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Today I am exactly half way through the download short story. It is called The Darke Toad…

This weekend it’s the Jubilee and the village is covered in flags and bunting. So I shall put The Darke Toad safely in a drawer and go out and do Jubilee things.

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15 thoughts on “Angie’s blog

  1. Philip

    Just read Flyte it is EPIC!!!!

  2. Iona

    The Darke Toad, isnt that the top door knocker of the Port Witch Coven? The one wolfboy had to press when he wanted to feed the grim…

  3. Meowinglines

    When will fyre be comeing out?

  4. momo

    so excited i will definetly get the darke toad and the new book !!!

  5. Windy

    if I sent Angie a letter, id there a chace of a response at this time? Sorry, not the correct place to ask, but my computer is supid and is only letting me click the link to here.

  6. Laya

    I can’t wait to read it!!!!!

    PS Awesome title

  7. Really looking forwward to reading it!

  8. Happy Jubilee! Let’s hope she lives as long as Victoria eh?
    Anyway, really excited to hear about Darke Toad, and I just want to thank you Angie for replying to my tweet earlier in the week! It really means a lot 🙂

  9. Gingerchick

    I’m sooo exited!!!

  10. Biggest Septimus Heap Fan Ever

    Cool! Can’t wait to read The Darke Toad as well!

  11. Aklujka

    I can`t wait to read The Darke Toad!
    And have a nice Jubilee.

  12. magykgirl

    hi Angie

    what is the jubilee? im from Canada so i dunno much about the UK

    • Alice

      The Jubilee is a celebration of the Queen’s reign. It is the Diamond Jubilee because the Queen has been reigning for 60 years, she is the second longest reigning monarch.

  13. drew

    I’m so excited that the story is moving along! My school usually starts around August 20, and I was hoping to do a read-through of the series and read the e-Book over summer break. Will it be out soon enough do you think?

  14. LS

    The Darke Toad? Interesting title… hhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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