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News! I’ll soon be writing a Septimus short story ebook! This will be published to fill the looooong gap between now and FYRE and it  will be available as a download from Amazon.

So … I do have a really good idea, but I would also be really interested to hear what you would like too. It will be 7 chapters long (of course) so it will be short but sweet. Or short but scary.

Post any ideas and requests here! Or Tweet me on @AngieSageAuthor. I think this is going to be fun!

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67 thoughts on “Angie’s Blog

  1. Jamie

    When is it coming out on Amazon

    • Angie Sage

      When I have written it! I am guessing in the Autumn sometime.

  2. Eliza

    jenna and beetle!!!!!!!
    an septimuses brothers in the forest-adventures

    • Jerri Chase

      My birthday today, what a great present. I agree with Eliza’s ideas, I like the idea of more about Jenna and Beetle and/or the adventures of the Heap brothers in the forest (perhaps meeting grandfather Benjie?)

      Also, perhaps more about Rose?

  3. Wow! Awesome! I’ll be waiting for it. What’s it going to be about?

    • Angie Sage

      I’m not 100% sure yet. I have an idea but the sales team in HarperCollins has to agree it. So that’s why I’m asking for what you’d like!

  4. Sazjw (25-UK)

    ooh i can’t wait!
    it could be about a ‘task’ he has to do for his studies?? oor it could feature the other characters’ back-stories??
    I’m sure anything you write will be brilliant!!!

    • Angie Sage

      A task for his studies is a very neat idea. I like that! Thanks…

  5. Look forward to it……

  6. Poppy

    Please write something about Marcia! I think that would be so neat and you write her so well. Write about her crush on Milo Banda or relationship with her parents. Or maybe even the time she spent as Alther’s apprentice. I don’t know but you ought to write something about Marcia. She’s just such fun.

    • Angie Sage

      Thanks Poppy, Marcia was the one I wanted to do, but it seems the sales team don’t think people will want to read it. But I will write about Marcia one day soon, even if I have to publish it myself.

  7. Karen D B

    Can we still read the story if we dont have a kindle or iphone or such to read it on?

  8. KatyRose

    I like the idea of doing something that involves a task, and Seps brothers in the forest (and of course Beetle, Jenna and Wolf are caught in the mix). Or something about Jenna and her new witchy-ness

  9. I would enjoy backstories about the seven most important people for Septimus. For me that are Jenna, Marcia, Alther, Beetle, Sarah, Wolfboy and maybe Syrah.

  10. paperclip123

    Write something about the time before the Supreme Custodian! Before the death of the Queen and Alther!

  11. Changed my mind. Marcellus ist a much more likely influencer than Syrah after I`ve read your answers at AA5.


  12. robert lim

    Hope Septimus Magyk: the movie will push through. It will be fun to watch it on screen. The next block buster movie series.

  13. Julia

    hmm, I had some quirky little questions that could be answered with short stories. I’ll have to re-read your books and send them to you.

  14. drew

    How does one go about getting an e-Book?

  15. bob


  16. bob

    i cant wait

  17. i’d very much like to hear more about the brothers in the forest. please not tooo much love interest for septimus. just more studies and adventures for him. now i feel mean 😉 the history of the castle would be interesting!! the mage and the time travelling strand is so cool – such a difficult plot and yet it remains philosophically intelligent. i enjoy this setting up of distances in time and place which can then be short-cut by secret paths.

  18. Lucy

    I don’t have any ideas right now, but i know it will be great!
    (Do you know if it will be published on Barnes & Noble for Nook too?)

  19. Larandia

    Though to have an extremely big and hairy spider living under Aunt Zelda’s floor gives me the creeps, big time. I would like to know if it has always lived there? And if it just moved in, why hasn’t Aunt Zelda got rid of the horrid thing. Eeeeeeek.

    • I think she killed it when she dropped the stone on it, when it said the baby spiders will be seperated from their mother forever I think mama spider died…

  20. Tanya S.

    I’m looking forward to it ! I think it’s a great idea !!

  21. Eliza

    What about the adventures of Sam, JoJo, and seps other forest brothers/ their encounters with the witches
    What Wendron witches do in their free time
    Simon and lucys wedding ( i always wanted to know about that)
    Marcia as Althers apprentice

    🙂 just a few things i always wondered about :!

    I Cant wait for Fyre!!!!!!
    You are like my absolute favourite author – tied with Rick Riordan, James Patterson and Ally Carter 🙂

  22. Aribeth

    I would really like to ask you to write more about Syrah Syara. When I read Physik, I really wanted to know what happend to that super girl who gave Tertius Fume a good punch. And then in Syren she appeared! It’s my favorite book by the way.
    So it can be about how she got to Jullius Pike, her apprenticeship, mixing magyk with physik.
    She’s an orphan, maybe her parents weren’t typical people.
    How she awoke from her sleep but it surely will be said in next books if it happens so.
    Also it seems Sepimus has a sympathy towards her.
    Good Luck and keep up the good work!

    • Aribeth

      I would also be very nice to find out how Zelda became the Keeper. Why she decided to be a witch?

    • Iona

      To have Syrah Syara in it would be AMAZING! i’d love to hear more about her and Septimus, i mean wasn’t there a moment in Darke when Septimus wanted to give her a goodbye KISS but he couldn’t because she was recovering and couldn’t be touched?! That tiny bit got me mega excited!!!

      Or more about Beetle’s past, i love him! And there was a bit in Physik, when Septimus was curing him of the Sickness that said something like his mother and father were coming to see him, but didn’t his father die of a snake bite?? that’s why Beetle is called Beetle isn’t it? Because Mrs Beetle cried ‘o. beetle beetle’? Curioser and curioser xxx

  23. Matthew (and James)

    Hi Angie,
    I think you should make the story about Sir Hereward, and how he lost his arm and got that big chunk out of his forehead. I like Sir Hereward, and it would be cool to know more about him
    Matthew (and James, but I just wrote this, and James has no opinion

  24. bob

    i really cant wait untill FYRE

  25. Roses of Copper

    Hello Angie! I really wanted to read about Marcia. She’s my favorite character of all time. So if the story can’t be about her, could you at least have her be part of the story?

  26. Drimali

    I think it would be better if you write what you want, because, anyways, we always all love you books !

    But if you REALLY want opinion… Marcia is my favourite character, so I would prefer a story more centered on her. Or on Septimus’ apprendiceship. Or, more generally, on wizards (I like all of them, in fact).

    Er… In fact, I have no really great idea to suggest you. Sorry…

    And good luck for writing this story !

  27. bob

    So much excitment

  28. I like to read something like one of the character’s diary. Like Beetle’s for we don’t know much about his past or Marcia or Jenna or ….

  29. Jariel

    Why don’t you make a story about…
    1. Jenna and Milo
    2. Just some minor characters
    3. A new character entirely that acts like you (as in Angie) and interacts with other characters
    4. A hint at Fyre…?
    Out of ideas. Whatever it’s about, its bound to be great anyway. How much will it cost?

  30. Francis

    Oh dear, an ebook. Do you think it will come out in the more traditional book form for those of us who are huge Septimus fans who don’t have a Kindle or way to read an ebook?

    • Jerri Chase

      If you have a computer and internet access you can read an ebook. There are a lot of free eBook reading APPS that run on a normal computer (or many smart phones, etc), including a free Kindle App, so I would guess if you can interact with this blog, you can probably get a free app to read a Kindle eBook.


  31. Lexie

    I think something about Marcia’s past would be cool! Or the adventures of Sep in the YA. Or the adventures of the Heap boys in the woods. Or Jenna and Beetle. Or the Ice Tunnels. So many awesome things in your books! I’m sure that anything you choose will be amazing though.

  32. I would like to read about the minoir characters from the Castle, maybe Rose or Romilly or Ma Custard, or Jillie Djinn’s ghost! I miss all the heaps being in one place too, maybe it could be one day when sarah drags the entire family into the forest and it all goes wrong……… C:<

    I would reallllllly like to read more about their everyay lives when there isn't a disaster or adventure happening, I would like to see how they act. Mostly Nicko, I love him, I would loooooooooove to read a story where Nicko is a promenant character.
    Finally I like to read something more keyed to a slightly older audence, I started reading Septimus when I was ten, and I have grown up with him, and am now 14 , but the events are still slightly too young for me. I would like to see some parts that scare me or apeal to my age group a little more.

    Anyways I wouls love anything you write, so I just hope it will be out soon! Good luck…. 🙂

  33. Xavier Serrano

    How about a “spell book”? Like a book with some spells from the Septimus Heap universe. That would be awesome!

  34. Laura Cooper (Soon To Be Jenna Heap!)

    I think it should be both ❤

  35. venus

    could you also make it into a normal book? not alot of us have kindles (i dont either) yet i am dying to read it! ;(

  36. venus

    can yu write it about wolf boy, or one of wolf boy?! ^^

  37. Gingerchick

    I’d love it if you wrote something about Jenna and Beetle.
    I love your books

  38. Jack Oxford

    Marcellus and Hugo Tenderfoot… In Physik it mentioned that Marcellus took on Hugo as an apprentice. Could we hear more about them?

  39. Gold Lipstick


    1. How to make a charm and other magykal education
    2. The Forest Heaps and Their Adventures
    3. Hotep-Ra
    4. Dan Forest
    5. Alchemie
    6. 15 -60 years into the future, the next or next-next generation

  40. Kelly Sorensen

    My nine-year-old son says you should do a story about a separate castle that is a mirror of the regular one where everyone and everything is opposite. So weasel van klampf would be stupid but really tidy. Una Bracket would be really good-natured. Sarah Heap would hate animals. Nikko would be afraid of water.

  41. LauraHurricane

    Hello Angie! How about to write something more about Merrin? I know, I know, people in the castle are getting tired of him, I guess, but he is my favourite character ahah
    How is he in his new house with his mother?

  42. Isir

    Will there be a seventh book? I hope so! I love the books about Septimus Heap. I have just read Dark an i think it was very exciting. I like Syren most of all the books, although i almost can’t decide which one is the best of the books. I’m from norway, and only 13, so i’m not that good in english…

  43. Lau

    Omg! This will be fantastic! 😀 Could you write something about Merrin? Like about his childhood or his first day with his mom or Zelda…

  44. Amanda

    Is it only going to be available as a download on Amazon????

  45. Lachie

    What I would like to read about is a myths and legends (like needle the bard from Harry potter)
    Or a diary from one of the characters (preferably beetle, as that would be both thrilling and funny!)

  46. Chawna

    Maybe something about Wolfboy being the next Keeper. You only mentioned it in the beginning of the 5th book. Love to hear more about that and ofcourse his brothers.

    Also, something about Simon, now that he has somewhat redeemed himself.

    Now that Septimus is getting older, it would be really cool for him to get a girl friend. I figure he is only blood related to two females (Sarah and Zelda) so he has PLENTY of options.

  47. Tuff

    Short story ideas:

    1) Something about Zelda and her past – how did she become who she is today?
    2) Dom Daniel – would love to read a story about how things were during Dom Daniel’s reign in the castle…and/or specifics of what happened in his life to make him turn out the way he did.

    Also, hope you release it for Nook as well!

  48. Bryony :)

    I know this may not be what you’re thinking of but perhaps send one character (or some of the characters) into this world/our world and have them try and act like us? Or vice versa and send someone from our world into the world of Septimus Heap…then thy’d have to survive with no technology :s I think that could possibly be interesting but, of course, it is up to you… I’m really looking to reading anyway and good luck for FYRE (I’m looking forward to that too :D)!!!!

  49. Maia

    JENNA AND BEETLE . . Please Angie please . . Waaaaaa . . Haha. 😀

    Also about Marcia! I really like her. 😛
    And the reign of Queen Cerys. Just a history or something. :))

    Btw, if you remember Jenna Haruka, that’s me. Changed my name. 😀

  50. Lazerguy555

    I think that it would be very interesting to find out what would happen if Domdaniel actually succeeded in obtaining Septimus Heap. (NOT Merrin) It would be a bit weird though, on the topic how all the characters would be killed/effected by that.

  51. Catherine

    Hi Angie,

    First off, I have to say that I think it is absolutely fantastic that you wanted input from your fans. That is so great that you try so hard to stay connected with us! In answer to your question about what we might be interested in reading in your e-book… I personally would love to hear the story of Hotep Ra and his Dragon and the journey on which she became the Dragon Boat. We hear a little bit in “Magyk”, but I would love to hear more details. I would also love to hear more about Cyris (sp?) before she died and Alther, as well. Maybe you could even dedicate one of each of the seven chapters to a less developed character (like Cyris or Hotep Ra) and/or key stories from the history of well-known characters. After this most recent book I am also curious about what will happen with Simon and Lucy, and I agree with the others that it would be nice to have an update on the forest-dwelling Heap boys. And! Please tell me that the dark domain did not destroy The Big Red Door! It was so amazing, and such a tender gift at the same time. I hope its magic wasn’t lost. Anyway! That is probably way more to read than you have time for, but there it is. Love your books! They are one of my many fantasy escapes from the mundane world! Thank you!


  52. sarah

    what is the ebook’s name? i want to find it!

  53. I know I’m a tad late for this, but one where from when Marcia and Silas were apprentices would be wonderful! x

  54. Ghost Ship

    A story about a shape-shifter apprentice and a ghost in love with Jenna….

    Or, if the story were to be more on topic…

    I personally would enjoy a book with seven short stories about jobs in magic, Physicians, Alchemists, Shape shifters, Witches (About Jenna, maybe?), wizards, necromancers, scribes, or anything else, that’s all I think have been mentioned.

  55. Hiru

    I agree with “Ghost Ship”, I think you should write about different jobs in the Septimus Heap world, as well as all the spells that were mentioned in the series. Thank you ms. Angie!

  56. Gwen

    I think it would be cool if you put in a little bit about Jenna’s princess training.

  57. Sydny

    Any story would be appreciated. Yes please!

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