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Hello all,

I’ve not been here for a while as TodHunter Moon is getting to that stage (towards the end) when I have to really concentrate. However, without giving tooooo much away, I need to ask you guys a question.

Remember the young woman in the lobby of the House of Foryx who gives up her seat to Demelza Heap (as told in a flashback in Physik)?

Well, she was (and is) the Snow Princess from the Eastern Snow Plains. Now, I know I have mentioned her elsewhere in the series but I can’t find out where… if anyone can tell me where else she is I would be really grateful! Her moment of glory has arrived and I want to make it all check out with the earlier books.

Thank you!

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51 thoughts on “Angie’s Blog

  1. Is the Jinn that turned into Jim Knee a boy or girl? It says it was a she before it became a jinn, and it’s a “Banana Man” now, so are the jinn sexless? or can they choose?

  2. Maxy

    What happens to syrah?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    • I thought I remember reading that she slept in the wizard tower for a while when Marcia tells Sep that she is dead. I’M NOT SURE though so no promising that it’s true.

  3. Pilio

    In chapter 6 of Syren, page 75, paragraph two, when Jim Knee reaches the last language he knows, it says, “a dialect from an undiscovered river valley in the Snow Plains of the East.” There is also a mention later on in the book, but i cant find it. Something aboutJim Knee knowing the Eastern Snow Princess and wodering where she went, and missing her or something.

  4. magykgirl

    in the magyk papers book it said Marcia’s dad was working with the princess

  5. Madelynne

    Oh, sorry. I thought I commented ages ago but apparently my phone didn’t work.. It says in the Magykal Papers that Marcia’s dad moved from on of the Far Countries because of a mishap while he was working as a minor wizard for an eastern snow princess. I can’t remember anything else that hasn’t already been said. hope that helps

  6. Chris B.

    Look at Histories and Happenings in SYREN under Jim Knee.

  7. I found something in “The Magical Papers” about an Eastern Snow Princess. Marcias Dad was an adviser to one. (“[…]after some embarrassing difficulty with her father’s job as a minor Wizard and advisor to an Eastern Snow Princess.”)

  8. Miss Louisa

    And I think she was in the Magical Papers… Didn’t Marcias Dad save her? I think so.

  9. Maddie

    I swore that somewhere stated Marcia’s dad working for her before they moved to the Castle. I thought she fired him for doing something stupid and that’s why they moved. Maybe I’m mixing it up with fan fiction? I don’t think so though.

  10. Jenna

    I get confused sometimes too! I really like the series, and I believe that Jim Knee was her helper or butler of some sort, and loved that time working for her…

  11. sana

    page 624 syren, jim knee says he was the handmaiden of the princess in the Eastern Snow Plains until she mysteriously disappeared.

  12. Avalon

    When Jim Knee is rembering his past lives or whaterver he remembers being a sevent to the snow princess. When she vanished Jim Knee ran and left.

  13. Dave S.H Fan

    I think in Queste, Nicko and Snorri tell Jenna, Septimus and Beetle that they met Demelza Heap and something about the woman who gave up her seat. Hope it helps!

  14. I’m sure you will have found it by now but the reference I know of is in Jim Knee’s entry in the ‘Histories and Happenings’ section at the end of Syren:
    “the best had been as a handmaiden to a beautiful Princess in a palace on the Eastern Snow Plains – until she had mysteriously disappeared”

  15. Jerri

    Another possible sighting: Chapter 1 of Physik, Snorri looks at the ghost ship and queen with “her spirit eyeglass, which the wise woman in the Ice Palace had given her.”

    Is it possible that this wise woman is the Eastern Snow Princess after she left the House of Forxx? I noticed this as I listened to Physik. I re-read all the books last month and am now working my way through a re-listen. Can hardly wait for Fyre, then the wait for the new trilogy. And I still want the “young Marcia” book. Great stuff.

  16. catherine

    so my comment spends 3 days ‘awaiting moderation’ then disappears entirely….is darke magic at work? Anyway angie it’s snorri’s aunt ells she meets not demelza heap, the flashback re demelza is in queste pg 134. the other pages you need are queste 306 and 386 and syren 438

  17. kaylee

    when merrin opens jim knee the jinee rembers being her like servent or something hope that helps

  18. Pearl

    ps.: I can’t wait for TodHunter Moon (after Fyre of course) the name alone sounds cool and promising!

  19. Pearl

    I’m pretty sure Jim Knee worked for her once in one of his/her forms (mentioned at the end of Syren)

  20. Helen

    It’s in the Histories and Happenings at the end of Syren, in the section about Jim Knee. Great excuse to stop studying and delve into Syren again! Not too long til Fyre now.

    • Helen

      But surely the Eastern Princess gives up her seat to Snorri’s Aunt Ells, not Demelza Heap? Chap 36 of Queste – The Hut?

  21. Catherine

    mentioned twice in Queste, pg 306 ‘ young woman wearing a beautiful white fur cloak’ gave up her place on the dragon chair to snorri’s aunt ells. told aunt ells stories ‘of ice palaces and snow swept plains’ pg 386 ‘a dark haired young woman wearing a long white fur cloak and a large amount of jewellery’ ‘from the palaces of the eastern snow plains’ chides jen and co because they have ‘come in and told no one (their) time’ also syren pg 438 jim knee was handmaid to ‘a beautiful princess in a palace on the eastern snow plains – until she mysteriously disappeared’

  22. Madelynne

    Off the top of my head, there was a mention of Marcia’s father working for her as a junior Wizard of some sort, before he made some sort of mistake and was disgraced, and left to go to the castle, which is why Marcia’s parents did not want her to become a Wizard. In the Magykal Papers I believe but I will have to follow this up when I get home. Good luck 🙂

    • Madelynne

      Yes it is in the Magykal Papers, pg. 65. Marcia’s biography. “The family arrived at the Castle when Marcia was five years old after some embarrassing difficulty with her father’s as a minor Wizard and advisor to an Eastern Snow Princess.”

  23. You said Marcia’s dad was an adviser to an eastern snow princess and he wasn’t all that great. I think she’s also the one who let Aunt Ells go out ahead of her. Hope this helps you. I really can’t wait to read Fyre or the Todhunter Moon trilogy

  24. Jessica

    I believe it’s at the end of Syren, in the final summary chapter. Jim Knee remembers being her handmaiden until she suddenly disappeared. It was his favorite existence and he still wonders what happened to her.

  25. Page 75 of Syren
    Hope this helps!

  26. Gabi

    Do you mean where you mentioned the snow princess? Because you mentioned it in Magykal Papers when talking about Marcia’s past. But if you are asking where you mentioned her in Physik then I’ll glady look it up for you (I own all the books). Hope I was of help! and I can’t wait to have Fyre on my bookshelf!!
    Best of luck,

  27. The Didact

    I’ll search on my Nook as soon as it finishes charging, but I don’t know exactly how to search. It goes exactly by word, so I’ll start with Jim Knee, but that will be a massive search. Any way to refine it?

  28. Nerea

    I only had to look one time and, yey, I FOUND IT!
    I’ve the spanish version so i don’t know which specific page is, but it’s in Queste, on the chapter in which Beetle, Jenna and Septimus arrive to the Foryx’s house. The translation of the title of the chapter would be something like “The house of the Foryx”.
    It’s mentioned when they meet the guardian (i don’t know if you say it like that). Then a woman appears and says that they smell like snow, and she sais that she comes from the palaces of the eastern snow plains. She tells them that it’s impossible to escape from the house, and she wishes to return to her palace.

  29. Adam Milburn

    I believe that Marcia’s Father was an unsucessful advisor to this princess. That’s why they moved to the castle.

  30. Jim Knee mentioning her rings a bell, but I can’t remember in what book. I might be imagining this, but wasn’t she mentioned in connection with finding a cure to that disease thing? I’m not quite sure about that one, though.

    • Angie Sage

      I don’t think she had anything to do with the Sickenesse … but I will check it out. Thank you!

  31. Emma

    I don’t know if it helps but Septimus, Jenna and Beetle go to the House of Foryx in Queste to find Nicko and Snorri. Marcellus talks about Demelza on page 184 but doesn’t mention the young woman. Sep and the others arrive at the House of Foryx in chapter 45. Hope that helps.

  32. Sharina Andrews

    Also in the Magykal Papers. In Marcia’s biography it says her father worked as an advisor to an Eastern Snow Princess.

  33. Sharina Andrews

    In Queste Chapter 45 In the House of Foryx P. 524. She talks to Septimus, Jenna, and Beetle saying that she can smell the snow on them and wants to know what time they are from.

  34. Robert M Guillory

    She is mentioned in Syren with Jim Knee

  35. Vickie Schwartz

    Syren, page 75, mentions Jim Knee knowing “a dialect from an undiscovered river valley in the Snow Plains of the East”.

  36. Vickie Schwartz

    Merrin didn’t open Jim Knee in Darke, that was in Syren.

    • Jerri

      Right, I was wrong. At least one of the mentions is in Syren, in the little bits at the end, in Jim Knee’s bit. “. . . the best had been as handmaiden to a beautiful Princess in a Palace on the Eastern Snow Plains – until she had mysteriously dissappeared. Jim Knee still missed her and wondered where she had gone.”

      I had thought Jim Knee might think about her earlier in the book, but I can’t find a place

    • Angie Sage

      Glad you get confused too….

  37. Lindsay Carroll

    Was it not jimnee who mentions being her handmaiden? I might be totally wrong though lol

    • Angie Sage

      Checking this one out – Thank you!
      She was in Hercules stables….

  38. Lyall Areyel

    I can’t remember off the top of my head, and unfortunately I am on vacation right now, so I do not have the books with me. (Wow, first and last time ‘unfortunately’ and ‘vacation’ go together.)

    Moment of glory… Well, that does sound promising for us readers, doesn’t it? :->

    • Angie Sage

      Well, she is turning out to be rather interesting. I think she might be a great grand-daughter though. She is about 16 years old, maybe too young for the original one.

  39. Jerri

    One place she is mentioned is in Darke, when Jim Knee remembers working for her as the happiest time in his/her ginee life. I believe it is fairly soon after Jim Knee gets opened up by Merrin.

    I also remember you made some comments about her in some of the Ask Angie’s.

    • Noah

      I believe the comment by Jim Knee was make in Syren towards the end. Not sure, just a suggestion.

    • Angie Sage

      Thank you, Jerri – I will check that one out. yes i remember making some comments, must scroll thru and find them.

    • She -as at first she was a turtle salesman’s wife- had it mentioned as part of his background at the very end of the book. (within the last 5 pages)

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