Letter from Angie Sage

Hi, Happy Springtime…

Well, I am now halfway through the edit of FYRE – hooray! Which is why I have not been here for a while. Writing Septimus does that sometimes, I  just disappear into the world and find it hard to get out of it again.

But I am nearly through with all the really hard stuff, just a few little puzzles still to sort out and then all is done. Now it’s Mark’s turn to get going on the illustrations. That’s the best bit for me – seeing all the brilliant drawings coming in.

Okay – I’m off now to answer some questions – and apologies to all you who have been patiently waiting – or even impatiently…


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6 thoughts on “Letter from Angie Sage

  1. Alex

    Is there gonna be a spin offff?!?!??

  2. Larandia

    Very funny. I love your sense of humour. At the moment I am listening, while doing the housework, to Flyte and no matter how many times I’ve read, re read or listened to your books, you can hear me laughing. On the quiet I think you are as mad as I am. Funnily mad of course. Do you panic when a book comes to end, in case you can’t think of another story. I know I do. Mind you, when I proof my stories I end up hating them because of the grammatical errors that I spot. Grrrrrrrr. I suppose you have a professional proof reader who looks for things like that. Do you?

    Regards and keep em coming.


  3. the septimus heap books areMAGYKAL!

  4. Lisa Daggett

    Oh, please, please hurreeee! I’m dying to read no 7 – Fyre. Septimus has captivated me – I even own two peices of Marks original artwork from Septimus I’m so hooked. I just love your journeys with Jenna and Septimus, Angie. Thank you so much for sharing him and creating his world.

  5. Haneen

    I , really want to thank you Angie for this amazing book you just to go into this magical world.

  6. Happy Spring Time to you guys too.
    I must ask though, when will FYRE (ecstatic screaming in the backround)is out in Canada? I see it was posted to come this next winter od 2013, but is tha just for the UK, or for everywhere? Sorry if I’m being so nit picky for you people are soooooo busy.
    Love, Lils of LOL

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