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Magyk is Apple Book of the Week this week!


And if anyone is in sunny Taunton in Somerset next week I will be at the lovely Brendon Books in Bath Place, signing UK editions of FYRE. From 4 to 5.3o.

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6 thoughts on “Angie’s Blog

  1. paperclip123

    Well done Angie!

  2. Josh

    Ah! Taunton! I got to college there, may have to pop in before I go home!

  3. olivia

    Hi I was wondering if you were still doing the book signing on Saturday 20th that week as I would love to come!!

  4. Larandia

    I just received my advanced ordered copy of Fyre from Amazon, and couldn’t believe my eyes at the state of the pages. The tops and bottoms are finished properly, but the edges are jagged. The paper also seems of a lower quality. I’m annoyed because I advanced ordered it some months ago so I could get it and read it straight away. If not sooner. I looked through old comments to see if the pages were supposed to be like this, but couldn’t find any. So it now means I have all this tooing and froing to get the book returned and another one sent to me. What I need is the help an Extraodinary Wizard to sort the printers out, so no other fans get a book in this condition. Maybe send Spitfyre after them. He could threaten them with, FYRE. That would do it.


    • Hi Larandia. On the Amazon page (right next to the title) it says that the book has “deckle edge” – it’s something that the publisher did to make it look like an “old book”. All the books in the series have rough cut pages.

      • Larandia

        Hi. Thanks for that. Wish I’d known it at the time. I have since seen a lot of negative comments about that jagged edge pages. Lots of complaints. So I wasn’t the only one who didn’t notice on Amazon about the style the book had been printed in. Didn’t like it mayself. It looks like someone has used old school book pages for it. (I’m old enough to know the kind of school exercise books I’m talking about). But thanks for the comment. At least when Amazon send me another copy I don’t go through the roof. Ha. Ha. Especially as I haven’t come down from it yet. The ceiling I mean. Our eldest son ran his first London Marathon on Sunday and he’s in his early 40’s so I’m flying high.


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