The FYRE manuscript

Katherine Tegen, Angie’s editor at HarperCollins/Katherine Tegen Books, posted this picture on Facebook, with a nice comment.

I’ve spent days and days on editing FYRE—and I’ve been having a great time. It’s a fantastic finale to the Septimus Heap series! Here’s a hard copy of the manuscript with all of my post-its. I always work on a print-out of a manuscript, because that’s how I’ve done it for so many years. The post-its are places where I need to go back and see if my comment still makes sense, once I’ve read the entire manuscript, or to see if a thread was woven back into the story later on. Look for FYRE in Winter 2013.

NOTE: Winter 2013 means January of February 2013!

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15 thoughts on “The FYRE manuscript

  1. Tonia O'Neill

    That is so exciting, but also very upsetting how long we have to wait to read Fyre. Almost 2 years. It’s already been a year since Darke. Can’t we speed it up a little bit. Us fans are anxious. Please, I know we would all appreciate it.

    • No, WINTER 2013 means January or February 2013!

      • Tonia O'Neill

        That is awesome. When I read Winter of 2013 I think November/December the start of winter. January/February is so much better. So excited to see how amazing it is going to be.

      • Frances

        Not much better. Still almost a year from now!

    • Jack Oxford

      You can’t slow down writing a book. It takes as long as it takes.

  2. Larandia

    Eek. The last book? I suppose it had to come to an end sometime.

    I hadn’t thought of post its when proofing a story. I hate proofing my own. I change and change bits until I can’t stand the sight of the darn thing. LOL. And the typing errors drive me around the bend. I change and then notice I have a typing error. Grrrrrrrr. But to do it for a living. Never. No way. Gettoutahere. I like writing, but not that much.

    All the best with the proofing.

    Larandia (aka Edna)

  3. paperclip123

    Haha, I was so relieved to read that WINTER 2013 meant jan. or feb. not december!! I cannot wait for Fyre to come out! I own all the books (Magykal Papers included) except Syren and have read them all!

  4. Lucy

    Well, it’ll be awhile, but I’m sure it’ll be worth it! Can’t wait!

  5. Niah

    Im still waiting for Darke in Slovenia…

  6. Iona

    i knew it would on book seven, it just had to, especially with a film waiting. such a shame though, really gonna miss all angie’s beautiful work of septimus heap. hey maybe she’ll write something like The Magykal Papers again,

    Angie Sage you’ll go down in book history! luv u!!! ;D

  7. Jerri Chase

    I can hardly wait. I think on Ask Angie 4, Angie said something about perhaps posting “out takes” from Fyre on this web site after Fyre was published, so we could read the bits that had to be cut out for space. I hope that happens!!! (And any out takes or deleted scenes from earlier books also!!!)


  8. What a great thing to find out just two days after my birthday! I can’t wait to read “Fyre,” though it will also be bittersweet.

  9. Tina

    this is AWESOME but at the same time sad cos its the last book 😦
    at least we have the movies to look forward to XD

  10. Avery Forbush

    Why does it take SO long for the next book to come out? And don’t answer that… I’m just whining.

  11. Jeremy

    You have to finish writing sooner I love the books. They are so good. I really hope that Septimus ends up with Sarah. I never liked the princess. She is an upstart little brat and so is the Mom. Also Septimus should like run away with Sarah and finally realize that his physik instructed is way better than his magyk instructer. I know you probably won’t do these things but it would be nice if you considered them. Thanks and please don’t stop the series. I love it and I would like it if there was at least ten books. Thanks for reading my post.

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