FYRE is here!


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12 thoughts on “FYRE is here!

  1. xiongmai

    Very excited to go buy!!!! This is the very final book, can’t wait!!!

  2. Alice

    Just finished the book, it’s so good!! Congrats on the book, I can’t wait for the next series!!!

  3. magykgirl


  4. BiggestSepFanEver! :)

    already ordered ahead of time!! Cant wait to find it on the porch!!

  5. Awesome! I can’t wait until I’m finished with Darke. It’s awesome so far! Right now, I’m at the part where – wait, some people may not have read it, so, never mind! 😉

  6. Jerri

    I listened to the audiobook and read a copy from the library while waiting for my pre-ordered copy to arrive. I loved the book, the way things wrapped up, and also the set up for the TodHunter Moon series! I plan to start a re-read as soon as my copy arrives.


  7. chopzpork

    Awesome can’t wait ’till I can read it!

  8. BiggestSepFanEver! :)

    I read the book and in the endings it says simon and lucy are going to have a baby! We should decide names! Boy or Girl?

  9. Chloe

    it was sooooooo good! 🙂 but I’m all nostalgic and sad now that it’s over haha

  10. Elin

    I finished fyre some days ago… Ive loved this series for two years and im so sad for this. Really exited for tod hunter moon though! I just wanted to say thank you for all those great books! I love all of them. (what is air?? I breath magyk)

  11. Hey, when do this book come out on Norwegian?

  12. fyre was GREAT!!! I CANNOT wait for the TOD series!!! Wow!!

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