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Hey, it’s nearly winter now. How did that happen? So along with the cold and the rain and all the leaves falling, The Darke Toad edit has been and gone now and TodHunter Moon is on its way! I’m up to chapter 14 now and getting to know Tod and Oscar. It has been really nice meeting Nicko and Snorri again too…

But no more clues! There is still along way to go – I think I’ll stick to the Sep tradition of 49 chapters – and I am getting excited about what is going to happen.

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11 thoughts on “Angie’s blog

  1. Jamie

    How will we know when the Darke Toad is out

  2. Karen

    I can’t wait for Todhunter Moon! It sounds amazing! I’m already jumping in my seat in anticipation for Darke Toad and Fyre~~~

  3. Magykgirl

    OMG snorri is coming yes!!!!!!! B im sooooo happy!!!!!!

  4. Nardragon

    I have been waiting for this. I’m so excited.

  5. rr_ac_as_lm

    It says on iBooks sometime around April for the darke toad but that’s the same as fyre, isn’t it? But still, CAN’T WAIT!!!

  6. Suh hye

    I am going to love this book!!!!

  7. Larandia

    I hate finishing a story. It’s as if I’m leaving my friends. I know that sounds silly. But I do put off finishing them. But then that’s me. I love your style of writing and you can hear me laughing all over the house when I am either reading or listening to one of the books on audio while doing the dreaded housework. Keep em coming. Just a thought. We play role playing games on the X Box. Not nasty war ones etc, but the fantasy, saving people one, and it would be fantastic to see a Septimus Heap game. We could play a friend of either Sep or Gen.

    Keep warm Angie.


  8. Now I’m desperate for 2013. When will it arrive?

  9. IAmPrincessJennaForever

    Ahh! A spring-off series of Sep & friends sounds so awesome! 😀 I can’t wait.

  10. PurplePython

    That us amazing! It makes it easier for Sep to be ending to know that the world of magyk lives on…
    Will you be doing a book tour for fyre? And will you be coming to the u.s.? Please please please that would rock!

  11. colin

    will sep be in Todhunter Moon?

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