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Ask Angie #3 is now an archive of all the amazing Septimus Heap questions you have asked over the years and it’s no longer taking questions. If you have a new Septimus Heap (or Araminta Spookie) question please post it on the New Ask Angie. Or you can get in touch with Angie Sage direct via the contact page on her website:



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  1. Sleenki

    Hi I have a question about the book , How did it all start what was Angies insparation? (sorry about spelling)

  2. Lily

    You know everbody complains about Milo but I actually feel bad for him because he lost Cerys and all. He obviously is still really in love with Cerys all these years later which I think is really sweet. Will Milo ever get to see the Queen’s ghost? Will they ever get to talk to one another? I think that would make him happy to be able to communicate with her again.

    • Angie Sage

      Hello lily,

      I think Milo is ok too. But I do think he would not be great to have as a dad. Queen’s ghosty stuff is planned for book 7…


  3. Anny

    Hi Angie,
    I have yet more questions. They aren’t related to the FAQs, I just thought of them today and wanted to ask.
    1. Is there a minimum age that you can be crowned Queen at, or can you can be Queen at any age?
    2. Not wanting to be offending to any ExtraOrdinary Wizards or Queens, but do they have any actual purpose other than tradition?
    3. Do any of the Far Countries have names?
    4. Will the Heap boys ever go out of the Forest? They are almost men and in a few years will they leave and go get jobs, marry, lead normal lives?

    I hope you can answer my questions

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Anny,

      and more answers…

      1. as you will see in Darke, it is 14.
      2. EOWs keep the Magyk stuff co-ordinated. It would be chaos without one. The Queen is more of a figurehead really but everyone in the Castle would miss having one – or the possibility of having one – if they weren’t there.
      2. They do have names, but people who live in the Castle are very vague about names, they don’t really see the point. Plus, they can;t really pronounce them properly…
      4. We will have to see what the Heap Boys do. But they seem to have almost become Forest creatures now. Who knows?

      • Diana

        3. I think I know a name… possibly… America? Germany? France? Spain? Portugal? (That’s a hard one for me to pronounce anyway…) Just some ideas… *throws down smoke ball and dissapears into the darkness. Cause I’m awesome like that!*

  4. megan

    wow ask angie 3 🙂 i was wondering does syrah ever wake up? is it gonna be in darke? thanks

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Megan,

      She hasn’t woken up yet. But we still have one more book to go…

  5. megan

    oh sorry I got 1 more you say that syrah is 17 but on the site where you play games I got the syrah card and it says she’s 513 but the 500 yrs she was possessed and she didn’t age doesn’t count so isn’t she 13? thanx

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Megan,

      It shouldn’t say 513 – it should be 517. The thing is, maths was never my best subject, I am totally rubbish with numbers. It is quite possible I mixed up a 3 and a 7…

  6. Angie Sage

    Hello Sleenki,

    That is in BIG question! Septimus just kind of grew from an idea I had had many years before I began putting anything down on paper. SO many things have gone into Septimus – my time living in Cornwall, bits of history that really interest me, different parts of my life – all kinds of stuff. There isn’t really one specific inspiration.

    Sleenki – I’d like to borrow your reply space if that’s ok! It’s a message to anyone reading this – the last few posts on Ask Angie 2 are doing weird things with my computer and it won’t let me answer them – so apologies and if you re-post here on this nice new, shiny Ask Angie I’ll reply. I am logging in at least once a week now.
    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you on the other side of the fish pond!

  7. Lily

    Is there any chance that there will be any gay or lesbian characters in the Septimus Heap books? I am asking because JK Rowling has a character named Dumbledore who is gay which I thought was really cool. I have a gay brother and he is an awesome guy and I wondered if any of the Heap characters are like this. Thanks.

    • Angie Sage

      Hello again Lily,

      well, I reckon there are two gay (boy) characters and I have thought that right from book 2. One is a Heap boy.

      • Tara Passionfruit

        WOAH, Angie that sounds epic! hahaha
        I too have a question:
        would you change any part of the story that you have written in the previous books and if so, which part and why?
        thanks a bundle

      • Physik Girl :P

        Yay! There are actually some gay characters in an awesome book (other than Harry Potter). I’m wondering: Is Syrah possibly dead…? I only wonder this because she’s 517, right? So, she’s kept alive because she is Possessed in Syren…so when she becomes Depossessed (or Unpossessed…sorry, don’t own Syren anymore due to the fact that I had it on my iPod as an audiobook and then it got deleted for no reason…), wouldn’t she lose that force that kept her alive?

  8. Lily

    Are any really important characters going to die in the final book? 😦 and I know you said you wouldn’t tell us who Marcia’s crush is yet but is he important like mentioned more than once or twice?

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Lily,

      Someone has died in DARKE… I haven’t decided totally about the last book yet. I am giving no more away about Marcia’s crush. It would embarrass her and she’d deny it anyway…

  9. niah

    Hi Angie!
    I think somebody ask this before but I want to ask If Septimus and others selebrate christmas?

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Niah,
      They celebrate MidWInter Feast day, which coincidentally just happens to fall on December 25th

  10. megan

    ok here is my question I had to rewrite off ask angie 2 (its one of my favorite questions to )do we get to learn more about the relationships in darke like jenna and beetle or jenna and sep or syrah and sep , nicko and snorri well you get the picture thanx!!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Megan,

      yes, there is a little more about relationships in DARKE – jenna & Beetle also, at the end, Nicko and Snorri. But not a huge amount …

  11. Lau

    Hello it’s me again!

    I don’t really know what kind of places Merrin would like to live because he thought all the places he stayed were dump. ( I mean he didn’t like staying with Zelda and after that with Simon and Lucy and now in the Palace…) Does he like Lucy? In Queste Lucy said or thought that she could make him laugh and he waved her back when she and Simon went out. What happend with the 26 Things? Did Simon find them? Was he angry? Did Simon realized that just Merrin wrote the letter to him and not the real Septimus? How could Merrin summond the Thing if he can’t use magic? ( I mean he’s an ordinary person and not a magican) I’m a little bit confused about Sleuth. Where is he?

    Thank you again

    • Lau

      I send my questions again I hope it doesn’t matter. Ask 2 did some wierd things with my computer too, it was soooooooooooo slow and didn’t want to show the page so I’m happy because of the new section. 😀
      Okay here my brand new questions: Will Merrin ever be interested in (or consider) other people’s feelings? Will he get a pet? (maybe a cute one? ^^”) Will he meet Wolf Boy?

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Lau,

      it’s not the places Merrin doesn’t like, it is himself. Until he likes himself he won’t like anywhere he lives. He liked Lucy because she was actually nice to him. You’ll find out what happened to the 26 Things in Darke. Merrin Summoned the Things by following the instructions in the Darke Index and getting the Two-Faced Ring. Anyone who managed to do that could have done the same. At the end of SYREN Sleuth was still on the shelf in Marcia’s study.

  12. Sherry

    Is Simon going to get Slueth back? I think Marcia should return it by now. Don’t you think it’s only fair after giving her all that information about the isles of Syren?

  13. Angie Sage

    Hi Lau,

    The reply stuff isn’t working too well at the moment, but here goes…

    Merrin features a lot in DARKE. Basically I think he needs to redo his childhood. A pet would be good – anything that he can begin to learn how to care for something. Not sure if he’ll meet Wolf Boy or not. Who knows?

  14. anika

    how come jenna’s mom does not appear to jenna?

  15. Angie Sage

    Hello anika,

    She knows that Jenna needs to work things out for herself. She will appear When The Time Is Right!

  16. Sleenki

    Dear Angie
    what is it like having your book made in to a film?
    Has it made the charictors more real, more strong?

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Sleenki,

      The film hasn’t affected how I know my characters at all – and of course i haven’t seen anything yet! The characters are real to me because i write them…

  17. Inbar

    Hi Angie!
    I live in Israel and I read your books in hebrew. Unfortunately, only the three first books were translated.. I’ve been waiting for the book to be published in hebrew and I go to the book stores all the time to check it but they just won’t translate it. Me and all of my friends are waiting for it to be published, can you please make it happen?
    thanks in advance, whether you can or can’t!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Inbar,

      I’m really sorry about this. I know it happens sometimes, which is a shame. I will ask HarperCollins to see if there is any chance of it being published.

  18. Rachel Emily

    Dear Angie: I have a lot of things to say….

    1)Have any of your writing ideas come from a dream you have? Because sometimes I have an awesome dream, and when I wake up I spend the next few days in a daze, daydreaming until I work out the whole plotline.

    2)This is kind of weird and slightly off topic, but have you ever gotten into a strange accident, like stapling your finger or something? I ask that because my six-year old brother just stapled his finger.(He’s fine though, as I took it out and put a band-aid on.)How he did that, I don’t know, but he did.

    4)Do you ever scroll up to posts you already commented on? I ask this because I sometimes reply to comments.

    5)What is your favorite subject in school?

    6)Marcia- shall she end up with her anonymus crush? SH\hall we even discover who he is?

    7) What do Sep, Marcia, Beatle, Sarah, & Silas think of Jenna’s various pets. How many does she have. (I counted the duck,and Url(well, sort of)

    That’s all I can think of for now, so Happy Thanksgiving!(Do you celebrate Thanksgiving? Or is that just us Americans?)

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Rachel,

      here goes…
      1. I seem to get most of my ideas when I am actually writing. I have never dreamt anything that I have written! But it would be a lovely way to get ideas.
      2. No, I haven’t but my brother did when he was about two. I remember him toddling over to me with a little toy soldier in his hand. Then he fell over and it went through his cheek. Horrible…
      4. I don’t often scroll up, but I guess maybe I should!
      5. Fave subject was English (of course) History came a close second.
      6. It is, of course, up to marcia. We shall have to see.
      7. Sarah Heap has taken over the duck and Ullr really belongs to Snorri, so all Jenna has is her horse really, and she is not a particularly horsy person. I think Jenna is probably less into pets than her mum is.

      We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here, but it sounds like a really nice time, Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving!

  19. felicity ann ahravrd

    Does the book Dark have to do with any thing with when in Syren, Jim knee had to eat the grim tentacle because it says whoever orders the jinn to become a little dark he/she will become part of the Darkenesse and can never get rid of it. \
    from, felicity ann ahravrd
    the frist one i did i mast up on

    • Angie Sage

      HI Felicity Ann,
      no, Darke doesn’t have anything to do with JIm Knee, he hibernates all the way through. It’s a nice idea though…

  20. noah

    hi angie I haven’t been on in a will but that time I had my birth day well to the question now who gets the darke dragon in DARKE?

  21. Jeff

    Dear Angie,
    In Syren, Milo mentions that on Deakin Lee’s ship that the sailers told stories about “…the Isles of the blue-eyed Syrens, which were scattered throughout the seven seas, where voices Call and Beguile sailers, luring their ships onto the rocks.” Does this mean that there are MORE than one Syren?!

    And also, there is a fortress in Italy called the Castle del Monte that looks remarkably like the House of Foryx. Is the house based off this castle or is it just a coincidence?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Jeff,

      There were, in the past, more than one, but no longer.

      I’ve not been to the Castle del Monte (sounds great) so it is a coincidence. But I find this all the time, that things I write about seem to exist somewhere. It is odd….

  22. OK i have a few questions for now:
    1. what kind of music do you listen to??? do you listen to music as you write??? does the music help inspire you?? i am asking this because i listen to music as i write my stories and it inspires me because i usually make the people in the mood the music gives me.. and because Stephanie Meyer gives like a special thanks to bands because she listens to their music….
    2. did your children ever take an interest in writing??? or were they like ‘just let mum do the writing’???
    3.whenever you come up with an idea.. will you write it on anything that;s around so you don’t forget it??? or do you always carry around a notebook??
    hope you can answer my questions!!,

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Bekah,

      1. I listen to rock, blues, and general upbeat thumpy stuff. I am getting into Elizabethan music now, which is new for me. I do like Puccini Operas too.
      I don’t listen to anything when i write though, I find there is so much going on in my head I just can’t take in anything else. When I was an illustrator I had the music on loud all day, but it doesn’t work for writing for me.
      2. They both like to write, my older daughter does some great cartoons. Really fantastic.
      3. If I do think of anything I have to write it down at once otherwise it has gone. anything will do, even my hand. But mainly I get ideas when I am actually at the computer.

  23. Sleenki

    Ok I have some Questions:
    1) Will Jenna ever find petroc trelawney?
    2) will we meat the hunter again?
    3) what is Dom Danils main element? or is it all because off his ring?
    4)dose Jenna ever re-meet Bo (he best friend from the first book)?

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Sleenki,
      1. Yes!
      2. Not sure about that…
      3. DD is no more, Spit Fyre ate his bones and that is that. Thank goodness…
      4. They still see each other sometimes, but Bo has got very serious recently.

  24. Logan Mueller

    Hi, I am only on Physik and all of the capitolized words that dont seem like proper nouns like “the Time is Right” and from page 389 in Physik “Who was Much Mourned by her deare mama and who has been welcomed home with Most Great Rejoicing and Motherly Affection” I’m a huge fan of the books, but I am really curios to find out why you do that.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Logan,

      I am using capitals like they did in the old days (and as you will find on old documents) – to indicate things that are important. It feels right for Septimus.

  25. Ryan

    Hi angie,

    I would like to ask you if it is possible for wizards to engage in a proper duel? I am asking because from what I have read it doesn’t really seem to me that they possess the abilities in that area but I felt i should ask you.

    Thanks, Ryan 🙂

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Ryan,

      They can have fights and an ancient one is described in DARKE. Of course they fight with different weapons.

  26. lauren quiriault

    i love septimus heap and i’m almost finished syren, when will darke be out in canada?

    2) will simon heap return again and be allowed in the castel, i like simon alot… but not when he’s evil.

    3) when will jenna ever become queen!!!!???? and when will septimus be extraordanairy wizard?

    septimus heap is awesome!!!!

    lauren Q

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Lauren,

      I’m so glad you like Sep Heap!
      DARKE will be out in Canada in June 2011. You’ll find answers to your Simon questions in there… And jenna and Sep? we will have to see….

  27. Tina

    Dear angie,
    Do sep and Syrah become boyfriend and girlfriend?
    I hope they do coz they are realy cute together!
    From Tina

    PS: i read this blog every day and am a HUGE fan of the series.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Tina,

      So pleased you like the series so much! I have just gone onto twitter as AngieSageAuthor so you can follow me there too…

      I am not sure about Sep and Syrah, lots of things are still undecided at the moment.

  28. Sherry

    Do you mind if I have a few more questions? First,are there any new charecters? Next,do the spells REALLY work in real life? (like House Mouse, for example) And lastly,what is Jenna’s real last name? (since it can’t be Heap) Thanks!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Sherry,

      No new characters in Darke. Not sure about book 7…
      So far I have found the spells most definitely do not work in real life.
      Jenna does not have a last name as traditionally the Queens do not bother with last names…

  29. Sherry

    This is just a little add-on to my previous comment; what REALLY happened to Syrah? The last time the book mentioned her, she was sleeping on and on… Was that the final sleep? If so,does her ghost appear and finally be reunited with Julius’ ghost??? Thanks again!

  30. Lisa M.

    Will Aunt Zelda eventually retire or will she pass away and then allow Wolf Boy to take her place? And is Marcia a very judgmental person or does she just behave that way? Is she really as vain as she behaves or is is something of a mask to cover up insecurities? I know some people like that. Is Jenna nervous about becoming Queen? I would be. I think she’s a really good character. Thank you in advance for answering.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Lisa,

      Keepers don’t usually retire, we will have to see what happens…
      Marcia is maybe a little short-tempered. She has high standards too and doesn’t always understand that not everyone has the the same approach to life as she does. But she is learning, slowly. I don’t think she is particularly insecure – possibly lacking in empathy at times, though.
      I Jenna is indeed nervous about becoming queen – she doesn’t like the idea of losing her freedom. I’m glad you like her as a character, she has changed quite a lot since I began to write the series.

  31. Lauryn

    In reference to a few questions before:
    Are we going to find out who the gay boys are?
    And, HAS died? Does this mean someone died in between Syren and Darke?
    Hope you had a nice…wait, do you celebrate Thanksgiving? Hold on, lemme check…I couldn’t get a straight answer. Oh well.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Lauryn,

      Q 1 – I might drop some clues.
      Q2 – No, I mean in DARKE. Past tense for me because I’ve already written DARKE!
      Q3 – We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving but we are getting excited about Christmas!

  32. Samlie the wizard

    Dear Angie
    How old is Sam Heap in Magyk because he is my faveroute charicter
    because he is amazing an my name is Sam to lol.

  33. Jeff

    Dear Angie,
    I saw in The MAGYKAL Papers on page 21 that the word GOTHYK was in the font that MAGYKAL words and things are usually in. If GOTHYK is MAGYKAL, what is it? Is it a synonym of DARKE?
    Thank you in advance for answeirng my question.

    • Angie Sage

      HI Jeff,

      Gothyk isn’t a synonym of Darke. I shall have to look at the MPs and see where it was. I don’t think it should be in Magyk font really. I have used the spelling in Gothyk Grotto, can’t think where else it could be. Hmmm….

  34. Jeff

    And also, what actually happened in the Great Alchemie Disaster? It is mentioned many times and yet we still don’t know what actually happened.

    • Angie Sage

      This is true, we don’t. But we haven’t got the the end of the series yet…

  35. Meghan

    Hi, angie

    First of all I shall like apologizing for my approximate English, I am French ( and reverso is my friend…)

    … But i would like to know..:

    -Knowing that the guards of had a good laugh do not have the right to get married, what the EOWs can?

    -And est-ce-qu ‘ we shall hear a little more about Alther and about Marcellus in the next volumes? Because we see them less and less (and even anymore in syren)

    Thanks !

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Meghan,

      Your English is just fine!
      EOWs can get married if they want to. But they often don’t as the job takes them over.
      In Darke there will be a lot more about Marcellus and also Alther too – who begins the book.

      Characters appear more in some books than others. There are so many characters in the series, that there is not room for them all in one books now!

  36. Dear Angie,

    what’s happend with Boo? She meet Jenna after jenna become a princess?

    • Angie Sage

      They still see each other, but, as i mentioned earlier, Bo has got a little serious recently and they have grown apart a little.

  37. wow this page has been up hardly at all and its so full already!!!
    Ok: here’s my question:
    do you know what is going to happen at the beginning of each book, or do you plan as you go along? do you do a rough outline or plan everything exactly????
    you write really good books! can’t wait until april!!!!
    -your number one fan ( one of hundreds of number on fans!)

    • Angie Sage

      Hi heap fan,

      Thank you!!
      I know a few things that are going to happen but not all the details. I begin each book with a feeling about things as much as anything. And then, as I write, ideas begin to work…

  38. Tina

    Me again!
    Just wondering, in The Magykal Papers you mention thet the hyrogliphs at the top of the Golden pyramig can only be decifered at a time of great peril. Will we ever get to know what they say?

    From Tina

  39. Vlad

    I’ve read all your Septimus Heap books,and I would really like to register on your fan site.Can I do this?
    Can you help me?
    Thank you in advance

    • Angie Sage


      well, as you are already here I am guessing you are registered? Maybe Shauki knows for sure…

  40. megan

    hi Angie this is kinda a question and my opinion, and i hope this is a yes will Sarah ever get what she wants by all her children being with her in one place maybe in darke?? thank you

  41. Suvik

    I wanted to know when Darke was coming out in ontario,Canada. i still cant wait until it comes out.

  42. Maria

    hi angie. My favorite character is Marcia Overstrand and I have a few questions about her.
    1. How old was Marcia when she started her apprenticeship with Alther?
    2. Does she keep in contact with her parents and what was their reaction when they found out their daughter was the ExtraOrdinary Wizard?
    3. Why does Marcia not like Silas Heap?
    4. Did she ever want to settle down and start a family?
    5. Has she ever had a crush on Milo?

    • Angie Sage

      HI Maria,
      1. I’m not sure exactly but I think she was in her early twenties.
      2. As far as I know she is not in contact with her parents at the moment.
      3. Silas annoys Marcia. She doesn’t understand how he can be so flippant about something as serious as Magyk. It’s more irritation than dislike, though.
      4. I don’t think Marcia has allowed herself to think about that. She doesn’t have a great opinion of family life.
      5. Not that she would admit to.

  43. heap fan

    I feel so bad about asking again so soon, but I was wondering about the Castle’s past. How did the village come to be there? Why did people settle there? for the agriculture? or maybe the fishing? hmmm…
    Thanks in advance!!!

    • Angie Sage

      You can find out about the Castle’s beginnings in the Magykal Papers – there’s lots of history in there.

  44. Sleenki

    Ok, hello
    1) why is it snowing on your site?
    2) What time peroid is magyk set in?
    3) Was it amazing when you were told your book was being turend in to a film?
    4) What is Jennas lucky number ?(mine is 4)
    Fromm Sleenki

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Sleenki,

      1. Because both Shauki and I love the snow. And it IS snowing, even in England!
      2. The books aren’t set in any period really – it’s kind of pretend.
      3. It was great!
      5. She hasn’t told me that!

  45. Perry

    Dear angie , why is it that darke comes out sooner in different places and later in others


    • Angie Sage

      Hi Perry,

      It’s up to the publishers to decide this. My main publishers, HarperCollins in the USA, publish the book first and then others choose when is best for them. That is why the UK edition won’t be out until October, which I am really sorry about…

  46. jennafan12

    hi angie

    i really hope you are going to do the casting for the movie on your own and with the director and that stuff because if you are not involved in the casting the movie would be a LOT worse. and who’s shauki?

    • Angie Sage

      Helo Jennafan12,

      Shauki runs this site!
      I am not involved in the casting – I actually think casting is best left to people who know the movie industry and I really don’t. I think I’d be most useful when we get to see the script….

  47. Jill

    What was Marcia’s relationship with Endor in the first book? Were they very close? Marcia doesn’t seem to have many friends…. 😦

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Jill,

      no, she doesn’t have many friends. Marcia was quite upset about Endor and since then has avoided getting too close to anyone.

  48. megan

    hi angie in book 2 flyte when bettle and sep were trying to get the flyte charm and old foxy was coming they went into the ice tunnels while down there beetle told sep they keep it ice cause they dont want whats under it to get out. i dont think you have ever told us what is under it? thank you, megan

  49. Sherry

    Can tracker balls only be made with Darke magyk or can it be made with both types of magyk? Can you make more than one? If so, I suggest that Simon makes another. By the way,is it possible that two tracker balls tag each other?

    • Angie Sage

      Tracker Balls are a Darke Magyk thing as they intrude on people. You can’t have more than one going at a time.

      If 2 Tracker Balls Tag each other they just chase each other around in circles until they wear out. Not to be recommended…

  50. Samlie the wizard

    Dear Angie
    How old is Sam Heap in Magyk because im his bigest fan because he is awesome and my name is Sam to .

  51. Thomas

    Dear Angie,
    I am doing a project at school called Authorfest, where we choose an author and talk about them. I chose you and need to talk about your style of writing. How would you describe your style?
    Thank you for your time.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Thomas,

      Hope this is in time for your project…

      it’s always difficult to describe something that you don’t analyse – or would prefer not to… What I aim to do is write through my characters. I see where they are going, feel what they are feeling and make sure I write it down! I think my style is fairly light, I try to keep it simple and avoid cliche, as any write does. Humour creeps in at the oddest times and i don’t really know where that comes from, although it may be because I do not want things to get too serious.

      I hope this is some help…

  52. niah

    Hi Angie
    Can I give u an advice for the books…what would happpen if DomDaniel had a child that would be as evil as him?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Niah,

      I don’t expect the child would be – kids usually try and be different from their parents!

  53. Drew

    I saw on an earlier question that there are going to be two gay characters. Will that be a HUGE thing or something mentioned once or twice?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Drew,

      no, it;s not a big thing. I just answered the question because, it’s true, I have always thought of a couple of characters being gay. But it’s not part of the plot or anything. Just life, really…

  54. Lau

    Hello Angie,

    I got somekind of block because I couldn’t make new questions, but now here they go:
    Will Merrin ever fall in love? What kind of job he can do properly? Why Merrin bad with grammar? (because of DomDaniel’s teaching skills?) Is he truly hate Sep? (or just too envy?)
    Why was Beetle angry with Merrin when they first met? Will they get on well in the future? Will Merrin stop thinking that he is stupid? Has he ever got somekind of present? Will he make a true friend? Thank you very much! 😀

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Lau,

      well, you don’t *have* to think of questions!
      Merrin fall in love – who knows? And what kind of job – I guess when he gets himself together he could do quite a few things if he put his mind to it.
      Merrin’s grammer: he’s not grown up with the best of influences.
      Yes, he does truly hate Sep, but he hates a lot of people. Really it’s himself he hates…
      Beetle didn’t like the way Merrin spoke to him. Merrin was rude and arrogant.
      Deep down Merrin will probably always think he is stupid. It’s sad really.
      Aunt Zelda once gave Merrin a jar for his ants, but he threw it into the Mott.
      I don’t know id Merrin will ever make a true friend, it depends how he gets on…

  55. Talitha Lois

    Dear Angie, I am an avid reader of your Septimus Heap books and a big fan! I know you say not to ask about the auditions but I was just wondering how to find out when the information about the auditions comes out? Also what time period are the books set in? Lastly, how did you decide on all the names for the characters? Did you use people you know as names or base some of the characters personalities on them? Thankyou and please reply.
    Talitha Lois

    • Angie Sage

      Hello talitha lois,

      I honestly and truly know nothing about auditions! All I know is they will not be held until the movie is definitely going ahead and we are still waiting on this. Anything I find out about I will post here. Promise!
      The books aren’t set in any recognisable period – it’s a place in my head!
      The characters’ names just came to me – it’s the easiest and most fun part of writing.
      No, i don;t base any on real people – they are real to me in themselves. (except possibly marcia, but I only realised this much later)

  56. Sherry

    Which charecter are you most alike? Which are your favourites? Mine are Marcia,Simon and Sleuth.(It counts,doesn’t it? Sleuth has feelings…)Thanks!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Sherry,

      yes, Sleuth does have feelings and it hates being shut in a box in Marcia’s study.

      I like so many of the characters. I like writing Marcia, Septimus and Marcellus best, I think. And jenna … and Aunt Zelda … so many. I really can’t make up my mind!

  57. Talitha Lois

    Hi just wondering how do you pronounce Althers name? Also how old is Marcia in the first book. Thanks
    talitha lois

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Talitha,

      Alther is pronounced: Al-tha
      And Marcia is in her thirties in the first book. She is annoyingly vague as to exactly how old she is, though.

  58. Noor

    I am new to your book series, What exactly are they about?

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Noor,

      I’m really glad you have found the Septimus series. It’s hard to explain what they are about – all kinds of things… you’ll just have to read the books and find out!

  59. Noor

    hi angie I love your books my ? is what does Bo look like and how did she become friends with Jenna?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Noor,

      Bo has long red hair and freckles. She and Jenna shared a desk at school.

  60. Hannah

    How many books will u print?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Hannah,

      you mean write, I guess? Well, I don’t know. I can’t think of ever not wanting to write. But there will be 7 books in this series, so I have one more to write, now that I have finished DARKE.

  61. megan

    hi Angie one question for the future 😉 do you like answering all these questions or does it annoy you cause i have a lot? and my real Q. its kinda long in book 3 physik when sep is back in time he saw the extraordinary apprentice which was syrah well in book 5 is that how syrah knew his name and does sep remember her? thanks!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Megan,

      It doesn’t annoy me at all, it’s great that people like the books so much. Although some questions are quite hard to answer.

      Yes – that is exactly why Syrah knew Sep’s name!

  62. Christelle Cyr

    Hi, I read all your books in french because I came from Québec in Canada and I want to know when the 7 tome cam in French in Canada?

    • Angie Sage

      Bonjour Christelle,

      The seventh book isn’t written yet! So I don’t know exactly when it will be out. I think the french editions do come out a little later than the english as they have to be translated. Book 6 will be out in June 2011 in english.

  63. Hannah

    hi shauki you don’t have to post this comment but I wanted to know why you didn’t post my song that I made on the website it didn’t interfere with any of the rules did it? because I really want Angie to see it, it is really important to me because I really want to audition and if there is a singer I would try out for it e-mail me the reason please.

    • I am not going to approve any comment that has in it songs, poems, stories, fanfiction, etc, because (I quote from the FAQ page): “Question: Will you read my unpublished or self-published short stories, novels, poetry? Angie’s answer: I’m sorry but I have to say no to that one. It’s all I can do to keep my own stories in my head!”

      So… sorry, but no. 😦

  64. Christelle Cyr

    Sorry i made i mistake is the 6 tome. in french.
    Je suis désolé je voulais dire le 6eme volume.

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Christelle,

      I can’t find the rest of your question, but it’s great to have some French readers on the site – welcome – bienvenue!

    • Angie Sage

      Bonjour Christelle,

      I found the rest of your question! I will ask my editor when she is back from her Christmas holidays. I hope you won’t have to wait too long!

  65. Maura

    Hey Angie!
    I was just wondering. I really like Marcia, and she appears a lot in the book (duh) but we don’t actually know that much about her. I think that if you were ever planning on doing any spin-offs from Sep Heap one about, mabye, Marcia’s chjildhood would be cool?!
    Maura 🙂

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Maura,

      that is number one on my list! I took want to write about Marcia’s childhood and how she came to the Castle. But first I must write book 7!

  66. Ava P.

    Did Syrah know that Sep was from three hundred years in the future?

    Also, it’s a good thing you don’t read fanfiction of your stuff. They write some of the most… embarassing (grammatically, plot-wise, and content-wise) stuff there. At least on

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Ava,

      No, Syrah, didn’t know that Sep was from the future – that’s why she was so upset when she eventually found out.

      Yes, it’s weird to think about other Septimii out there…

  67. Hannah

    hi angie I’m writing a book and I want to get it published can you tell me how you got so many fresh ideas to keep your readers interested?
    🙂 😉 :-))

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Hannah,

      I don;t know is the honest answer to that. I think possibly because I have stumbled on a world that I find easy to write about. Also I do find I only get ideas when I am actually writing. They don’t just appear unasked, unfortunately!

  68. heap fan

    have you read the percy jackson series?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi there,

      no, i don’t read other fantasy! Need to keep my head clear for Septimus…

      • Diana

        But, wait… I thought you said earlier that reading is the best way to learn writing? Are you contradicting yourself or has Septimus completly taken over your life?

      • Angie was not referring to read in general. She has spent enough years reading before starting writing novels. And I agree with Angie that, as a fantasy writer, you should avoid other published fantasy novels in order to keep your own style, to stay with your own characters and ideas and things like that. Therefore, she is not contradicting herself.

  69. Rachel

    Is there going to be an…akward…confrontation… between Sep and Simon?

    Merry Christmas!!!!:)

  70. Rachel

    Oh, I meant when and if Simon comes back to the Castle,

  71. Jess O'Brien

    When and where is it set? I’ve always been unsure

    Nuber 1# fan + budding author
    Jess O’Brien

  72. jamal

    What happens to Syrah Syara since in syren it just ends with septimus visiting her every day at the sick bay in the wizard tower?

  73. heap fan

    I think that there are issues on this site.

  74. Sleenki

    Dear Angie Pleasew answer as soon as you can
    can you name all of the 7 sons of sarah and siles

    • Rachel Emily

      I’m not Angie, but that’s easy. I believe this is the order, from oldest to youngest: Simon, Sam, Ed & Erik, Jo-Jo, Niko, and Sep.

    • Septimus, Nikko, Jo-jo, Erik, Edd, Sam and Simon. Plus Jenna, but she is an adoptive daughter

  75. felicity

    When will the next book came out (Darke) in the USA.Can you please write anther field guide.My sister (12 old)9she never read the magics) is into reading animal books but i have the field guide and she loved the Arther Mella`s` Guide yo being dead,ten handy rules for new ghosts.Her favorite character is Stanley but personally My favorite character is Arther Mella the best who is your favorite character is?

    felicity Harvard

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Felicity,

      we have enough material for another guide, but that is up to my publishers. I loved the Guide to being dead too – i’m really glad your sister did!

      I don’t have a favourite character – I love so many of them.

  76. sep fan!!!!!

    i have never read a book until i read the majyk series. i got 7 other people too read it and they are now hooked. where can you find the majykal papers? please reply.

    (#1 fan is me!)

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Sep fan,

      that’s so great – keep spreading the word! Magykal Papers are on Amazon. It might be harder to find in bookshops as it is not part of the main series.

  77. Ethan

    Dear Ms. Sage,

    Are they going to make a movie out of the other books?
    (It would be AWESOME)


    • Angie Sage

      Hi Ethan,

      I think they will wait and see how well MAGYK does. I do think FLYTE would make a great movie – well, they all would. Warner do have the option for all the books, so who knows…

  78. Austin

    Dear Angie Sage,
    Which Septimus Heap book is your favorite?

  79. leslie

    Hey Angie,
    My computer keeps freezing every time I try to look at the page about Septimus Heap the movie. I got to read the part about open auditions. When I told all my friends they shreeked with joy & said I had to find out when & where the auditions. When & where are the audtions? Have the audtions all reddy passed?
    Your divotided 10 year old reader,Leslie

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Leslie,

      No auditions yet until the movie get the definite go ahead. I really don’t know what Warner Brothers are planning, whether they will do open auditions or what. As soon as I know I will post it here. Promise!

  80. Ethan

    Dear Ms. Sage,

    Does Marcellus ever go back in time where he belongs?

    And did he have an apprentice before Septimus? And if so, what was his name?


    • Angie Sage

      Hi Ethan,

      Marcellus is very happy where he is now. And he doesn’t have to deal with his mother anymore…

      He did have a few Apprentices but it is so long ago he can’t remember any of their names.

  81. LeAnn

    So my question is a bit different. What were your favorite and least favorite part in English when you were younger. My least is the whole hidden theme deal (apparently the theme in my writtings is “Silence”) which leads me to a question for all readers as well as you, Ms. Sage. What is/are the hidden theme(s) in your books? Apparently its unintentional so its normally the readers that see it.

    • Angie Sage

      Hello LeAnn,

      I too didn’t like deconstructing texts – it took away the magic of reading for me. The best thing for me was reading writers who I never would have tried if I hadn’t had to.

      Well, I guess you as the reader have to find the hidden theme, if it is hidden from the writer. But the more I write, the more I realise that the Sep Heap series is about putting back together things that are broken apart. That’s my take on it, anyway. What do you think?

  82. LeAnn

    One more question/ comment. Why do you say things like “Marcia would be upset if I told”? I’m writting my own book and people ask me questions like “Who is Ava’s father?” and I always say “She hasn’t found out yet” and the act like since I’m the author I should know. They make it seem like I’m crazy since I find out things when my characters do. Did people ever treat you like that?

    • Angie Sage

      Well, sometimes it is a get-out, I admit. it means I haven’t thought of that bit yet. But there is an element of truth there too. I do genuinely often only think of things when I am writing the character doing it. If you see what I mean.

  83. LeAnn

    I also like the snowing effect, Shauki, how did you get it?

  84. Tina

    Dear Angie,
    what is the deal with this DisEnchanted stuf? like, how does it work and what is it?
    PS:can’t wait for DARKE to come out in Australia! when is it coming out?

    Fraom the biggest fan of Septimus Heap EVER!!!
    Tina 😀

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Tina,

      There is a description of the DisEnchanting Chamber in the Wizard Tower in Darke.

      I think Darke will be out in June for you Ozzies!

  85. Sherry

    Hi, Angie! I wanted to wish you a merrry christmas and a happy new year! Does Septimus know about Santa? Why do the titles of the series are purposely spelt wrong? Is that the way they wrote in Septimus’ world? Happy holidays!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Sherry,

      Happy Christmas to you too!

      Sep doesn’t know about Santa – they celebrate the MidWinter Feast there.

      The titles are spelt in Old English… and so that they look nice!

  86. Anny

    Hi Angie. I have some more questions about the books…

    1) How old will Septimus be in Book Seven?
    2) What is Wolf Boy’s real name?
    3) What are the names of his triplets? Where are they now?

    –Anny 🙂

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Anny,

      1 – I haven’t decided yet. But no older than 16, I think.
      2 – both questions answered in Darke!

  87. Rachel Emily

    Dear Angie, is Angie short for anything, like Angelica? I ask because my friend is Angelica, but everyone calls her Angie.

    • Angie Sage

      Hello rachel emily,

      Angie is short for Angela. Which I really do not like!

  88. Aurelia

    Dear Ms. Sage,

    Are Syrah and Septimus a couple?

    Please answer! Please! While it’s still ingrained in my subcranium!

  89. Hannah

    hi angie my ? is how old were you when you started writing.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Hannah,

      I was in my middle thirties when I really tried to write properly.

  90. Samlie the wizard

    Dear Angie
    I would like to ask you:
    1.How old is Sam Heap in Magyk because im his bigest fan and my name is Sam to.
    2.Why don’t you give the other Heaps bigger roles (Sam,Jojo,Edd,Eric) in the books.
    P.S You are the greatest auther ever.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Samlie,

      1. Sam’s about 16 in Magyk.
      2. Well, it’s difficult to write about too many characters at once. But I want to have them all back in the last book.

      And thanks! Happy Christmas!

  91. Luna

    OK, my greatest question is: do Jenna and Beetle ever marry?!?!? they would be super cute!!! then, what happens to Alther and Alice?

    With great thanks,

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Luna,

      I really don’t know. the way i write is to let my characters decide as things happen, and we haven’t got anywhere near the time when they’d be thinking about that yet. I would like to write a ten-years-on book after series ends and then maybe we’d get to see.

      Alther and Alice are in Darke.

      Happy Christmas!

  92. Lau

    Hello Angie!

    On the right side of the webpage we can find a sign about Darke and I would like to ask when we can browse inside the book (can I ask that)?
    I know that Merrin hates the cold weather but what about snow, does he like it or not? Has he ever played somekind of game? (I dont think so because of DomDaniel strict “parenthood”) Merrin eats too much sugar so.., will he got toothache?
    Thanks again, you help me a lot whit your answers! 😀
    And I wish you and everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Lau,

      I don’t think you will be able to browse inside Darke – sorry. I have asked my publisher if we can post a chapter from Darke nearer the time, and I will see what they say.

      Merrin probably doesn’t like the snow either. He has never really played anything much, not with other kids, anyway. Yes, Merrin will get toothache, he eats far too much liquorice…

      Happy Christmas to you too!

  93. Emily

    Dear Angie,
    I have 2 questions:
    1) Did Syrah die in Syren? The book said she fell into an endless sleep…
    2) WHere does BO come in the story? I don’t remember him.

    Suggestion: Beetle and Jenna should date. hehe 🙂

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Emily,

      1 – Syrah is still alive. You will see a little about her in Darke. She is still asleep though.
      2 – Bo is mentioned once or twice in Magyk. she is a friend of Jenna from before the story really began.

  94. Nick Johnson

    ~Hey Angie, i’m Nick, I really like your’e books. I just finished Magyk, it is really good, im looking forward to reading Flyte, i have read the plot online, it sounds better than Magyk. And why do you spell things like MAgyk and Flyte and Darke

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Nick,

      I’m really pleased you liked Magyk! I think Flyte does have a good plot and of course I was getting more into writing by then too.

      The spellings are taken from old English spellings, before it was standardised.

      • Nick Johnson

        Hey Angie, I got flyte for christmas. I am at the part where simon took jenna on his horse and sep just came and tried to Tranfix Thunder

  95. Nika

    Dear Angie
    I recently finished the book the outsiders. In the book there are two girls, Marcia and Cherry. Marcia is pronounced like mar-sha in that book though i always pronounced it like its spelled Mar-C-A. In your books do you pronounce it Mar-sha or Mar-c-a. I personally think mar-c-a fits her more not so say that mar-sha is wroung but i tried saying it like that and it just seemed to not fit. Maybe its because thats how i sounded it in the first two books. Also is Silas pronounced Sye-Las or Silly-yas.
    Big Fan

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Nika,

      i think the Americans and the Brits pronounce Marcia differently. Because I’m a Brit I think of her as Mar-see-a. And silas is Sye-las.

      Happy Christmas!

      • Rachel Emily

        I think it just depends on the reader, because I’m an American and I pronounce her Mar-see-a. Alternatively, there may be more than one pronunciation across BOTH seaboards, and it just depends on where you live and who you’ve met.

        Anyway, Merry Christmas! (And Happy New Year, too. GO 2011!)

  96. jennafan12

    hey angie, merry christmas and do the heaps celerbrate christmas? or anyone else were they live? or do they celebrate a different holiday?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Jennafan,

      Happy Christmas to you too!

      The Heaps celebrate the MidWinter Feast as do all the Castle, Forest and Port. And as we used to too, before Christianity.

  97. jennafan12

    your my favourite author in the whole world! will you be coming to Canada for a reading or signing? it would be really cool if you did! 😀

    • Angie Sage

      Thank you!

      I’d love to come to Canada, maybe I will do a tour for the last book (i won’t be doing one for Darke, though..)

      Have a great holiday!

  98. CM

    Did Marcellus Pye ever have children with Broda?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi CM,

      No, i don;t think they ever did. Although I am not 100% sure…

      Happy Christmas!

  99. CM

    Do you still have the boat Muriel that you used to have when you wrote Magyk? And I want to point out that I think you might have missed a few people’s questions above but I imagine you’re doing it for a reason…. xD….just thought I’d let you know in case you didn’t leave them blank for a reason though.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi CM,

      Yes, I do still have Muriel – well my daughter has her really. Muriel lives on Bryher in the Isles of Scilly and at the moment the boatyard on Bryher looks after her and rents her out in the summer to people who want to go sailing.

      Thanks – I’ll check on the questions I’ve left out!

  100. Alexis A.


    I have read the first four ooks and am a real fan…But I cant find the others anywhere. If you know of any stores I could find it?

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Alexis,

      I think your best be would be Amazon – they are all available there. Good Luck!

  101. how old was Cerys when she died?

  102. heap fan

    Ummm… I know that this is kinda random… would you ever do a Darke Papers ( like maybe with documents from DomDaniel etc.) becaues I think that would be really cool!!!!!!!!!!!!11

    • Angie Sage

      Hello heapfan,

      ooh no, the very thought gives me a creepy feeling. I’d rather leave that Darke stuff alone…

  103. Anna

    Hello Angie!
    It is great to talk to you.
    I’m from Australia and I am very fong of the Septimus Heap series.
    I have to admit I’m abit shocked at the indication that Marcia would have a romantic interest in anyone…I always imagined her married to her job! Is her romance going to be a reasonably large thing in the last two books?
    Thank you for writting such enjoyable books

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Anna,

      I love Australia!
      Marcia is indeed married to her job, but she can’t help but have the occasional romantic daydream. Then she gets annoyed with herself and goes off to do something really complicated.
      I can say that there is no sign of any Marcia romance in Darke as I have now finished writing that one. As for book 7, well, I don’t think a Marcia romance is going to figure much. But who knows? I never know exactly what is going to be in a book…

  104. Meghan

    Hello Angie !
    Do you know why “Edd”, Erik’s twin, is named “Fred” in the french Book?
    Why the wolf boy’s nameis “Lobo” in French?
    And why Beetle (Cafard in french) is translate by Moustique (Mosquito in english)?
    Thank you in advance if you know that… and thank you all the same if you do not know !
    Merry Chrismas in late ! …and Happy New Year early !
    Meghan, best fan in France( I think…)

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Meghan,

      Translators choose names that fit better into their language, so I am guessing that Edd is probably difficult to say in French ?
      Likewise for Wolf Boy and Beetle. Lobo feel fine for Wolf Boy to me, but I must admit that Moustique does not seem quite right for Beetle. Translation is an art and one hopes that the translator has the same approach to a book as the author does. I think that generally the French translation is good -I’m guessing you are bilingual (lucky you!). Do you think the French translation works well?

  105. Jill

    Does Marcellus have a crush on anyone?

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Jill,

      Not as far as i know. I think he he got past all that. Marcellus now wants a quiet life with his Alchemie.

  106. Amanda

    okay, as i was reading ether flyte or phisik i didnt understand who jennas dad was. so is alther her uncle? if so, why was he shot?
    is her dad alive or dead? if he’s not alther why isnt he mentioned more in the books? why hadnt she meet her dad until recently? do they have some devorce thing or something? i just dont understand. please reply asap! love, AMANDA ❤

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Amanda,

      Jenna’s father is Milo Banda, you – and she – first meet him in FLYTE.
      Alther isn’t her uncle, she just called him Uncle Alther when she was little, like kids do that sometimes (or they do in England).
      So Jenna’s father is alive, but he goes away on voyages a lot. You can see them together more in SYREN. You can find out in FLYTE why Milo had been away so long (he had been kidnapped by pirates). It’s all there!

  107. Sarah

    Hi Angie,

    I have loved the Septimus Heap series for several years. Your fantastic character development and ability to capture the atmosphere of Septimus’s world makes the story vivid and real but magykal at the same time.
    I have been wondering about a few things:
    1. Is there any connection between the woman from the Eastern Snow Plains who helped Snorri’s aunt Ells in the House of Foryx and the Eastern Snow Princess mentioned by Jim Knee at the end of Syren and in Marcia’s biography?
    2. Why did the ExtraOrdinary Wizard to whom DomDaniel was apprenticed not realize how evil DomDaniel was? Was he simply not as evil when he was younger or did he intimidate his master?
    3. What is Marcia’s favorite thing about being ExtraOrdinary Wizard?
    4. Can nonmagykal people perform simple spells as long as they have the charms? Does it just require great effort and multiple attempts for them? (Similarly to the way a person might not be very good at math, for example, but that does not mean that he or she cannot do math at all.)

    Thank you!

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Sarah,

      1. Yes – they are the same person. Well spotted…
      2. DomDaniel wasn’t so bad when he was younger (although he wasn’t great – very arrogant and spiteful, but he hid that well). He made a bad choice during his Darke week and that was when he really went wrong.
      3. Marcia just loves Magyk. And she never stops being amazed at being able to do it.
      4. Yes, as long as they have the right Charms and concentrate very hard. it;s no good reading the stuff off the Charm and thinking about what you’re going to have for lunch at the same time. It is indeed just like maths – which is a really good example: I can only do maths if I have step by step instructions in front of me.

  108. Rachel Emily

    Dear Angie,

    1) You probably CAN write poetry, seeing as you have all the spells rhyme, but do you write poetry? Like, not for a book or anything, but as a separate poem.
    2) A bit random, but con you sing?
    3) Does it ever surprise you that you have fans in such far away countries?
    4) Again, random, but can you speak any other language besides English?
    5) Do you try to keep your regular life and your working life separate? So all the Sep and Spooky related stuff are in your office, and the rest of your home is relatively Sep-free?

    Thanks, & a Happy New Year!

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Rachel Emily,

      1. I think I can write poetry, but I would never say I was a poet. I used to write some, but not at the moment.
      2. NO! Oh how I wish I could…
      3. Well, it did at the beginning, but I really love the thought of people all over the world reading Septimus. Amazing really.
      4. Only some French. One gets lazy being English. I am trying to learn some Italian at the moment though.
      5. Well, I do work at home, so Septimus and Spookie stuff does creep out of my work room, but I try to keep them separate as much as I can.
      Happy new year to you too!

  109. Samlie the wizard

    Dear Angie
    what is the wizard towers password

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Samile,

      That is secret! It is a mutable password , which you wizards know all about…

  110. Jenna

    Hi Angie! I love your books (but you probably hear that alot) I noticed that you were writing the script for movie (but is that true?) and if you are i was wondering if in the movie the story plot would be changed. I really hope this doesn’t get deleted even though it kind of goes against the rules! Thanks, Jenna

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Jenna!

      No no no!!! I am not writing the script for the movie. I don’t know where all this stuff comes from but I really don’t have anything to do with the scriptwriting or screenplay. I do get to see it when it is done, though, but I haven’t seen it yet…

      I imagine the plot might get changed a little but I can’t say for sure yet – we will have to see. Like you I want it all to stay just like the books, but I think this is probably an unrealistic thing to expect. Movies are their own art form. But Warners have always said they want to stay true to the spirit of the books, and David Frankel does really get Septimus. So we will all have to bite our nails a little longer and see what happens…

      happy new year!

  111. Talitha Lois

    Hi Angie! I was just wondering, when you read the comments on this site does it ever give you ideas for Darke? For example, if someone said “Don’t you think such and such should get together” or “Is this going to happen in Darke?” Also I know its random but have you ever met anyone who yu consider to be famous? Thanks, Talitha Lois

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Talitha,

      I try not to get ideas from anywhere for my writing, and just concentrate on it when I am doing it. But it is good to get to know what people think and there are one or two things I have taken notice of.

      Well, I’ve met quite a few children’s writers (no, not JK!), but apart from that, no, I don’t think so…

  112. Talitha Lois

    Hi, Just wondering. What is Jenna’s last name as princess? Is it her fathers or would royalty have a different one. ie her mothers maiden name? Thanks, Talitha Lois

    • Angie Sage

      Queens in the Castle don’t use a last name – they do have a very ancient last name that is passed down from mother to daughter, but jenna does not know what it is.

  113. Humonculus

    Hi Angie! I love your books! I was wondering what kind of things Marcia likes to do!

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Humonculus!

      I’m really pleased you like the books. Marcia likes to work! She reads a lot of books about Magyk. She is also quite fussy about keeping her rooms looking good. Do not tread on her carpet in muddy boots…

  114. Jill

    I was reading some old fairy tales and I wondered if you would ever allude to any of them in your books. Like Cinderella for example. Will Milo ever marry some creepy woman and give Jenna an evil stepmother to deal with? Or will Jenna ever be forced into an arranged marriage?thanks!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Jill,

      I don’t deliberately allude to fairy tales in the books, but fairy tales do contain ancient ideas that we have all grown up with, so it would not be surprising if some things do creep in. But I have no plans for evil stepmothers and definitely not for Jenna to be forced into an arranged marriage – somehow I don’t think she would agree!

  115. Ava P.

    Angie, are you really going to write a ten-years-on book? Like a full, chaptered one, with forty-nine chapters and everything (or no, wait, then it would have to have a plot and everything)…

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Ava,

      I’d like to write a ten-years-on book, but nothing is signed up yet. I guess that is something to think about later. At the moment I am thinking it would be a proper novel but maybe not quite as long as those in the series, but it is too soon to start planning that one!

  116. Bryony and her Mum Angie!

    Dear Angie,
    We both LOVE your books and have spread the word about Septimus Heap far and wide!!!
    We would love to know please why Darke is not being published in England until October, whereas it is coming out in Canada in April:-(
    Is there ANY likelihood of this release date being revised?
    MANY, many thanks 🙂

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Bryony and Bryony’s Mum,

      Thank you for spreading the word about Septimus!

      The release date for the book in the USA and Canada is actually June now, but it is still October over in the UK. This is because Bloomsbury want to catch the Christmas market. However, I know lots of people are not happy about this and I am going to question it once everyone gets back to work. I probably shouldn’t say this, but I suggest buying DARKE from Amazon in June if the date isn’t changed.

  117. Talitha Lois

    Hi angie! Just wondering, hypothetically speaking, if septimus’ apprenticeship went perfectly would he have to wait until marcia had died to become extraordinary wizard? Also what is the age that jenna will become an adult and queen? Is there any rules about her getting married? Is it the same for septimus, is there an age he has to be before he becomes extraordinary wizard? Thanks and happy new year!

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Talitha,

      Luckily ExtraOrdinary Wizards can retire – although not many do as it’s a really great job. Personally, I can’t see Marcia retiring any time soon.
      There is more about Jenna being of an age to be Queen in Darke – 14 is the answer to that. As for EOWs, the youngest ever was 16, but there are no rules about age at all.
      Happy New Year to you!

  118. Leslie

    Hello again Angie,
    Thanks so much for the infomation. I have yet another ?. Ok here it goes… When you finish up Septimus Heap will you start a new series? Are you friends with other famous author
    Your devoted 10 year oldreader,
    PS. Happy New Year!(assouming that you celebrate it).
    PPS. My Fav. authors are you & Suzanne Collins the author of the Hunger games trilgoy
    PPPS.I read all of the Septimus Heap books they were amazing!

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Leslie,

      I don’t know what I shall write after Septimus! I do have some ideas but it’s hard to think of them at the moment as my head is SO full of Septimus. I would quite like to do something slightly sci-fi…

      None of my friends are authors – we all hide away from each other and meet every now and then at literary festivals!

  119. Tillydog

    Hi angie!
    i’m a HUGE fan of your books, so while I was having a in depth Septimus Heap thought process, I started to wonder, is there going to be a epilogue at the end of the 7th book some years after the last part takes place? That would be really great!
    Thanks! 🙂

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Tillydog,

      What I’d like to do is write a book after the series that jumps ten years on into the future to see what they are all doing then. There will be the usual ending bits and pieces in book seven but nothing big. I shall save that for later…

  120. Kate

    Does Sep have a crush on anyone? Thanks!

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Kate,

      Septimus feels kind of awkward around Syrah, but I am not sure if this is a crush or not. A lot of people have one on Septimus but he doesn’t seem to notice. At the moment his most meaningful relationship is with jenna.

  121. Chloe

    Hello Angie, it is amazing to think that you might reply – you are my favourite ever author, and I have read the Septimus Heap series 3 times over! I just have a couple of questions…
    1. How does Snorri feel about Jenna? Because it seems that Jenna doesn’t like her anymore because she thinks she is to blame for Nicko getting stuck in time. Does Snorri dislike Jenna, then?

    2. Also, how many pages does Darke have?

    Chloe 🙂

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Chloe,

      I am so glad you like Septimus such a lot!
      1. Snorri has never really made friends with jenna, even though by Darke they have both been living under the same roof for a while. I think Snorri picks up on jenna having blamed her for Nicko being trapped in the past and feels that is not entirely fair. Which it isn’t. Jenna also feels that Nicko has become too serious since he has known Snorri – and that probably is fair. Let’s say they have an slightly awkward relationship…
      2. Darke is about the same length as the others, I think. I haven’t seen it in book form yet! Maybe not quite as many pages as Syren – I hope not anyway.
      Happy New Year!

  122. billie

    Does Milo Banda fancy anyone or is he still in love with Cerys after all this time? It would be really sweet if he was still really devoted to Cerys. I might actually forgive him for being so annoying sometimes.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi billie,

      I think he still can’t quite believe Cerys is dead. He really hasn’t faced up to it yet .
      He can’t help being annoying. Well, maybe he can sometimes…

  123. Sherry

    Hi Angie,how did Merrin conjure up 26 things when he wasn’t magykal? Was it because he had the two faced ring or maybe ten years learning magyk from Dom Daniel that added some magyk to him? Was it because of the charm? Happy new year!

    • Angie Sage

      hi sherry,

      it was the two-faced ring – and the Darke Index, which is a powerful tool in anyone’s hands. He’s leant a bit of Darke stuff too in his years with DomDaniel – enough to be stupid enough to try things without really thinking them through and sometimes have it come right.

  124. Sherry

    Does anyone ever find out that Merrin is not Daniel Hunter in Darke? Will he find his mother?

    • Angie Sage

      well, lots of people know that Merrin is fibbing about his name – Beetle and Sep both do. You will find a lot more about Merrin in Darke, so all I can say is; ‘wait and see!”

  125. Hi Angie, um I was just wondering if Mark Zug was doing any new drawings for Darke???

    also, are sep and jen going to be boyfriend and girlfriend in one of the up coming books as they do hold each others hands and hug and things like that quite a lot???? 😀

    Thank you adie

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Adie,

      Mark has done some brilliiant drawing for Darke (of course!)- he’s nearly finished now, just has the map to do.
      I’m not sure about jen and Sep yet – and neither are they…

  126. IloveSeptimusHeap

    Hii Angie
    Are any good characters going to change their tune and go over to the bad side like Sinon did in book two? And will it ever be possible for Syrah to be sent back to her own time? Would that make her happier? Also does anyone have a crush on Marcia right now? I think she’s really charming in a way (maybe you had better not tell her I said that though. Haha) ) I love the books and can hardly wait for the next. Thank you Angie for all you do for us!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi there,

      Thank you too, for reading the books and loving them so much!
      All I can say is that in Darke no one changes sides – but as I haven’t written the last book yet I can’t say for sure about that for the furie, although I suspect the characters are pretty set now. As for Syrah, all that is to come in the last book as well. I agree, Marcia is very charming (she probably knows it too…). And there is someone who thinks she is rather nice.

  127. Rachel Emily

    Dear Angie,

    I have a couple questions, so here goes:

    1) This is a kind of question/request/suggestion, if you do a ten-or-twenty-year-on book, can you make it into whole new series, with the children of the current characters? I love the Septimus Heap World, and saying goodbye to it would make me cry….. so please, please, 5000 pleases, make another series in the same world.

    2) Any of your favorite authors American? It seems like all the great authors are all British, like J.R.R. Tolkien, C. S. Lewis, J. K. Rowling, G.K. Chesterton, and of course, you. (Well, except for Mark Twain and a couple more modern authors) I guess as an American I’m trying to make one last plea for our skill as writers. (Hey, maybe I’ll become a internationally famous writer!!:0)

    3) Whenever you answer questions about Sep/Jenna vs Beatle/Jenna relationships, you mention that Sep’s grown a lot closer to Jenna, ans Sep’s reactions, but what about Jenna? Does she have a crush on anyone? (Don’t name him if you don’t want to)Or is she still oblivious?

    4) If Bloomsbury won’t change the UK release dates, then (and here goes, people, don’t get mad, after all, I’m American too, and we’re all Angie Sage fans, right?) perhaps the US and Cnada dates can be post phoned. I would not be happy, but its not fair that one country gets it before another by FOUR MONTHS. One or two might be okay, but four isn’t fair, especially since your country is the one getting it later.

    5)Will Jenna find out her last name?


    • Angie Sage

      Hello Rachel,

      1 – ooh, I;m not sure about a whole new series. Could Septimus ever really be repeated, i wonder? But I do definitely want to do three different books: one about Marcia’s childhood, One about 10 or so years on and one about a voyage Nicko makes.

      2. I have lots of favourite authors. And they keep changing too. American authors – Mark Twain is great and I love Armistead Maupin, Annie Proulx (oops, she might be Canadian, I think). And how about Arthur Miller, Garrison Keiller and of course Lousia May Alcott with Little Women, you have LOADS of great writers! I suppose we Brits do have a good line in fantasy – I guess we just need to escape the island sometimes!

      3. I don’t think Jenna has found anyone yet, she did wonder about Beetle for a while, but not in a serious way. She just liked the attention.

      4. Well, Bloomsbury want to catch the Christmas market here and that’s what they have decided. I suggest any fans in England will have to get the US version from Amazon. I wouldn’t want it to be delayed any longer in the USA and CAnada just because of that, though!

      5. Possibly… !!

  128. Tina

    Hi Angie!
    Just wondering, Are you going to publish the pigion post biography series? coz I rekon it would be a good idea because I speak for [probably] most of the Sep heap fans when I say I’d like to know more about some characters :]

    Thanks, From Tina 😀

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Tina,

      another project I’d love to do!
      I think we’ll have to see how things go, but yes, I think that is a great idea. A lot depends on sales and boring stuff like that, though…

  129. Olivia

    Hi Angie,
    I LOVE the Septimus Heap series and I’m only on Physik!!!!
    I have some questions though. 1.) How many Glasses are there in book #3? 2.)How many books are there going to be? 3.)Have you read the Harry Potter series? I’ve read it 6 times! 4.)Do Septimus, Jenna, Nicko, and Snorri ever make it back to their own time? Thats all of my questions…for now!!!

    With love,

    P.S. Please forgive me if you find any mistakes!

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Olivia,

      So glad you love Septimus! And you’ve still got lots left to read too.
      1. Oh crumbs, I can’t remember right now how many Glasses there are… There is one in the Land of the Long Nights, One in the House of Foryx and the (now broken) one in the box plus one in the Hermetic Chamber. That’s without me looking it up. But I don’t want to spoil the story for you so you will have to wait and see who makes it back and when… and how. The story continues in Queste…

  130. James

    Hi, are there underlying gay themes or latent, gay relationships developing between any of your characters? I have this growing suspicion of Septimus and Beetle, specifically… If this is true, I applaud you for contribution in pioneering such themes in main-stream literature.

    Despite Beetles’ nervousness around Jenna, I still feel that he and Sep are more than friends at times. So, is there more to Sep and Beetle?



    • Angie Sage

      Hi James,

      I do think there are 2 gay characters, but they are not the main ones. I think Beetle and Sep are just really, really close friends.

  131. Han

    Hi Ange
    First if all I love your books they completely top JK Rowling.
    I live in Australia and I was wondering first all if you are coming over her for a tour? I would think it would be the best thing ever and some of my friends who love your books as well would think it is the bees knees.
    Secondly in the how long ago (in Septimus Heap) was when Hopte Ra (sorry I forgot how to spell it) came to the castle.
    Lastly who is your favorite character and how did you think of he or she’s personality.

    • Talitha Lois

      Hi. Do you ever think that you are running out of ideas for septimus heap? Thanks, Talitha Lois

      • Angie Sage

        hi Talitha Lois,

        I I SO hope not! So far, so good….

    • Angie Sage

      Hello han,

      I love Oz! I came over to Perth last year, to the Perth Literary Festival. I’d love to come back and dropped a few hints to my publishers there about a tour for the last book. So here’s hoping!

      Hotep Ra came to the Castle thousands of years before Septimus was born. I haven’t actually worked out exactly how many as I always avoid Maths. I must do that…

      I really and truly do not have a favourite character! there is a core group whom I love and have such fun writing, but really, with the exception of the bad guys, I love them all.

  132. Bryony and her Mum Angie!

    Hi again!
    We took your advice and went to pre-order Darke on Amazon but it said the paperback came out on June 6th and then the hardback came out in October; we then checked on the Waterstones website, and it was the same.
    Do you know if this is incorrect because we don’t want to pre-order Darke if the dates are wrong 😦 …

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Bryony and her mum,

      Well, that’s weird as the hardback is always out first. The paperback is, I think, the overseas edition and is not available in the shops in the UK. But you can get that on Amazon too, and it will be in British English rather than US English. So that might be the best to go for. It is so confusing – I will get in touch with Bloomsbury again…

  133. Emilyi

    Dear Angie, Is one of the Characters gay? i hope not. no offense intended if one the characters is gay.

    • Angie Sage

      This is something I have had in mind for a while, but it is not going to change the story at all. I don’t even think it will form part of the story. It’s just when I think about my characters I don’t always put everything about them in the book. If it is part of the story, I think it is more likely to be part of the 10 years on book.

  134. heap fan

    Angie how do you get over writer’s block?????????? I know this technically isn’t a question about Septimus but I really need some help! I literally can’t write anything right now and I’m going CRAZY!

    • Angie Sage

      Do something else! Put the writing away and tell yourself you are never EVER going to write again. That way you take the pressure off and the ideas come back.

  135. Luna

    i was reading Magyk again about a week ago and realized, petroc (Jenna’s pet rock) doesn’t show up in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th books. and i know he isn’t very significant to the story, but he was really cool! i mean, who wouldn’t want a pet rock that can grow legs?!

    With Great Thanks,

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Luna,

      Petroc Trelawney lives a quiet life on Draggen Island. But he’ll be back!

  136. CM

    Do you ever think about astrology Angie? I was actually trying to figure out what zodiac signs I thought the characters were but the only ones I could come to conclusions about were sagittarius for Sep and Jen because they were born on December 21 (this sign fits them I think if you read about the personality traits but it does fit Jenna better than it fits Sep) and Marcia I am guessing is an aries because in Queste it mentions she has a birthday coming and it’s early spring and raining a lot. I know it’s early spring because it mentions she is still wearing her winter cloak. The description of aries fits her perfectly so I thought that was funny. But what about everyone else? When were Beetle, Syrah, Merrin, and Simon born?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi CM,

      well, that’s weird, because no, I don’t think about astrology! But it does seem that people born at different times of the year can kind of fit patterns.

      I ought to know when Simon was born, but I can’t remember right now. Nicko was born in january, I remember that. Beetle – must check that out. Merrin was born in June, and Syrah, I don’t know.

  137. Haley

    I am a huge fan and I was wondering if Jenna likes beetle back? I also like her with septimus. And is there gonna be any major romantic scenes? That be awesome. Thanks

  138. Han

    Hi Angie,
    Here are a few questions that I am going to ask.
    1. Have you ever thought that the drawings by Mark Zug are different to what you think in your head.
    2. In Queste, the character Talmar Ray Bell refers Hotep-Ra as her master. Is she the apprentince to Hotep-Ra when he was still in his time?
    3. In Queste (again) the Guardian of the House of Vortex refers as Jenna’s key the Queen Room as the key to the house. How dis this happen?
    4. How did Snorri get Ullr?

  139. Samlie the wizard

    Dear Angie
    In Magykal papers page 144 Mr Gringe looks a lot i mean a lot like
    my head of year at school Mr Stirland

  140. Kristin

    are you going to continue with books in Septimus Heaps world after you are done with Septimus`s story?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Kristin,

      I’d like to do a few slightly different books, but still in the same world. One about Marcia’s childhood, one at 10 to 15 years in the future and I want to send Nicko off on a voyage too.

  141. Samlie the wizard

    Dear Angie
    Does Jo-jo have a crush on Marrisa ?

  142. Sive

    Hi 🙂
    I’m a massive fan of yours truly and the Septimus Heap books. It was around this time five years ago when I first read Magyk, so I can’t really remember (as I’ve lost the original Magyk, Flyte, and Physik books I had when I moved house a while back), but were the books originally intended as a trilogy? I think I might have seen it on the old books I had… (1)And if they were, what made you decide to write more?
    (2) Would you ever come to Ireland for a tour?
    (3) Supposing Septimus and Meredith didn’t get swapped when the were younger, would Septimus have turned out like Meredith now? Or would he be Darke, but not like Meredith, as Septimus is the seventh of the seventh, and much more talented, so DomDaniel wouldn’t have called him stupid. Or would he be like he is now, because it’s who he really is?
    (4) It’s been annoying me for ages.. How exactly would you pronounce Ullr?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Sive,
      I’m so pleased that you love Septimus Heap so much! It’s just great when people really get it!

      1. , you’re right, it was going to be a trilogy, as at the beginning of Magyk I didn’t think I could write more than that (in fact I wasn’t totally sure I could manage 3!). But to my surprise, as I wrote, I found all the characters arriving, the plot making sense, and also the actual world seemed to be so real to me that I felt there were far more books to write about it. So I said I’d do 5 altogether – and then 7! But 7 is enough for this series, I reckon.

      2. I’d like to come to Ireland for a tour very much. In fact, I have never been to Ireland, which is very bad of me because my grandmother was Irish. I’m hoping to do a tour for Darke over here, so I’ll ask Bloomsbury about this.

      3. If they’d not been swapped I think Septimus would have been very good at the Darke stuff, but would have grown to hate it all as he grew up. Sep would have come through it ok in a way that Merrin hasn’t. Of course, you are right, DD would certainly not have called Sep stupid, but I am sure he would have found other ways to knock him back – he’d probably have been very jealous of Sep’s skills. Eventually Sep’s character would have shown through.

      4. Ullr … well, I pronounce it like the ool from wool and then add er.

  143. Samlie the wizard

    Dear Angie
    Will there be a video game (xbox 360) of septimus heap because that would be awesome

  144. Christelle Cyr

    Hi, thank you for your answer, I hope your editor is back from her Christmas holidays and maybee you can tell me when the 6 book came in french (français) in Québec, Canada. And your are a great builder of story thank for that.

  145. Talitha Lois

    Hi, I was just wondering did marcia ever have a crush on milo because I had that type of vibe from her…? Thanks

    • Angie Sage

      Marcia does think Milo is rather dashing. But she also thinks it is not very dignified to think like that and is determined not to in the future…

  146. Drew

    I have seven questions:
    1. Will we see Syrah in Darke?
    2. Will Septimus fall in love?
    3. When you finish with Septimus Heap and write new series, what age group will the new series be for?
    4. Does Merrin ever get less rude and evil?
    5. Does writing ever get tedious after a long day of work? Like reading through for mistakes and such?
    6. I guess this might be a rather revealing question about the books, but will Septimus ever become the Extra-Ordinary Wizard?
    7. Is Dom Daniel really gone forever?

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Drew,

      7 questions is a good number, but I’m going to be mean and not answer them all properly as they’d spoil the story…

      1. Yes, a little.
      2. Not sure yet.
      3. I want to do some more Araminta Spookie books for the younger ones, but a new series would probably be for the same age group as Septimus.
      4. Not in Darke, that’s for sure. But later – who knows?
      5. yes it does! I think towards the end of a book is the most difficult as there is so much to hold in my head and yes, I do re-read stuff over and over. In fact I quite like that part, refining the words is fun. Sometimes the difficult bit is getting it down on the page in the first place.
      6. Wait and see!
      7. Yes. No one, not even him can survive been dissolved in a dragon’s stomach.

  147. Kate

    Hello Angie,
    I was just wondering is Jenna’s real last name Banda? Since her father is Milo Banda.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Kate,

      it would be in our system of names, but in the Castle the Queens do not take the name of the father of the child. They have an ancient, secret, last name passed from one Queen to another, which Jenna does not know yet. As far as Jenna is concerned, her last name is Heap as that is the family she is part of.

  148. Talitha Lois

    Hi Angie, I really like the new “Can Septimus survive the Darke” heading… I was just wondering did every extraordinary apprentice have the same type of tasks because Marcia didnt have to go on a Queste because she didnt pull out a stone for the Queste.. but is it the same for their Darke week thing in Darke? you dont have to answer if it spoils darke in any way..also do you think marcia reflects your personality or any of the other characters accidentally? and finally as a child did you have an author or family member who inspired you to become a writer? Thanks, Talitha Lois.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Talitha,

      Marcia did do a Darke week, although she doesn’t like to talk about it. There is a general structure to the Apprenticeship although, as you say with the Questing Stone, it does vary from person to person.

      I’m not sure who reflects my personality in the books, I expect I am probably a combination of a few of the characters. it’s difficult for me to judge that. I do get snappy like Marcia sometimes though…

      No one in my family actually wrote books, but my father worked in publishing and I did grow up with an understanding of how books were made, and he always encouraged me to read. But when I told him that I thought I’d like to illustrate books and maybe write them too he said I must be crazy! But he knew what a tough world publishing was. I think he’d be really amazed at Septimus if he was still around.

  149. Amelia

    I love Septimus heap SO much!

    Ive noticed that one of your Characters Alther Mella sounds like Arther Miller one of your favourite athours as you said earlier. is this a coincidince?

    I searched just plain “Septimus” on wikipedia and i was reading it and there was a linl to “Marcia” on it but neather was your sep or marcia. is this how you got the names?

    Finally im trying to write maybe something that happens sometime in the septimus heap series with as much of the origional plot line as possible. (not changing the characters or anything)

    You said earlier that you find it creepy that there is other Seps out there. Now i feel bad to be writing about sep.

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Amelia,

      Alther Mella does sound like Arthur Miller, this is true, but it’s a total coincidence. And I wouldn’t put Arthur Miller as a favourite author for me, I was just saying he was a very well respected American author.

      When I thought up the names Septimus and Marcia I don;t think Wikipedia was going. I just take the names that come into my head and have no idea how they get there! How strange that there is a link, though …. spooooooky.

      Please don’t feel bad about writing about Sep! ‘Creepy’ is probably the wrong word for me to use, I meant more like strange. And I only mean strange for me, personally. I am really touched that the Sep Heap world had become so real that people can write about it too. It would just be weird for me to read it! So keep on writing and please don’t feel bad.

  150. Amelia

    Hi angie again,
    i have another question in syren jenna raises her head to heaven. What religion is she and most of the castle Christin Duid Celtic?

    Also there are parts that hint that there were rocket ships in seps world very long ago. Beetle said they dont make poket watches any more, Is the past the future?

    Your biggest fan and aspireing writer Amelia
    PS please dont call me Amelia-Bedielia

    • Angie Sage

      Hello and I would not dream of calling you Amelia-Bedelia! That is the kind of thing little brothers do, if I remember rightly…

      I think I used heaven just as an alternative name for the sky. I do avoid religion in the books – I want them to be religion-free in fact.

  151. isabelle

    can extra ordanary(sorry for bad spelling) wizards marry and have thier famillies live in the wizard tower? i noticied that septimus and jenna have a close relationship is that true because i think that is illeagle?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Isabelle,

      EOWs can marry, but most don’t as their job is their life. Often if they do get married they hand the post on to someone else.

      Jenna and Septimus are not actually related. It is only by adoption.

  152. hi angie
    i look at some of the questions from another ask angie page and it said that wolf boy had two twin brothers and it is driving me crazy to try and find proof of it pealse help me

    • Angie Sage


      It is mentioned at the end of Magyk page 550! More about that in Darke…

  153. Rose;D

    Hi Angie! I love your books, and I can’t wait for DARKE to come out! I am from Norway but I can never wait for the book to come out in Norwegian so i read them in english. I just wondered: in Syren, 409 tells Lucy that he knows about moon rockets, how is that posible? And in physic, Snorri says that she got a some kind of telescope from a woman in an icepalace, will we eget hear that story? P.S. Sorry about the english;D

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Rose,

      Your English is great!
      Well, there are still a few mysteries in the series, a few unexplained things and moon rockets is one of them.
      I’m not planning on doing more about Snorri in the main series, but I’d like to do a whole book about her and Nicko when the series is ended. The telescope coudld well come into that. There is just SO much to write about!

  154. L.V.Yara

    Hi Angie
    i think that you knew my sister, Lorraine, she use my account to write her questions, we live in mexico, well we are Cuban, but we live in Mexico( i dont like here) the other day we went to Ghandi( a library where have all books) to buy the magykal papers, but we are really angry, the books arent here, any place of latinoamerica have it (except Brazil) why the books arent in LatinAmerica? we really love the books, we are really Septimus Heap fans, you are a genius

    • Angie Sage


      I’m really sorry you can’t get hold of Septimus in Mexico – there is a Spanish edition and also a Hispanic edition for the US market (but I don’t think the Magykal Papers have been translated much) so the translations of the series are available, but it’s all a matter of what the bookshops choose to stock. And possibly what publishing houses decide to buy. Septimus doesn’t get everywhere, it is true – I wish it did! But I will ask the rights department of HarperCollins where you could find them and how this works for Latin America. I hope you get to like Mexico better, it’s tough living somewhere you don’t like.

  155. Olivia

    Hi Angie,
    It’s Olivia! I just wanted to say that I’m THE biggest fan of Septimus Heap. 🙂 Nobody is a bigger fan than me! I also wanted to say that I am on Qeuste and it’s so exciting!!! But, I have some questions. 1.) How did The True Glass of Time get cracks in it? 2.) How do you pronounce Ullr? 3.) Will Nicko and Snorri ever get back to their own time? 4.) How in the world does the THING think that bringing a bag of DARKE NECROMANCERS bones will help Merrin? 5.) If Spit Fyre were 500 years old, how tall would he be? 6.) Did Septimus ever give the potion thing to Marcellus? 7.) Why doesn’t Jenna want to be Queen?

    With love,

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Olivia,

      It’s great you love Septimus so much!
      1. The True Glass of Time just did what delicate things do sometimes when they have been used too much – it broke. As you can imagine, such a thing is so finely balanced that every time someone goes through it all the molecular bonds are put under enormous stress. Even plain ancient glass sometimes breaks like this.
      2. Ullr: take the ool from wool and add er.
      3. You will have to keep reading!
      4. It doesn’t trust Merrin to do anything. So it brings the bones, as it knows they are still powerful.
      5. Very tall, generally very big and his scales would be really thick- like old toenails… an old dragon is pretty scary and somewhat disgusting… Dragons vary a lot in height, it depends what they have eaten when young, Spit Fyre probably won’t grow as big as he could do because hasn’t had a lot of meat. After an initial growth spurt, dragons continue to grow slowly throughout their lives so a 500 year old Spit Fyre would be pretty big. He’d probably have trouble hiding behind a small house.
      6. Yes he did. You can see about that in one of the end bits, I think.
      7. It’s a big thing to get used to. When you’re 13 you don’t necessarily want to do the things you know you have to do. She is getting used to the idea now, though.

  156. Luna

    its me again, and did Jenna ever go into any type of schooling besides for he queenly lessons? and how old is Aunt Zelda and how is she related to the heaps?

    great thanks,

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Luna,

      Jenna went to normal school when she lived with the Heap family as their daughter. When they came back to the Castle she went to school in the mornings and had a tutor too. Later she just had a tutor.
      Aunt Zelda is the sister of Benjamin and Theo Heap. Benjamin Heap is Silas Heap’s father. So she is Septimus’s great aunt.

  157. Talitha Lois

    Hi, do you have any brothers or sisters because septimus has such a big family? I have lots of sisters and a brother and it makes me feel like I’m in septimus’ world when I read it. Also if you did a tour for the last book where would we find out about it? Because I always find out about these things after they’ve happened. Thanks, Talitha Lois

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Talitha!

      I only have one brother, but I do have lots of lovely cousins and we often see each other, so I feel as though I do live in a large family. If I do a tour for the last book you will hear it here! I will post all the details and keep everyone updated. I’m also on Twitter now – AngieSageAuthor – and I’ll always tweet what I’m doing there too!

  158. IloveSeptimusHeap

    Hi Angie! I have a few questions about Marcia.

    How long has Marcia found Milo “dashing?” did she have a bit of an unrequited crush on him when he was married to the Queen? Did Milo ever court Marcia before he got interested in Cerys? Oh and what was the nature of the “python problem” Marcia went through as a child? And is Marcia an only child? Thanks.

    • Angie Sage


      Marcia is an only child and I shall expand on the python problem when I write a book about Marcia’s life before she became EOW.
      Marcia would deny absolutely that she finds Milo dashing (although we know she does) – and no, she would not have dreamed of thinking in that way about the Queen’s husband. Not that anyone ever saw him much anyway…

  159. Veronika

    Hey Angie,
    I really like Your books, they are so real! Especially I like how how did you revive a character Marcia Overstrand, her speech is like I saw her in front of me, something adorable…I read just three books because I’m from Croatia and they haven’t it jet I can’t wait for translate more long so I want to ask You are Nicko and Snorri still 500 years in past or…?
    And sorry about the bad English, we haven’t it in school, onley German… 😦

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Veronika,

      Your English is just fine, especially as you are not learning it in school.
      Marcia is very real to me too. She just arrived one morning in my head and I felt as though I knew everything about her. Most of my characters do that, but Marcia in particular does.

      Nicko and Snorri made it out in the end but it took another whole book – Queste – for that to happen. I hope you get the translation of Queste soon!

  160. Sherry

    Hi Angie! How come ghosts can drink but can’t eat? Since the ghosts in the Hole in the Wall tavern were drinking beer in Physik, I was wondering why they can’t eat.Also in your opinion, do you think Simon is better or worse on the Darke side? Will he and Lucy get married in Darke or in book seven? Thanks!

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Sherry,

      ghosts can’t drink, even in the Hole in the Wall tavern. They just nurse their tankards of ale, that’s why they get given one tankard when they first come to the tavern and never need another.
      I do prefer the good Simon, I think the Darke stuff makes him too predictable – bad is bad is bad – it’s all the same.
      You will have to wait and see what happens in Darke!

  161. Rachel Emily

    Dear Angie,

    In the end of Magyk, when Zelda comes back to find them having the apprentice party, Aunt Zelda does not recognize Alther. However, in Physik, Alther tells how, back when he was alive, Zelda had asked him to investigate wharehouse 9. Did Zelda just forget?

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Rachel Emily,

      Well, truthfully, it is a mistake. I reread that passage when I realised what I’d done and thought – bother (or words to that effect)! But it is not surprising that Aunt Zelda does not recognise Alther as he is much neater and tidier than when he was alive. And much cleaner than when she last saw him covered in warehouse dust. And it is true, Aunt Zelda’s memory is not good. This is one of the passages I’d like to change in Magyk (there are a few) and I hope I get a chance to do a second edition of Magyk when the series is done.

  162. Bryony :)

    Hi, these are really random questions but I’ve always wondered…
    1) Are the voices on the cd how you expected them to sound?
    2) Does anything ever happen to the dragon boat?
    3)Was jillie djinn a scribe in flyte?
    4) Will beetle ever become chief hermetic scribe as he left his manuscriptorium pen there?
    5) And is wolf boy the same age or younger than septimus as he was in the young army nursery with septimus but his trading card says he is a year younger…
    Thanks! 🙂

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Bryony,

      1. Well, I have only listened to the beginning of the Magyk CD as I foung it really weird listening to something I had written. The only voice I wasn’t sure about was Marcia’s. But apart from that, I liked what I heard.
      2. Yes, in the last book.
      3. Yes, she was. She sat at the back of the manuscriptorium and did a lot of counting. Not many people noticed her, so she wasn’t mentioned.
      4. There is lots more about Beetle in Darke!
      5. He’s not younger, that is definitely wrong. He was in the nursery too and is a few months older.

  163. isabelle

    i got a question why hasnt lucy and simon gotten married yet i mean theres got to be a place in the port where they can. i would also like to thank you for answering my question i am giddy with pleasure ( i hope this maens that i am yelling this to my mom because i cant believe it ) oh and that reminds me when i was looking for proff of wolf boys brothers i found that in syren septimus told him to look out for the port wich coven but didnt they aready go there in flyte?

    • Angie Sage

      Hello isabelle,

      Lucy decided she wanted a proper white wedding with her mother and father there. And Simon’s parents too. And that is not so easy….

      They did go there in Flyte, but Sep is concerned for Wolf Boy. He still feels a bit responsible for him, ever since Wolf Boy fell out of the boat and Sep couldn’t do anything.

  164. millie

    hi i was just wondering how old is syrah syara?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Millie,

      I think she is about 17 or 18… She too was a young Apprentice, like Sep.

  165. Ava P.

    Did Marcia really go through a “python problem” when she was younger?

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Ava,

      Marcia had a problem with a python, this is true. I believe the python came off worse … in the end.

  166. Ava P.

    Oh, and: If Sep does go through his apprenticeship intact, does he just become an Ordinary Wizard?

  167. ivy

    hi angie
    i am an 11 year old girl and i looooove your books!! I am actually a writer myself, i have written novels (but they havent been published…yet) songs, poems, almost anything you could imagine!! But i admire your books more than you could ever imagine. But, i have only read books 1-4 out of my school library, and was wondering, how it says that both marcia and sylus were both althers apprentices, and how in the fourth book queste, the one ghost says that he lost BOTH of his apprentices to the queste, how many apprentices can an extra ordinary wizarde have? And also, do you have any plans of writing about how jenna, septimus, beatle and everyone will be in the future, when the kids now are adults, and relationships and who they will mary? And do you truthfully believe in ghosts, magyk, shapeshifting, wizardry and that stuff? And one more thing, how did you become a writer?

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Ivy,

      I’m so glad you like the Sep Heap books!

      An EOW can have as many Apprentices as they like. Some have lots, others like Marcia are very choosy.

      I do have plans to write a ten years later book for the series. Also something about Marcia’s childhood.

      I don’t know what to think about ghosts, I have to say. But most of the other stuff, I think it works best in fiction. Or maybe in a parallel universe. But i can’t see much of it in ours here…

      I became a writer very, very slowly! I was an illustrator first and it took a long time to learn to write properly… I read lots when i was younger (actually, I still do). I think getting to know words is the best way to learn to write. Good luck with your writing!

  168. Amelia

    Hi angie Again! 😀
    I’ve been wondering for along time what sarahs eyes colours are. In some books it says that sarah is a wizard with green eyes. In others it says she has Blue Witches eyes. Also in the magykal papers the picture of sarah heap has blue eyes.
    Also is sarah and silas someway related besides by marrage, because they look like they can be siblings.
    Are these glitches?

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Amelia,

      Oh no, not more eye problems. I think the entire series has started wearing coloured contacts just to confuse everyone…

      Sarah Heap has green eyes. I shall have to check out Sarah. Mark’s drawing are sometimes a little different as he draws his own vision. Which I love. He does pay really close attention to the text though, so maybe he has picked up what you have. And yes, it probably is a glitch!

      Sarah and Silas aren’t related (except way, way back), but like many people, they were attracted to a person who looked a lot like themselves.

  169. Virginia Tola

    Hi Angie!

    I’m Virginia from Spain.
    Some time ago I’ve been looking for the book
    THE PAPERS MAGYKAL but in Spanish.
    I have only found in English and my question is
    Will he leave this book in Spanish? or only exist in English?
    Thanks and congratulations on these fantastic books.

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Virginia,

      I don’t think the Magykal Papers have been translated into Spanish, I’m sorry about that…

      But all the others are!

  170. Ivy

    Hey Angie, me again, with a few more questions, so hang in there
    1.) Will you be doing any book signings in New York or anything like that?
    2.) Do you have any family members with an interest in writing, or anything like that (art, singing ect.)
    3.) How old are you?
    4.) When did you start writing your septimus heap adventures?
    5.) and lastly, where did you get the idea to write these genius stories?

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Ivy,

      1. Sorry to say I am not coming over to the US this year, but I do hope to before the series is finished.
      2. A lot of my family do creative things. I have a cousin who is a paper engineer (he designs pop up books) and another who works in TV and my older daughter (Laurie Pink) does great drawings. No one else writes as far as I know…
      3. Ancient. Personally, I don’t believe it but I am 58…
      4. About 2000. There was something about the millennium that made me want to do something special.
      5. I don’t know! I feel like I have had the idea forever, like it has always been part of my life…

  171. Drew

    I like writing, even if I have never had the attention span to write a full length book. I’ve always thought that writing a 100,000 word book like Septimus Heap would be fun, but it’s pretty hard. I was wondering, how long does a REALLY GOOD book have to be, as far as having enough character development and plot and such.

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Drew,

      It’s true it is hard writing a book – of any length. And a longer one takes more stamina, I think. And becomes more complicated, so you have to keep more in your head. It’s difficult to give a minimum word count for a good book as some short stories can have wonderful depth. I think the average length of a novel is about 75,000 words but I don’t think there is an ideal length, some stories need more time to tell than others.

  172. Ethan

    Dear Angie,

    Does Septimus or Jenna…umm… meet their romance?


    • Angie Sage

      hello ethan,

      I’m not sure yet… They are still young. Maybe in the follow on book.

  173. Brendan

    Okay I don’t remember if this is in the books but what does Marcia look like? I saw the drawing of her when it appeared at the beginning of the chapter but I don’t remember ever seeing a description past her point shoes and ExtraOrdinary Wizard’s Stuff…

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Brendon,

      There is a description of Marcia first in Magyk chapter four. And I do describe her a little in each book. Dark curly hair, tall, green eyes (of course)…

  174. megan

    hi Angie a couple questions:) the first is in book three. says that Jillie djinn thought the queens room could be in the summer house , and something about wondering if the black fiend was a legend well my real question now, is the black fiend ULLR snorries cat in his night time mode?

    2.also in book 3 , Marcellus pye. has an everlasting flame, which means it probably stays lit under water, and he can hold his breath for 10 minutes so do you think that it was him under water with his flame when septimus saw the fire under the water?

    thank you, Megan:)

    • Angie Sage

      HI Megan

      1. Yes!!
      2. Yes, it was Marcellus. he used to go for walks under the water…

  175. Sherry

    Hi Angie! A few more questions: Why would Simon help Septimus and Marcia save the Castle? Since the synopsis said so,I wanted to ask,wouldn’t he just watch and count that as revenge? He hates Septimus,so wouldn’t he let them suffer instead? Unless there is catch there,like returning Slueth… Please answer soon!

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Sherry,

      You’re assuming that Simon doesn’t want to change and resolve things. He’s made a terrible mistake and he is beginning to understand just how awful he has been – and how hard it is to get back from that. But everyone deserves a second chance.

  176. Sherry

    I would like to know more about Darke. Could you tell us a little more about it? We all would appreiciate it… Thank you!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi again, Sherry!

      I reckon I have given lots of clues here already! So I am not going to spoil the fun of reading it by saying too much more.

  177. Joe Armitage

    Hi Angie,
    Just before my 7 questions I’d like to say, you are the best author ever and I wish I was as good as you!!!
    1)People have been saying that Sep might like Jenna but Beetle does aswell so might that make them stop being best friends?
    2)This is like a suggestion. You said someone will die in the 7th book what if you could make someone die and sumone like Marcia/Sep/Silas/Sarah/Zelda, bring them back to life but die in the process?
    3)Im not asking about the auditions it is just I was wanting to be Sep in the films but now Im 11 and Im too old but how old is Beetle, coz I mite audition for him?
    4)Because people talk about a tour could you maybe come to Leeds/ Bradford area??? 😀
    5) In Magyk when Alther tells everyone about how he didn’t push DomDaniel off the pyramid Libary, it says ‘He watched his master enter the abyss’ or something similar to that, what does that mean?
    6)If you do make a 10 years later book, if you maybe made Septimus had seven sons would a seventh son of a seventh son of a seventh son, be even more powerful?!!?!
    7)and finally Septimus sort of means seven and you probabbly made the connection between the seventh son of seventh son and Septimus stuff but is it a coincidence that there is also seven books? Because I found that wierd…

    • diana

      Interesting. What about a seventh DAUGHTER of a seventh son of a seventh son? Come on ,seriously Angie? Take a stand for the extra magical GIRLS please!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Joe,

      Thank You!!!

      1. It’s a problem that best friends often have to work out in real life. But no it doesn’t.
      2. I don;t think I did say someone dies in the 7th book… did I? Someone does die in Darke, tho. Nice idea…
      3. Beetle is a few year older than Sep. About 3, i think.
      4. I will ask Bloomsbury. I am doing a UK tour in October.
      5. he went down into the Darke Halls, although at the beginnig of the series I didn’t know what they were called. More about them in Darke.
      6. How about daughters?
      7. No, that is deliberate. That’s why I gave him that name!

  178. rémy

    hello, do you think to make a new magical papers ?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Remy,
      it depends on whether my publisher would like one – that is, whether it would sell enough copies. We will have to wait and see, I think.

  179. cara

    i found this site yesterday and so fr it seems that theres a book i haven’t read. i finished syren a couple of weeks ago but havn’t read the Magykal Papers. i think that might be why i’m so confused. anyway, a few questions:
    1) do u ever walk VERY fast when u imagine part of a story? i enjoy wrighting stuff and walking helps me get the plot to make sense
    2) sorry but how exactly do u audition in “open auditions”? my Big Dream is 2 b an actrice or an author but i’m far better at acting than i am at wrighting!
    3) does it matter if u look the exact opposite of the character u want 2 play and r 3 years older than that character?
    sorry 2 ask about the film but ever since i read book 1 i’ve been hoping 2 get a part in te film.
    just 1 more thing: Angie, ur THE best author EVER!!!

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Cara,
      The Magical Papers is an additional book and you shouldn’t have to read that to understand the series – I;m sorry if you are confused. Oh dear. I know some of the books do get a little complicated. One day i would like to go back and edit them, there are a few complications I would clear up.
      1. Yes, I do go for a walk to think – but not fast! I aslo talk things over too.
      2. I guess that they must be where anyone can turn up. If I ever find out I will post it here.
      3. You;d have to ask Warners casting about that – but the movie hasn’t got to that stage yet… but good luck when they do.

      And thank you!!

  180. LauraHurricane

    Hi Angie, maybe someone has already asked you, but I don’t remember, so I’ll do a try and I really hope you will answer me, because you are my favourite writer 🙂

    “Will Merrin ever meet his mother?”

    I think that he could have been a nicer person with someone who loves him.
    I hope you will answer, thanks a lot 🙂

    Sorry if I have done some mistakes, but I’m Italian and I’m learning a lot reading your books in English (Queste isn’t out yet here in Italy).

    • Angie Sage

      Hi there, LauraHurricane,

      Thank you! Your question about Merrin will be answered in Darke…

      And your English is great, by the way.

  181. Ethan

    Dear Angie,

    Will any more people come in the next two books?


    • Angie Sage

      Hello Ethan,

      there is one new person in Darke, and a new creature. As I am only just beginning to write book 7, I don’t know about that yet. I shall have to wait and see..

  182. Kate

    Hi Angie I have a few questions.

    1. Is Alther acually blood related to Jenna? Because when I saw thier pics Ather is asian and Jenna doesn’t look asaian

    2. Does Jenna and Septimus like date since they’re not really related to each other.

    3. did you like to write when you were a child?

    4. do you have a habit that you really want to get rid of but you just can’t?

    5 does Simon and Lucy get married?

    6. When it said in Darke watch out for Wolf Boys brothers, are they going to be like actual wolves or real people?

    Thnx 🙂 1 more thing you are the best auuthor in the whole world! Really I read 1-5 in 8 days.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Kate,

      1. No Alther isn’t related to Jenna. She calls him Uncle only in the way that children sometimes call favourite adults Aunt and Uncle. I don’t think either of them are Asian. Unless the whole Castle is, of course. They are both Castle people.

      2. I don’t know. Well, they don’t know either…

      3. I preferred drawing stories as a child! When i wrote I could never think of the ending.

      4. i don’t think so. Unless you count being a bit untidy…

      5. you will have to wait and see!

      6. Ah, you mean the wolverines… but no, his brothers are the other boys who were in the Young Army Nursery with him. So they are boys.

      Thanks Kate, and you are a fast reader – wow!

  183. Kate

    oh and 1 more thing if alther is her real uncle does that mean jennas asian?

  184. Lorraine

    Hi Angie
    I am the sister of L.V.Yara, my questions are:
    1-In Magyk said that Marcia gave the gold circlet to Jenna, but i Queste, when that man who said to Jenna to gave him her circlet, Jenna thougth that it was the circlet that her mother gave it to her, finally who gave the circlet to Jenna???
    2-Why in the magykal papers in english didnt apear Merrin??
    Hope you can answer soon
    P.S-My sister said that all the people who think they are the #1 septimusheapfans, she said that dont lose their times she is the #1

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Lorraine,

      1. Marcia got the circlet from Cerys and gave it to Jenna. I think in Queste jenna says it was her mother’s… which it was. I must check that one.
      2. There wasn’t room in the magykal papers for all the characters. So, as ever, merrin got thrown out. it’s a tough world for merrin!

  185. CM

    Dear Angie!

    When she enters the series, Snorri is such a strong female character. She’s a Northern Trader, she is a skipper, and she knows what she wants in life. However, now it seems as though she has lost her feisty personality and is just in love with Nicko and stands by him all the time. Why did she lose her spunky character? I think it’s terrible when women do that just to please guys.

    And also, I have to ask…someone told me earlier on this blog on one of the ask angie pages that Marcia had many boyfriends as a youngster. Is that really true? Was she pretty as a young person or was she kind of awkward? Also, does Milo fancy her back or is he still too enamored with Cerys?

    Last thing, are there anymore dragon eggs that haven’t hatched in the series yet?

    Thank you!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi CM

      I know, Snorri has got that teen girl thing we all get when we meet a B-O-Y. Gah… but it happens. And it doesn’t last for ever.

      Marcia had lots of boyfriends??? Hmm, if she did I don’t think she’d own up to it. But she’s had one or two. She was good looking and a little gauche. She is still good looking, I think.

      Milo is a bit of a flirt, I’m afraid. You can’t tell what he really thinks.

      There are dragon eggs all over the place. But because of the specific conditions they need in order to hatch most lie undiscovered.

  186. David

    I’m writing a book and i’m stuck on chapter 4 and I want to know what to do.

    I also have one more question, what number of pages do you limit yourself to for each chapter?

    • Angie Sage

      Hello david,

      If only I knew… Sometimes one just gets stuck. Best thing is to put the chapter to one side and look at it again in a few weeks time. You might see it differently then. Or go wild and add a totally unexpected event/character to it and see what happens.

      For Septimus, I try to keep each chapter between 1000 words and 3000 words. I keep and average number of 2000 words for each chapter. that’s the idea, anyway.

      Good Luck!

  187. Lucy

    Does Marcia think of Septimus as her son? Did she ever want to have kids of her own? I know she’s a bit old to start having them now….

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Lucy,

      Marcia never really liked children, I think living so near the Heaps probably put her off. But she has become much more motherly since having Sep as her Apprentice. But I don’t think she wants any of her own.

  188. Beatrice

    Dear Angie,
    I am rereading Septimus Heap series, and I caught myself wondering…did Cerys have a name for Jenna when she was born, because Silas and Sarah named her Jenna, but did Milo and Cerys also have a name for her? If so, which would it be?
    Thank you 🙂

  189. Bryony :)

    Hi again! I have a few questions, but I will just ask these two questions…
    1) Do you know anyone who cooks like aunt zelda?
    2) And are snorri’s eyes green or blue? Because in physik it says she has blue eyes but I’ve read that they’re green…. Is this because she developed magyk?
    P.S. I love DARKE, I have the first three chapters on my iPod and they’re amazing!!!! 🙂

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Byony,

      1 – yes! but I only met her after I had written about Aunt Zelda, She even looked like AZ and made her own tent dresses too. It was very weird…
      2 – They are blue. But when I was writing Queste i saw them as green. I think the answer is that Spirit-Seers eyes can change if they are near to Wizards – this is what must have happened.

      really glad you like Darke!

  190. diana

    You probably get asked this a lot, but I’m writing my own book about a girl who is a little bit crazy, jumps off a bridge shortly after her boyfriend proposes to her, and learns many valuable lessons while temporarily under the care of her guardian angel. It’s going to be better than how I described it, but I need to hear about writing styles. Do you think through your novels, like you know how you want each to start and end and a vague idea of what goes on in the middle, or do you just wing it? I have ruined quite a few good story lines by not thinking it through well enough, so, what do you do before writing????????

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Diana,

      Yes, I write pretty much as you describe. I think through the books and the characters. And yes, it does lead up a few blind alleys but it also makes for a believable story too, I reckon. I do have an idea how I want each book to end though. And sometimes a few things tat I know must happen on the way. it’s a bit like catching a train: you know where you are starting from and you know (or think you do) where you are going to get off. But you have no idea who your travelling companions are going to be…

      good luck with the writing!

  191. Rachel Emily

    Angie, first of all, just want to say that the prologe is amazing. The tactic of releasing the first chapter to upcoming books has definately worked in this case. I think that if the release date is delayed again you’ll have a pack of bloodthirsty fans at your heels.

    Second, when is the “Browse Inside” feature for Darke coming?


  192. Maria

    Thank you so much for answering my questions before. Here are some more.
    1. What are the names of Marcia’s parents?
    2. Does Marcia like her curly dark hair?
    3. How old was Marcia when she moved out of her parents’ house?
    4. In Darke are Lucy and Simon already married?
    5. Will we see more interaction between Marcellus and Marcia in Darke?

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Maria,
      1. She hasn’t told me yet.
      2. Yes, she does.
      3. Not sure, but she left home as soon as she could.
      4. No, not yet. Lucy wants to wait until both sets of parents can be there.
      5. Yes!

  193. Sherry

    Hi,so deos Jakey have a crush on Lucy? Will he find out that she already has a boyfriend? If it does occur in the next book or so, will she be forced to chose between Simon and Jakey? Which would she chose?

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Sherry,

      Jakey sails off into the sunset at the end of SYREN. And Lucy would of course always choose simon. She thought jakey was sweet, but no more than that.

  194. Sherry

    And this is just mt opinion,but don’t you think seven books is not enough(since your work is amazing)? I understand it makes sense with the story,but maybe there can be another add-on book like the Magykal Papers…Maybe they could be the story from some of the charecter’s veiws, but these are just ideas that I hope you can use. Thank you and happy Lunar New Year!(aka Chinese New Year)

  195. Emma

    Hi Im a SUPER HUGE BIG OUTTA THIS WORLD fan. I was wondering on the septimus heap website you know how you have to find card with the characters on it? why do sometimes you find a character with your mouse and not the magyk ring? i mean thats confusing because if you’re trying to find all the cards then its not fair because you are supposed to find them with the ring. anyway I love you’re books and you’re a great writer so keep on writing! (please?)

  196. Emma

    HI its me again Emma your SUPER BIG OUTTA THIS WORLD fan. I’ve been writing this story about vampires since the third grade and i just get stuck sometimes so heres my question: what do you do when you’re writing a story and you want it to be long and you just get a thought like “if the character did this then what else would she do?” and then it feels like you have to end right there but you don’t want to because its not long enough?
    ANd I have another question: Are you gonna make something lovey-dovey in this story? like Simon and Lucy get married or Snorri and Nicko are boyfriend and girlfriend? and In the seventh book you should make jenna do something queely you like “The Time Is Right” or something since you are only having seven books in your series but remember you can always change your mind if you like 10 books or 12 or 1000. no pressure. ok well keep on writing you great writer of our generation.

  197. Jeï

    i too am writing a book. i’m stuck on chapter 9. how do you make your books so good?!

  198. something


    It says in one of the books (in a scence at the palace)that a ghost (i think it was Godric) went a long forgotten seat at the back of the hall and fell asleep until many years later when Jenna’s own daughter ran into him with a scooter.

    Will you mention the daughter in any of your future books?

    I alo think it would be good if you wrote about those first ten years at the ramblings.

  199. gemma

    hey angie ~(please excuse spelling and graticle erroes and im sorry if these folling questons have been asked befor)
    i was wondering: long do you usally spen on a book (just writting it)
    2. when you wen to get yoou books pubilshed but a publisher did you get excepted straight away if not how may time did you have to try? do you stick to 1 idea, ive tried writting sooo many time and i usaly get to chapter 15 or around that number and then go of into and new idea.

    from geemma 🙂

  200. Luna

    what happened to Marcellus’ wife? did wolf boy ever complete his “task”?


    • Angie Sage

      Hi Luna,

      Broda Pye just stayed on as Keeper. And yes, Wolf boy did complete the task. It was a test of initiative and bravery as much as anything. And he did have some squishy bits of tentacle stuck to the bottom of the bag anyway. Which Aunt Zelda very nearly put in the soup by mistake…

  201. hi Angie,
    I was wondering:
    1. how old is bettle in darke? Is he as same age as Jo-jo?, (because you say that in flyte)
    2. Is Sam the gay boy?
    3. When is Jenna going to merry?
    4.we will discover other members of bettle, septimus or jenna’s fammily?

    P.s: sorry if i made mistakes in my writting! I’m not an english…

  202. Jeff

    Hello, Angie, it’s me again!

    I was wondering, if Wolf Boy fed the Grim tentacle to Jim Knee, did he still complete his TASK? Does it count?


    • Angie Sage

      Hi Jeff,

      yes, he did complete his task. The very fact of having got the tentacle was enough also he did have some rather disgusting tentacle bits left behind….

  203. hi, sorry is me again
    will change the caracters in the new book( speak of point of view of behavior, habits.=, etc.)?

    • Angie Sage

      hi ionna,

      the characters will be the same – just a little older – and wiser…

  204. Lucy

    Angie, I was trying to read chapters one and two of darke on my kindle and it says that I can’t access those chapters in the United States although people from the U.S. have reviewed this product (the free copy of magyk with darke chapter attatched I mean). What can I do? Thank you!

    • Angie Sage

      Oh crumbs, Lucy, I don’t know. I think the best thing to do is query it with Amazon. It sounds like it might be a minor glitch if people have already accessed it. Good luck!

  205. Haridha

    Heya! Just one question: do ExtraOrdinary Wizards have to make their best apprentices the next ExtraOrdinary Wizard?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Haridha,

      EOWs do not, of course, have to do anything! But no, they don’t. it’s often a matter of luck and being in the right place at the right time.

  206. Millie

    This girl I know keeps insisting that Marcia and Marcellus are going to get together and that it’s inevitable and makes sense but I think they’d be all wrong for each other. What do you think, Angie?

  207. Mack

    Who is the prettiest woman or girl physically in the series?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Mack,

      I think they are all great. Anyway, it’s not really about looks, is it? or is it…

  208. Kieran

    Dear Angie,
    Do you ever see any body in the streets that remind you of your characters, If so who and how? When the book comes oout in the Uk will you be doing a tour and signings? I’m a HUGE fan 😀 Can’t wait untill for Darke and book 7 🙂

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Kieran,

      I once saw Merrin Meredith lounging on wall in Helston in Cornwall… And i’ve seen Jenna once or twice too. I think if i really looked I could find them all.
      Yes, as I am not doing a US tour for Darke, I shall be doing lots of signings in the Uk. We are getting a schedule together very soon and I will keep you posted. If you do Twitter I am there as AngieSageAuthor and I’ll tweet what I’m doing too.

  209. yo

    hi, its me again,
    i was just wondering, whatever does happen to the dragon boat? I’m just curious, you don’t have to spoil to much. I can’t wait until Darke comes out in Canada!

  210. Dear Ms. Angie Sage
    I am a huge fan of Septimus heap. I am still reading the books though. I just finished physik. It was awesome. I’m not a good writer but I love to read! How do you get your amazing ideas? I hope you won’t stop writing books for a while. It’s hard to find seiries that are as good as yours. And I dont want to spend another year doing that. I am nine and in the fourth grade and when I grow up, I want to be just like you!

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Esther,

      That’s lovely! I really don’t know how I get the ideas. I did spend years writing and not get many ideas… there is something about Septimus heap that just works for me. When I write the ideas arrive (except for today, which is proving tricky. But we all have days like this…).

  211. Ava P.

    Have you ever read any of Diana Wynne Jones’ books?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Ava,

      i haven’t read any of Diana’s books (but I have heard that they are wonderful). The reason is that i don’t read any fantasy – I don’t want to find that i have take other writers’ ideas by mistake. Things can creep into you head without realising it… But the strange thing is that when I lived in Bristol, many years ago, a group of us used to meet for breakfast in Herberts cafe and sometimes Diana was there. So I can say that I haven’t read her books but I have had breakfast with her!

      • ally

        Sorry Angie, but did you get petroc trelawny from harry potter because there is Professer Trelawny on that. (I still love your books!)

  212. gemma

    hey angie ~(please excuse spelling and graticle erroes and im sorry if these folling questons have been asked befor)
    i was wondering: long do you usally spen on a book (just writting it)
    2. when you wen to get yoou books pubilshed but a publisher did you get excepted straight away if not how may time did you have to try? do you stick to 1 idea, ive tried writting sooo many time and i usaly get to chapter 15 or around that number and then go of into and new idea. also (question extened) who is you facrout author?

    from geemma

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Gemma,
      1. I really need a year, which I got for Darke. I had a little less time for Flyte, Physik, Queste and Syren and i think they were written in about 8 months or so.
      2. By the time I was writing Septimus I had and agent and had already had books published so it was much easier. Sep got accepted pretty much straight away.
      3. It’s tough until it works. I have started so many stories and got stuck that I have lost count. You just keep going until something works. Practice is the thing…
      I have loads of favourite authors. Its hard to say… Evelyn Waugh, Jane Austen, Ian McEwan and lots more. At the moment I am reading lots of historical stuff, which is a bit different.

    • Angie Sage

      This is a reply for ally – above as, weirdly, there was no reply option!

      I didn’t know there was a Prof Trelawney in Harry Potter. It is the only name I took from a real person (so I hope he doesn’t mind). I did spell it differently though. It is the name of a radio presenter in the UK who is Cornish. He used to be at school near to where I lived. I just love the name and of course it goes with pet rock so well.

  213. Sherry

    What exactly is an aie-aie? Deos it really exsist on Earth?

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Sherry,

      well, no it doesn’t, I thought I had made it up. But then i came across something called an Aye-Aye which is a nocturnal creature with big eyes and looks a little similar (apart from the tooth). Which is weird. But the real Aye-Aye is quite shy and not at all nasty.

  214. Drew

    When you tour the US, will you ever be doing any tours near Michigan when you are touring, or will you mainly visit the bigger areas like New York and stuff?

    • Angie Sage

      hi Drew,

      I have been in Michigan on past tours so I reckon I’ll probably be coming again – but not this year, I’m afraid. Maybe for the last book, though…

      • megan

        it would be so so so so cool if you could come to any place in montana 🙂 !

  215. Poppy

    Angie I think you may have missed some of the questions above. And have you ever had a dog like Maxie?

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Poppy,

      sometimes I just choose a few questions at random if I haven;t got much time – then I come back later, so it does look like I’ve missed a few even though I’ll be back (someone else said that, I think…)

      No, I have never had a dog like Maxie (thank goodness) but I know plenty of people who do.

  216. Luna

    i absolutely love your books!! i love fantasy books (so of course I’ve read harry potter, and they are phenomenal) but, your books are the best forms of literature i have ever read! and, i wanted to thank you for creating the masterpiece that is… Septimus Heap


  217. Kate

    Dear Angie,
    Did Marcia ever think about getting married and having kids?
    Kate 🙂

    P.S. sorry about that last question Alther doesn’t look asain I was reading another book at that time and was thinking about that character.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Kate,

      No worries, as they say in Oz!
      Marcia and kids … I don’t think it has ever crossed her mind…

  218. Ethan

    Hey Angie,

    Does anyone else like… um… die?

  219. amellia

    hey Angie!
    i’m not sure if someone has already asked you this, but do know when Darke will be coming out in australia? i live in australia, (but i wish i lived in england)
    i want to be an author when i’m older, and i write alot, but i’ve only just started high school, so i’m finding it harder to find time to write. my other question is did you like high school? i have mixed emotions about it at the moment…

    • Rachel Emily

      The export edition for UK comes out June first, but I’m not sure if that included Australia

      • Australia included: UK Bloomsbury: Export Edition (paperback edition for Australia, South Africa and other Commonwealth countries)

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Amelia,

      As shauki says, you’ll be getting Darke in june as the export edition comes out first and it does incude Oz.

      Yes, I did like high school a lot. It was a lot more fun than home. Don’t worry about finding enough time to write, there’s lots of other exciting stuff to do. Sometimes its important to do that too and just store it all up for writing about later.

  220. Jackie Heagy

    Hi Angie I have a Kindle e-book reader and was able to buy Septimus Heap book 1 through I thought it was a very good book and tried to buy the second one only to find out that the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th e-books are not available to Canada. Will this be changing or was it an oversite? I see that I can buy the 5th and 6th books and I would really like to own them all. Thank you.

    • Angie Sage

      Hello jackie,

      I’m so glad you liked Magyk. I’m not an expert on e-books, but I had thought they were available. I will ask my editor. Have you tried asking Amazon about this as they are the provider for Kindle.

  221. Anny

    Help! I know I have been going mad about this all over the website, but I am willing to even buy a Kindle if it means previewing the first two chapters. But, when I clicked the link that you included with the prologue to Darke (which by the way was awesome) it said there was no such page. Do you know what’s happening? Have you published the ebooks yet?


  222. Luna

    If you ever happen to come to the United States, you should think about coming to Oklahoma. Have you ever been before? i believe you would enjoy it here!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Luna,

      I haven’t been to Oklahoma, but I’d love to come. I hope I get there next time!

  223. Poppy

    This person you killed off in Darke…was he or she a major character? And will there be a lot of romance in books six and seven?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Poppy,

      I’m going to be mean and not give away any more clues about Darke…

      There is not much romance in darke, although some things do get sorted out. Book 7 might be a little different, though.

  224. Sleenki

    dear Angie
    I wolud like to ask you some questions:
    1) You know in magyk that using magyk was banned then why was the extra ordinery wizard not banned and if she needed an apprentece then wold not he/she need some magykle exsperance?
    2) (this is a follow on from question 1) and if magyk was banned then how come there were still ordinery wizards in the tower?
    3) (when I say banned I mean from school because syles had to hide the magky book) but why was it banned?
    4) why didnt the queen Cerys’s gards warn or protect her from the assasin?
    5) (this is from Quest) Stanly said that he didnot want any more rats when (sorry I forgot his name you know the rat man sorry) oferd him rats?
    6) and if stanly did not want rats why did he contine the survice?
    7) (in syren) why did simon heap keep his old robes from dom dainle?
    and that alll but just to wrap it up I hope you have a wonderfull hoilday filled with happyness and Magyk!
    From Sleenki

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Sleenki,
      Oh gosh, these are complicated…
      1. Magyk teaching was banned from schools but the Custodian did not dare go further than that. Often things are suppressed in schools first by regimes like that.
      Marcia wanted an Apprentice with true magykal talent, not experience, which anyone can get.
      2. Magyk was not banned. It was an uneasy co-existence. They did not have the power to ban it.
      3. It was banned from schools because the regime did not want people having any personal power, which a small knowledge of Magyk will give you.
      4. The Queen did not have any guards, she didn’t think she needed any. Like the old Palaces in the UK, people could freely wander in and out.
      5. I will need to find this bit. I think Stanley had just about had enough of everything at that point. What page was this on?
      6. Stanley was persuaded back against his better judgement.
      7. Simon kept his robes because at that moment he was still not willing to let go of all the Darke stuff. He liked the feeling of power they gave him.

      Thank you for your holiday wishes – I will store them up for when I go away next!

  225. Sherry

    Hi,Angie! I hope Darke is going well.So,let me ask you,What is the cover of Magyk supposed to be? Since the cover of Flyte is the Draxx,the cover of Physik is Sep’s physik juornal, the cover of Queste is Nicko’s notes,the cover of Syren was Syrah’s diary,and I think the cover of Darke is the Darke Index.I fust can’t make out the cover of Magyk. Do you know what it is? Please answer soon! Thanks!

    • Magyk – the diary that Marcia made for Septimus at the end of the novel
      FlyteHow to Survive Dragon Fostering: A Practykal Guide
      PhysikI, Marcellus
      Queste – the Restored notes of Nicko bound by Ephaniah Grebe
      Syren – The Book of Syrah Syren
      DarkeThe Darke Index
      Book Seven – who knows? 😀

      • Sleenki

        wow I never noticed I just thought is was just a magical cover to show how magic the book is?

  226. Sleenki

    Dear Angie
    Today my brother is 7 (magic number) and It got me wondriung is the 7th son of a 7th son at his powfullest at the age of 7? and dose this apply to girls. Because I tyhink it would. (sorry for spelling I am dylexic)
    from Sleenki
    have a nice hoilday everyone

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Sleenki,

      I think it does apply to girls too. Each multiple of 7 is an important time, so 14 is and also 21. It is not necessarily a Magykal time, just a time when things happen.

  227. Sherry

    Hi! One more question; When Etheldredda went into the Bone Fyre, why did the True Crown roll out? Was it substansial,too? Did it come out because it was meant for Jenna? Thanks!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Sherry,

      It was a bit Magykal, I suppose as it was totally Substantial, unlike Etheldredda who was only partially. And yes, it was meant for Jenna.

  228. Priya

    Dear Miss Sage,
    I am the biggest Septimus Heap fan ever, and I just wanted to know why there is a gold cover for the Magykal papers and there is also a red one. (I saw it on a book buying website) is there any difference?

  229. Joe Armitage

    I was reading Physik for like what has to of been the fifth time and I stumbled across something. When Septimus goes to see Beetle in the infirmary, Sarah tells Septimus, that Beetles mum went to get his dad so he could see Beetle before he passed away, but I read that Beetle’s dad died when Beetle was a young age, and I found it strange!
    Joeee 🙂
    P.S. I am your number 1 fan, sorry to dissapoint all the others, also when I’m reading your books, I feel like I know each character personally, you really bring your books to life 🙂

    • From THE MAGYKAL PAPERS (UK edition), p. 133:
      You may have read elsewhere that Beetle grew up with both his parents, but we regret to say that this is not true. Some of our sources are not always reliable. Also Beetle had a habit, when young, of pretending that his father was still alive and that has led to some confusion around the Castle.

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Joe,

      Thank you, that’s great – that’s how I want you to feel when you read the books!
      You picked up what was a mistake, but Shauki has found the bit in the Magykal Papers that I was looking for! Beetle hated the fact that he had lost his dad.

  230. jennarockstheworld:)

    Dear Angie Sage,
    What is your favorite thing about Septimus Heap.

  231. syrahxoxo

    Hello 🙂
    Can I ask, does Jenna actually get to talk to Cerys? It would be one of the most magykal times of the septimus heap series because jenna would be so happy!

    • Angie Sage

      Well, I think it will happen, although I haven’t written it yet.

  232. Talitha Lois

    Hi angie. Do you ever think that if jenna met her mother that Cerys woul talk to her in disguise as another person? Because jenna wouldn’t necessarily recognize her so her mother might want to see what jenna feels about without revealing her true identity. Also does jenna mee her mother in future books or can you not tell us? Also what determines who becomes a ghost because I am assuming not everyone can or the place would be overflowing with them? Thanks. Talitha lois

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Talitha Lois,

      Anyone can get to be a ghost, but not everyone wants to & lots just hide away. I think Jenn would recognise her mother as they look similar, but I won;t say more than that…

  233. Tara Passionfruit

    Dear Angie,
    I’ve noticed a lot on the Ask Angie pages that everyone comes and posts their questions about the books for you and you very kindly write back your answers as best as you can.
    But, what I want to ask is:
    How are you?
    Have you been having a good day/week/month/year?
    Are you happy with how everything is going in your life?

    And to everyone else: never forget to ask even the simplest questions because often, those are the ones that are most appreciated.


    • Angie Sage

      Hello Tara,

      that’s really lovely…

      Well, I am fine thanks, and all is very good right now. Our house is a bit of a building site at the moment but it will all be worth it and it is interesting discovering things about the house, as it is really old. And Henry Viii on the wall is still pretty exciting too.
      Spring is on its way here and I love that. And the village we live in is such a fun place to be, full of so many lovely people. So I can happily say that I think things are the best – ever.

      I hope things are good in your life too.

  234. Matthew

    Dear Ms Sage,
    I was just wondering about Darke and I have a few questions:
    1. Does Beetle have a main part in Darke because he is my favourite character!
    2. Will we ever see Jenna’s shield bug again because in Flyte Simon Heap through it into the marsh?
    3. Does Jillie Djinn ever give Beetle his job back?
    4. And, finally, does the “O” in “O. Beetle Beetle” stand for anything?

    Your most loyal fan,
    Matthew 🙂

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Matthew,

      1. Yes, there is quite a bit about Beetle in Darke. I like Beetle too!
      2. Not sure about the Shield bug yet. I thought he might have drowned…
      3. You will have to wait until Darke!
      4. This is explained in one of the ending bits – or maybe the MPs … Mrs Beetle, distraught at her husband having recently died, went to register Beetle’s name. When she got to the office, all she could do was sob: ‘Oh, Beetle, Beetle’. Beetle was what she called her husband. So the registrar wrote down: O Beetle Beetle. Sad, but true.

  235. Josiah Lance

    Dear Angie,
    I extremely LOVE your books. I have read all of them, and I can’t wait for Darke to come out! I have a few questions, though…
    When will the other Heap brothers besides Sam actually contribute to the story plot? And will Jim Knee know about what happened to the princess because Nicko, Snorri, Jenna, Beetle, and Septimus met her in the House of Foryx? What would happen to the Castle when Morwenna broke the truce? And has Jenna given the bottle that Broda Pye gave her to the Dragon Boat yet? Sincerely, Lance

    • Angie Sage


      So glad you love the books!

      I am going to bring the Heap brothers back in the last book. It is difficult to write about too many Heaps at once, though. They are very unruly.
      I think Jim Knee might find out – when he comes out of hibernation.
      Morwenna works on a slow fuse. She will wait and take her opportunity when it comes.
      Jenna has not given the Revive to the Dragon Boat. It needs to be used with the Transubstantiate triple bowls and Aunt Zelda keeps making excuses. I am writing about this right now for book 7…

  236. IloveSeptimusHeap

    Did Marcia and her patents ever get along? And exactly how close were she and Endor? Where did Endor come from? Do you know if Marcia knew her a long time?

    • Angie Sage

      I think Marcia had a rocky relationship with her parents, but I have not explored that yet. We will see in future books about Marcia.

      Marcia met Endor when she first became Alther’s Apprentice. They were good friends, but Marcia did always keep a certain distance.

  237. niah

    Dear Angie!
    I know this question was on before but I cant find an answer.OK the question is what hapen to the bodies when people die and they become a ghosts?
    Sorry about my english language.
    Thank you.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Niah,

      they are sent off in a Leaving Boat, like the Vikings used to do. There is a mention of alice Nettle’s leaving Boat and more detail about someone else’s Leaving Boat in Darke.

      Your English is great, by the way!

  238. jennarockstheworld:)

    Dear Angie Sage,
    Will Syrah ever come back into the books.She was a really cool character and it would be sad if she never was in the books again.

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Jennarockstheworld!

      Yes, she’s back in book 7. Glad you like her!

  239. Javion

    I love the books soo much! I just finished the book queste it was Great!
    The only questions i can think of are, are the supreme custodians ghosts? And how do we know if we win the Syren sweepstakes

    • Angie Sage

      Glad you liked QUESTE!

      No, the Supreme Custodian is not a ghost. He is not actually dead, he just ran away and hid. And I don’t think he’ll be back either.

      I don’t know much about the Syren Sweepstakes – I guess they have a way to contact you and would get in touch? Good luck!

  240. SepOverstrand

    Does Jenna aquire any more pets? I cant believe Wolf Boy has twin brothers I figured that out last night when I finished Syren… LOVE SEP HEAP!!!! Better than Harry Potter and Twilight put together in my opinion… 🙂

    • Angie Sage

      Hello SepOverstrand!

      Wow – that’s so great you love Sep Heap so much. I’m not sure if Jenna will acquire any new pets. She might find the occasional old one tho…

  241. SepOverstrand

    OHMYGOSH!!!!! I just read the prolouge of Darke… I loved it I like books with Darke and stormy nights for beginnings…

    • Angie Sage

      Yes, me too. And I always wanted to begin a book with the words: ‘It was a dark and stormy night …” So I did!

  242. Kate

    Have any books that you’ve read in the past given you ideas for Septimus Heap?

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Kate,

      well, I do hope not, although you can never be sure. All kinds of things go into the melting pot for a book. I don’t read fantasy any more, but I think the only thing that might have influenced me was the Mervyn Peake Gormenghast trilogy which I read when I was about 20. But not too much, I hope…

  243. Septimasheap'sBiggestFan

    Dear Angie,
    your the best writer ever and if i meet you i would die here are a few questions
    1. are you going to do any book signings if so where
    2.I am writing a factfile about the septimas heap books any more information i should no about for it
    3.where did you get your ideas for the books i have just read the sword in the grotto
    4.Do you really have 3 ghost in your house
    Write back

    • Angie Sage

      Wow, well, thank you.

      1. Book signings – this time I will be do lots of signings in the UK in October when DARKE is published here.
      2. That’s a BIG question! I don’t know what kind of info you might need? I guess an interesting thing is I base all the timings on the NASA moon tables, so all descriptions of the moon are accurate. And the tides are accurate for Falmouth in Cornwall UK.
      3. I don’t know where the ideas come from! Lots of daydreaming I think.
      4. We have moved house since then and although our new house is really, really old, I don’t think there are any ghosts here. But people did see three figures in Victorian dress all ready for a regatta in the last house. And I have to confess I did too, although more out of the corner of my eye that straight on. They were very happy and lovely, though. Not at all frightening.

  244. Sherry

    Hi Angie,
    Why couldn’t Etheldredda tell that Jenna wasn’t Esmeralda? How could Marcellus? And I had this awkward dream that Darke was out and it came to life! Weird,right…

    • Ava P.

      I think it was because Etheldredda didn’t care about her daughter enough to even visit her in her room regularly, let alone look at her properly.
      Marcellus, I believe, liked Esmeralda a lot, so of course he could tell.
      But only Angie knows best.

    • Angie Sage

      Yes, Ava, is totally right. Etheldredda really didn’t care about her daughter enough to notice the difference. Whereas Marcellus loved his sister and did notice. Although sometimes Jenna does confuse him still.

  245. Amelia

    Hi angie I have a question!
    Would you honour my fan site on deviant art by looking at some of the art of your fans? I know that they would love that! Here is the website! :

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Amelia,

      I just had a look and it’s BRILLIANT! Really great pix and comments. Thanks – go Sep!

      • Amelia

        Thank you that mean sooo much!
        Again another question..
        Do you have an account on deviant art?
        If so would you like to become an admin on the group? And may I put a link to your twitter like this website?

      • Angie Sage

        Hello Amelia,

        yes. of course you can put a link to my Twitter. Thank you for you offer of becoming an admin for the site, but I’m going to have to say no thanks! I just run out of time to do stuff at the moment and really have to limit my time on line. But thanks for asking…

  246. Bryony :)

    Out of interest, how old will Septimus and Jenna be in November?

    • Angie Sage

      Well, they will very nearly be at their birthdays, so they will be something and eleven months. But it depends which November you are talking about…

  247. Septimasheap'sBiggestFan

    Dear Angie,
    your the bestv writer ever and i love your books here are a few question

    1. are you going to do any book signing if so where
    2.i am writing a factfile about septimus heap books if there are any more information i should know will you tell me
    3.where did you get your ideas for the books i have just read the sword in the grotto you really have 3 ghost in your house
    write back

    • Angie Sage

      Hi there – scroll up a bit and you will find your reply…

  248. Madison

    Hey Ms. Sage (I figured it not respectful to call you Angie)
    I saw some people calling you Mrs. Sage….are you married? I am alot like Jenna. It’s almost creepy how much we look alike. I’m reading QUESTE right now and I just got to a chapter with the picture of Jenna holding the note from Septimus. I was shocked! “Ok…why am I in this book?” I obviously didn’t say that out loud because everyone would look at me and be like, “Uh, Madi…who are you talking too?” But anyway, love the books.

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Madison,

      please do call me Angie! I think I prefer that really…
      Well, I am not Mrs Sage as I got married to a Mr Powell halfway though writing the series, so I am really Mrs Powell now. But Angie Sage is the name I stick with for writing and that is fine by me.

      It is strange when you find yourself just like a drawing in a book. And Mark’s drawing are so amazingly lifelike too. He’s done a great new drawing of Jenna for Darke.

  249. miranda

    hey angie,
    first of all, and i know you hear this a lot, but i loved all of the books! I tore through Magyk (it was my favorite) and just finished Syren. I’m actually doing my book report on it as i type! Anyway i noticed through out the series, as i was reading, that i couldn’t quite figure out what the time period the book takes place in is. I figure it’s some time WAY in the futuer when society has, if i may say, “re-wound.” I noticed that they have stories about people flying to the moon and the fancy elevator in Syren, but still i am puzzled…


    • Angie Sage

      Hi Miranda,

      I agree, it is a puzzle. And I’m saying nothing more – yet!

  250. niah

    Dear Angie!
    I saw in previous answer that there is going to be a new drawing of Jenna but is there going to be any new drawings of other characters? It would be really good to see a drawings of Jo-jo,Edd, Erik and Sam (dont know why but problems that I cant imagine them).

    • Angie Sage

      HI Niah,

      if you can get hold of a copy of the Magykal papers there are drawing of all the Heap boys in there.

  251. Poppy

    When did Silas and Sarah meet? I was wondering…how old were they when they began to court one another? Did Silas ever court someone else before Sarah? and what was Marcia like a child? I simply can’t picture her as one. Was she bossy and unpleasant or was she kind of shy until she took up the position of EOW?

    • Angie Sage

      HI Poppy,

      Sarah and Silas were about 18 or 19 when they first met. Sarah was Silas’s first love, although I think he did have a few girlfriends before.

      Marcia had an unsettled childhood, I hope to write about her s little more after book 7… But she wasn’t bossy or unpleasant, just had to fight her own corner.

  252. LeAnn

    Do your caracters (in your head) pick up voices of others you know? Like with almost every book, the main father figure has my daads voice.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi LeAnn,

      I don’t think they do… they seem to all have their own distinctive sound. But I see them more than hear them.

  253. Angie will beetle 1.tell Jenna that he likes her 2.will they be together thanks I just wanted to know I love your books there the best

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Rosie,

      Thank you!
      Lots more about Beetle in Darke, but I don’t think he is right for Jenna really.

  254. Dear Ms.Sage,
    How old will be septimus in the 7 book?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi idajane,

      at the moment, Book 7 begins where Darke finished. But this time I want the book to span a greater length of time. I will have to see how it turns out.

  255. Sherry

    Hi Angie! I hope all is going well with Septimus. I can’t wait 4 Darke to be out!
    Another question about PHYSIK, if about 5 months passed in Marcellus’ time, how come only 2 nights passed at the Castle?
    Thanks and good luck with book 7!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Sherry,

      Thank you. Things are going well – so far – with book seven.

      Time travel… well one time does not relate to another, if you think about it. So 6 months went by in Physik, but Sep could have come back at into any Time at all. Marcellus knew what he was doing with his doors of Time, so fixed for them to go straight back.

  256. Lorraine and L.V.YARA

    i have a question(again, i hope to dont be fastidous to you) when i read the question of the browse inside of darke,i knew that the book was out the march 3 and the browse inside was out the same day, so today i dont found the browse inside. What happen?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi both,

      I don’t know how the browse inside works, but it may be it was for a limited time only, sometimes Amazon do this. The book actually isn’t out until June at the earliest, so it may be you won’t get the browse feature until then. Not toooooo long to wait now…

  257. ally

    HI angie!
    I get a bit confused with the ghosts in septimus heap. Its confusing because you know well how the ghosts can go through things (and they hate it!) well i was reading physik and it said the queen ethledredda (great character btw) picked up a sarah heaps book and started reading it so your ghosts pick things up but can also go through objects?


    • Angie Sage

      Hi ally,

      As you carry on reading Physik, you will see an explanation for that. Etheldredda is partially Substantial. So there are things she can do that ghosts in general cannot.

  258. Lau

    Hello Angie,
    I’m here again and i would like to ask some questions.
    Here they go:
    How could the scribes find out Merrin’s true name? I dont think that he told to anyone. Why doesnt he like his name? (I think it is cute :D)I think it is a little bit strange that he wants to do Darke things when he is afraid of darkness. (Poor Merrin!) Does he have any favourite colors? Why does Zelda always eat cabbages?
    Thank you, again!

    • Angie Sage

      I think Beetle knew his name from Septimus, of I remember rightly. Septimus got his name from Aunt Zelda.
      I like Merrin’s name too, but he doesn’t see it as belonging to him – he was called Septimus Heap fro the first ten years of his life.

  259. Emilyo

    Hi Amgie,
    I couldn’t help but see your comment about Beetle not being right for Jenna. Why do you think he’s not right for Jenna? I know all my friends and I think he is.

    • Angie Sage

      Well, I don;t know the answer to that one. It just didn’t seem to be going well between them – but there is plenty of time yet. I don;t decide who will be with who, I just write and see how it feels. Sometimes the characters develop in different unexpected ways.

  260. jennarockstheworld:)

    Dear Angie Sage,

    How is it going with book 7. How far are you into writing it?

    • Angie Sage

      It’s going well, thanks … I think. It’s a complicated one as there are lots of things I want to put in – with all the other books I’ve been able to think that I can do it in the next book – not anymore!
      I’m only on the early chapters, not into double figures yet…

  261. Ophelia

    If I can ask, why would Beetle and Jenna make a worse couple thatn Jenna and Sep? I have an adopted brother and I would consider it incest if he and I got together. I think, if someone is adopted, they’re still part of your family, right? So wouldn’t Sep and Jen getting together be a little messed up? I could be wrong but it just seems odd. And totally random but if Marcia is always telling her mirror to make her look thinner, does that mean she has a weight problem or does it just mean that she lacks confidence in her physical appearance? If the latter is the case, tell her not to worry about it so much. I’ve always pictured her quite attractive and I think she’s one of your most vivid characters (and you have a truckload of vivid characters). I also imagine your characters having English accents-some more posh than others, some sort of cockney, but they’re all British. It amuses me.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Ophelia,

      Well, Jenna and Septimus did not grow up together, that is the difference. So to them I am imagining they do not feel like brother and sister. But I really don;t know how its going to end up.
      Marcia is fine about how she looks. She just likes messing the mirror about. Yes, I like Marcia too…
      They all have English accents in my head too, but I suppose that’s because I do as well!

  262. LeAnn

    Are you on a deadline with your books or do you get to write as you please? I know its different with historians but my grandpa is always on a deadline and he hates it.

    • Angie Sage

      Hello LeAnn,

      I’m on a deadline! I never seem to have quite enough time, although this time I reckon I just might. I totally sympathise with you grandpa…

  263. LeAnn

    One more. Do Simon and Lucy ever marry? It’s been a while since I’ve read the last ones but I’m pretty sure Lucy just got the engagement ring not the wedding ring. I like Simon, he’s one of my favorites (second only to Jenna) with how he goes Darke the comes back. He took the wrong path but he came back in the end- he reminds me a bit of Draco in HP in that respect (also a favorite).

    • Angie Sage

      Hi LeAnn,

      You’re right, they are not married so far. But I might just be writing a wedding scene…

      I’m glad you Simon, I do too. There’s a lovely new drawing of him in Darke.

  264. LeAnn

    Sorry, I have ten more questions:
    1. How did the other Syrens die or are they still out there?
    2. What happened to their islands?
    3. Since their “Blue-eyed” does that mean they were witches at one point?
    4. How did they become Syrens, if they were human once?
    5. What are the Syrens now if their not human?
    6. How old are the Syrens?
    7. Were the Syrens there before the Ice Tunnels?
    8. Do the Ice Tunnels spread to even where Snorri’s from?
    9. Was the Castle ever called anything besides the Castle?
    10. Did the Queens come originally from somewhere else?

    • Angie Sage

      Help! Tooooooo many questions!

      I don’t know much more about the Syrens than you do, except they are very ancient beings.

      There is only one ice tunnel that goes out of the Castle. It doesn’t go to where Snorri lives tho.

      Yes, a long time ago the first Queen arrived on her barge. But since then lots of other people have arrived to, so they are pretty much natives of the Castle now.

  265. Diana

    I have so many questions that it willl be impossible to write them all diown let alone answer them! I’ll try though. 1)I know you said earlier that you started writing for real in you mid-thirties, but when did you actually try for a short story or a simple book? 2) When you write, do you have to think of diffrent ideas before you write them down? 3) Is it part of the writing process to write several pages of something you think is good and will be a best-seller, only to realize you have nowhere to go with the storyline? 4) Am I just lazy for giving up on several good stories because I’m not interested in them anymore? Okay, these are actually about the book. 5) What are the ingredients in Sally Mullin’s barley cake? 6) Will Sep ever like girls?

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Diana,
      I’ll try to answer…
      1. I often tried to write stuff but nothing ever really worked before then.
      2. I have an idea about atmosphere and location, but the most important thing for me are the characters. I have to know them really well. Then it seems to work.
      3. Yes, I often do that. Well, write something that doesn’t go anywhere. Sometimes you have to do that to see if it will work. And it doesn’t always.
      4. WEll, if you really don’t want to write the stories and you haven’t promised anyone that you will, then it’s fine. Maybe they have gone as far as they can go. And you might come back to them later and find you love them and want to finish them.
      5. Er … Barley. And I suspect lots of treacle and butter. And a few oats. Like flapjacks.
      6. Yes, Sep quite likes girls already.

  266. Mike

    Hi Angie!

    Will Marcellus appear in the next books? And will he do something important?

    PS. Big fan of your books 🙂


    • Angie Sage

      Hi Mike,

      that’s a nice simple question! Yes, Marcellus will be back!

  267. ThomasAzocarNevin

    Hey Angie (: I have a question that I really would like answered to 😀
    1) Is the septimus heap world on a different planet, or is it like.. a different place on earth.. like in narnia?
    2) I remember how it said Slueth the tracker ball was once a tennis ball, well, does that mean in Sep Heap they have sports like.. football and tennis?

    Thanks for answering 🙂

    • Angie Sage

      1. At the moment it is just somewhere in my head…
      2. They play the original tennis (real tennis), the kind that Henry viii played inside. It’s a bit like squash.

  268. Cassidy

    hi Angie,
    What country is Snorrie from? (i dont think i got the name right…) What type of accent does she have? Are she and Nico together…. or just best friends? And what about Jenna and Beetle???

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Cassidy,

      Snorri is from a country a lot like the scandinavian ones now. I always imagine her with a kind of swedish/finnish accent. She and Nicko were an item, but at the time of writing not right now. But I;d like to write more about them in a separate book later.

      Jenna and Beetle … ‘m not sure about them.

  269. megan

    hey angie , is there a place where i can see ALL the girl characters in magyk ?

    • Angie Sage

      Hello megan,

      Well, I’m not quite sure what you mean here? Where would that place be … actually in the book?

  270. Dear Angie,(Sorry for my Englisch)
    if Jenna and Septimus will make a couple what will Sarah and Silas say?How old is Bettle in Darke? We will se in the next books another Queen Gost( except Cerrys), maybe Jenna’s grandmother. What is Jenna tinking about her as a Queen? And…who do you describe Jenna and Septimus in a few words?

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Iona,

      Your English is just fine!

      Well, I really don’t know if Jen and Sep weill make a couple. I honestly do not decide things like that in advance, I let the characters decide as the story unfolds.

      I don’t think we will see another ghost of a Queen – apart from Cerys. But again, I haven’t decided for sure…

      Jenna is getting used to the idea of being a Queen now, she really does not mind anymore. I think it would suit her now. And describing Jenna and Septimus in a few words? I think I’ll eave that to you!

  271. LauraHurricane

    Hi Angie,
    I was so happy when I saw you answered my previous question 🙂
    Last day I was reading again Syren and I noticed a strange coincidence: there’s a character in the book, Mirano Catt… well, I go to school in a little town called Mirano, here in Italy, near Venice 😀 It was funny.
    So my question was: how do you choose the names of the characters?
    However, how did you celebrate Carnival?
    Thanks for answering, I’m sorry if I had done any mistake and… oops, I sent the previous comment by mistake. 😛
    Alessandra Laura

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Alessandra,

      Lucky you living in such a beautiful place – in fact I am going to Venice in two days time! Maybe I was thinking of Mirano without realising it when I wrote about Mirano Catt.

      The names from the characters just come to me, I don’t feel as though I choose them. It’s more like they choose me! I really don’t know how it happens…

      Oh, we don’t have Carnivale here. Which is a shame as I think we’d all have a great time. But we do have other celebrations. Perhaps our village should begin it’s own Carnivale – but I don’t think it could ever be as wonderful as yours.

      • LauraHurricane

        What a pity I saw you answer right now, I could have come to Venice…

  272. ally

    hello angie!
    do the characters have any religions?

    • Angie Sage

      Hello ally,

      No, definitely not – I steer clear of religions. It only leads to trouble…

  273. Sherry

    Hi,Angie. I have a questiona about SYREN. When Milo said that Nicko had been Enchanted by one of the Syerns,was there more than one Syren? What happened to them? I would also like to know exactly when Darke is coming out for Canada. Some said April, others May and a few June. Thanks!
    P.S. What book stores? ( If you know )

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Sherry,

      Yes, in ancient times there were more Syrens. I’m not sure what happened to them. I guess that is another book…

      The very earliest that Darke will be out is June. I did think it was April some time ago, but that was changed a while back. Canada will have Darke in June, the same time as the USA.
      I hope you can find it in most book stores!

  274. Sherry

    Hi! I was on Youtube and found some videos about your books.(Septimus Heap ones) Some of them are trailers advertizing Septimus. Most show Simon as his enemy. Is he really? I know he tried to get revenge but he is only going for what he wants. Plus, he’s Sep’s brother… And it seems he’s getting better in Darke. What do you think? Thanks!

    • Angie Sage

      Hello again!

      Well, I avoid any Sep stuff online as I do find it strange for me as a writer to see what other people do with it.

      Simon was Sep’s enemy in the earlier books but you will have to wait until Darke to see if he still is! I do agree with you comments about SImon, though.

  275. Maja

    Hi Angie!
    1) I just wonder, is nicko and snorri in love with eachother?
    2) Will Jenna become queen in DARKE?:)

    Love the books! Bye!

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Maja,

      Really glad you love the books!

      1 – they were for a long time (a VERY long time) but things aren’t so great right now.
      2 – I’m not giving any more away about Darke … otherwise no one will bother to read it!

  276. Drew

    I was trying to figure out, aside from being stuck on the island for 500 years, is Syrah’s body 13 years old or 19 years old in book 5? Or something else all together?

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Drew,

      I had thought she was 17. She’s definitely not 13…

  277. Ophelia

    Why is Marcia shy about her emotions? She starts to tear up at the end of physik when Sep tells her he wrote his name all over the place so that people in his Time would see it. Marcia seems uncomfortable openly displaying affection for others. It doesn’t make her bad, it’s just how she is. Someone told me that’s a very english way to be and because Marcia’s english that makes sense. But is that true, are english people really uneasy about displaying affection? Difference of cultures, I guess.

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Ophelia,

      It’s just the way Marcia is. I don’t think English people are like that now, although maybe we were maybe 50 years ago or so. Things have changed a lot here since then.

      Marcia is, I suppose, a little old-fashioned in that way.

  278. Hey,Angie how many more books do you plan to write beacause i LOVE them

    • Angie Sage

      Hello alec,

      thank you!

      I’m writing the last Septimus of the series now, but there are other books I still want to write, some about the Septimus world (Marcia’s childhood, Nicko’s voyage to see Snorri…) and other completely different ones too.

  279. septimus9955

    how many book are you going to make in the future?????????????????????

    P.S best books ever

    • Angie Sage

      Hi there, 9955!

      Thank you too…

      I don’t know how many books – who can tell? But there will be 7 in the main series. I don;t want to stop there though (see above!)

  280. Josiah Lance

    Dear Angie,
    Hi again!, I’m so Excited that Darke will finally be out!!
    I would like to know a few things though,
    Here they are:
    1. Is the Boggart really the last of his kind? It would be sad to know that there will be no more Boggarts around…
    2. Is Jim Knee hibernating again? Is he only for one use?
    3. Have Ephaniah and Hildegarde woken up yet? I hope Hildegarde becomes an Ordinary Wizard soon, she’d deserve it.
    Thanks in advance for answering!
    P.S. If I would get to see you someday, I would so totally faint because of your awesomeness!

    • Angie Sage

      HI Josiah,
      I’m excited about Darke too. It’s been a long time!
      1. I think there are a few more Boggarts but they are rare creatures.
      2. Jim knee can be a bit of a nuisance so we are all glad that he hibernates in the winter. He’ll be back in the summer tho. Unfortunately he is there until Sep can get rid of him.
      3. They’ve not woken yet, but will do soon. Yes, Hildegard, although a trifle boring, does deserve to be an Ordinary Wizard.

      • Ava P.

        But does Hildegarde have the skill to be an Ordinary Wizard?

        And what exactly does a “jobbing wizard” do? It sounds to me like the Wizards live sort of cushy lives.

  281. Josiah Lance

    Oh, and did you name your children after Lois Lowry?
    She is also a great writer, like you. 🙂

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Josiah,

      Thank you!

      No, Lois was named after a friend. And not after Superman’s girlfriend either!

  282. Anastazija

    Hello Angie!

    What will be the next book ?
    Thanks for the reply.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Anastazija,

      There is a big clue to the title in Darke, and I shall say no more…

  283. diana

    Okay, I’m logging on again. HI! I should probably put a question on here now. Ooh I’ve got one! Did you ever write something, then about a year later realze you can use the characters or plot with a diffrent setting, like going from realistic fiction to historical to SciFi to fantasy? I find i do that often.

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Diana,

      Well, yes things do change. I had a Billy Pot in an earlier picture book (never published) and I liked the name so much I used it again. But I’ve never made big shifts like the one you describe, probably because so far I haven’t had the leeway as I’ve been writing nothing but Septimus was nearly ten years… And it takes SO long to write a book!

  284. princessJennaheapfan

    Hi Angie! I have an idea for a fun idea for another book like magykal papers. My friends and i all read the series and we call ourselves the “foryx club” and we came up with this idea. Could you make a magykal spell book? it would include spells and their charms. had how do you pronounce “Quetzalcoatl’s Tchocolatl?” Thank you!

    • Angie Sage

      I love the idea of the Foryx club! I’d thought of a spell book too – one of the many projects I’d like to do when I’ve finished the main Septimus series.

      Ok here goes with the pronunciation:
      Qwetz-a-cot-ils Choco-lat-il

      That’s about as near as I can get!

  285. Madison

    Hey, Angie Sage!

    Your books are absolutely, positively the best! Actually, I have two favorite series. This one and a series called the Mother Daughter Book Club. It is by Heather Vogel Fredrick (I think I spelled that right!). I was wondering, where did you find the inspiration for these books? And how did you start writing, did you get inspired by another author or just feel like writing a book one day? I am a HUGE reader and that’s what inspired me to start writing. I was also wondering which character do you most relate to? I relate to Jenna in every way except for violet eyes! Jenna is deffinitely my favorite character. Hope you’re not too busy with the seventh to answer my questions!

    Thanks a ton for writing awesome books,

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Madison,

      I found it! I was rushing thru stuff before I went away and only answered the short ones 🙂

      I don’t really know where the ideas came from for Septimus, I feel l have always known about the world and the people in it. I began writing very gradually, for a long time I was an illustrator as I have always wanted to create things, but I never could do what I wanted to with the pictures I was drawing. I’ve always LOVED reading, and words and am never without a book (I feel lost without one), so my apprenticeship for writing was reading. Lots of it. So yes, over the years it was many books that made me want to write my own.
      Writing Septimus was something I did to try to change course from being an illustrator. I’d had quite a few books for younger children published but Septimus was the book I’d always wanted to write.
      I think I relate to various bits of different characters, some of Beetle, some of Marcia, some of Septimus and some of Jenna. But I reckon that is what happens when you write, there are bits of the writer’s character in all the characters.
      Good luck with your writing, it’s an interesting journey!

  286. IloveSeptimusHeap

    How big is a slab of barley cake?

    • Angie Sage

      too big to eat in one go!

      • Madison

        Hi, Angie. I have a question about the Barley cake, too. Do you picture it being good or gross, because in the books everybody has mixed feelings about Sally Mullin’s Barley cake.

  287. princessJennaheapfan

    Hey Angie!
    I have a few questions:
    1. Will syrah ev er wake up?
    2. Will you make a spellbook with charms and spells? My friends said it would be awesome to have that!
    3. Will Jenna find Petroc?
    4. Who does Marcia have a crush on?
    5. Will any new characters be introduced in Darke?
    6. Will Marcellus start being social?
    7. Which characters are you most like? my friends in the “Foryx club” say i’m mostly Jenna, Marcia, and Lucy. Which ones are you?
    Thanks! and sorry for all the questions! but hey! 7!

  288. Sleenki

    Dear Angie
    DO yo know when darke will come out on the kindle?

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Sleenki,

      I don’t know for sure, but I don’t see why it shouldn’t come out in June too.

  289. SeptimusHeapfan

    Dear Angie:
    The other day i was searching latins words, and i found that when a person is called Septimus, can be call Sept, cuz seven in latin is Septem, like a roman nickname; so is strange that the nickname of Septimus is Sep, its make me laugh cus here in mexico SEP is secretaria de educacion publica, i hope you understand what means in english.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi SHF,

      That’s really interesting, I love the way people have always used nicknames. SEP … well its not a bad thing at all for Sep to be associated with. It could be much worse.

  290. megan

    hi angie , sorry if this answer is already out there or something but what is going to be the name of the 7th book ? and you may have already told us this but i havent really looked around to see if the name has already been said thank you ! megan

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Megan,

      No, I haven’t said yet, because there is a massive clue to the title in DARKE and I don’t want to spoil it.

  291. jennarockstheworld:)

    Dear Angie Sage,
    What voyage of Nicko’s goes to see Snorri?

    • Angie Sage

      Hello jennarockstheworld;)!

      Ah well, I was getting a bit ahead of myself there, it’s not part of the series, just something I’d like to do later.

  292. Martine

    Dear Angie!
    I really like your books and I am really happy because Darke is coming out soon. I also have a couple of questions for you:
    1. What does Simon think about Septimus and Jenna now? Does he still hate them or…?
    2. What is your favourite Septimus Heap book?
    3. How old is Marcia?

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Martine,

      I’m really pleased you like Septimus!
      1. Well, I think I should leave that for DARKE to answer
      2. I don’t have a favourite, I really don’t. They are all special to me in a different way.
      3. Marcia does not tell anyone her age, but I believe she is in her late thirties.

  293. Madison

    Hey Angie!
    How are you? You haven’t answered any of my questions yet, so I keep putting posts out there to get your attention! I’m writing this in hopes that you’ll read it and then answer the questions to my post on March 19, although this will probably get deleted because it’s kind of a silly thing to post. And since this is for questions and not chat, then here is this. Will you please answer my questions from my post on March 19? Thank you! That is, if you answer them….

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Madison,

      I’m sorry I haven;t answered your questions, but you have to be on the Ask Angie section as I don’t go into the other sections much at all (no time!). But I do answer all the questions here, even if it sometimes takes me a little while. Will scroll up to march 19th …

  294. yo

    i know other people have asked, but when does Darke come out in Canada, namely British Columbia? I can’t wait to read it!

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Yo,

      Darke comes out in June in Canada, the same time as in the USA. Not long now!

  295. Jenna Haruka

    Hi Angie!

    I was just wondering if the books featured *in* the books have the same cover? Like for example, The Undoing of the Darknesse’ cover has the same one with the cover of Magyk, Draxx with Flyte cover, The I, Marcellus as Physik and so on ..

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Jenna Haruka,

      Yes, all the covers refer to a book mentioned in that book…
      Magyk is actually Septimus’s Apprentice diary, you are right about Flyte and Physik. Queste are the bound papers for Snorri and Nicko, Syren is Syrah’s diary and Darke is the Darke Index.

  296. Diana

    Call me crazy, but when im supposed to be working on boring junk in english class, the inly thing on my mind is writing! Sometimes i think that if i was locked in my room for a week i would come out with a novel! I write really fast, and my friends say really well too! I’m trying to write a book about a group of sorcerors (I think I spelled tha right.) who live in a real world high school and are trying to come to grasp with their newfound power. Do you know if it’s okay to mention another author’s work in a story? ’cause there’s this one line that mentions Harry Potter, and i wouldn’t know if I had to get that author’s permision to put that in there. Thanks a bunch! ur awersome!

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Diana,

      Lucky you! Wish I could write so fast…

      I don’t know the answer to your question, although I don’t see why not as long as it’s not libellous or anything. But really, I’m the wrong author to ask here, JK’s the one you need!

  297. chelseafowler

    Hello Angie!

    i hope you’re not too busy writing to answer! It may seem like a random question but i was wondering if we will get to meet Mrs Beetle? I hope so because she sounds like a very cool character! Also, do you think Jennas boyfriend will be a new character because you said it might not be Beetle? (Although i hope it is beetle)
    thanks in advance!
    p.s it was very cool that you named one of the characters Fowler (even if they are evil) because thats my real last name!:)

    • Angie Sage

      Hello chelsea,

      I hadn’t planed on meeting Mrs Beetle, but I do think that is a nice idea. The trouble is I only have one more book to put all the ideas into now!

      Not sure about jenna. At the moment, as I write book 7, Beetle is rather off Jenna.

  298. Stacy

    Hello! I was wondering if you ever did book tours in the US and if so how would I find information about them? We love your books!!! Thank you for continuing to write such wonderful stories!!!

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Stacy,

      I do do book tours in the US- in fact I have done one for each book so far, but I won’t be coming over for Darke. But maybe for the last book? We will have to see. You can follow me on HarperCollins Author track for info and I will always Tweet and post info on here too.

  299. Jeff

    Hello Angie,

    In a previous post you said that in the name of Darke there is a big hint for the name of the seventh book. Is it going to be Lyte or something, because I think that would be really cool!

    • Please, stop asking this question. Angie is not going to give away the title of the seventh book. You’ll have to wait.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Jeff,

      not in the name of Darke, I meant in the book itself. SO you will have to wait until you read it!

  300. Ana - Maria

    Dear Angie
    I’m your Romanian biggest fan. Can you please tell me (just if you know of course) if Darke will come out in Europe at the same as in Canada and S.U.A?

    P.S: Sorry if I did any misspelings, I’m not very good at english.

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Ana-Maria,

      your English is good – and a whole lot better than my Romanian.
      I’m sorry to say that Darke will probably be out later in Europe. Even in the UK we are not getting it until October. And of course it has to be translated too, which takes quite a time.

  301. LeAnn

    Iwas reading a book called “Search for the Red Dragon” and it has a lot of historical names in it. In particular, I found a 13th century scholar named Snorri Sturluson. I wanted to know if that was intentional. Did you name Snorri after that one?

    • Angie Sage

      Hello LeAnn,

      Well spotted! Yes I got Snorri from him. It’s one of the few names where I do know where it came from.

  302. LeAnn

    I find it funny. Out of everyone in your books I’m most like Marcia. I always have the feeling that I need to protect myself from others opinions which is why I don’t display affection, or sadness for thhat matter, easily. I’m very bossy, and I’m normally called the “Mother” in my class because when people fight I do the “Do I have to seperate you two?” thing. I’ve started thinking that Marcia may have been the “Mother” or the “Teacher” (or “ExtraOrdinary Wizard”) when she was younger too.

    • Angie Sage

      Hello LeAnn,

      Marcia moved around a lot when she was young and never really got to know people well enough to get a nickname. But she has been called a lot of things in her time, not all of them complimentary…

  303. Emilyo

    Hi Angie,
    I was wondering why you spelt things diffrently in your books such as flyte, fyre, queste, darke, magyk, etc.

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Emilyo,

      I like to make some Magykal words stand out so I use the old spellings for those. It all began because I don’t like the way we spell magic nowadays, so I decided to use the old spelling, (which is more usually magyck) After that I just kept going.

  304. Sherry

    Hi Angie! We are learning about Ancient Greek in class. I saw creatures like the Syren, which also sing to lure ships to their doom. They were sirens,sisters which I think are a lot like the Syren you wrote about. Did you base it on them,or was it just a coinsidence? Please answer soon!

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Sherry,

      You are right, this is one of the few things (possibly the only thing…) I have taken from the Greek Myths. I also loved the way the word sounded.

  305. Nika

    If Marcia is already tall, why does she where boots with heels that would make her seem taller? How tall is Marcia? Has Marcia ever had a crush on Marcellus? Thanks!

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Nika,

      Well, lots of people who are really tall still wear heels. I don’t think marcia minds about being even taller than she is. I think she is about five feet ten but no one has ever been brave enough to measure her. There is no way Marcia would even consider a crush on Marcellus…

  306. Priya

    Hi Miss Sage!
    I just wanted to know if Romilly Badger comes into any of the other books. Even though she was just in Syren, I thought she was a cool character 🙂 Thank you!

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Pryer,

      yes, Romilly is one of those characters who kind of fits. There will be a little more of her in DARKE where she has something quite important to do.

  307. Seprox

    Who is Marcia’s crush?

  308. Seprox

    Will we find out who Jenna marries by the end if the series in like an afterward or something? Will Sep ever become EOW? And are you thinking of killing over any main characters in the last book? I always get scared that you’re going to kill off Marcia so that Sep can be EOW. Please don’t do that! Marcia is so cool.

    • Angie Sage

      well, I really don’t know the answer to your questions (and if I did I’d spoil everything by telling you!). The way I write Septimus is to let the characters make the decisions, that way it is like real life.

  309. niah

    Dear Angie…
    I know this is kind of an akward question but I’m trying to remember who Miriam Dromendurry is.But I can’t remember.Please help me!
    Thanks. 🙂

    • Angie Sage

      She was an ExtraOrdinary Wizard way back. She’s in the Magykal Papers, just briefly, and Mark did a brilliant drawing of her.

  310. Myka

    Hi Angie!
    I love the Septimus Heap and Araminta Spookie books and am halfway through rereading all of them, but when I was reading The Magykal Papers I noticed something… Most of the mentioned members of the Manuscriptorium have animal last names – Beetle, Partridge, Grebe, etc. And Merrin’s new name is Hunter, which I found oddly ironic, because hunters and animals do not usually get along well. Did you plan this or was it just coincidence?

    • Angie Sage

      It all began with Beetle and Partridge and then I did begin to notice that the scribes had animal names, so I stuck with it. (There is a Barnaby Ewe briefly mentioned in Darke.) And the idea of Merrin taking the Hunter’s name just kind of fitted. So yes, I did plan it but only a few names in! It was one of those writing things where you don;t think about it until afterwards…

  311. dear,angie i cant wait for the movie i love the book more than myself i have inspired half my school class to read it so now during SSR almost all of us pull out your book =D i love your work

    • Angie Sage

      Thank you, griffen! It’s just great you feel like that and a big thank you for spreading the words about Septimus. Fantastic!

  312. Physik Girl :P

    Miriam Dromendurry is the longest serving EOW 🙂

  313. Robert

    I’m doing a project on you and one of the requirements is your parents for a fake birth certificate and I can’t find their names anywhere. Could you post them on the wall? THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    On Physik can’t wait to finish the whole series.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Robert,

      well I don’t usually give their names out, that’s why. I guess you will have to make them up!

  314. dear angie, do you think that beetle will ever find his magyk sled again??? also do you think that you will make it so that septimus is EOW also do you know how old marcia is???

    • Angie Sage

      I think Beetle will be looking for his sled. I really don’t know yet what is going to happen in book 7… I really, really don’t! and Marcia is in her late 30’s I reckon.

  315. Ophelia

    What does Marcia see in Milo Banda? As a reader, I find him unbearable.

    • Angie Sage

      well, each to their own. As my grandmother use to say, every teapot has a lid.

  316. Tahnee

    Dear Angie Sage,
    I’d like to thank you sooooo much for inspiring me to continue writing my story. I love your books and am completely in love with them.
    My story would have gone no where but you helped me get out of a hole and write something awesome.
    Please reply

    From Your Biggest Fan Tahnee

    • Angie Sage

      Oh that’s great! I’m really glad. There is usually a way around things…

  317. dear angie, i have an idea for after you are done writing the main series (which would be sad) i think you should make a charm book like in the series where you would have the charm in a little bag or in a hole or attatched to the page with string (that you could cut off) then next to it you should have a description of the charm and what it can do then at the end of the book of charms you should have the flyte charm between lapis lazuli blue and then between the lapis lazuli and the charm you should have “gold” then the flyte cham in some sort of gold colored vial or just the baggie i think theat would be a good idea after the main series

    • Angie Sage

      That sounds really nice. But I have a sneaking feeling it might be really expensive to produce…

  318. dear angie, i have a question that doesn’t really inquire (hope i used correct grammar) with the book. when a parent tells their child to go read and the kid just pulls out an mp3 player or ipod listen to music instead or they just go watch tv and their excuse for watching tv is “im reading what they say in my head” or “im reading the channels” how does that make you feel as an author??

    • Angie Sage

      hi griffen,

      well, I don’t mind at all. But I don’t think the child is being entirely accurate there! They aren’t reading, they are listening to music and watching images. And there is nothing wrong in that. All part of life’s rich tapestry as they say. In fact, if someone told me to read a book when I wanted to listen to music, I reckon I’d be pretty fed up. Give the kid some space!

      Your English is very good indeed, but the phrase you were looking for is: ‘doesn’t really relate to the book.’

  319. Ricardo Acra

    dear angie , I’m a very big fan of yours and i am from Dominican Republic i have 13 years and I would love you come to Santo Domingo to sign books, please Angie.

    With much admiration, Ricardo

    • Angie Sage

      hello Ricardo,
      well, I’d love to come to the Domenican Republic to sign books, maybe sometimes I will make it over there. I’m hoping to go to lots of places after the last book.

  320. Robert

    Dear Angie,
    I am doing a birth certificate for a project on you and I need your parents names, could you post them?

    • Angie Sage

      Sorry Robert, no. But you have my permission to make them up!

  321. Marcellus Pye is one of my favorite characters. is he going to be in Darke a lot?

  322. Hi! I’ve only read the first 3 books and i wonder where i could get them, also what is this movie everyone’s talking about?

    Thanks 🙂

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Kathryn,

      You can ask your library to get them maybe. Or if you want to buy them your local bookstore will be able to get them or Amazon will have them.

      Warner Brothers are at the moment working towards making a movie of MAGYK – that’s the film you are hearing about.

  323. Maja

    What is that little box on the front off DARKE?

  324. Hannah Sandham

    Hey Angie,
    I absoloutly love your books, I’ve started reading the seires again. I read Physik in two days and I finished Queste over the weekend (so again two days) I’m going to start reading Syren again and something puzzled me at the end of Queste.
    Does Jenna get her key back- the one to the Queen’s room- that she put in the door? Because I couldn’t find anywhere if she got it back so it puzzled me slightly.
    Also I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was about 7ish (when I was in year 2). I love reading and writing stories. Have you got any tips?
    I love books about fantasy and history, basically your books. I started writing one, and before I even read your books I was going to have a princess in it and set in like the medieval times. But know I’ve read your books, I’m slightly worried that it might sound too much like yours.
    I love camp Heap, I think that the idea of a group of people living in the forest is amazing and I began to write my book about a princess living in a forest with Witches. Please help, I’m really worried it might sound too much like yours, what do you suggest? Also I have these times when I read what I’ve witten through and it doesn’t sound good and I feel I need to start again. How do you cope with these thoughts?

    Thank you. From, Hannah
    P.S My dad is so much like Nicko, he loves sailing and dissaproves of motors on boats 🙂

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Hannah,

      thank you!

      Jenna doesn’t get her key back but it reappears when she next needs it.
      Tips for writing… well just start and see how it goes. Don’t expect much to tur nout right at the beginning and don’t get disheartened by that. It takes a long time to understand how to put it all together.
      Don’t worry too much about being derivative when you begin to write, you’ll find your own voice with practice, but you have to start somewhere. I don’t mind at all if do something about witches and a princess on the forest, it’s fine and if you really love an idea you should go with it. You will make it yours anyway.
      I often think I should start again! What I’ve discovered is sometimes I have begun in the wrong part of the story, usually too late. You can always take it back a little earlier and then your beginning becomes the middle.
      Your Dad is right, of course…

  325. Sherry

    Hi Angie!
    Why wasn’t Milo king if he married the queen? Was it a rule? The way they always have done it? Also, does Marcia really hate Simon? Or was she just mad at him? Will she demand him to help to save the Castle or will she ask? It sort of seems she won’t be so nice… Thanks!

    • Angie Sage

      Yep, its the rule. The Castle Queens run a Matriarchy, so the consorts are not considered important.
      Marcia is cross with Simon because of what he has done (he did try to kill her), she doesn’t hate him. More on that in Darke…

  326. hi Angie,
    Don’t u think it would be a good idea if they found the gost of Julius Pike and reunited him with Syrah when she wakes up? Also is it possible that Marcias secret crush is Marcellus Pye? that’s what some of my friends think

    • Angie Sage

      Nice idea, I’m thinking about Syrah at the moment. She does need to meet Julius sometime, I think. Marcellus? Possible, but not probable…

  327. Lucy

    Hi Angie!

    When is Marcia’s birthday? I think it must be in spring or late winter because she is still wearing her winter cloak in queste which is set a week before her birthday. (I just read queste and thought it was amazing! How do you write such awesome stories? I wish I had your ideas.) Also, a long time ago on here, you said that someone in the Castle does have a crush on Marcia and thinks she’s rather nice. Can you say who that person is? If not, I understand. You probably don’t won’t to spoil things. Thank you!

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Lucy,

      I have worked out Marcia’s birthday but I can’t remember now when it was. Hmm, the cloaks don’t work for this because Queste is set in June. Maybe Marcia was cold. And Marcia’s crush is getting out of hand! Will have to do something about it….

  328. dear angie, i hope you have ideas for outside books stil in septimus heap form but i love them i would like it you make a charm book with the flyte charm in it.
    1) i like playing around with some things in my backyard and that would be totally awesome
    2) i bet people world wide would love it

    • Angie Sage

      Hello griffen,

      Nice ideas! I’d really like to do that but it might be very expensive to produce. We will see…

  329. lauren

    dear angie, how old is snorri? Is she and nicko the same age? and what kind of accent does she have? sorry for all the questions.

    • Angie Sage

      Snorri is a little older than Nicko. She has a nice sing-song kind of Scandinavian accent.

  330. Jenna Haruka

    Dear Angie,

    Is 13 your favorite number? I always see it and I wonder why you chose 13 instead of 14 because it’s my favorite number next to 7.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi there,

      I use 13 because it has superstitious connotations – usually bad ones. So it’s often a shorthand for bad stuff.

  331. Seprox

    What month do EOWs switch from their winter cloak to their summer cloak?

    • Angie Sage

      At the Spring Equinox. Then back again at the Autumn Equinox. SImples.

  332. Myka

    This is kind of an odd question, but are the faces on the two-faced ring anyone’s faces in partucular, like some ancient Darke Wizard or something?

    • Angie Sage

      Yes, they are indeed two Darke Wizards. You’ll find out more in Darke.

  333. Alexis

    Hi Angie,

    I wanted to know if Beetle ever gets the courage to tell Jenna he likes her?

  334. miranda

    lol this is kind of random but i was reading the previous Q’s and A’s and noticed a lot of people were asking if so-and-so would pop up again and u would reply yes they will show up in Darke. Are you going to have every character you ever wrote about in the series “pop u?” Because if you are i am now WAAY more excited! (not that i wasn’t excited before or anything 😉 )

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Miranda,

      no, not every character! But a lot of things that people have been asking about are covered in Darke. And of course most of the main characters are back, although as ever, I don’t want to give too much away as it will spoil reading it.

  335. ariel

    Hi Angie,
    I’ve got two quick things that have been bothering me.

    First off, whenever someone on here asks how old Syrah is, you say she is 17. However, I think she is 19. It says so in Syren on page 449 when she’s reciting facts about herself in the diary as the Syren is taking control.

    Second, in Darke or the 7th book, will Snorri finally meet up with her father? I was so annoyed with Merrin when his behavior made Olaf retreat back into reclusiveness again.


    • Angie Sage

      Hi Ari,

      well, I did get that wrong – she is 19 if she says so. She knows best…

      wait until Darke for the answer to your snorri question! Merrin is indeed annoying. He messes SO much stuff up.

  336. Madison

    Hello again!

    I was just thinking about Jenna today (because she is my favorite character and all) and I was just curious about this one thing. Have all of the queens of the past always had violet eyes, or was that passed on to a young princess because of her father? And also, how is it possible that, 500 years ago, there was a princess identicle to Jenna? Really, since we don’t have time machines or magic glasses, it could be possible that someone was identicle to me 500 years ago and I wouldn’t even know. Anyway, just a few questions on queens, haha.

    • Angie Sage

      Hello madison,

      the violet eyes are passed down through the queens and yes, they have always had them. Jenna and Esmeralda looked alike at first glance and in candlelight. If you knew them both well you could tell the difference. I reckon it is perfectly possible for that to happen and for us to have near doubles back in time…

  337. Randall

    When you say Marcia’s crush is getting out of hand, do you mean her feelings for the person she has a crush on
    (cough!MiloBandacough!) are getting stronger or that the mysterious person who has a crush on her is getting stronger feelings for her? Just curious. And I can’t help but wonder why I am the only person who never saw any Marcia/Marcellus hints. Everyone keeps asking about them and I am in the dark. I never saw that you implied that you were going to make them a couple at all. I always thought they weren’t crazy about each other. Did I miss something?

    Does Septimus still like Syrah a bit a this point or is he totally enamored with Jenna? Thanks!

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Randall,

      no, I meant everyone *here* is getting too excited about it! I suppose it is my own fault for starting it…
      No, you haven’t missed anything, it is the power of rumour sweeping thru this site! Marcia and Marcellus are not a couple as far as I know. Well, no one told me anyway.

      And as for Septimus, I am not sure and he is not sure either.

  338. Bryce Davies-Brown

    Hi. I am doing an author study and i chose you, so i was wondering what got you started on the septimus heap series? what was the inspiration of the whole thing? What was your thinking of the whole series while righting it, why you used younger charecters as the main ones, and what age were you when you started writing books?

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Bryce,

      I just wanted to write something that worked – and Septimus did! I had been thinking about it for a long time, so I think that helped. I don’t go along with ‘inspiration’ – I thought about it a lot and I took some of the landscape from where I live at the time in Cornwall and generally mulled it all over. And than I sat down, put in a lot of work and at last learnt how to write well, partly thanks to my wonderful editor at HarperCollins.
      I allow my characters to dictate a lot of what happens and so the series developed through them. I made Jenna and Sep 10 because it seem to me that that is an age where anything is possible – and when you do begin to discover who you are. Its an exciting time of life. I was in my early thirties when I began to write books.
      Good luck with the study!

  339. Bryce Davies-Brown

    hi. i was wondering why you started the septimus heap series, and what age did you start writing stories?

  340. Myka

    Was Beetle’s dad killed by a spider or a snake? In the Magykal Papers, it says he was bitten by a spider, but in the main Septimus Heap series, it says he was bitten by a venomous snake.

    • Angie Sage

      Does it say he way bitten by a snake. Oh crumbs … well, I thought it was a spider. Beetle does spin a few stories around his father.

  341. Angie Sage

    Hi Ari,

    I guess you and Syrah must be right, then. I did have her in my mind as seventeen but I must check that out. I think Merrin manages to annoy pretty much everyone, it is in his job description… you will find something about Olaf in Darke.

  342. Maja

    I was wondering, wich country comes Snorri from? I am from Sweden and i can relly relate to her! 🙂
    Tack! (thank you in swedish)!!!!!:D

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Maja,

      I try to avoid specific countries in Septimus as things are different there! But yes, Snorri is Scandinavian, like you. From the lands of the Long Nights…

  343. Katie

    Hi Angie!
    there’s a few things that are bothering me about the whole jenna/beetle vs janna/sep thing. I’m a HUGE fan of Jen/Sep…BUT don’t you think it’s a little mean to create Beetle as having a massive crush on Jenna and then supporting Jen/Sep. (even though I would LOVE it if they got together!) I think in a previous answer u said u likes Jen/Sep better….well isn’t that a little sad for Beetle??? U know, having a crush on Jenna only to find out he lost her to her adoptive BROTHER/ his best friend???? Just my thoughts. I know I’m probably going way to far into this but I just needed to ask.

    Katie, the biggest sep fan EVER! ( I know all you other sep fans r pretty big, but I am definatly the biggest. Do U have a sep rag doll/ sep themed room?????)

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Katie,
      Well, the thing about Jenna/Sep/Beetle is that I just see how they go, I really do let them dictate a lot of stuff in the books. So, like real life, I don’t always know what is going to happen, particularly with the relationships. I only know what feels right as I write it. If you see what I mean. But really, they are still discovering things about themselves. There is more of this in Darke.

      I wouldn’t say I have a Sep themed room, but there is a whole load of Septimus stuff in my workroom – all the different translations of the books, which I love to see.

    • Myka

      Actually, I DO have a Sep themed room, Katie (so there :P). Seriously, I made my study into a mini-Manuscriptorium.

  344. Randall

    How much income do you have to make to live in the Ramblings? What sort of jobs do the people in the Ramblings do for a living? Is the Ramblings the poorest part of the Castle? Where is the wealtheist district? Who makes the most income?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Randall,

      You don’t have to have any money as there are free rooms in the Ramblings available for those who need them. Although if you do begin to earn money, you are then expected to pay for the room in order to fund another room for someone who needs one. Generally it is the poorer and more interesting people who live in the Ramblings, although the rooms at the top with gardens are expensive but often belong to old families who have had them for generations.
      There are no hugely rich people in the Castle, but the nicer houses are along by the Moat and Snake Slipway. The apartments over the shops in Wizard Way have recently become very popular too.

  345. LaLaLa

    i’m from slovenia and i like your books but in slovenian are just four of them for now. i want to ask if you maybe know when fifth book came out (becuse i don’t know who other can i ask this)
    thank you!:)

    • niah

      Lalala 5 book is already out in slovenia too… I bought it about two months ago.

    • Angie Sage

      HI LaLaLa,

      I will ask HaperCollins as I don’t know. But I should think it won’t be long. Often the translations do take a while. It does sometimes take a while for me to get replies about questions like this, though… You could ask at a bookshop perhaps for a faster answer? It’s tough having to wait when you know other people have read it!

  346. roberto

    dear angie,
    why have we only the first three books in italy?
    please try to do something for italian readers.
    thank you

    • Angie Sage

      Hi roberto,

      I have asked about this but haven’t got a reply yet. I’ll ask again.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Roberto,

      I just got a reply to say that Queste will be out in Italy as they have just iicensed the rights. I am guessing it is still being translated. The Italian publishers have not bought the rights for books 5 and 6 yet. You could always write to them and tell them how much you’d like to see them in italian!

  347. noah

    hi Angie, i was wondering if snorri was from Alaska or Russia
    or Germany?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Noah,
      the countries are not the same in Septimus, but she is from what we know as the Scandinavian countries.

  348. Katie

    Hey Angie!!!
    me again. I was reading a Social Studies book in school today and I came across something that made me think, ‘hey, is that where that Sep thing came from????’ I found out there’s a temple of Ehecatl – Quetzalcoatl. Is that where u came up with Quetzalcoatl’s Tchocolatl?????
    Katie, #1 Sep fan ever!!!!

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Katie,

      I used Quetzacotl becasuse it is Aztec and they first found chocolate. And I understood their word tchocolatyl was where our name for chocolate comes from. So it makes sense a spell would relate back to that. But it is nothing to do with where Sep comes from!

  349. Seprox

    How old is Jenna in darke? And if I might add, there are some questions just above the last one you answered that you left blank. You probably alrady know that. Just adding it to be safe.

    • Angie Sage


      yes thanks – I have to admit that I do jump to the easy ones if I am in a hurry! Jenna is just turnng 14 in Darke…

  350. Jenna Haruka

    Hey Angie ! It’s me again . 🙂

    I read Flyte again and when I got to page 20, I noticed the word “Well” had the same font that was used with Magykal words. The “Well” was(I think) at the Wizard Tower. It was when Septimus was going to dump the Spiders from the Pyramid Library. Why is it so? Is the “Well” there also Magykal?

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Jenna,

      It is one of the magykal ones that appear and disappear. It has disappeared for a while now ….

  351. noah

    where is snorri from ?

  352. Septimusheapisawesome

    I was wondering because some kids get crushes on their school teachers, did Septimus ever have an innocent school boy crush on Marcia before getting a crush on Syrah and then eventually Jenna? Thanks.

    • Angie Sage

      Sep has never had a crush on Marcia, they are becoming almost friends now and argue a bit now and then. But no crush…

  353. Sherry

    Hi Angie!
    Hope eveything is OK with book seven. Can you just drop one more hint about Darke? I’ve been waiting for SUCH a long time. Also, is the little box on the cover of Darke involved in the story? Most of the objects are… What exactly is it? Thanks and happy Easter!

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Sherry,

      you don’t have much longer to wait! Yes, the box is part of the story. Marcellus gives it to him but I shall say no more…

  354. Ava P.

    I was reading Syren again one week, and I came up with a Darke dozen of questions:

    1. What did Silas do with the books he rescued?
    2. Where did the Alfrun go?
    3. Does the Port Witch Coven ever become the traditional 13?
    4. Will you ever write 100 Stories For Bored Boys?

    5. What, precisely, was the nature of Simon’s eye injury? I mean, the rock Wolf Boy catapulted didn’t blind him permanently, did it?
    6. Why is the Twenty-One Gang called that?

    7. Do the characters ever get to talk together?
    8. What exactly is WizDri?
    9. Does Jenna’s Chocolate Charm ever melt?
    10. Is Star Island part of a very large creature hibernating semi-covered?
    12. Does Jenna have some kind of princess-sense, if that makes sense?
    13. What was the reason for Sealing the Ice Tunnels? Do we find out, in Darke or the seventh book?

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Ava,

      1. They are in the loft of his room (see MAGYK)
      2. Wait until Darke!
      3. I dunno
      4. Now there’s a thought! I like it….
      5.No, but he has a scar. and there was lots of blood at the time.
      6. They thought it was a cool name and there are never more than 21 in the gang.
      7. Which characters? and er, how do you mean?
      8. like dried energy bars and very chewy. Not great.
      9. No, because its a Charm it is not affected by heat.
      10. Well, I like that idea too…
      11. oops its gone…
      12. yes, she seems to know some things, although she is never sure whether they are Princess things or just weird feelings about stuff.
      13. Last book!

  355. LeAnn

    In class we are discussing metaphors in novels. I was wondering if there are any hidden metaphors in your books. Like what the “green light at the end of the peer” means, is it envy, green for go, or simply the author’s favorite color. (I’m almost positive that was from the Great Gatspy)

    • Angie Sage

      Hi LeAnn,

      I’d have to read Great Gatsby again to find out, but a green light at the end of a pier would be there to guide boats into harbour – showing them which side starbord is. So maybe it is meant to convey a sense that one is safe – has got to familiar territory – just a guess though… But that is not a hidden metaphor, that is just a metaphor.

      I do use lost of metaphor, I like the way they allow you to say two things at one. Hidden ones? Yes to those to, I think though that is more complicated and sometimes one writes things without realising what others will pick up from it.

  356. Myka

    Hi Angie!
    I just finished rereading Queste and the Araminta Spookie series, and I was just wondering…
    Who do you think has a better Fiendish Stare, Araminta or Marcia? I imagine Marcia has a very good Fiendish Stare, and that is has greatly contributed to the fact that she is “a complete natural at scary.” I’m sure Araminta would argue that hers is better, of course.

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Myka,

      He he … well I would not like to put Araminta and Marcia in the same room! I’d go for Araminta as she puts in more practise than Marcia. Marcia is indeed a complete natural at scary, but that also owes a lot to her lack of patience – she does not as the saying goes, ‘suffer fools gladly’.

  357. Drimali

    Hello Angie !!
    I love your books so much and I was very glad when i discover this site ! Strange thing, I listened “Ode to my family”, from the Cramberries, so since this time each time I heard this song I think to you… It’s independant of my will.
    Well, I have a couple of questions about the book:
    -Why does Macia hate Physik ?
    -How Alther (and other ghosts) can enter in the tavern Hole in the wall if he’s not enter when he was alive?
    -What is “the big Blaze”?
    Thanks you !!

    PS: Sorry if I made mistakes, or used strange terms, I’m not English.
    PPS: Can’t wait translation of Darke in French, English people are lucky !!

    • Angie Sage

      Well, I love the Cranberries and will listen to that song again!

      Marcia does not trust physik – this goes back a long way in the history of the Castle, but mainly she blames the Alchemists for a lot of stuff that once went wrong. she also sees it as superstitious nonsense and not based on fact, as magyk is… It is a reversal of how we see science and magic.
      Aha – tis mentioned in MAGYK. If you have walked across the top of it, along the Castle Wall that counts. And all Castle children do that as part of their ‘know your Castle’ lessons.
      You mean the Great Fire? It was a big fire that burnt down a lot of wooden houses in the Castle.
      And your English is very good!

  358. Priya

    Hi again!
    Will Silas ever remember he met his father again? That was one of the things that was gnawing on my brain 😀

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Priya,

      I had a forget spell on me about that! yes, of course he should remember. I will check this out and make sure it happens.

  359. Hannah Sandham

    Hi Angie,
    I have some more questions about the books.
    1. In Magyk how come Alther has to stay in his boat ‘Molly’ when the get to ‘Keeper’s Cottage’ when in Physik it says that he stumbled across the Queen’s way when looking for Betty Crackle?
    2. Also in Magyk, Zelda and Alther don’t know each other, but in Physik it says that Zelda asked Alther for a favour (to find the glass)?
    3. In Physik when Beetle is ill, how come Sarah says that his mother is coming with his father because I thought that Beetle’s dad died, and Beetle never knew him?
    I might be looking to much into the books, but sometimes I wish that books could come to life, so I tend to think a bit more about them. My parents and my sister think I’m mad.
    Thank you.

    • Angie Sage

      1. Well, Alther wants to be with Silas on their trip across the marshes. He can’t go thru the Queen’s Way anyway as a ghost as it doesn’t work for ghosts on their own, he would have to be with someone. And when he was at betty Crackle’s he never went outside so has not ‘trod before’ there…
      2. Yes, this is not right. But I put it down to the beginnings of Aunt Zelda’s forgefulness, which is getting worse now.
      3. yep, you spotted another one! But this was corrected … In the Magykal Papers you will see that Beetle did sometimes pretend that his father was still alive. Sarah Heap had picked up on this and she wasn’t sure.

      You are not mad at all! I sometimes feel that the whole Septimusworld could easily be real.

  360. Madison

    Argh! I am so sad! I just finished Syren and I absolutely NEED Darke, but it’s not out yet! Any way you can speed up time? I’m sure you know a simple Time Speed spell, don’t you? If not, hopefully you might find time to ask Septimus for me. Thanks!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Madison,

      I feel like there is a Time Speed spell all the time! Time goes far too fast for me…. But hey, it’s nearly june now, so not long. I have asked HArperCollins if we can post some of the new illustrations from Darke here and they have agreed, so when I get them Shauki will be posting some of them. So that’s a little bit of Darke!

  361. ally

    hi angie,
    is petroc forever lost? 😦

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Ally,

      I am tempted to say that until my own Petroc comes back (a tortoise), then yes. But that is not fair as Petroc’s been gone 3 years now. I’d like him to but I haven;t managed to write him in yet. But I will try.

  362. dear angie my dad keeps saying thet “the magykal papers” is a compendium if so i dont really care its still septimus heap ill read it in 4 days just like syren

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Griffin,

      your Dad is kind of right, but it is fun – and there are lots of interesting stories in it. I am re-reading it right now so that I don’t forget stuff….

  363. Emma Davis

    Hi angie, im a big fan of yours and i was wondering if it would be possible to send you a copy of Magyk to be signed? cant wait for the next book!!!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Emma,

      well, you could write to me via HarperCollins in the USA or Bloomsbury if you are here in the UK. I can send you a signed sticky thing to put in you book – that is probably the easiest way.

      • Myka

        What if I live in the US? Is there any possible way to get a signed book, then, as I don’t think you’ll be doing a signing in Wisconsin anytime soon (But I wish you would; it would be SO cool to actually meet you in person!).

  364. megan

    ok i dont know if i am allowed to ask this but i guess ill find out 🙂 , youve got some movie news but when we get the green light is there gonna be instructions and like guidelines and stuff also will there be like a certain script that we have to do for whatever person you are trying for ? thanks and sorry if this isnt allowed !

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Megan,

      You have to believe me that I have NOTHING at all to do with this! I really, really don’t. I don’t know what Warners will do about Casting and they may well not even tell me. The thing is, when a writer sells the film rights to a big studio then you have to wave goodbye to your book. I truly don’t know if they will have open auditions. It’s a wonderful idea and I would love to be part of all that, but I am not. I am sorry to pour this bucket of cold water on your hopes but I hate to see people getting excited about this and then be disappointed when it doesn’t happen. All I can say is get in touch with Warner Brothers directly. Sorry ….

  365. Willow

    I am working on writing my own book, and I was wondering if you had any tips for getting it published. My main goal is to be a successful and loved writer like yourself.

  366. sofia

    Dear Angie,
    I love your books. Just out of curiosity does septimus have a crush on anyone? He’s so sweet. Does anyone have a on him? There lots of drama going on but septimus is sort of kicked out. I would say Jenna but it looks like she might have something going on with Beetle.

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Sofia,

      Septimus really likes jenna, but I don’t think he has a crush on her at the moment. And Syrah ditto. he is still young and finding stuff out. More about Jenna and Beetle in Darke…

  367. Sherry

    Hi Angie! Have a few questions:
    How did Jenna lose Petroc? Can ghosts touch each other? Can they touch people? What is the difference between a spirit and a ghost?
    Thanks and hope you can answer soon!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Sherry,

      Petroc just wandered off. Jena looked for him but none of the stones she picked up were petroc. She still hopes she will find him one day.

      No, ghosts can’t touch each other although they can Pass Through each other, which is not a good feeling.

      In the books a spirir and a ghost is the same thing – some people (like Snorri) call ghosts spirits.

  368. Katie

    hi angie, its katie again!!!
    Just got back from a beach day in the bahamas and i feel like nicko with all the salt caked in my hair!!! Anyway, I was rereading quest 4 da 3rd time and i was wondering about the gardian of the house of foryx. is the gardian’s face actually a horse head or does it just remind you of a horse? also, why did the gardian say jenna had her key that really belonged to the house? Are the queen’s room and the house of foryx connected somehow???? have a happy easter!
    katie, the biggest sep fan in the world

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Katie,

      wow, beach day in the Bahamas sounds good!
      The guardian in the House of Foryx looks like a horse. A long nose and a narrow face kind of look.

      And the key … well, wait and see is all i can say about that!

  369. Felicity

    Is Marcellus Pye gay? I always got that sort of vibe from him. The way he worries so much about his physical appearance and fingernails and everything. It’s amusing. I know you said there were two gay characters so I have wondered if he was one of them.

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Felicity,

      I don’t think he is gay, just a fuss pot. A bit of a poseur… He was married in his own Time, although that doesn’t mean he wasn’t gay if course. But I reckon not.

  370. HI!
    I wanted to know how you came up with septimus heap? I enjoy reading them and i recommend them a lot!!
    Kat 🙂

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Kathryn,

      I’m really glad you like Septimus – and that you recommend them – keep spreading the word! I don;t really know how I came up with them. I think the idea just grew – it actually felt as though I had always known about the whole world and the people in it.

  371. Jenna Haruka

    And I keep coming back .. 😀

    Well here goes another question:

    As we all know Marcia is good at getting what she wants.
    Now after Lucy was freed from the attic at the North Gate Gatehouse she had a new motto for herself.
    “No one says NO to Lucy Gringe!”
    I was just wondering if we would ever see Lucy and Marcia have a little squabble? I think it would be fun because they’re both headstrong. And I wonder who will win? Ha-ha!

    One more question:

    Where do we get to see that .. if ever.
    Is there something like that in Darke or will you include that on the 7th Book?

    Thanks ! 🙂

    • Angie Sage

      Hello again!

      I do like the idea of Lucy and Marcia having a stand-off. i don’t know who would win!
      There isn’t anything in Darke, although they do spend time together. I shall have to see for book 7. I reckon they might have a disagreement over what Simon is doing…

  372. Myka

    Hi, Angie
    I’m writing a book, and I’d really like to name a place or something in your honour, because your books really helped me realize that writing isn’t just one standard technique with minimal personality, and now I can really express myself through my books.
    Do you have a favourite street or town or landmark that I could name a street or neighbourhood after? It might sound like an odd request, but I like to put references to things that are important to me in my writing (I even included a Septimus reference in last week’s English essay 🙂 ).

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Myka,

      wow – that is lovely… I am so pleased that reading Septimus has helped like that. A special place. Let me think … I guess it depends on how you want the places to sound?
      there are places in cornwall : Pendennis. Penryn. Restronguet.
      Places when I was little: Whitchurch, Pangbourne.
      All of them are special…
      Good luck with your book – and thank you.

  373. Felicity

    Does Marcia ever think of anyone before herself? She’s so selfish that it renders her unbearable at times. Does anyone have a crush on her? I can’t imagine they would.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi felicity,

      Oh gosh… Yes, i do think Marcia does think a lot about people, its just that she doesn’t like to show it. I suppose she is impatient at times and that comes across as selfish. What particular Marcia episode has bugged you?

  374. patty

    Does Marcellus have a crush on Marcia? I know she doesn’t have one on him but does he like her at all?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Patty,

      Marcellus respects marcia, but I don’t think he has a crush on her. I suppose he likes to argue with her and he’s be upset if he though she really disliked him. They have a mutual respect I would say. Sometimes heavily disguised.

  375. Madison

    Hi, Angie!
    It’s Madison, obviously. Happy late Easter! I was just wondering about Holidays in the world of Septimus Heap. They don’t really have holidays, besides like MidWinter Feast Day. And I also noticed that, even though they’re abviously all getting older, Jenna was the only one in the books who actually ever had a birthday mentioned in the book (her tenth birthday in the first book, the day she found out she was the princess.). Is MidWinter Feast Day sort of like Christmas for them? And since none of their birhtdays were mentioned, have they had regular holidays and they’ve just never been mentioned in the books?

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Madison!

      Thank you – hope you had a happy Easter too. There are not official holidays apart from MidWinter Feast Day but life and work tend to be mixed up more, so holidays aren’t so important. There are special days when people tend to do less – the Longest Night, Snowman Day, MidSummers Day, Spring Fair, Traders Market Opening Day, that kind of thing. And yes, MidWinter Feast Day is on about 25th December. They do celebrate birthdays (Darke begins with one). And Sep has been known to buy shoes for Marcellus’s birthday!

  376. noah

    hi Angie i have a few questions
    1.i know you said that seps world is different from ours but what country would the house of foryx is in.
    2.and is the syren island on one of the brimuda triangle island.

    • Angie Sage

      Hello noah,

      Well Sep’s world is different from ours so the house of Foryx isn’t really in any country. But if you take the Castle as being somewhere in England, then the House of Foryx would be somewhere in Eastern Europe …ish.
      And Syren would be somewhere in the North Sea, but the North Sea would have to be a lot bigger for it to make sense.
      But that is only how I imagine it. You can imagine it anywhere you want to!

  377. Emma Ejermo

    Hi Angie!
    I think this site and your books are totaly amazing.
    (My favorite-books are Flyte and Magyk)
    I´ve got some questions for you.

    1) How do you have time for everything? I mean that you are probably still writing on the last book and meantime you have to answer these questions…

    2) When Aunt Zelda is too old to be the keeper of the dragon boat, is it Wolf boy that´s taking over the keeping of the dragon boat?

    3) Will Sep ever be ExtraOrdinary Wizard?

    4) Will Silas find Grandpa Benji again?

    5) Silas is a shape-shifter, right? will he end up like something else he too? is any of his children shape-shifters?

    6) Okay, I know there has been alot of questions about this gay thing.. I just wonder if you will mention it at all in one of the coming books..?

    7) Will Simon and Marcia ever get friends so that Simon can move back to the Castle?

    8) How old is Lucy Gringe and Snorri in the books?

    9) How long time has it gone between the books, I mean in the world of Septimus Heap.

    Thank you very much for answering this.. I adore your books and especially I adore Stanley (though, he speaks a bit too much some times) and Boggart ofcource 😉

    Greetings from Sweden

    Emma Ejermo

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Emma,
      Thank you! This site gets better and better I think!
      1. Good question! I really don’t know. I write lots of lists and panic.
      2. I reckon he will, yes.
      3. I don’t know. That is a long time ahead. Marcia is not thinking of going just yet. I reckon that is a whole new series!
      4. At the moment no one has gone back to the Forest. But one day he will.
      5. No, Silas isn’t a shape-shifter. It’s a gift that has skipped a generation. And the Heap boys are too young to know yet. It’s something you don’t find out until you are older.
      6. I wasn’t going to. it was just something I had in mind when i think about how the characters are. I shall have to see how book 7 goes.
      7. You will have to wait until Darke for that one!
      8. Oh … um. I am rubbish at counting. Lucy is the same age as Simon, so she was 18 in Magyk. In Darke she is 22, I think. Snorri is a little older than Nicko. Nicko is 18 months older than Sep.

  378. Amanda

    Dear Angie, Love your books.Just wanted to know when the 2 gay characters you talked about are coming??In Darke??? Your faithful fan, Amanda

    • Angie Sage

      hello Amanda,

      well, I only mentioned them in answer to a question. Just a couple of characters already in the books who i had thought of a gay. So they are already there. But it doesn’t have to be part of the plot – just another part of their lives.

  379. Myka

    In one of the earlier questions you said someone would die in Darke. I was wondering if it might be Maxie, or, if Maxie isn’t the one that dies, if he will soon. In Magyk it says that Maxie is about as old as Sep, and wolfhounds don’t usually live much longer than 12 or 13 years old, especially when they beging to become arthritic. 😦

    I really like Maxie, though, especially that paragraph in Magyk about the rubbish chute. My dog would absolutely LOVE that; she’s always hungry and is ALWAYS trying to get into the garbage bin. 🙂 My mum had to get an extra-heavy garbage bin lid so Penny couldn’t pry it open.

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Myka,

      It’s not Maxie, tho I agree, he is getting to the end of his life. But he is still staggering on. I really like maxie too!

  380. Amanda

    Hi again Angie!
    Just wanted to let you know that there are rumors that the 2 gay characters are Sam Heap and Wolf Boy. I don’t know if the source is legit….

    • Angie Sage

      Hmm, how very weird. I wonder where that came from???

  381. megan

    Hi Angie , i dont know if im allowed to ask this but it looks like you got more information about the movie , and i was just wondering when you get the green light on the blog will there be instructions and like specific scripts or scenes we have to do for the auditions for whatever character you are trying for ?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Megan,

      Well, it is still IF we get the green light.
      Now please, please listen to me – I do not have anything to do with the casting. I have no idea how Warners will do this. It’s a wonderful idea to have open auditions and yes, if I was doing the movie, that’s why I would do. But I’m not. Please understand that ‘open auditions’ is an unfounded rumour. I really don’t know how Warners cast and I think the only thing you can do is write to them yourself. I’m sorry not to know any more than this, but that is how it goes. A writer has very little to do with the movie of their book.

  382. megan

    3 things Angie , 1. sorry about my repeated question above my computer was being weird and it wouldn’t let me post that question so i repeated it oops 😛 . . . 2. so can a ghost only walk in the exact footsteps she or he took when they were alive or can they go just a little ways off their path ? and number 3. this is more of a request than a question but if it is possible can you see about changing the letters on this blog from white to a different color i like reading other peoples questions but after a while my eyes hurt really bad from the white letters on a black background . thanks !

    • Angie Sage

      A ghost kind of floats along in the same path. It doesn’t have to put its feet in exactly the same place. I don;t think it is possible to change the colour of this, it’s just the way it is. Shauki is the expert here…

  383. Myka

    Hello again!

    I have yet another question –

    Did Merrin use a Darke Convincing Charm or Believable Bewitchment on Jillie Djinn while applying for the scribe job? Because you’d have to have REALLY bad judgement to hire someone who has no qualifications or tests passed, other than the two apprenticeships.

    Didn’t she think to ask him WHO exactly was he apprenticed to, and why didn’t the first one work out? And a working knowledge in white witchcraft… seriously. I think if someone told me that they had THAT much knowledge of Magyk, I’d think they were crazy. Or I’d ask them to prove it.

    But I suppose that, though she is quite intellegent, Jillie has shown that she is not extremely wise… Still, I suspect some Darke Magyk was involved.


    • Angie Sage

      Hello Myka,

      Merrin certainly used something on Jillie Djinn. He did know a few Darke tricks. Mind you, it turned out that Jillie Djinn’s judgement was not very good at all. She was great at reading ancient texts but she just could not read people.
      I think she was a bit overawed by him, actually. And anyone who can sack Beetle is clearly a little bit daft…

  384. Addie

    Did Marcia have many friends growing up? Sometimes, I feel like her personality type wouldn’t have attracted very many people. The thing is, Marcia is very lovable but people don’t realize it because she’s a little brusque sometimes and it often seems like she is hiding her emotions for the sake of her pride. I just always thought she’d be sort of lonely as a child although she probably wouldn’t admit it if she were.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Addie,

      I think you are spot on there. Marcia moved around a lot and never really got close to anyone. You are right, she is lovable, but she has a hard shell and people don’t see beyond that often. She probably was a little lonely and no, she never admitted it.

  385. Thomas


    Is Syrah going to become important in the last book? And I’ve noticed people keep asking about Marcia and Marcellus. It would be so awful! Please tell me you’re not putting them together.

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Thomas,

      Syrah does come back in the last book and I do have a plan for her. Yes, people do ask about Marcia and Marcellus and I share your feelings totally. But I never do know quite what my characters are going to do. however, if they showed any signs of ‘anything funny’ (as my mother used to say) I’d run away screaming….

  386. Emma Ejermo

    I guess it´s not easy for you to answer these questions… It´s hard for a writer to know everything(I´ve written a few myself so I know) but I hope you´ll be able to answer these questions anyway.

    First: Will Snorri ever meet her mother again?

    Second: Are there more dragons than Spit fyre in the world?

    Thank you again. Your words and sentences in the books warm my heart. You are a really good writer and I wish you good luck for the future.


    • Angie Sage

      Hi Emma,

      thank you so much for your lovely comments!

      And the answers are yes and yes!

  387. Randall

    Are you going to kill off any major characters in this series? oh and did you watch the royal wedding?

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Randall,

      Someone fairly major meets their end in Darke and I don’t know what is happening in book 7 yet…

      Yes – i did watch the royal wedding. Friends came round, we all wore hats and had a table full of food and bubbly. Union flags out on the gate and we had a wonderful time. I don’t think anyone expected it to be such a lovely day.

  388. Jerri

    I have been re-reading all the Septimus books in preparation for Darke, and I just started to wonder about something.

    Is there any connection between Jim Knee’s “best existence” when he was “handmaiden to a beautiful Princess in a Palace on the Eastern Snow Plains – until she had mysteriously disappeared” and the sudden appearance at the Castle in it’s early history, of a “beautiful dark-haired young woman with deep violet eyes and her three dark-haired tiny daughters”? This woman is wearing “rich red velvet” and “a crown”. My guess is that Jim Knee’s beautiful Princess and the first Queen of the Castle are one and the same. If so, will he ever find out?

    (Quotations from the Histories and Happenings part of Syren and from the Magical Papers.)


    • Angie Sage

      Hi Jerri,

      The Princess from the Eastern Snow Plains is the one stuck in the House of Foryx… that’s where she went.

      The Queens are from somewhere a little warmer than that. We will find out where in Book 7!

  389. Madison

    I know you don’t want to reveal anything about what’s coming in Darke, and I don’t want you to spoil it for me, either. But, without being specific, are there anymore characters (that aren’t just in the book for five seconds) coming in Darke? Are there any new girls?

    Also I am curious about something that I thought I figured out, but I’m not sure. When Septimus first met Syrah, she said that she’d met him before and said hello to him. He recognized her from the pictures on the wall in the Wizard Tower before he went on the Queste. She obviously couldn’t have sai