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I’m back – at last!

I’m sorry I’ve been away all winter, I have been hibernating in a writing cocoon, but it has worked. I’m now well on the way with THM book three. The Big Freeze is thawing now and I can face the world again… and give a big apology to all SepHeap blog fans for not answering any questions for ages.

I shall get down to reading all your great comments and questions over the next few days. Happy Spring (almost). And if you are way down in the Southern hemisphere, happy Autumn (almost).

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4 thoughts on “Angie’s Blog

  1. Jesse Cronin

    The book flyte sorry.

    Sent from my iPod


  2. Jesse Cronin

    Dear Angie Sage, I have started reading your books and recently finished reading magyk. Tomorrow I will be borrowing the book flute from the library. I am wondering if you’re going to make an eighth book of the series. I love the magyk series and I intend of reading every book. I might even have my own copy of flyte for my birthday! Fingers crossed! 👌 I love your books. You’re my favourite author. Once at school while I was reading the book magyk when Dom Daniel was making a storm we had to stop our silent reading and for a second I actually thought that it was a stormy weather! But it was just sunny. I got so hooked into your books I actually thought the weather was stormy! I have one question that I will love to ask you and hopefully you reply. How do you describe what’s happening so well and make your books really good? I right some short stories myself and I’m thinking on becoming an author later on. Please reply. I would like your ideas so I can be a good writer. Thanks 😃 From Jesse


  3. Kathie Brim

    Thanks for the update Angie 😊I am waiting for THM book 3 😊

  4. Merrin

    So glad you are back!

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