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Well, The Darke Toad came out for download on Amazon last week, which was great. Really nice to see it out there, and Mark’s cover pic is wonderful.

I’ve been writingwritingwriting, so haven’t had much time to come onto the blog at the moment. It might be a bit quiet here for the next couple of months until I have finished TodHunter Moon… but I will check in when I can!

If you need quicker replies on Ask Angie, try tweeting AngieSageAuthor…

So, back to the laptop and chapter 32. Still a few more to go yet…


Happy springtime!


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11 thoughts on “Angie’s Blog

  1. Lyall Areyel

    Yes, I have read The Darke Toad… Absolutely wonderful, as always.

    …and of course there’s the awesome excerpts of Fyre in there. :-J

  2. serina love

    I love your books!!! ❤

  3. Jen11Sep

    See you then!

  4. Jerri

    I have read the Darke Toad and “sneak peek” first two chapters of Fyre three times now and loved them! Simon and Lucy’s wedding was great! And I am up to Syren in my pre-Fyre re-read. I keep finding great connections in various books back to the Darke Toad and the first chapters of Fyre. What a fantastic job you have done. I don’t know how I can wait till April to read the rest of Fyre.


  5. Ivy

    Love your books

  6. Chantelle

    You are a very talented and imaginative writer! I could never get into Harry Potter, and was always, instead, reading the Magyk series. I’m hoping to re-read the entire series before the release of Fyre. Please continue to write fantasy forever! 🙂 (btw Marcia is an super awesome character!)

  7. Mikaela

    cant wait to read Fyre! im such a huge fan! any word on there being a movie anytime soon? i would loooove to audition!

  8. sana

    i sent you the answer by email but I’ll write it here too. page 624 of Syren Jim Knee says he was the servant of a princess in the Eastern Snow Plains until she mysteriously disappeared. good luck!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  9. sana

    oh sorry that comment was meant for your question about the princess sorry!!!! 😦

  10. I can’t seem to get it on amazon, only pre-order still. :(. I think it must be my kindle. Can’t wait! Septimus Heap is awesome!

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