Septimus Heap #1: MAGYK – New UK Cover

The first six books in the Septimus Heap series are going to be rejacketed this summer in the UK. Below is the first cover. What do you think?

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76 thoughts on “Septimus Heap #1: MAGYK – New UK Cover

  1. paperclip123

    Woah.. amazing!

    • paperclip123

      It is amazing but, after thought, I like the originals better because they’re books in the books!

      • Anjali

        Exactly! I loved figuring out what book the cover was supposed to be, and seeing the objects come to life. I prefer seeing the objects illustrated instead of the people. The new cover is eye-catching and beautiful. but the old ones had so much more personality.

  2. hypernova888

    yes!!!! now there is something i can pretend is a movie cover!!!!!

  3. hypernova888

    what makes the uk so special that they get special sep heap jackets….I want them in the u.s.!!!!!!

  4. TheGreatBug

    Awesome! But… why blue?

  5. Chloe

    Is it Jenna?

  6. Beautiful but I still love mine 😀 The originals are gorgeous 😀

  7. Andrei U.

    When this series will become as popular as Harry Potter (or hopefully even more popular), I’ll be really proud to say I had the original book cover from 2005! 🙂

  8. Riley

    Is that Merrin?

  9. Chelsea

    I looks sooooooo cool!!!!!!

  10. Jariel

    Only in the UK? Aw man, I’d like to see that in the US!!!

  11. I dislike it. I feel like this cover shows nothing of the actual story that takes place in the first book. I especially dislike it because I really love the original jacket designs, since it’s a very original and creative concept to have the books look like books named within the story. I don’t understand why they should be given new jackets.

  12. Unknown

    Is that Merrin??

    The cover is f*cking awesome!! o.o But I´ve already all six books with the old cover

  13. Karen D B

    It looks really amazing. Though who is in the picture? Jenna or…?
    Also will the new covered books only be available in the UK, or will there also be a way for other fans, like myself who lives in the USA, to buy them?

  14. This might sound like a strange question but, which character is it supposed to be on the front? I haven’t read “Magyk” in a while. xD

    • Septimus, of course!

      • Iona

        but septimus doesnt wear anything like that in magyk, wouldn’t he be wearing his red hat and doesnt he have curly ‘straw’ hair not dark or black. >.<

      • Lina

        But Septimus has blond hair.

      • This has to do with the graphic designer, not with me. Sorry, Lena!

      • Olivia

        but i thought Septimus had blonde straw like collored hair. not straight and black

      • Gabi

        But isnt Sep suppose to have Blonde hair? But dont get me wrong! I ❤ THE NEW COVER! but i live in the U.S 😦 so the cover isnt out here

    • Iona

      its not strange, i read magyk last week and i dont know! xx

  15. Lexie

    That’s pretty sweet!

  16. Hiccup

    That’s cool.

    I still like the old cover better, so as long as Fyre comes out first in the original I’m fine.

  17. Joshua Lucas

    I like it a lot.

  18. Cool! Is this what the Magyk movie poster would look like?

  19. Jerri Chase

    I have to say that I love the original cover art. However, I am a 50+ year old book fan. I love the fact that each book in the series has a cover that represents a book that is important in the book (if you know what I mean). I would guess that this new rejacketing design might appeal more to younger readers.

    I won’t be tempted to buy new editions to get the new cover art. But others may feel differently.

    • Hiccup

      I agree I really like the cover represents a book within the book.

  20. Amanda

    booo leave it to our imagination what seap and his world looks like i am totally unimpressed

  21. sue_sue

    Two thumb up.

  22. Poppy

    do we get to see all of the other covers?

  23. Poppy

    who is that a picture of?

  24. J

    at first i thought whoa amazing, but I still love the original the best!

  25. Laya

    Is that Merrin ?

  26. Niah

    I seriouslly think that is Jenna…becouse of black hair.

    • Niah

      Although it could be Merrin. After all in the beginning they al thought he was Septimus Heap.

  27. Loz

    Not a fan of the new covers, prefer my original ones much more in keeping with the style of the stories, sorry 😦

  28. wendy

    a fantastic cover looks just like septimus,who is the boy ?

  29. wendy

    can,t wait for the other covers

  30. Andy

    I think it is an ok cover, but the old ones really had the charm of Septimus Heap and stood out. This just looks kind of like a lot of other covers do

  31. Mona

    Thanks for showing, but I`m with those who like the original covers better. And I`m a little concerned: You said, the first six covers will be remade this summer. Whats with the 7. next year. Will there be a 7th cover like the old ones? Ore will it be available in the new version only?

    Thanks for answering!


  32. Chloe

    If it’s septimus…he should have blonde hair! the black makes it look like merrin :L

  33. mg

    I like the other one better. But I live in America, so.

  34. augusta

    septimus has curly blonde hair not black hair

  35. Sophie

    that is sooooooooooooo cool but i wasn’t expecting that but i still love it, i love the fiery sky in the back round and the cape flowing in the wind and ALL OF IT!!!!!!!!but the i also love the originals still. will you be doing more of them? because i want to see the others sooooooooooooo badly!!!!!!

  36. Gabriel

    Great cover. But I would say the original was also good(especially that lock sort of thing).

  37. i have book 1 through 6

  38. Windy

    Omg! I love the new cover. It adds a whole new Depth to your books. They seem so much more sophisticated, if you know what I mean. I have a question, when will the new cover come out in Canada? Cuze’ if it’s before Oct. 9 my birthday, I totally know what I’m asking for other than a life sized stuffy giraffe.

  39. Franziska Teichmann

    No, that is not remotely as nice as the original covers. It seems like a movie cover. The original covers were more magical and unique. This one looks like a normal photoshop job.

    I just hope the last book comes with the normal covers. I would be disappointed, if the last one doesn’t match the previous books.

  40. Jerri Chase

    I went to Amazon UK and was able to see all of the new covers except for Darke. The one I liked best was Syren. But I still prefer the original cover art, and certainly hope that Fyre has cover art simular to the old style, rather than the new style.

  41. Sherry

    who is this?? Septimus???

  42. Sherry

    And what about the others???

  43. Sherry

    I think they should just stick with the original covers; it’s less confusing.

  44. Cindy LeMay

    This is nice artwork; I like the original cover better.

  45. Emma

    I think it´s awesome, but I hate I´m not sure who´s on the cover. Is it Septimus? No the child on the cover has too dark hair. Is it Jenna? Well, I guess it could be but I personally think the first book is more about Septimus than Jenna.

    So… who is it?

  46. ally

    Sorry but septimus has sandy coloured hair…

  47. IAmPrincessJennaForever

    Not bad, but I agree with others….it doesn’t really portray Septimus. Isn’t Septimus supposed to be blonde? And doesn’t he wear green?

  48. doppleganger

    didn’t the book say his hair was blond, his ExtraOrdinary Apprentice robes were GREEN and his Alchemy Aprentice robes were RED and BLACK??????

  49. Robin

    WHY??? What is the point in changing the cover, it was better before 😦

  50. Yoru

    The picture is of Jenna. Sep never has the apprentice robes in this book and alchemy isn’t even mentioned til quite a bit later on. The book is about Jen and Sep, so why not have Jen on the front. Also im sure you could find the old cover somewhere.

  51. O.beetle.beetle/ian

    i like them but the origanal better but im from the U.S so thats the only one wev got so……
    i think its jenna on it because of the LONG hair thats dark just like her dicription and that might be her at the docks at the castle when ever i look at a picture like that i just have to see ether a boy or girl so im sticking with jenna

  52. Alice

    I love it , Septimus Heap books are the coolest they’re so magical I love it a lot I can’t stop reading it , I’m so proud that they are the #1 bestselling 🙂 they’re are the next Harry Potter

  53. Emma

    I feel this cover does not represent the story at all. From a graphic point of view, they’re also awful. Like something a twelve year old would throw together on Photoshop without subtlety or talent, and who certainly hasn’t read the story and hasn’t noted any of the details.

    Is this reissuing of book covers just some gimmicky marketing technique – for example, the publishers don’t feel the original covers sell the book? I don’t think it would do many favours in the long run – I’d be ashamed to let anyone see me reading it when it looks so… ridiculous.

  54. Gabi

    IS THAT SEPTIMUS ON THE COVER?! Isnt he suppose to have blonde hair? besides that, the illustrator did a great job

  55. Rosie

    Ew. being a huge fan of these books I actually like the old covers ALOT more. and i mean ALOT.

  56. Sarah

    It’s a cool cover and all, but I don’t think anything can replace the original covers. The original covers did a great job of capturing the personality of the story, as well as telling a bit about the tale between their pages. In my opinion, these new covers don’t do any of that.

  57. OMG i love this! this one are cool. But i like the original ONE ! ❤

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