The Araminta Spook/ie Series

Some words about the Araminta Spook/ie series from Angie Sage…

This is a series of seven books for readers just as little younger than those who will enjoy Septimus Heap. They are funny, and not too scary. Our hero and general trouble-maker, Araminta, has the last name Spook in the UK and Spookie in the USA. Just to keep it simple,  I’m going to call her Araminta Spookie here.

Araminta has a lot to say for herself but she is, even though I say it myself, worth listening to. At the end of Book One she meets Wanda Wizzard and a feisty friendship is born.

Araminta and Wanda live in Spookie House with various relations and numerous ghosts. In this series you will also get to know aunt Tabby and  uncle Drac, who are Araminta’s long-suffering guardians; Barry and Wanda Wizzard, who are Wanda’s parents; Big Bat, Pusskins the cat, Nurse Watkins and many other oddly interesting people. I think my favourite is Araminta’s Goth teen cousin Mathilda. You’ll also go to Gargoyle Hall, Araminta and Wanda’s new school, and the haunted pirate island where Araminta has her scariest adventure ever.


Here are the titles:

Araminta Spook 1: My Haunted House
Araminta Spook 2: The Sword in the Grotto
Araminta Spook 3: Frognapped
Araminta Spook 4: Vampire Brat
Araminta Spook 5: Ghostsitters
Araminta Spook 6: Gargoyle Hall
Araminta Spook 7: Skeleton Island


And the UK covers (minus Skeleton Island)

araminta1MY HAUNTED HOUSE (Book One)

Araminta Spookie lives in a wonderful old haunted house, but her crabby aunt Tabby wants to move. Aunt Tabby is determined to sell their house—Araminta has to stop her!
With the help of a haunted suit of armor named Sir Horace, a ghost named Edmund, and a lot of imagination, Araminta hatches a plot for an Awful Ambush that is so ghoulish, it just might work!

araminta2THE SWORD IN THE GROTTO (Book Two)

Sir Horace is about to turn five hundred years old! Araminta and Wanda need to find him the perfect gift. Araminta finds an ancient sword in a grotto hidden under her haunted house—and it should be a cinch to get it. But she wasn’t planning on the nasty surprise of a portcullis-trap and a rising tide in the grotto. Will Araminta and Wanda make it to Sir Horace’s birthday party?

araminta3FROGNAPPED (Book Three)

When something’s amiss in Spookie House, there’s usually only one person to blame—Araminta. But this time she had nothing to do with the disappearance of Barry Wizzard’s frogs, and she is determined to find them. Of course, it’s not going to be that easy, especially when dealing with a crazy character named Old Morris, a dangerous shark, and a demanding aquarium show audience. Can Araminta find the frogs and steal the show?

araminta4VAMPIRE BRAT (Book Four)

Araminta thinks something horrible is hiding in the deep, hidden passages of Spookie House—could it be a werewolf? Add to that the arrival of Uncle Drac’s creepy nephew, Max, and Araminta knows things will never be the same. Max is Wanda’s new best friend, and Araminta finds him annoying. She comes up with a plan to figure out what Max is up to—and also to capture the werewolf. But will it work?

araminta5GHOSTSITTERS (Book Five)

When Aunt Tabby and Uncle Drac head off to Transylvania, Araminta is upset—they’re going to be away on her birthday. However, when it turns out that her almost-grown-up cousin, Mathilda, will be babysitting, it seems things couldn’t get any better. But Mathilda’s brought along trouble: two rowdy teenage ghosts, Ned and Jed, who listen to no one. It’s a disaster! Can the girls figure out a way to get Ned and Jed out of the house for good?

araminta6GARGOYLE HALL (Book Six)

When Araminta throws cold water over her best friend, Wanda, to disperse a crowd of panicked bats, it’s decided Araminta has been ‘helpful’ one too many times, and she is packed off to boarding school. On arrival, Araminta is surprised to discover that Gargoyle Hall makes her home, Spook House, seems positively cosy. Strange moans and clanks echo down the corridors and the two head girls are equally creepy. Most of the other pupils have been scared away, but Araminta senses that something – or someone – is behind the menace.
With the help of best friend Wanda and Uncle Drac’s prize bat, she is going to do something about it!

108 thoughts on “The Araminta Spook/ie Series

  1. Carlos

    I am curious about Araminta’s surname, and why it differs in the USA and the UK. Are you able to tell us?

    Loved the Septimus Heap and Toddhunter Moon series, picked these up without noting the author, and was very pleasantly surprised when I *did* notice who wrote them *warm smile*. By the way, I think you channel “little kid” really well in your writing, in lots of ways. It’s just a pleasure to listen to. (Yup, I listen to tons of audiobooks on drives and walks.) Hmm, so it’s only fair to compliment those readers as well. Thanks to all of you, Angie, and the companies and libraries that make your stuff available to us all!

    Have a blessed life, everyone!

    P.S. To those who are worried about this being aimed at younger readers: I wouldn’t worry so much about that as I would whether you like what’s before you when you try it out. It’s a different tone and kind of adventure than the “Heap and Moon book series-es”, do know that. But you still may find it really enjoyable. If you have a doubt, I suggest trying to find a copy of the first book that will let you read or listen to a few pages, and that should tell you if it’s a style of writing and story you enjoy.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Carlos,
      I’m so happy you’ve loved Sep and Tod and now have got to know Araminta. Yes, I still do have an inner kid – Araminta is how I would have like to have been. If I had dared! And yes, I to am so grateful to all those wonderful libraries and booksellers that help Araminta to be out there still.
      Araminta’s last name was Spook to begin with. But my USA publishers told me that ‘Spook’ was a racially offensive term in the USA, which I had no idea was the case. So in the USA she became Araminta Spookie, which I grew very fond of. I think either suit her well.
      Thank you for your lovely message,
      very best wishes

  2. Humaira khira

    It all started when my friend brought me the book of angie sage araminta spook book four I often don’t finish reading the books I have but then I found this interesting and know i have araminta spook book five that i finished yesterday night you are now my best author 😍😍 and I’ll soon try to get book one, two, three and six

  3. charlotte and Freya

    Me and my daughter love the Araminta Spook books, we have just finished Skeleton Island, we love it. Looking forward to more Araminta books.

  4. Angie Sage

    Hi Rhea,

    I think the earlier Spookie books are on audible (you can certainly get them on CD). I hope the last two will be too.

  5. Rhea

    Are there going to be audiobook editions on audible? I loved listening to them that way.

  6. mary

    hi angie
    I am 13 years old and I love your books so much.
    I read your books last year.
    You are a great writer.
    I really like to speak with you!
    Thank you again.

    • Angie Sage

      HI Mary,

      Thank you, it is so nice of you to tell me!

  7. Angie sage

    I love the araminta spooky books they are really good can you write a seventh one everyone in my class loves them.

    • Angie Sage

      The seventh book is out very soon! It is called Skeleton Island. Araminta and Wanda have a scary time with some pirate ghosts…

  8. Emily

    Oh gosh, I’ve got to look for these at my library now!

  9. Angie Sage

    Update … Bloomsbury US will be publishing the two new Aramintas: Gargoyle Hall and Skeleton Island. But they will look a little different as there is a new illustrator. However, Araminta and Wanda are just the same!

  10. Hi can anyone tell me if Gargoyle Hall will be out in Hardback to match all the other books I have collected? It ought to be and I’ll be sad if not as I won’t buy it if it wont match my collection 😦

    • No, sorry, only UK paperback. The US publishing house is not going to release Gargoyle Hall and Skeleton Island.

  11. farbod


  12. anzrc1

    Yes, it may be strange that an adult male is writing, but I’m interested in a variety of books, except for romantic (sorry they’re pathetic). Anyway, I hope Araminta book 6 is of the quality of your other works.. Yes the six year break between books 5 & 6 does unnerve me (I’ve read other series which have had long breaks before – not good), but everything I’ve read from you is quality, so I’m hopeful Gargoyle Hall will be no different.

    And I hope you can get direct US sales (& Australia).

    • Angie Sage


      Well, sometimes there is just not enough time to write everything, hence the break. I hope you do enjoy the two new Aramintas just as much, though. I reckon they are definitely up there with the others.

  13. Penny Godfrey

    Hi Angie,

    We came to listen to you talk at the Luton Hoo festival in May and then bought all 6 of the Araminta books. My daughter Alice (7) loves them and is now feeling a little bereft as she finishes number 6 last night. She wants to know if you have any plans to write a 7th? Thanks.


    • Angie Sage

      Hi Penny,

      I hope you get this reply after all this time – sorry to have taken so long. Number 7, SKELETON ISLAND will be out this summer!

      Please say ‘hi’ to Alice for me!


  14. Ava

    After memorizing almost all of your books, you have been my inspiration to become a writer. As I am only a 6th grader in the US, I have a lot to accomplish. Your Araminta Spookie books are to die for and please the entire family while making memories I will never forget. Just finding out that there was a 5th and soon to be (I think) a 6th book is making me “…hop(ping) around like crazy” – according to Minty! : )

    Additionally, I was wondering if these new books will be published also as audiobooks. I can’t read in the car without getting sick, so on the 11 hour yearly drive to my Grandmother’s home, Katherine Kellgren makes the time fly by!

    Please don’t stop writing!

    Thank you,

    ordering #5 right now!!! (can’t wait ’till May)

    • Angie Sage

      HI Ava,

      sorry I’ve not checked in before now – I’ve been busy writing another Araminta! I am so pleased you and your family have enjoyed reading about her and Wanda – and that you have been inspired to write too. That is wonderful! And guess what – I am nearly fished writing book number 7.
      I can’t read in the car without getting sick either, so I know how you feel. I am not sure if these will be audio or not. The others were so I do hope so!

  15. Lynn Sessler

    Hello, Angie.

    My 6-year-old daughter and I have just finished Frognapped, and absolutely loved it. We love Minty’s house, and secret passageways, and Uncle Drac’s sleeping arrangement – so creative and funny. I can’t believe how many of the details my daughter remembers (I read to her at this point).

    I just told her today that there are 6 books…and more to come. She squealed with delight – I couldn’t have got a better response if I had given her a new puppy.

    So thank you for making a really interesting series with a young adventurous female protagonist, who gets up to lots of entertaining, mysterious shenanigans.

    We love Minty!

    Regards, Lynn

    • Angie Sage

      Thank you, Lynn – so sorry for such a late response. I’m so pleased you and your daughter love Minty and Wanda so much. They really are fun to write about, I do spend a lot of time smiling when I am writing an Araminta book. Please say hi to your daughter from me!

  16. Nalyna

    Love from Jamaica.

  17. Nalyna

    Oh I wish for more Septimus too! I know they are children books, but I can’t help wanting to know more about his love life! Please write more Septimus Heap books, pretty please Angie with cherry and whip cream on top. Maybe an adult version, as I cant help it, I want to more about Septimus love life too. *Big smile. Wink*

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Nalyna,

      Sooo late. Sorry! But yes, I too would like to write a little more ‘grown up’ Sep. I hope to get some time to do that one day. And Marcia too…

      Thank you!

  18. thufur

    Verry glad you’ll be writing more Spookie Books!!! My boys just love them!!!!

  19. Aramintaspookielover

    When is book 6 coming out

  20. BiggestSepFanEver! :)

    Funny thing is that I loved her a couple years ago and I did not know that you were the same author of Sep! No wonder I love them both!

  21. araminta spook books are awesome i read the sword in the grotto in my school and i liked it so much i ordered the whole series.

  22. Aramintaspookielover

    Hey Angie I really loved araminta spookie books an I want number 6 so bad! Why didn’t it get released did u finish it? I really want it on the shelves so that I can get it and have the series keep on going that would be amazing!!!!

    • Angie Sage

      You are right, I didn’t have any time to write number six as Septimus Heap took over. It will be out in May 2014 and is now coming out in the USA too, with Bloomsbury over there – which is great news!

  23. Mudderbutter

    Angie sage, You should write more Septimus heap books. I love them so much and was so disappointed when I found out that Fyre was the last one. I have read books 1-6 about 8 times each and I have finished reading the 7th one. I got it the day it came out.
    You should write more books because everybody who loves Septimus like I do wants to find out what happens between the end of book 7 and when he enters ghosthood. We want to know how old he was when he became the 777th extraordinary wizard and what happened to Marcia. We want to know what happened to Jenna and what she did from the time she was crowned queen and when she died. Did she and beetle ever date or get married? Maybe you could write a big book that has a lot of little stories in it telling what is happening to the people sense the final book,like what did Jenna name her kid and when did they find out about scooters. If you will do this for me that I will be your biggest fan for as long as I live, I will tell my friends about it and i will read it to my children and grandchildren when I get them
    Your biggest fan,

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Mudderbrudder,

      Thank you for such a lovely message and I am sorry I have only just seen it. I haven’t looked on this page for ages as I had thought it was a kind of forum. I will keep checking in from now on!
      Thank you for your brilliant idea. I am beginning a YA version of what happens after Fyre (to be published by myself as my publishers want middle grad only). I do really like the idea of a lot of shorter stories, released little by little. I was concerned I would not have to time for a full length novel but I can do shorter one and we can ad them all together into an anthology one day. Fantastic!
      There is also TodHunter Moon out next year (in August I think) and that does carry on 7 years after FYRE, It is more focussed on 3 new characters but there is still a fair amount of the older guys in it and it does bring you back into the Septimus world.
      I so love the idea of you reading Septimus to your grandchildren. Once again thank you and I do hope you get to read this reply, even though it is has taken so long.
      Happy Christmas!

  24. Anne Judd

    When you are finished writing it, Please push the powers that be about releasing book 6 in the USA. There are fans here! at least 5 in my family! We have been watching for book 6 in the Araminta Spookie series for over a year, ever since we finished reading book 5. And have been excited to read that you are working on book 6. Thank you for your great books.

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Anne,

      I would love book 6 to be released in the US but unfortunately Araminta does not do well enough for HarperCollins – even though I do get quite a few letters from US fans and I know that, like your family, they are definitely out there. I am hoping that we will get her going really well over here again and then she may jump over the pond once more. I would so love an animated TV series to be done!
      I hope you will be able to get the book on Amazon? I know a lot of UK readers bought the US edition of Darke when it was released earlier there.
      Wishing all your family a very Happy Christmas!

  25. Gwendolen

    Hey, Angie!!!
    I’d just like to share these 2 stories about Araminta Spookie:
    1st, about a year ago, there was an Italian foreign exchange student living in my house. She spoke very good English, but reading it was harder for her, so she asked me for some fun, easy books to read. I chose Araminta from the library, and she loved them!
    2nd, I know a little girl (about 9) who is really smart and loves semi-spooky stories, but It has taken her a while to learn how to read. I was on vacation and wanted to bring her back a book I knew she would like, but she could read on her own, too, as well as having it read to her. She loves Araminta Spookie!
    So thanks! And also, I love Araminta and how she has 7 bedrooms! I want to live in Spookie House! 😉

    • Angie Sage

      Dear Gwendolen,

      Thank you – what lovely stories. It’s so nice to hear these things and thanks for taking the trouble to tell me.

      I too love Araminta’s house, it is a huge version of one where I lived in as child for a few years. My parents had a flat there and when we moved in no one else lived there at all … it was very spooky, but fun too. It got even more fun when one day a family with 2 girls my age moved into the flat downstairs. That is, I think, where Araminta came from.

      Happy Christmas!

  26. Keep Plugging at that book 6 Angie! I am a children’s librarian and I have many kids hooked on your Arminta series. They are waiting patiently for you!

    Thank you,
    Ellen Fitzgerald

    • Angie Sage

      Thank you, Ellen!

      This is really great to know. I am hoping you are in the UK? It is only at present being published here in England. She didn’t do well enough in the USA for them to go with the 6th book after such a long break.

  27. Brittney

    hi im in book 3(frognapped) of the araminta serise for a book club at school i really enjoyed the first 2

    • Angie Sage

      HI Brittney,

      that’s great! I hope you like Vampire Brat and Ghostsitters too!

  28. Marcia

    Love the septimus heap series! Magyk is a great story and the sequels are amazing adventures. It feels like time-traveling when I read a summary of Magyk when I was on Syren…

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Marcia,

      Time travelling is what it is all about!

  29. maddie

    Dear Angie ,
    My name is Maddie i am 9 i love Ghostsitters . The funnie thing is i have only read book 5 not 1,2,3,4,. i am so exsided for book 6 yah!!!!!!!!! i am doing a book report on book 5.if you do the drawings they are graet hope i get a reply soon
    your fan

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Maddie,
      Sorry about the late reply, I really must check in here more often. I am writing book 6 right now, not sure when it will be out but I hope it won’t be too long.
      I don’t do the drawings, but I love them! They are drawn by Jimmy Pickering.

  30. SeptimusHeapFan1002

    Dear Angie,
    I absolutely LOVE your Septimus Heap series. I have just finished reading Syren and thought it was AMAZING!!! You are a fantastic writer and I hope you continue the wonderful Septimus Heap books.
    From SeptimusHeapFan1002, an adoring Septimus Heap fan.

    P.S: I cannot get a hold of the book Darke.Do you know where I could find any copies? And are you doing any book signings any time soon because I will be FIRST IN LINE!!!!!!!

  31. n2ition

    Love the Septimus Heap series and wanted to get the Araminta Spookie books on kindle for my daughter as a b-day present. I put the first two on her kindle only to discover that book number 3 hasn’t been released in kindle format. Are there any plans to release Frognapped in digital format in the near future? I know books 4 and 5 are available…so wondering why not 3? Thanks!

  32. n2ition

    We bought my daughter a kindle for her birthday and she was very excited to get the Araminta Spookie books on it. But when we started to purchase the series we discovered that book 3 is not available on Kindle. Is there any plan to put it out in that format soon? I have a very disappointed little girl. 😦

    • Angie Sage

      Hi, I am really sorry that this is such a late reply – I usually only check in to the Ask Angie page, but I will remember to visit here too in future. I didn’t know that book 3 was not available on Kindle. I will ask why not…

  33. Araminta Spookie books have entertained me when i was 7-8 years old can’t remember which!
    Even if they are for younger children i bet i’d still like them now as they have very could plot lines!

  34. Lynn

    Angie I am one of the older readers. I love the Septimus, and Araminta series both. I don’t know how you manage to write two series at the same time. Thanks for the wonderful stories.

  35. Thank you!! My 8 year old son has been reading since he was 4. His tested reading level is 5th grade, yet he refused to read more than one chapter in chapter books!! Until now! He LOVES Araminta Spookie and cannot wait to read the next chapter. We are a family of READERS so I am a happy Mama :o)
    Now my problem is getting him to stop reading so he can go to sleep!

  36. Anne Judd

    My niece and nephews and I love the Aramintia Spookie books we were sad to get to the end of book five. We so hope that you are going publish a sixth soon!!!! We wish there was a book six already. Keep up the great work.

    • Angie Sage

      Thank you, Anne. I am not sure when the 6th book will come out. I haven’t started to write it yet as I am afraid Septimus has taken over things a bit.

  37. Gayathirie

    Hi Angie, I just finished reading Ghostsitters. My cousin said your series are really interesting. When will Araminta book six come out? I am so excited to read it so in the mean time I will bw reading your other books (again). By the way for the sixth book what will it be called?

  38. Sheri

    Hi Angie!

    Your Araminta books are so entertaining that I don’t care if they’re for kids! I can’t wait till the next one…that is, when I’m finished reading Darke. 😉 Keep up the good work, thanks! 🙂

  39. John

    My sister got me reading your books and I don’t regret it!
    They are FANTABULOUS! keep writing…Don’t ever stop!

    From John! 🙂

  40. Alicia

    Ur books are absolutely AWESOME! As soon as I read the 1st one I wanted to read the whole series!And I soon did! You are absolutely amazing! Don’t stop writing Araminta spook books, Keep going forever!

    Always reading Araminta spook!
    From Alicia xoxoxox

  41. Sophie

    Hello Angie, I am a big fan of Araminta Spookie. I think she is really funny!! I am SO excitied for the new Araminta Spookie! I hav’nt read the whole seires yet, but I am still excited for it!

  42. Jake

    Hi Angie,
    when is your sixith book comimng out and what is the name of the book (sorry to ask)i love yor armantia spook books

    • Angie is going to write the sixth Araminta when she finishes the last Septimus Heap book.


    when will araminta spookie book 6 be available?

  44. Selena

    Also, do you live in Britain? Cuz it is 9:35 PM here. And my comment says that it was posted on 2:34 am.

  45. Selena


    I love your Septimus Books! I actually did not know that there was a new book called Darke, but I can’t find it in the libraries at the moment. Do you know when it may come in? Also, I am reading you Araminta series. I was wondering, did you write a sixth book yet?? Or a seventh. I did not really understand from other’s messages. Thank you!! And you rock 😀

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Selena,

      Thank you for your lovely comments. You probably won’t see this as is it so late! I hope you found Darke in your library. And I am now writing another Araminta at last! And yes, I do live in Britain!

  46. My son Tate devoured the Araminta series as soon as they were published (reading each book over and over) and has been waiting for the next book–both the Araminta website and the Angie Sage site have been saying for a very long time that the next book was coming out in a year. I finally stopped checking those websites months ago–I just discovered this one–please update the other websites–and yes Tate has read all the Septimus Heap books. I’m sure he will enjoy the next Araminta book even though he is now in fourth grade.

    • Hi Amy,

      Angie is writing now the seventh and final book in the Septimus Heap series, but Ghostsitters is definitely not the final book in the Araminta Spookie series. There will be more books as soon as Angie is done with book seven. We know that there are a lot of Araminta fans out there, but Angie’s priority right know is Septimus Heap. This website is updated regularly, so if there will be more Aramintas in the near future, you’ll hear it here first.

  47. anika

    i have not read them yet i have been meaning to but they are always checked out at the library but i have read all the septimus heap books at least 3 times!

  48. Julie Dent

    Dear Angie:

    My son Ryan loves your Araminta Spookie series. Is there a book six available, or does the series end at five books. Thank you!

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Julie,
      Ryan may well be into other books now, but there will be another Araminta in 2013/14 and I do want to continue the series.

  49. Rosemarie

    Dear Angie,

    My children (ages 5 & 10) and I love listening to your books on audio. We have listened to the first four books but have been unable to find the 5th one. Is it available on audio?


  50. lorraine

    i havent read araminta spookie i suposse is for more childish

    • Nope, great for all ages! MY 12.5yr old daughter and I love them every bit as much as my 7yr old son!

  51. Lynne

    Hello Angie, My daughters and I absolutely love the Araminta Spookie books. We also love the audio version of books 1 & 2. I can not tell you how many times my 8 year old has listen to them. Do you know if there are any plans to record the Audio for the other books ? Thank you !! Lynne

    • Hi Lynne,

      Amazon doesn’t have anymore books 3&4 on Audio CD, but you can download books 3&4 (Frognapped & Vampire Brat) here, on (an Amazon company). The books are narrated (again) by the lovely Katherine Kellgren.

      • Lynne

        Thank you !!! I have it downloaded on both ipods and can hear them giggling every now and than. Thank you again !!


  52. amelia

    i read the first three and they were great i am nagging my mum and dad to buy me the next one fingers crossed they will

  53. Araminta Star

    Angie, My name is Araminta Star (no joke) and I began reading your Araminta Spookie books because I was both surprised and thrilled to find literature featuring my name (even my childhood nickname of “Minty”). Thanks for unlocking my interest in YA lit. You’ve inspired me tremendously. Anxiously awaiting your 6th. Cheers!

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Araminta – what a great name!

      I’ll be writing the 6th book after I’ve done Darke – I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed them so much.

  54. Sian

    I adore ALL of your books loved Syren but Flyte and Magyk will remain my favorites…… LOVE Araminta Spookie! Such a creative series! Cannot wait for the 6th and am anxiously awaiting Darke, you are simply one of the best authors around!

    • Angie Sage

      Thank you!! It’s great you love both series. I’m really looking forward to getting back to writing more Araminta.

  55. Shauna Smith

    This is the first series of novels that my son has actually showed an interest in reading. Thank you for giving my second grader something that would finally peak an interest in literacy! He is anxiously awaiting book 6 in the Araminta Spookie series… any ideas when we may see it on the shelves?

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Shauna,

      I must confess that Araminta has had to take a back seat to Septimus for a while. She is not happy about it… As soon as I finish Darke I shall be writing Araminta book 6. I have done the first 3 chapters already, but deadlines for Septimus meant I had to concentrate on that. So apologies to your son…

  56. Lillian Ralston

    Hello Angie,I have read all of your Araminta Spook books(and now reading them again). I love your writing skills they’re amazing! It is an honour to be writing to you I would like a six book of Araminta Spook to come out as i am a big fan of your work.Please let me know if this is going to happen.

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Lillian,

      Sorry about the gap in the Araminta books… Septimus took over for a while. I shall finish writing book 6 this autumn

  57. i think that they are great books Angie!!!!!!! Keep up the good work!!!!!

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Bekah,
      A very very late reply – but thank you. And at last I am now writing Araminta
      number 6.

      • Masih

        Hi.Thank U These Books Are The Best Books I Read Yet.PLS Write Book 6 & Thank U Again

      • Oh yay!!! My 8 year old daughter will be thrilled to hear this…. although she is now delving into the Septimus heap series, she has a sort of soft spot for Araminta…. In fact she has written a book review on it and done an illustration for her school magazine as well… Would love to share them with you…

      • wordsasplateaus

        This is really spectacular news. After discovering a promotional bookmark for My Haunted House while we were moving two years ago over Christmas, my then-3-year-old became absolutely fascinated with Araminta. Before the holidays were complete, we had obtained and read all five books at least twice each. (Where the bookmark came from, I’ll never know.)

        He’s since taught himself to read, and is working his way through a book a day. When I told him that book six was being written, his eyes lit up.

        We hope that all is well with you as you write, and wait with patient expectancy 🙂

      • Aimee

        Yeah! My 8 year old and I have been waiting for this. Do you have a release date? Christmas 2013???

      • May 2014 🙂

      • Dear Angie I am doing a book report on my author and was wondering if you could answer a few questions?
        I accidentally did not see this blog so I posted another one of these on that blog but you can answer which ever one………
        in your book Frognapped:
        1.) What characters were made up and which where real?
        2.) Why did you choose to right this novel?
        3.) In what way does this novel tell your own story?
        4.) Where did you grow up?
        5.) How is your childhood brought into the novel’s settings?
        6.) How much was your life like a novel?
        Thanks Angie so much please answer I am SOOOO excited to be talking to you,
        Kitty Kat
        (p.s this is actually not my blog it is my sisters…. but still answer these!!!!)

      • madhu

        angie, u r just splendid!!!!!! we 15 yr old girls look up to u and admire u awfully……. , no other writer converses with their fans like you……ur septimus heap books really drive me insane with delight….u have lot of indian FANS like me…love you forever..

      • hi my name is hannah im ten i really like you books

    • Oh my goodness YES! We LOVE your books Angie! I stumbled upon “My Haunted House” at the library when looking for a new book series for my 7yr old son. He likes the Magic Tree House books but was starting to get weary of the formulaic-ness of them, I think. I was SO pleasantly surprised when I found this series!! Not only is it right on his reading level, but it’s actually a GOOD QUALITY book! You just don’t seem to see those in this reading level! I hope you continue to write more! We NEED more writers like you that can actually produce high quality literature for this younger reading level!

      The characters are so likeable and I find myself actually laughing out loud frequently while reading! I absolutely LOVE Minty! (Even love her name!) My 12.5yr old daughter and I both love these books every bit as much as my 7yr old son! They’ve now finished all 5 and I’m finishing up the last one (had to wait for everyone else to read first….Mom got last dibs, hehe.)

      And because of Araminta Spookie I discovered Septimus Heap. HOLY COW! FANTASTIC! We read Septimus at bedtime together, as they are a bit long for my son at this point. I absolutely love the quality of the writing, love the characters, love the setting, love the magic (I am NOT bothered by the bold for the magic words, as I see so many picky Amazon reviewers mentioning.) Love everything about this series! We’re only on book 2, and I LOVE that they are LONG, so there’s lots to devour here! (I’ve always preferred long books…longer time to enjoy them!)

      Keep them coming! We are now HUGE Angie Sage fans in this house!

      And I should mention that I’ve talked about your books a lot on a homeschool podcast I do with a friend called “Savvy Homeschool Moms”. ( And I’ll continue to talk about your books because we are still enjoying them! Can’t wait for more to come out in the Araminta Spookie series! 🙂

  58. Jess O'Brien

    I havent read Arimanta spook because its supposed to be for younger readers

    • Toma Davis

      They are, but don’t let that stop you! They are highly imaginative and creative and make for a wonderful read on audio book. Also, even though they are for young readers, my 5 year old found them too scary. Septimus Heap doesn’t bother her. You will also get to meet Sir Cadogan in these books. He is the predecessor of Sir Herewood who guards Jenna’s room.

    • I am finishing up book 5 and I am an adult and can’t get enough of Araminta Spookie! My 12.5yr old daughter devours them as well! Don’t let the reading level fool you, there is a lot of quality in these books and they are just hysterical, even for adults! Sort of like an Addams Family series, but much better, in my mind! Great for ALL ages!

    • Molly

      I have read all of the Septimus Heap books and the first Alice TodHunter Moon book and i can’t decide if I should read The Araminta Spook Series

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