letters from Angie Sage

Off to Newcastle this Saturday. I will be at the wonderful, amazing, Seven Stories Bookshop at 3 pm, Saturday 29th.  Their address is:

30 Lime Street

Ouseburn Valley

Newcastle Upon Tyne


See you there!

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7 thoughts on “letters from Angie Sage

  1. Denise


    Glad to hear about the work for #7! We, my son, daughter and I are huge fans. We’ve collectively read the first 3 books and are quickly moving through Queste. We LOVE the Magykal Papers and I’ve just independently completed Darke and am, like others, waiting for #7. My question: “Are there any thoughts to finding time in your incredibly busy schedule to travel to Canada? ”
    Thanks so much!

  2. Cara

    I LOVE your books. I am currently reading your fourth book, Queste. I want to go to the signing but i live in America so I cant. :(. I cant wait to go on to the next book, I never want the series end! Thank You for providing me with a book series that I can love.


  3. Annie

    Hi Angie Sage,
    I’m from Germany and have only two jears english lesson,
    so I don’t understand evrything on this page.
    But I read Septimus Heap and I like they very much.
    I woud like too a author .
    I have a lot of idees but when i write it on a papier I think their are stupit.Can you give me a tip????? Please!!!!

    Your Fan Annie

  4. Lola Francis

    Hi Angie Sage,
    I met you in Newcastle, Sevan Stories!
    You told me that in the chapter 27 there was a big clue to what you were calling your next book. I read the chapter again but there was only one clue i could find.
    It said: Many years later, when the safety curtain was raised by one who wished he had not missed his only chance to see it done.
    It did not give me the answere though. I will try reading it again.
    Lola Francis
    P.S Thank you for sighning my books and the badge and the bookmark!!

  5. Eleanor

    I so wish I could be there but I’m in America and my parents will never let go to England! 😦

  6. Gus Rios

    hey i just wanted to say that i am a HUGE fan of your writing and i am currently reading the fourth book of the septimus heap series and i hope that all of your books are as wonderful as these.

  7. Didact777

    I’m sure American addresses must seem strange to Brits too.

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