Letters from Angie Sage

It’s back to work! Revising book seven, going all the way back to the beginning and working out what should go where. All the subtleties and little bits and pieces that don’t always happen first time around – or even second – well, now I have to start really thinking about them.

So if my replies to Ask Angie are a little slow, you can blame Marcia. I do. You can add Marcellus Pye to that as well.

So… Heigh ho, heigh ho, it’s back to work I go. And yes, I am allowed to sing that because I am only 5 foot tall.

Happy Autumn -or Fall – or Spring…


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27 thoughts on “Letters from Angie Sage

  1. Larandia

    As I write little stories for the family myself, I know that, Here we go again feeling. I procrastinate (hope I spelt that right), all the time. I’m the same at the end of a story because I don’t want to leave my friends. I’ve just finished Darke. I have to say it drove me nuts in places. I worried about Beetle and worried about Stanley a lot. More Aunt Zelda. And what happened to Billy and Barney Pot? So get writing. No excuses now. Put that cuppa tea down and get going. Bossy? Who ME? Ooops sorry about that.


  2. Gabi

    I hope you do well! Wishing you luck! And I can’t wait to read book seven! WAHOO!

  3. IAmPrincessJennaForever

    Awesome! It’s great to hear that Book 7 (I think I know the title…:D ) is coming along!

    It snowed here in Michigan in the United States (there was over two feet of snow on the East Coast!!)…I guess it’s the end of fall for me….

    • Gabi

      Off topic! I know! I forgot sorry! Cant wait for book 7! Just finished Darke…. ☺

  4. Tonia o'neill

    Do you have any idea when book 7 will be published? Just the slightest hint? Also when will the title be announced. Sorry if I am impatient, I just love this series so much. I will be sad that it’s ending but excited to see what happens.

  5. Kylo

    LOVE YOUR BOOKS! Cant believe that Darke hasn’t become a bestseller…yet! So excited that your working on a seventh book! i wish that there was 17 books but oh well! Remember your Canadian Fans eh from across the pond.
    With Love, KP

  6. Aaya

    Dear Angie Sage,

    I was wondering if there will be another book after Darke I do hope so it’s the
    best series I have ever read!

  7. isabeau

    Dear miss, my name is Isabeau. I’m 13 years old. I live in Belgium. I’m a big fan of your books. I would like to ask you some questions:
    -is it hard to write a book?
    -did it take long before your book was ready?
    -do you like to read stories like that?
    -did you already have an idea or did the inspiration come while you where writing?
    I don’t want to change anything in your book (Magyk).

    with friendly greetings,


  8. Alia

    Hi Angie,
    i LOVE your books! i’m sooooo addicted to them! anyway i have read all 6 Septimus Heap books and i cannot wait for the 7th ! it will be out in Malaysia waaaaaaayyy after in came out in the UK but still sooo excited !!!!!!

    cant wait !!!!!!

  9. anonymous

    What is going to book seven going to be called? I just love your book series! I hope you come out with more!

  10. anonymous

    Hello! I was just wondering what will be the name of book seven? I just love reading your septimus heap series of books! LOVE THEM! If you need any ideas for the title of the seventh book, I have plenty of names! Haha! Also I hope you come out with more so that I can read more! Thanks!

  11. Windy

    2013! Is that for every where? I mean, it’s soooooooooooo long.!! I live in Canada. Will that mean it comes sooner? Really, I was wondering wht release the title a whole year before the book. I know thats what Rick Riordan did, but you know how many people are ticked at him? Millons of his fans. Every single one of ’em. Don’t follow the suit. I love the books, I die over them. I can’t wait to 2013, so tell me it omes out sonner in Canada!!!

  12. anomynous

    You are the BEST writer ever and I have read ALL of your books more then once!!! I really do hope you keep writing books!!! Marcia is my favorite character! I Can’t WAIT till bbook 7!!!!!!!!

  13. replika13

    Hello miss Sage. Im 16 years old and i love your books. I acctually rewrite my first book currently. I wanna ask, when are you gonna reveal the title of 7th book? do you have a planned date for that?

  14. Victoria

    Dear Ms.Sage,
    I can’t wait for book 7! i had an instinct that you had a website, along with another coming along! I think US gets the books first, right? i hope so, it would be awesome! I hope you had a good Thanksgiving, ours was cold and rainy but oh well, what can you do? I’m bugging my friends to read your series too. One of them did, but the others aren’t really big readers. Before i knew about Sep, I read Bruce Coville…you wouldn’t happen to know him? Unfortunatley I have to go 😦

  15. anonymous

    Have you ever thought about making your books into movies? I really think people would enjoy the movie if you made one. Overall have you ever thought about it?

  16. Andy

    OMG the blog is snowing. WICHCRAFT

  17. kiersten

    Hi, i have a few questions for you that i couldnt find on the sites.
    1. I have the nook color and i purchased darke on it and i was wondering if it gives you less of a profit to buy the ebook rather than the book.
    2. About what month will your 7th book come out? I’ve been reading all the 6 books once or twice a week over and over while waiting…
    3. Are there only going to be 7 books and the magykal papers in your series?i know 7 is the magyk number but could you write more ? Maybe 14, 21, 49…… well probably not 49 but i would read them all!
    4. If and when a movie comes out, will it be like books 1 and 2 or will it have them all separete or all together?
    5. Did harry potter influnce your books at all? I like your series better than hp but i was just curious. When i’ve tried to get my fiends to read your books they always just say no beacause they think you copied .

    Suggestion: i know you book 7 is probably already laid out but i would love ethel and bert to have duckings.

    Sincerely, your biggest fan, kiersten

  18. Hello, Angie, Mark, and Shauki
    I am a major fan, and I am dying for the 7th books title. You said it would be mid-December, and by the time that you look, answer, and post it should be mid-December. Pease post the title soon! Me and soooooooo many people are dying for it. Of course we’d like to have the book, but I say, Angie, I’d rather have an amazing last book than one finished super fast because the fans want it done. Reply quickly if you please.

  19. beth

    Dear angie,
    I loved your books! you’re an amazing author and i cant wait for Flyte! 🙂

  20. Anneka

    I love Septimus Heap, it is my favorite. Will Fyre be the last book in the series, as it is the seventh and many things tie to the number seven in your books?

  21. Brandon

    Hi Angie,
    My name is Brandon and I am 14 yrs old and I am writting my own book. You books have inspired me. Love your books cant wait to read Fyre it is going to be awsome like always. Please respond.

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