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At the moment I really need three brains and six hands – three big Septimus things to sort out and only one author to do it. Where’s a spare author when you need one?

The copy edit is on its way, so I shall be right back into FYRE now for a few weeks. So, before I forget, for you who live in rainy old England, I shall be at Brendon Books, Bath Place, Taunton TA1 4ER on Thursday 28th June at 4.30. I’d love to see anyone from here. There’s still small dragonny things going for the password Marcia gave Tertius Fume down in the Vaults in Queste.

I will also be in Waterstone in Finchley, London on 4th July but I need to check out more details. Other places in July: Warminster, Southampton and Preston!  More details to follow. So see you sometime soon?


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12 thoughts on “Angie’s blog

  1. PurplePython

    If only you could attatch arms to your desk like Marcia did…

  2. Arianna (A.K.A the biggest septimus heap fan no matter what)

    please come to the U.S! Particulary Cumming,Georgia.

  3. Phoebe

    I soooooooo want to come to taunton. i absolutely love your books. I live in somerset too. where abouts do you live?

  4. Tonia O'Neill

    I was thinking about how it was announced that Fyre would be out early 2013, and the Darke Toad was going to be released between now and than but I just seen on amazon that the Darke Toad has a preorder date of 02/12/13. I am sorry but to most people that is early 2013 when we were told Fyre was coming out. What is that about

  5. Connor

    It’s Connor. I’m not sure if this counts saying the password here but it is “tentacle.” Go Septimus. Please finish fyre as soon as possible. Thanks!

  6. magykgirl

    oh! oh! i know the password! but what sucks is that i live on the other side of the world 😦

  7. mooman

    Where should I post it?

  8. Jamie

    Are you thinking of coming to Hastings Waterstones too. If not when will the book be released

  9. TSam

    When Fyre is out, why not coming to other countries … ? Such as France, if possible ? 🙂

  10. Connor

    When you say whoever says the password Marcia says to Tertius Fume do you have to say it directly to you or can you say it here?

  11. Maggie

    Is there another Septimus book? After DARKE? I’m on PHYSIK right now when the ghost queen tells him to meet Marceullus Pye at midnight.

  12. Drimali

    Can lend you my hands if you want. Maybe my brain, too…

    And someday, I will go to England to see you !

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