My favourite Septimus Heap book is…

Tell us in the comments why!

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28 thoughts on “My favourite Septimus Heap book is…

  1. I personally love all of them but I think Darke had a lot of action and story line. I think Queste was really good too. The others didn’t have as much as Queste and Darke. Physik was good but it got a bit confusing. Magyk was a good opener for the series but that’s it. Flyte was normal, the story was good but not a very amazing one like Queste or Darke. Syren was probably the book I like after Darke and Queste because it had a more interesting adventure(physik is my 4th favourite). Unfortunately, I haven’t read Fyre yet so I hopefully will soon!

    • Thorn Oaks

      i havent read fyre yet either but from the other books, it sounds awesome! eignA, skoob rouy evol i!

  2. Joel Proudfoot

    My personal favourite HAS to be ‘Darke’. Although I loved all of the other books a tremendous amount, Darke stands out a mile as my personal favourite. I think ‘Darke’ was the first book in which Septimus TRULY faced evil. Merrin was causing havoc with the two-faced ring, an army of Things were on the rampage, the Darke domain was growing out of even Merrin’s control, and of course, a giant Darke dragon attacked the castle at the end. I also loved hearing about places like the Gothyk Grotto (I can imagine myself spending a long time in there!), the Darke Halls, and especially the casting and destruction of the safety curtain. I know I’m ranting now, but I really, really loved this book.

    I’ve enjoyed every minute of this wonderful series, and will be sad to see say a final goodbye once I finish reading ‘Fyre’. I hope Angie Sage is aware of how many fans she has, who all love her books as much (and more!) than myself. I look forward to Angie’s future works, and can proudly declare myself an Angie Sage fan! Thank you, Angie!! 🙂

  3. Jami

    Loved Physik the introduction of new characters and the evolution of others was just great. I enjoyed Darke too because of all the action and again the evolution of characters this time in Spit Fyre 😀 They are all great though I really enjoyed the entire series and wish she hadn’t stopped the footnote in the end of Fyre about how Septimus last few years of apprenticeship wasn’t as exciting etc just didn’t do it for me I would have prefered her to keep going till the end, so many questions on the heap boys and Jenna are left for me and even on Beetle but hey she’s the author not me!

  4. Camilo

    Ostatni tom wydany po polsku to Darke.

  5. I love darke! mostly because merrin is so… well… merrin. he’s my fav character. I also loved all the other action in it as well. quest would probably be my next fav, because of merrin as well. magyk was fantastic out off all of them it was by far the best. I loved fyre as well! !!!!!

  6. Glad

    I think the first one is my favorite because it is the one that made me fall in love with the story. I love the consistency of the books, they don’t get more complex, so the whole family can enjoy them.

  7. I liked Darke because 1.It was SUPER funny when Merrin was being rude to Marcia, 2.Marcia said duck XD *Laughs* 3.Merrin kicked *Breaths out…..* Mr.Pye, 4 MARCIA CHASED AFTER MERRIN! XD XD

    • Hiccup

      Merrin makes me laugh too. He’s the best villain, because he’s incompetent. I also like Darke the best because Simon is good and he saves the day. Plus Merrin swallowing the metal.

  8. I enjoyed every single one of them very much, but I like Fyre so far the best. Not only is it a great conclusion to the series, it’s full of action and “on-the-edge-of-your-seat” chapters!

  9. ssilver sparrow


  10. Lyall Areyel

    I have absolutely no idea. They are all really EPIC. Or, well, EPYK.

  11. Gryphon

    I loved them all but I liked Darke the best. There were some of new characters in that one and lots of action. Also I felt like I got to know Marcia better which was cool because she’s one of my favorite characters.

  12. colin

    I liked QUESTE the best because it was very creative and it introduces the two faced ring. I also liked magyk because i get such a happy feeling when i read it.

    • ingrin tenderfoot

      i’d agree that quest is my favorite though flight was pretty good as well.[sorry, the computer hates this.] i like quest [urrg!] the most because it was funny,exiting, and a cliff hanger in many spots. i also like it because i am a big fan of time travel.READ THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Fyre. Fyre all the way!
    It was an epic conclusion to the series!!
    (Hey, the blog layout changed! /random

  14. I am reading these books with my middle-school-aged son and we both love all the books. The reason I chose Queste is two-fold. 1. I love the idea of the House of Foryx. I’m a big time-travel fan, and that concept was very interesting to me. 2. All of the characters in the books are great, but I just adore Lucy because of her determined nature and absolute refusal to let anything get in her way, and I was happy to see her take more of a primary role in this book. Because of my love of time travel stories, Physik was a very close second!

  15. Nerea

    I love all the books, but Magyk is the first one, and without it the other books wouldn’t exist, so I would say Magyk 🙂

  16. Tania

    Definitely Physik !! 🙂 Even though, they were all great, especially Magyk (because it was the first,hehe) and Darke because it is filled with actions ! The thing I love in Physik is the “back to the past” thing : we get to see the same world in a sort of other dimension !!

  17. Larandia

    Funnily enough, it is the first one. Magyk. Although I do love the others, especially Flyte, the first one made me laugh out loud. Usually anything to do with Spitfire and Aunt Zelda makes me laugh. But I have to say that Magyk is my favourite. Even on audiobook.

  18. Chloe

    It’s reallllllly difficult! I voted Fyre, because it a) it was a great story and b) it wrapped everything up and tied all the loose ends in a clever and epic way! I loved how Septimus wrote the date in the snow – it was so simple and wasn’t lingered on, and yet it answered so many questions for me! It was epiphanic. But I could have just as easily voted for Syren, Queste, Magyk or possibly Flyte. Or Physik. Hahaha

  19. Fyre is the best because it all keep you wondering and thinking what will happen like when they got stuck in the moving chamber and there was a sound of something soft hiting the roof and the 2 ring wizards running wild it just had so many this that put them in harms way and I love reading something like that becouse it keeps you guessing.

  20. IAmKorean

    Magyk! It is the one which changed my life! If I didn‘t pick it in the library, I wouldn‘t even surf foreign websites.
    And it is the one that so many things happen. And it had many connections with others, such as Boy 409 and the dragon egg

  21. PiBrain

    How Angie could you ever change the beautiful covers and pictures on the chapters. I bought Darke today and nearly didn’t buy it cause of the new cover. If I had seen that cover at Toronto library I probably wouldn’t of even picked up the book! Why? 😦

  22. drew

    This is a cruel question, but I have to say Darke. It is a VERY engaging book, and it is almost impossible to put down. (Magyk and Syren are close for me, but not quite as good as Darke.)
    I also really enjoyed Fyre, but since I’ve only read that once, its hard to tell if I will enjoy it quite as much the other times. But that book was also pretty hard to put down.

  23. Lily

    That is the hardest question I have EVER been asked…but if I had to choose, it would be Flyte because this is when Sep get Spit Fyre and most of the action begins. But honestly I couldn’t put one down without picking up another, so…is “All of Them” an option? 😛 🙂

  24. Septimus heap

    Syren is defo my favourite because some parts are quite scary!!!!!!!!! LOL

  25. Markia

    I looooooved darke!!!! I would have to say that it’s my favourite because Marcia was in it a lot and was one of the main characters…..she is absolutely 100% my favourite character of all time and it was nice to see her take a more active role in the series! I would definitely choose fyre as my very close second though! Both were filled of cliffhanger chapters and immense action that makes you never want to put it down… Fyre also added the nice touch of a hint of romance for some if the characters( I preferred the Marcia buys the best) and it was an excellent conclusion for the series!
    Go Marcia!! And her fans…

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