Publication date: July 2012  (in the United Kingdom)

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48 thoughts on “The New SEPTIMUS HEAP Covers

  1. I like the title font & the placement of it on the page. And having “wizard apprentice” at the top. For people who don’t know what the series is about.

  2. Bryony :)

    They are actually amazing, I love them 🙂 I do prefer the first prints because they were the originals but these are great too. I might have to persuade my parents to buy them although I already have two copies of all but Flyte and Syren (including the Magykal Papers but one of them is French)… I love them and now can’t wait until July. They can maybe be my books until Fyre comes out 😉

  3. I’m liking the look of these 🙂

  4. Lucy

    Very cool! The originals will always be the most special in my opinion, but these are some very neat pictures!

  5. Lina

    WOW! They look SO cool!! 😀

  6. Ray Nosko

    These are great, but they have a COMPLETELY different feel to them than the images I see in my head when I read the books. They are much darker. Also, shouldn’t Septimus age in the covers?

  7. jenessa lam

    I like the covers but is that septimus on the cover? or jenna? I’m not sure…

  8. Molly

    I have a Question, you know the old book covers? Is Fyre going to come out in the old cover first?

  9. Chelsea

    I love these covers! Wish they were in the USA

  10. Sherry

    Hmmm…. who is it?? On Flyte I think it’s Simon, but on Magyk and Syren and Queste and Darke it looks like Septimus. Not sure about Physik…

  11. Hiccup

    I like the old covers better.

    They all look like Septimus is on the front except for Flyte which looks like Simon.

    • Hiccup

      Oh and by the way where I live it’s not April Fool’s yet.

  12. ayesha

    this is epic!!!!!!

  13. paperclip123

    Nice! BUt… what’s the staff for? My favourites are the covers for Syren and Magyk. Syren Escpecially. Which is funny, because I own them all except Syren! However, my all-time favourites are the original covers which are more cleverly designed.

  14. LauraHurricane

    Wow, I love these covers!! Well done 🙂

  15. The Person Who Loves Nicko

    What are the real new covers like? After all these couldn’t be it because it’s April Fool’s.

    • These ARE the new covers. They’re real! And we posted this yesterday, when it was still March.

      • The Person Who Loves Nicko

        Yeah I know, but I got the email on April 1st, so I was being sarcastic.

  16. Niah

    I love them!!!!!
    And the Syren looks the best!

  17. Emma

    Who is it supposed to be on the covers? It doesn´t look like Septimus…

  18. Jaimie

    I’m so excited to see the cover of Fyre. An old version and a new version hopefully!

  19. confused :/

    Who are the people on the cover? I’m trying to figure out who is Jenna, who is Sep ect.!
    They look great, though!

  20. Jerri Chase

    They are attractive and eye catching. I like Syren best. I can see that they might attract new, young readers who can go on to read the whole series when Fyre comes out early in 2013.

    But, I still like the old covers best, and certainly hope that Fyre is published with the old style cover. I am a “Book Person”, and I love the fact that the original cover art shows a book which is important inside the book.

    As I live in the US, I think our Fyre probably will have a “book based” cover, as these new covers are UK based.

  21. Chloe

    He’s the same age in all of them :O

  22. augusta

    i prefer the old covers

  23. Vivian

    I love them! Really cool^^ But will Fyre still come in the old cover style? Coz all my other books are in it and Fyre would be out of place and it’d be really sad

  24. Unknown

    They look so awesome!!
    But I think not all people at the cover are Septimus. On Flyte I think it´s Simon und on Darke is Merrin (?)

    I love it <33 I would buy the books with the new covers if I hadn´t already the books with the old cover xD But the old covers look awesome, too 🙂

  25. Windy

    Say, what if I wanted to get the books with the new covers in Canada, will they be out here? I just die, not really, if I could get them for my birthday! By the way, love the new covers. They are FLIPPING amazing! Sooooooooooooo cool!
    From Windy

  26. Iona

    WOW! are all the people on the front the same person? ‘Cos it would make sense if Simon was on Flyte and i think there’s a bit of gold circlet showing on the person on Syren so maybe that’s Jenna but it doesnt make sense to be Jenna on all of them, so confused!! xx

  27. Gabriel

    Better liked the old covers

  28. Andy

    since when does Septimus carry a staff

  29. Amaranth412

    While I still prefer the originals, these are quite nice too. I love the effects; they leave a nice impression. 🙂 But I have to say, this model looks nothing like how I pictured Septimus… It kinda bugs me a bit. And the expression on the kid’s face never changes either. My impression of Sep through the books is of him growing up, with each installment showing him as just a bit older, wiser and more mature. Here, he just stays the same… And yeah, I know it’s not a legitimate criticism since the covers would’ve certainly caught my eye had I not read these before. So I can’t complain too much. But seriously, there’s one more thing I’ve got to ask… WHAT’S WITH THE STAFF??? I mean, I know he’s a wizard and all, but it’s just a smudge too far away from the canon for my comfort zone… Sorry, this turned out to be more of a rant than I expected. Regardless, I like the covers, though I’d love them even more if I didn’t know the books.

  30. Alice

    The new covers are amazing!!! Is the boy on the cover (presumably Septimus in all but the Flyte cover) going to act as Septimus in the film Magyk?
    P.S. Sorry if this is in the wrong post. I did nt know if it belonged in the film one instead

  31. Minaku

    Hey, is that supposed to be the new cover for the books or kind of a preview for the movieposter????
    And if they’re for the books, why do they need new covers ??

    PS: Sorry for my bad english, im german.

  32. doppleganger

    you should switch the coloring so magyk is the green of physik, physik is the red, and make syren turquoise mabey. that way it stays closer to the actuall book and is not misleading…

  33. kaveribharath

    Ugh! I prefer teh stories of teh old covers better. But this is good, as I’m having a reading club session for children in my neighbourhood tomorrow based on Magyk, the first book alone. But other than the story and characters, we’ll also be talking about what kind of a cover suits what kind of a book. What each of the Septimus Heap covers tell about the story and what you don’t notice till after you’ve read the book! the new covers can give rise to further comaparrison discussions!

  34. TheSpellsInTheStoriesAreCute

    These covers are cool too but I still like the originals that look like aged leather-bound books.

  35. LeAnn

    Why is his hood always up?

  36. EmTheRipper

    I like these new covers because there creepy, dark, and mystical. But I still like the old covers better.
    And if that’s Septimus on the covers, why does he look like a girl?!

  37. Lina

    It cant be Septimus on the covers ’cause all the heaps have blond hair (but not jenna, duh), so it can’t be Simon on flyte, ether. And the person on the cover looks like a girl, too. But it might be Jenna…..

  38. Jessica

    Well, I prefer the original covers. I mean, part of the reason that I bought the books was the cover. It was so creative and different that I thought ”I need to read this book” and then I fell in love with them. In a certain way I feel connected to the covers. And I did not feel the same thing with the new ones. But anyway, the important thing is what’s inside the book and not what’s outside.

  39. ecoli

    Rather prefer the older ones. These look like somewhere and someone else – much nastier places and people, somehow

  40. Shell

    I’m gutted to be honest!! I have the first 5 books in paperback and the old cover. Will I only be able to purchase book 6 and book 7 paperback edition in the new cover?? I know I sound fussy but I do like a collection to look like a collection on my bookshelf. 😦

  41. maddy

    Wow really?? I think they are really bad…. Septimus has blond currly hair! Wtf? I hope if a movie is made they don’t “twilight” it…. I love the seris very much! Great read! Just don’t change the covers to those!!!! Awfull!

  42. Keavon

    I must honestly say I strongly dislike these new covers. I’m quite happy they’re not in the U.S.

    Looks like Septimus Heap is getting the awful cover redesign that happens to so many books after they become popular, which removes their original specialness and become way too cliché and just stupid. It’s the thing that the publisher does to try to get people to buy the book from the look of the cover, and it just really hurts so many books…

    In addition, I must simply say that the actual images simply look really bad. The image editing looks like it was done really cheezily, taking random stock photos and combining them and adding terrible effects in really bad ways. Magyk looks awful, Flyte isn’t that bad, Physic and Queste are really terrible, with random effects in the background, and make Septimus look like a hobbit. Syren isn’t too awful, but still not good. And I actually kinda do like the Darke cover, but I’m pretty sure that the face stock image is a girl… look closely. Actually, Septimus looks like a girl in every single cover, minus Magyk (and obviously Flyte, since that isn’t Sep).

    I am actually speaking from a book cover designer perspective, by the way.

    So I may sound pretty harsh on these covers, but I really wish they weren’t redesigning them to be like this. It’s really, really bad, and removes the origional charm and puts in a whole new feel.

    Above all, I really, really hope that these don’t replace the covers for Fyre. That would be awful if they never ended up designing the original style covers for Fyre.

    I hope this was an April Fool’s Day joke…

  43. (1) Why the black hair (not blond)
    (2) Why the indigo robes (not green)
    (3) Why the weird backgrounds

  44. Emily Stringer

    These are nice, and I like the look of them, but I like the old covers better.

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