THE DARKE TOAD – out now!

ddarketoadYou can now download the Septimus Heap e-novella, THE DARKE TOAD, from online retailers! And that’s not all: the novella also features the first two chapters from FYRE, the seventh and final novel in the main series!

Tell us in the comments what you think about this new book!

Fans of Angie Sage’s New York Times bestselling fantasy series, Septimus Heap, will be delighted with this digital original addition to the series: The Darke Toad, a 96-page novella packed with action, humor, and magic that will have any child or fan of such fantasy books as Fablehaven or Harry Potter laughing and asking for more!

DomDaniel returns in a hilarious escapade with the witches of the Port Witch Coven. In this tale that takes place between the stories told in Magyk and Flyte, the witches want DomDaniel’s powerful Darke Toad—and will go to ridiculous lengths to get their hands on it. But first, Simon Heap must get his master to the Port Witch Coven’s door, which may require a bit more Darke Magyk—and a much stronger stomach—than he bargained for. Is Simon up to the task?

Meanwhile, ExtraOrdinary Wizard Marcia Overstrand has taken her young Apprentice, Septimus Heap, on a field trip to the Port. But what Marcia had hoped would be a fun yet educational outing quickly turns chaotic, for it slipped Marcia’s mind that tonight is Hallowseeth—the perfect night for Darke mischief to go unnoticed among the revelers.

With Angie Sage’s characteristic humor, beloved characters, and Magykal setting, Septimus Heap: The Darke Toad is a must-read for every Septimus fan.


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14 thoughts on “THE DARKE TOAD – out now!

  1. Jerri

    It is on my Kindle, and I have opened it to the first page, but I have to go to work for a bit. I want to call in sick! But I won’t. But as soon as I get home. . . I can hardly wait.

    So great to get some chapters from Fyre.

  2. Kelss

    Yes, it is finally out, now all I gotta do is wait for fyre to come out!

    • kaylee

      fire will be out on like march 23 in the kindle stores you can pre order it now I you want I have

  3. Jerri

    I very much enjoyed The Darke Toad, 13 chapters of fun, nicely linked to several of the other books. And there is only one thing wrong with the two bonus chapters for Fyre, it makes me want the other 47 chapters right NOW!!

    I posted the first review on (5 stars, of course)


  4. Sami

    Do we have to have a kindle to read it or can we just read it on the computer?

    • You can read it on your computer too.

      • Jerri

        It is also availble in formats for the Nook.

        I have a free Kindle App on my comptuer, and even though I also have a Kindle, I put The Darke Toad on the Kindle App on the computer so I could see the illustrations larger and the cover in color. But you can easily read the story on the computer also. Or a free Nook app from Barnes and Noble. But you have to pay for the Darke Toad.


    • kaylee

      I think so there might only be the one angie wrote herself but who knows

  5. nereaseon

    When is it going to be in spanish. I would buy the english version, cuz i cant wait, but i want the translation too !!!

  6. Robin

    It was really good, but a shame that there wasn’t a hard copy!

  7. Emily Stringer

    It was awesome! I finished it in one day, and it was so funny as usual!

  8. Alice

    Just read the first chapter of the Fyre!!!!!! Soooooo looking forward to the rest of the book!!!!

  9. After what part of the books comes this short story?

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