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Hello everyone,

You may have noticed that this site has been a little bit uncared for recently but I am back now and slowly updating all the sections. Life has been busy – moving house, writing more books and as ever, thinking about Septimus too.

So where am I with writing now? Well, I have two books finished and in the pipeline and I have a definite publication date for my next book with HarperCollins: Maximilian Fly. It is due out next summer, 2019. I do hope you will get to read Max – and like him too.

At the moment I am writing  a new world with a little bit of magic in it. I’ve not forgotten about Septimus – how could I ever? – but I confess that my Marcia novella is still only halfway through. I really must get back to her soon. It begins when, as a sixteen year old, Marcia arrives at the Castle for the first time. Alone. She had a tough start. I love finding out more about Marcia and will get back to her soon.

Meanwhile, have a great summer! Or winter if you are upside down in Oz and NZ.

And I am doing my best to remove these old SandRider pix but they just refuse to go. Maybe they have been there for so long they’ve got stuck?

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10 thoughts on “Angie’s Blog

  1. Dear Angie,

    I’ve just stumbled across this site after re-reading the Sep Heap/TodHunter Moon series!
    I wanted to say thank you for writing such wonderful stories and creating inspiring characters. I think I was around 10-11 when I first read Magyk, and at 23 now I feel like I’m visiting old friends when diving back into the books again!

    I look forward to reading the Marcia novella one day – no other character in any other book can compare to her in my eyes. I bought a pair of purple Irregular Choice boots with a snakeskin print on them in honour of her, and she even inspired a song I wrote a few years back I’m hoping to release this year!

    Best wishes, and hope 2020 is fantastic for you!

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Marlee,
      I’m sorry you’ve had to wait so long for your reply – Covid intervened in our lives as it has in so many others’. Thank you so much for your message, I’m really happy that you’re enjoying your return visit to the Septimus world. I am, at last, back writing Marcia after so many other things intervening. So I do hope to actually get this novella out this year! And yes, I know those Irregualr Choice boots very well – I too own a pair and have lent them to someone dressed as Marcia too. I’d love to hear the song!
      I hope 2020 is going well for you and you are staying safe amid all the strangeness.

  2. Mira L. Hager

    Dear Angie Sage!
    I love your books, it’s so fantastic how you built this magic world with some words… At the moment I read the story of Septimus Heap for the second time, and it’s as good as I had read it for the first time. I recommended the books to all of my friends, my siblings all love it, too(they are 10 and 7).
    I just want to say THANK YOU that you had written this wonderful adventures.
    Thanks for your time, Mira(13)

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Mira,
      Thank you so much for your lovely message, I really am pleased that you’ve enjoyed Sep just as much the second time around. I too am re-reading and remembering all kinds of things! I know it might seem strange but there actually are a few things I have forgotten, so it is wonderful to be back in the world again.
      And a big THANK YOU form me too for spreading the word about Septimus.
      Angie x

  3. Well this is a blast from the past! I remember reading the Septimus Heap series years ago. Good luck on your future endeavors!

  4. LeAnn

    Did anything ever come of the Septimus movie?

    • Angie Sage

      Unfortunately no … I’ve put a more detailed answer in the FAQ section. But thanks for asking!

  5. Angie Sage

    Thanks! It will be great to have something out there again.

  6. Looking forward to the new books! 🙂

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