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So …PATHFINDER is coming out next week!

This is a chance for fans in the UK to get some signed copies. TWO signed copies in fact! One for you and one for a friend.

All you have to do is email with PathFinder in the subject header. Winners will be selected two weeks after the competition opens.

And for UK readers, don’t forget to check in here for an extra scene in the House of Foryx…

Pathfinder Packshot


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7 thoughts on “Angie’s Blog

  1. Adinda

    Woo! Already ordered! I’m very excited! X from The Netherlands

  2. Why it’s never for international readers? 😦

  3. Merrin

    I soooooo wish i was in the UK right now!!! Although for my b-day i got a signed copy of frognapped, araminta spookie. Exciting!!! I got my school librarian to pre-order Pathfinder! Love you Angie!!!!!!!!


    You had said about a new book about after Septimus Heap about the relationships the characters have. When does that come out?

  5. Aw too bad it’s for the UK only, but good luck to everyone that can enter!

  6. katfoxinton

    Aw too bad it’s only for people in the UK, good luck to everyone who can enter!!!

  7. Jhon

    i just got done with Darke and i loved it and now i’m on book 7 and i’m so exited that pathfinder is out now to

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