Septimus Heap – Wizard Apprentice

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7 thoughts on “Septimus Heap – Wizard Apprentice

  1. jenessa lam

    i like the other covers better, the new ones look too similar and is that septimus or jenna?

  2. Biggest Septimus Heap Fan Ever

    Really neat!

  3. Ralon17

    I hate to be negative, but when I read the books, I see SOME serious action, suspense and danger, but also a whimsical side that helps keep the story from taking itself to seriously (lots of examples but the tracker ball and the boggart are two). I’m not sure I like the action movie music of the trailer and the Ranger’s Apprentice-esque book covers. I love the old covers and I hope the actual movie captures the adventurous, fun-loving mood the books have.

  4. The new covers are nice enough, but I still like the old ones better. I agree with Ralon17, the new covers look too serious and modern.

  5. Islanzadi

    The pictures look as if the figure has dark hair, so it does not add up with sep having the heap hair. I agree with every one eles, it looks too advantury.

  6. PurplePython

    I love the way the old covers look and will never be able to think of anything else as being Sep.

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