Letters from Angie Sage


I am really sorry I have not been online for the last month or so. It’s been crazily busy here and I have had to concentrate on … well, you know the title now … FYRE.

It’s like all Septimus books, I can think normally until I get to the last quarter and then I have to hibernate. I have a lot of sympathy with tortoises. SO I have been writing and concentrating on Sep and all the stuff that is happening there and not gone out into the big wide world very much at all.

I will try and keep up with posts, but I will be slo … o … o … w until FYRE is done. And then – wow.

For those of you who have a Kindle, Darke is part of their 12 days of Christmas special offer – so you can get a really good value download.

So here’s wishing you all a wonderful MidWinter Feast, a great Christmas and a very Septimus New Year!


Angie x


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17 thoughts on “Letters from Angie Sage

  1. jenna

    i can’t wait to read it!! I’m sure it will be the best book of the series yet!

  2. Maddi

    Oh, gosh, I cannot wait! You’re so diligent about writing Sep, Angie, don’t you ever get writer’s block?? 🙂
    As Sep Heap fans, we’ll all be sure to celebrate Sep and Jenna’s birthday this MidWinter Feast! I wonder what each of the characters would like most for MidWinter….. it’s an interesting thing to think of, really. I think Lucy would like a big, lacy, white wedding gown, don’t you? 🙂
    Merry Christmas, and we’ll let you submerge yourself in Sep’s wonderful world again! ❤

  3. Bryony :)

    I know it’ll be a while ’till FYRE comes out but I can’t wait…I’m so excited 😀

    Merry Christmas everybody only 89236 seconds (last time I checked 😉 )…

  4. Larandia

    I’m the same, Angie. When I’m writing a story, I get so involved that I’m in another world and my husband is always making me jump when he brings me up a cuppa. I keep telling him to ring a bell or stamp on the floor, or anything other than putting a hand of my shoulder or just standing there next to me until I become aware of him. I usually JUMP OUT OF MY SKIN!
    Especially if I’m at an intense bit. Not being a writer himself he can’t understand why I jump.

    I’m listening to Physik on disc, audiobook, at the moment when doing my housework etc. It helps the boredom and hubby says he can hear me laughing away. Spitfire makes me laugh.

    Larandia (also known as Edna).

  5. Alice

    WOOOO!!!! I am soooo excited!! The book is going to be as amazing as the others!!

  6. JennaHaruka

    Belated Happy MidWinter Feast Angie! 🙂

  7. Gabi

    Tortises? HUH? anyways…. CANT WAIT UNTIL THE BOOK!! cant wait to see everyones name on the cover too! Go Angie Sage!! Go Shauki!! Go everyonem else who helped with the book!! YAY!! 😀

  8. Jen

    I have read them all and I really loved Darke. It was truly excellent! I am so excited there are more stories coming out about Septimus and all of his friends and family!

  9. OMG I CANT WAITT! when will it be released? 2014? XO i love love LOVE wolfboy! XD it would be awsome if he was reunited with his family! if possible i want there to be a #408 from the army who is a girl and make her wolfboys girlfriend! XD

  10. Will the Choklate Charm make another appearance in Fyre? Eeep! Cant wait! & happy new year!

  11. lindsay

    omg im a little farther then the middle in dark.

  12. shailja

    AAH! I just finished reading Darke! I absolutely adored it! I couldn’t put it down! I can’t wait for the…(can’t think of a proper term for it.)…most-amazing-book-of-whatever-year-Fyre-comes-out-in…yea, that works. But, WOW! It’s like the amazing-itude of the series keeps escalating in each book!!! Can’t believe that Fyre is the LAST book….I’m still clinging to the desperate little hope of that just being a rumor =) . Well, now I don’t know what to say, I suppose my little rant is finished. Happy Belated Mid-Winter Feast Day, Christmas, and New Year!!!

  13. Gabi

    Angie!! I cant wait until ur next comment! Its been over 1 month since you’ve written a post!! I cant until ur next comment to see how Fyre is going! YAY i also cant wait ’til it comes out! and hopefully u do a 50 state book signing in America!! YAY!!

  14. do you have an official fan mail address?

  15. Charles

    I think You should turn your great book into a movie it would get 5 stars.Your book is amazing a wish i could be in the world of septimus heap for at least 1 year and 1 day. I love your books keep them coming and i will be happy

  16. blackbunny

    I can’t believe Sep’s world is over soon I’m gonna miss it 😦 very very very much. The story grows better and better it’s hard to think it’s going to end.

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