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It’s all gone a bit crazy – in a good way.

I am off to New York to see The Story Pirates at Books of Wonder:  18 West 18th st, New York, New York 10011.

They will be there on Tuesday 30th April at 4pm and so will I!

It would be lovely to see anyone who can make it…

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14 thoughts on “Angie’s Blog

  1. I am rapidly reading through your series. Just finished Syren and loved it. Just wondering can Dark Toad only be found on Nook and Kindle. Is it not in print?

  2. Thanks for coming! It was a great to ask you questions and see you (and the Story Pirates) talk about the books.

  3. Pete Martucci

    Will you be doing any more signings in the uk?

  4. BIggestSepHeapFanEver!!!

    Angie, Do you think you could come to Utah, or Idaho?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. BiggestSepFanEver! :)

    I hope my cousins will go, and send me a tape in the mail!

  6. Amanda Miller

    Hello Ms Sage,
    My son Garrett had a class project for they wrote letters to their favorite author. He has read all of your books and was so heartbroken when his letter was returned to him. My family is from England so they have helped in trying to get a message to you. I understand that you are a very busy person but if you could possibly send a message to him with an address to send the letter he would be thrilled. As you see he is 9yrs old and someday wants to write his own book. Thank you so much for your time. Amanda Miller

  7. Larandia

    New York. New York. All the best and stay safe.

    Did you see my comment on Fyre format? I have now been sent another copy (exactly the same of course), from Amazon. (Thanks for the info on the format, fellow reader. It saved me completely losing it and sending it back again. LOL). The book is sitting by my bedside, staring at me. But no. I’m being good. At the moment I’m wading my way through the Percy Jackson series which my son has lent me 3 of. (I’m learning all about the Greek gods reading these books.). And I’ve just started re reading the Maximum Ride books again. Now on the second one.

    No. I’m telling a lie. That’s not the real real reason. I was waiting with anticipation for Fyre, but while waiting to sort out the misunderstanding, I began to realise that this really was the last book in the series. Reading a Last Book? I hate the thought of Last Books in a series. I will probably go back and re re re read all the others first, in order to put off the dreadful day of reading it. (I know what you’re thinking. What a woos. Right?) Right. Even with my own stories I hate getting to the end. But I must say this, Angie. Yours are the first series of books that have never let me down. The writing in each has been brilliant. Funny. Exceptional. Unlike other authors who suddenly seem to change their way of writing halfway through a series and I feel they have been written by someone else. (i.e. Maximum Ride books. Great until halfway through book 2 when you start seeing through so many eyes, it becomes a pain). Me. I just want to see through the heroes eyes. Just want to know what is happening with them, not everyone else.) Some people like all over the place chapters. I don’t. I keep getting lost when authors do that and have to go back and see where I was up too with the main character/storyline. You’ve never done that. Brilliant.


  8. Jerri

    Oh, I wish I lived closer to New York, I would love to see you. Hope some fans can make it, and post photos somewhere.


  9. Ooh, Angie, I just started Fyre, and it is awesome! It is the last book, isn’t it? 😦 Well, I can still read the series over and read The Magykal Papers. 😉 I love your books!!!

  10. Lindsay

    Unfortunately I don’t arrive in NYC until the following Tuesday! 😦

  11. Lyall Areyel

    I would love to, but there’s no way I could.

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