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Happy Birthday Jen and Sep!!
And wishing everyone a very Happy Christmas or MidWInter Feast Day, whichever you celebrate.

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9 thoughts on “Angie’s Blog

  1. nereaseon

    Happy birthday to Septimus and Jenna, and happy end of the world!

  2. Yay! I knew and have been celebrating all day. What is quite weird is that I am reading Darke at the moment which is set on today so I read a big chunk more of it. As it is the same day it seems like Darke is happening at the moment. P.S. Did you post this after looking at my comment on the previous post?

  3. Lyall Areyel

    Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I totally celebrate MidWinter Feast Day!
    I’m looking forward VERY much to Fyre. XD

    -Lyall Areyel

  4. IAmPrincessJennaForever

    Yay! Happy holidays everyone!

  5. Merry Christmas and wonderful New Year!

  6. Nicko's Girlfiriend

    Happy Birthday Septimus and Jenna!

  7. Jerri Chase

    Happy Christmas AND Happy MidWinter Feast Day, and also a happy new year, with The Darke Toad and Fyre to look forward to, not to mention the progress on TodHUnter Moon. So glad the world of Septimus isn’t ending with Fyre. Don’t forget Marcia’s back story and all the other bits you have hinted about.

  8. Merry Christmas

  9. paperclip123

    MidWinter Feast, all the way!

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