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I have just got to the end of writing THM book 2, which is called: SandRider.

I’ve not had space to check in for a while but will be reading all the posts and answering over the next couple of weeks – thanks for all the great comments and questions.

If anyone is near Edinburgh this weekend come and see me! I will be at the Book Festival and at 5pm on Sunday I’m going to be talking with Sally Green about writing about the supernatural. I’m really looking forward to this, I think its going to be very interesting.

And for any Araminta Spook fans I’m there on Monday too, at 10.30.

There’s going to be a fun trailer on Amazon for PathFinder soon – watch this space…

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5 thoughts on “Angie’s blog

  1. Colin Zastrow

    I’ve loved this series and the first Septimus Heap series we=hen I first read it, and now i’m addicted to them.

  2. tuelle

    Got my Amazon pre-order in. Can’t wait to dive back into the world of Sep (and forbears). 😀

  3. Larry Larraga

    got my Amazon pre-order in. Cannot wait to dive back into the world of Sep and company (and forbears) 😀

  4. Merrin

    Can’t wait for PathFinder to come out, and now i have to wait for SandRider. Another book to add to my list!!!! Thank you Angie!!!!

  5. Danielle Wesneski

    Angie :

    I am a HUGE fan but I was wondering when the novella about the other characters comes out. You said it would be near the time “Pathfinder” came out but I was just wondering.



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