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It’s been a busy month or two here. I’ve been really getting on with writing Book Two of TodHunter Moon, got lost in the middle of the story and almost forgot about anything else! Sometimes that happens and the weeks whiz by without me realising so apologies for not being around recently. I am also at last getting my own website re-done and that’s looking good, though not finished yet.

Oh yes, and for all you Araminta fans, I’ve now started another Arminta Spook book called Skeleton Island. If you would like to come and see me talk about Araminta I’ll be at Brighton Festival on Saturday 10th May 2pm and then Luton Hoo on Sunday at 12.15. Come and say hello!


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3 thoughts on “Angie’s blog

  1. Larandia/Edna

    Grrr. I can’t believe it. You actually came to Luton Hoo and I never knew it. I don’t check my e mails on a regular basis. Grrrrr. I could kick myself.


  2. Merrin

    I am soooooooooooooooooo excited for tod and araminta! Can’t wait to read araminta, and tod comes out a couple days after my b-day!!!!!!! EXCITED!!!!!!!

  3. Wow. The first book hasn’t been released yet and you’re already busy with the second book. Can’t wait to read them!

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