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Thank you for all the really interesting suggestions for the 7 chapter e book!

It is definitely going to take place in that space between Magyk and Flyte, the rest I shall put into the pot and see what works. It has been brilliant to get all that feedback.

On May 1 I emailed the revised FYRE off to Katherine, my editor, and now it has gone into copy edit and will come back to me in a few weeks with lots of different coloured comments all over it. This is where it gets put into US English. So we are nearly there. And the cover looks great too. You will see it here first, when it is all done.

Now, I am actually going to take this weekend off and spend monday wandering around our village street fair. Where’s the sun gone????

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11 thoughts on “Angie’s Blog

  1. paperclip123

    Yay! When will the e book be out

  2. Rose

    It’s too bad that you have to put it into American English for us Americans… I love British English and reading books written in it.

    • Jerri Chase

      I agree with Rose. If I could get the British English version, I would do so. Is it possible to buy the UK English version in the US as an eBook? Or would we have to order a copy from a UK book seller? Is the Canadian version in US or British or Canadian English?

      • magykgirl

        i am from Canada and here we end up with U.S English witch isn’t all that different from U.S English pardon my English i go to an all french school

  3. robert lim

    Have a restful & revitalizing weekend. 😀

  4. paperclip123

    When does the e book come out??

  5. Jerri Chase

    Glad to hear that Fyre is coming along. It would be wonderful if it could be released earlier, but I understand publishing schedules.

    The eBook will be a fun thing to have while we wait.

  6. John Smith


  7. Maggie

    Hi Angie Sage!
    I’ve never written to you before but I just found this website and I wanted to send something. On the new covers, who is on the first book? And who is on the last one?
    I’m so excited for Fyre! My younger cousin Lauren and I have been keeping up with the series. Do you have a cover for Fyre yet?

  8. My kids and I are eagerly awaiting this book…glad to know it is on its way!

  9. stephanie

    i have waired so long for the 7th book to come out you inspiried me to become a wrighter when iam a little

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