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The proofs for FYRE have arrived! It’s a big, big packet of paper… I now need to read through everything again and check check check it all makes sense and is as good as it can be. The pages are now typeset as they will be in the book and Mark’s beautiful illustrations are in place too.

So, it’s back to Sep & co for me tomorrow…

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9 thoughts on “Angie’s Blog

  1. Lia


  2. Jesse

    Can’t wait to read it! Of course I have Book 3 + to read first.

  3. Sarah

    The razzin frazzin publishing process!!!!!!!

  4. Hope it goes well! 2013 isn’t coming fast enough!

  5. LauraHurricane

    Yay!! 😀

  6. Jessica

    Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!

  7. jenna

    oh my goodness i am so excited!!!

  8. Laura cooper

    I cried when you told us that would be the last Septimus Heap book 😦

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