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I’m back again … sorry it has been a while. There’s been a lot going on here in Septimus world and I feel as though I have been in some odd time warp. Maybe Marcellus Pye has installed a Time Glass somewhere and I haven’t noticed it. It’s been good stuff, though. I went to the Bath and the Cheltenham lit fests and met so many lovely Septimus Fans. And had lots of great ideas too! But mainly I have been doing two edits, which takes a lot of thinking about.

The first edit, which I have just finished, was for GARGOYLE HALL, the new Araminta Spook which will be coming out next year. All the Aramintas are being re-issued in the UK with some lovely new covers. Really exciting!

The other edit, halfway through now, is for PATHFINDER- the title of TodHunter Moon book one. Because it is the first book of the new trilogy, I’ve needed to spend a lot of time getting to know Tod and the PathFinder world that she comes from. And now it is all coming together and soon we’ll have a really fantastic cover for the book too. Mark Zug is doing the illustrations, which is sooooo good. The world of Septimus would not be the same without Mark’s pictures.

So BIG apologies to all those whose questions have not been answered in the Ask Angie 5. I am going back there now and will see what I can do!

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4 thoughts on “Angie’s Blog

  1. Susan Ulrey

    I am a teacher in the United States, and I just discovered your Septimus Heap series last year. Since the, I have told all of my high school students and all family members about your books. The kids love your stories! Thank you for creating characters that the kids enjoy! I haven’t quite finished the series in between grading, but I am working on it. Happy writing and best wishes to you, Susan Ulrey

  2. paperclip123

    Yay! PathFinder- such a cool name!

  3. Larandia

    Lost in a story world. I remember it well. When I used to write stories myself (haven’t written a new one for ages), I used to get so lost in the world I was writing about, my husband had to ring a little bell to tell me he was coming into the room, because I used to jump out of my skin if he suddenly spoke to me. Finding out about new worlds is the worst. You forget to eat, drink or sometimes sleep. So I totally understand what you are saying. Hopefully one day you will come Luton/Dunstable/Aylesbury way and I’ll get to meet you at last.

  4. Cant wait to read todhunter
    Keep up the good work!

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