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Hey, it’s December already! So, I am about to send The Darke Toad hopping back across the Atlantic for the last time. Soon (February I think) you’ll be able to Download The Toad.

And TodHunter Moon is coming along too, which is why I’ve been a bit quiet lately. It’s writing time again! You can also find me on FaceBook and I am accepting Sep Fans as friends… see you there too?


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13 thoughts on “Angie’s Blog

  1. Larandia

    Glad the story is almost ready. What next, I ask.

    I must be the only person in the world not on Facebook or Twitter. I’d rather not.


    • Angie Sage

      Hi Larandia,

      I totally understand about FB and Twitter, it does rather take your head over sometimes.
      What next is TodHunter Moon, with a small update on Nicko and Snorri which I shall be sorting out myself. Septimus goes on!

  2. BeetleBesty

    Is there REALLY a Magyk movie coming out? I also need to know if Fyre is coming out before May.

    • Angie Sage

      Hello BeetleBesty,

      I really don’t know about the movie anymore. From where I am (which is in the dark) , it doesn’t look too hopeful right now. But better news on the book front – Fyre will be out in April!

  3. Jerri Chase

    I also am not on Facebook or Twitter. I am glad that Angie is keeping us informed on this blog, not just Facebook and Twitter. I plan to get the eFrog as soon as it is out and gift the new Magyk complete with Darke Frog to my grandchildren, who should now be old enough to enjoy Septimus.

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Jerri,

      Well, I am very fond of this blog and it came first for me, before FB or Twitter!
      That’s lovely about the Frog/Toad – I hope your grandchildren enjoy it!

      • Jerri Chase

        Opps, obviously I had intended to say Darke Toad, not Frog.

        I am a 50+ year old big fan of Septimus. I work in a tiny public library in a tiny community with a small budget in rural Arkansas, USA. I discovered your books when a young teen came in and requested a book called “Magic spelled funny”. I was able to figure out what he wanted, and requested a copy from another library, and soon saw to it that our library had the full set (at that time 3 books), and have kept the library up to date since. And my personal collection also.

  4. Hi, I’m your big fan. I really love the septimus. But i wonder when the 11th book will come out. I’m very looking forward….

    • Yuan Park

      Are you a Korean too? In Korea, each book is splited in two. So translated Septimus Heap 11th is actually the front part of book six Darke.
      If you can’t wait the book to be translated, how about reading it in English like me?

  5. paperclip123

    Can’t wait for todhunter moon!!!!!

  6. AlexMella

    I am a young reader moving on to the third Septimus Heap novel, as I have started reading the series this year, even though i have had the first two books in a set on the bookshelf for a very long time. I have found the series enchanting and Magykal and i am looking forward to getting the rest of the series for Christmas.(or at least hoping to) I was wondering if I coud have your e-mail just in case i need any information regarding the rest of the series.
    Thank you very much,

  7. I don’t belong to FB or Twitter because I’m not old enough and my parents won’t let me join:( at least it’s only one or two months before the Dark Toad is out… 🙂 -Booklover


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