Illustrations from FYRE – Septimus

As part of the countdown to FYRE, HarperCollins will be revealing the illustrations from FYRE before the book goes on sale on 4/16! Head over to the Septimus Heap Official Facebook Page to get all of them!


Also, the folks at HarperCollins made these cool Facebook Headers for the fans! Check them out:

header1 header2

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14 thoughts on “Illustrations from FYRE – Septimus

  1. Bryony

    Why is it that it’s already come out in the UK? I’m not complaining- because it means I’ve got it- I’m just simply wondering…

  2. Lau

    These are awsome! 😀 Thank you for the sharing. 🙂 Can we see more illustration in the future?

  3. Awesome! 😀

  4. Yay!!!!! I can’t wait!!!

  5. Yuan Park

    Sep’s clothes are a little weird… Is there any special reasons?

  6. Jerri

    I clicked on the facebook link, but they only seem to have two illustrations up. Will they be adding more over time? Or is it because I don’t have a facebook account?

  7. Chloe

    aaah so exciting!

  8. alfonso

    Was most disappointed when I recieved my copy in the post yesterday & actually took it back to Waterstones without reading it 😦
    Please can you tell me where I can buy a copy with the original cover design & illustrations inside? Thank you.

    • You can either order the American edition online (on or or wait till October, when Bloomsbury is going to publish a new, limited edition, with the old cover style and illustrations.

  9. Slow-it-Down

    Ahhh! Sep, Beetle, Jen are growing up too fast!!! It seemed like in the last book Sep obtained the Dragon Ring….but it wasn’t.

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