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Back again, at last… Fyre took everything over for the last few months, but I sent it to my lovely editor, Katherine, two days ago and am waiting to hear what she thinks! Then I will have another look at it in a few weeks, when I have had a little bit of space to sort things out in my head.

So, I will be back answering questions next week – but before then I am off to the Lit Fest inCologne! I will be there this Sunday, 18th March at 3pm in the Commedia Theatre, talking about Darke. I will be reading in English and with David Fermer reading in German. www.litcologne.de

back soon!


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12 thoughts on “letter from Angie Sage

  1. hi,just to tell you guys when i was 8 i finished book 1 magic in 1 week

    • I am not Jo Jo Heap I just me :D

      Beatcha I finished It in 6 days but I was 9

  2. Gabriel

    I can’t wait any more.

  3. Deb

    Hello Angie!
    I can hardly wait for the new book “Fyre”! I love this series; it’s incredible! I feel like I know the characters! Thanks and keep up the good work! —Deb 🙂

  4. Mari

    Hi Angie,

    I love to read Septimus Heap I have read it and re-read it for the past 3 years and I have not got sick of it at all. I LUV JENNA.

  5. Jack Oxford

    Oh, and could you do a book for Hotep-Ra? Sorry to bother you…

  6. Jack Oxford

    Please write books for characters like Hugo Tenderfoot, since he became Marcelus’ apprentice. Also, could you do one for Snorri when she returns home? Thanks!

  7. Larandia

    Keeping busy aye. Do you ever get writers block? Although I have written at least 5 stories for my grandchildren and their grown up mum and dad, (don’t ask), now I have come to a complete halt. I know how to finish the one I am doing for my 5 year old grandaughter (Is that two D’s or one? I can never remember) Anyway, I have the end of the story in my head, but can’t make myself sit down and finish it. By the time I do, she’ll probably have children of her own. Ha. Ha. And there’s another grandchild, age 14 months, waiting for his and I’m all out of ideas. Mind you I have to do pictures as well, so I’ve taught myself to draw. But this is a bit of a chore as I’m self taught. Do you get like this with all us fans clammering for more and more Septimus Heap and friends?

    Hope one day to get to where you are doing a reading. Bedfordshire or up near Halifax would be nice. LOL.

    Larandia (aka Edna)

  8. Molly

    Will there be a movie and do you ever tour around to Australia or New Zealand like that cause If so I would LOVE!!!!!! to know
    Thanks 😀 M

  9. Molly

    Hello Angie,

    I am really looking forward to fyre, I have been reading the Septimus Heap series for atleast 2 or 3 years, I can’t wait for your next book. Is this the last book? If so I cannot wait to see how it ends

  10. Tonia O'Neill

    Hello Angie

    I know that you have no idea when Fyre is going to come out, but I was wondering when you might know when you/we will find out the release date whenever that may be. I absolutely love this series. I have been reading it since it came out. I am 30 years old and I got Magyck when it first came out because it looked and sounded great on the cover. Every since I had children I read all these books to see if it is something I will like to read to them, and that one of the other reasons I picked up Septimus, but I feel in love. So now I am 30 years old waiting for a book to come out that they say it for kids. LOL ah well. It is great and the characters are great. It would be so great if you respond back tome when you get the time. I know you are very busy. Good luck back over Fyre after your well deserved break. Enjoy the approaching spring; I sure am.

    Thank you

    Tonia O’Neill

  11. paperclip123

    Oh, man! Angie you just missed the literature festival here in the UAE! Oh well!

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