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Happy Halloween!

Today is a good day to begin the second TodHunter Moon book, which is what I am doing. First words, at the moment are:

“It was just before dawn. A round tent covered in faded stars sat in a wasteland of sand.”

This may change of course, but it’s an atmospheric start and sets the scene for me to think about.

So, apart from putting out the pumpkin tonight, today is just an ordinary  writing day full of ghosties and strange sand storms…



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5 thoughts on “Angie’s Blog

  1. Jade

    awesome! I’m glad your continuing. I look forward to reading the series!

  2. Heey Angie Sage! I’m really your fan just by reading Magyk! But I don’t know if i’m going to find all the books because I unfortunatly live in Brazil. But I hope so!

    • also i know that Angie had got AMAZING advice… couse i saw it in previous texts… I have got to go and do BIG exams in January. I know that it may not be so important in the future but right now im really scared!!!! Septimus and Jenna heap r helping my problems a bit.. they aways do… but i really want some good advice on what i should do.
      thx 4 reading

  3. MCM

    Oh my gosh! Can’t believe you are already on the 2nd book! Does this mean that PathFinder will published sooner?? Isn’t Halloween in Sep’s word “Halloweseethe” or something like that? Happy writing and happy Halloween!

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