What do you think it is? Come back tomorrow for the full reveal!

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22 thoughts on “SURPRISE!

  1. hypernova888

    OR MARCIA!!!!!!!


  2. Riley

    its Simon???

  3. Laney

    is it for Fyre??

  4. Jariel

    Probably not. But it looks awesome either way 🙂
    Does it have to do with Fyre?
    Or does the movie have the green light? Im going to go crazy in anticipation!

  5. Jack


  6. John Smith

    Fyre cover?

  7. Lexie

    Oh I would’ve guessed it was the movie too. Is it a picture of Beetle or Septimus in Fyre?

  8. ObsessedBookworm


  9. Sophie

    oh man this is soooooooooooooo exiting is Septimus for the cover of the next book?fyre?

  10. Andrei U.

    If it’s the poster for Magyk: The Movie, then this would be the happiest day of my life yet, a day I waited for about 5 years. But if it’s not the poster, I doubt it’s the cover for Fyre, as it wouldn’t match with the style of the over 6 books’ cover.
    My guess is that is’a a really awesome artwork of Septimus or maybe Simon.

  11. Jerri Chase

    I am guessing it is a poster announcing the release of Fyre! I don’t think it can be a cover for Fyre, as it doesn’t have the “book look” of all the rest of the series.


  12. Niah

    I can’t breathe!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Hiccup

    It looks like Septimus, but with the blue robes I would say Silas.

  14. Bryony :)

    My initial thought was something for the movie…
    or something for Fyre…

    But I’m not sure…

  15. hypernova888

    sigh…. it is tomorrow (the 26th)

  16. Jack Oxford

    I’d say maybe Simon, or Silas… Perhaps some new character? Or a new character for the film adaptation?

  17. good by.

  18. it is the new cover for the uk magyk

  19. anidemon


    How dare you think of ending the series in 7 pffft. what am i going to do then, imagine it all myself…………….. 😦

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