually quite a simple spell and you always can see someone who is using the same Invisibilty spell as you do.

      Jenna did always have the Invisibilty Charm in her pocket, as I remember it.

  399. Stanley

    I know you don’t have to answer this but
    Will Simon become the Alchemist???

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Stanley,

      Well, well, what makes you think that??? We will have to wait and see.

  400. Chloe

    Hello Angie! I haven’t been on here for a while… I am Soooooo excited for Fyre! I know that in the past you’ve said that you don’t tend to read many fantasy stories while you are writing Septimus Heap so after you’ve finished (although I hope that day never comes!) do you think you