Letters from Angie Sage


Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas – yes, I know that was ages ago, but time has speeded up here and suddenly it is getting towards the end of january.

But I am back online! eek – have had BIG problems with the internet but now all is great again after days of a wonderful technician trying all kinds of modems and STUFF. So I shall get back to Ask Angie 4 forthwith. BUT … because I am still writing FYRE (only 6 more chapters to g0!) if you ask loads of questions I may cheat for the next couple of months and only answer one or two easy ones.

And for everyone in the UK – I went to Bloomsbury (my UK Publishers) last week and saw the most amazing new cover for the paperback of MAGYK. They are going to re-do all the paperback covers and there will be a big re-launch in July. It’s brilliant. And watch out for Sep Heap in Bin Weevils too!

Ok- back to work, have a nice January and lucky you in australia and New Zealand. Up here it’s cooooooold!


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24 thoughts on “Letters from Angie Sage

  1. Bryony :)

    Woah, i’d love to get the books with the new covers but i don’t think i’d be allowed to…i already have two copies of all the books apart from flyte and syren (those ones seem to be indestructible) and a french copy of the magykal papers :S rather impressive as i’m english don’t you think 😉

    • Hannah

      Hey! I love the books, and now my teachers taken it away from me because she started reading it and liked it!

  2. Gabi

    Hey! Im glad u wrote a comment!! ive been waiting sooo long to see u put up a new comment to see how the new book is coming! I cant wait to see the new covers and the new book! YAY!! wahoo! I wish u lots of luck!!

  3. IAmPrincessJennaForever

    Will the covers only be for the UK? If they are also for other parts of the world, I’ll be excited to see them in stores!

  4. mg

    omg i am so excited for it to come out! i love septimus heap, it my fave series. i can read your books over and over like Ive never read it before, and that doesnt really happen alot. cant wait!!!

  5. Jo-jo heap (The Clown)

    if you think it’s cold in England you should make a visit here to Finland…

  6. Kamalu

    Hi Angie Sage!!!!
    I am one of your biggest Septimus Heap fans! After Fyre( the seventh book of the Septimus heap series ) are there going to be more books?? I love your books so much, I even make my own Septimus Heap (MINI) books. Hahahahahaha. If you are gOing to make more books after the seventh, I’m sure you will be making the whole world happy. And of course, me too!!!!!!
    Thank you. Ok- in the last page of Syren! Gotta go! Can’t believe I read Syren in about 3 days! Any who! Thank you, your my role model! Love you. Bye

  7. Astrid

    I can’t wait for Fyre!!!! So excited!!! I know it will be amazing just like the other 6!

  8. potatomonger

    I am really excited for the new book! I don’t usually come across this blog, I just sometimes read some posts when I look up some stuff about magyk.. well, anyways, as you said you /might/ answer some questions, so… How many books are you planning to write for this series? I know that Fyre is the 7th book, and it’ll be special (probably, unless you forgot, but, what type of author would forget?) So I didn’t know if you were going to plan on writing more. If you weren’t, I’d be heartbroken, but I’d still be content with reading the series over and over again. Oh yes, I’m excited for the cover too!

  9. Victoria Schoellhammer

    yay! cant wait for book 7. Here, we’ve only gotten some snow…i wish we had more!

  10. How many books are there going to be?

  11. thomas mahaffey, jr.

    Hi, I’m here in the US, and I have to say that I absolutely love Septimus Heap. I was absolutetly lost at the end of Harry Potter, but have definately found It’s replacement. I am so glad that they’re going to produce the film, should be great.

  12. Windy

    Hello Angie
    I am typing this while I should either be play outside or doing my homework, so I have to make this quick. I am sooooooooo happpy to hear that Fyre is comimng along well. I am particularly happy as I am finding it harder, and harder to find books I like. With Fyre coming out this Spring\Summer all my problems will ease away. Do you plan on letting out a snaek peak or the first chapter proir to it’s release?
    ever so questioningly your, Windy

  13. Jam

    Hello to my favorite author! Hey Angie, i can’t wait for Fyre to hit the shelves. I’ve been waiting sooo long. It seems like eternity, just kidding hehe. I just hope that the movie will be released soon and some updates about it will be appreciated. Hoping to hear from you! Good luck on Fyre! Impress me again just like what you did in the 6 books 🙂

  14. angiesagerocks

    i loooooooooove your books!!!

  15. angiesagerocks

    i think your books are amazing i read all 6 of them and my step dad is on the 6th one too!!!! i love your books!! my name is true! you rock!

  16. Hello Angie,

    I`m so happy to hear Fyre ist finished and in order to get the best book possible I`m happy to wait til next year.

    But something you sayed bothers me. There will be new covers you sayed. Does this mean there wouldn`t be a cover in the same style vor the seventh book? My sister ist in the process of bying the whole series and would be very disappointed as would I if the last book dosn`t fit in with the others.

    Could you verify the extent of the cover change?



  17. Iona

    I sooooo love the septimus heap series and so do all my friends! we all LUV beetle sooo much and one of my friends looks soo much like Mark Zug’s pictures of jenna it’s scary!! anyways, we were all wondering, are you still going to be writing Septimus Heap books after Fyre???
    Me and the rest of my mega-fans wish you the best of luck with Fyre and for the sake of the world NEVER GIVE UP! you’re the best! xxx

  18. Madison

    Haha Angie…you never cease to amuse me! I can’t wait to hear more from you! Well, technically read more from you cause I can’t actually hear you….anyway!

  19. taylor

    i cant wait till fyre is out iv read the whole series. you are my fav athor ever.when will fyre come out. how many books do you think youll do after the 7th book i hope you do more. got to go bye

  20. Molly

    I live in Australia, so I was wondering when it came out over here. My Granny got me reading the books, because she sent me the first one in the mail (My Family are Irish). Now I am obsessed with the books, I have re-read Magyk at least 6 times 😀 Cant wait for your next book,

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